North Carolina Newspapers

' fBift W tm. STEVENS.
Nrsr BKaxX. August 27 1890.
t CWBet t New Brrnf,
; trrr7rTtrU Uta city. at cent.
ttSTinMTM. arlaty In adrimco, i
(I..TU. ' " It?
j.wllaliu Rti flTn oo application at
JTr NtH pr DM wtu b c&axjted for
. . mra ot TMaks. BaaototMna X E9pct
OMtari rotn; Jao Co Obttaary Xoio
ata,r Ihtt thorn Whksli lb, rtltor hUc.wif
taJt itr M VkMtar ot mawa.
, ITiUina if TTi- - mm& SodMy and all other
lalltiww ti troaa wJo. raTaa 1 tn ix
atlnl 111 Til ttTi - rata of II ve
TbaJocbxaL vUI auycireum
giMMbt rwpoaaibla to tb retain or ti
aJa kaaptac of may rvjactad naaaaacrtpt- o
OMtdoavlUW aaado thU role with re-
a4 1 ait tettan o UeKworcw. Nor will
- Xdttor aartav fcata avraapoBdenoe eoa
is otras.
The access ot the Atlantic li .1
Tm, representing this eitf st the
annul .meeting of the Firemen"?
Ajsocistion. held t Salisbury, Uat
week, wss most erediUble and wor
thy of the demonstrations shown the
victors, who returned last Saturday.
Ia tfcv sereral contests, tbo young
men from New Berne hare proven
that thief n cope with the bt
t44as;fae SUte, and carry off
most cf th prises.
I&. the Are contests, in which the
New Berne team entered they took
oar, first prise, the State Champion
ship Belt, two, second prises, one,
third place, and were rolled ont io
the horsa hose reel rsoe.
In two of the contests, with a lit
tle more care exercised. New Berne
might hare taken flrsi' instead of
second prises.
But there are no regrets over any
thing the team did at Saliafcary.
They were in the tournament
throughout, and their fail are to se-
$rejBore,prises haV nothing Io"VoJ
sf u-ns'-Tai s, iacu mej oroujni
bacsrtheDelt; and that is sufficient.
The Jotjrxal wishes to congratu
late members of the Reel Team,
sad the splendid showing they made
at Salisbery, both as contestants and
jo their. social intercourse while in
hat city. Coming from New Berne,
nothing more or leas could be ex
pected from them.
And now let there be no further
mistakes in the future. Let ss keep
the Belt.
According to the press ?eVpatches
from SaJeigb, rarious propositions
bare and are being made, looking
to a joint political canvass in North
Carolina between the gubernatorial
candidates of the three political par
ties in this SUte.
From. A Democratic point of riew,
there seems nothing to be gained by
each a eonrse, while much might be
lost by it.
It may be argued that a joint po
litical can rats would gire Mr. C. B.
IVattsWM mint fVu-mliaf nrl I7rn k.
WW avvanfM mail tj vtm fcJ jb a u w
lican hearers whom he could not se
eure If ho wss making a canrsss bv
jt to effsei this Inereaseof bear
en, the Democratic speaker would
bars an audience who would be in
attendance to hear not a disco&sion
on the indiridual merits of Democ
racy, Republicanism snd Populism,
bat who would be out to hear the
war of words between the candi
dates, and who instead of being able
toL hear a .dispassionate, clear and
calm plea for Democracy, which
would set them to thinking, would
hear arguments, brought up by the
surroundings and aroused by the
position; of toe speakers, which
might drive them further away, and
prejudice them still farther against
voting for the nominees on the
Democratic ticket.
Aejfessrs. Watson, Guthrie snd
Bossell all advocate the silver canse,
there could be no discission on that
issue, and as the parties all contend
that the currency question ia the
vital issue in this campaign, and all
three of the political parties' candi
dates in North Carolina hare de
clared for the free snd unlimited
coinage of silver at 16 to 1, why
should they join in a joint canvas?,
discussing the cameissue?
And Is this issue is vital to etch
party, how can the Democratic party
be a gainer by a joint canvass ?
Would it not bo wiser, as both of
the other political parties are agreed
on the silver issue, for Mr. Watson
to go on his own canvass, alone, and
being undutcrrbed by bis political
opponents, his party's main issue
practically settled, he eugbt to make
a mosi sneeeasful canvass in behalf
of his party's interests in North
Democracy's interests will be best
served by not making a joint politi
cal canvsss with its political oppon
ents' in this campaign.
There has been some disposition
to laugh at New Berne for the no-
tlcee in these columns of the appar-
.7 . ,
ent futile attempts to establish a
tobacco warehouse in this city. I
. . mmxLa t.J
But it should be remembered that
It has nerrr been stated a tobacc '
w.irelmise would be built in Now
Berne for the preseut crop year, nor
his there been any give up on the
part of the projectors of this enter
prise. The jama confidence is still felt
by the originators of the tobacco
warehouse, which waa proposed for
N'ev Berne, and it will become &
The stir and business which a to
bacco market gives to a place, i
seen by the reports which como
from Kinston, Ia Orange, Wilson,
Uocky Mount aud other tobucco
These towns are all at present en
joying prosperous times, while other
places are dull and their merchants
are waiting for the trade to improve
and the Fall trade to pick op.
To folly realize how good business
is in these tobacco towns just now,
it is only necessarv to talk with a
drummer from any one of them, or
better still to visit them.
Th greater part of each week, the
streets will be seen to be filled with
wagons, and tho stores crowded with
people. Money appears in plenty,
and political discussion gives way
to talk on crops, prices on tobacco,
and prospects for future crops.
Tobacco buyers sre on hand, and
the producer with his toboooo, goon
makes an exchange of it for money,
for the advantage tobacco possesses,
xs a staple product, is that it is al
ways a cash crop. There is no ques
tion of the farmer not bring able to
sell his tobacco, for as a product it
never floods the market, and its
abundance never causes it to be un
salable. IfVirginia and South Carolina,
rai fine crops of tobacco, North
Carolina's tobacco is not borne down,
snd forced to be sold at ruinous
prices, but it all finds buyers.
This section is found suitable for
the cultivation of tobacco, snd our
farmers are planting it. Next win
ter the tobacoo movement, the study
of its cultivation and the erection of
a warehouse in .New Berne for its
reception and sale will become renli
ties, and there will, as a consequence
be greatly improved conditions, in
creased business and nroaperity for
the people of this section.
The efforts of the Trustees of the
New Berne Academy, while meeting
with fairly good success and encour
amment from the citizens of this
city, yet their efforts do not promise
to be crowned with a success com
mensnrats with the object which
they are attempting io attain and
which deserves success.
There are booms of different kinds
which benefit a city, but no boom is
knore important in immediate and
.future results, is such a producer of
benefits to a community, as an ed
ncationai boom.
An effort to give New Berne i
firjt-clajs Academy, a Bchool that
will be not merelv a local one, but
one which can draw from all of past
ern North Carolina, is one which
ought to commend itself to every
citisen of this place, and receive the
overwhelming endor sement on all
An educations! Doom possesses
many elements which other booms
lsck. It does not merely appeal to the
financial side, but if does to the moral
side of a community. It is an np-
bnilder of the good, trne and beau
tiful. It does not enrich one person
or class, bnt enriches every person,
directly or indirectly.
I Dan gu rate an educational boom,
and it does not interfere with exist
ing industries, but gives an im
petus to them. It is never a rival
or competitor with any industry
that has in it the welfare of a com
munity. The" idea that New Berne can
support, and handsomely support, a
first class Academy, is not to be de
nied. It is not, bnt will it?
The city is offered the splendid
opportunity of having a school for
its children, and the children of
this entire section, included.
The creation of a great Academy
of learning in this city means much
more than a mere convenience for
the parents of children, it permits
them to have their children at
home, and saves them money, which
will give them the opportunity of
sending their children to school lon
ger than if they were sent to a dis
tant school or college.
The low tuition price offered by
the Trustee of the Academy does
not indicate a cJeap school, for
the standard will be a high one, as
any one can easily understand by
referring to its faoulty.
This is the time for every one to
come to the front and give
New Berne's educational boom, as
represented by its Academy, a goxl
s'art. Jiane n glorious buob
from the very beginning, and the
future will prove the correctness of
a. r i . : a. t ; -
thosa who believed and assisted in
giving it snch a atart.
Eltri Bitlars.
Electric Bitters ia a medicine sotted for
any seuoo, but per naps more general l
1 n8ded. wbeo tlie laotraid exhausted fee!
ins prevails when tbe liver is torpid and
fatiTe l fait. A prompt nseof thia soedi-
cin baa often averted long and perhaps
bilious fever,. No mdicine will act
more aurely In counteracting and freeing
the vyatem from tbe malarial poiaon.
Headache, Indigestion, OoosnmpUoa,
Diieas yield to Electric Bitters. 50c.
L0 at F a Duffj,f
Drug Store, --w jll (i.
Joe Caldwell's efforts in trying- to
enrb Col. Tipton's editorial utter
ances, prove "Joe" to be built of
heroic stuff.
If the Charlotte Oliserrer. :ind
the Raleigh Xetrs-Oliterver art not
cpreful, they may get to saying per
sonal tilings about each other.
In its rush after political news,
the lialeigli Xewx-Obserwr, seems
to have overlooked the circumstance
that the Firemen of North Carolina
held their annual Convention at
Salisbury, last week.
That much hunted follow, the
gold bug, while he has been kept
bosy dodging the missiles fired at
him, does not seem as yet to have
taken to timber, but remains in
the open.-
Colouel .Tipton, of the Ruther
ford ton Democrat, is a haid fellow
to muzzle and is very apt to speak
out and publish his "thinks," which
are not positively over assuring, and
of the sixteen to one order, but
verge on dangerous ground. But
then the Colonel knows no fear,
least of all political fear.
Tbe Pamlico Co'a Bual
Capt, Dowdy, of the steamer
Vanceboro, says that his project of
running a fast sieamcr between this
port aud Bayboro has never waned.
For some unavoidable causes for
delay the side-wheeler spoken of
sometime ago has not yet rmohed
here, but Capt. Dowdy states that
the boat will be forthcoming, and
that he will establish a reliable and
quick line of transit between this
port and Pamlico county. There is
great need for such a line and it is
to be hoped that Capt. Dowdy will
receive the hearty support tjjat such
a noteworthy undertaking deserves.
$100 Reward $100.
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constitutional treatment. Hall's Cataifh
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system thereby destroying the foundation
of'tbc dissase, an.l '.-iving tli 3 patient
fclrengtb by build'mg v.p tl 0 constitution
and assisting nature iu doing its work.
Tbe proprietors have so much faiiji in its
curative powers, that they offer One Hun
ilred Dollars for uny case that it fails to
care. Send for list of testimonials.
Address. F J. CHENEY & CO , ,
Sold bv Druggists, Toe. Toledo, 0.
Hall's Family pills are dip I'est,
The L. A.W., la Politic.
When the oriyiuul Webster's die
tionsry was complied, "Politics"
probably was the "science of gov
ernment;" at least, out of reepect to
ilr. Webster, we wiH assume that
he ooproctly reported the accepted
definition of his time.
The chango which time has
wrought, however, is more than pre
Politics, as understood today,
means the science of "getting there,"
"the science of government" be
ing considered subsequently, in
some cases, and not At ail in others.
If a few drops of ink are placed
in a spring of crystal water the
whole is tinged and made to look
unfit to drink. So a few unworthy
men, in our State and national pol
itics, cast a sickly hue over the
ninetv and nine who are, perhaps,
magnificent specimens of unselfish
A prominent State governor re
cently said, during a conversation
on this subject: "However high
minded and worthy a man may be,
and however anxious to serve his
country for his country's good, lie
cannot do so unless he can first ob
tain the opportunity, through an
election to the proper oftice, and it
is in elections where the question
able practices aie most liable to oc
cur. The office seldom seeks the man.
only because the man does't hold
still long enough to be sought.
One of the first things learned by
the young politician is, that to be
elected he must have votes, and to
obtain votes it is necessary to cause
a desire, in the mind of the voter,
for the election of the votee.
If the voter wants the town to ap-
propiate some money to improve
the road in front of his farm, he is
not likely to vote for the election of
au oftioialwho is known to oppose
such an appropiation.
And by the same token the aspir
ing politician is naturally anxious
to please as many voters as possible-
so as to get in a position to serve
tbe country which he loves so well.
Whatever may be said on the
right or wrong ot these things, we
'all mus; have observed that the
j earth is inhabited by human ani-
. .. .
mala, each of whoni has an ever
present appetite actively engaged in
craving something.
The League of American Wheel
men, firmly grounded aa it is in
the heart of an appreciative people,
will undoubtedly live to she the per
fection of all things, including, of
course, roads, but we, its present
members, in order to have results
during our lives must make good
use of such materials aa we have at
hand, not forgetting that the mil
lennium, ehould it ever arrive, will
be just as welcome us though wc
had sat and waited for it.
The L. A. W. Bulletin believes in
political "dwds. " but only the kind
which may be made publicly.
If the League wanted something
which could benefit only wheelmen.
it would be perfectly justitied in j man of his nation. But just, at the
using its power in every honorable close of the war an incident oecurr
way to obtain it. How much better led which, in the estimation of most
it is, then, that the League's influ-j foreigners, has remained as a blight
euce be used to obtain that which j upon 'his fair fame. In the final
benefits others even more than it-j great battle, which resulted in the
se'f- j capture of the most prominent of
League members everywhere arc i the leaders of tiie rebellion, (iordon,
justified in asking the candidate j who was instrumental in their
how he stands on the road question 'actual eaotnre. 'nromised to snarp
Don t be satisfied to know that ho
"is'nt opposed'' to road legi-latson-
Neither is ahorse opposed to it. '
The world has too many men who
a:c "not opposed" to anything.
A man who is earnestly opposed,
and can tell why, is to be desired
aboyo the inert automaton whose
blood circulates only by gravity.
The one will act, the other is
dead wood, occupying room that
might better be vacant.
Political parties mean nothing ex
cept as they do something.
If you vote for any man because
he is a Republican or a Democrat,
and for no other-reason., yon are not
availing yourself of the highest
privilege of Amerioan oitiaenship.
Silver, Protection, Free- Trade,
Prohibition, or whatever, oannct
affect the other question.
The more a man wants to protect
American industries, the more he
wants good roads. If he wants free
trade, good roads will make it still
freor. If he wants prohibition, he
must remove the thing which is
most likely to drive men to drink,
viz: bad roads.
When properly organized, the
strongest party in existance is the
fjood Roads party, because in such
a party therj; Ja no ge$d voajon for
differences of opinion.
Men are bound to differ and dis
pute op all questions p here there is
the slightest chance fqr argument,
but in the matter of improved high
ways it ig only a question of Iiqw to
do it. And that will soon bs reduc
ed to an exact science.
Join tho L. A. W., and you will
feel that you belong to a party with
an aim, than which the world never
saw a worthier.
Unless some unforseen and re
markable blunder is made, the
League of American Wheelmen will
stand firmly on its own legs long
after there isn't a Republican or
Democrat on the face of the earth.
Elite of Ottoman Army.
The history of the janisaries, from
their origin, training, and character,
is full of exciting adventures. Like
the famous band of soldiers formed
about the same time of the free
mountaineers of Switzerland, this
infantry of the East composed of
Christian slaves proved invincible
wherever their arms were directed
iliey ooastea, ana not without a
very large measure of truth, that
they never turned their backs upon
the foe; and they passed from victory
to victory with a firey valor which
never seemed to be extinguished.
They were called "the nerve and sin
ew" of the Ottoman Army, and they
had more to do than all the other
forces put together in the extention
of the Turkish sway, and in times
of peril in the salvation of the em
pire. In their engagements they oppos
ed a formidable phalnax of men
severely disciplined, expert in all
all the artifices of war blindly de
voted to their relibion and to the
person of their master and comrades,
often to the undiciplined troops of
Christian Princes, under the com
mand of feudal chiefs, and a crowd
of knights who had no religious in
spiration and no union among them
selves; and it need not be wondered
at that the victory should have re
mained in almost every case with
the Moslem soldiers.
The janizaries wero reserved for
the most desperate actions, for the
last attack iu the field, after the
ordinary cavalry and infantry had
done their utmost, and for the
charge of the forlorn hope when the
intenchments were carried and the
walls of the besieged were scaled.
There was one corps among them
retained for any work that was more
perilous than usual. They were
known by the name of Dal Kilitz
or "warriors of the naked sword"
because they threw away their scab
bards in token of their resolution
to conquer or die. Good Words.
Marvelous Results.
From a letter written by Key. J. Gun
derniitn, of Dimondale, Mich., we are
permitted to imke this extract. "I have
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New Discovery, as the results were al
most marvelous in the case of my wife.
While I was pastor of the Baptist Church
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Terrible pir.ixvsms of coughing would
last liouis with little interruption and it
seemed as if she could not survive them.
A friend recommended Dr. King's New
Discovery; it ivas quick in its work and
highly satisfactory in results." Trial bot
tles free at F. S. Duffy's Dru Store. Re
gular size 50o. and $1.00. ill (1).
I want every man and woman in the
T'nitod States interested in the Ooium and
Whisky habits to have oue of my l ooks
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ley, Atlanta, Ga., Box 382, and one will
be sent you free. wly !
Li EInnr Chang- and Cordon.
Li Hung Chang came out of
Taepiug campaigns with a high
putation for military skill, great
ministrativo capacity, and devoted
loyalty to the reigning dynasty, and
was thenceforward the most famous
.their lives, but immediately after
but immediately
; being sent
to headquarters thev
were leheaded. (Jordan, who was of
an impetuous temperament, de
nounced this act as a breach of faith
and, it is said threatened to take
the life of Li and to throw up his
command. But he did neither.
Li claimed that the refractory
conduct of the rebel Princes after
their surrender made the punish
nient a necessity ; and such a cool
headed and experienced man as Sir
Robert Hart, with a full knowledge
of the facts, held that Col. Gordon
was not justified in his conduct, ami
induced him to reconsider his action
and judgment. Gordon continued
in command for some time, and up
to the day of his death at Khartoum
maintained most friendly relations
with the Viceroy.
Notwithstanding these facts, Eng
lish writers gennerally insist that Li
was guilty of bad faith and of bloody
and inhuman conduct. But it should
be borne in mind that the Taeping
rebellion was a most desolating and
relentless war; that it had destroyed
many populous cities; had laid
waste nearly one half of the empire;
had sacrificed the enormous number
of lives, estimated as high as 20,
008,000, and that the leaders who
were bjhoaded had been guilty of !
horned cruelties. Under such cir
cumstances it would nqfc h,arc heen
strange if even the most civilized
and Christian commander, in the
flush of victory, iihould have ordered
the execution of the authors of such
untold horrors and bloodshed. The
sepoy mutiny of India synchronizes
with the Taeping rebellion. If the
"heathen Chinese" should wish to
retort u-pon his foreign critics, he
might not find it difficult to parallel
his own conduct with that of his
civilised neighbors, the rulers of In
dia. The Century.
No Cripe
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"I ain very much ia doubt," said
Senator Sorghum, "as to what course I
had better pursue iu this campaign."
"Why don't you simply do nothing?"
"That's what I'm going to do. Bnt
tho question ia, How 'm I going to get
paid for it?" Washington Star.
Bobby' Orlef.
"Bobby, what are you so unhappy
"I'm mad 'cause we ain't got no big
fam'ly. Over at Billy Hopkins' house
he's got two gran'mas an three aunts
ter help him git his own way. " Chi
cago Record.
Not a Trilby.
'Take ye photograph altogether?"
'S-i-r!'- Truth.
After the Wedding.
She There were no less than 19 nap
kin rings among the wedding presents.
He That argues either we will have
a very large family or, if your father
doesn't come down liberally, you will
have to open a boarding house, Texas
Ho Doubt About It,
Disheartened Tradesman I've about
made up my mind that life is a conun
drum. I can 't make anything out of it.
Undertaker Well, if yon give it op,
I can. Boston Courier.
A Good 11 ace to Stop.
R. .1. LUPTOV, h is jut opened a neat
find C'lriit'ntal'ie li'iar iinf House in Bay
bore u here lie will be trl id to cee his
frieDils ;unl all travelers who mav le pass
ing tin-, ugh that section. nic fee to it that
they will i cnmloriii'-ly entertained imd
their wi.nts intended to. Mr. Luiiton'e-
house "ill le Ipuil iv good pW-c kir rill
taveleis '0 stoo at while in Bahoro.
Jo the Honorable, the B arcl of Comuiis-
siouers of Craven tount ;
Your Petition! ! would ibow,
. Tii t Uiev are bee holders and resi
dents of the E'ghth Township of the
County of Cra6'i.
2. That lh v.i.d. r-L' h1 rrspre fully
pJWiGn you i I!, ar.l m iikn'e ibe Kigliih
Town-hip 't i'r veil intitity ii lo Five
To, uiihij s. to be kiou i(l "ii8L'n:ited
us the Te"ti Eleven h, T-wlttli,
Thirteenth RLd Foii'terrrh Town.-tups.
3 That ihe. Tdiith Toviu.-U.iji shall
Comprise all Unit part of Ihd E i;htb
Towi.sliii as id pre put continued lyin
outride of 'he lnuits of the city 'f Nrw
4. Thai the E f-M-ulh TW n!i:p sh ill
be idem oil in bonndaii-f i h he First
War I of the 'ii Ne-v ll i iu-,
o. 1 1. at ihe Twe f'U 1'ownahin shall
be identical in b'UUUiwit with the Sec
ond Ward of the- City o Nev Be'ne.
0. That the Thirteenth Township shad
be Lonslitnh d to comprise ths territory of
ihe Third Vt aid ot th- City of New Perne.
and also that p i! of the Fifii Waul rom
nosing 'i C-Nit :v p 'X'lDvi in H'city
i. riiat I hr 1' . ui le; utn l'ovy!-hi -u:ll
le co'i'posed ol 'he lein-iiuder f :h 'er
ritory of ihe Ci-y ol Ne.v ''enit iv l iu
eluded in the b hhj l.nie- e. np .it
Elt-venth. Twel t'i aid Ihiiteaiih I"
ships as ; b( ve set out.
Fu'Sv i tfull v uon.ji ti l h u
signed, reuiduHs an i fre l.oioei (t
Eighth Townhip Cnvcu count,
August 4 h, 180
U. E. Fot,
Wi; LI AM V. 1,1 l:
a 11. La n k.
C. T. A atsox,
By W. D McIver, Attorney.
The above petition waa received an
ordered advertised according to law. mid
laid over to be acted upon at mxt mei t
mg oi me board oi county Comnv-sion
ers, on Monday 8eptemlr 7th. 1?9G.
Clerk of Board
Normal JMoale ScIiol.
The North Carolina Norma
Music School will be held in Kin
ston, N. C, beginning September
8th' and lasting three weeks.
ihisisa rare opportunity for al
who wish to acquire a knowledge of
vocal music. Price for the full
course only $j.UL. leacners OI
music as well as beginners should
take advantage of this offer.
ior further particulars address,
D. 11. Fetree,
Kinston, N. C.
The CoDDecticut Mutual
Is now otierirjg to insurers tue very
best forms of insurance that can be writ
ten, providing as they do both protection
and invest meat upon the best and lowest
possible term-!. Attention is resptcllully
called to iis
at 60, 65. 70 and 75 with Casli Surrender
Values in IP, 15. etc., jears, the best and
most duri'i'U; Endowment Insurance -ver
issuid. Life nnd Limited Life Policies
also font on l:ire Cash Su frond-r V.dues,
supu'al. a in tiie policies ana lormiiur a
part of i Ii contract.
It m.iii ta n? a higher standard of sol
vency tloiu is eirm'oM ti bv a v other
Company or nny Stale Hi puriuieut ic
this country, having in 1 voluntarily
adopted a
3 Per Cent Reserve
thus making its contracts the safest and
most valuable ever offered.
All policies are by their terms nonfor
feitable after two or three payments, not
even requiring surrender in case of lapse,
and such policies participate in annual
dividends. The Cash Surrender and Paid
L'p Values are plainly stated in each pol
icy, thus avoiding alt misunderstanding
or disappointment. The agents of the
Company respectfully solicit correspon
dence with anyone desiring further infor
mation. S. D. WAIT, Gen. Agt.,
P. S. COX, Agent,
Rheumatism Cared.
After eminent physicians and all other
kuown remedies tail, Botanic Blood
Balm, (B. B. B.) will quickly cure.
Thousands of testimonials attest this fact.
No case of Rheumatism can stand before
its manic healing power. Send stamp for
book of particulars. It contains evidence
that will convince vou that B. B. B. is
the best cum for all Blood and Skin
Diseases ever discovered. Beware of sub
ltitutes said lobe "just asgood." $1.00 per
sarge bottle.
For sale by Druggists.
Afcge ablcPreparation for As -similatlng
ihe Food and Regula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerful
ncssandRest.Contains neither
Opiurri.Morphine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
Pumpkin SetZ
Mx. Senna
JiocheUr Sails -Anise.
Jppemant -Si
ff arm Seed -CtariA&d
Sugar .
ninioryrecn Ftavar.
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions , r everish
ness andLoss OF SLEEP. .
Tac Simile Signature of
Tobacco Flues!
.30,000 pounds best SIIKET IRON in utore and 20,000 ponnd
on the way. All in want of Finos will do well to place their orders
early, so that thy will be .sure to get them in time.
Tin and Sheet Metal Work of every discript on promptly done.
No. 23 Craven Street,
(EeferretX lio
Rev. W, t- A. raliam, A. K., I. !., Ircltlent.
Idg" Located Ten Miles East of Beaufort, N. C.
Aided by the Methodist Church, we are running a Bchool te benefit the
many who are unable to pay exorbitant prices for board and tuition.
Primary (irade, Board and Tuition, 7.00 Per month.
Intermediate Grade, Board and Tuition,' 7.50 "
Academic Grade, Board and Tuition, 8.00 "
We furnish as good board as can be obtained in any country place,
besides the oysters, fish, etc., with which the sea abounds. Write the
President for all information desired.
Whilefpople'all over tho country are agitatingthe money ques
tion some souud money !(meaninir
silver notSknowing which they want we are now, Jas always, pre
pared and willing to sell the best car load of each,
Horses & Mules
Adapted to al
That havejevergbeen put on the Nw
A full and complete line of
always on hand. Medicines and
ailments of the Horse.
M. Halm &
No's 118, 120 & 122 Middle Street.
To Boat Builders and Marine Engineers
Our exclusive specialty is designing and building
macmnery in imaii anu mcuwm iixci iiuur io twenty men cyuiravra;.
(No Stationary or "Trade" Macfalaery.)
Clybourn and Southpout Avbs.
CartoTia is pnt rp in on-ili bottlsi only. It
13 na Bold ia bulk. Don't allow anron ta m11
3 yon anything clso on the plea or prondn that it
is jest m good" and will aniwer orory pur
pose" i- Bee that yon get 0-A-S-T-OJUI-A.
gold), others free coinage of
Berne Market for canh, "either
Buggies, Wagons and Harne
Liniments of all kinds and for all
(to order) complete outfit ( gMMila MAHIN

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