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Conference la Regard to tie Swamp
Lands In Carteret County.
WellKaowa Cltliea Deal. Coiil-
, JIoi of Farmers Ii Fle4aoat
- - Settles. Casesf DefaiH '
d Bail. Csttoi
Mill Iacrease. .
Ralmoh, N. a, Jan. 11-A..W.
Fraps, died here tbUa morning ot asth
ma, at the age af 78. '.Be waa a native
of Baiony, fought In one of the Earo
' pean wara, came here In 1859, and daring
part ot the Civil War, nude many arti
cle for the State and Confederate Got-'
ernments at hit factoriea here, parties
larly teuts, bayonets, saddles and cart
. rtdge boxes. ' He alio made lead pencils,
using plumbago found in two mtlee of
Raleigh. After the war he waa In the
furniture and saloon business and be
came known of all men in public life in
tee State. He waa a mason. One of
hie ion ii a professor in the Agrlcult-1
oral and Mechanical College, v
Sheriff Tayloe of Hertford county has
brought to the penitentiary Drew Vaug
han convicted of murdering an old ne
gro on a steamboat, bat who waa thia
week granted a commutation of the
death sentence, . Yaughau Is to serve a
life sentence in the penitentiary. The
sheriff says he is a dangerous criminal
' and that the penitentiary officials will
have to exercise special care to keep
him ... -
Commissioner of Agriculture Patter
son returned to day from Caldwell coun
ty. He says the condition of the poorer
': farmers there and in much of ' the
Piedmont section :, la distressing and
'will be moie so dating the coming
spring and summer. The heavy rains so
! destroyed the corn crop that not enough
was raised for, bread. The excessively
high price of corn is a blow. Few have
corn to sell and practically all are
'Rev. Baylus Cade and State engineer
McRee were here today to confer with
the State officials regarding the awamp
lands in Carteret county, held by the
Btste Board of education. Dr. Cade saya
there are 110,000 acres of these lands, of
which 80,000 are what are known as
"open lands," that is they are under
water part of the year. Dr. Cade says
these open lands are not worth a dollar
a square mile. - V '
Not long ago at Maxton a man named
Resnik attempted to burn his store. He
wss arrested and gave ball In $1600 for
his appearance at court. He gave a
mortgage on his stock of goods. The
bail is of course forfeited, and goes to
the educational fund.. Now some , of
Resnlk's creditors are trying to have
him put In bankruptcy. This the State
will fight. ,
The Capitol Club bere.has decided to
, establish a well equipped gymnasium. .
;' . During 1900 no lees than "88 cotton
mills were chartered by the State. Last
year only 18 were chartered. There were
- extensive additions to mills, yet the
gain In spindles and looms was much
less than in 1900. v Labor commissioner
Tamer la now preparing the report as
to cotton and woolen mills and says Jt
will be both accurate and complete. The
" millers found last year a try In a; one.
' Next Monday 190 convicts go to the
Ohio River and Charleston railway. Of
these 134 came from the Tillery farm on
.. the Roanoke, river, whloh the State has
contracted on shares for several years. ,
'' Sultan Watches Tripoli.
London, Jan. 10 The Cairo corres
pondent of the Daily Hail cables that
- Sultan Abdul Hamld, of Turkey, .has
' vainly sought to enlist French aid to
prevent the Italian occupation of Tripoli
The saltan then decided to fortify the
capltol; and Tripoli will be reinforced
with a garrison, which will be equipped
with the most modern weapons. .
- ChUd Worth Millions. -;
"My child is worth millions 16 me,1
says Mrs. Mary Bird at Harrlsburg, Pa.,
'yet I viould have lost her by croup had
I not purchased a bottle of One Minute
Cough Cure, "One Minute Oough Care
' Is sure cure for coughs, eroap and throat
and long troubles. An absolute safe
. cough cure which acta immediately. The
youngest child tan take It with entire
safety. Tho little ones like the taste and
remember how ' often it helped them.
. Every family should have a bottle of
One Minute Cough Cure handy. At this
season especially It may be needed and'
denly. F. 8 Duffy. :
' ', A Profitable Investment
"I was troubled for about seven years
with my stomach and In bed half my
time," saysE Demic, Sornerville, lnd
I spent about $1,000 and never could get
anything to help me until I tried Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure. I have taken a few
. Dottles and am entirely welL" You
don't -live by what yon eat, bat
by what you digest and assimilate. If
your stomach doesn't digest your food
you are really starving. Kodal Dyspep
sia Cure does the stomach's work by dl
geBtlng the food. Ton don't have to
diet.. Eat all you want. Kodal Dyspep
sia Cure cures all stomach troubles. FB
Duffy. v )':.,.,,
vr i a
'3 c:: 1 C
Citizens Committee Against Kayor and
Chief Police. Latter Brink Dam
age Suits, '
Suttolk, Vs., Jan. 10. The climax to
the alleged friction and altitude of rival
ry and antagonism which la said to have
existed all along between the Elisabeth
City cttlxena committee and the muni
cipal authorities, came today in the form
of two damage suits for $10,000 each.
The plaintiffs are Mayor T. B. Wilson
and Police Chief W. C. Dawson, each of
whoa aeeki the sum named from mem
bers of the citlsens committee.
The match which set off the volcano
of unrest, was applied In the form of a
signed statement from fonr members of
the committee, which llnferentlally
charged the officials not only with su
plnenesa in solving the Cropsey mys
tery, bat In the committee's words, "they
have at all times seriously (handicapped
our efforts by their actions and manner
of treatment."
They also charged Chief Dawsop with
wiring the release of a Cropsey suspect
whose Identity they were preparing to
After referring to the burden of criti
cism they have borne, the committee de
clared, "we could have accomplished
better results and saved much time and
labor had the chief of police and Mayor
recognised that they were public offi
cers,, paid as public servants and dis
charged their duty In accordance with
those facta."
The Intense interest which first cen
tered in the location of Nell Cropsay,
and then in the fate of her alleged lover
and murderer will now be diverted to
the legal wrangle among those who
sought to solve the mystery.
It is rumored that the citizens com
mittee wanted to find Nell Cropsey be
fore tho police, and that one. member
had wanted Dawson's . position. The
fight Is expected to be a bitter one. The
sympathies of the townsfolk are di
vided. Thecommittee, prominent citizens all,
has much wealth among 'Its members,
and a verdict It gotten, will be worth
Its face value.
Children Especially Liable.
Barns, braises and cuts are extremely
painful and if neglected often result In
blood poisoning. Children are especial
ly liable to such mishaps because not so
careful. As a remedy DeWltl's Witch
Hazel Salve Is unequalled. Draws out
the fire, stops the pain, soon heals the
wound. Beware of counterfeits. Sure
cure for piles. "DeWitt's Witjh Hazel
Salve cured my baby of eczema after two
physicians gave her up." writes James
Mock, N. Webster, Ind., "The sores were
so bad she soiled two to five dresses a
day." F 8 Duffy.
Experiments In Tobacco Raising.
. Washington, Jan. 10. At tie cabinet
meeting today Secretary Wilson explain
ed what had been doae by hit Depart
ment In the way of experiments In rais
ing tobacco. He stated that it had been
folly demonstrated that we could raise
in this country all the wrapper tobacco
necessary for domestic use and of a
quality second to none. In every partic
ular It was as fine as could be grown in
Cuba or any other country. Last year
ten acres of filler tobacco had been suc
cessfully raised in Pennsylvania of a
very high grade, and during the coming
season extensive experiments would be
made iu raising high grade filler In Ohio
Texas, North Carolina and California.
Last year the imports of wrapper tobac
co into the United States amounted to
$8,000,000 and ' filler ; $8,000,000. In a
short time, the Secretary .said, we.would
be able to supply our own wrapper and
filler of agrade that would challenge the
best grown anywhere in the world. .
Combine in Small Stoves.
Chicago, Jan. 10 The Reoord-Hei aid
of morrow will ssy: "A combination of
gas, gasoline and oil stove factories Is
the latest. The American Stove Compa
ny, with a capital of $5,000,000, Is the
name the corporation bears. Nine com
panies, covering practically all of the
Important manufacturers of gasoline
and oil stoves and gas stoves sod appli
ance?, figure In the new combluo,"
Jan. 13 Business in our little town
continues good, considering the com
plaint there ia imong the citizens about
the scarcity of money, but that will soon
be a matter of the past as there can be
nothing ' accomplished by complaining
about things that cannot be avoided.
Mr, Clen W, Barbour came up yester
day to take his old stand with Mr. A. T.
Wetherington In the timber business, we
are glad to have Capt. Clen with as
, Mr. Colwell McKeel male a trip to
your city Saturday on business. "
Mr. David Williams one of our pro.
gresslve farmers has moved to New
Bern. We wish him success.
Little Ethel Wetherington had the
misfortune to get badly burned a short
while ago, but glad to say she Is lmprov
The school house here will soon be
completed.we understand that Miss Mat
tie Stephenson will teaoh the school tor
us. ' .'B.
The Best prescription for flalarla.
Ch!''s and Fever Is a bottle of Grove's
1 j a.i S Cpili. Tonic. It is simply
i (. if ' 3 l.i st t :'..; form, llo
Gallant Hsjor Marches Straight Through
' Samar Isle.
Wasmhgtor, Jan. 10. The Navy De
partment today received the following
cablegram from Rear-Admiral Rodgers
at Cavlte:
Waller reports having completed 10
days march across Samar from Lanaug
to Basey. Column endured great hard
ships. Killed 18 Insurgents, captured
captain, lieutenant and four men.
Major Littleton W. T. Waller, of the
Marine Corps, who Is thus referred to,
rendered gallant service with the ma
rines In China during the march of the
allied forces from the sea to Pekin. In
view of the belligerent spirit shown by
the natives of Samar, and the physical
character of the country traversed, the
march of Major Waller and his com
mand was a feat of more than ordinary
daring. Lanaug is situated on the east
and Basey on the west coast, In the
southern part of the Island
The fol owing quotations were receiv
ed by J. E. Latham & Co, New Bern
N. O.
Nxw Tobk, JSn. 13.
Cotton; Open,
January 7.90
March 8.09
May 8.21
July 8.31
High. Low.
7.90 7.88
Aug 8.10
Chicago, Jan. 18.
Open. High. Low. Close
May ...
... 82f 82 81, 81j
Open. High. Low. Close
.. 651 661 65 65f
Open. High. Low. Close
... 852t 8571
New Tork, Jan. 13.
Stocks; Open. High. Low. Close
Sugar 122 123 1221 1201
Con. T
So Ry 831 831
U. 8. L
U. S.8.
43 42J
Tex. Pao...
A. O.F
V, C. C
Copper. . . .
701 70 681
Cot. Oil ...
Spots 4. Sales 8,000 bales.
Futures, Jan-Feb 4.29. Apr-May 4.29
May-June 4.29.
Cotton was quoted in the local market
yesterday at 7 to 7.
Same week
last year.
Last week
This week.
Sat.. 40000
Mod. 38000
Don't Live Together. gSa
Constipation and health never go to
gether. DeWitt's Little Esrly Risers
promote easy action of the bowels with
out distress. "1 have been troubled
with cosllveness nine years,", says J O
Greene, Depauw. Ind., "I have tried
many remedies bat Little Early Risers
give best results." F 8 Duffy;
Edlsons Wrecked Not Drowned. "
Norfolk Ledger. ,
Mrs, Jacob F. Craft, of Baltimore, has
received a letter from her daughter, Mrs
William Edison, verifying -the report
published In The Ledger some time slnee
concerning the wreck near Beaufort, N.
C, of the launch Ouanantche, owned by
Messrs. Thomas and .William Edison,
sons of Thomas A. Edison, the inventor.
The Ouanantche passed through here on
her way South. - Mrs.' Edison says all
the members of the party were aboard
the launch when she went aground, but
they got off in safety, and repairs are
being made to the boat as quickly as
possible.' The party are now at Manteo
Dare'county, N, C, and the gentlemen
are enjoying themselves hunting deer
and bears. '
; At Pants Gords, Florida, on Friday
the 8rd of Jan, 1902, ot typhoid pneu
monia, Mr. Charles L. Davis. In the 28th
year of his sge. Mr. Davis waa a native
of Carteret county N. C, was born In
Morehesd City, and was a son ot Mr. T.
C. Davis the present) Poet Master of
Morehead City. Mr, Davis wss a resi
dent for a few years, past, of Onslow
county, where he was married to Miss
Cora L. Davis, a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs, John Stanly now residents of
8wansboro. N. C. He had been engaged
In the fish business at Pnnta Gorda, Fla.
for a few years. , His wife left Swans
boro and arrived Just a few hours before
hi death, lie was buried far away
from bis old home and kindred friends,
lie leaves a bereaved wife, father,
motht r, brothers and sisters, with numer
ous friends and relatives, but no child
ren. . G. W. W.
-, r. c, j i, ii r
Questionjof Distribution of State Aid
to Public Schools.
Smallpex Ii Wilson Ignored by Of
ffleialf. A Santiago Cannon. ,
Seaboard Railroad Plans.
Masons to
Rauiob, N. C, January 13. It Is
said that there have been as many as
1500 cases of smallpox in Wilson county.
The officials there persist in calling it
chicken pox, in the facaot positive as
sertions as to its trn name by United
States snd State smallpox experts and
exceedingly able physicians.
The question of the distribution of the-
State aid to publio schools comes up in
the form of a question by a county sup
erintendent whether the first $100,000
should not be applied to the large schools
so as to bring their term up to four
months and let the State out of the sec
ond $100,000 aid the smaller schools. To
this question the answer Is made that all
the schools, both large and small, are of
equal Importance, since It is the educa
tion of the individual that is aimed.
It is very properly determined to place
the Spanish trophy gun from Santiago
In the State museum, beside the trophy
gun from Manila. This will add pecu
liar interest to each, and representing
the great naval victories.
The Seaboard Air-Line two years ago
bought the park at Columbia, S. C, for
a terminal, to include passenger and
freight station, etc. It is now decided
officials here announce, to use it only
for a yard, and that space for a frleght
and passenger depot has been secured in
the heart of the city, at the corner ot
Oervals and Lincoln streets. A great
deal of money has been expended In get
ting to the park and In grading it. A
great lumber company, the Dozier, has
been given space for an extensive plant
In the park property and will put in
electric elevators, in order to reach the
street line. Had the railway continued
to use the park such elevators would
have been unnecessary.
It is expected that nearly 409 delegates
will be present at the annual communi
cation of the Grand Lodge of Masons,
which begins here tomorrow evening,
Governor Ay cock's address at Char
lotte tomorrow evening is on the subject
of popular education. He strikes, as he
always does, a mighty and true note.
Effectually yet gently when costivo or
billions, to permanently overcome hab
itaal constipation, to awaken the kid
neys and liver to a healthy activity,
without irritating or weakening them,
to dispel headaches, colds, fevers, use
Syrup of Figs, made by the California
Fig Syrup Co.
Two Barges With Fertilizer.
The barges W. R. Clinton, from Nor
folk, and Kent, from Baltimore, loaded
with 12.000 baits of fertilizer, and con
signed to E. E. Bishop, are unloading at
the Bishop Warehouse.
If troubled with a weak digestion,
belching, sour stomach, or if you feel
dull after eating, try Chamberlain's
8tomach and Liver Tablets. Price, 25
cents. Samples free at F. S. Duffy &
Co's. drug store.
Lewis Nixon a Southerner. Designer
and Builder of Battleships.
New Tork, Jan. 18. Lewis Nixon,
the new Tammanv leader, was born in
Leesburg, Ya., April 7 1801, and received4tSmmerT aPlei b7 Messrs
his early education in the schools of
that town. In 1878 he was appointed a
midshipman In the Naval Academy.
He was sent by the Navy Department
to the Royal Naval College at Green-
Ich, Eng., and In 1881 he was trans
ferred to the construction corps of the
navy."-' V:v..'': '' ' ' '
In 1890 he designed the battleships
Oregon, Indisna and Massachusetts,
and then resigned from the navy to
become superintendent constructor for
the Cramps shipyard, Philadelphia, In
1895 he left there and on his - own ac
count started the urescent . snipyara
at Ellzabethport, N. J., where he has
built 100 . vessels in six years, among
others the torpedo boat Holland and
the monitor Florida. In 1893 he was
appointed president of the East river
brldire commission by Mayor Van
- ' ;." CBQKER'S LIFE.
Richard Croker was born in Black
Rock. County Cork, Ireland, November
24, 1843. He was brought (to this conn-
try when only two years of age and
received his education in the publio
schools of New Tork city. In 1863 he
was elected alderman and served in that
capacity tor two years, In 1873 he wss
elected coroner, serving three years. In
1883 he was made fire commissioner, and
in 1889 and 1890 he served as city cham
berlain. For years he has been the rec
ognised leader of Tammany Hall. .
Dr.,Bull's Cough Syrup Cures
Cough or Cold at once. Conquers
Crour. Whooping Couch and Measles
Conirh without fall. Best for Bronchitis,
Hoarseness, Grippe, Pheumonia, Con
sumption and Lung Affections. Quick,
r-rt) r "tills. Trieo, C'c.
Boer Delegates In Holland Expect Them
to be Hade.
Amsterdam, Jan. 10 The Boer dele
gates in Holland evidently anticipate
that some kind of peace overtures wll
shortly be made, though they are relL
cent as to their reasons for this belief.
They maintain, however, that the de
mand for an unconditional surrender
must be abandoned.
It is privately admitted the dele
gates will not reject what they call "any
fair offer of terms." If the negotiations,
are started by a neutral Power the dele
gates will earnestly seek to obtain a
modus Vivendi, which will reconcile Mr
Kruger's desire for complete Independ
ence with the terms offered by Great
London, Jan, 10 The Globe's finan
cial editor said a report, which came
from well Informed quarters, was cur
rent in the city to day that the Boer
chiefs had made overtures to the Brit
ish Government to the effect that they
were prepared to lay down their arms,
provided they were not exiled. Wednes
day next is the Boer feast day and it
was said the surrender of the Boers
Trould probably occur then.
Tho War Office officials asserted that
no proposals to surrender had been re
ceived from the Boers.
When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic, because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that it
is simply iron and quinine in ar tasteless
form. No cure no pay. Price 56c.
Narrow Escape From Destruction of Much
V aluable Property.
A terrible conflagration was averted
in Kiuston this morning by the just in
nick of timelhterference of Providence,
the hard and intelligent work of the
Kinston Fire Company, the Dread Not
Hook and Ladder Company and other
At one time It looked to be almost
certain that the tobacco section of the
town would be swept away, and no
telling where the fire would eventually
The alarm sounded at 10:15 o'clock.
It was first given by the whistle of
the American Tobacco company's plant
and In a few secouds later by the fire
To the people who rushed from their
residences and places of business to
learn the cause, it was reported that the
Kinston Carolina Warehouse was on
fire. They realized the seriousness of
the situation if this was so, and a great
state of excitement prevailed. As the
people hurried to the scene, on the
northern outskirts of the town, the
black smoke could bo seen rising and
whirling with the fierce wind which was
Upon arriving at the scene the ' worst
fears were slightly relieved to see that it
was not the Carolina Warehouse on fire,
but a group ot small wooden buildings
on the corner of Heritage street and Ver
non avenue, a short distance from the
warehouse, consisting of a small confec
tionary store run by Mr. Norman B.
White, and two tobacco hogshead fac
tories, one ot them owned and run by
Capt. J. M. White and the other run un
der the firm name of the Kinston Hogs
head Co. owned by Messrs. Fleming,
Bobblt and Goodson.
A strong northeast wind was blowing,
which at first took the burning cinders
towards the Carolina Warehouse. The
tobacco stored there was removed, and
by close watch, putting the flames out as
the warehouse caught, the fire was pre- j
vented from spreading there.
The greatest danger of all now loomed
up. The three story prize House ana
and Moseley and Mr. J A Long, situated
directly across the narrow street from
the flames, caught fire. The wind seemed
to dip down and.taklng the flames.burn
lng cinders and thick black smoke, hurl
ed It against tho west side of the three
story building. Thia, of necessity, drove
the crowd and all who were fighting the
flames back, and It seemed beyond ha
man skill to prevent a fire that would
consume thousands and thousands of
dollars worth of property. But history
repeated Itself (as to Kinston fires) and
once again Providence came to the res
cue. The wina cuangeato norinwesi
and then some ot the prettiest work ever
done by the Kinston fire department was
put Into execution, and with the two
streams of water and the ladders of the
Dread-Not Hook and Ladder company,
the fire was gotten under control.
The fire was first discovered on top of
an old dtscsrded building, which wss
used as a store house by Mr. A. Mitch.
The stock in the store and all the
hogsheads In the two factories were
ssved. -
The loss on these buildings was small,
aeveral hundred dollars covering the en
tire loss. Messrs. White and Son had
their loss covered by Insurance. The
others had no insurance.' The prize
house and stemmery was damaged to
the extent of several hundred dollars. It
Is owned by Messrs. 8. H. Abbott and
J. W. Grainger and the loss is covered
by insurance. Free Press, 18th.
Cut this out and take It to F. 8. Duffy
& Co's drug store and get a free sample
of Chamberlain's ' Stomach and Liver
Tablets, the best physio. They also cure
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uniform an J rciuLit. .........
won and mt-ii If Yi.-.r!.;j:. .
Snow Drift,
White Frost,
& Admiral
Just Received direct from the mill
Flomr is still advancing. If you
need a barrel you will save money by
buying now aa it will surely be higher.
Yours for business,
J. L MAM. 2Sr
'Phone 91.
We call your Attention to the
Following Useful Articles.
Shears and Scissors, Pen Knives, Pocket Knives, Razors, Hones,
and straps, they are all 'warranted aid can be exchanged if not satisfac
tory. Carving ets, Knives and Forks, Butcher Kn-iTes, Can Openers,
and Eye Openers in prices.
Guns from $4.75 to $25.0. Air Rifles and Boy Axes for the boys.
A full and complete stock of General Hardware, Paint?, Varnish.
Enamels, Oil, Lime, Piaster, Cesnsnt, lash Blinds, Doors and Glass.
78 Msddh St
nri a
ever seen in New Bern, Suitable for the FARM, DRIVING, SADDLE,
also DRAUGHT HOBSEI, that will be sold for cash on time.
Good Goods
Make Good Business. Poor Goods are Never Cheap. Think
it over, and come to J. R. PARKER, Jr.'e, where you will find
everything in the Grocery line. Our stock is fresh and of the
very best quality.
Seedless Raisins, 1 lb package, 12o lb.
Perfectly Cleaned Currants, 1 lb packages, 12c lb.
Very Best Citron, 20o lb.
Very Best Mixed Nuts, 20o lb.
Almonds, Brazil Pecans and English Walnuts,'20c.
Very Best Mince Meat lOo lb.
We also have plenty of Fresh Eggs.
Fresh Celery every week.
If you are in need of anything in the grocery linedont fai
' o give me a call and 111 save you money.
Yours to Please,
J. s.
Wholesale and
Horses, Llulcs,
Baggies, Farm
' Wagons; Cart
Wheels and
: 1 ST E R
.'. : " REPEATER"
, i.cvjse they are so sccurate,
.., . ....ships and records have been
..?i them and you'll shoot well.
71 Urea HU -
Bearing Castors.
Gaskill Hardware Co.
Morses & Mules,
CAIili OX .
Julius M. Arnold
Who has just returned from the
West with the finest lot of Horses
Retail Oncer,
Cor. Croat! s Uancock Kts.
1 hdie.

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