"vESHSW KRNE JOURNAL w L ctstsms. t? fflPlTO A5D "PROPRIETOR. jgWWpxsVX, S. C. Djc. 10, 18D: I lh9 Fuel OOVx al Nw B-m-' fcdnmoiij dun matter. J Hi AtX.S Menu (xoep Moodaj)3i ISSrm&fer cmrrter La UUa etty. at 10 oeota tanpTS Hjiw . Lnrrlablj la adraae, W-80 if - " 14J , ImU 'JOWAL o rr 4tiw, U-00 ds UalM ltat flraa oa application at I ilt fi line will b ctianrd tor . . . ayea)$Taaka, ilatloaa ot Raapcct and i I lUMCS Mryi also tor UMiobtt No(ki ,-f it" Uo whlrt UM Uur Blnntelf rr y -j Ow ajxaclay aal all ochr t ill -Till r tor at lb rata of are ! IMMnul o udr aay eircnm ej. lli rise W wtpnailbto for Um return or tbo NJ j t Of aay rajcxa Duuviip aad to UU rale with r ntt mtara or t loauraa. Socwiu! (itUr antar Uto .correapoaJcnca aoo- ' aertpc " S4Vlf TH OyaPlBaR I 1 3Tw fct that New Berne wants Hi people to settle here, tnd new &ofMj to be in yes ted in oar home . jtveterprieee. and additional enter J i.prts to be started with outside capital, ought to wake up those of , eir people who hare the building TO at New Berne at heart, for with 'tkif 'boHdlnf up comes business c4 prosperity to the promoters of UltatcrpKses, at well as to the en . tire community. Bat while. we may be alert lose COT new people, new money and itoraj enterprise-, these cannot be se I Icarid an less New Berne has some thing in the way of inducements to effer. - vTfc& example of thoso western ctt iae' which haTe been boomed by out- aide capital, which was borrowed at "high rates of interest, is one which ererjoothern town should avoid. New Berne want no booin times, the fopoortanity is here to boom thiaga, bat it is not wanted, instead J -1 ie wanted a tabstantial, permanent ' - growth, a derelopment that thai! last, and provide not for the pros perity of today, alone, but for the. t fntare. New Berne has many advantages to ejffer the outside public who may Wieeking a delightful climate for a residence, orwho may in additional be seeking a place Sa which to both Kts ajodWmpUy their ciprol. The natural geographical position is one. which oaxht to command attenlion and make this city a t?)wadid point for manafactares of - - rrt sil kiads. Living is cheap here, and-. . taecoantry around is very prouuer lire and could easily, and with pro- It to the growers raise all that was necessary to supply the wage earner of the factories. The rail and water connections Blake this place ery desirable to saaaafactarera. as rates are low and shipments can be made all the year withoat danger of weather inter fetwoee. The special advantages which can be offered to outsiders are many. These should be presented in an attractive manner, so that investors rill visit New Berne and investigate for themselves. The results of such iavestigation will unquestionably prove that New Berne's opportuni ties for the investor have not bn overrated. Bat no matter how many ad vantages New Berne possesses, they IBttlt-be advertised to the world. ''Vio Better time offers than today, f taSe the greater part of the couo- i try Is under cover and waiting for Spring weather in order to present their special features to the inves tor. ON WATSON. 'stn time for Sena- aior BurafV 'ti the Gi ucatinn, ftaucaaiArt It is a liW tocome oat itk aoirplanatioq on the celebrata&XnV&ton letter, Nv and it would indeed b singular if lbs Caitcatian could not explain Tlltit4etter to Senator Butler's satis faction. According to the Caucasian it was ' policy' which " dicuted the auppressian of this letter, as its com ing before the Populist party at the time it was written, would have caused a division of tho silver forces and Mr. Bryan's defeat would have been laid at the door of the Popu lists The Caucasian in satisfactorily proving that Senator Bntler was right in keeping this letter, al though it does not account for its long passage from Watsoa and But ler, closes with the following: "We think, however, that Watson Was right in predicting that Bryan weald be defeated on account of the refusal, of Sewall, the Democratic vice-Presidential nominee, to retire from tho ticket, and we fuither be lieve that if Sewall had retirtd Bryan and Watson would have been elected. This stupid and brutal mistake on the part of th Demo crats is simply nut another chapter La the record of Democrats and aiakee remote the possibility of an attempt at uniting the Populists and Deucri in auy future n- tional campaign. In fact we think such a thing altogether impossible, for we: An nnt Kli.a th Ponla Prt will follow, hereafter, any man who tries to march under a Democratic Oeancr. business ron congress. The uivtitig of Congress tomor row, i4 ibe short seasiun whicli cloiea the Fifi) -fourth (.'ongrei?, haT a nuDiVr of important measures to come before it. m.J thee meas ures are of vital interest to the peo ple of the count ry, more especially the t m x era. I ho CvMirt'Siiiinal c;i!t mlnr is well loaded ilovkn with hills which! n quire careful ttltention, inu at thistime with the Government run ning behind in it a monthly eipen- jdi'ures. the passing of further bills which h tc in theru a ppropriatinns land the further rxinntit ion of the i , Government' receipts, means much to every one. Some of the measures which are likely to come up during thia se.s- :nn n pno.r. wn,t). tho " noting. Among nnfiniahed business, is me Hons bill to amend the immigra- a . I aar m 1 i I k 1 . ii j i it on wr n rai a viwii tm w m9 ijiii iini i'ii ovine ma' tenai menament?. The joint resolution proposing nn amendment to the Constitution, providing for the election of Sena tor by popular vote, is a specinl or der, set for December 14th. Other jecial orders are Senate bills to prent the desecration of the National flsg; House bill to prevent the extermination of the fur bearing rait of Alaska, and House bill to reducw the cases m which the pen alty of death may be inflicted. It mast not be forgotteu that the comprehensive bill, appropriating 1100,000,000 for defenses is still on the calendar; also the bill authoriz ing the Secretary of the Navy to enlist additional men; a bill for t lie establishment of a light nouse on San Island in the Caribbean Sea, hich is the property of the United States, and the bill to construct a drj doc tat Ky West. The Dingley ill is also a most important measure which will be brongh up early in the session. A cpmprebeusi ve meusuie which involves the revision of the naviga tion laira, it an important bill. Bills for admission of New Mexico and Arizona to Statehood will cause de bate, as will the bill to establish a uniform sratem of bankruptcy. The proposition t'" refund the Pacific Railroad debt, is a measure are to cause debate. Thia country's relations wMi Hawaii will cause discussion when the bill to facilitate the construction of a cable between the Uuited States and the Hawaiian Islands cornea op. Ttit. trtll directing the Interstate Commerce Commission to prepare a nuiform freivht classification, is important to shippers. On the cnl endar.are 31 JIouso add 22 Senate pension bills which will bo put through at an early day. The Nicar raguan Canal bill will not likeU come op at this session Taken altogether there is plenty of work for Congress to do, and the effect of the work done is likely to hate a moat important bearing upon thb trade and business of the coun try during the next few months IIa Thil ? Wa oft T Ooe Huidrttd DollanlReward tor any or Cutatrh that ana.t b rie1 by Hal.' Cutarrh Cure. F. J. CmsJEV Jt Co . Trops. Tol-d . U. Wr, the undt-r-ig iel, liitve kooan F. J Cheory for the Ust 13 yers, ol believt ina prrfrctly h' nora' le in all biiu- 8? ranmetiiKip, uDd financ ially tble to cuiry at a'-y obligation made by their firm. Wt& Trcai, Wliolesle Druygsis, Toledo, O V AI PINO, KtSAS fc Mat.vin Vh..lf e Druiisls, Toledo. Llall's Ca'arrli Cure is taW. n iDt- rnally "tinp directly U)fu thr b'Kl anil muron1 Airlacf of tlie msI' ru 1'rii e 7 5c. per l-ot-Ue oold by nil D.uggis's. Ti stiiiOD ml fri-S. Uairfamily PiiU are tli best. rUTSICAl. EDUCATION. A" gratifying f .-ct of our tim-s is the increased attention given by educators to the improvement of the physical life of women. The amelioratien of V hoi r intellectual life gained acceptance over fifty jears-ago. as is shown by the mul tiplication of schools and colleges for girls. The culture thus gained has opened new careers. Women nowadays engage in a multit.de of occupations unknown to their granndmothei s, or even to their mothers. Ech step of intellectual progress has widened the feminine horizon and inyea.,cd womau'd in terests in the world's work. Art, science, literature, business every sphere of human endeavor r.oir en lists woman's energies. She has not been diverted experience shows, by mental development from the cul tivation ot the domestic irtucs, but has utilized her new training fT the enrichment and improve ment of the home life. She has become, in fact, a more efficient protector of the home. As a bread winner, she finds her education an The Way to Li ke catarrh u to pur i the blood, ..i d die Miner, tbfes-t, l'tt waj to punfv the b o d is hy tnkiog Hoo i' Sar'aparilU. the Uoe True Blood I Purifier. Hood's Pills are prompt, efficient. j always reliable, ei?y to take, ey to operate. As ;i housekceiK" 1 " an J uioi i i v r , CO U Tit l.cr Imj: t 1 i I U , 1 1 V J I ' I : t e I u en to good tic ! knowledge of sanitii- ! i i chemistry. As u I factor in siH'u-t v, she is vastly more i uteres. . u t .itln'rs, us well as t" ; herself, f. ; her ncijuirements in lit er.il u re a i i ai t , J But what is education withniii! I henlth W ii.it will the educa'cd: wo in an be wm ill in business, in art. m litcratuie. or in the home, if slu ; is a plib:cal uieck ? Ii.tel t ct uai ; uevelopiiiei; t , educators nisv per-' ceive, niu.it rest, for girls as well a. fr bo, upon a is of plivsical : JevebpiUt'nt. A new movement h is accord i n tz !v mi!i idea !ieen gaining force, tin if which is insist. inc.- liive-'Hl's liictiun that a sound b.! ;a the inces-nry condition of a soiii.t". mind. Kmv tirtt clas school foi gi Is is nowadays provided wi h a tll-JMoi n ted gyniaasinm, ix-.tc.-;' in which is obligatory on all pupils. Baltimore has for years had a wom an's eo liege of high grade and one or more pieparatory schools for girls in which physical develop- ments preci ,ij jHttxu with tb development of the mind. The im portanec of physical health is ii: these schools adequately estimated. Wisdom, !tro:igth, effectiveness all the qualities of the sound mind depend, it is perceived, for their higl.est manifestation upon the pos session of a sound body. No woman c:in live a fully wholesome, helpul and happy life if she has permitted her b.-.dy to fall into weakness. Such are her relations to the race that her inetliciency, resulting from pliv sical deterioration, repeats itself in the broken lives of those who are i dependent upni her. It is not given of course to evtry woman tO be robust, but it is within the power of every yoimj woman, by well direct ed exercise and careful living, to increase and pre erve her physic;! well btinj, with the result of pro moting her own happiness ana that uf all connected with her. Balti more Sun. LoCKI'AKT. Tkxas, Oct., l.J 1?'. Messrs. Taiis Mexlicii.e Co., Puna, Teun. D- ar Sirs: Slop us as hku as o-.il.-;c 2 g'O-s tnovi's TuS'eles." Chill Ton;c. .! j rustumns vnt ti rove's Tusteless Chd! Tonic ami w 11 net have any other. In our i l,iei lent e of oy-r 20 Vear9 in t' e dru bu-iuess we have hevr so! n'-y ruexbi ine w hi' h tavc -uch UBlveisl snt- .sf.etion V"iH8 Rep-ctful!y, f. S. Bbowse i!s Co. I American Machiaery. It is gratifying to our natioi ai pride to know that American ma chinery was employed in the recent opening of the Danube river at in famous point in its winding care' r known as the "Iron Gate." At. ti i- pomt ter lines of three conn tries, Roumania.Servia and Austria Hungary, converge and the po. ,t hns received the name of the Ia n (iate from the fact that vessels have never been able to pass it until tic present. In order to deepen the river's channel at this point it has been necessary to blat the rock over which its current has ripplit-d since the beginning of time. In boring holes in the rock for the le ception of the blasting powder American drills were used on ac count of the superior merit which they possessed. The inventive gen ius of tho American is recognized throughout, the glob and no coun try surpasses Atrerica in the me chanical devices which she has pro duced dining the present century. Ex. Second Heaviest BeLL Tue sec-nd bell in weight in the world, that in Mingoon, in India. has lately .been raised from the; around an j arrauged so 86 to ling! again, after a lapse of nearly a ecu -J tii r v. T iiis lei 1 weighs between .- and ltui tons. It is surpassed by tic! 2:ant at Moscow in weight, but t;.e; iatter has lost a large piece OMt of j it, and. as it is used as a chap.. 1.1 cannot now be rung. There is how ' e.er, another bell in Moscow, which ! is usco, an i is saiu 10 weign i : : tons. T:.e Mm goon bell is 11 !.' high and about IS feet in diatnes-i at the rim. The immense wooden beams on which it formerly lnn !r,;ve i r g sine been broken i!u i: at the shackle. It has recently bte; reining on a steel girder at a height of "-'5 fet t from the ground. It is proposed, to encase the supporting columns and girder with carved teak in a liaruu-Je design, and then erect a cupola over the whole struc ture. Tne bell at Pekin, which is the third largest in the world ti can still bo used, weighs only tot s. West m i nst er Gazet ' e 1 estamentary Frcaki Few more curious testamentary freaks are recorded than that of a man wh died last month at Arias, in the Ndrh of France. In ac oi d.mce with instructions minutely net down in this person's will, a friend of his foliowtd the funeral cortege to the eeTietery, aud, after the priest had said the last prayers, produced Uvo large bottles of gin. One of these ne emptied upon the I newly made grave, wnne me cou I tents of the other he carefully divi- I ,lo,l lmoorr Riieh of the assembled ! - mourners as cared to partake. Most Lf them it mav be noted, made no J objection to receiving and disposing of this strange legacy on the spot. Ex. immense I'd Tut in Writing-. In cry commercial t ranac1 i"i. iio!ii!g any semblance to a c-u-l ic-, i: is ala'.ij best to bare a i ". ' M ! e u Mes. ; . 1 a I: ling ni twee 1 1 1 lo if possible, th. a r. ? hou Id bite, .i oi.ld always 1 He w ho h i nit on : Veil : fi I . ii lid ! h" lei: le I i f n -e it. As f ,i r u pi s s ' c ! I d he mule : r i . i i'i cei pt s i n vh r; ! 1 v , red , In extendi' i! 1 - i i ! I y iiecessaiy 1 nt uo nt should oe !isn 1 1 d r. it i- e-i 1 of setil lav the debt, r, as well as the CIV -hotiid understand that, 'he de.- ; Ii ted d;a to bo u day of sett lenient No i :,e should enter the employ o' ii i.'i.i ", nor should any one iiVriu sit', v.'. until the question of r'-mn-; : -1 : .!, lias been definitilv dt di d. b: 1 '.;.-;iiess it does not do t t:t!-e t nine; for granted. People are very b!;e!v to form different idea-- of tin hi..-.' 'ii.y ..f .j n rr I'au m i d u i , 1 1 :mv man's memory is treacherous a' : tiii.ts. If men would only insis' j i;p..n understanding the i out racts i ; .iv, ii them as they weie mtde. j there would be no necessity for up- j ncliUir to the law for an inte rpreta I i tii r:. No one knows how much lit- !u'a::-;i. and loss, and d isiiouest . i o,.; '!oi:b!e, would be saved if bust ..-- i-e. .pie strictly ad lure to thi ' .le of understanding no obligMMon wiiboii t first arriving at a mutual conclusion as to the exact linn's of r it obligation. Trade Magazine. Bucklen's Arnica Salve. i'lc U?si Salve in the world lor Cuts, s. S .res 1" leers. Salt Uheii'i', Fe(i es. T-ttc, Chped Hands, CiilHuh.f, oi-, a. id all Skin Eruptions, an I poti. : . lmvs liles, or no p v r. quired, it :',!:!'.' n -. ' o s . ed to orive perteet o o,,n ni :'.u le'l. Pric-e 2'i ce.it- j.i r box. o 1 S. Iun.-. Aa Old Taol. of the oldest tools in exis is the- saw. Its invention is I );o -It ! I 1' ! ! a') de to a Grecian mechanic win-) used tlie jawbone of a crocko dile to cut through a ;u'ece of vc od and then made an iron instrument in irni'a'ion of it. The saw is reo j re.-i'iiteil on j" gypiiati moniiineir.fr dating a; far buck as 3000 P. C. As early as l.".'" A. D Raw mills, d i ,vi r, tiv watr power, were in operation at Augsburg, aud it is believed, be 'le this they were in operation in - i- I .1 i ins iinven ny inacurren, o. ine S.-ine. Tiie first saw mid erected ,n tii- Norway pineries was in l."3 i Sa.v mills were numerous in Italy m the sixteenth century. They were iiii'i iniioduced into England until iov'!, when a native of Iloiianii biiiit one, but was compelled to , Hideo; it by the opposition o tie i ' arpenters aim otn.:' ar who saw no goo angled contrivance. in such -Ex. I ; e w Kor Over SO Trr Mr-. W uslo'v's Sooihuig Syiuo h .- re :i( iiy Mi pious of Metritis. 0v Ch'.l rrt-u " l-i'e teething. Pll p-ifec vii-i-i It sooihes the chi'd, -oueu t. minis, al'ass an oain. euren ;no col e. oni is. i'ie best remedy 'or T' i i t v rive cenis h bottle D arr! u ; Ancisnt Boiler Construction. Eximintion of certain larg. nuizc vessels exhumed at Pompei as revealed that, the Greeks and i mians made use 2,000 years ago ol ti. f.ibular form of boiler construe iMii, winch modern engineers ic'.n vented not many years ngo, ainl wiiich is now regarded as one of their crowning achievements. 'Lhc-e old con 1 1 ivances were not designe 1 to stand steam pressure, of course. their purpose being merely water t wine, but several to h 'at of then: ire t,:-o idt d with real water r-.d oticr tubes to fact! it rap:d circulation of tb.e Co ! o inr and increase the t : ; : :; area . Those m t proofs i f the ingenuity and i in physics possessed. ate the :Y. c: ive l- ' : o V. PV v i e x i a r.ts have long been on Ii the National Museum, but the pi in side t hey illustrate was not notion it ,a. open laoonouso inoc.-u; ad becu laboriously tho; . i . . o l" , i ) to the boilers of today. Et. i . . Judicial Wisdom. Hern. n kable wisdom was shown by ; ; So- ju-iires at a baby sho-.v ; :'.-u I at Fa! pon Springs, Flu. Such -. n : i : : t i"us in the pas' have itivaii a'd'. ended in bitterness arid wrath cp.ise attempa were made to deiide is o silica of many infants, all in c'da'dv bea'itiiul and well leliaved, were the most beautiful and the le st c!i behaved. The im'tbercf everv en' ry except one h.as always 1 inirt'i with a sense of wronj; never s, be assnaetd. and has proceeded to devote the rest of her life to wag ii'E; implacable war on the nionsteis . - , T W !i s iLtiiitii oei nine inei. loi.s, j ;, 1 . . I . . .. I . , 1 . . . - - - I . , 1' KOI liH i. .langer avoided by t cs t - Z tb.e bibles, not by aesth-'ti anU inoi.i! sSind irds, but by the use f yardsticks and scales almost i-xd m-i . e lv in (lcciuing h r.eii' i no pi .es sunn 111 ''o. There was, for iu-t.iuce. a guerdon for the heaviest baby lees than three months old. a eC. n d for ii,,. i.lli.t i-o-oiil iv incn n rre was !c?S Iocs l III. Uiiiif , iinw ,, .,vv. i S -. than three years, and O.hers for weight and length atdifTetent states of development. The youngest . . - , . .1 1.1.1) 1. baby w.tn a tootn auu me baby with the fewest teeth were a.so babv with a tooth aud th it i ..i . . .i. :.. ii.,.,, A.i-ft.i rewurdeU, ana mougn in iiifsc u;tav& the really safe plan was lnmnged upon, yet nobody found cause for ! omplaiut, and all through that ; ctrioii the nuJije- are I ivou atn re On. I -ipeoted as they deserve to be. viouslv they ave r -n xvho ho would I oiine in difilo nitcv ey ouhf to get t ' '! e begi lis to tilak -! "ointments. id Mr. McKiti ) i n - before ; t'-ireign ap- Es' im L' c Tlie north p 'e u i ovei ed unless do x P'-i'. i t ion. 'I h.tt i i i -tat emeu t t hat N;i!i-oi .e t etu ! .,ed from Ii re l"ew peoide see mi d to z--d binv valuable ' in i ' e id un Aide i X pi o i -vouid prooabiy bav,! r e u is i i 1 on the ,C . c. j i y t lli u; i do tviie.' i t v.. ge. cive rtCo..--!e-ige d-.j-r. XaliSel 'jot mucl ;e did if h. with him earer to the p ii uid taken more !ia:i Ag i i n , i t w; s d tie to l io iiat he was aide to m.:l. t '.'o (t.ty .ke his way ni in safe! ; ; ii ; he Jifh 'o :o i would t a'bout bin dos to the ack to Franz Josef Ln mil Nmi sen's meeting w on -II arms wort n er p'" ; ever have been bi ougi or the burking of t he iod ward. These Eskimo dogs are a curious race. In appearance they are tu t inlike collies, but they carry then ails curled over their bacss. ai d s.eir bodies are tip. :v t hick set rh- that of the collie. 1 be true EsKin log has a curious nod bok abom h m, whicli is not seen i:i any othc-' breed. Considering that t ie eledgi logs are generally bully used by their masters, they are very quie Hid good tempered. They will ea dniost anyihinir, but their favorit liet is fish. They are extreme hardy, and frequently do us nine ,vork in one div as would last ; irdinary dog for a week. One of the peculiarities of tb Eskimo dog is Ids feet. lie has i diort hair between the foes I'tn-t 's a reason i'or this. If .,e dog' feet were hairy the snow wouU 'ball" on them, and thus lame tb dog. bo far, Eskimo dogs are not oftei seen in this country, but there is n reason why they should not be, they make exc-llenc companion. uid are quite good tempi red whet indlv treated. A Warlike Family. Three soldiers who he side by sidt in the Mount Moiiah Cemetery, n Henryville, Iud., illustrate the sei vices a single family in which tb military iustinct is strong ca renter, even in a evintry whei peace is loved and generallv pr prevails. The oldest of these grayet is that of Jos: ia A. McL'otr.o w :ame to this counri x from Irela in 1745, and w,,s one of the fi PeiitiF i vanians to enlist when the Revolution broke out. He was-. Valley Forge, pa: ticipated n i bittlesof Trenton and Princoi Htol was one of the ensigns selectf to receive the colors .-1; m-nd- r- ! Vork'owo H- nod o. 1 St l -on, John A McCcrnh, served a through tile Mexican .mi' :. 1 Oalt ill the battles of Pit- ii -, V -'donterey, and Hsaca d- la Palii' This McComb died in 1SGU. The tuird giave is tnni "I lie VI- x veteran's son, Janus ho was i Enion Army a!i tfironiih the reli Hon aud lived m.:i: sons of th'S Jiiiiie- als loif a.'-tio : hal struggle, and are still aliv . One of them, Charles A., is now tpplicaut for tb- P-t mastership J- ffersonvibe, I -d . f o may, possibly, explain why the his- torv of hi waill'e 1 uno li.i- ion wa into the HI i -tr I s . Uss No Ctamp. The letters tl.a the Sikh pobc ti Singapore, seti i t India, and ihosu tl: i n rctu m, are ai:n.i' nus any postag" .-1 i bid r Eu ropeau i di a isked one of the me. : tits u ni vers tl on, i s; r kindie they ivce nar.a'il. o. :p-. One o noticing t.. he reason i , and it w. ve postman explained that i lie ideas of honor concerning tnedeiM -ry of native lett restricted tow us. Should tho epi-tl a man in a village s f he oflicc, t he p ssti tiic letter and .-In; going a little wav .-; est patch of j i :i: :'J away, thus ...g ; er trouble iu t ,e m iocs to note tii o ; riflid. 'i'i ie tr.; '': far for a m 'n- b ttei the nat i ve m i -n! , -r i Or addressed one miles fron iiiii duly tak- s oil, but Itftti , i into the nea' an 1 tb rows ; ! f any furtl; o sr. It, is cni - i s are Reldou f walking k seeiui to worry di -o curiosity n aroused as to the contents. If the letter,hovcver,is unstamped, the unhappy it nan must d-in.r it at its destinati. n, as he is bour.d ! ;o p.ounce on i . -i . . s ietmn a receipt r ., .1... fi.,.-, f.,i- I im nmitlpn iui lie ii uu im;' !l .. -ta tups. They be ar i o ili- w to til-' post- , . - . I 1 I M. I 1 I1UUUUI1 k-ll'T ,.V'i,lv - - - J - same m ins puic-. : m iney nno : the lengi h of bis tether and takt Iss niuthods ac steps t frustrate coidnigly. Constipation rniiwi fnllv half tlie sickness in the world. It rctains the digested food to loni; in the bowels mid produces biliousness, lorpiu n.or, iuui- .: KJ .,. v.t..l xln. 8oranlai etc. Hood's nils curfcuusun a.n.uu.- nil ita ..,!. sl1vonl llinrnmrlilv. "M. All drUECiStS. jrepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. The ouly Pills to take with Hood's SarsaparUla. Pills A Bclgriau Brigar d. A man named Witto Helens, chief of an audacious band of brigands who have infesfed the outskirts of Mali nes for some time past, has been captured. Thi.s man and his band have 1,,-en a terror to the whole country-side, committing their crime in broad daylight un der threats of murder or of burning lown the habila, ions of those they attacked. The list of crimes against Helens includes several cases of mur der and attempted murder, as well as over ."0o charges of robbery. It is stated chat in the communes of Wavi e-Sainte-Catherine, Wavre- Notre-Dame and Putte-et Bonhay len there are not 10 of the inhabi tants who have not been victims of this map audi his band. Early in this year a gendarme who attempted to anest Helens was shot dead bv him. He has had a number ol hair-breadth escapes from arrest. Recently he had publicly threatened to murder t tie mirgomaster ol Wavre-Sainte-Catheriue and to burn down his house, and inconse quence this functionary had to place himself under police protection. Recently Helcn3 went to an inn at Wavre-Sainte-Catherine, and, in formation being given to the police, they surrounded the house anl eventually overcame him. A brothei of Helens was recently condemned to penal servitude for life for simi lar crimes. Pittsburg Dispatch. THE INJUNCTION CASE. Heard Be lore Judge Knblnton Ya lenlny. Both Kitlrs Ably Bvpre neiilel. The injunction case of the A. & N. C. It. H. which was continued from Halifax on the 24th ult. wat heard here yesterday, before Judge W. S. O. P". Robinson. There wns a fairly large attend ance in the court house during the day, of persons who listened with interest to the discussion of t In case. The defendants were represent ed by dudge W. H. Allen, R. 0. Burton, W. W. Clark and P. M. Pearsall . The plaintiffs were represented by Judge J. C. McaRao. M. DeW. Ste venson, T. H. Purnell, C. R. Thomas, Seymour Hancock, W. E. Clarke and H. W. Williamson. Mr. D. E. Perry, representing Lenoir County, was present and asked that Lenoir county be madi party plaintiff to the action, to which objection was raised by de fendants. An order from the county commissioners of Lenoir, was offered by Mr. Perry which gave him tht proxy of that county to cast its yote. After some discussion Lenoir county was permitted to become party plaintiff in the case, but Mr. Perry was not allowed to file any complaint. iNotice to make the Goldsboro & Morehead Railroad Co., party de fendant to the suit was made, and after discusion, permitted. Supple mentary complaints and affidavit were read and allowed. Judge W. 11. Allen came in and made appearance for the G. & M. R. R. Company. W.W. Clark, for defendants,epen ed the case, very clearly presenting his side, making the following lega propositions, which he supported by numerous citations: 1st. The A. & N. C. R. R Company has the power under its Charter to leas its Railroad. 2nd. The G-ddsboro S- Morehead It. R Company has the power under its Charter to take a lease from the A. & N. C. B. R Company. 3rd. But if a corporation formed undei llie General Law has no power to take lease, yet if a corporation having tnd leg islative power to lease its property doe lease its property to such corporator no ODe but. tlie State or a stockholder ii the corporation which is acting ultra i ires can enjoin the execution of the lease. 4th. The corporate existence of tin the Goldsboro A: Morehead R. R. Com pauy Cannot be questioned ia this action. M. DeW. Stevenson, for plaintiffs followed, Mr. Stevenson firBt at empted to prove that this case was not an analogous one with that oJ the State vs R. & D. Railroad, de cided by the Supreme Court o) North Carolina, aud at close of hit -peech contended that the present case should be held in Btatu quo until some higher Court should de cide upon it. T. H. Purnell, for plaintiffs. ade an attack upon the Goldsboro & Morehead R. R. Co. which he lubbed the "Gall & Mischief R. It. Co. Ue asked for continuation of l e injunction citing authorities, aiutaining that, if continued it work no injury to any one. P. M. Pearsall, for defendants, presented five propositions for con sideration, which were replies to ints brought up by plaintiffs. C. R. Thomas and W. R. Allen, r plaiutitls and defendants, re ectivelv,6noke for their sides. Judge J. C, MacRae, for plaintiff, made an able presentation. He ar- ed that previous decisions of the preme court had been controver ted, claiming that no wrong would be doue if in this case it Bhould be decided against a previous decision of the Supreme court of this State. It was not necessary that an opin ion should be expressed on this caie, but the case might be let to up to the Supreme Court. R. O. Burton, for defendants, made closing speech. Judge Robinson will probably 1 'I-, e his decision on the case today. 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The mos omplete Exhibits of Fish, Game mil Oysters, and a race program vhieh alone offers $4,000.00 in pur ;es. With handsome building3 and grounds conveniently located, an excellent track, liberal premiums in ill departments and the latest and nost novel outdoor attractions thf ioming Exhibition of our Fail diould be the greatest in its history, vet us get to work to make it bo. Let each and every one who can do iny thing atall to further the interest rf the Fair in any way, shape, man ler, or form, avail themselves ol such an advantage thus helping oui greatest triumph in Fairs. ounty rommlutBfn. The Board of Commissioners of Craven county met at the Court blouse in New Berne on Frida) December 4th., pursuant to ad journment. Present, Jas. A. Bryan chairman, !. W. Smallwood, W. C. Brewer, d. II. Carr, J. A. Meadows. Feid. M. Hahn having made ap plication to be appointed auctioneer or the County of Craven. It is or lered that he be and is hereby ap- jointed auctioneer of said County r'or one year from this date. Ordered further That eaii F vl. Hahn having tendered his bond is auctioneer for the county ofCraven n the peval sum of 15,000 with F. lahn and R. P. Williams as sure- ies, tho same is hereby accepted tnd ordered to be filed. John W. Biddle, Register of Deeds, made his report of marriage license tax collected for Craven ;ounty, which was on motion ac- epted and ordered to be filed. A number of bills were received itul allowed. Board adjourned. Warranted no cure no pay. There an uany imitation. To get the genu ineii r Grove's. Snnset Personally Conducted Tour ist Excursions to California without Change of cars. Leaving Washington, D. C, Sat urday, November 14, and every Saturday thereafter, the South ern Railway (Piedmont Air rjine) and Sunset Route will operate Personally Conducted - Tourist Ei oursious to San Francisco, Calv without change of cars, conductors ir porters. 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For further information and re servation inquire of any Southern Railway Agent or A. J. Poston, General Agent, 511 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C. You run no risk. All druggists guar antee Grove's Tasteless Chill Touic to d all that the manufacturers claim for it (j Many thousand dollars worth of valuable articles suitable for Christmas gifts for the young and old, are to be given to smokers of BlackwelPs Genuine Durham To bacco. You will find one couDon inside eacn Office Clrk Si pf.kiok Cocbt, New Berne, N. O. The following opinion of tbe Attorney General of North Carolina furnished me through the office of f.he Governor upon my application to him I published for the infor mation of magistrates recently ! ied. Under the law, as construed by the Attorney General, magistrates can not qualify until the tint Mon day in August next. State op north Carolina, Executive Df.partment. Raleigh, N. C, December 4. Wm. M. Watson, Esq., C. S. C. Dear Sir: Replying to your faror if the 21st, ultimo, I am instructed oy the Goveinor to state that tb Attorney General has advised him that the failure of officers elected in the Counties to tile statement of their expenses as provided by Sec 72 of the new election law is a for feiture of office under said law and it is the Clerks duty to till the offioe However be can not do so until after the time Jor qualification has expir ed. Under the new law Section 4, Chapter 157, no date for qualifi cation is fixed for the Justioes electtd oy the people, therefore the law of 1885, Chapter 288, not being in con flict therewith is still in force and they mutt qualify within thrM Li I III n UM IMiC IX K b A WA LAV W office to.begin nnder Section the Code it must begin on w Thursday in August after th&r elec tion as at that time the terirf of ojfiot of three Justices expire end it we evidently the intention of ike Gen eral Assembly to change the ntnor .-ir a nnni n r 1 n rr .1 niriniw ( 1 1 s. 11 - ... v.. a . v and not of increasing tne nam further than by the appointment of the three additional which ia pro vided in aaid act. It is farther the opinicn of tho Attorney General that where there is a forfeiture of -office it is the Clerk's duty to ap point (as stated above) bnt should those elected and entitled to office fail to qualify then it is the Gov ernor's duty to fill the office, as no other manner of appointment le provided by the law, bat nnder this opinion he cannot appoint until after the expiration ot three month v and none of the Justice!" elected can be inducted into offioe1 until the first 1. w hh i w ft n A n rm not Hoping this explanation;, ie eatie factory, I have the honor to be Yours very truly,' ' S. F. Telfair, Private Secrviary. THE NEW Y0K TIDES FOR THE CAMPAIGN. tHE NEW YORK TIME$ will mailed dally sod Huodays to mt addltlft in the United Siatea, Cacmda, or lisxtoc. MMUob free, until November 15tk, 189. covering the National campaign ami eUo- tiooA, tor $3.00. THE TIMES will print tue news el ibis important campaign, on btb aid. It should be rra1 everywhere. 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Primary Department, 1 1 .Vi per aaoath. Intermediate " S.?5 Classical " 1.00 For further information, appl) er ad dress, johx n. loko.lu, u. ; E. II. Meadows, v T. A. Ubckk, V) Board of Regeotb ucnumo V Tobacco y

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