North Carolina Newspapers

    j Bjnnjatjerne Biornson; the great
Norwtiaa poet :nd novelist, who
fcM Jasibki tbo duet of his 11a-
tire Ioj flt)m hi wnUU and with -
dlrtt-to'eennaDJ, U ouw of the
moatfatrtin figure of all the
-iortbUoJTi tv A typical irodern
J - V ' ,
.Norseman, he haa been not only
Oie Iitrar? giant of Norway, but
fnrmt olitical chaiUDion.
. r-
II iu he wljo, in 1873, began
iLitl.-in' for the actual, and
toerelt nominal, equality of the two
ljngdomi ao diTorced in sympathy
b th mistaken policy f the lier-
" . . r - o i
h4 Wp onlj recently experiencing
draof kb last echoing effects of
Bjornjon't earliest work for the lib
ert J of hit fatherland. Ilia blazing
elfequenca kiodled the Original pop
ntarindignation which swept the
old miniatry of Stang from power,
a atic&.uscd the impeachment and
condemnation of the Selmer Minia-
trg. Although ateadily refnaing an
election to the Storthing, the great
poet continued to be almost nntil
today the life and sonl of the liberal
'Thai he should now desert his
country in its seenvntj hoar of ncod
wilt sorpriao many of those who
have followed the stormy coarse of
LU career. And yet his retirement
from Norway may be the very
means of accomplishing tho repub
lican aims which his residence in
f hjktcoH ntry baiter lupa U o ne so m e
" thTng to defeat. Bjornson is the
ort of fearless, oatspoken, uncom
promising spirit who makes plenty
of enemies. A radical patriot both
in literature and politics, he began
by antagonizing the Danes in hia
theatrical reforms, before ho attack
ed ftb flwedish King. An evoki
iirtiitand a realist, he made him-inetargVt-for
all hia countrymen
fVTKTOppoSiertlr tiews. Nevertheless
t bay aa be has been against such
disproportionate numbers, he has
been alaoet a Shakespeare to his own
As the late Professor Hjalmar
Hjorth Boyesen has eavi of him:
'Bjornson is the first Norwegian
poet who can iu any sense be called
natxoniL'- The national genius has
fu6i.! It i embodiment in bim.
"VThenerer he opens his month it is
aa jf the nation itself were speaking.
If bo writes a little song hardly a
year elapses before its phrases have
passed "into the common speech of
people. Ilia tales, romances and
dramas express collectively the an-
pieina result of lb nation s expert
elide, so that no one today can view
Norwegian life or Norregian histo
. ry escept through their medium."
QueeHy enough the Emperor of
Germany, to whoA realm Bjornson
bu gono for a quiet shelter, is the
power behind King Oicar's throne,
tho llMitor at bis right elbow. In
the crisis of two years ago Emperor
WUliaia risited King Ocar to give
lilsaseerei eoansel. Perhaps, after
sdl, Bjojngoa has moved to Germany
merely to beard the real lioa in his
den for the sake of his country and
ia the Common name of liberty.
Philadelphia Record.
: Fmrtl Savtaf Bukt.
People who "hare but modest earn
ings wage-workers, farm laborers
And small farmers rarely have bank
ocoants. The reason is not that
tbef wooki' not like to deposit
tifeir tittle savings ' in a bank, but
that few banks cart) to open ac
counts of that sort. No inducements
ire held out o so eh persons by the
banks, andt a til is the rural, no pn
lation i concerned banking insti
tution as a t ole are too remote from
it to be made convenient for it.
Tkfln again people of ttia class laok
confidence in banks. They associate
tbo latter with speculating cashiers
s4fdefanldag and absconding pre
mdentt arid consequent j prefer to
pmt their little hoard in soma cup
board .or; trunk, even taking the
risk of tbett or fire. For all these
pnsf iT aariags banks would be inval
nbIs.ieUiations. and no doubt
sroald do resorted to from the very
. .In Great Britain sach banks hava
boon in operation for nearly a centu
ry; in Canada for thirty years. In the
former country with a population of
probably 35,000,000 the deposits in
190 amounted to $325,000,000, a
per capita average of nearly $10,
while Canada, with 5,000,000 of
people could show in the same year
$28,000,000 in her postal banks;
per capital average of $5. When it is
considered, however, that only per
aoo4 with small earnings use these
banks, the average per -capita, depos
it Vecomes much larger. If sncb re
sults have been attained where wages
are much less than in this .country,
it u altogether probable that a far
more isaposiog sltowing would be
juade here.
The (abject has been before Con
reat several times and favorable re-
ports hare been made now and then
bat for some reason or another it
has never reached either branch of J
that bod j for action. It should have
renewed attention and some of our
jinaoeiert and statesmen should de
vise" sj system of postal savings banks
anitoi ta the conditions of our coun
try aod Jta wage-earners. Wash.
tlf - au mwmm w4 vuv TTi 1 1 01 pa
eaaar Imitations. To get the genuine ask
for Grove's.
I The People's Party ConveUtori of
Craven count-, was called to order
by W. II. Smith, chairman.
. The following resolutions was pre-
Rented by Hardy 11. Terry, and
: unanimously adopted.
! Whkres, An inpotiam election is
I upon ua involving viial in'eiests whiili
,limciDi tvcrj ,oter jQ he a(i. wtulhi r
! he I n Populist or Rtpulinean, it u ihc-
I3?."? lt rniony ,huuM prcv .i
Wfci:-3lralii in IS
V.. ......... 1 o I :.l . i T-
pjblican party to gtvure a fair ar.d honest
.election law; and feel that lo pr seive its
lilerty, assured by our victory iwo jt-n-s
ago, it becomes ceieary for as (o co-op-eiaie
in tkis eleciion. Knowing lhat it
ihe Democrats wio the Dext legislalun-,
fne of their Urst acta will be to iepeil ihe
law that insures to evi njvoter the guaran
tee ( f free ballot. Realizing tbe above
fa.' tj, :t proposition was made by the Pop
ulist Executive Coinmilti of Craven
county to the Republican Executive Com
mit tec in session at New Berne, August
20th, to cn-rperatc with them on the
tcrtoa of 1804, nod aske1 that we have the
Representative anil Commissioners. The
proposition was fljtlv turned down, with
.he information that they did not need the
Populist votts in Craven c unry, (a
t.Kt wliicli e ulreudy rraiizeil but in
view oi" the Populist aid in 1 ir 94, to place
the voters of every party in a position to
govern themselves; we flcl it is the duty
of the Republican party to recognize us
when it to the jovcrniDi; f oxr
county oM)MM even though they have the
m'jonty and do not need us.
Having the alove situation confroni ing
us, wt hel it i ur duty to do all in our
power to help elect men to ortiee who are
i oiupett-Dt ami are willing to recogniee and
appieclate our services.
Tbertfore it RJre,l, 1st, That we
the replc'a Party, i f Craven comity, in
Gn?entka a- mi led, this 2ino! day'f
August, 1896. Resolve that we will eVp
po't the Stale ticket on fusion lines ai pat
out by ou: late Siate Convention and eo
iloisid bi the Republican State Extcutive
Commit te.
Rttolted, 2 id, Thst in view of the fact
that fusion was necessary in the Stute to
sustain fair elections, we deem it just as
necessary in Craven county to fuse to help
man ge the county afttdrs, and have a
u'ikmI, c'ciq couotv government tht we,
a fu-iouits couM look upon with pfid
Relrdi, 3rd, That considering the de
cision ot the R- publican Executive
Committee that we aie uot nteded, it be
came the duty of thia convention to plce
iu nomination u noo-partisian ticktt, a
ticket tlMt can le acceptable to all par
ties, men who if cUcted will appreciate
t!ie ervices of the People's Party, as well
a- tbe set vices of the Republicans or Dem
Remittd, 4th, That the voters, regard
less of past party affiliation?, are request
ed io consider the sincerity of our purpose
and help us elect our ticket.
The chairman declared nomina
tion for Representative and county
officers in order. II. II. Perry placed
in nomination John Allen Jackson,
of Vaoceboro for Representative,
his nomination was unanimous.
Jiimes W. Biddle, of New Berne,
was nominated and endorsed by
very delegate, for sheriff.
James F. Clark was nominated
for Treasurer by W. Z. Boyd and
unanimously endorsed.
II. II. Perry received the full en
dorsement for Register of Deeds.
Dr. Leinster Duffy was nominated
for Coroner.
Daniel l-:ino, was the unanimous
choice of the Convention for Sur
veyor. On motion of Mr. Perry the three
Commissioners were nominated on
one ballot.
Air. Perry put in nomination for
J. A. Meadow,
J. S. Basxiuht,
W. II. Smith.
On motion Mr. Adams,
The selection of Justice of the
Peace for each Township, was left
to the Executive committees of the
different township.
On motion of G. L. Hardison the
Executive committee of Craven
county, are empowered to fill any
vacancies tTrat may occur as to the
above nominees.
On motion Mr. G. A. Conner,
The Convention adjourned sub
ject to the c JI of the chairman.
Crreta Daily ky Bsberls Br.,
Wkl(Mt aa Betall flrrrhtali
W kluH Pr I en.
Rib Sides. 4Jc.
Short Backs 4 Jc.
Mesa Pork (new)
Rump 9.o0.
Short Clear $9.20.
Hams, sugaTVutcd, 1 1 jc.
N, C. Hams lOJc.
Fresh Pork 4 to 4.
Lard Compound in Tubs, 5 to o .
Best Leaf Lard in Tubs. 6c.
Fiour, best patent, ti 20 to f4.80.
Flour, Fancy Straight, 3.90 to $3 95.
8rarght, f3 60 to $3 75.
Eitta Flour f3.25.
Granulated Sugar 3c.
A Sugar 44;.
C Sugat 4 3 5c
Mnlaises 15 to 25c.
8yrup 15 to 25c
Cbe! 9 io 10J-.
Bntter, Doquet Creamy. 20 to 21c.
Bntti-r, Da.rv, 17 to 18c.
Rio Coff -e 14 to ISc.
La Guara Coff, e 1 to OOc.
Ground Alum Suit 5.5c.
Pi a 50 to f-5.
Cbtckcos, grown. 4V.
Spring Chickens 20 to 33c.
Beeswax 20c.
reaouta 60 to 7eV
nile, dry, 2 to t3c.
Hides, green, 2 Jo-
Beef ou h-ot 4 to ' ;
Corn 40c
ileal :3e
The Republicans of Craven Conu
ty will meet in the Court House iu
.his ctty. September 17th, for the
purpose of nominating- candidates
for a county Republican ticket.
Iockhart. Texas, Oct., 15, 13S9.
ileaer. Paris Medicine Co.,
Paris, Tenn.
Dear Sirs: Ship us as soon as possible
2 gross GroTe's Tastelea Chill Tonic. My
customers want Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic aod will rjot hare any other. In
oar expert enc? of oyer 20 years in the
drug business, we ha to Deter sold any
OMTticine which cave men ueireraal u
kfsttion. Yours Respectfully,
J. 9. Browxx & Co.
tJrucrful Atlclrea From D- I.. WhtiI,
SI reel iron d d. rtng-ft VVavlntr.
Whlollea Blowing. Belli
An immense gathering of the citi
zens of New Borne went to tho A.
oV; N. C. R. R. sation yesterday af
ternoon to meet the Atlantic Reel
Team, which is still the champion
team of North Carolina. Tho boys
had covered themselves with glory
in the Salisbury races and in win
ning tho championship bolt they
had reflected groat honor upon New
Heme, and it was fitting that sever
al hundred ladies, gentlemen and
children, should welcome them back
Amidst great cheering, waving of
hankerchiefs, hats and canes, blow
ing whistles and ringing bolls, the
members of tho team alighted from
the train and immediately a line of
march was formed as follows:
Miss Pearl Powell, the Mascot of
the Atlantic Reel Team, wearing
the championsnip belt; W. W.
Clark, President of the Reel Team;
and D. L. Ward, Esq., the orator
of he occasion in the first carriage".
In the next carriage were seated
Miss Lena Dail, Mascot of the New
Berne Steam Fire Engine Company,
Mayor Primrose and Editor Stevens,
of the JOL'KKAL.
New Berue Company's Hose wag
on. Tho Atlantic Reel Team, W. T.
McCarthy, Captain, Champions of
North Carolina, followed by long
line of citizenp.
Along the line of march great
numbers of citizens had assembled
to cheer the heroes. Flags were
waved from windows as the proces
sion passed, and during the whole
parade the caliope whistle of the
New Berne Ice company could be
distinguished amongst the din and
confusion of the other whistles and
bells, and noise of the drums.
Cheer after cheer rent the air
during the march, but when the
procession reached A. M. Baker's
store, nothing could be heard but
the popping of thousands of fire
crackers, which that clever mer
chant had touched off in honor of
the Team.
Three cheers for A. M. B;tkcr was
proposed by dipt. McCarthy, ami
the boys responded lustily.
Upon arriving at the Chattawka
Ilotc', the Champions lined up in
the middle of the street, facing the
balcony of the hotel, to which the
beautiful youug ladies, who are the
Mascots of the Fire Companies, Presi
dent Clark, D. L. Ward, Esq., Edi
tor Stevens aud Mayor Primrose
had ascended.
As soon as some of the bells and
whistles had ceased ringing and
blowing, Mr. D. I. Ward stepped
forward and made an eloquent ad
dress of welcome. The generous
applause abating some, Capt. Mct
Carthy and members of tho Team
gave three rousing cheers for the
President Clark then proposed
three cheers for the Atlantic Reel
Team. It is needless to say that the
proposal met with the heartiest re
sponse. The Reel Team and a few friends
then proceeded to the City Had.
where some light refreshments were
partaken of. and a social time was
Mayor Pi im rose and the New
Beruo Jorits'Ai. were each given
three cheers by the crowd, aud a
jolly half hour wa-J enjoyed.
The city was in most exuberant
spirits lust night, and the Reel Team
boys had what they wanted, with
out the asking.
Chief Barrlnrloa Interviewed.
Talking with the JoL'it.ww. about
the Salisbury trip, Chief Barrington
said, i st night :
"I don't b iieve that the S.i! i.-'onry
people keew, hardly, that there was
another Fire Company in Salisbury
cioept the New Berne Company.
Neariy every young lady in the town
was wearing the colors of Now Berne,
pink and white, and seemed to take
New Heine's defeat as much tn heart
as the boys did thetiHelve--. They
seemed to realize the fit lhat New
Berne's Team was the Yarn of the
"The Boys even in defeat retained
their courage and were light hearted
and merry.
"They had elegant boarding
places and they were very enthusias
tic in their praise of the place and
people with whom they stopped,
and upon inquiry at their respec
tive boarding places I found that they
were looked upon as a very quiet
and gentlemanly crowd, and that
they regretted their leaving. In
fact, taking everything into consid
eration, it was the most gentleman
ly crowd that ever attended a Tour
nament, ind New Berne ehoul 1 be
proud of them.
"A goodly number, members oi
the Company, attended the Tourna
ment ball giren on the night of the
21st., talcing with, them their little
Salisbury Mascott, Miss Virginia
Mauney, and were delighted to find
at least four-fifths of the ladies at-
Uow did you lose the quick steam
ing contest!''
"On account of our desire to low
er our own recLHtd. As for winning
(i reensboro, that would have been
easy enough, but for our over anxio-t-
to li'-a". our own record, and that
seemed to be generally known by all
present, even Greensboro.
"I think that the city should
never spare pains or expense in keep
ing the engine in good condition al
ways, which has not been done for
the last two years, I am wry sorry
to have to say. 1 think at the next
Tournament the quick (-teaming
prize will come to New Berne again
to never leave it. "
About the C learing House.
The Ix'St illustration cf how millions
of dollars' worth of commercial transac
tions can be conducted with the actual
trnnsfer of very little cash indeed is
probably to be seen iu the operations of
a clearing house in a great city. The
greatest part of its work of course con
sists in the balancing, exchanging and
reconveying to their original senders
bank checks and other certificates of in
debtedness and readiness to pay.
A. owes B. f 1,000. A. does not carry
so muc h money around with, hiru as a
general thing. So he gives B. a check on
his bank for the money. It is not con
venient forB. to go to A. 's bank and col
lect the money. He simply deposits the
check for $1,000 in his own bank, which
may be 100 miles distant from A. 's
baDk. B. 's bank lets him have the ac
tual money if he wants it, either all in
a lump or in installments. But B. 's bank
sends A. 's f 1,000 check to the clearing
house. There, where all the accounts of
all the banks belonging to the clearing
house are . squared up, A. 's check is re
ceived and 6ent back to A. 's bank whence
it started.
The check may not be cashed so soon,
however. It may be handed by B. over
to somebody to whom he in turn owes
money and put by that person into his
particular bank. Sooner or later, how
ever, it returns to the clearing house. A
few of the largest cities of the Union
have clearing houses of their own. Such
houses in the west send checks, certifi
cates, etc. ,. to the clearing houses of the
eastern cities and those of the east re
turn, western accounts in like manner.
Before the clearing house methods
were adopted banks used to settle their
accounts with one another by sending
from one to another messengers loaded
with bags of money and commercial pa
per. It was a clumsy and risky way of
doing business, and now they simply
send their commercial paper either on
tbe debit cr credit side to the clearing
house, where the accounts arc rapidly
balanced between banks and each re
ceives back its own paper.
The largest clearing house in this
country is in New York, where paper
representing $120,000,000 sometimes
changes hands in a single day, that, too,
with tho exchange of verv little cash
money. Sixty-six banks belong to the
New York Clearing House association,
and during the panic of 1893 they made
a compact that they would support one
another when an inconveniently large
demand was made on ihe deposits of
any one of them. They did this by
means of the issue of clearing house cer
In the Fall.
We observe that some hypercritical
individual is again objecting to the
word "fall" to designate the time of
year which our British brethren usually
name "autumn." The hypercritical in
dividual is simply Billy. If there is one
word which ii rightly u?ed in the Eng
Jish language it is the term "fall" tc
denote the mcuths cf September, Octo
ber and November. It is a whole poem
in itself, thut word "fall," thus used.
It means the time of the fall of the leaf.
In September the green of summer fades
a little, the more fragile and tender ol
the leaves begin to fall like flakes of an
advancing snowstoiru. In October the
tree8 turn golden and red and glorious,
the leaf storm is full on, the dying foli
age ce see i.i.s
the cariii will
in bit i in. '
ii i s, i.i:, i ;
Boakii.g i :iii.s.
from the In ;
antl thiii.i r :
finally p:.t k i.
thiik ar.d fast and covers
; igl.ii.css as cf flowers
::r fiiis, November ar
:h .:a the winds and the
1 Li ;: t it liagc is torn
--, tl h;.fs swirl hither
n " i v. ::.d ;.::d rain and
v. ; v in hi lii.vii i.nd hanks
to turn le i;i.h lr,.vn nu.iil :.i;d fertilize
the earth. Tl.i hi.' t h af h...--disappeared ;
the in t s I ( Id up tin ir ariLs, brow n and
withered; ti.e '"frill" si as n is over.
Jf it is im ( rrret h; spe;,k vf the "fall'
firas u cf ihcyiar, then it is jusl as in
correct to t-i cak t f the spring of the
Waste material frequently proves to
be worth mere than the thing it is the
waste of. This is true of the by products
of petroleum. At first refiners of the oil
were put to their wits' end to know
what to do with the dreadful refuse cast
off in making the kerosene for illumi
nating oil. It seemed to spoil everything
it touched and filled the air with nau
seous oelors besides. By and by they be
came wise r. They learned to utilize one
afteT another these waste products of
kercscne. Now naphtha, benzine, gaso
line, vaseline and a dozen or more much
valued medicines are distilled from
the once useless and unsightly rub
bish. Everything is of use when its use
is found. Even some useless people
could probably be made of service if
their right place could be ascertained.
Don't lose your bankbook. A judge
of the supreme court of Ne-w York has
decided that when a bankbook is pre
sented at the bank which issued it tbe
mone y it calls for shall lawfully be paid
to the brare-r unless there are circum
itances accompanying the presentation
if the book that lceik suspicious. This
decision will no doubt be followed else
where. Therefore if you lose your bank
lxek, the cue who finds it may collect
four money and the bank not be held
The growth of electric street railways
is shown in the fact that in the state of
New Yoik alone 94 per cent of all such
roads are operated by electricity, against
20 per cent six years ago.
Malarial produces Weakness, General
Debility. Billiousness, Loss of Appetite.
Indigestion anel Constipation. Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic, removes the cause
which produces these troubles. Try it
and you will be delighted. 50 cents. To
get th genuine ask for Grove's.
tjnding the ball wearing the
and white.
Nobody Was a Gentleman.
On1) day a stranger came into our
camp end looked around for awhile and
finally asked if we had a man of sand
among us. Judge Watkius promptly an
swered that we had a mau who wasn't
afraid of anything above or on or below
the earth, and sent a man down to the
creek after Bill Hopkins. When Bill
came up, the stranger looked him over
and queried :
"Ar' you a fighter?"
"I ar'," modestly replieel Bill.
"Hcv you got a record?"
"I hcv. I've lickeel every critter who
has dared stand before mo from Grassy
Valley to Ace High."
"But ar' you a gentleman as well as
a fighter?" persisted tho stranger.
"Of course I ar'!" said Bill, "and I'd
like to see the blamed galoot who says
I hain't! But what's that got to do
with it, and what's all this riot about?"
"I'm wantin to come across a critter
with sand," replied the stranger, in soft
and oily tones.
"You ar' wantin a fuss?"
"I ar'. but the feller must bo a gen
tleman, same as I ar'. No gentleman
ever fights with a loafer. "
"Waal, I don't see why we can't git
together, " said Bill, "but I don't see
the objick exactly."
"The objick is to lick you!"
"Oh, shear'! Well, fix things your
own way, and I'll be on hand!"
After consulting with Judge Watkins
and others, the stranger arranged mat
ters. He w anted to fight Bill rough and
tumble and ho wanted the two of them
to go up on the hill after dark and have
it out alone. The boys demurred to this,
aa they wanted to see the fun, but Bill
Hopkins said it should be that way. As
he understood matters, gentlemen al
ways went off by themselves to settle
disputes. If the stranger was a gentle
man, he couldn't afford to do anything
else. He'd lick him out of his boots in
five minutes, but he'd lick him as one
gentleman should lick another.
Thus it came about that the pair went
off together up the hill after dark, each
one bowing and scraping and trying to
outdS-he other in gentility. They were
to take position ten rods apart, and at a
signal from camp were to rush together.
When Jhe battle was over, the victor was
to hoot and we would go up and bring
down the mangled remains of the van
quished. The signal was given as agreed,
but at tho end of an hour no one had
hooted. We had just starteel to go up
when Bill came, down to us. There were
fears in his eyes, his back was humped
up, anel he dragged his legs as he
"Waal, is tho corpse upthar?" asked
Judge Watkins.
"Nary a corpse. "
"Didn't nobody get licked?"
"No. The feller slid out unbeknown
to me before you gin the signal, and
thar was nuthin fur me to fight!"
"The durned skunk! Why, he said
he was a gentleman!"
"Yes, he said that. "
&xia we guaranteed him tnat you
was a gentleman. "
"Yes. I hain't had nuthin hurt my
feelm s like this fur 20 years!
"I should say not. Gentleman, the
meeting will now come to order. Now
then 'Wh'aras one feller who said he
was a gentleman has sneaked out of a
fight with another feller whom we all
know to bo a gentleman ; be it
"'Kesolved, That Bill Hopkins ar'
no longer a gentleman and hain't got
no cause fur feelin bad about it!' "
Tho preamble and resolution were
unanimously adopted and Bill wiped
his tears away, braced np his feelings
and was soon himself again.
Things Were Going: to Tarn.
Iii front of a Dakota sod cabin sat a
man about 50 years old, who was ragged
and forlorn and hungry looking. A few
rods away lay the dead body of a mule,
and beyond that was a wagon with a
broken wheel. There was no smoke
coming out of the cabin chimney, no
fowls or live stock about and no other
human being to be seen.
"Well," queried the man as I looked
about, "things look sorter lonesome,
"Indeed they do, sir. What's been
the matter with your"
"Billyus fever. "
"Where is the wife?"
"Inside the house with the same
"And the children?"
' 'Out thar behind that haystack shakin
with the ager. ' '
"I see you've lost your mule. "
' 'Died two clays ago, sir. Can't rightly
say what ailed him, but he's gone. "
"I suppose you are dead broke on top
of all?' ' I queried.
"Haven't got a red cent, sir, and
nuthin but cornmeal in tho house," he
"Well, I don't blame you for feeling
blue over the situation. "
"Who's a-felm blue?"
"Why, I expect you are."
"Then you make a big mistake,
stranger. Things did look a leetle blue
Made and Merit Maintains the confidence
of the people in Hood's Sarsaparilla. I f a
medicine cures you when sick; if it makes
wonderful cures every where, then beyond
all question that medicine possesses merit.
That is just the truth about Hood's Sar
saparilla. We know it possesses merit
because lt cures, not once or twice or a
hundred times, but in thousands and
thousands of cases. We know it cures,
absolutely, permanently, when all others
fail to do any good whatever. We repeat
Is the best In fact the One True Blood Purifier.
j, rMi cure nausea, indigestion,
rlOOQ S PlIIS biliousness. 26 cents.
last week, tsot three days asro 1 had this
, 'ere farm c,i up into:.', 000 town lots
. and arranged with a critter to boom it,
; and I'm ft clin like a st er m a corn
field. Two thoiu;and lot -' at $J 1)0 apiece, '
six railroads tu rm-.-i yere, three big i ar
, works a eniinii, srh ol.s, churches, fac
tories, paii.s, nouis wny, (turn my
hide, but I jist sot yere calkerlatin on
startin five banks and fouudin two or
three orphans asylums with my money !"
"Then I can't aid you?"
"Jist a pipe of terbaeker and a nip of
whisky, stranger, and you tell every-
body down the road that ole Bill John-
son has founded the town of Golden
City and is goin to plant gold watches
fur mileposts ail over the stait. Feel in
blue? Waal, I should rather gurgle to
obsarve that ho has to keep hold of tho
grass to prevent his flyin away fur joy
and exultashun!"
How Sam Met the Elephant.
"No; my son Sam didn't dio of no
sickness, " replied tho mountaineer to
my question, which was brought eiut by
his observing that ho had lost a son tho
year before. "What ailed Sam was sot
ness. "
"Yon moan he was obstinate?"
"That's it; only niobbo a lettlo wuss.
He'd do what ho sot out to do if it killed
him, and it finally did kill him.
"Yes, sah. One day a cirkis was
passin up this yore road to go over into
North Kerrleeny. Sam he was up at tho
Co ners and had bin drinkin too much.
Bimeby ho made ready to start fur
homo on his mewl. Tho men at the
Co'nors knowed he'd meet the cirkis and
tried to hold him baek, but tho mo' they
talked tho sotter he got. It had got
around that thar was an elephant, and
Sam said he'd drive the critter outer the
road or bust hissclf. "
"And he mct the circus on the road?"
"He did, sah. That elephant was
marcbin in front, and from all accounta
he wasn't feelin very peart that day.
When them cirkis fellers saw Sam, they
hollered fur him to go back, but Sam
throweel off his hat and veiled beck to
'em to stanel clear anel see fair play.
Thar's whar his sotness cum in. Drat
him, but he ortor knowed that he'd be
licked. Ho hollered and cavorted till ho
got that elephant downright mad, and
then ho put spurs to his mewl and
charged him. He meant to sweep that
elephant right off the face of the airth,
but suthin happened to astonish him,"
"What happened?"
"Waal, as nigh as I could ever make
out that elephant picked up both Sam
and his mewl and throwed 'em 10,000
feet high, and when they cum down ho
walked on 'em fur about ten minits.
The cirkis fellers got about a bushel of
mewl arter the fuss was over, but they
couldn't scrape up more'n a neck of
Sam, and that was most boots. What
we got we buried, and that's how Sam
cum to git underground. No, he didn't
die of any sickness not any reg'lar
sickness with a name to it. He jest
tried to run down an elephant, and if
he ever knowed anything arter he went
sky high he must hev bin painfully
hurt in his ieelm's to nnd out that he'd
bumped agin the hull Cumberland
mountings. Pore Sam!"
M. Qcad.
How He Caught Her.
He had begged her to be his, and she
had treated the request in a manner
that suggested frivolity.
"Why do you use rattrap pedals?"
he reproachfully asked her as she pre'
pared to mouMt her wheel.
"Why shouldn't I?" she exclaimed,
"I should think," he softly murmur
ed as he gazed at her dainty feet,
"that mousetraps would be amply
iarge, "
She was his from that moment.
Cleveland Post.
The Modern Notion.
New Yorker ("gladly) My dear, my
salary has been raised to $20,000.
His Wife (ecstatically) Isn't that
grand? Now we can afford to give up
this unstylish house and old fashioned
garden and live in a flat. New York
Came Back For Comfort.
"Hello, old man, what are
"Taking a rest."
"But I thought you just returned
from the seashore?"
"So I did. "Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Lamentation.
ghe is engaged. All, woe is mel
Her love touched heart no more is free.
Her toul i.i wooed, her beauty won.
This charming maid of twenty-one.
Te gods, what mortal agony
Assails my breast and makes me fiee
From Eight of in an? What lunacy!
Alas, 1 am indeed undone!
the is engaged.
No longer can her graces be
A heaven on earth, an ecstasy.
No longer, when the shining sun
Each day his fiery course hath run.
Can I be glad, for it's to me
She is engaged.
For Infants and Children.
Ths fae-
simile S7f r-v, Is oa
Children Cry for Pitchers Castoria.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
(Successors to K. Ii. HARTSP'IELD.)
I67 Perry Street,
New York.
iTS-REFEKEN'CES: Gansboort Bank, New
York City; Mecklain Bros, Bankers, New
York; National Bank, New Berne. m28 w3iu
4-. mmy
We elder You a Rrmetlv Which Insures
SAFKTY to 1,1 KK ot rjolli
Muilu-r and CIjiM.
110 lilt OH AM) DAMJElt,
Knilorsfil and reooin mrmlcil y physi
cians, mill vvi vcn ami tho who liuv iiseil
it. Ilewiire of ulwtil,uli's and i mil utioiig.
Sent by express or mnil, on receipt or price
ffl.OO er iM.llle. Hook "To M I 'fl I KHS "
uiailnU fiee. containing voluntary lealluionlalB.
sold nv .am. i- ;i.ists.
General and Nervous Debility.
Weakness of Body m l
Mind, Effects of Krrort
or Excesses in Old o:
YouriK. Kobiiflt., Nobi
Manhood fully Reftoivd.
Hcv lo Enlnrire am
Strengthen Weak. I'p
developed Portions ::
Body. AliHolntely in
f allinR Home Treatmcri t
Benefits in a da '
testify from 50 States and Ford
Countries. Send for Descriptive, Book. :.
planation and proofs, mailed (sealed! frc-o.
!s sold under positivo Written inrnitos
oyantlionzod amenta only, to eur Weak Mem..r
Dizziness. Wakefulneas, Fits, Hvstoria, Quick
less, Nielit Loases, Evil Druains, Lack ofConfi
lence. Nervousness. Lnssilutht, i.ll J trains, yt.nt
i.! Errors, or Excessivo Ie of Toliaccn. Ipium
r I.oii,.r. which lends to Misery. Consumption
nsanity and Death. A store, or hy mail, $1 i
mix: s.x for f",; wnh written i;lin r;nitco t
-ure or refund money. Nam pie pack
Ige. containing ijve dnygr treatment, witl.ftili
instructions, 25 cents. One rumple only aofu to
ach person. At store or by mail.
t-Red Label Special
txlra Strength.
For Itnpotency, Lors ol
Power. Lost Manhood.
Sterility 'T Rarroniiess ,
Il a box; six for $5, with;
written guarantee:
Inrnrnlnlfluia At .....
SCruncor by mail.
;f. s. di ffv, Solo
Ageut, Ne
Berne. N. 0.
Hroolfl's Brow-Celery.
Splendid curativn atrent tor Kervoot or 8lcfc
Head ache. Brain Klhanotinn KlomtilMunMia
.special or general NeurHlnia; alo for Rheu
matism, Goat, Kidnoy TMsowierK, Acid Iy
pepsia. Antenna. Antidote for Alcnhofi.
and other excesKea. lrioe, 10, 25 and &U cent.
151 S. Western Avenue, CHICAGO.
F. S. Duffy, Sole Agent, New
Berne, N. (J.
L A O i E S do YOU Km
teeli Pennyroyal Pills
ST. r. e orlinal and only
illENCH, safe ami reliable cure
orpine murnet, I'noe, $1.(; Heni
by mini, (icnuino B.)ld only by
F. S. Dufky,
Berne. N. C.
Sole Agent, JNew
This remedy lieinsr in
jectetl directly to tli
seat of those difeas-
of the Qoatt-Urinar
urnuii, requires nv
chance of diet. ' Carr
snaranteed In 1 to t
days. Small plain paeh
U XlBold only by
F. S. Duffy,; Sole Agent, New
Berne, N. C.
Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and all Pot-
ent business conducted for MODERATE FEES. 4
Our office is Opposite u. s. p-tENTOFFir
and we can secure patent in less time tluui thus,
remote from Washington.
Send model, drawing or photo., with descrip
tion. We advise, if patentable or not, frie Oi J
charge. Our fee not due till patent is secured.
A PAMPHLET, " How to Obtain Patents" with
cost of same in' the U. S. and foreign countries
sent free. Address,
Patent Office, Washington. D. C
9 A household remedy for all Blood and
f Skin diseases Cures without fail, Scror-
ubi.l ircrs, Jilir unintlhm.l alarrh. Suit Illirum St
j and every form or Blood Disease from ihe 56
c .simplest pimple to the foulest Ulcer. Fifty fk
years' use with unvarying success, dem-
onsuates its paramount healinir, purify- jr
Sf ing and building up virtues. One bottle m
& lias, more cnrtiv,. virtm, ih,m fi il(i7cn of im
Hi any other land. It builds up the health
and strength from the first dose.
m Z ' ti III TK for Hook of II on
g tlfff ul Cures, ?tit free on i pili
m cation.
Ht . . . . : : .
11 not Kept ny your loca, druppist, send u
J J1.00 for a large bottle, or 5.00 for six hot- J
ties, and medicine will be sent, freight m
sjc paid, by m.
I BLOOD BALM CO., Atlanta, Ga.g
h'or Sale by F. S. DUFFY.
The Steamer NEUSE
Is scheduled to sail from New
born as follows:
Sailing hour 5:30 p. m. Sharp.
Freight received up to 5 o'clock
For further information apjily to,
June 23. 1890.
You run no risk. All drusista guar
antee Grove's Tasteless Chill Touic to do
all that the manufacluiers claim lor it.
Manhood R
VI, . 1
f it-
w s
: e
The following Spocial aUs of Far. 6m-
son, 1896, round trip from rUtloni
namd blowto Uorhad Cuv.
ItT AFFECT JUKE lz, 1856.
(1 ol f Ik n'o.
Tu.Hciirorti, . . . .
Now Born.
I ii (J ritnn'-, .
Klvenlali',. . .
Kiilliili; Cluck,
I Ionian,
K itiKt ( n, . . . .
Wild woo.1,
Core Creek, . .
1 im
.( ;.")
:i :iii
i -
.i -ir,
I 7.'.
.'( no
I no
9AT. JVfnRT.
f tf (K
1 Ml
'.' '5
I Ul
X' .'.0
i tt
1 n
.', mi
1 -
O. P. S.
A. & N. (J.
trip Tickets (season ol Ivc-i
iro (fi'ijinn
'I on Ilin W.
I one 1st. IMWI
i-ukc n or lio-
Stations lii'low to I
l"l 0,101
,11 villi
N. V. It. K. Tlcket.i
Inclusive, (food lor r
lore Ictolier :tlst, IK'.K
V. otn
M'-kory, .l..rui$U.rKM IKIHOfiO
Mn?Hiitii, It :M : II il v
"U r oi l :. i.-, I J4 iw j.j 2.',1 Ii tfe
I'.lHck Mountain,- Hi 'a' l.'i 'V 1:1 mo! 1.1 'IS
Aslieville., ii. s.-,. r. i'.. It 4v VI K
Hot Hprliixs, ' .: . ; x, IS 0A 15 9)
Hates lo all other re-i l is In eastern S. C!
or Virginia can be twrnl -bed upon ppllc
tion. Children nndoi live i'j) years til Bjre
rroe. t hildren ot five (Si riiv funi under
twelve (12) years ol ae one hull ol the alov
named rales. . .
S. X.. SILL, Geo 1 Pa. Afent.
Atlantic fe N. C. Railroad
TIME TAl'.TiE NO. 2,
In, i-ITfct 7:r.U M. We.lao.idaj, N
iirth ISiij.
Goinc East Schkhulu
JS o. 3
t tiwmjer JrtunH,
Slut ions.
No. 4.
Ar. n. m.
10 02
1 32
ft 30
I fl 17
p. in.
.; 20
o 49
4 12
5 15
o ;i;
fioldsl oro,
Ar. New Hern, Lv.
I.v, " Ar.
Ar. Moreliead City, Lv
. 8 07
No. 1. t
Mircl Frt A:
I'tixx. Train.
Lv. ii. in.
7 2
7 .VI
8 If!
St n iii y
f'rr. Train.
Ar. p. m.
8 00
7 20
6 no
0 20
0 00
r, is
5 (XI
4 20
4 00
n 20
(ioldsb HO,
Falling Cu k,
( ' if well.
Ar. 1 ovcr, Lv.
Lv. " Ar.
Core Crei k,
Tn( anna,
t.'lnrk 'p,
Ar. New lkiu, Lv.
!) V,
10 15
10 40
11 15
ii :n
la 0..
1 30
2 50
10 17
10 12
10 00
2 12
2 20
2 43
a 12
3 2,-i
3 :!1
:i 40
:i 51
r. M
(J rental,
W ililwood.
All itllie.
9 40
9 00
8 47
8 8
Ar. Mon Imm.1 City. Lv. 8 20
Ar. M. City I)c)Ol Lv HO 00
A. M.
Monday, Wednendny and Friday.
J Tiiesday, Thursday and Saturday.
S. L. DILL, Sup't.
ffilmiton, Newton & Melt
To take effect Sunday, May 17lh, 1U), at
12:00 M.
Superseding Time TabltNo. 4, Dated
October 27th, l$r.
Qoino Sooth, schrddlh. Goini North
No. 7. Pautertffer Train. 4No. tJ.
Lve. A. M. Stations. Ar. P. 1C
9 20 New Berne 5 20
itii l'ollockxville 4 44
10 09 M&yHville 4 80
10 42 Jn kfHirvttlo 8 58
12 40 ar. Wilminsrn Lve. 2 00
L M. P. M.
No. 6 Passknoek and Fkkioqt No. 6
Ijeave Wilmington Monday, Wednesday
an t Friday. Leave New Bern Tuesday,
Llitindny and Saturday.
Lve A.M. Ar. V. VL
7 00 Lt Wilmington Arr 8 25
7 JO W Sea-Coast F, IL Croe'g 8 1
7 Raymend, 2 5
7:: I Kirk'nnd 2 49
7 4i! Sc-n Hill, 9 49
' 7 58 .lmpSiOiid, 2 11
8 0" Cypreaa Iake, 2 05
8 11 Annnii'lule 151
8 18 Woo.lfln.le, 1 4T
8 Si Kdgeromhe 1 8
8 5' Hollyri l.r 1 J7
il (Hi Folkstoae 13 55
9 l!) Dixon 12 12
!) :!4 Verona Li SM
i r0 Arr. Jat ksonvillc Lv. :2Cr.
11 10 Lv. " A-.r. 10i8
11 19 Northeant 10 00
11 .ty Whileoak 9 8
11 .18 M&ysvilie 9 18
12 18 Rnvenpwmd 8 58
12 30 l'ollockavillo 8.
12T.3 Del.rul.H 8 28
1 .".0 Arr. NewWme Lv. 8 00
P. M. A. M.
Dkilj Except Sunday.
Utneral ManAger.
Gen'L Frt. aDd Pasa.
Can bo bonjrht in '!). but at
present we desire tocall yonr
attention to the following
IMoyele Novelties just ree'il.
I. mile' Cotton Sweater, I.ni1!tH" Wooln
Gents (iolf llosr, woolen, latest pattern;
(ients (loll Hose, cotton (pet for mi miner
wear: (JentH (olt Hose, all cotton.
Bicycle Scat in the lollowliiK Htamlaril
Htylew: Malestlc. NoRer, rncmnul Ic. (Jarfonl,
Megsetifrer, Automai le, (two vartftleo.
Bicycle titntnlH, three viirietle; lllcycln
frame io Is hern, three 11 rietiep , Ihe new uml
nopulnr wooden hamlle Iihim, two Hlvleit;
llleyele lac In cord, two colon . Cyclotnflteru,
liellu, wrenchef. oIIcih, InnteriiH- all ntylna
bicycle lockd, coniiinton key and obaln
Iiichh iH alliiiiiinuin, 1 1 1 - W I and brann, hand It
ripH, In all 8tyle. W alHO have constantly
on hand a lull line of Hl'-ycle flttlnK, tlrei,
rims, valves, chains, spoken, etc., and w ant
well eipiiped to do any kind ol Bicycle re
iiairinn. Also full line ot "porting goofln,
luise hall bats, etc.
-At considerable expense ve ha pur
chased a famouR F.ureka BroKer A Berber'
1 elebi iitod KnauielllnK Oven, and we ifnar
antee to do work with UMwe niai hlneii equal
to any that can be done elsewhere. To not
send your work North hut call on uu and Rave
time and money. Hosnectfiilly,
I S. Iufl , Iroj.
A. Tl. Pit tin mi, ITIngr.
Backlen'i)Arnie SaIt.
The Beet Slve in the world for Cnts,
Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Ilnnda, ChilblaJne,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, r no pay required. It
is guaranteed to rive perfect satisfaction or
mooe- refunded.

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