J - , ... ...... .. . j&2&HVWlfflrr,l,.i.,-iii V y j :oiu- six. NEW BERNE, CRAVEN COUNTY, N. C, DECEMBER 10, 1896. NO. 38. mitmt 7 -1 - - - i - V' 4 r fmTT - rOUkTH CONGRESS r orws rmu stssiox. tMff. A T rv maw C 3Tjaa0TO(T, XX C, Dec 7th. . ; QMgrKtloiMLl mill rtsam4 operT : Com tt mm MmUj. baf if Um ether mlfls c ,vfelck hv ktej t&rtel iWf machinery : da m do mot to briaf abort good times - tkM Uiie aeatio of CtmjTM b Hkety boat my preeest lndlctUoaa to do, we W1 sot kav food Uae for ometiiae to ,: com. PrWBt peveUad- meiut ia ; lateteetiaf eooufa la iu and If he kod party behiad hUa able to control leztslatio, mm of fklaecoauDeadatiorts ".iljhl bare attracted "wWeatteatioo, bat ' - o b la TirtaaD j pIajiog a looe band toj , liltlo Interval U axprsased ta the " ' . anraaij; frith iu aerenteea tbofaand J ' words. Oao Senator Jocularly remarked X. ; ollU "ClTJd didal trrJU.tbatAsa . aafafor Ch FKj-f oorth CooxreaaJ but V : for posterity aarf aWocy; perbapa-they .' ; -r wm ive kla Idoaa the aiteniioa thst Con f . V grmi demiM tbeeac (at I bare my doubts.' Ii the tendency to iacreasa the leoth of . tho Presldeat's message to Coagreas U kept ap it will sooa be ia order to do ; . away wkh harkig titem read ia the Senate : - aod Hooae. 'Many think it already In V " order. The Senators aad Representative r all kaee printed copies of the message, placed ia their hands before the reading " ' i begaa, so that the reading is nothing - saorw than a perfunctory formaKiy at hesu. .Vwr t-d mxj be worrying be- r . uii U' Ataj- Mc Kin ley 'a place, 'v iua o a tva im htding it well, sor be ' t . 9tf appeared to be in a better humor r with bimself and eTorybody eJaa than ''- m did today whan he called the House toardr. And litS not so certain after . mil ituU ki prvspecU are not mora en TTia6io Loan tbvMof the Presideai-elect. ' , - Be will be Speaker of the next House, nod it will not effect bis politicai fut- ' nro sboald tbo annonnced period of -' prosperity fail tor materialise, whOe Mr. HeKinleya poliiical future depends upon r-: the ability of his administration to make . , ' good the glowing promises of the cam- Senator Oallinger is one of the Bepab ' " lknna who would gladly omit the pro- Z- posed extra aeasioa of Congress, if be - boukl do so, but he made it Tery plain ' r 'hat b regards the extra session as cer ... t ain wben be said: "If I bad my way, I , woaJd bare the Dingley bill promptly . passeo, ana una wMiwr fnwu uc ow would trast to circvm itaaces to deter ' mlnw th neeeaaity or propriety of an ;xtm eeseion of Congress. The indica V tioon, boweTer do not warrant the be ' ;. lief that a serioa jeffort will be made to . pasatbe Dingley hilf.onT if that is to tw the program, then 1 faor an early ' axtra asssion for a complete and thor ough reriaioq of the tariff laws." 8ena tor Gal linger doesn't look for any car rsucy legislation either by this or the . next Cbogress. To put it in bis own Language: It most be evident to every ' sane man that nothing can be done by . this Congress In tW direction of curreo v ey legislation, and I bare small expec tation that the nexf Coogrssa -will do moeh." Senator Peffef was red hot over the charge that tteV had made a tariff bar gsia to help his chance for re-enaction - and denounced, it as untrue. 0a says Ala tariff Wws mn well known la Kan sas; that lie favors high duties upon all article "heed exclusively by the wealthy, Bt for protection but for revenue, and tfee free ' adnaission of such articles as v aagan salt, lumber, coal and other nec SsanxtYiS of the psopia, and a graduated iaruve and land tax. lie aaw added 4 that he favored the proposal to add fl f barrel to the tax on beer, which be thought would produce revenue enough to make np the deficit and would be felt hj Dobody. j -BepTMeaUdrv Baker, of N. H., now j sp-iii, i ill if, aeoood term bat who wm ! Halxioh. N. C. . TVrembcr 7 - -Governor-1 t an ilvtrd. thinks th f r csoinag of' elect Russell positively denies that he is goid bf lh government ought l be j candidate for the V. S. Senate, and .-ays thnffalMld. and b. will in t rod ac k hill J he i warmly for Pritchard and believes . d&bodjiag hi kk4 oa that aubjeck l the latter will be re-elected. Il'aaM I want to e gold purchased - - fn forernmnt account. I do riot think j vrmkintiau Xrw limn, it right to coQTert it into eoia. free of : social. Bb1oUi. Therw U truth In th acwer-' Washisothn. D. C.. Decemln r 7. - As tioo that this diacrimiaat in iU favor : the U. S. Senate was about to adjourn, a afiot silver. I would have both , Seuator Call introduced a resolution to gold and aiWer purchased just aa the recognize Cuba, but w ithdrew it until to gowarament burs copper and nickel for morrow. Ua minor coins." There were more vacant seats ia the Hoaaethasi in the Senate at tbe opening : aeasioa of Congress, bat the most con ptcious absentees were Senators, among am oi being Teller, of Oolo., who is kept awaj by business, and Allisoa, of Iowa, srbo some say is really ill and ot hers , that ho is merely detained at home by a bad eold. Their ahuenoe was especially BotieeskbU not only because they re leading men oa opposing sides of the fi nancial question, but because they are aoally among the promptest and most regular attendants upon the sessions of theSeaate. Tbe most conspicioas man, m Wih lagtoa today is Mr. Mark tisane. Cbair ima ot the Republican Natiooal Com niittim, Hs ie here ostensibly to arrange for the inauguration committees, etc., bat it ie very plain from tbe manner in arnicb. the Republican Congressmen flock around him, that they think he is also here for other purposes, and that epon the report he carries to Can ton will depend Cabinet portfolios and CCber plums. I. C R. B. ki Dlli EiUMR, N. C. December a It U as- erted tkt tke recent gittion rrgird- fog Um aaoalmeat of the leae of the Nth Carolin Railway, and OoTernor- Ject RkiMeir coosuiermtioo of tbe lease, )ui CMed a considerable decline In it stock, which since the ninety-nine year JeM to the Southern Railway was made, VU U bigh aa 1.33. It is now only 1.15. Highest of all in Leavening Strength. Latest V. S. Gov't Report. (jrU ABSOLUTELY THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. A ifiopili mf it fonlrnii as Olvfn Special. Washington', D. C. Di'cembor 7. Tin President in his message, defends the present tariff law, but says our financial system is badly in need of reform. lie alludes to the dangers to which the counfry is liable from the existence of trust and monopolies, but says it is doubt ful it these evils can le treated by Feder al actionj and concludes by appealing to Congress for a most rigid economy in its expenditure!. Lie say a no Aaicricau ciucu wire kill ed or woundted fh Arrftentav our ouatrj leaving nothing undone for their protec tion. The insurrection still continues in Cube. Spain holding Havana ami tke principal 9et-ports, while the insurgents roam at will over two thirds of the Is land. He directs the attention of Con gre? to the Cuban question, saying the fo? shuns general engagements, and the conflict maybe indefinitely prolonged entailing immense destruction upon property, and that the United Stages in terests in tbe situation ce second' only to Spam's. He thinks the proposition of many in tbe United States, namely, to buy the Island, worthy of consideration. The character of the United States forbids an intervention which may involve a war with Spain, yet the United States must recognize the grievances' of the Cubans. He thinks that a guarantee of autonomy by Spain, it1 a- satisfactory measure of home rule is tendered the Cubans would be accepted by the latter, and the United States would find a suit able way to have Spain's guarantee for keeping same. Somthing should be done to protect our interests nd Spain must act inthe matter. The Treasury reports show a deficit of $5,203,243. The diminution in the pension expen ditures so confidently foretold stjll fail to materialize. Tariff reform has opened the way to a freer and greater exchange of commo dities between the United States and other countries, and has thus furnished a wider market for our produots and manufactures. During its tirst rear im ports have increased six and one half millions, exports increased seventy millions. W. VV . T, Oeid. Special 1 RaLEIOH, N. C, December 7. W. W. Vass the oldest railway treasurer iu the United States, died at his home here, j today, aged 76. ! For over fifty years he had been con nected with the Raleigh and Gaston Railwav. I Nkn (MI Showing;. Raleigh, N. C. December 7. Reports of Steward Crawford, of tbe Insane Asylum, which will be made to the finance committee, tomorrow, will show that out of the annual appropriation for this year, he has saved them a thousand dollars. reeree la Valuation. Special. Ralcibh, N. C December T The an nual report of State Auditor, Furman, will show a decrease of ten million dollars in the total assessed valuation or real and personal property in North Carolina. Rnwll Sol m n1 Id !. A ttement from Secretary Oitu v was presented to Congress, reviewing the Ml nation in Cuba, and he thnuiriit that the business interest f of the country would soon demand some action on the part of the United States in order to protect her shipping and commerce interests. Estimates of expenditures for the fiscal year, ending June 3dth, is7. foot up t4il,7iX,0uO. against 41S. 091,000 last year. Venezuela has accepted the arbitration agreed upon by Secretary O'mey and Sir Julian Paunceforte. luada fur the strlkfrn. HaMBI'RH. Numerous meetings of the striking dock laborers were held in this citv. The largest of these was a mass meeting at w hich Herr Molkenbuhr. So cialist member of the Reichstag for Hamburg, announced that the subscrip tions to the fund for the support of the strikers ha 1 s i nc reused " that the iii tributors of the fund would be enabled to rnise the weekly grants to unmarried men bv one mark a week and to jive to . married men an additional allowance, according to the number of children in their fam dies. The employers have held another meeting at which their refusal to submit the diopute between the striking dock- men and themselves to an arbitration tribunal was reartirmtnl. This action of the employers is due to the fart that a guarantee amounting to f-25O,0" has been signed for the protec- tion and aid of the smaller employers. Powder PURE BEVIES Or BRIDAL COUPLES. How They and the Proplp Rnjoy Life Hi Old Point Comfort. Old Point Cumfort. Dec, Tth. Special Coi respomleuce of the .Joi iinal. This is the time of year when Old Point Comfort puts on its most hospita ble air. and its palatial rest and pleasure seeker hotels shelter from all parts of the country. Indeed, it is doubtful if any other resort in America draws its patrons from such an extensive terri - toiy. They come from East, West, North and South. And the bridal coup - le.: It !-ei ms as if this charming retreat was n'lnde specially for the "newly wedded pairs who are just starting out on the journey of life together, and to whom there is but one world with two in it. Well, there is truly everything here to make the honeymoon a honey moon indeed. As a rule the blissful couples avoid the gay throng and seek the many sheltered nooks around t he j grim ramparts of Fortress Monroe w here they can squeeze hands and look into eacli other's eyes. You have to be care ful when walking about Old Point Com fort, for the corners are full of them, anrl you are liable to start them up as a dog does a covey of partridges. It's easy to tell 'em. The genial hotel clerks can "spot"' them every time. The favorite bridal route is by way of the Old Bay Line from Baltimore, because the trip down the Chesapeake is so quietly delightful and pleasant no noise or bustle of the railroad. So when the Alabama or Georgia readies the dock here in the morning, the porters and "boys'1 are on tbe lookout for the newly married. The clerk knows just where to give them rooms and if vou can I rind any more luxurious or comfortable j quarters than at the hotels here you will i have to look outside this country for them. They want a good breakfast too, and quick, for these wedding trips somehow give the travelers a wonderful appetite so the waiters say. It's not all sentiment by a long shot, and some of the little ladies in their dainty gray gowns will astonish you with their cap acity for the fried chicken, waffles, omelets, quail on toast and other deli cacies cooked and served so deliciotlsly at tbe famous hostelries of Old Point. Speaking of gray, that reminds me that most of the brides travel in gray. Occas ionally you see another color but not often. And the trunks they take ! Some time tlx're are four or rive just for one little woman, but she uses their contents; for if their is a time when a girl wishes to look attractive, isn't it on her wedding trip? Of course it is and they know it. The prettiest ones must all come to Old Point, for vou seldom see one who isn't what Chimmie Fadden calls Chauncey Depew. a peach." It is generally sup- i posed tu at every couple goes to one oi j three places on their wedding trip Old Point, Washington or Niagara Falls, but the other places cannot come up to Old Point as a mecca for the newly mated. It is not an iufrquent occurrence for nearly a hundred couples to be registered at the , Chamberlin and the Hygria at one time. Thev do so hate to leave, too. In fact many w ho have planned a trip to include other resorts find it is so truly Old Point Comfort that they change their minds and stay right here until the last minute, and lufore they go away you often hear "little wifey" say: "Now John or Charlie cr Henry ; whatever the name may be,. I want you to promise that you will take me L.rv a vt,.ir fr,)IU now wiu.a we crle- brate our tirst anniversary." And John din's it, toc. Vou see there are the dances and the delightful music of the hotel orchestras, tlie drills and the social events at tile fort, the many places such as the New port New s shipyard, Hampton Institute'. Norfolk. Portsmouth and the Navy 1 Yard, the line hunting near by. and the i mauy pleasant acquaintances oue forms ! among the elite southern people who I frequent Old Point. All these make the ' variety necessary. Old Point is never monotonous. Theu the enjoyable trip up and down the Chesapeake by the Baltimore Steam Packet Co's. Old Bay Line route is one of the features long to be remembered with pleasure. These steamers have elegantly appoi inted bridal stateriHims. and have for a half century carried nuptial pairs ou their journey in life together. MigrHtluK to I lie Month. Sri'KKioii, Wis. The exodus of families from this section of the country to what is termed 'the fruit belt" of Georgia is hetrinnins to attract considerable atten tion. It is estimated that already loO funnies have disposed of their belongings jn Superior and Duluth and taken tracts of land in the South, mostly in the vicini tv of Sibley, (ia., where there is quite a colony of Northern people. Many of these people go down without a dollar in the world after paying the freight on their hnu-ehold effects, and there are many others w ho have a com fortable surplus left to begin work on Immigration companies, backed by the Southern railroad-, have been doing mi--siouarv work in thi Section for a year, and claim to now have their colonization matter- fairly started. One of these companies has Di.OOO acres of land near Sibly. and is sellinn it at the rate of $-5 per acre, ft is guaranteed to raise whatever a farm in the United Stales will produce, and independent in com. s are "iara:iteed a-' well after a few years. Since some companies have been suc cessful others h-iv been formed. Agen cies are beiiiLT established at points in Ka-'.-rn Minne-ota and Northwestern Wi-coiishi. They are meeting with unex pected success. KILLED BY MOONSHINERS. DEPUTY REVENUE COLLECTOR OF RANDOLPH COUNTY. Post OIHof TrlnlH. Poliiical Mrniflh of I'nrtles- Tweuty-Flve Yours Fo r.Harder. WeallieP Xolcs Vttao For Pritchnrl. JOCKNAI. Bl'KEAC, Raleigh, N. C , Di A telegram receive' i here tliis morbus stated that deputy revenue col'eclor, Elijah A. Maffitt of Randolph county, had been killed not lar from Greeu-boro, presumably y moonshii.ers He (r a number oi years sheriff of Randolph ' and was widely known. At the term of Federal court which j begins litre text week D;.vid L.ne of 1 Durham, will be tried for ste iling n omy j from letteis in the pestoffiee theie O'.hn ' persons ure to be trie t lor rohb'n,' ol j pog'ofhYeS at BImC'e Creek, Lucana and j Stantonsour, all in Wilson county. Two I white men diptured in this city, will be j tri, d lor counterfeiting. The Republicans cow make the asser- rioi) that the strength of parties! in this j State is as follows: Republicans, 152.000' I). m oc rat s 14o, 000, Popuiists 3(3,000. If. ibey really believe in their own figures j they will cut loose from the Populists two j earsi hence. j The Supreme Court is nearly at the end of its ticket, it will next week take up Hppenls from the lltli, district. A man named Jor ian lias been brought' from Washington county o tlrj peniten uarv. He gets 25 years for the muroer ot u in. m named CuiletL The killing oc curred on the day VV. J. Bryan spoke at Rocky Mouot. The official report on the weather dur ing November at this station is remaik ibie. i'he mean temperature oi the month was 55.3 degrtes beiny 5 6uegree oany aoove the average 1 he aecuinu lateu exci rSeS ot daily meio temperature this vearisnoiess than 56.5 degrees. The i iinftib was ouly 2.5 inches, which is .33 ot oi inc above the .verag'- for Novem bei , Mornn ns appear to he at many points in this State. They appear to think North Carolina a fine field for effort. Four are in this city. The depth of snow in the fields and woods in this section today averages about oue loot A f,reat mici rabb s l ave be-u killed, Out lew liirds. Tneie is much mop- ih iU all avi rag amount of ga'ne li-yiar. The si-ow will not njiie tin iit.ioges. the col'l is i.ot severe ai.o tneie is plenty of food for them. I'he official list of I'opulist u.eaiber.--eiect oi (J-i gl'ess does i.ol.siranae to say, .wiit ou tin- i.a nBs of J. E. Fou ler ot the lirJ elSTlct or II. C. "Million! ol tile Till. It is a busy perio i, but a Very qunt one, in all tbe State departments. The beads of these are mak'Dg their annual Mid biannual reports. This is the last for all the officials save ihe Treasurer. I Jem ocratic faces will soon be conspicuous by their absence as lar as the depar-merits are concerned. 1 he rumor bot'S up agao that 0;ho vV'ilron will at the proper time deliver thf Populist vote lor senator to Pritchard; Oih deni 8 this abso uteiy. It is furtiiei lutmiatrd that Senator Butler ki.ows ol his purpose and plan, and that l e also keew there would in fusion of Rejtibb . cd.s and Populists before he LUrr.eil j away during tlie conlerence of the Popu li-t and Republican Committ.es iu Sep ! lember. It was always claimed that the step was taken aainsi Butler's wishes, ! an1 Re ublicans assert thatButkr bad been downed. Some dav the facts will be revealed of course. Chairman wm8 led to hold the bag as to the fusion, and aeeor linij to this 1 iust Oth' Wilson will hold it in this Scnatoiial deal. TES1IFY OR GO JAIL. Ayer State usiou late SuKnr WltDssea Before entoral ('mmlllrr Must t'onseqaeaeea. Testify or Sillier Washington, D: C. December .1. Soaxtor Vest says he is awaiting Hie re sult in the cases ofChapin.n and other leealcitrant sugnr witnesses before he acts on the matter. Several other contumacious wittiissis are before the Senate Iuvestijjating com mittee, and should Chapman go to nil, J. Peirpont Morgan, August Belmont. nd lohn Stewart, who refused to answer: tiie same questions before the Board In- j vetiutin committee will probably meet 1 tee sme fte. CUBANS FIGHTING. Nharp Infii(ein-nt Sfr Baraeoa. l.AMii-i Heavy. Spanish Reported Vietortoan. itana, Dec mber o. Major Croin je a Sai.quinntinirs b.ttalion has been euage.i On the heights of 13arac.a, au I in the oods of Oca. with s ver.d bands of I. HUTul- HIS Whom lie dislodged Vilh a lo, : ob0 kibed and ounded Offi;Mai r. p r s oie General We ler a vi. -ory aber sevral hot tigiits. Jnilsr 4very".HSon Slabbed. liALtlOH, N. C, December 4 Asso ciate .)u-t:cr Avery of the Supreme Court to.iay :e eived u telegram Irom .Morgan ion. that his son Alplvuse was stabbed live times by uegroes last night while re turning home, and that his injuries are s. riou . Justice Avery left this afternoon for 1 ronntun. ATrnid to Call. Cincinnati, O., December 5. Gov ernor Bradley ot Kentucky says he will c.l un extra res-i.n oi the State Leg is- lit ure when he cure it will act on the Seuatorsbip mutter. INCAPABLE OS ADMINISTERING- nunc ii County WantH A i I iunnl ('tin in Inn in iirs A i i 11 1 i1 . Rai.i k.h, X. ( I) ecu. Pt 'T 4 NVanei) C' unity Novi nibi r t ers, wii u- t Moui Two 'in- Kenii' .i rlli! hy wi! lie ill-. 1 C'riin,i-M i ike f'll'ue o:.e l'.'iiu! ; ou: I'o; ub'.ic in i a uer . j Five c:t:zen-oi the couiiiy f we ir they j believe the b.'iird i capable ef admini-ter-: iiisi county ; H'i'rs and p -titio i Ju Ige ; 15ryan to pp iiut ;i- two a Iditinnal cotr j missionefs .l:ir:iiadukj II n kms ami 1' J II. Allen Democrats. I The attorney w;i lure h da on his j way to Biyson C'ny, Swain county w In r i - J 1 1 Bryan is ho ilim' Coui't. to set ure in order for the appointment "f Hawk;ns i and Allen. It is said applie.itii n of like cliaraier will le ma e in mauy F.nstei'u counties, in older t tive lAim era's si m? itc tui tion on Repui'lic-aQ aud Popu iat boaids Brals reols Trle Review. NevT()!:r, Dei ember 4 Bi'adsTettS in its wteklv tiad.' revie v will sav, tomor ro v : Gei'.er.-l tr ide coiitiiiiie m ideiate in volume, l ibb -rs an 1 wholes de dealers lip (le.'Jf behig iioieed that there will he no busi tii s ii v i vai diis viar. Tin re set ms to b, some acuvity :imoii: holders of goods. The r.ii;:S and South, the Cell ormy weather in tbe severe wj ither in the West and North wet have checked traffic on the interior country macs, u 1 otruT-wi-e inteitlrred wiih the distribution of aieretiaiidi-e. ex'vpt iu oii:e of iheXoilh westeni centt r- v hi re the more season ble weather has stimtrate 1 a demand lor wint r good-. Hauk el. aiintrs show u ir.crea.s3 f..r November. Outside ol New V we k. all btr two ci-ie- show . rk, lor the decrease St. cks ot wheat shows a decrease on i otu coasts r.o,ri..ni,i. 'rri.. Raleich, X. C. Decembil- 4 Two ...c p.vw conn, v Loni-n Pnrri. pr. ttv Lib I of euhUen st:,bb -d and killed he; sweeiheari Widiam Johnson, at tlie gate of her li"im She Was sentence, for fife n ear a' d. sheriff lied to tbr s ; I to t!iC penitcnliar w is b. .-'iiht I y the .I oi hi veuie'e as he knew she was . -r de in w o u ! d i eaie if possible. The Kmu'i D.-.-.uhieis t .ok up the oiri's c..,-e ai d i'l.'u. e i (r ,vt ra'-r C ur to I'lirdon i 1 3 r on i oa ii'i ai that she is sent to a reform i'o;y in lialiia ore. She w as taken to H e n forma: oi y. News con es to ay .hat she ;s home .-.gain and 'hat ti'c oliie, r- ol the reiormato y H i Ve her u :, in lit -1 a! r. Her lov r was talking to her w I eo stabbed him. She i barged him with 1 iug de'ame.1 her eharatier. Her case traded a g'ed. deal of a: tent on. WANTED A HOLIDAY. she av-at- Naval Apprentice Mniinj' Bochiisp They Cannot ;et i hristi.ia Iloli flay. Newport, P. I., Decembti o A hun dred naval a pi .rent ice boys made a d;h for liberty ihis afternoon, twenty ucapirg from 'heir quarter-. The ILnbor Is'and po ice were asked tc heli) the United Siates officials to Cap tun- the boys. The mutiny was - uo to the ia- t ol' the bos being refuse I the usual Christrute h'diday. Will .ot Aeeept Testimonial. London, December 5. It, is learned tonitiht that AinbassL-d. r Bayard will probably not accept ti.e Daily Tele graph's Testimon: d, iu the abscence of promiuent mimes conni cted with it, the t::dlness of the contribution-, and the ud ersa comments i'roni An ericn upon ii are re ousible for this decision. Rioting; at a Festival. Brkst, December o. S. rious riotinir occurred, here yesterday evening at a festi val of aitil'.ery men. Many c u ll c!s ti.ok p'a-e, and frightened the miich.nis ;fl that that they closed the:r shop-. Non-commissioned . ilvt r- ami privates paraded the streets with dri - n swords. The Frerch soldiers to k ch .r-e of the tow n aud stormed the b .n - cks. A i u n . bt-r of persons were wvun !e.l and sevira! arrests made. dosed by B ink Fxaiiiiii-r. j Clinton, M-., De.eu.-r o Tie! Henry C( uuty bank w-,s i lo-ed by i Le J State bank e.xam'ni r. ted v. i Teslinsr .Smokclrm t a. New York. The government tor pedo boat Cushing took aboard several tons of acme, formerly called loyal sock, smokeless coal, at the Lehigh Valley railway dock at Perth Amboy and took a spin around the lightship as a preliminary test of the steaming and smokeless qualities of the coal. Mr. Davis, president of the State Line and Sullivan Railroad, w hich supplies the fuel, was aboard the vessel. The run from Newport to the Brook lyn navy yard, a distance of 160 miles, was made in seven hours and forty min utes, using but one boiler, developing a speed of about twenty-two miles per hour. Anew boat, much larger than the Cushing, now building for the govern- meut. is expected to mane twenty -eight knots an hour continuously under forced draught. Will Appeal to .iipremet'ourt. 9leci:il. Raleigh, N. C. December 8. There will be an appeal to Supreme Court of the United States if the attempt is made j to Annual lease of the North Carolina J R. R. to the Southern Railway. Will Not hiilicl lice I I rum. Chicaoo. The Federal grand jury after a few minutes' session decided to abandon the alleged beef trust investi gation and was formally discharged by Judge Orosscup. Some of the members of the jury expressed themselves satis fied that a combination existed among ! the more prominent packers. It had been impossible, however, to reach by subpoenas the witnesses most desired 1 and ns no sufficient evidence was avail- able upon which to base an indictment the attempt at the investigation was given up. Fire I.onn for the Vr Xkw YoiiK.--The Journal of Commerce and commercial J-iulutiu savs: l lie I i lire loss of the United Slates and Can ula for the month of November, a-; compiled 1 from our daily records, amounts to $5, '211,00. The November record is remark ably light and makes certain a great re duction for the whole year of lsicj, as Compared with 195. unlcs; some enorm ous conflagration lake place this month. ( The total for lS'.IO will be about ll").0t'M,. i 000. To Aboli-.li (.'rimiiiHl Court. special. Raleigh, N. C. December 8.- It is stated that Gov. elect Russell will in his message to the Legislature, which it seems is to take the place of an inaug ural address, recommend that the Eas- i t d Wt.stern C,imi,ial Courts 1 abolished, and two Snperi r court cir- I cuits be established instead. Ayer Slrangrcly Silfiil. Special. Raleigh. N. C. December S, Populist State Chairman Hal Ayer declined to advise the Populists how to vote in the election in Jackson county, today, for a member of the lower house of the Leg islature. lie refused to answer questions as to whether flie Populists should vote for i 'ie Republican nominee, who is for Pritchard for Senator, or for the Demo cratic nominee wdio is a free sil verite. j THE COTTON MARKETS. Decembers. ! Jantaky cotton opened in New York at 7.30 and lias had a declining tendency all day, finally closing at 7.14 the low est point touched for several months and a net loss of 20 points since yester day. Tiikkk is a great feeling of depression and of general disappointment at such u continued decline. It is a pleasure to note t h it Southern markets are reported steady from day to day, with a fair demand, and the Liverpool market appears to be in a perfectly healthy state. After the de cline runs its course there should be a sharp reaction, and unless t here is nr.icn t in the situation which is not u:l the sur- ! . faee we are not very far from tnl' turn ing point. New Bekne market, very linn at ti to Yours truly, J. L. Latham. New York, December 4, 1890. Si.vere storms make lh ir iqipear nice in the Southwest early iu the w.ek nnd coid weather w ith rain or n w h is been prevalent sifc; Mo.nliy all oe: the South. This led to ai . vi-tcutii m of very light receipts fr the wejk an 1 the market was held very steady iu con-e-qiiencij. until Thursday. Oue Doticeable feature had beeo the absence f specu a tive activity. Buyers luul either exhaust ed their purchasing power or were scepti cal regarding the luovemmt of cotton. The receipts were of moderate volume, but the total for the wrek equals those tor the corresponding period last year. The fear that the movement would expand again with the return ot lavorable weather Caused some holders to -sell aud this pressure which extended fell upon a market poorly supported resulting in mateiiil weakness ('tiring He past few days. In a nutshell, the ue'ght ot cotton constantly markete I h is pr yed a burden too heavy lor holders to he ir. Some have .o:d because di-c ura-eil aud s .me have sold btc.ius ofexh lustiou of margins. Tie decline for the week is 33 to 51 points YoUis truly. Kon;:KT Mooke &. Co. THE MARKETS. Cmiwoo. December 8. ol'KNING. SO . 4.U0 CLOSE. 4.02i Mav Wheat. Mav Ribs. . . DRESS GOODS At CJreatly We have just received some new patterns of Fancy Dress (!oods in CANVAS WEAVES, Silk and Wool Novelty, etc., at greatly re duced prices, owinjj to the advanced season. Goods that were ?."c, now ."0c Goods that were so;., now b.V. Goo.ls that were ?1.0U now ?oc. ; Taffeta GlaCe Silk, 70C i December G, fir CAN AFFORD TO This Opportunity We Invite You To Inspect Our unique and ex quisite creations in Our Oriental and Domestic Bugs are un rivaled in texture, design and coloring. Our prices place them within the reach of all. IN OUR GROCERY DEPART MENTS CAN BE FOUND ALL THAT IS NEED FUL FOR A Genilemans ....TABLE! And the QUALITY-- well it is a wel known fact, that when any thing comes trom The GIUALITY iS there ' i j ! iSS i NoYeltKS! HffiMNS Better : : Tiljes 1 hea put your shonlder t-the vi'fel and push with all yonr ntlprk t II you owe us call and pay us tkiit Twill help us and y ou'IJU bo doing therightjlthlng. ! o-.A i T 1 i - M. ii you ueeu aoyining ttt xne Hardware luiue, " Such as a "Hagup" King'lleater, or "Victor Bioycle, or Ikry Dixie Plow for inBtanc. Call on us, we will treftt jou Iieepct.Yours, . . ).C. W. P. Burrus RalptTOray. ISiirniH & Oray'y !;olesa! nnd Retail Detfcni in i HAY, and all 9 kinds of i Colton and Corn Bite V 1 ('it wen St. FOLK'S. Iltil' CASH stm Stoves, ('rockery, Tinware, . Glasswares Notions. Hi ad'juarters for LAMPS. 7.) Middle St., under HoUl Albert. T. II. F0l Graham Academy MABSHALLBEBtN. C. Riv W. Q. A. GrataiAi, M, PRESIDENT. Iv Kb .1 len miles Entt of Beaufort, XV. C Ai l d i'V the Meihodiet Cbttrch, w i re rn n ing a 3cbool to beAilt tbe many who aie unable Urftnj xorbiUnt price for bonrd and tuition. ' STRING TERM OPE?fo JAW., 4, '9". OfR 'f.rmb: Primary-Grade, Board hi .I Tuition, $7.00 per. -month; Inter h.ulhde (irude. Board and Tuition,$7 00 per n.cir l; Aendetnic Grade, Bcord aod Tu ii .t, $8 00 pr moDtb-. W'o luruish ns good hoord at can be ob ii d m i ny c ountry iltc, bemdee tb yt is li-h, etc, etc., with wbU-b lltoc m i .d.eu i is Write the IVetidem fr aJl . Co luatn.n debired. NOTICE! I i!l, lor the next SO days, mllont tnj ck of ;.Oods, cotisiUiins; of hardware, rixw:.ia. Crockery, GJaMtwara, Dry Qdo Notion ani Medicae. at coet tji Uasli. Corae and aecore , bargain. It 'ioa-aro owing m plague iltle up. L. P. TATtOR. Take Notice! To our Conntry Friends and Pa- t our: Wo liave opened our place of bua in next door to Post Office. We jnuatiteo to sell too first-claaa g '.lu us cheap any bonae in ihe city. We ar eceiviog an rxtra q inlity tor our Chri8tmagJe I 1 a I n and Fancy Candida, Nuts, Balsins, Apples, Oranges, Banana, Leoions, etc. Tobaccos, Cigars Plpea, ete. Please call and aee what we haTe. Ues peclftiljy, N NUNN.' & CO. Administrators Notice T.i. ii dersi'ned, 1J Y. DiDkina, public m iirior, Imving duly fjuabfied aa a I . ' iiiii"T of the e-tHt of Ada Dink inn im)i-i.I heu by aives notice that peiitona Iih iu . I iiir adinsl ihe ' ilalc of the ;i I li Dinkins, deceayi, to )re :m' i ih. m to the t-ai.l adm in infra tor, rlu'v : ii : In in icat. d for piyment on or hut "ie .he Hltii., ibtv October, 1H7, or . 'm- I.;h notice will be plead in bur of m'i oipiv. 1'ersoiis indebted to the entatc ii .-I po v without delay. P. F. DINKINS, Adminmtraior. N . One Township Craven t'n., N, C Tims ICUi Day ol Octolier, 18fi. A Oood llnoo to Stop. K. J. I.UITON, hnp JiihI opened a ueat and conTortable Boarding llouac in Bay- boro, where he will be plad to aee bla friends and all traveler who may be paiav ing through that section, incur to it that thev will lie comfortably entertained and their witits attended to. Mr. Lupton'a house will be lound a good place for all travelers to stop at while in Bavboro. WhlttyC fee Sdram

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