North Carolina Newspapers

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NO. 26.
TALK is dochby.
Vm Mr llwl Hlu4i4 fr Suie
CTUa. mmj Hit Crltlca.
Wrry Hj mm Tll What
h ainowa lkory.
lUtuos. N. C Augost 31 At the
Republican State Iradqnarter', al the
talk totlajr wa? rl OliTer Doekery s attack
oa the Republicans.
SecrtUry Ujras said, "Doekery is very
IsCuoavUoL. lie rce was devoted to
' -Allison. ' A short lime before the lieput li
can State cooteeiKH be wrote a letter
adverting the gold itandard, which was
intended to further hi candidacy for Gov
ernor, tat with held it at a friend' solid
t(iM. During in convention be express 1
ed himself a single standard man. I do
ot kn.w wbat our committee wil' Jo, j
but if I had my way, I would itxove
him from our ticket by telegraph, not
wait Ins for tbe mail. The Republican
parly is too rich in material to hare a man
a caedrdate for Lieuttnant-Governor
who U denouncing the remainder of the
tickft. Etn tbe opjxrtcrs of bis own
wins oi tbe party are denouncing bis lao-
' SUte Report Tor Ihp Week Condition
not ( ba(td. I ttloii Eiutfrn Car
olina Pan Improvement., N. t '., Aiiqu't The
Stute crop bulletin is-md til.iy says, tbat
during the past seven ela e s, crop condi
tions have not mated dly changed. Rain
has fiilh n hi re and tin re, hut over Urge
i re as t he el rough t m m.a ' rili. d.
t euton in the ia-tis practically pat
improvement, it N hull open and h
being picked rapidly.
Cotton is no longer growing in central
districts, :ind looks dry. Picking is rapid.
Reports from the Western district say
picking has progressed un;nterruptedly.
and that there is much shrinkage in the
wze of the boll, ns well shedding, but of!
late some cotton is bloomim. j
Tob:iceo cjres tbiu and what
is poor.
Tom Walaon II el pa Tb 1st. Arc Repub
licans Alarmed ? Lack of Manage
ment lu Brynn's Affair. Popu
lists Xffd no Education.
Jlll'K.N AT. Bl'RKAl',
about Scwaii's retirement, it was not the
in'ention of those engaged in working up
t he Washington end that Tom Watson
should get any benefit out of it. The
alt.i n.w that after Sewall retired, the
D( inoerats on the National committee
wire to claim t lie had done so in def
erence to Populist opposition, and to ask
that tile Populist National Committee
hring about Tom Watson's retirement
from their ticket in deh renee to Demo
cratic opposition. Then with both Wat
son and Sewall out of the way, tbe joint
Washington, D. C ,Aug31
The struggle between the gold men and j Committees would iek ft a new candidate
silver men to make capital out of each I fr Vice President. In order to get the
'others words and sets is .rmwimr morn I consent of the Populists
I intense and more exciting. Aside from
SJcKinley's letter ot acceptance, which
' must later ou be comoaned with that of j the South. According to trustworthy
!, the wrestling ofthe present week j information, that was the way the pro-
may he considered a stand off. The sil
ver ite drdt't gel through shouting over
Mr. Hanna's saying that the Republican
of the Populists to Watson's
withdrawal, the Democrats were prepared
to ageee that the new candidate should
he a Populist and that he should be from
nilatr Alternative
i,,;' ... la lanvln-;prt.
ISiii.adez.phia PreparatioDe are be
ing made lor the tarty departure of the
steamship Bermnda, which bat been laid
np at tils poll for over three months
past. A colored crew lrotn Baltimore has
teo unrated to man tbe res el, and part
eft beta have btea on doty for a week.
Tkas Ur her owners have been unable to
rare the register which the English
Consul at this port took from them, aod
it U not prutuble that it will be restored,
aa the Brilb Govt m merit looks upon the
vBrl as a decidedly suspicions craft and
od likely to get them ioto internatiocal
troublrs. Permission baa been granted at
Washington by the Bureau of Navigation
to tbe Collector of Customs ot this port to
dear the vessel for New York, where, it
is claimed, She is to secure a new register.
Tbos far, it baa not been dtcided
whether the vtsscl shall proceed to New
York or not, as bhe ia subject to light
does, which foreign vessels must pay even
when passing from one coastwise port to
There is little doubt but that tbe Ler
mada wITl.saiTawaj under a provisional
register as an uodoenmented vessel own
ed by a citizen of the United States. Id
tbat event site would be required to file a
bood not to cary cargoes, or even passen
gera, except exclusivity lor pleasure.
The sale of tbe Bermuda, nude some
time ago, ia looked upon by (he British
Board of Trade, which has control of
owners aod crews' as not being a team
mate deal. Captain James Brown,
Dew managing owner, it is claimed, was
interested in landing material for tbe in
aorgents in tbe Cuban war ten years ago.
This, it is claimed interferred with tbe
Then ia coraiderable alarm for the tug
Dauotlsee, which sailed from Satilla River
two weeks ago for Cuba. Mr. Dent, of
Brunswick, one of tbe owners, says she
has been sold to tbe Cubans. The Daunt
less was built by John Dialogue & Sun,
at Kaighn'a Point, Caojden, in 1SSS. She
ia a steel craft and very last.
The schooner Unmarock, which ar
rived at this port from Guaotaoamo, re
ports the same paralysis of business there
ma in the other parts of Cuba. Hundreds
To Wmth n ban Filibuster.
Washington, D. C, August 31 The
cruiser Newark has been ordered to leave
lor Kt-y West, todiy, to relieve the Moot
somery ;-tation there to prevent violations
of the neutrality laws by filibustering ex
peditions. The Montgomery will join
Admiral 'Buoce's squadron, taking the
Newark' place.
party was not opposed to silver, which
they declared to be a virtual acknowledg
ment of fear, before thegolditts were
yelling themselves hoatse over Mr. Bry
an's appeal for votes regaidless of the
Chicago platlorm.
Candidates and partus h ive often ig
nored platforms alter election, but it was
somewhat novel for u candidate to say
before election that the ticki t could be
voted without endorsing everything in
the platform. It was a bit of .candor on
the part of Mr. Brynn, if it wasn't good
politics. Among the politicians in Wash
ington, re-jirdless of party, it is believed
gramme stood when the story of Sewall's
withdrawal was prematurely made pub-
lie by a Maine P ipulisf. As a matter of
j course the Chairmen of both Populist
j aud Democratic Notional Committees de
' cliue to admit any knowledge of this
j scheme.
j R-publicans are cither alarmed or skil
fully pretending to be alarmed over the
reported large defections from that party
in the agricultural sections ol the middle
West. According to a story given out by
friends of Mckinley, a canvass just com
pleted shows that sixty per cent, of the
Republican tanners of Iovva have announ
ced their intention to vote lor Bryan nud
free silver. This statement would have
excited much more interest if it had not
been given out by Republicans and ac-
Cotton Arriving. Floe Car Service
TkoCrnlaer Ralelirti to Corae.l Wll
naliflaalaa Honcnd cyeling;
on ttiej Beaeb.
Journal Burkat,
Wilmington, Ja-C Aus?. '29.
The campaign will be opened here on
Thursday next, witb ex-Governor Tbos.
J. Jarvis, as the speaker.
After this meeting it is hoped to have
many noted speakers, before the election
tikes place. Wilmingtooiarja are anxious
ly waiting enlighteoment on tbe sreat
issues of the clay, and Jarvis will have a
large audience.
Cotton is coming in, in sufficient quan
tities, to make some stir. The Champion
Compress, was was at work one day this
week, preparirg cotton for shipment by
New Yoik steamer.
For a place of this size, we have a
street car system that is a ciedit to any
city. The cars mn on s ten minute sched
ule, and make the time. One day's travel j
lately counted up fifiv five hundred pe I
pie, and no accidents occurred. j
Alter a gri at amount ot letter writing
back and forth, in regard to the cruiser
Raleigh coming ta Soulhport, to receive
her testimonial, the matter is at last fet
tled. Capt. Miller commanding the Ral
eigh, in whose bands was left the decision
of his ship crossing our bar, has written
the Cham ber of Commerce, stating his
tbe 8n'P w'" come to Southport sometime in
October to receive the testimonial.
Tbe puDch bowl, which is North Caro
lioa'sgilc. to tbe Ruleigh is at last com
pleted. It will be in Wilmington in a lew
weeks, and will be displayed to the public.
Mr. Thos D. Meares, of the Seaboard
Air Line, and a prominent Koigbts of
Pythias member, received quite an honor
at tie meeting ot ttie supreme ixxlge ac
Cleveland, Ohio. He wu3 elected supreme
master ol the Exchequer.
As we have no bicycle track, the. racars
when desivous of holding cometition3 of
speed, go down to Ocean View Beach,
ar.d hold theTacei on the haM sand, pro
vided the tide does not interlere.
that Mr. Hanoa has b en working up a companied by another story cK tailing the
litile scare in the east in order to loosen I trouble Chairman Hanna was having in
some purse-sti ings.. 1 getting campaign contributions, because
When the Indianapolis gold Democratic of the belief in the East that the defeat of
The Wilmington base ball team is
of joang men are ready to leave and join i awaiting patiectly the arrival ot the team
thejomrgeot forces under General Garcia, frora Jour toWQ- and confidently expects
whose army is constantly w ithin sight of to do"'Q them, or a: least make a hard
the citj. They know, kowever, that their! BSut-
tffbrU would be useless, owing to the' There seems to be a general setting
arcity of both arm? and ammunition in ! doWD to business, as September
the rebel army. Several Spanish gin- j approaches, and some good substantial
boats were sighted by tbe II umarock on buildings, are being built to be occupied
her wv north, but none molested her. as 1 as offices. The Fall is a! vjys the busy
adispla? of the national colors was suf. i season with us, and the e.irly shipments , are ti y ing to
ficient to satisfy tbe Cpaaiards that the ! of cotton, has hastened the improvement
in commercial life.
An Indian mound was discovered in
Brunswick county this week, by the
graders, on the Southport and Wilmington
rii'.roa 1. Several ske'eton, and a numtier
of arrow hea ls, and- other relics,
Ilomarock's voyage was a peaceful one.
Washington, D. C. August 29. In
spitejol the denials of the Navy Depart
ment, it ia firmly believed tbat the secret
voyage) of the little cruiser Bancroft is for
lbs Boaphorus.
It is stated tbat the hastening of the
cruiser Irotu this port was due to Secre
tary Onley's impatience at tha delay in
paying the small indemnity'due forAmeri
can's mission property which was destroyed.
convention war Erst proposer! it was sup
possed by many that it would make no
nominati"U, but would advise the sup
port of McKinley. It is now considered
certain that a nomination will be m;;de,
and if President Cltveland does not object,
that Henry W'atterson will head the tick
et. At a meeting of the Executive Commit
tee of the National Silver party, held in
Washington this week, it was decided that
headquarters be maintained in Chicago
and Washington, the west being looked
after from the former place and the east
and south from the latter. Little else was
made public concerning the committee
rneetiog, but it is known that like its
working jartners, the Democratic and
Populist committeis, the committee is
feeling the lack of campaign funds and
that its members are more or less worried
about where they are to get the uioecv to
pay what they consider necessary cam
paign expenses.
President Cleveland played his first
trump in the Presidential game when he
selected ex-Governor Frances to succeed
Mr. Hoke Smith as Secretary of the In
ter'or, and it has made the silver men so
mad that they are talking about the ad
visabilitv of taking the very unusual
course in the Senate of njecting the
nomination of Mr. Frauds It is not pro
bable, however, that such a course will be
followed, as the election will be over be
fore the Senate meets. It is admitted by
all who know the situation in Mo., that
Mr. Cleveland greatly strengthened the
gold Democrats in that Stute by taking
Gov. Francis into the Cabinet, aud conse
quently increased McKicley's chances for
carrying tbe State. Although Governor
Francis denies that he was "on the fence,'
it is stoutly asserted by Missouri Demo
crats that he would have come oui for
Bryau had he not been made Secretary of
the Interior. It is the impreselou in Wash
ington that be will only be nominally at
tin head of the Interior department, as
his time will be taken up between now
and election working up the gold demce
racy in Missouri, and after election there
will scaice'y oe time enougu iett ior turn
to learn the duties of tbe positiousferj
F.verybody knows how diffitl,
for three families to live together in
peace in one house, thi r ioie it surprised I
verv few people when it leaked out t'ua
the relations between the Democratic.
Populist and Silver committets, which
do bush. ess in the same!
building, had already become consider- '
ably tr due I, although they have not all
beeu under one roof a wiek yet.
Although tlusc committees are all j
working toward the same end it was not :
a wise move to p n t ; In rn I "je' lit i'. S. n I
wereiator Faulkner, ehaiMiiaM i ilie Democrat-i
ic Congi csh ma I Com nittee, Mid Vice
silver was already practically accomplisli
e I. The policy of frightening one's side
ioto harder lighting has more than once
been successfully put through in politics,
and Mr. Hanra may le trying it again.
The silver people are not giving figures,
but they say Republican defection wil
give them most of the middle Western
states, unless there is a change of senti
ment between now and election day. On
the other hand, Republicans just from
those states say there is already a change
ot sentiment and that the defection is not
greater in one party than in the other, and
that McKinley will carry them all.
There are ominous mutteiings concern
ing the management, or rather the alleg
ed lack oi' management of the Bryan cam
pain, which may break into an open
storm in the mar future if there isn't a
change. It is charged that the campaign
manegeis have neglected opportunities
which they should have taken advantage
of, and some of those who make the
l .1.T ,1.
cuarges say mac oryan is largely to oiamc
tor insising upon having his own way
about many things which should have
been left to the discretion of those wdio
have had more experience in managing
National campaigns, and that Bryau is
too much inclined to b a rainbow chaser
to be allowed to control things. They say
that it was Bryan'3 disposition to chase
rainbow instead of sawing wood that dis
gusted Senator Gorman, w ho had partly
promised to help manage the campa'gn,
and they are now trying to persuade
Gorman to hold, and Bryau is said to
have promised him that he would not
attempt to intetferc with him if he would.
The Populists National Committee is
confining its work to assisting in smooth
ing eiut the obsttcles to harmony in the
several States and iu making arrangments
for Populist stump speakers. Ii is seud
ing out very little literature. Senator
Butler, Chairman of the Committee, savs
the Popubst do not need education on the
tin mt-ial qiution, because they have long
ao po-u il i he lose h es and that the aver
age rT' Populi-.r can' easily out
ugue iion who have been in public life
for years. hen it comes down to silver.
Want No Joint Canvass. Murderer
j t RiiKht. Will Not Endorse Shnloril.
State Fair. Political OoMNip.
A. A n. t'olletre.
Journal Bukic.ut, (
Raleigh, N. C, August 29. !
Henry M. Cowan, chief clerk in the1
Democratic State headquarters here, com
mitted tuiciae at 9:30 this morning by
shooting bimuif through the brain with a
revolver, fie hael been drinking for a
day or two and his mind was unsettled.
A few minutes before the shooting he
spoke to some gentlemen on the floor be
h)w bis mom and his langu age was almost
incoherent.. The ahot was hearel and
persons ran to the room, Cowan was ly
ing across the bed, with an open razor be
side him and the fatal revolver at his feet.
Both temples were pierced and much
brain had extruded. He lived an hour.
His sister Mrs. C. B. Dixson and his
niece were with him in his last moments.
He never spoke a woiel. His brother. R.
II. Cowan of Durham, was telephoned for.
The elead man was widely known as a
mason. He was for twelve ye ars in the
State treasury, part of the time as chief
clerk. He was a zealous Democrat. His
age was almost 40.
The Republicans announce as their pol
icy that their speakers shall not partici
pate in any joint canvasses. Their offi
cials say they believe thev can have better
Cleveland Itoom On I Hum s. Walter
son Ntill SlniliK. No SIKns ol Con
li'sts. Harmon i it its Convention.
l.Mi..N spoi ls. Iud., September 1.
Presielent Ch v laiui'- bo.,m eimiinues 1 1 1 i -evening
despite the e ffot ts of frientN to cry
i it down.
Henry Witttw-iM i- still a strong fiv
: Ah ,u :. one ha'f of the del
! here.
Tin-re are no
every i u 1 ica t ion
it will be harmonious.
of (hs city. The Britinh embassy here
wll oblig. all the English lamilns who
hao taki-ii nliie upon i c bin tired
-h oner II ;; ng u v to their honn h.
I'd e c s are
T ii in , io '.
occurred line
man of t h i
n omaii of i I i -i
hi" liiuiip i f t
I'mgrd) In Inrltwro.
N. ( -A ten ibl
I I I a h'i n,
plroe, :m, ijii,,.
r pntp. w re hoiml
he 1 dter. bull,.
signs ot any contests,
d' the convention is that
Yanderbtlt is Better.
Newport, R. L, September 1-
nelius Vaneierbilt was icpoited as improv
ing', todav.
Visits til in a Town.
Ni-:w York, September 1. The celes
tial visitor, Li Hung Chang, visited China
Town this afternoon.
This evening he will be dined at Del
monico s.
riie tines I ion ol Il v Is ion ol Ml ale I In
oral lull'. The II .ill nil Sinrc
S)n-cia 1 .
I! a i. i;iei it , X. ('., Sentemlter 1. 1), m
ocratic State Chairman Manly was nskeii
the din ct (jinsi ion this alteinoon, -'Will
there be elec toral fusion of Democrat- and
Populists on a division of the. elei tor-'
And he r, plied "yes. . ot eillu r.
Populist Chairman Aver was a-ked the ; It is believed that (ho woman tnunler-
O.. 1 i 1 1. . 1 . ..I I - .jjl I I.1UIU...1 in Ill : i - . ,
, .-.line ien. miuu auu oe a os w ei e i : l i ' u I ' ' " i in n htkj en lous
m it, ,
i ne j democrats nave po
that despite denials Haniei
a livery
Pope. n
d. lid in
bole was
11 Daw s,,n'.- temple, and the. fair ,, )0
( woman underlie a,Jh the eye wa torn by
the' p.issag.' eil a hulh t lioin the pistol
, t hat u as funnel in her hand. ,'o oiher
1 signs r,f violence were found en the body
live no
v. it
moni'y into North Carolina.
I.V ai el killed her.lf. Dauson'w lody
nr. taken to I , t(i range, w here' his pno.
live-. f:irio' Pope's betely was sent (o
M ittlehorn fbr internient.
Doekery to be Taken ff Republican
Stale Ticket next Week.
Rai.kkih, N. C, September 1. Mem
bers of the Republican State Executive
Committee inform me it is to meet ueit
week, acd wid take down O.H. Doekery.
Public Debt Statement.
Washington, D. C, Sejitember 1.
The Public Debt Statement issueel
this afternoon. It shows a net increase
in the public debt, less cash in the Treas
ury, amounting to $12, 843.000.
The total cash in the Treasury amounts
to $849,389,000.
results by speaking alone. Deaiocrats
ridicule them rrreatlv about this, the Pnr. i He Receives Great Demonstrations lu
c7 j , e
State Central Committee Meet Kixl
Friday. Matters of Importance.
Rai.kiuh, N. C., September 1. The
Populist State Central Committee is l ull
ed to meet here next Friday morning.
It is coi jectured this is to consider thiee
thing-. - Fust, electoral fusion with Pem
ociats, second , whether there shall be a
State fusion with Republicans, third, h
dispose of the matter of the nomination
of a candidate for Attorney General, that
is whether to erdose Walser, the Ri pub
lican candidate, or to nominate a stiai-ht
out Populist.
iieiw ttik cirrns ktanm.
rn us. w. i.. .p. c. :.
Baltimore, ?.) R4 .osh
Cincinnati, C,;i 4 c,27
Cleveland, c,i j 4: .OOU
Chicago. (Ti I 49 .670
Boston, (i0 TiO .545
Pittsburg, r,o .r4l V
l'hihidelphia, 54 07 .4HC, '
Brooklyn, .":, 57 .4M2
New York, bH 00 .460
WashiiiKtou, 41 (ifi .401
St. LeuiiH, :tr ' 7.") .ms
Louisville, 28 , f0 .2V.
ulists have very little to say.
Governor Carr paid a reward of $200.
today, to D. A. Granthans of Moore coun
ty, for (he capture of Nat. Moore, a white
man who cut his wife's throat in the pres
ence of two other white men.
It is said now that the Republicans will
not endorse A C. Shuford, Populist nom
inee for Congress in the 7th district, but
will put up a man of their own. Shuford
is alleged to have said he hopes a Demo
crat would succeed him and this has a
roused Renublican wrath.
The feeling between the Russell and
Doekery faction of the Republicans has by
no means died out, despite allegations to
tbe contrary by officials at that party's
headquarters. It is srid that whenever
Russell finds a Doekery man he gives the
latter's name to his "Man Friday," unci
says ''put tiim on the blacti list; we want
to remember his nam?.'
Democratic Slate Chairman Manly say
he thinks electoral fusion with the Popu
lists will be arranged in 10 days. Popu
lists do n -t say so. The fact is there is a
revolt against fusion and it is in the tanks
of both parties. There is plenty of plain
talking being done.
On the 8th of June J. 11. Place of Illi
nois was elected by a vole ot 3 to 2 of
U.he directors, superintendent of the insti
tutions for blind and deaf-mutes here.
There are two institutions. In one are the
white blind; in the other colored deaf
mutes and blind. The acts of 1887 re
quires that a superintendent shall have 2
years experience as a teacher of deaf-mutes
and blind. He is a very able instructor
ot blind, but has hud no experience with
deaf mutes. There was a storm of ob
jections at his election and the summary
displacement of superintendent W. J.
Young. Last evening the directors met
Columbus, Ohio. Makes Speeches.
Corujinrs, Ohio, September 1 Never
was there such a general demonstratiem
as when Candidate Bryan reached this
city, this evening.
Farmers from; miles around came te
town early, and temained to participate in
the demonstrations which are anticipated
will excel last night's, at Cleveland.
Mr. Bryan maele several speeches to dif
ferent parties.
Spanish Claim a Victory.
Maohid. Official advices from Ma
nila say that the insurgents, 2,000 strong,
made an attae k upon the outposts of that
city in an endeavor to surprise and break
the line of delense. The icbels were re
pulsed with a loss of sixty killeel and a
large number wonuded. The Spaniards
had six killeel anel several wounded.
Rev. James B. Bobhitt'Died Yesterday
at Ralelffh. A Prominent Mcitio
dist and Editor.
Raleigh, N. C , September 1 The
Re,v. James B. Bobbitt dieel here this
morning, age 61.
Dr. Bobbitt was for twelve years Editor
of the Raleigh Christian Advocate, the
organ of the North Carolina Methodist
Episcopal Conference, anl for forty one
ye us a member of th it Conlerenee. His
health broke down six years ago.
New Vurr, September 1.
OPKNINO. cuiflK.
January, 7.82 N 20
October W
Chicaoo, September 1.
opknino. ci.osr..
beat, 67 ,r7
V05 .'.75
3.22$ fi.25
Mr. Wm. Calder is Wilmington's dele
gate to the sound money convention at
Indianapolis to be hsld next W'eeloesday.
tic left todav for the convention.
Wadubobo, N. C, August 29--W.
A. Goth rie and O. II. Doekery spoke to i
a lafxe crowd here, today.
O. H. Doekery felt unwell at tbe be
ginning of bis speech but wanned up and
made a powerful and significant address.
Hs declared against Wra. McKinley, and
declared for Bryan and Watson, aud said
though the Republicans might keep him
00 the Republican Stale ticker, it would
be a late day before ho accepted their '
L.I at West Point.
Xtw York, August 31. Li Hung
Chang's visit to West Poir.t was a good
deal ot a failure, becaue of the heavy
rain, and he would not endanger his
heilth by leaving the Dolphin.
Bryan' Movements.
Ripley, N. Y, August 31. Candi
date Bryan arrived this afternoon.
Alter rather an uninteresting drive, he
aeldresseel a !argenumber of farmers Irom
the balconv of his hotel.
At three o'clock he took the train for
Cleveland, Ohio.
Chairman Stevens, ot the Silver commit-!
tee, have gone- to C'lreago to talk with J
Chaiiman J.iiies, and it 1- scrmi-ed that
their trip has something to elo with the
failure of the committees to lvi a ong har
monioii ly toge ther.
Ttie Civil Servie'e Commission, doubt
less under orders, has issued a circular
letter to all gove nunc nt e mployes, citing
the law against political assessments upou 1
office holders and the penalties for its vio
lation. It is said that the circular letter
was issueel because of the reported asses
ing of Feeleral officials in some of the'
That there is much more in the story of 1
the probable retirement of Sewall trom;
the Democratic ticket, after the Maine',
election, than those conne:ted with either
tbe Democratic or Po;,u'ist National
The l.x Itc itnliliciin', Mpeech at
Wadesboro Disgusts His Old Con
federates. Rai.kic.-u. N. C. 29. Republicans
he-re cieeUre, to-niht. that they will
drop ( ). II. Doekery from their State
ticket and nominate a straight-out Repub
lican iu his steuel.
old (liming Over-
Lonoon, August 29. Today's export
of gold was nearly one million dollars.
This was withdrawn because it was
feared that the rate would rise.
It is estimated that ten million dollars
will be exported to America next week.
Calmly Awaited Death.
Pittsburg, Pa. -An unknown man
with remarkable nerve, cneled Lis life at
Jack's Run, Allegheny, by placing he'
neck on the rails of the Pittstmrg, Fort
Wayne and Chicago Rail way and calmly
awaiting the approaching engine of death
'T do this to save others," was written
on a slip of paper, found in a pocket, but
nothing was discovered indicating who
the self-murderer might be. A card in
another pocket bore the name of John G.
Haller, No. 192 Second avenue. Holler is
not known at the address given. The uti
identified body lies on a, cold slab in the
Thieves Following; Brynn.
Erie, Pa. The gang of sneak thieve
and pickpockets who have been folhiwing
W. J. Bryan in his campaign tour and
working the crowds that go to hear him
speak, maele a h-jiil in Ripley, where Mr.
Bryan made a speech belore leaving lor
Clevelanel. While the Bryan procession
was passing F. A. Stringer's Ripley brauch
of the First National Bank of Westiield,
the cleiks ment out to look at the candi
dute. When they returned all the ready
cash amounting to $963 was missing.
W H. & R. S.
Raleigh, N. C.
To Prevent Suicides.
Clevf.lasd, O. At the morning sess
ion of the supreme lodge, Koigbts of
Pythias, a resolution was introduced pro
hibiting the payments of eleith benefits
aud received from Governor Carr, a letter j to suicides, whether the victim be sane or
insane, or whether the sell destruction be
brought about by delirium tremens, de
spondency, narcotics or opiates.
If the dee el is done within a period of
five years after his reception into the
order, the suicides' heirs will not to get a
A move is ou foot to cut the timeelown
to one year. The lesolutiou will elicit
red hot eliscussiou, but will probably
Si I veri tes to No ti ly Bryan.
C'lkv ei. and, O. Auiist 31 Candi
date Bryan will be notified by the Silver
party in Lincoln, Neb., ou September 8th.
Chairman Groot made a demand that
Senator Teller make a speech, but Teller
has other engagements.
Chairman Jones will be re cjuested
have Teller postpone his engagements.
for the attorney general giving as his
official opinion that Place was ineligible.
Place accordingly tendered his resignation
which was at once accepted. It wasthouht
he would make a fight, as he had commit
tee cornered. He says he believes he is
eligible anel that 110 cou-t would accept
the evidence on which the attorn y gener
al bases his opinion. The tiustee:! say
that during his brief term bis manage
ment was excellent.
Students arc arriving to attend the Stale !
Agricultural and Mechanical College It!
is said some work has been done to in-1
crease the attendance, which last term was J
cjuite small. j
It is expected that T. W. Airasmith. j
of Kentucky, will establish extensive j
horse training s'ables here at the State
Fair grounds.
The purses offered at the approaching
State Fair for raciug, amounting to S2,
500, are expected to attract seime speedy
horses. Col. Benehau Cameron says
that as the fair here is just one week later
than the one at Richmond it will prove
Driven Ont by Turks.
Constantinople, At Kisskein the
houses of a number of Americans, living
in that place, were attacked by the Turks,
the male heads of these domestic es'ab
lishments being absent. All eifthe Arme
nian servants in the dwellings were killed
and the bouses sacked.
The ladies escaped to Yenikol for pro
iection, having lost their personal fTeeis.
The estimates of the number of persons
killed in the recent disturbances heie are
The police discovereel an Armenian
bomb factory iu full operation. The work
of making 1 ombs was carried on in an
underground vault near the northern walls
Dress -
Orders for Fall and Winter CooturaeA
will be nrrreptcrl ly our Drens Making
Department on onel after September 15th.
Tlrs date is late enough to enable us to
make up with certainty the accepted for
eign styles that w ill be in vogue during
l lie season.
We have just perfected arrungements by
which we will be put in touch with Paris
anel Berlin within two weeks of the date
of the appearance of any special style1 or
mode. This is ejuite enterprising for a
North Carolina house, and no Dress Mak
ing Department in America will turn out
more creditable or stylish work thttn ours.
We bespeak your patronage.
Correapondence Soliriirxi,
M 1 IIS. Ser & Co.
11 wir Ur
VA11 W
Populists Say Will be Kept on their
Ticket. Henderson County Repub
licans Denounce Doekery.
Rale 1 on, N. C, September 1. The
Republicau clamor against Oliver H.
Dockerv, and the demand that he betaken
lio, I
m j 1 - w 11 11 m ""-- im w - - n w Tit 1
wff y You wU1 flnd on ooupon
L. ''ifiuffijffi'l 1 I 1 Inside eaeh two ounce bag-
'lff"'' I IcfiSrwM and two coupons lnBldecuaoh
kl ftl 1 1 Ml ilJ fvwwi! Ill fourounoe banrofBlackweirs
mOTiM' Awtll rWSfflai 11 111 1urham- Hoy 'a ba Of ibU.a
Mr SlnhSfMmi I I celebrated tobacoo and rend
)UTTHE riV 11! f""""l'f " the coupon which itfves
-S Oanmi, fillfflifiPa ,iKt ol valuable present and
GENUINE MSIBJI howtog-etthen,
particularly convenient for exhibitors to down as their nominee for Lieutenant
come to this city.
There are many Democrats who say
they want the "Gold Democrats" to vote
out-'right tor McKinley and align them
selves em that siele.
The Republicans are thought to have
advices tending to make them feel certain
lieveel in Washington. A promineut
Democrat said: ''I do not wish my name
In bis sieei h be rpfrnd to th fact that 'or the first Committees will admit, is generally be-
time had taken a ulain stand on the money
o uestion .
Hp ..aid the hP,t crnvernment was formal : mentioned as saying so, but my own be-
WABaiJfTON, D. C, August 31. The ; bv tlje people who took an actiye part,
Cruiser Banc rot t has bt. en ordered to and dul not display too much confidence
in same.
of get
ting out of the hands ot the Republicans."
There is a current rumor that tiie Re
publicans will reluse to endorse the Poj
ul st Oorgressional nominee in the Sixth
tare Annapolis, tomorrow, for New York,
where she will be docked and changes
rrade, preparatory to starting to the Dar
danelles. Tha Bancroft carries more sail than any
other cruir.
lief is that the only fault in the story of
Sewall's retirement from the ticket was
that it was prematurely made public. It
was, of course, the intention of those who
were engineering the scheme that the
retirement should appear to fe entirely-
voluntary on Sewall's part. Thepubhca-
Son of Ills Father.
WiKtLiNo, West Ya., August 31
William H. Wilson, sou of Postmaster
1-- l,T-:c 1-1-J 1-1 .
..renerai v nfon. was eiecieua ueiegaie 10 tlon 0r-the matter has made that impossi
ble Indianapolis Convention. , ioe aDj mav re9Uit in defeating the
Too run norlak. All druggists guar. ' IIe fays that his lather believc8 tbat the 1 scheme altogether." Although the cocky
antee Groye's Tasteless Chill Tonic to do j success of Bryan will be a tremendous 1 position taken by Tom Watson undoubt
ail that tbe manufscturers claim for it. 'misfortune. I edly helped along the scheme to bring
I that the Populist-Republicans will return
, Official Declaration of Primary Vole ! to their old party that is the Republi-
in South Carolina. j cans who in 1894 voted the Ropulist tick-
Coi.Umuia, S, C. The official returns ; et will return to the mother party,
from the recent primat v election, held in 1 It is stated that some Populists have
this State, show a total vote of 78,331, of: expressed themselves as "desirous
w hich the candielates (or United States
Senator received as follows: Evans, 38,
S02; Earle, 31,092; Dune an. 8,337. Evans
receiving 627 less than a majority, the
State executive committee has ordered a
second primary, limited to Evans and
Earle, for September 8.
All of the present Congressional dele
gation were rcnominatcel except Strait of
the iifth district. He will also ruu ou
a second primary. Ellio'. of the
disti ict is the only gold standard nom
It is believed that Earle will be nomi
nated. Tillman will not interfere in the
contest. ...
Very Heavy Imports From Europe
Millions Now on the Way.
New Yotck, August 29 There is now
Firet ' cn route ?com Europe $13,850,000 in gold
j The imports ot gold lor the
1 $2,352,000; of silver $22,000.
Governor continues.
The Populist State Chairman Ayer was
asked today, what his party weuld do if
the Republicans revoked their endorse
ment or nomination of Doekery, and he
replied, ''We will elo nothing. He is our
man now. lie was put on our ticket
without reference to what the Republicans
might do. "'
The Hendersonville Republicau club
hi't night unanimously aeloptcd resolutions
denouncing Dock'.-ry for his attack on the
Republicans. i
The two hundred members of the clubj
declare that as Hendeison county Rejiub j
licans were the first to elecbire feir Dock j
cry, so they are now the first to repudiate j
him as a traitor to his party, and pledge j
themselves that he shall not receive a!
single Republican vote in that county. j
OPENING ! . . .
New Goods Constantly Arriving
from the Northern Markets.
Come a,r2.3.
o.:el3. G-et Prices.
eek are
Warranted no cure no pay. There are
many imitations. To get the'gen'iine ask
for Grove's.
Struck Diamond Shoal.
Cape Henry, Va., September 1 An
unknown brig rigged steamer, with a
black funnel, from the South, bound
North, struck the Outer Diamond Shoal,
this afternoon, oft Cape Hatteras.
The Life savers have gone to her assist
Xew Berne's Big Iry CnOoclM Bargain
. A. Barfoot, Manager.
2nd door from Post Office.

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