- f'.- 1 JtariM VOL; XIX. NEW BERNE, CRAVEN COUNTY, N. C, OCTOBER 15, 1896. NO. 31. ffijefme II LJi rrfV if y 17ASMGTQN JOT. now politics "look. from the; capitol; pair Bta. SUrs EnUaaaM. . Paaallst Cans pal f Baak. . , Ts4la Day h4 Hie. ' . " " ' JOTTUIAL BUBCAU, ) - 7ashctgton, D. C., Oct 13. S President Cleveland has raid that pro priety would prevent hia "mingling ac- tiTelj' to the campaign, bat since las re turn to .WastuD&toa it has become appar ent that ha intends to pail all the wires in Li i each to bring aboul Bryau's defeat and matt Democrat would prefer thai he snoaki talcg!a actlYeljV which seems to U bis definition ct taking arWc his eicative oSce against " Bryan and tby La to had some hard things to aa about his writing a letter eommaodlntbe gold moTeraent, to be read at a gold meev ins addressed by a member of ha cabinet) ' while by hia order other members of his cabinet were dismissing officials for being candidates for office on the eUrer ticket, and b some instance for oat working (or the ailYer ticket A considerable iota of mooy at. one Vlacj $ 12,000 Ls posted . in Washington to bet on HcKioley Velection, the odds snow being oSered are 3 to 1, tat there is kless bettinz than was erer known at this period of a .Presidential campaign. Chairman Butler, of the' Populist Ra tional Committee, efforts out 232 electoral tvote 8 more than eoough to elect for IBrjma, without including .the . States oi 2;:.jvi& Delaware, Michigan, Iowa and (Ohio, in alt of which he claims that Bryan Sua an eren chance to win. Bat in JSen ur Bmr! "sure thing1 list are a nnm- vber of States which are also on the Repub . 2kaa 'Sure thing" Etta. The Populidt, Campaign Book will be ibeaed this week. The other campaign .boots hare been oat sometime. j The aielaj in issuing the Populist book was caused by deliberation aa to .whether one ahould be issued at all. It differs some what radically from either the Democrat- ic or Eepablicaa campaign books, ia thatUessphasiaea its discussion of the ' traneportatioa question .- in . connection with the money question. : The . book " Kjeerta that M those Who profit by our , pemidoua monetary laws and disenmi- aatig rystem of taxation, together ' with tthose who control . our ' transportation tiacilitkf, hare created odious trusts and monopolies. t the? are taking an . :aciire part in politics and are placing itheir entire power behind and in support ol the gold standard. In Tiew of the claims made by both " parties as to Kentucky," the opinion of :ilx. M. J. Richmond, wboae fonper prom .iaence in Kentucky politics enables him . ."to speak with authority, enhanced by his ' . now being practically wut of politics, is ; interestinz. If. Bichmood. who has ; jast come to Washington from Kentucky said: Itis extremely dimcult to saj i bow the electoral rote of Kentucky will igo. - The betting b even, neither aide being willing to give odds. My opinion i ia that the whole question hinges on the l Populut Tote. That was 23,000 in the . i last election, and supposing it goes solidly tfor Bryan, tne question is whether it will ' xceed the lues of sound money Demo ' crsu who will vote either for McKinley or Palmer. . I .think ,a majority of the wtMind money I)BmocraU are going to Tote the Republican ticket ; In Corington and Newport, there ia a large German Galb- : otic element, which ia strongly for Bryan, : and I beliere meet of toe .working men art on his aide. - One of the odd features af the campaign ia the attitude of 'Pole' Cariisie, a,brotlier of the Secretary, who . Is Tfafitmaster at Covington. He ia an out nd oat Brjan man, . and when Bryan .came to our town to speak was ooe of the first to rush to the stand ' and . grasp him ; by the hand. - But this only shows bow :th Democrats are diridad aa the issue i and what a queer aiix-ui it ia. Our ceo- ;ple haTS dropped work and business eo .-.tirely, and talk gold and silver day and ' tnijjbrj Both sides are interesting themselves in tthe man who fives in Washington but has u toU ia some of the States, especially if '.hia vote be in ooe of the close or doubt .fnl Stales, of which there seem to be s . -great toaar ttla jcar. Botii theDemo- cratic end Bepoblicae Coogressiooal Com mUtees have arranged with the railroads Tor reducvd trsnsportatioa tor voters, and 'while neither is making it a rule to furnish Tree tickets, there will be little trouble for Impecunious voters in certain States to get theoa from either. At iho beginning of the campaign ii was thought that few of the rank and file of Government employes would go to the expense of soing to their homes to vote, owing to their belief that the civil service law woald keep them in 1 office whether they did or not. Bat there . nss been a great change, and it is now probable that aa unusually iarge percent age of them will go home to vote also that moot of them will vote for McKinley, ' not so much because of any decided pref erence for him as because they believe their bread .and butler depends upon bis election. This change has been brought about by tbe continued assertions, which have not beta denied, that if Bryan is sleeted there will be aa all-around shake up ia th civil service in all it branches. -'." MmMgm Slelver Parmll. Special. ' RiltlSE, N. CL, October 12. Judge Mclrer had another stroke of paralysis at Durham today, and was compelled to cod the term of the coart, and go to his home at Carthage, N. C. SteBMafcllaaa Kcialratln. PpclaL . . " RaUciofi, X. Cv October 12. Chair. man HoUou declares that his rturos ahow 25 per cent increase la the Repur lican "resist ration, as compared with fortn--eiy?ars. - . . " - .. TUB WINS.TON BfiOlSTHABS. MataMirya Order a Kea-la- tratlan. Repaalleana KM ItCaia- fxUsw Damit. Special. Ralkiqh, N. C, October 8. Judge Montgomery's order to registrars Reed and Curtis, of Winston, to appear before bim Tuesday, ts being sent oat by Chairman Holton as a sort of campaign document. Qe has bad three thousand printed. The order savs that under section four teen tbe election law. It is allowed to any bystander who supposes removal has been made for mere purpose of being a voter, or that residence of the elector, is not actual, and bona fide, to request the registrar or judge of election, to swear any person ottering to vote as to bis resi dence, and to have placed in writing op- nnuM hi nifflC ih. n.vl iwnnt T I. e,tef sent himself for registration. Their duty ia upon answer of elector to questions pro pounded to record his name, and per- sons who hare been conricted and sen tenced for participating in riot, hare not ; been adjadged guilty of felony or any crime in tamo o "by iawa of Bute and are entitled to registration. A REPUBLICAN XNTSRTXSW. What Caaaaaittecaaaa Pattraaa Bays - Bsaklleaa-PaalUt Faslaa. Bpeelal. RaUBlOH,-H. C. October 10. R. O. Patterson of the- Republican Stale com mil tee was Interviewed this evening and in reply to the question "What is tbe next move your committee intends to take re garding tbe Populista" replied: "We are going to try to complete the state ticket with tbe Populists. We will settle -it if we can, so far as JUeatenant Governor and Auditor are concerned. It .will be accomplished in some sort of way. We will not give the Populists both places. A When asked "will yon take doWa Hen derson for Auditor?1 Patterson replied "You can easily answer that yourself." Traaa, Th aaaaet. Special. . . WaSHuroTON, D. C, October 12. Ambassador Eustis in his cable message this morning, informs Secretary of State Olney, that J. P. Tynan, the American suspect, whoee extradition England asked for, will bo released. It' is thought that Tynan will sail for America on the first steamship. TBS IIPRHICANB. Laasr lalaaa, BstSaway Bsvea, Caaey Islaaa sal Jsrsev Caiut Bar SpeolaU Skw Yokk, Oct 12. This after noon's hurricane ravaged lxng island, sweeping many buildings into the sea. At Rockaway Beach a score of Hotels and pavilions were carried out to sea. Coney Island was badly battered. Sekila' music hall was carried away, and greatly damanged. Along the Jersey coast the Hotel Nor Bundle, where Senator Hill stops, was underminded, end is ready to fall into the sea. , Ta SMk Market. Special. Ntw Yoaa, October 12. Stocks were de Dressed today. The European bourses were all weak. Areaatsaaa Irlaaa'a Latter. Special. WasHiaoTOir, D. C. October 12 The Republican Congressional Committee highly applaud Archbishop Ireland's let ter. Th Caaaack Caal Hlaea. Special. Ralkigu, N. C, October 12. S. Langdon of Philadelphia is trying break the receivership of the Cumnock Coal Mines. The mines are now being operated in a small way, principally to keep out the water, tbe reaion is that the receiver has not been able to negotiate the Receiver's certificate. Will Has Ball. Special. Rax.no h, N. C. October 12. The plan of building the Episcopal Cathedral of the Good Shepard here is abandoned for the present. The church will concentrate its efforts upoo the permanent establishment of St. Mary's school. Wtaat's la a Hants. Special. Raleiqh, N. C. .October 12. Chair man Holton said tonight, "Pat Massey has written a nice letter coming down as congressman in this district, we dou't call it '-coming down,'' we call it co-operation." Via Kill Baraea. Soeclal Raleigh X. (J. October 12. Jesse Winborne's mill and cotton gin, and 26 bales ot cotton in Wake county were b rimed today. Loss $2,000. re kleellaa Oplalaaa. 8peelal. Raleigh, X. C, October 12. John W. Graham gives to Chairman Holton an opinion on tbe election law ia wbicb he saye: "It is not a competent question by the registrar of election whether a man ives with his wife, or ot a single man, where be sleeps." Haw Hiij More T Special. Raleioh, X. C, October 10. It is said tbe Democratic Central Committee meets next Monday night. Harrlcaae at a. Special. Xaw York, October 10. The Can- ar.l Steamship Umbria reached tbis port this sltnrnoon, after a very rough voyage, the steamship encountering a hurricane. AS TO FUSION.- OFFERS COME FROM DEMO CRATIC HEADQUARTERS. Cnalrmen Hilent on Qaentlon. Rrg-l-tratloa Fiarare. Which vernor? SwTrk Preaa oa Walter riark. Tarlaas Hews Items. Journal Bcrkatt, Ralkiqh. N. C, October 10. A leading Populist said lodny that in regard to the proposition, if snch it can be termed, made by the Democratic central committee to the Populist central com mittee regarding Congreeioni! fusion, that it seemed to him the "mountain had given birth to a mouse." He said there were only two plans lor the Demo- P: one t t aJl,JuttebaTelheir o have co fusion at own straight ticket; the dther to have complete fusion from connty officer to U. S. Senator. Is it generally known, or is it known at all, that Senator Butler ou the 5th or Junt last, proposed total fusion to tbe Demo ocratic committee ? iur correspondent is told such U the case. - The proposition or suggestion for a movement to join forces so a9 to surely elect nine Iree silver congressmen, was sent out yesterday afternoon by ChairninD Manly to Chairmen Ayer. The latter re plied, saying he bad called his central committee to meet next week: Ayer said this morning: "Everything begins at .Democratic neadqnnrt-s now. Aim the fountain-head of all this business at at present. Ever)tbini done amounts t nothing, absolutely nothing. When Man ly was asked for news of the new move ment, be said: "Xotbing will be givtn out by me." Ex-Senator Jarvi, who has been here several days, was with Chairnmn Miinlj this morning. Tbe Democratic Statt committee will not meet again. There i. no occasion for it; the central committee have all needed powers. The Republicans illustrate tbe iinniei.se registration of voters by saying Unit in precincts laid off as containing not ovt i 850 voters, 40) to 500 have in some case registerei. This Is hd effort i f tbe Re publicans to make it apper that the negro vote has been suppressed. A Populist State committecnian say: "Tbe, D.mocrats are dis-posed to ronki almost any concessiona. They know tbi are whipped " He m iu cot vcrv sroo" shape to paa "Ju b ia H' upon lien-.i cralic proposition. Is it any wondei that Republ cau t oirmti 'et men lnngli nnd say tbuy bav,oine 4jf'ilio Pojrits--sc well scared, "ihey cau'l (fo a tiling." The statement is made by tbe Prpulis; State Chairman and rone of the commit teemen that the It- j ul-licaiis mr ly avr them to unieistaid they would dr Russell and sipiiorl Guthrie. It is per haps due Rep ni.cau chairuan lit lion t sary be never made any t-uch rii;ie, f.n he told the Populists bis coirmittie anr Russell too kvi.uld con?t nt to this. l!toi said aa much hibt i 'glit, Who tleu tuh the Populiiis this?. V ho -tooled" P.-u list State Chairman Aycr and his r eti tral committx? Was it not some (rieu--of Senator Pritchard? Was not the 'ntt willing, let us say desirous, to hau Hn- sell taken down it that wo ,l iiure tlx carrying out of" what ihe Populist com mittee propo;ed, namels the iTilti-i'tn i of Pritch ira f -r eu.ttor l-y bain? R-pub l'cans deel n-i :o -eak ol this m.iCer, hn there are exi elltni itusons Ji-r euin it i trae in all respects. The Xew York Ptefs n.akes a savagi attack elitorially upon Jns'.ice WaU i CU'k of the Supreme Court, in its nti cism oi a mag;iz ne aiticij by turn on wh it will lesult if silver comes in. The editorial (urns him "a Populist jurist.'' Ex-Julge Si'ier WbiUkei's campiigu promises to be lully as novel and lively as those of W. A. Gullirk- und Oliver II. Docker, liej ub'ic .ns ha to Guihrie, some of them lendeis, loo, declared today tbat "our people would certain'y Dot tujiport Guthrie now. with his attacks on us ami our pany. One of the in' si prominent Democrats the Sute told tcxUy a qu.er ftory about the Xew Y.tk Woib', whi- give-i foi w'jot it is woiih. It is that the d iy tin Journal il c hired f.r lliyaii the World bad &l fdiiori.il in type declaring ior u lm, whic'i was to : ppear the following day. Q ivirnur Cair, Staff, perhaps foaje S'.ata office! 8 and the conin into will leave here in a private c .r on the evening of the 13th instant for Wilmington, reaching thc:e t 8 o'ch ck on tlie inoinn g ot the 14th, and t'n u g" tn S)ulli)ort by steamer to present l he lestl uouial to the Cruiser RiteiJ). It h said that Hon. Alfred M. Waddill ui-y iuke the presentation epe ch. There are 22 1 cadets at tbe Agricult ural and Aiecuun'Ctti college, ineir arm is now better than it was ut the end of last term. Geo. Cox was here ycs,terdy and re- C died a bit ot history of 1876. Orders were Ihei issued thtt uteach polling place at the election, n U.S. Deputy Marshal should Ik. .'Ut on duty. Gin. Cox, theD Dm cratie State Cbaiim tn, is?ue1 an order that il'anv if tlnse tnurehdls ap peared they 8'iould be unested as their use was Hie-ai. aome niine uepuoueaus ieclurci there would be bloodshed. The ate B. F. Moore said that right and jus ice were not tilings to be be turned aside by threats of a little bloodshed. Dm the jte Rchud C. Badger went to Wash ington and procured the revocation ol the order. The Demccrats insist that the rumors whuh were circulated yesterday that the report made to their committee showed tbe party was in baa shape, and already neaten, were all started by Republicans. Tbey say that altogether the reports were better than was expected. Landed Arms In Cuba. Jacksonville, Fla. News reached heie ol the successful landing of a filibus tering expeditiou on the coast of Cuba by the tui? Dauntless, of Brunswick. Tbe expedition, consisting of two carloads of arm?, ammunition, medicines and stores, ws loaded on board the steam tug Dauntless from Ocean Pier, at Palm Beach, last Thursday night. The DauDt lecs left here last Monday, presumably for Brunswick. The Collector of Customs of this noit would not allow an extra supply of coal to be taken ou boar 1, so he coal Was shipped by rail to the Satilla River, ami there loaded on the filibus ter. On Wednesday 2) Cubans left Jackson ville lor PaUn BcbcU. Next i.igbt the steamer aifiyid there, an-! the cargo ol munitions of war wus qirckly loaded and the mpo boarded the steamer, which beaded for the southeast. 1 he news ivy ceived is that tbe steamer reached the Cuban coast Friday nisbt, landed ber cargo and men, and re.icbed Biscayue Bey Sunday morning. The Dauntless is under bond for tip pearnnce to answer libel proceedings which were brought against her by United States officials on a charge of going into foreign waters without permission. Her captaiu ard crew are under bond to an swer charges of carrying an expedition to Cuba, but they evidently do not mind that, as they will make enough out of the expedition to pay all their fines if tbey are lound guilty. The cruiser Newark gave up the chase of the Dauntless and re turned to her placa at anchor off St.John's Bar. Bnpreine Court Declslous. Special. Raleiqh, N. C, Octolmr 13. The Supreme Court this evening fi'ed the fol lowing opinions: Russell vs Taylor, fr m Beaufort, af firmed. Goldberg vs Cohen, from Craven, af firmed in both appeals. State vs Woolard, fr .m Benufort, af firmed. Kealon vs .Tones, from Perquimans, af firmed. Nicholson vs "Commissioners of Dave. Petitiou to re-li' ar dismissed. Gwenn vs I' .iker, from Gates, affirmed. Chadbourn vs Johnson from Pender, error. Parker vs Rai'ro.i i. from Bertie, new tiial. v Hughes vs Railroad, from Bertie,affirm- ca. Meekins vs Walker, from Tyiell, new Warren vs Short, from Beaufort, affirm d. Cook vs Guirkin, from Pasquotank, new trial. Cowan vs Phillips, from Beaufort, new trial. Harris ys Murphy, from Beaufort, af firmed. Hahn vs Mosely, from Cravcn,affirmed. Crabtree vs Scheelky, iroui Craven, af firmed. Scheelky vs Koch, frou Craven, affirm ed. Ciitreltea Made HlmStcal. Williamsport, Pa. Iii the United States Court here yesterdjy, when Louis Dri'fTier, aaeil 20, who pleaded guilty to having extracted money from letters while a clerk in the Williamspoit p 'Si office, was called lor sen'euce it was shown that tbe y uog man was so exces--ively addicted to the cigarette habit that li'S iutelhct had been shaken. His nothcr fell to the floor unconscious when J ii J t;e Rutlijtou pronounced a serdence of imprisonment in the Western Peniten i i 1 1 y upon i be j'ouih. ffenk Stock Market. Special. Xew York, October 10. The stock market today, was generally weak and lower, in sympathy with the loreign market. Ai;ed Woman Burned to Death. Gettysburg Pa. The funeral of Miss Eva Hull, aged 82, was held Mon day moaning. kShe lives in Berwick town ship, Adams county, and Fiidiy evi-ning while striking a match, sit fire to the con tents of a drawer. While c irrving the burning drawer into the yard she fell aid ignited h?r dress. I'assing children saw her and gave the alarm. She died a few hours later. Jlnj be a Bauk Robber. Lake Miixs, Towa. City Marshall Ruby yet rday arrested a man who is believed to be the second robber concern ed in the murder of the assistant cashier of the Sherburne Bank, and a traveling salesmin. The alleged robber arrived in town on a bicycle, tired and jaded, and his apjftarauce corresponded with Ihe description sent out. lie was i:iimediate ly placed under arrest. Three revolvers were fourjd upon li 13 pers-o i. All wt ru loaded, and au extra supply of cartridges was fount. In an sver to qnetiors he ma 'e c mtiaiict ry sbitemeots, nd would not give any ac counts of bis whereahouts inre ihe mur ders. The raptured num wns completely worn on' an.l drnebed lo tiie skin. lie consented to return to Sherburne. Poisoned by a Spider's Bite. Newbcro, N.Y. Miss Gertrude Ciane of Lake.Mahopc, is threatened with blood poisoning fiom the effects of a sp der's bite. A few days ago she picked up a piece of decayed wood in the yard of her residence As she ilid s a large b'ack spider crawled out of the stick and bit her upon the hand. Home remedies were applied at firf, but the injured hand and arm also continued to swell rapidly. Dr. Reed was summoned and took charge of the case. J. H. Snecessor to HACK BUKS, Hackburn A Wlllett. noDonononononononononoDODononoDonoaononoaononooonnonon o o o C) o o o c Q o c D O e are O it if QUALITY o o o We have a S o 1 loes New Goods Bought at Lowest o j j i 1H5HHHSH5H5HSH5H5HSHSHS2SHSZ5HSHSH5HSHSHSHSS5I o o Have REceivEd Carsfnl ilttEntirjn, and We BARGAINS, Our stock is so large, so varied, and offered at such LOW FIGURES, that we are surd O O that our friends from this and adjoining Counties who favor us with their, patronage, S will admit that never before has such an admirable combination of Variety, Quantity. ci iilifcy and Low Figures, been gathered together in this section, under one roof. y O J. Sticcessor to o onononoDononononoDODonononoooooDooononoooonocononono STATE COMMITTEE DEMOCRATIC PROPOSITION FOR FUSION. They Propose Fusion on Stale, Con gressional and Legislature Tick ets. Ayer Says it Will Not be Accepted. Special. ' Raleioii, N. C. October VP,. The fol- lowing is Hie tt xt oi the Democratic prop- osilien for fusion pjade to the Populists this m ridn-i. "The Djiiioi ratio State committee believing th ; white people of the State ae intensely in earnest in their desiie nnd miposj to sicuie the benefits of the reform for h cli Bryan stands and tonrestrve ird iMVirnment in jvorth Cnrohua is i)ieu'rcl to inviieu clot-e alliance among 11 t hose who hold l thse views. Thi-, iu nr opinion, b made iraprntive i view ot ti e tct that the colored vot.rs of the State have been itmttd in a compact bo!y in suppott o1 Miobb measures f jr which McKinley and Ru-sell stand The colore I oe pleaud their leaders hav made a union of the white people neces siry to d.iatt McKinleyisin and Rus sellis n in Not th Carolina. To provide for a union ot'thosb believing in white supremacy and good government, the chairman of tnis committee is instructed to nrooose to the Executive Committee oi the Populist p irty a ticket to be voted for at the coming election, as follows: For Governor, C. B. Watson, of Forsy the; Lieuf. Governor, W. A. Guihrie, ol Dur ham; Secretary of State, Cyrus Thompson of Onslow: Treasurer. W. A. Wonh, of Wake; Attorney General, F. I. Otborne, of Mecklenburg; Superintendent of Public Instruction, John U. Scarborough, of Johnson, Auditor, R. M. jFurman, of Buncombe; Supreme Court, A. O. Avery, W. A. Montgomery; Superior Court, oth District, J. S. Manning; for Congress, that the sacral districts shall be ar ranged as follo.vs: To the Populist party 1st, 3rl, 4th, and 7'h districts; to the Democratic Prty, 2ud, oih, Gth, 8th. and 9ih Districts. That the committee pledges its best efforts to the election of W. A. Guthrie as United States Senator. For the Legislature both parties pledge their best efforts to defeat all Republican candidates to the Legislature, and to tlect orJy Democrats and Populists, aud only sncii of them as are known to stand for the relorm advocated by Mr. Bryan. As soon as Populist State Chairman Ayer 'iead this proposition he said to your correspondent, "You can say for me it will cot ba accepted.1' Chairman Ayer calls the Populist State Committee to meet tomorrow evening. J. If . SattMnor to HACK BURST, Ha rU burn A Wlllett. Fall Greeting, Quality I jp alter tiie nJNimtilE and PRICES Superb Stock of Fieures. s Oi GROCERY BARGAINS, PARTICULABLY IN Shoes, Shoes. H. HAOKBURN. HACKBUBX & WILIiETT, 47 & 40 Polloek Street; ICEW BERNE, M. Two Lives Saved. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of junction City, III-, was told by her doctors she had Con sumption and that there was no hope for he--, but two bottles Dr. Kinu'a New Discovery completely cured her and she eavs it saved her life. Mr. Thos. Eggers, 139 Florida St. San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, appro iching Con sumption, tried without result everything else then bought one bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery and in two weeks was cured. He is naturally thankful. It is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderlui efficacy of this medicine iu Couch and Colds. Free trial bottles at F. S. Duffy's Drug Store. Regu lar size 50c. and 41.00 (5) NOTHING SPECIAL THE SPECIAL MEETING DEM OCRATIC COMMITTEE. Popnlists Fnlly Natisfied. Say Have "Worked" Democrats. Ayer "Sys l3bow is Over " Special. Raleigh, N. C. October 12. The call for the meeting of the Democratic State Cammhtee meeting this evtning, did not announce any special object, but simply said it was of vital importance to the life of the paity. It appears to be now conceded that tbe Populists have "worked'' the Democrats for all they are worth. Chairman Ayer let it be well under stood today, that the "show was over," so far as the Populist State committee concerned. is THE COTTON MARKETS. October 13th. Liverpool opened 2 to 3-64 higher on futures and a decline of 1-32 on spots with sales 10,000 bales. New York market has been firm most of the day, Mill near the close when it was steady at easier juices, finally clos ing at 8c for January, a net advance of 15 points for the day. This weakness tan be ascribed to the wnnt of speculation suppoit. Receipts continue large at the South and it 13 hard to find buyers for the actual stuff, even at low prices. It is more than likely some declines will take place from time to time and it may be we are near the top for the present. New Berne market has beeu steady at 6 to 7i. Yours truly, J. E. Latham. NOTICE. I want everr man and woman in the United State interested in the Opium and Whisky habits to have one of my book on these dis ease. Addreig B. M. WooHey, Atlanta, a box 882, and one will bo Mat 70a tree. IMl KRt ft. Ilnrkburn A I KarrrMor Willrlj. SixpencE" If. in will get it, CP52 An Inspec OF Dry Ooocis Will Astonish a: Fasri 1 cL5HSHSESH5HSHJSS DEPARTMENT BARGAINS. FLOUR, FLOUR, Also junction Queen antl Itroiul, ( Telegraphic Items. Buford Overton was executed at Harlan Ky., for the murder, Jun 21, 1895, .1 Gustave and Julia Loeb, two Jewifeh peddlers. Great crowds attended the hanging, but there was no disturbance, expectetl. Dr. B. Mead Bolton, bacteriologist oi the Board ol Headh at Baltimore, Md.. has b-en appointed nrofessor of bic:edc logy and pathology by the bo;ird ot eura tors of the Missouri State University. The United States Court if Appenb has rendered a decision adverse 'o the con tentiou of the Knoxville, Sire-t Riihvav of Knoxville Tenn., that the fmncbi-e covered all the stree.'s of that city to the exclusion of a rival company. William M. Clemens, cashier of ihe Cedurville Bauk, Cedarville, Ohio, diap peared, leaving a letter lor his f uui 3 statiug that he IihiI gone to Mexico. Clemens took only a'out $1,000, an I hn sent word that he v ill return. He was suffering mentally from business trouoles Merriwea'her II Griffith, of Boston, re cently arrested in Baltimore, on a leqjrs from the authorities ot Boston, h;is been released, and has gone lo OM Point Co n fort, where De will remain for sever! weeks. Wh"n he baa recovered from the nervous shock caused by his arrest he will go to some Western town. Phillip Zimmer, of Sc. Louis, a. o twenty four, a blacksmith, attempted ti kill his sister, s;h t his sweetheart, Cella Deitzonn in the ab iomen, and then put a bullet through his own heart at ti e Deitz nan girl's home Z mmer was jeal ous of the girl, who relused lo marry him. She will die. A euit lias been commenced in ll.i United States Circuit Court, at San Fran cisco, by JHermanJ Cramer, claiming $5,- 000,010 from the Singer Sewing Machine- Company, profits alleged to have been made by the company in selling maehim s which infringed Cramer's paunt. Coiuelius Mcllugh, a guisinith ai.d sportiug goods dealer, of Leudville, C .l . is in the couuty jtil, charged wuh po - jury, btrong evidence H soil to h v betn obtained that aims used by the s-lnk ers were shipped , to Mcllugh from New Haven, Conn. McHugh dtnicd ihis wlied examined before the Grand Jury. Six persons were killed and twenty-six injured in a boiler explosion in the Mon tour rolling mills, of the Reading iron Company. The victims are John Cassel man, a child of Johu Lumguski, Thomas and Oliver Cromwell, John Mullen, sr., and Johnston Lovett. Several ol the in jured will die. The cause of the explosion is not known, but it is supposed to have been due to low water in the boiler. The dead, with the exception ot the child, were all employed at the mill. lACKBtm, Harkbara A Wlllett. Ion of Our ind Notions o f 1 "torm off aalg-aatla. t Special. ' Raleigh, N. C, October i.i a storm of indication at the pto?i ' ti n of the Democratic part beforr- ft 0 Populists in North Carolina, thi? a v ii n Robert M. Furuisn, Dawocr ttio 11 nine for Stale Auditor, said to 3or- , ( respondent: lf I were a goUi 'tiz in I desired Noith Carolina lo go for McKinley and Ru?sell, I sliould rijoico it i I am sick with dlSjfiMt.'' Graham Academy MARSHALLIIERU, N. C. ' Rev. W. Q. A. Grata, IB., Dl, PRESIDENT. Located ten miles Eatt of Beaufort, N. Cr Aidcd'hy the Methodist Church, are ruoning a 3chool to benefit the ' many who ne unable to-pay exorbitant prices for bonrd and tuition. SPRINU TERM OPENS JAN., 4, 97 Orn Terms: Primary Grade, Board ai:d Tuni-.n, 7.00 per month; Inter-, meditite Grade, IioaM and Tuition,$7JJO per month; Academic Grade, Board tad Tuition, $8 00 per month. ; We furnish ns good board aa can be ob- i'nttl Iu hny country place, besides lbs ystera. fih, etc, etc., with which. tb' sni abonnrls Write the President fof all information desired. . ,1 Take Notice! TO OUR COUNTRY FRIENDS ANl ' PATRONS, TAKE NOTICE "V7E HAVE OPENED OUR PLACE ol business next door lo poet offitxi and will be glad to Inve you come and" e-. We carry a lull line of Confection- 11 ies, consisting of Plain and Fancy Candles, Nuts, Raisins, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Lemon, etc. Tobaccos, Cigars, Pi pea, etc. Please call and see what wc have. Respectfully, N. NUNN & CO. To MagiMtratcM. The next session of (he Superior C art for 'Jraven county, wfll liegin on Monday, November 30th, 1896. Thi term of lb court will le for the tml ol' Criminal as well as Civil cases. All cases bound over or 00 appeal are recognizable to this term of said court. W. M. WATSON, Clerk Superior Court, Kansas City's fall carniysl came to an end in arena of roysterint and riototit i to order seldom witnesse-d. Maoy fight and I brawls resulted, and over seventy arreaU were made. .-..: J. II. Nnrcraitor to 1896 ! 8 ;V o n and intEnd ta havB'O v " . o a i 1 Please the most S ' ieOUS. N ; Si , 72S2SHSHSa5HSH5SSHS2Srfl ' . 0 - o 0 'o-v' can G-ive i, t j ' v flour; o ... b-

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