North Carolina Newspapers

Editor aud Proprietor.
Nrw Bkrnk, July 19. ISM.
EatrOrt the Fot Office at Xew Berne,
X. C M aoeond ciaa matter.
Tn 0A1XT Jo CM A L (except Monday) U
!I!Trd by cartior la Uils city, at V o-ents
pr moot.
TVXXS MOUTHS, Inrartably in aJ vucc. $1.00
01 TBAB "
WUHT JOCUtAL one year. In advance. $1 CO
ATrttainf Rates given on application at
tlM office.
ttrm Mats per Un will ta chanced tor
Cfervla ot TUk. Resolution ot Respect and
HrttTiTy Poetry; alau lor Obituary Notices
HfriH aKa tho which the editor himself
aaaTI (ttr aa natter ot new a.
yptloaa of Church and Society and all other
facta lnwiti troao which revenue U to be
deal raj wUl Xf aharxed tor at the rate of Ave
. ' Th JOCE AL wUl not under any clrcum
ItlMM Tl Te-aponaibie tor the rvturn or the
. ate kawploc ol ay rejected manuscript. No
exception wUl be mad to thla rale with re
ard to either letter or ineloaure. Nor will
Editor enter Into correspondence con
aiajnj relected manuscript.
v vrsusza qtojts wzlcosks.
- Tha entertainment of the North
Carolina Preaa Association at "Wil-
mington thia week, from it social
: aide,' "will always be a pleasant
mamorj to those who were so graci
ously entertained
To the Wilmington Chamber of
Commerce la the credit due that the
' Press meeting was held in its city,
And ' the " successful entertainment
'": which was giren the members of the
v. -Press.
.The .Chamber of Commerce, of
Wilmington, is doiog a great work
- - for i tacit j, and tha manner in which
' it is presenting' its eitj'a various ad
Tantageti to the entire public is bar
ing a noticeable effect upon Wil
. mington's deTelopment.
' 'While the-Press Association was
. ; thw guest of a commercial and bo si
... ... .
nesa organization, this xact was
Eerer forced npon the members of
. the Precs, for while the were pre
aented with earda and tracts, cun
ninglj-defUed in the shape of ad
Tertiaementa, the Editors never felt
thai the j were being taken ad vantage
; of, for while the Chamber of Com
mere conveners were instructive
advertisements of Wilmington, yet
the j possessed s value, for each was
an 'open-sesame" to something, a
. pass npon the trolley car; npon the
" Hrer steamboat, npon the Sea Coast
..railway or to somp yacht or social
The Wilmington Chamber of Com
merca is o be congratulated upon
Jta success" 'in ever way. It has
combined business with the pleasure
", it gave. t has advertised its city's
advantages jn all particulars, and
attractive! so, and it has given
pleasure to a number of Editors
- yho will never, forget Wilniington.
Of the good things, in and around
""Wilmington, $he Press of .North
Carolina has this week, partaken of
Tery . fall with profit and enjoy
meat. ;; 3 ;
' The efforts of the Star and Mes
senger very ablr seconded the
Chamber of Commerce, and added
greatly-to the occasion.
The zdost;instrnetive feature of
the Press meeting is the fact that a
commercial hod has given them
l i - , , .
campaign, it wil! be something
has never before been seen.
There is ppin to be nothing
equivocal in thus campaign regarding
bhe fiuancial question. Frew ami
unlimited coinage of silver at 10 to
1, or the continuance of tlu present
exisiling monetary standard. isgoingJ
The members of Uio Xorth Caro
lina Tress Association, which hcld( ?)
its annual session in Wilmington,
last, week, have now returned to
their homes and settled dowil to
their regular routine work.
that the members have
to be determined next November. lou'fe'.el down, it may be well to con-
The neonle of the country are i aider the practical and business side
died on t h 13 issue and its 6ettlemeut
will be the bert thing for every in
terest in this count y.
To try and hurrah for Knan ami
Sewall, at the same time to endeavor
to elect sound money congressmen,
is going to be too much of a work
for any newspaper to attempt.
The political inconsistency of it is
too apparent. Tho tight is in the
open this year, and the people are in
it on both sides, and the Press must
at least prove logical in its position to
have real and practical influence.
such an enjoyable time, and other
cities can profitably follow Wilming
ton s . example, by establishing
Chambers -of Commerce.
Wilmington has very fully main
talned x its-' reputation of knowing
how to entertain its friends, and
henceforth it ma certainly count
among these the Editors of North
.Carolina iirho-.. bear, away with
them, the kindest appreciation of
what has been done to give them
. tub icaio or IT.
rfV mwAf t k '.
Ana nu uu , utuucj xcluvci;
1 newspapers, which have not bolted
:. the platform and candidates of the
. Chicago convention, are endeavor-
' Ins? to satisfr themselves, bv takmff
tf a
the singular political position of
supporting Bryan and Sew all, and
. advising the nomination and elect
ion of sound money democrats in
the congressional districts.
. xiouung wooia seem more illogi
cal than to follow such a line of
action, and no political course could
be more difficult to pursue.
' Thw nominee on the National
' Democratic tickets, Brya"n and
Sewall. were choeen bv the Chicago
MfiMniiAn ilmnlr . r nrvlv lutAiiDa
thr were retrarded as unouAlirledU
beiievers in the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at 1G to 1. Upon
assurance of this they were nomi
nated. .The National Democratic p!at-
lorm is periecuv distinct in its ut-!
terance on the same subject.
The work to nominate Congress
ional candidates of the sound money
order, is a political action diametri
cal! opposite to that of those who
nominated the National Democratic
Will those newspapers which favor
the election of Bryan and Sewall,
publish one column endorsing these
candidates, and another column in
the same issue of their papers, ad
Tiaing that only soand money men
be nominated and sent to congress?
If the can pnrsud such a political
line of conduct, and find favor with
their readers, at the same time prove
to have an political influence in the
The amount of traveling which is
now being done by the people all
oTer North Carolina shows that
there is money in this State, and
that ourjpeople are able to go around
and take enjoymeut.
The chief reason for this increase
of travel is almost entirely due to
the better facilities and cheaper
rates which a number of the rail
roads are now offering the public!
The people in the interior of the
State are especial iy happy at this
season of the year on account of the
cheap rates whiah are now prevailing
at several points.
From Raleish to Norfolk the
Southern has given a very low rate,
and the Seaboard Air Line makes a
rate from Saturday to Monday, from
Charlotte to Wilmington, at two
dollars for tbe round trip.
This not only makes business for
the railroads, but also for the sum
mer resorts, and givos every one a
chance for a few days outing at
reasonable expense.
While the other sea-coast resorts
are eniovioz this business of the
summer travel, why cannot the A
A N. C. railroad offer some such
low rate from Raleigh, as the South
ern does to Norfolk or the Seaboard
Line does from Charlotte ?
Make a two dollar special round
trip rate every Saturday, good until
Monday or Tuesday, from Raleigh,
one dollar irom uoidsooro, nrty
cents from New Berne to Morehead
City, and see how peoplo will travel.
This is the time of year when
people have little to do, aud it is
the time for them to travel, and tbe
railroads ought to make special in
ducements so as to get them going.
Once get people educated up to
the enjoyment of traveling and the
railroad trains will be crowded, and
the hotel people will have full
Everyone wauts to travel, aud it
is tnese low rates whicu get the
crowds. The railroads are gainers
even at the low rates, 'or their addi
tional expense in way of extra cars
amounts to little, while the dollars
from the excursionists count up very
fast even in the small sums.
Let us get people coming this way
for the summer, and let our railroad
which leads into the interior of the
State bring us the crowds.
We all want to trayel, so make it
easier for us, by giving low rates.
The Sonthport Leader, which has
been prominently against free coin
age of silver at 16 to 1, and the
stiffest kind of a gold bug paper, in
its last issue, July 10th, comes out
strong, editorially, on ths Stale and
National Democratic tickets
On the State ticket it says, that
every one should support it, that it
represents the best element of the
State, and its defeat would prove of
great injury to rnorth Carolina's
On the National ticket the Leader
is equally pronounced, it says:
"Any man who believes in and
oves his conntry should not vote for
the Democratic National tioket.
Not on account of the candidates,
hut on account of the platform on
hich they must stand.
It is a platform which is an evil
mixture of eommnnism, fiatism, and j
repudiation. It insults the only
President the party has elected in
thirty years. It advocates what is
in effect and what would result in
silver monometalism
It would tie the hands of National
Government and prevent the prompt
action of the Federal authority in
time of peril a in the great strike at
Chicago. It expresslv fastens upon
the Democratic party the advocacy
of the Income tax, declared uncon
stitutional by the highest authority,
the Supreme court of the United
It is Tiiimanism and Altgeldisui,
anil these who iellowship with such,
will support the Chicago ticket,
others will not. The rt-vult against
the Chicago platform is already
of its late rheeting, and note What
its benefits Were, if any.
In the Constitution of the N C.
tVess .Association, Article 1, Section
'', it says, "The object of this Asso
ciation shall be to promote the ma-
TKUIAI. INT Kit ESTS of the pi'CSS of
Xorth Carolina, and to elevate tho
tone and character thereof."
The Association has generally been
regarded as a practical organization,
and its object one to promote the
business interests of the press. Its
meetings are regularly appointed by
its Executive Committee, and its
sessiQn.a.glyen up to tjiseusaions ou
matters pertaining to newspapers.
It has an orator, poet, historian and
four asiayiets annually appointed,
who are to prepare papers and road
them at tho annual meeting of the
Press, for the benefit of its members.
Discussions are given to these sub
jects by the Association, and upon
theso, and tho thoughts they sug
gest are developed many instructive
aud profitable discussions.
The Executive Committee this
year, as usual, appointed the place
for meeting.
The several mpmbors, i3 noted
above had been appointed.
The Association on ita first morn
ing found but one officer present.
Its Secretary was confined to his
home on account of illuess, but not
another official was present, ex
cept the one.
Hardly had the meeting been
opened, when a motion wa3 passed
to accept an invitation, which meant
cutting the regularly appointed ees
8i6n in two, and doing away with
the second day's session.
Owing to the absence of all those
appointed, ora'or, poet, historian
and essayists, nothing was presented
to the Association for discussion,
besides tbe President's address, and
this with the exception of two out
side addresses delivered before the
meeting, constituted the business
of the year's annual meeting of the
Press Association.
The annual election of officers was
held at a place, which was never
thought of, or designated by the
Executives of the Association, and
the change nude it impossible for
several members to attend, who
were on hand at Wilmington, and
so they lost their votes.
There is no argument in the fact
that Wilmington and its people were
so courteous that their many kind
nesses could not be refused.
The Press A?8)ciation has fallen
very far short of its aims and pur-
. 1 v j i
poses tins year, ana it is going to
require some effort to regain its
If it is to be a pleasure organiza
tion it should so be known; if the
constitution and By Laws mean
anything, they should be lived
up to.
There is a great opportunity for
the members to do some serious
thinkiug on this matter.
ST. C. Press Association Meeting.
Convention met ou Wednesday
morning, and was called to order
10.:i0a. m. by President C. L. Ste
vens. Prayer was offered by Rev.
Robert Strange, of Sc. James Epis
copal church of Wilmington. After
the roll call, Iredell Meares, Esq.
was presented to the convention,
and offered an addre, welcoming
the Press to the city of Wilmington,
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for any case ofCutanh that cannot be
cuied by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
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Cheney (or tbe lst 15 vi-ars, aQct believe
him peifectly LonoruWe in nil business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
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Toledo, ().
Waluino, Kinnan & Marvin-, Whole
sale Druggist?, Toledo, Ohio.
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the system. Regular she '--V. Sold by K.
S. Dufty, Druggi:. (4
Hopra Tor Rellrr IIiivh.
Iu as much u.-i there is nothing
better in the field, we place the
Chicago nominees at our mast head !
in behalf of the Chamber of Com
merce. In his address Mr. Meares
very ably presented Wilmington's
numerous advantages as great
commercial water highway, its rail
road facilities and manufactures,
and large trucking interests of its
immediate vicinity.
W. II. Bernard, Editor Wil
mington Star made an interest
ing address of welcome in
behalf of the Press of Wil
mington. The address was full
of witty points, and was greatly en
joyed. Col. J. C. Tipton of the Ruther
ford Democrat, in behalf of tho As
sociation, made an able reply to the
addresses is of welcome.
President Stevens then delivered
his annual address as follows:
Gentlemen ol thj Noith Carolina Press
In the very beginning of my address, I
mut ak yo((r pardon and indulgence, if
a portion of my remarks may seem to be
of too pu'-onal and huh vidual a character.
It, would certainly be in-natural, if I
did not letl a pleasurable glow of pride in
standing before you today, as pu-sident ol
your association, and iu a city which has
ever exunded to me a c r -' i u 1 and sincere
vveloome in whatever c-ipauty I have
come lure. It was not nu re mouth wel
come which I received neaily seven years
ago, when alter starting iu my lir.-t jour
nalistic effort, s-.t S.utliport, I came up to
this city; but I was given substantial en
couragement, which everyone ol you
know tel'S nvot, that of several columns
of nds. ;-ud at my own figures.
Tiie la vol .which a a stranger I re
ceiytd'f'roiu Wjlmingion, have la en most
gc uerou-J txteiuled to ine, by yourselves
and mauy of the good people of this State,
before whom I went en a matter of busi
ness a lew months ago.
The very gr at honor which I have
enjoyed during the past year as your
president, I have and appreciate
most keenly, and I trust you w ill not
mi-judge me il at any time 1 have seeme)
to much purled up.
GeDtlemen, 1 .-hall not blllehu you with
a leing ad'iress, but a; becomes my official
capicity, I will note a few matters which
I consider of importance to this associa
tion, and have them for voiir cemsideru
tlon, C"lh c; ively as newspaper n.e-n, I be
lie e w are all leo looose in our business
me'.bod . In other words the Xorth Car
olina rress is a free pie s too free to its
own sorrow, for what sorrow is moiv
searching than that of an empty poeket.
To churches, eeicietie-s entertainments
of all kinds and to politicians, we give
our space, and pay for the composition,
which never yieie's a cent's return. We
have space to rent and papers to sell, yet
we give both away every week, as if i-very
editor of us had a "friend to whom we
could go lor money in our time of need
anel plnauthropy was our only object in
life. This is not business, r.nel I believe we
would b' more thought of if we solel our
papers and collected the rents promptly
for all our space u-fel lor matter which is
not strictly news. Let us try to live up to
the motto, "charity begins at hme," and
not run newspapers for iun, but for bu?i
mss eLds, remembering that as we 1 1 is
credit our newspaper space and belittle
it by making it fiee, so will the public
ac 'cot it.
Ou one matter which I believe this as
sociation has been so loug negleeiful of,
and which I believe its constitution ami
by-laws do not mention, is that in legard
ti deaths eif its I believe that
suitable and appropriate notice should be
taken of every member of this association,
which may deemed best by its members,
and the lamily of the deceased should
receive some memorial from this asser
tion, iu regard to the departed memb. r.
Action on this matter I leave to your
While this association has agitated the
question of the law in regard to legal
aelvertisements, I have uot discovered
that any real benefits have beeu secured.
I am impressed with the fact that discus
sion here on this matter accomplishes but
little. Let each editor nuke the light in
his own town and country, until we either
have the present laws regarding legal ad
vertisements strictly carried out, or ;et
them repealed and better ones enacted.
(Ft-rsonal experience). Iu additiou to this
individual effort it isjmy opinion that this
association should select a committee
from its membership at this meeting,
who shall have full power to act in iis
behalf, ou any needed legislation which
may efhet the laws govemkg legal news
paper advertisements iu Xorth Carolina,
ami that this committee should see to it
that some real gooel is accomplished,
which aha 1 result in giving us plain un
mistakable laws .authorizing all legal
advertisenu-Dts and at prices which shall
give the newspaper a living pivlii. Also
that this committee's expenses b. paid j
out ol the funds of th - as.-ociat'on. In
this connection I also oiler the suggestion
ih:tt this committee be co:nnoed of mem
bers whom tif know' will see to it tha
necessary legislation for the good of
ui.s aooauoa win ne ance'eu at im
text geueial a-eiubly o: North Carolina.
An. itlu r matter ot legi-!ati-ii w hich I
ehem of gnat impoi t.mcc is that in regard
to a national lib l law. Tuis movement
h:-s been inaugurated, I lit to what I
;.uthiiig ha- come ! ;t. I am no: familiar, i
1 do ne't re.i.emoe-r that any actual law I
l- in f-'ivein re g a re I to newspaper libel, I
u hie h g: ves u a uiui h nci-diel ami just j
I r .t-.-c! ion. We are not intallib'e. and iu
ur daily hurry d bu-ines- we are apt to
pubiiidi ik-wm f a :i!e:..u. char ictr. at the
same time be.i:g pe:u.e tiv iuu aa Lt o!
ai y intent toe omiil.l a libel, or .o i: jury
to pi r.oii or tilings. -V prompt retrai:
tion in our cat 1 1 i i 1 1 . at'ur the en or ha.-
to guard North Carolina's interests, but
you are also the custodians of all that is
witlnn the boundaries ol the state. To
you belongs the c erection e f wrongs, the
maintenance of right. To y u ' is the
power to direct public sentiment alon
lines of right ami patriotism.
These are trying iim s iu N uah Caro
lina, and to no one is the lest more severe
tl-an upon (he pre-s. You must be every ;
where, see everything, hear everything in
older to sound the warning to your peo- !
pie. ou must be in the world, yet not!
of it. You cinnot afford to lose the calls
for justice. Never v as the time s oppi- I
I uue lor you to piove yourselves faithful
to the tiusts imposed upon ye.u. In all
the pe)litieal heat and strile let us ever
keep most prominently in mind that wc
are North Cat oli niaiis, that our State's
kiteiesls ate first, that only as her honor
and integrity are inaintaiue-1 shall we, the
pie--, lie gre at. J
The burden is upen ns, L-t us accept it
as a pleasant duty and go forwarel to the
woik with hones-y of purpose", cicarnes.
of mind and sincerity of heart.
Thursday morning, the members
of the Press went down the Capo
Fear river to Carolina Bench, South
port and outsido on the ocean, re
turning to Wilmington at night.
Mr. E. E. Harper, of New Berne
was voted an honorary member of
the association.
The North Carolina Tress Asso
ciation which has been in session at
Wilmington has adjourned.
While the members were in Wil
mington thoy were treated royally,
All the courtesies were extended
them. Thursday Capt. J. W. Kar-
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that I will be absent from my office on
the Hard Monday of August next. A
competent Deputy will bave charge du
ing my absence. W. M. WATSON.
July 4, 1890. Clerk Superior Court.
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by ma.l. One Dollar.
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Jngh sea made a good
many of the members sea-sick, but
the trip was much enjoyed. They
andeel at Carolina Beach, where
urf bathing, fishing and gathering
shells wore participated in until 4:1
o clock in the afternoon, when the
convention waa culled to order bv
Vice President VV. W. McDiarmi d
and the election of ofliccrs for the
ensuing year was as follows:
President l. l. Clark, States
ville Landmark.
First Vice President -J.B. Whita-
ker, Jr.. Winston Sentinel.
Second ice i resident J. T
Britt, Oxford Ledger.
lhird Nice President W. A
Curtis, Franklin Press.
Secretary and Treasurer J. B.
Shorrill, Concord Times.
Poet W. W. MeDiarmid. Tai m- store, $1.00, or will be
berton l -jbesonian. tor saiejy a. b. unity.
Orator J. C. Tipton. Luther- Some old-fasbioned folks, like hal- I W Lewis. I lot South Frout st..
let girls, keep their fortunes in "enry Jong, 1 lot ravie lown,
their stockings.
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dollars will be blown in by your
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sent by mail.
By virtue of the Tax List in my hands
I have this day levied upon the following
Real Estate to satisfy t'ue Taxes due and
unpaid for the year 1895, nnl will fell at
public outcry, 5t the Court House door in
tke City of New Berne, County of Craven
and Slate of North Carolina, at 12 o'clock
M. on Monday the 3rd day of August
3 89
3 17
0 03
0 21
7 97
Name. Degrriution. Tax & Cott.
M A Gwallney,145 acres land, Bay
Bush, $ 4 70
Phillip Lancaster, 57 acies land,
Palmetto, 3 08
W S Smith, 160 acres laud Piney
Neck. 3 73
R A Walls, 11 acres, Swift Creek, 5 51
A P Willis, 100 acres Willis' Nock, 8 75
W R SaraniOD!, 35 acre?, Forrest,
II C Whitchurat, 15 acres, Fishery,
C T Dougherty, 220 acres. Flat
R. F. Dougherty, 100 acres, Core
John A Ipock, 1 1 2 J acre?, Core
Creek, ; .
Elizabeth Austin, 25 acres, East
Side Cahoagus,
Nathaniel George, 25 acres, W S
Ellen Morris (Heirs) 50 acres,Club-
Dicy Willoughby, 23 acres, ES
Cahoagus Creek,
M A Hine9, 25 acres, Croatan,
Larkiu Manning. 14 acres. Ilavc-
Mrs A Rigdon, 2 acres, Havelock,
J J Hines. acre Riverdale.
Netty Armony, 1 lot Forbes Alle;v,
E K Brvan, 1 lot Graves & Unio'u
A L Bynum, 1 lot Cellar street,
V A Crawford. 1 loi Cueeo St.
Mary J. Cummings, 1 lot Lrookeel
Jonas Daniels, 1 lot George street,
Richard Green, 1 lot Randolph st,
John E Green, 1 lot lirie Town,
Mrs Susan G G'Uhrie, 1 lot Craven
Mrs. E J Henry, 1 lot Middle st..
Virginia Harrison, 1 lot New St,
M F Holly, 1 lot George street,
W C King, by H L Gibbs agt , 1
acres, Cuthbert Land,
ford ton Democrat.
Arc You Tired all the time? Then
your blood needs t., i-e coached and pari- r p vv-c.vTv .
lied l,y Hooa's Sirsaparilbi, the One w Nerve and
True. Biood Purilier. I Live vhjor and T 'ut- nt,.e"f $7
llooel'i 1'ills are easy to take, easy to
opeiate-. Cure ineliLrestion, biliousness.
2', cts.
Bicycling: at Charlotte.
Mr. Geo. Fitzsimmons, of Char- effect, no publicity at store or l.y mail
lotto, notifies the J-L'itXAL that the
biggest racing ever seen in the South
mi liinvflfs will hp luild in tliotrotir
July 31st, lSDO. Schade, the cham
pion of the South, and Geo. Adams.
the ex-champion, will be there.
Cicero Macon, 1 lot Good street.
Geu'l T Newbv. 1 lot Norwood st
we nave me sole agency lor the sale or Linger L'ntsr, 1 lot Short street.
Brain Treat- Anna L Pierce, 1 lot South Front
given to cure or l and Eden streets'.
the money will be refunded. $100 per Mrs F T Patterson, 1 lot Johnson
oox or six ior o.UD. f or sale by h. S I street,
Duffy. M A Patterson and Bessie Bell. 1
q -n r v, lot Hotel Albert,
than brains, and are not considered Kitty c stamy j lot Bern street
weanuy eimer. Mary J Smith, 1 lot Queen slice'
Excel all others in quickness, no bad JohnAStanlv, 1 lot Broad aud
.... i -
George streets,
One Dollar, Dr. Le Brun's G &. G. Cure
For sale by F. S. Duffy
The business in which you know
you could make money, is always
monopolized by others.
If iiealth is desired, ladies try Dr
Le Brun's S. & P. Pills, the only French.
2 49
6 10
3 17
2 57
2 89
2 52
2 33
4 84
4 28
25 50
15 73
15 73
G 13
V 51
8 30
7 08
10 71
36 89
57 88
0 82
5 40
9 09
;! 73
4 84
6 19
8 75
43 84
58 44
3f 25
3 73
4 75
5 40
9 87
10 98
J B Stanly, 1 lot Broad street,
Carolino Wollendea, 1 lot Craven
street, 80 24
G L Wadsworth, I lot Hancock st. 12 10
W H Winrifield, 1 lot George St., 6 14
Geo II White, 1 lot Johnson street, 55 92
Mosrs T Bryan, 180 acres, Trent
Roar), 5 51
Atlantic & 21, C. Railrcid
In, effect 7:50 M. "Wednesdar, N
27th 1895.
Going East Sciikduli Oova Wut
No. S Patsenger 'Ira int. No, 4.
Lv. p. m. Stations. Ar. t m.
3 20 Goldiboro, 11 25
3 49 LsGrango, 10 69
4 12 Kitwtnn, 10 89
5 15 Ar. New Bern, Lr. 9 SO
5 25 Lv. " Ar. 8 17
C 37 Ar. Morehead Citj, Lt. 8 07
No. l.f
Mixed Frt A
Pan. Train.
Lv. a. m
7 20
7 53
8 16
8 30
9 24
9 88
9 53
10 15
10 40
11 n
11 31
12 05
1 30
2 12
2 20
2 43
3 13
3 25
3 31
3 46
3 51
Fulling Creek,
Ar Dover, Lv.
Lv. " Ar.
Coio Creek,
New Bern
Ct aian
Hav lock,
Allan tic.
Ar Morehead City,
Ar M City Depot, Lv
No. S
Pan Train,
Ar. p. tn.
6 00
7 SO
6 50
fl 20
S 18
4 20
8 38
8 20
2 SO
10 47
1C 00
it 40
9 06
8 47
8 38
Mor day, Wednesday and Friday.
fTueaday, Thursday and Saturday.
8. L. DILL. Supt.
Melton, Newbera & NorioUt
To take effect Sunday, May 17th, If. 1)0, at
12:00 M.
Superseding Timo Table No. 4, lMcd
October 27th, 1895.
Ooino South, hcukdui.c. QoinuNohtr
No. 7. Paenger Train$. No. 8.
New Berne
l'ol locks ville
Ar. P. M.'
6 20
4 44
4 80
a 68
Wilmington Lve. 2 00
r. m.
One Dollar at store or by mail. Fori W B Boyd, adm. of Turner Daniels
The race between these giants of the sale by F. S. Duffy.
wheel will be for blood, as an in When a man disputes with a fool,
tense rivalry exists between these the fo1 18 doing tbe same thing.
two men.
Xorth Carolina and South Caro
lina will lock horns in a bitter strug
gle. On the following dav -40 or 50
- t 1 I o
nuers win struggle lor supremacy
in a grert road race. First prize
75.00 bicvcle.
I feel liKe a new man and life is worth
living since I took a course of Dr. E. C.
West's Nerve and Brain Treatment. For
sale by F. S. Duffy.
After a man's jaw begins to swell,
he realizes that silence is golden.
Delays are dangerous. Use of Dr.
Le Brun's G. & G. Cure at once. One
Dollar, at store or my mail, at F. S.
Health and happiness for ladies. Dr.
Le isriin's b !c f Fills. The only French.
1 lot near Dark House,
W R Guion, lot Gov. Road.
D S Jones, 5 acres Pembnke Road
E S Street, 100 acres Tiect Road,
U E White, 90 acres Trent Road,
Wm. Godetr, 61 acres Tucarora,
T J Ivey, 98 acres. Neusc Road,
W. B. LANE, Sheriff,
July 3rd, 1896. Craven Co., N. C,
3 45
17 24
8 47
9 42
8 80
2 83
0 81
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cnts.
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever One Dollar, at store or by mail
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, pale by c . S. Dutty
Corns, and all Skiu Lreiptions, and posi
tivcly cures Piles, eir no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or
inoDc tiundeti.
A "Npw nnrl Pomnlptn Trpfitmpnt. rnnpisirikP
SUPPOSITORIES, Capsulps of Ointment and -o
Doxfl? ot Uintnient. A never tailing euro for Hijeso1
every nature ana aecree. It muKes an operation tvjv
tne Kntte or injections ot cnrboJic acid, wine
painful and seldom a uermanent cure, and oftfiD
feuiting in death, ur.necssar-AVhy endure 1fi3
terrible diverse? Wo Rxantee 6 box
to cure any case- iou Hrjtjay ior beotot
ceiveu. 11 a box, u tor t. bent
r.nNQTFP ATlHMCaiiid. Piles Preve.eieo
Daily Journal
Should be a welcome morning visi
tor at the Fireside of every
25c. a Box
bv JaDarrcso Liver Pelists
BLOOD rnitni:K. fc ir.all. mild and rlcasan . t.'
take, ercial!y ueiai ted ivt tiiUdreu's ue.e ovJ PoJ?
20 cents.
Berne, N. C.
$4.00 per Year.
Ofiers to the Farmers of Craven and
adjoining counties, Ea from their
yards of Thoroughbred poultry at
greatly reduced prices for the next 90
clays. Addnss.
ap8 3m Box 26, New Berne, N. C
(Successors to It. II. HAUTSFIEI.K.)
commission ummn
I67 Perry Street,
New York.
a-HEFERENCKS: (iansbonrt liank. New
York City; Meeklaiii Bros , DankeTs. New
York; Nationul Bank, Ne-w Berne. w:im
Lve. A.
9 20
9 5
10 09
10 42
12 49
L M.
Mo. 6 Passknokr and Fbeiout No. A
Leave Wilmington Monday, W.Hlncdtr
an t Friday. Ieuve Now Bern TucftkiT.
Tm ruday and Saturday.
Lv:. A. M. Ar.T.M.
7 00 Lv Wilmington Arr 8 2
7 10 W. Sea-Coast R. R. Crofc'tr 8 IS
Bay mead,
sc-. s mil,
.ampae.. nd,
Cypreaa Lake,
' AUirooa
Arr. Newltcrne
7 2'i
7 :;t
7 4i!
7 5S
8 Oj
8 11
8 18
8 33
8 52
9 06
9 19
9 34
9 50
11 10
11 19
11 ;J8
11 58
12 18
12 30
12 53
1 30
P. M.
a cm
8 49
8 40
8 11
2 01
1 5
1 47
1 1
19 55
12 12
18 89
18 Cr.
9 18
8 58
8 CO
A 11
'Dally Exeept Sunday.
General Manager.
Gen'L Frt. and Faaa. 4gt
A. & N. C. UAlMtOAI).
trip Tickets (season ol IW) iro Cmucmi
Stations below to point nam od on th W.
N. C. IL R. Tickets n snifl June 1st. UN
inclusive, good for r.-uu ii p tngeon nrlio
lore October 81st, 1KW.
Old Fort
Black Mountain,
Hot Springs
1.-.P j
$11.50 11 loHll) 64)
IS Hftl
14 Oft
in so
1 .w
)1 w
IS 2i
14 80
14 4v
U U6
1 &
IU v
is m
is s
G. W. Hr I In m.
Rates to all other ros tIs in eastern N. C
or Virginia can be lurnUheil upon Kpplloa
tlou. Children uueier five e5) years ol
free. Children ol Ave (5) years and under
twelve (12) years ot age one-hall ol the above
named rates.
S. L. DILL, Oenl Paaa. Afmi.
THE A. & N. C. liiILKOAD
The folio xing Special E&teslof Fare, Sea
son, 1896, round trip from rtatlou
named below to Morehead Cur.
IU AFF23T JUNE 1st, 1896.
Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and all Pat
ent business conducted for Moderate Fees.
o tin office is Opposite U.S. Patent Offi'. f
and we can secure patcni in Zcs3 time Liiaa those
remote irom Washington. f
Send model, drawing or photo., with descrip-J
t:. :i. We advise, if palcnLle or not, free ofj
cii-irt(. Our fee n- t due till patent is secured. S
A Pamph LET, il -w io ji ix:n l atcnrs, wun
cot of same in the U. S. ax-J foreign countries
sent free. Address,
and will support them, ultln
spread from New York to TYxus
it will continue to spreael until in
the November elvs the cheap monev
craze will be bu ru-d for jjood and all."
As this seems to be the only Sound
Money newspaper in Xorth Carolina,
which had refused te swallow wluit
H. C Beckwith wouhl term "elog,
hair, hi le and all, and swear they
like it." it is of interest to follow
1 T T ..1 :. 'II I
now me i.eaaer oou win oe
the ticket will be
party must, or slum M .
tact, t htrffeire we call
true 1 ' to ,-tand
and make the best of
stances. Wo hem,- te
i fix some dav. Salisbury 'I'
electee, but the
. remain in-
IS J i . ill e'ViTV
to Ills j ) o - I
t he ci i e-:i m
t in a better
I want every man and woniau in tlie
United Stairs inU'reted in the Opium ami
Whisky habits to have nne of my rooks
tj the-: diseases. Address B. M. Wool
ley, Atlanta. Ga., Box SS2. and one will
be iot you free. wly
j Ik- il bought !e) the kr.ow k el'e el' liie
I e eliteef tee be ;.L'i eit d ill liii'i ILtat .e m
! lit , II I i I 1 11 : 1 'I'S
lo so with many misgivings and j M,-.-,t t Nat y..ur de:.-:;!- t; bi--
some inditTerence. AS'o have no idea ' Nuii.-nal .-Mitoriai A.-.i-i:it:on be ziwu
i ue In -us to 'i'0;uv a .-i.i' :!j;e- re.-o!u-
t'.'-l . U ill'..- -U' I C. elliielll .-hal; b.- pi'- -.-
i! If.! t i that !.-dv, ::!l.i e otl i 1 1. -1 art:. 11
lie made t-' pel.Cel 1 i II' i .ejlrla'.e i:.t.) lerce
a :,.it:iir.l l;b ' ! .w.
;.'. ti. uu ii, 1 I elit. vc ii:c iieu j 1 1 e. r-i
tli Stale are m.u-u e.'v lue Irom m .eeur
ate '. id ti.e:i:.- :u ii.i- i' -cnniiinii i"
.L'l'eut i i : . J ' 1 C i . . : i -. I ee : i late nil
u; -tin it :i:.ei lr:i-i that it may tuiriaLe.
Vet this -1 1 e e I el lie it make 11- iC- aleell
towaiils ereatini: a liatintiai liel law.
It Lot my ) 1 1 !).-. to eiaiaii :.ite t ! i
miay matte is wh:e'i pertabi lo and e fleet
tics aMei .tii'ii. You h ive he and tin in
eli.-en -. 1 cry often in ci.r inettiiif:.-. and
many e-fyea: have ae led upon them, t i
yi'tir ;iii!ivii!iial it 1 1 1 . The -uue.-tiin-1
have- made are not e.!aimed a- new, but
they have appeared to me t ' be in t p i
liuer.t to oil' r at thi time. I hie note el
w ith i'.t' le.-t ;ind .-af .-iaet : za a Lte-ieral
itr.pi'' 'Veni-'tit in ; he ur -papei - ' I X.-nh
Cai'i'lina elarini,' the p ?l year. I
u'ate Vnii ii l i ve-ui' ell''i!.-. 1 tru-l they
have rewaiakel iu a nn-ie substantial .
matuter than by nui'e '.y words of praise, i
Ge.ntlemeu, you are not only the sentinels
Opp. Patent Office, Washington.
D. i
Your Boy Won't Live a IVIonth.
S) Mr. (Jilnian IJrown. of d4 M:il St..
South (iardiier, M:i., uas told l.y the
electors. HisS)ll hail l.UUu' tluu'if , te)i-
wing Typooid Malaria, au.l lie
I three hundred anil .-evcntv-tive
with dwte-irs, who liually Ltave him up.
j saying: "Your Ixiy wont live a month.
j He tnel Dr. King's New Discovery and
a few bottles rest. Ted him to health atiJ
enblid him to g- t- work a Hikvtiy
well man. He says he mves his pte.-e nt
present gex d health to u.-e e-f Dr. K'ng's
New Discovery, and knows it to l e the
tst in the woiM for Lung trouble. Trial
Bottles Free tit F. S. Dutfv's Drug Store.
Earily, Quickly, Permanently Rett-"-"
euro wokiiiw. Nervous 17. Ijihly aril all ti.
r its fit.!;. I'urly ur later i-xie .-t-'S, Thn re.-'air ;
(vi W..I !:, '.v.irr-, r-i.-k ae-s. eie. Full -ticri:'-ti'i
.- :-. ii : l e!' e't..ii'.u;.; e;iv.-!i 'o f-v- ry orttar jt
.i-r;ii.i. ..ft!-- ImmIv. Jni ai-Lt lneta-.hatfij
- a fn .hi e ii- tir-t Imx. riio-.:-.-.ialH i f k-to -I'rai.--
on rile in our .lilie-i-. ( an ho -''e'f-C r
ve.-t jKieki t. iSiu I Lin.-iil t" ;my aear,s
ri eeij.t df i .ri. i'. Oiii- mem t h V ' n -ai merit in oar I.
Lux. l'rii-i' slJ"1, ii I.. x.-. ' "I. with Written
( -uar;ii; I t e 1. 1 r. f mal ruein.-y if :-nt rureeL iiij'lo
to Uti fi.r th- lleiiaiae. Cii cuiixvn Jr'reo.
F. S. JJUFFY, Drnggist, Xew
Berne, N. C.
("nr-s in 1 te 4 .'.ays, fill
ineehate in I't'le -t ; -eaick te
curee. Crin he e-ar i iee in ver.f, all eeinipl-te' in onf
e-nr hy mail, rr-naid. nini
receipt c prico. $1 uei tiny
Advertising Rates
11E !W
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Notions and Hardware
.The highest market jiriee pual fi r
.Country J'roiluce- 1 uriieiitliii' anil
. Fur. iun l.i w 6m
In both the DAILAND YEEK
LY edition..
small luiokatjo.
package, on
F. S. DUFFY. Driiffdst, Xew
Berne X. C,
If yoii have anything you wish
to sell let thejpeople know it by
placing a "catching" ad in the
columns of The Journal.
The Daily & Weekly Jour
nal circulates largely in all the
adjoining counties and are read
on an average of fivejpersons to
every subscriber.
This is not the Obsolete Edition
that was printed from the original
plates of 1843, but the next Kevised
edition compiled 2i years later.
Neither is it bound in pasteboard
and cloth to imitate leather, but it
is genuine leather and substantially
Now do you want this VALUA
BLE BOOK FREE that is almost
a Library within itself. If so, send
us Ten" New Scbschiukks to the
Weekly Joukxal at $1.00
each, ana yu can &et a cpy &
Q ililwboro,
Ndw Bern
L& G ranxe, . .
KalliriK Cri'-k,
K i n Ht.on
W'llllWODll, . . . .
Core Creek, . . . .
t 4 (HI
1 M
:i T.i
2 imi
.1 .VI
1 7!i
1 75
3 on
1 iki
.1 IHI
2 7 .'
2 10
8aT. Nii;ht.
y mi
2 75
: .
1 86
S. L. DIU. a. P. A.
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 " Worms.
No. 3 " Infants' Disentias.
No. 4 " Diarrhea.
No. 8 " Neuralgia.
No. 9 Cures Headache.
No. lO " Dysjiejisin.
No. 1 1 " Delayed Periods.
No. 1 2 ' Leuchorrea.
No. 1 " Skin Diseases.
No. 13 Cures Rheumatism.
No. 1(3 " Malaria.
No. 20 " Whooping Cough
No. 27 " Kidney Diseases.
No. OO " Urinary Disease:
No. 77 " Colds and Grip.
Solel by DniggiHtB, or sent prepiel on
receijit of jirice, 25c, or C for $1.
Dr. Humphreys' Homeopathic Maitcai.
of Diseases M axled Free.
Humphrey' Med. to., Ill Wllliwa Bt., H.T,
4- TTV r A-

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