ft. I r ' VASHIHGTQH LErTHL 10 NKW EXPENDITURES FOR PUBLIC BUILDINGS. r4at Bar Wf Wkl JOUKKAI, BCBUU, V WAHlxaTO!t. D. C. Dec 4. SvMtort la i KrrBMeoimlirw wbo u lsfcrt1 io public building bdli r not pleMt with to aoooQcMot ot Cbir a Ouia- a, oftti H4 um Appropriation c-ui U. tii r m-w espoditarw will aa t i-d b) ibm committee o long w iu.- Au- ruiui reveoue arc le than l nmmi. rivers i cooidimble tad ihrrx rtt; b Bun, tut McCitiiOo' word will o, it 1 known A w t ickt lv Spker Reed, aod tb y wwvl Ur pjbic ijeildiag wilJ bate lo wttit, lbuu tii ineoda of toon ui lka aiajF 0w abrtwd woo a a to gvi tba v pruvi ir-d foe u maiimeaU bj wjof K (ic oUb Hous-, 111 oe&tac of tbf -JUli ' trr. A a-cttt-.u 1 amor, aftjd to bw i'airj trGur ' urUa dropped by auio( kuou o ei jy ta u&flioi otrt-urt Uuj, tajr Ui mbuai a iuoti.ii i r-wcrti'.r) OUiej actiog uo-af-.ti t' u ut rVtaiucal ClvUod utl - uoictjr dj. mui .1 ue uJiii 1 ii Mianifd to uoi u. tuOtU muiUUOO, &od that if al Um atd ot lb at Uui uo prOKtaa La batsu km' hi uwaru (bai eod to United 8 tics VwUfcJ lm caiietJ Qpoa la Inr lairtwrt 01 bAibaiiitj tod oi cuoiuerca u lalcricre, lutcibtj 11 oecrary,io tmng aOoatf pcc. TUuoe who accrut tua mtoor aj trua point oot Lb i it wai a'jout Um lia lUal Utln alirOki QjlUtUlUOl WM tU lUt Xiimor ituajf tuvai prr paralioiu btth id ttM aoa Ut U Oiled SLac bgsa. Tuwow Uuug ia wbicb Um iWlj ar ntl CocgtemoKi Uww uwt U tlightrai IUraai. 1 U CvoteuU ol thw Prkioi' f jHK-ociin; onii) m .iwig to Cong few. Oruiaoxiiy it ia ju&t the coatrarj witb ItKaa. bat ibis year crerybudj aw an to taiak tbx vt will not maM t& aUgbturt 4iafwe CJereUad auj am) M ' a ftivtiwl wuuout a prtj pracU abj. U i oar seoatora aa4 tb little kjiaaiiu ol BrpreseatatiTwa who ara tiU kura a CUtcbvqU Doaiocratacaii baxuli , b ealted a partj. Tbw kwjer ho ia'at m jeaiocs of tba Voaor of bia proftssioo u b ia of Ek own caodJMUM M oowortbf of Lbf priifiarifio ad 0nlttw to be traatad wiUiJlba' bwai " tm tntrreatt of o(lr. It b this mlooy of tf aoqor ot their profeaaioa titat ia Trvxrl lit baOet da of pataot law jen . ia ajitsaa i ItTor of tba orgaaiaatioQ ot -.-. " Faxant Ba; wall rules airiagM t caoagw --5 va toj mom af tb jracbca wbJcb are "VoZ"liBf t6 pcofaanoa, aapacially tb v- rlk vbik 70a wait fjcoralaaa wkcb ; ' aiaWagacaUrfed broadcast by' oarUin ";v'tnn a bait to jtet adtanca fct bom at ; "? "raatoo tad 19c ' who aata idaaa ' tb j .." bsagiaa to tai invciiUoeav aad' taa lottary .awnpatitloa Waicb ara daoaocaUaiog tawa ! wba ara iadacedto paj far Ua ptiriUga astariBg taa. Tbaaa tkka of oaacro poloaa palest aoliciton, altoocgh of doo-bt fal Icgalitj aod aoave daogcrooaJT near tu obtaining money under him prateoaaa, eaaaot ba reacbed Qby aalhorily of to Caaaaalaaiooer of Pauota, but Umt coulo ba by ruaja mad a by aa aaaocklioa of faJnitawym. baaator Taller aayi tba Popaliata will do ooibiog to preraot tba carry g oat f tba proposal for aootbar lataraatiooal atdaataTy eoaaiiaaioQ txcapt to ataa taair beliaf ia tb atLer linliianiii of aocl coaamiaaioo. Ha addad that tbara Darar kaa! baaa any iotematioaal mommy and " . tbatbf 0481 balMT taw arar wtt2d ba. aUraaga to say tb cztraraa gold ataadard aaaa taka about tbe saxna viav of Uia mai . v . IK W Saoator Prftr doaa. ' RepraasoUriT Apalry, af aaaaa., who oogbt to be authority on ib aabjact, " aays tba reaaoa tha wool maaotaftarara ara sin ring so banl to get tba .Dinglay, bill pat throuti tba Sacats at tkla aasaiaa .iMABaaso tba pasaaga of Ut ,lXaglej bill wcaid bare tbe immadlata afict 01 raJaiog tba doty 00 tbe woolan aaaaaCae taraa soom 15 per cent, while tbe.eiaty eo taa raw mala nil would oolj ba placed si about C cents a pound. Cooaaqaaotlj tba lanalartarars would hsra tba beat ol tba bariaiatioo, being able to gat the raw material at companuirely little adraoo la euat, whQe being protected aa to tbe aaaaactaaed article." Hr. A.psley atroog'y Airort aa extra tariff aaaaioo and among other raasoin for bta belieT said: I asa aot in or of aoacting-aaj aaaa are wblcll Is not Ciir to all intercats. Ii weaboald attempt to do aayduaaj tbi aaalon. we would be sure to tbaka aariooa : uatsaart aaj Dare toe wont ui; 00 over, g4d,v J. am in Uror of an extra saaiino, . witb a careful examinaliun into all tba ' ecbdal, aodThe resuli will be a sysame- trioal tariff bill tbar would be- aatla&ctory i to tbe eouatry." Speaker Ri' Irveodi onlj smile rrsrj ilbna soom iisagioatiTa newaoaper m&n rgaalsea, 00 paper, a new Opposition to bia re alactioo aa speaker of tbe next Baoae. They eso afford to ami la. They know tkat Mr. Read's re-alectioa ia al .. ready aa good as assured aaa) thai not ea tbe bafloeoce ol PraaUeei-ekct Me Ealey eouid prevent it, avea If Tkt4 Vc - Ktalay ware opposed to tba re alertioa oi Itpeakar Reed, which 00 wall infaroed person belie res him to be. . SUtrd la a nutshell tbe opinlee of a axajocity ol tbe Scoaiors and Bepraaenta tdvat now la Washingtoo may be lender as! tbailjr The short leeaioa of Ceagrsas will be devoted to passing tbe ragalar ap propriatioa bill, ibe unloadiag of a few peraooei grieTancea aod tbe pay meat of s frw political debts by meaae of apeecb ca, aod some wrsogtiag. There will be aa extra aeasioa 01 Coegreas early in tbe spring to paas a far II bill. Thy aallar with Con; ha, Colds, and LsvOrlppe wbeo Lax a TIT K Baoiau Qvnrna will cure yon la ooe day. Does aot prod oca tbe ringing in- the bead like flnlpbale of Quinine. Vttt up ia tablets eon aen lent ir taking. Oaarsassed to cure 'at avooay raAudel. Price IS Cents. Fot aala at Bradbam's lsrmanjaad all other rrog Stores. CURLING IS POPULAR. Plrls Go Ia Tor It With Great Zt ud Bootn Kxpert Playrrm. Tbe inclosed ire rinks an- Boinfj to 06 more tuau trer popoUr thin winter. That is becauM a new ut bus been found for theui in introducing the game of curling. LTules tbe straws iu the wind tell a very false tale, this sec ond game imported from Scotland ii sure to have, from now on, almost aj pronounced a rogue as golf. Its chief recommendations nro that, like golf, it is an old and houom ,le pas time. It is not intricate or costly, and it is making a special appeal to womcuou the other aide. Women in Scotland don't rery often indulge in curling ou tbe frosen loebs and rirers, but iu Lou don it is being rapidly adapted to the ievrinki by sport loving women of rauk, lid pretty soon we are gciug tu litar Just aa much about akipa and ho Iiiich, teee and beionii a we have heard all summer of foarxomes add driver, put ting greens and lofting. "If you can bowl well and like t- do it," said a girl who was talking about the new game and its charms, "you are bound to make a capital curler. Beside, It's a wonderfully healthy, exciting sort of sport, and as to the propriety of it, just ask and you'll find oot that iu Scot land it is considered a special relaxation for tbe oiergy. "Up in Canada the girls go in for curling with a great deal of vigor. There is a woman's curling club being started in Boston, another iu Baltimore, and if the winter brings any mod ice this year there will be ionic bcnxpicla on tbe Hudson." St. Paul Piuti Pre as. ALL SORTS OF SPORTS. Pennsylvania university hag chal lenged Yale to a basket baJl match. ShepHomans, the old Princeton back, baa been coaching the New Yorn uni versity football eleven. Henry N. Pillabury, tbe Brooklyn obese expert, who has been playing abroad, has returned to America. The report that Corbett and Fitzsim IBODS are to fight st Coney Island has not been taken seriously by the New fork sports. Grant, the Canadian runner, has shown up better than any of the new men at Pennsylvania university train ing under Mike Murphy. With a 100 yard sprinter who can do better than 10 second Yale men re gard tbe outlook for the 167 intercol legiate with complacency. In order to keep alive interest in track athletics tbe University of Penn sylvania sntioipstes giving a series of indoor games during tbe winter. Zxois Cyr and Horace Barre of Mont real have been matched to meet in a heavyweight lifting contest for the world's championship and f 2,500 a side. Jim Corbett says the Fits and Shar key fight will be a cut and dried affair. Tbe purse, be says, will be spljt, and tbe fighters will get a piece of the gate receipt-. Frank Craig, tbe Coffee Cooler, has notified Billy Newman that he has ac cepted the offer of a $2, 000 purso which Newuan offered him to box Dan Cree dou of Australia. The wing shot championship now .goes to George J. Roll of Blue Island, Ills., who at Baltimore recently defeat ed Bert J. Claridge, who won the tro phy at the recent tournaments at Chi eagOk John Fleming of the National Sport ing club of London has announced tbe appointment of Dr. Ordway as Ameri can representative of the club, with full authority to make all matches on this aide of the ocean. Tbe executive committee of the Unit ed States Golf association recently held a meeting at the residence of President Tb odore A. Havemeyer, New York, and made a few. miaos? changes in the constitution and bylaws. Xt Harvar Crew De to HcaUf. JZarvard'a rowing magnates say there is ire chance of a crimson crew going to England next year. A report from a London paper said that America would: again be represented at Henley and that the oarsmen would be from Harvard. Bat the coaches say there is nothing in Ibis rumor and that it probably origi nated from the fact that an English coach will have charge of the crimson crew. Harvard ia under obligation to raw Cornell next season. It is said she will never send a crew abroad till Cor nell and Yale have been beaten. The Cambridge oarsmen rery rightly believe that honors could not be gained at Hen ley when there are unbeaten crews in this country. Aquatics at both Yale and Harvard will doubtless undergo marked ehuigee next year, when English meth ods will be used at both universities. Every lover of the sport hopes that the achoolboy rows between these two great institutions will be settled forever and that they meet on the field and ou tbe water for the sport itself. New York World. A Owd CuiJ M Abroad. Mr. Albert Horner, a wealthy resi dent of the Hawaiian Islands, bought from Palo Alto fsrm recently one of the best bred colts ever exported from this country. Tbe youngster is Adriou, by Advertiser, : 1 5 V4 , dsm Clarion, 23,. by Ansel, son of Electioneer, second dam Consolation, dam of Utility, 2:13, by Dictator; third dam Belle, grand&m of Superior, 2 :17 V4, by Alexander's Nor man; fourth dam, Vic, dam of Matrie Graham, 2.-211-,. by Mambrino Chief. Advertiser, the aire of this oolt, is the son of Electioneer, reserved at Palo Al to to fill his aire's place, his dam being Lulu Wilkes, by George Wilkes; second dam. the famous Lulu, i A5, by Alex ander's Norman. So well was Adrion thought of at Palo Alto that, it is said, be oould not have been secured by any breeder who would have kept him ia this country. Exchange. la essential to health. Every nook aad corner of the Blood system is reached by the blood, sad on Its quality the condition of every organ de p da. Good blood means strong nerves, good digestion, robusl health. Impure blood mttns scrofula, dyapepaia, rheuma tism, catarrh or other diseases. Tbe surest way to have good blood is to take Hood's SarsepaxilVa. This msdiclns purifies, vi talises, and enriches the blood, and sends the elements of health aad strength to every nerve, organ and tissue. It creates a good appetite, giras refreshing sleep and eures that tired feeling. Remember, LTU Sarsaparilla Is the brst la fact the Ooe Troe Blood Purifier. s-i j rjt I1: sssy to nCXXl 9 FillS take, ssry to operate. 23c NINE HUNDRED AND ONE. There Are That Many Tart I J the Uigb (irade Ulcycle. Few people, pcrhap-i, auion those who ure waiting for the $o biccle wosld prouably L.ive thought that there arc 0 1 ilistKKt pieces in a modem ma chine. Of course, a great many of these are trifling aud apparently insignificant, but, all the siiiue, they probably require the same thought, tbe same labor and skill aj if they were large and iu.por taut. These 901 parts have to be design ed, patterns made for uiott, special ma chinery aduptcd for some, ami 011 all skilled labor expeuded, before they are lit for absorption in the machine. Then, further labcr f the highest iias, spiead iug over nmny dt partnients, is required to build these 9(Jl parts into a bicycle. Despite all that is said ou the subject, a bicycle is nor comparable, as an in dustrial prcd. t, to a sewing machine. Poople who m-itHUce the present prices of sewiug much 1 lies compared with tho.e which ruled some half dozen years ago and apply the contrast to cycles are spo-aking without their book. Automatic machinery in itself can almost turn out a complete sewing machine, but when tbe automatic machine is finished with tbe cycla components there still remains a considerable amouut of skilled labor to be exptnded, and ou the character of this labor, quite, as much as the quality of tbe material, tbe status of the cycle depends. I: is iu this peculiarity that the cycle differs from the rifle uid almost every other sporting machine. Takeu as a whole, the bicycle is one of the cheap est sporting instruments made. New Yoi k Advert iscr. THE BICYCLE ABROAD. Cycle racing for women is going out of favor iu France. More than two machines abreast are not permitted under any circumstances iu Germany. A writer for Tbe Sketch saw a shock ing sight recently namely, a man in a black frock coat and a tall hat cycling down Glenooe. Preaching to a cyclist church parade one Sunday, it (Jburch of England pa.-, tor chose the text, "Bodily exercise proflteth little. " In France, where tbe number of bi cycles is known because of the collec tion of a tax, the proportion is only 1 wheel to each 2o0 of the population. A bicycle dealer's strike is said to prevail in Madrid. The strikers are pro testing against the heavy taxes imposed on them by the Spuuish government. 1 ho authorities of Brussels have link ed for estimates on 22,000 white enam el plates to bo attached to the bicycles of that city iu connection with the lby" tax. Jerome K. Jerome, the English aa tlicr, pronounces the product of Ameri can bicycle factories to be "utter trash. " Americans have the same opinion of his bocks. Cycling in Saxony is subject to mi nute and carefully enforced police regu lations, which in many places prohibit altogether the use of brakcleKS ma chines. Scorching is forbidden on all German highways. At very steep down grades the cycler must dismount aud guide his wheel until the descent is passed before remounting. England is beginning to think that bicycling cabinet ministers may have 10 be restrained. Mr. Ritchie, president of tbe board of trade, was lately unable to attend an important debate in the commons concerning his department be cause he was laid up from the results of a fall from his bicycle. FoldluK Iiicycle For Army Work. A new form of the folding bicycle liu been designed by an army otlicer with view of makiiig tbe military cyclist v. combatant. The machine is tf ordinary low pneumatic type, with a chain gear, but it folds ou itself, eo ns to bring both wheels together. Mounted on such a wheel, the soldier can approach the ene my, dismount and within a minute have the machine ou his back, with Lis arms free to shoot, to scale or any other duty. It weighs about B0 pounds. Iu view of the high opinion of the possi bilities of the bicycle in war which has been expressed by tbe leading military authorities in this country, together witli the active stepe that have been takeu toward tbe formation of military wheel corps, tbe new bicycle specially commends itself to army experts, a well as to cyclists in general. It has been tried 111 tiie French army and is said to bare astonished th 3 commnuders with its potential value in war for sur prising the enemy by unexpected attacks. Exchange. atra. Parkkunt oa Cycling-. Mrs Parkhurst, wife of the noted New York chrgymau and reformer, says: "Of course I do not believe thai bicycling is immoral. I am a wheel woman in; elf and believe that the wheel is beneficial from every point of riew. The bicycle is a very active agent in the advance of morality. A K'r' who rides the wheel is lifted out of herself and her surroundings. She is made to brentbe purer uir, see fresher and more beautiful scenes nud get an amount ol exercise she would not otherwise get. All this is highly beneficial. I think we can trust to the majority of the girls to conre out all right. Only those with nat urally immoral tendencies will become immoral while usiDg the wheel." A New Bicycle Rac. A new kind of bicycle race recently took place at Norway, Me. A Kiard track 100 feet lon and 8 inches wide was built, arid electric wires strung, with 2i buttons scattered along tin leugth of the path. The contestants rode the narrow track, and in passing ran over the buttons wherever possible. The winner m;wnaged to ring 11 of the 2i belle. New York Post. TIIE SITX 1896. Unit i more, MI. The Paper of the People For the People and with the People. Honest in Motive, Fearless in Kxnreior, S-uiud io I'rin-iple, 1'iswervn: in its Allegiance to Right Tueorics aud Huht I'ri-.c'ices. Tbe Sun publishes all the nevs nil the time, but it docs Dot allow Its columns to l degraded by unclean, immoral or purely senmt ional matter. Editorially, Tiik Scn is the consistent sod unchanging champion and de lender of popular rights and Interests nsrain-t political machines and monopolies ol every cnaracter. inaepcoaent :rj all things, extreme in none. It 18 tor good laws, good government and good order. Bv mail Fifty Cents a month. Six Dol ar a vea-. g""- HER AWFUL ERROR. There Waa Only One Tiling Left For Hei to Uo. She was weeping when he entered, and they bad not been man itd so long that be felt it unnecessary to trv to comfort her. "Why, my dear," he said, sitting down beside her and putting his aim around her, "what has happened?" "Oh, I shall never get over it nev er!" she cried, unheeding his query. "Never get over what?" he asked. "Has uny one dared to insult you or say anything unkind to you?" "No-o," she returned through her teais, "it isn't that. I did it myself, but but" "Oh, never mind!" he said soothing ly. "There isn't a piece of bric-a-brac in the whole house that can't be re placed. ' ' "it isn't that, either," she sobbed. "If it was just a money lots, I would not care. But it is a mistake a fearful mir-take that I made, and w lieu 1 think what people will say when they hear about it 1 just want to go away and die. It 's simply awful to contem plate, Harrv, aud I don't see how I can live in this neighborhood and hold my head up after it. " "Well, we'll move if it's necessary," he answered. "But tell me what it is." She brightened up instantly at the suggestion that they might move. "1 never thought of that," she said. "That will hi ic all right. You see, the trouble is all about that Mrs. Brown who lives in the next block. If we can get away from her and the people that know her, I euppose I can live it down. " "You haven't had any serious trouble with her, have you?" he inquired anx-icu-dy. "Oh, dear, uo!" she answered. "But, you fete, 1 called 011 her today." "Well, what happened then?" "Ncthiug. She was punctiliously po lite, but I could easily see she was in clined to look down upon me as a wom an who tiiil not understand social cus toms, but nevertheless was well mean ing and was to 1 treated with dignified coortef-y. I couldn't understand it at first, hut later" Well:" "Why, later I learned that she moved into the neighborhood two hours before we did, and 1 should have waited for her to call on me first. Yc-s; I'm afraid we'll have to move, Harry. I can never be any one here after that." Chicago Post. A Juvenile. Chimniie Wot a world of perwersity an temptashuu dis is, Rosy! You an I'd never wanter go on dat old grass ef we knowed der privetlig wes open ter us. New York Sunday World. It'i Sometimes Tbt Way. She was surprised when she heard of the engagement, and she showed it. "Why, I was perfectly satisfied in my own mind that yon liked John bet ter than Harry," she said. "Well, to tell the truth, I did," re plied the engaged girl. "But yon say you are engaged to Harry. ' ' "Ye", that's tine. " "Well, 1 don't understand it at ail." "Why. it's veiy simple. You .see, Harry was the one w ho proposed. ' ' Chicago l'o.-t. Agreed With Him. "1 think," said the comedian, "that some of the humor which I have intro riuced is strictly up to date. " "Yes," replied the friend who has a geHle method of saying unkind things, "there is uo doubt of that. There is a great popular craze for the antique, at present." Washington Star. A Joyful Reunion. "Margaret and I hadn't seen each other for ten years. " "What did she say when you met?" "She said I had grown awfully gray. " "And what did you say to lier?" "I told her she hud become enormous ly fat." Chicago Kecord. Why He Objected. Thirsty Thingumbob I never han dles a hoe. Lots. It puts blisters on me hands. Farmer That won't hurt you. Thirsty Thingumbob Yes, but (ley's, got water in 'em. Philadelphia Record. Hard Lot. "It's pretty tough," sighed the small, sickly tree "There are ten girls in this block learning to ride the bicycle, and I am absolutely the only object they can run into. If there was only a hydrant or something!' Detroit Tribune. Putting It Kindly. "Do you think he really wants to marry me for my niemey?" "I don't suppose he really wants to. Rather say, he thinks, in order to get tbe money, he'll have to." Indianap olis Journal. A Woman's Reason. Tom Barry Would you accept mi if I were to propose? Perdita Try me and see. Tom Barry But I just wanted to satisfy my fiancee's curiosity. Truth. A Fatal Error. "Why did the Beverlys call in the in? ritations to Mabel's wedding?" "They had made a mistake and is sued the invitations for the cook's after noon out." Chicago Record. The Ideal Panacea. James L, Francis. Aldermn. Cbicico. sts: "I n-i'ard Dr Kui-s New 1)mov . ry :-s an Ideal PamCia t" r Coui Col':8 aod LuoiT Compliim?, having u-el it in my f-m i'y l"i the la-t live :irs. to the exclu-iou of ohy-ici; 11 's prescrip tions or other preparations Rev. John Bin 1: us. Keokuk, lown, writer: "I l ae I e. 11 a Minister ot the Method 8- Episcopal t'huich for 0 v:ir or mor-. ai d h e never Uui'd anything -o beneticia'. r licit save me uch -jvedy r. lief as Dr. Kii u's New Di-coveiy Try 'his I'leal Ci'U.h Hee.ly. Trial Ho'.ths r e at F. S. ruft'yVs ) MuJtore. CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. TW tu tlall etfuto at ' It M ersrr Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.' Children Crj for Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry fa Pitcher's Castoria. Brilliant Young's ( Ivlli.atlon. It tvas L;:d enough in sme of its fea tures, no ooubt, bur this b::di:,SH has made tin. world lose sight of tic fact j that :t nl-o n 'Utiiiu otht 1 feature . f sur I passing rx- That 1 1 at ion, whicn for a ( nt uiy it has bt . ; ne ureuui j of public ee iicinii-ts to estal ii.sh, found iu the ' ri(. iiial Mormon set t lenient al most a perfect development. Mr. William K. Smythc mentions in The Atlantic Monthly hew the-Morinons started co-operative iriigation. They settled upon the arid edge of the Amer ican desert, it was necessary that they should plant crops, and that ijuiekly, nr starve. Nothing would g:ow unliss. the soil was watered. Immediately Biigham Young summoned his disciples aud put them to work digging the ditch which should turn the waters i f City creek upon the fields. It was done quickly, and iu time an excellent irrigation canal was made. Brigham ruled his subjects with a rod of iron, but he ic.led them wisely, so far as puhl.e matters w, nt. He parceled out the land into farms of 20 acres each. That he considered enough to produce what one family needed. All the unallotted land belonged to th pub lic. Nobody was allowed to own more ground than lie tilled: nobody was al lowed to buy land for a future iie. All enteiprises in which the general public wa.s interested merchandizing, banking, etc. were organized on the plan of numbers of small stockholders putting their means together and start ing them. They were conducted on per fect business principles iudustrv, econ omy and honesty. The irrigation canals, waterworks, etc., belonged to the pub lic, and uo private company was ever able to get possession of them. Everybody had to work for his living was forced to do sj. The profit arising from business of any kind was divided among the stockholders on the most hon est principles. So well did the system prosper in all its branches that, as Mr. Smythu tells us, one of the concerns. Zion's Co-operative Mercantile institu tion, has paid for 27 yeais annual dividend of 9 1-3 percent. No commu nity in modern times, except in gold mining districts, has become rich sc quickly as these Mormons did. The country mail carrier on horseback with saddlebags was a familiar feature of half a century ago. Then came the country mail carrier in his sulky. It was left for the rurali.sts of the end of the nineteenth century to become famil iar with the appearance of the mail car rier bicyclist. Many of the star route postoffie'es are now served by the bicycle mail carrier. He makes better time than a horse can d; over reads and ;;r times when he can travel at all. Also it can not be denied that ho has a good deal more fun than ihe old time mail man did. His bicycle is no expense, and in that respect it has the advantage over tftfe horse. But the drawback is that in rainy and muddy and snowy weather the bicycle cannot go at all. Moreover, some parts of the country are yet so heathenish as to have 110 roads fit for cycle travel. That difficulty iu time w ill be overcome. There is no promoter of good roads like the bicycle. It is unfortunate that tbe big Ferris wheel property at Chicago has bad the hard luck to pass into the hands of a re ceiver. The Ferris wheel pr. ba'.ly give as much healthful and innocent pleasure to the minute to nun, women and chil dren as any invention ever made. There is an infinite joy, a serene happiness iu riding slowly and majestically through the air above all the smoke, rinsT, clam or and fretting at the earth's .surface, above the tops of live and six i-tory buildings, aud taking in long breaths of the air as the Almighty ruado it. We may hope that the enterprise will re cover from its temporary embarrassment and that the great wh-el will still roll ou serene and prosperous. The Poles, Russians and Italians are the most ignorant of tha immigrants who come here. For the year ending June SO, 343,267 immigrants landed ia America, aud of these 28 per cent were unable to-read and write. It is an ap palling record of ignorance. The Italians are among the mot illiterate. They are also the most willing to learn of any. In the public schools and those estab lished by private benevolence the chub by, beady eyed Italian children are on the alert to catch every point presented by their teachers. The Italian is ou the whole as civilizable as any among the strange medley of races we have to re ceive and assimilate in this country. In spite of tbe war in Cuba, sugar, politically and otherwise, will be plen tiful iu this country next year. The World's product will be larger than that t)f last year. It will amount altogether !o8,76o,000 tons. The beet .sugar crop of Germany and other European coun tries is something immense. It will amount to 1,960,000 tens, more than half the world's total crop. A tourist agency has added to its in ducements to travelers bicycle trips. Wherever, iu lands foreign or domestic, its patrons desire to visit points of note by bicycle instead of by carriage their wish will be gratified. Think of scorch- iug ou a wheel over the giound where lions used to eat up Chi i.-f ians m the Coliseum at Rome! A recent newspaper publishes a plo ture of the "room" in which President Elect McKinley does his literary work. " Is Mr. McKinley a lirerary man? B. C. 33 O. 3D. 3L,X2nTE FREIGHT & PASSENGER. UNTIL FtJUTHKR XOTTCK The Steamer NEUSE la scheduled to sail from New born as follows: MOiNU.vS, - WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS Sailing hour 5:30 p. m. Sharp. Freight received up to 5 o'clock For itutlier Information apply to, GEO. HENDERSON, Aff'nt June, 23. 180fl. 1 HVO IN A SINK HOLE. a. KENTUCKY PRINTER NARRATES A THRILLING EXPERIENCE. While Following; the Call of His Faithful ling lie Met With a MiRhap In Irk Hole Willi a I ier e WiUl Meant The l'cape and Recognition. Pretty much everybody in the crowd bad told a story of the gun or dog or tishpole except a printer who looked about as much like a hunter or fisher man as he did like an angel. "It's your turn now, Muggins, ' said the reporter. "I never hunted anything but hoard ing houses over in Brooklyn," lie said, with .". wan and dodging kind of air, as if people threw ihings at him whenever he tried to tell a story "But before you came here in what we want to know about," put in sev eral, "and you've either got to tell a story or pay fcr the drinks every time anybody else tells one." He moved about uneasily and pushed his chair back from the table, drawing it closf up again immediately and final ly i psring his hands clasped on the board in front of him. "Well, gents," he said with the wan and dodging look still in his eye, "let me think a minute. Before I came here I lived iu Chicago, where I was hunted instead of hunting. Before that I was in w Orleans, where I only hunted a job. Before that I was in St. Paul, where; I was hunting a warm place all the time. Before that I lived in Boston, where it, was too frigid to hunt, mid be fore that, quite a long time before that, I lived in old Kentucky, ai:d, gents, 1 did hunt there. Nothing but a coon, ruebbe, or a fox or a possum or as little as a squirrel or only a dove in the dusty road, but it was finer than anything ou earth. "I was only a boy, and perhaps that had something to do with if, but I didn't know any different then, like I do now, and it was just the tin est on e:uth and no mistake." And his wan face lighted up as if J.c veie looking through the open gutt s t f pLii iiuite. "I recollect 1 had a deg that was eonud rable of a hunting (., but l.c was an unrcstlrss kind f ; : f, ulid when he treed any thing ho would do a lot of barking at first, but if somebody didn't con;o mighty quick he would give it up and go moseying along after the next thing in sight. One night I was out with him after coons, and about ft o'clock I heard him bark like he was over in a clump of woods about a half mile away. 1 knew 1 was going to have to get to him pretty quick if 1 found him there at all, aud I fctarud across a field toward the woods aa fast an I could go. It was a stubblei held with sink holes like you find all over Kentucky in the limestone parts, and the place was dark, though the mccn was jmt bcginnii g to show above the woods. I whs thinking more about what the dog had than anything else, aud ns I went banging through the field, all at nice I seemed to drop off of the earth and fall into a cellar, and iheu I knew I had tumbled into a sink hole. They aie never very deep or dangerous, and I wasn't afraid if being fatally hurt, tut it took tho Fund out of me right quick, and I went down through tho weeda and stuff, not know ing just what had happened. Of course I hadu'i much time to think, ami when 1 hit bottom 1 had still less, for instead ( 1 lighting on tho ground r stones cr thicket, I lit 011 something alive. It was a wild animal cf some kind. 1 didn't know what, and I was grand till my hair Legau to fct 1 funny on my head. "When I went down. I vvi i.t hard, and I kind of knock d the wind .i t oi tbe varmint ;.t firet, but :n a .-cioi-d i: began to yowl and snap ami Fjiarl and tr twist under me and try to ; t (ut aim to raise the dirkcus generally. In the meant imo I was yelling and sqr.uwkiug find trying to scare the blamed thinji, becHiiso I thought it was a wildcat, a'nl I knew a boy of my t-izo didn't have any show with a wildcat if the varmint ever took a notion to light, and 1 knew pretty well that n wildcat was about as sure to take a l-oiion to fight us any thing on earth. I ricn't know exactly what I did iu that Lr.le or how I did it, but I remember it seeim-d about a month of Sundays that I was all uiuseed up in there with some kind of a wild animal, and finally tho thing got from under me jmd, scooted as fast as it could for the top of the Fink hole. I followed after it as quick as I could, for I became braver when I saw it run, and when I got up on tho level the moon had come out, aud I could pee the varmint fairly skin ning it out for tho tall timber. I yelled at it, w ith all my might, though I didn't run after it very fast, and begau to call my dog. Ou the second call tbe varmint stopped, aud I begau to get ready to skin out myself, when I get a l-tter look, and, by tbe great born spnu, gents, it was my dog. I called him then, and be came back to mc. and I could I4ee for myself that he had holed something down there in the sink, r.nd his harking had been smothered and sounded away off to me, and of course when 1 dropped in ou him unexpectedly like that he didn't know anything about it, and nei ther did I, mnl there v.-e was. Iu any eveut, gentlemen, '" concluded the for mer Corncntekt r,."that nog t tnic trot ting back to me, and when we met face to face in the moonlight he scrter look ed at me, mid I sorter looked at Lim, and I don't know wl.i'h one (f us felt mof-t like apologizing. I do know, though, we both knocked off for that oc casion, and on tho way heme we took turn about m aking along behind eacl oilier, me and tho dog." New York Sim. Parisian Pagan. Paris is threatened with arenfthwance cf paganism. Several well known litte rateurs, poets aud aitists have banded themselves into a society for the adora tion of heathen deities. This romantic revival has already caught the Parisian fancy, and converts are announced tv erv day. A Valuable Prescription. Editor Morrison of WoMliinjjtoii I mi 'Sun'' writer "You have a ahmbu- pie scrip' inn in Electric Hitters, ttud I cai cheerfully recommend it lor C'on-tipatioi. an I Sick Headache, an I "s geneiai sys tern tonic it ha n" equal." Mrs. Anni, Stehle. 2665 Cottage (i:ove Ave. Chi cajo, was all ran down could not eat noi digest lood, ha'l a baek:icht! which uevt i left her and felt tiied and wtai y, b it six bottles of E'ecbic Hitters restored hi 1 health and renewed her fctrcuiMh. Piice 50 cents and $1 Get a bottle at F. S Duffy's Druir Store. Caveats, and Trade-Marka btatnedand all PjU J Knaircca r-i-mii lifted far UAnrkiTr " wrm. S OUR Orriec is Opposite U. S. atcnt Ornt r and we can iccitT-e paten in less tun Uiaa Ukjv 'remote from Wa!ii:iKt'n. . , ad model, 1rav?ng or pnoto., win aescnp - ti!n. We advme, it r-.-ucniaDie or ii-t, nco haree. Our lee not due tul patent is ecure. ( ' - 11... tn Oki;,, Parent. with !rot of same in the U. S. and loreiga counlr.cn. f sent tree. Address Jsent free. Address, i 1C.A.SNOW&CO.) Orf. PATENT OrriCC, WASHINGTON. D. G LWiVWWWWWVVWVWWVV IRDERB Mm) II Afcgctable Preparation lor As -similating the food and Kctf tila ting the S tomachs and Bowels of Promotes Digeslion.Chrrrfi:! ne.s and Rest.Conlains nciUicr Optuni, Morphine nor Mineral. Is :i Nam c o tic. r .' .r - fpiiwvrf . ffantid Sugar . llovTpnr r later. A perfect Remedy for Constipa tion. Sour Stomsth.Diauhoea, Worms .Convulsions Feveri sh ticss and Loss of Sleep. Tac Sinule Signature of NKW YORK. EXACT COPY Of WRAPrtP. MHiM aSCSm 5 jjj L y E. W. bwALLW-pOB"' I nilr OiiMton Ho-iMft. S..nti, ct., t. New Berne, .IT. ij. Stoves, Carpenters Tools Cutlery, Table Ware, Barbed Wire, r CALVAIV!ZED PIPE. PUMPfl. Lime, 1'iastei no. I (.Vmonf. DEVOES PURE READY MIXED PAINTO ty Personal attention to flu- protni t ami correct' filling el all ri ? rjiff3at w,dow Til s NEW BERNE JOURNAL Clean ! Newsy ! Honest ! A Newspaper for tin. Banker, Merchant. , t iri' . . . im Mechanic, Laborer and Farmer. v A Paper for every Household ! All the News The Latest Telegraphic News r! For the upbuilding of New Berne's Indus trial interests, the advancement of Eastern North Carolina and tiie progress of iorth Carolina's Material affairs. ... Special C7oriONoii4lkiil.H in ('()rTV mmilM-nMiKNTS, niROi'fiii tiik rorxiiKs oi- $4.00 A VI A D THE WEEKLY THE DAILY"" lnll" $i,QQ Subscribe Now ! ADDRESS s' The Journal, 1 ,: THAT THE ii 1v1iL.i1 j '. SEE SIGNATUllE j U OF 1 - 13 ON THE WRAPPER OF ETEET r ry. in m4n Mttlta tmlfi It 1 1 t K. Don't aayta t4 tli . ;.e 1 .1 tlx pUm n prnU tlUt It ,1 ford" rd "v'n ikwv rytt. ' See that job jt 0-A-sVT-O-M-A. r i: , - Only Ms ! ! M IS K I I. Hi II. X. '.. WASHINGTON, I. V., : i:v t nitk, ti IT ISO IT. MlV.jti.,, miiI HICU,- U.I.. i north Carolina Sample 4'opien Frw !!f NKW BEUSiE, N. , . $ II lUuil ft V

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