: . i. S l ! . H k .:;41-.J :ii I ... - V i No one would be foolish &s to kindle the fire on top of 'a pot to mate itboilj yet the treatment of Catarrh is often just as senseless and illogical. Douches, sprays, ointments, so-called tobacco cures, and various other applications, are diligently used, but the little good accomplished is swept away bv tWfirs't breath tf winter: When'vou attempt to cure a constitutional disease one affecting the entire system with purely local remedies, you are applying the fire to the top of the Dot, vou are doctorinfir symptoms, and, like thousands of others, get disappointing results. ; In Chronic Catarrh, the whole system becomes involved; the .entire mucous membrane, or inner covering of the body, is in a state of high inflamma tion. . -The pressure of blood-upon the glands and cells produce excessive secretion of mucus, much of which is" absorbed into the blood and distributed to all parts of the body. In this way the stomach, kidneys aud intestines are often seriously affected. 4 The nose, throat and ears are most frequently attacked by this foul disease, because tte' mucous lminjr is exposed to the cold, damp air, which attracts the vitiated blood to the St. Joseph, Ko., March 84, 1801. X had bad oss of Catarrh my bom was always (topped - and my head ached ooBttnnally, aad the odor of my breath waa atokeninf. Z had a moat annoyinr cong-h, alao. I tried a namber of remedies and waa-treated by aeTeral doctors, bat tot no. relief my ease was thonrht to be lnourable. 8. 0. bain recommended to me, I befan its use, aad after taking- alas bottles was cored, and nave urn oeea troubled with Catarrh KIBS) JUST ITOIK, - - 601 raaels Street. ; Blinding headacnesj neuralgia' of the " eyes and dizziness are also symptoms of this disease, and when the inflammation reaches the delicate mechanism of the ear, hearing is lost, and, as the ..Wood; becomes more deeply poisoned, the tissues and soft bones in the head are eaten out, greatly disfiguring the face. At this stage of Catarrh the breath becomes insuffer ably offensive... S. S. S. is the simplest and most effective treatment for Catarrh, and when taken "into the circulation reaches all parts of the system and cleanses the blood of all Catarrhal matter and restores it tO'a normal condition. When rich, new blood begins to flow through the veins,, the obstructed glands and broken down cells resume their natural functions, and the "hot arid inflamed membranes are lubricated and moistened with a soothing, healing fluid that quickly brings relief to the congested parts. S. S. S. puts the blood in such perfect condition -and so strengthens and invigorates the general health that" the local Sssaaaw l- . .ss. . sV sns. .en. saw.a - esesss a. "'r: Sav a samssa saaaas-' -saaaas perfect safety in all stages and forms of Catarrh. Our physicians will gladly advise, with out charge, all who write them about their case. Book on Blood and Skin Diseases free. f V THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. Atlanta. Ga. ( A Falthtul RepresentiUve. - Clinton Democrat. We see that the Hon. 0. R. Thomas our honest, falthfol and able Represents tlve, spent the few day's" of' vacation at his home, New Bern, returning to Wm JjhHdTen.: ; "Wsshingtonlan Tableaux", ington on January 8. The Third Di -i Washlngton'a birthday comedy "Mrs. trlct has never had more ; honest '..of ) Podgers' Mince Pie,", and Illustrated dl mote unilrlnff worker than Mr. Thomai.1 rectioni for dressing the hair in Martha Be is an earnest advocate-, of all meatvj Washington stylo Three capital short ores that tend to promote the best Inter-' atbries are "Aunt Line's Conjurln'," by esu of bis people and also of the South. : will Harben, "Ber Son's Wife," by Mar He Is a typical Southern , man, , and a ' garet Whlllans Beardsley, and "Miss Democrat of the first water. His con. Clarissa's Smile Factory," by Mary stltuenta appreciate him and are satisfied , Knight Potter. "1 Incushions" and that their Interests will alwavs be ub served when Tnomas la' In the national hall, ' - Minstrels Next Thursday Night ? Conroy , and Murry rare the hottest dancers In the country. They are with BsjIuw and Wlison's Mlnletrels. ' Barlow and" Wilson's Minstrels, which appeared here ''last night, opens a new era in" Minstrelsy. The;; performance ' was devoid of boisteronsnesa, and the rough and uncouth language,' which is oommon with some of .the to claimed first-class companies; -yet the vlvld por trayal 6f the unique attributes and! the volant 1 humor of the genuine darkey, was charming In the extreme, .The vo cal .numbers were all given in a manner that took with the audience from; the start, while the orchestra was all that was claimed for It. Barlow and Wilson's Minstrels always find a cordial welcome awaiting them bre. Salt Lake Dally Desert News. " ' - The Peruna Almanac. . The druggists have; already been sup plied with Peruna almanacs. There ia - sore to be a great demand for these al . manacs on account of the articles on ; astrology which they con talq.. The sub ' Ject of astrology is a, very attractive one .to most people.-The articles on astrol- ' ogy In the Peruna almanac have: been furnished by a very competent aitrplo-r ' gist, and the mental characteristics of ' -.each sign Is Riven, constituting almost a ' Complete horoscope. A., list of lucky ana nniucsy dhys for each . .month,, are ' given. There will be si great rush for ' these books. Ask your druggbi for one early before they are gone. . French Venezuelan Claims. ' " Paris, Jan, 0. Inquiries' show that the - Frenchmen having claims against Vene- . cuela are urging the French government . to adopt ooerclve measures. , ' , A Pron-lncnt V'oman Speaks. Prof. Uoxa Tyler,, of Chlcsgo, Vloe- I'resldent Illinois Woman's Alliance, in 1 speaking of Chamberlain's Cough Heme dy, says: ' I tuHered with a severe cold this winter which thrcatu'ued to run in to pneumon'a. I tr!u.i diilereot remedies but I teemed to' grow, worse and the medicine npsot rry stomach. A friend advised me tc try Chan ' rlula'e Cough r me 'y and I found It was pleasant to t,a aad It c-Uuved me at once. I am now f'.' -.-'y rco?:: !, sivel a cctor'a t:.l, '" if 1 e nd I will rc'L-r le v !'"'" 'Li " t a.'" "Way li t. . sunacc, caubiu wugouuu ui iuc uiue Diooa vessels ana glands, making breathing difficult and labored; the throat becomes parched and dry; the hot, watery discharge from the nose gradually changes . to a yellowish color and becoming more profuse and tenacious, drops back into the throat, causing gagging and almost constant coughing to dislodge it This offensive discharge, in spite of all pre cautions, finds its way into the stomach, and extreme nmioM orA m nbctvnat fnriii nf r1vrcTwnci'j tnllwir manifestations of the disease gradually disappear, the dis . charge from the nose ceases, the head clears,' breathing becomes easy and natural, the appetite improves, and a . perfect and permanent cure is effected. S. S. S. is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier. It contains no minerals to further tim'smi the . blood and derange the digestion, but can be taken with Designer for February. St Valentine's Day and asbington s Birth sy divide honors In the February Designer, which contains Valentine verses, Valentine amasements for : the ! "Novelties in Crochet' give hints for fancy. work, "The Hygienic Pantry and Storeroom,1 "Household Advice" and "Breakfast Recipes" offer assistance to the housewife. "Points on Dressmak ing," ""Fashions and .Fabrics," 'For Health and Beauty," aad "Nursery Lore are other practical and interesting fea tures. "Daughters or the White House " by Waldon Fawcelt, Is an illustrated article of merit, and "Book Note", sod Selection j for the Recitatlonlsi'' : akr up the list of mUctllany. Promlnen among the fashion features is "Coitumet for Elderly Ladies," beautifully Illus trated, and containing jut such infor mation a is needed by ' those desiring dignified and ' appropriate : apparel. A new departure in the Designer, and on whic.b will be highly appreciated, con sists of iully-llluslrated Instruction lor the making of stylish hats and bonnets Collision and Runaway. - Last evening what might have proved a serious accident and injury to' several persons, fortunately resulted only In damage to property. " Ed Street, with little Myrtle Dlsosway was driving on Johnston street, when reaching the corner of Middle street, at tempted to tarn down Middle street, when a-trausfer at the conjunction of the streets made it difficult for young Street to make the turn, his horse also 'pfcovln'g'very fractious.';'; vj;';; - The rsinlt was that a collision occur red, the transfer being partially wrecked while the shock (brew, out, the two oc cupants of the buggy. The horse brjke loose from the buggy and ran towards the stable on South Front street, knocking over a peanut stand on the corner of Middle and South Front streets. The person in the collision escaped without injury. . i - j -as ' - "'' - 5 A Conspicuous Residence, -o Among the more noticeable Improve ments In residences In this city of late, Is that of Mr. R. A. Richardson, corner of Craven and Johnson streets. Mr. Rich ardson purchased the place from Mr. E.. K. Bryan and has greatly Improved the house by the addition of a long piazza and new tep and In other way, be side repainting the structure. . Shrinkage in Pullman Estate. Redwood City. Cel., Jan. 8. The will of the late Oeorga M. Pullman has been probated here, the petition filing the vunieofthe estate at tjW.OOO, but the showed '?D. it to be' worth only nt mcsy ia? "S - THE GREEN GOODS RACKET. The Pamlico County Farmer Who Lost His $600. Another version la given of the story of the loss of 600 by Mr. Elbert Phil lip Of f amllco, county, who went to New York laBt week and had hi money In hi satchel and upon his return, upon opening his satchel had the experience of Old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard, to fetch the poor, dog a bone. Like that famous receptacle, the aatcbel was "bare." . The revised ! version reported is, that Mr. Phillip had some correspond ence with some "financiers" of the met ropolis and the negotiations reached a point tbat required his presence In New York His son accompanied him and In fact it ia said tbat the young man had conducted the negotiation which were of a somewhat delicate and diplomatic character. The money was raised on a mortgage on Mr. Phillip property near Wilkinson Point, on Neuse river and the lump sum deposited In a satchel, where upon the journey was made to New York with expedition and safety. The rendezvous was In one of the great city sky-scrapers but the Pamlico county couple only ascended, by means of the "lift" as high as the seventh story Of the imposing granite pile on Broad way.; Here they met a suave gentleman in an ante-room of a suite of offices and upon proper Identification,1 essentia! among dealers in "securltes", they were admitted to another room filled with table. Upon these table were "lot and cords" of bills, or "green backs", mainly of $10 denomination. The money was evidently genuine, It had the right look. Several roils of bills were shown to the visitors, each roll said to contain $3,000 in bill and just like those upon the tables. . One of these 3,00Q rolls was offered to the North Carolinian for the f 6C0 still reposing securely within the satchel. Itis said that the would-be benefactors represented that the bills were printed front genuine slate stolen from the government and were therefore the real thing. ': '; '' . .." At any rate the trade ia said to have been made and a roll, the outside of which was plainly a $10. wrapper, was wrapped in tissue paper and curled to Pamlico county. ,, The package was not touched on the way down but upon arrival at Arapahoe examination reveal ed the fact that like beauty the money wa only skin deep. There was nothing below tho first bill except neatly folded papers. At already stated In an account of the matter, tho affair I a deep mys tery to the community. The explana tion given above that It wa only an other successful working of the green goods game, may tend to shed some light upon the happening. Salvation Oil the Best liniment ' ili c, 15 cts; largo bottle 26cts.;.Great. e-t cure on rarth for Rheumatism, Neu ralgia Soreness, Sprains, Backache Stiffness, Cuts, Bruises, Wound.i, Bwcll-Idu-, Durns and Frost Bites.! 8a'vatloa Oil kills all pain. COVE, January 10. Ws ars await the people of Trenton hare said "Hello" before for they hay been to ou,r village) where we here an express office, telephone office, telegraph office end last bat not least, a railroad. I don't know how come, bat If so. Rot. nnd Mrs. W. H. Townaend hare arrired and he will fill his appointment here Bandar. There tu a social fathering at II r. T. B. Iprck's Tuesdsy night In honor of the clever telephone Messrs. Johnson, Allen and 8mlth. . v Mrs. IT. 0. Eubanka and daoghter, Hist Maud, of Hamlet, N. C, are vlett- Ing friend end relative In Cove. The shadow party at the School house last Thursday night was a success, all seemed to enjoy it Immensely. Mr. E. D. Avery was the correct gaeaser end re ceired the cake and we know the Tren ton ltemlter would have been delighted to have taken dinner with him. Mr.T. 0. Whitaker passed through last night enronte for Washington, D C. Mr. J. T. Broaddos has moved Into our little villlage. Dr. R. A. Whitaker was a visitor in Cove yesterday. The Cove people would like to hear from C. K. T. once more. With best wishes for a bright and hap py New Tear to all the lacky readers of the Journal, I remain yours, O. The Last Crew Return. Alglen, La., Jan. 9 A crew of nine fishermen from the steamer "Sparta,'' which ssnk off Atlantic City January 2, landed here today. They had been given up as lost Recovered British Gun. London, Jan. 9 Lord Kitchener re ports that the second British gun which the Boers captured at Baukelaagie has been recovered. Americans Not Wanted. New Orleans,.Tan. 8 Dr. Daniel S. Brosnan, who went to South Africa as surgeon on a British horse and mule transport, returned here today. He of fered.bls service as surgeon of the Prit ish army In the Transvaal, but they were declined on the ground that American degrees were not recognized in the Brit ish service. Disastrous Paint Fire. Jersey City, Jan. 9. Fire this morn iuK destroyed tho building of Reed & Collins, dealers in paints and ctiemlcaW. A terrifflc explosion followed ami shook buildings a block away. Lumber Kilns Burned. Wilmington, N. C, Jan. 8.- Two dry kiln at the plant of, the Angola Lumber Company, situated on the Cape Fear river were destroyed by fire today. In the kilns were over ISO thousand feet of lumber, all of which was more or less damaged. The total loss will not exceed five thousand dollars, almost wholly covered by Insurance. Rheumatism Cured in 24 Hours. T. J. Blacknyre, of Haller & Black more, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A short time since I procured a bottle of Mystic Cure. It got me out of the house in 24 hours. I took to my bed with Rheuma tism nine months ago and the Mystic Cure Is the only . medicine that did me any good, I had five of the best physi cians in the city, but I received very lit tle relief from them. , I know the Mys tic Cure to be what it la represented and take pleasure in recommending It to other poor sufferers." Hold by T. A, Henry, Druggist, New Bern. A Reciprocal Taritt Washington, Jan.' 10 The President and Secretary Root will oppose any com promise measure providing a tariff re bate on Cuban products. ; They are de termined to accept nothing less than a reciprocal tariff arrangement which will give Cuban producta coming into the United States the same concessions a Cuba may give to American pro ducts. OABTOIIIA. Bsantha f Kind Vw Haw Always Bought Bgnatms . Bank Failure. Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 10 The Euclid Avenue Trust and Savings Bank has failed. The bank was effected by the fi nancial difficulties of the Everet Moore trolley syndicate. v Beat Out of an Increase of His Pension. . A Mexican war veteran and promi nent editor writes: "Seeing the adver tisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, I am reminded that a a soldier in Mexico in '47 and '48 I contracted Mexican diarrhoea and this remedy has kept me from getting an In crease in my pension for on every re newal a dose of it restores me". It I unequalled as a quick cure for diarrhoea and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by F H Duffy & Co. Ireland Stirred by League. Dublin, Jan. 10. The United Irish League Is spreading throughout the country like wildfire. The progress of the League la to great that the Lord Llouten ant la paralyzed and helpless. r- - Driving out the Enemy. These are the days of colds, sharp and audden, attacking throat and lungs, and leading to consequences one does not like to think about. : Avoid further ex posure and fight the enemy of health and comfort with Perry Davis' Painkiller the family stand by for sixty years. It conquer a cold In a day. ' See that you get the right article. There ia but one rainklllcr, Perry Davis'. PEOPLE OF THE DAY President el World's Caloa. The Christian Emlcavorera have or ganized world's ijilcn end have In corporated under tlis lnrva of Massa chusetts. Rev. Francis E. Clark, who has been at the head of the Christian Endeavor society In tie United Slates, visaed BEV. ntANCia E. CLARK. was elected president ,of the World's union. Tho union starts out with 01,- 920 societies nnd an aggregate mem bership of 3,820,000. As evidencing the extent of tho work Cone by the En dcavorers Fresldent Clark calls atten tion to the fact that there are now 480 societies la tho Madras presidency of India alone. lie further says: "Japan shows more Interest in tho work than ever before. China la eagerly awaiting her new secretary." Fame by Chance. The story of William Allen White's sudden leap Into fame through his "What's tho matter with Kansas" editorial la familiar to everybody, but It Is not generally known by what a narrow opportunity Mr. White got there. It was lu the summer, nnd Mr. White's wife was at Colorado Springs. He was ebout to join her there for a rest and had written In advance ed itorials enough to carry along his pa per during h!s absence. So at least he thought, ami ho was leaving the ofllce when his foreman came In and asked what provision he had made for the editorial columns during his ab sence. "There on that hook," said the ed itor, pointing, to a ciilke on his desk upon which was Impaled a quantity of manuscript. The foremnn detained Mr. White while he glauccd it over and announced that .there wasn't enough copy. "Give mo a little more," he pleaded, "aud I'll manage to get along." "All right." said the editor, dropping into his chair. lie thought a few mo ments, dashed off the vigorous para graphs, handed them to the foreman and went off for his train. When he returned, he found his desk heaped two feet deep with letters and himself a national character. It was that last editorial that did it. Ynlnnhlc Stnttsttcs. G. Bernard Shaw, tho eccentric Eng lish novelist, essayist nnd playwright, who is never so happy ns when he is stirring up controversy, has lately tak en up the cudgels against vaccination. In a speech In London ho ridiculed the statistical claims advanced by the vac cinationists, saying they reminded him of the report made upon an Investiga tion Into the prevalence of the drink habit In n British regiment in India. "Tho investigator," said Mr. Shaw, "was informed that 50 per cent of tho teetotalers had been invalided home, while the remaining 50 per cent were dead. Further Investigation revealed the fact that the total number of teeto talers in the regiment had been two. One man had been eaten by a tiger, and the other had been Injured by a pulley block falling on his head." The New Postmaster General. The first break in the cabinet which was carried over from tho McKlnley administration by President Roosevelt came through the resignation of Charles Emory Smith as postmaster general. Mr. Smith announced as the cause of bis resignation his desire to return to the active management of his paper, the Philadelphia J?ress. Henry C. Pnyne of Wisconsin suc ceeds Mr. Smith in tho postmaster gen eralship. Mr. PayKe is vice chairman HZNItY O. PA.TNH. of the national Republican committee and is highly valued as a political or ganiser and campaign director as well as a man of exceptional business quali fications, such as will be required In his new position. . President Roosevelt and Mr. Payne are warm persona) friends and have Worked harmoniously together In political affairs. ' " ' The Secret ot Long Lite. j 5 ; ; Consist In keeping all the main or gans of the body in healthy, regular ac tion, and in quickly destroying deadly disease germs. Electric Bitters regulate Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, purify the blood, and give a splendid appetite. They work wonders In curing Kidney Troubles, Female Complaints, Nervous Diseases, Constipation, Dyspepsia, and Malaria. Vigorous health and strength always follow their use. Only 50o, guar antced by C. D. Bradham, druggist. FOR THE HOUSEWIFE 1 F Boim rrmUhtab From present indications lace prom ises to be more la vogue than ever tor centerpieces, dollies and decorations for table linen as well ns for the, dainty eoTpra that add much to the beauty of dressing rooms, battenbers and the heavy torchons twin; more extenalvei used. One of the Itlest of dresser covers can be made Ly heavy linen with torchon Insertion two inches) wide act in about two and a half Inches from the edge and a border of lace to match that la put on perfectly flat, with ml- tered corners. Battenberg and renais sance lace pieces having beautiful flower design embroidered on them are among the newest things In fancy work. Tatting has been resurrected with other old fashioned things of the same period, and those who used to delight In weaving the shuttle in and out in fashioning this delicate work will now have a chance to take np their old pas time. It is combined with fine linen and makes the loveliest of table covers. The moat fashionable curtains of the moment are of Arabian lace, and as the tint of this lace is a very peculiar one, being a duller shade .than ecru, they will be very difficult to imitate. For the large square windows there Is a new style of curtain that Is lambre quin shaped. It hangs down smooth and straight from the top, with a point In the center, and the sides continue to the floor and are looped back. A wide Insertion outlines the sides and con necting scallop, to which Is gathered a full ruffle of this exquisite Arabian lace. Hints to HstinrlTM. A good way to clean tine utensils Is to dip a piece of cotton 1a kerosene and rub the articles with It until the dirt Is removed. Dry afterward with a clean cloth so as to get rid of all grease. Absorbent cotton, It la said. If ap plied at once, will prevent any traces of a stain being left by oIL milk or cream spilled on woolen goods. If your floors are not hardwood and you wish to furnish with rugs, first give them a coat of paint, then two or three coats of varnish, a rubbing with sandpaper and finish with a good oil ing and polishing. - t Ice -cream is said to be an Infallible remedy for hiccoughs. If when Ironing a curtain you dis cover a bole In it, take a piece of the best part of an old curtain a little larger than the bole and dip the edges in cold starch. Then place it over the hole and afterward Iron over It A Photograph Frame. The frame illustrated here Is of painted satin mounted on cardboard, but the design is equally suitable ei ther for embroidery or poker work. The satin when ornamented Is stretch' ed over strong cardboard cut to the FOB EMBEOIDEET OB P0KE3 WORK, shape shown, to give a soft effect A thin layer - of wadding should be stretched over the cardboard before the satin is put over It The satin should be cut an Inch larger than the card, so that the edges turn well over and can be fixed by seccotine. A thin piece of card is covered with sateen for the back. It Is fixed by seccotine. A loop of ribbon, with bows, is sewed at the back of the frame to hang It up by. Young Ladles' Journal To Clean' Ostrich. Feathers. According to an authority, white os trich feathers can be cleansed by mak ing a mixture of white soap shaved In to small pieces, boiling water and a little soda. After this has dissolved and cooled dip the feathers Into It and then draw them gently through the hand, repeating the operation several times. Then rinse thoroughly In clean water, with a trifle of bluing added. Shake, dry and curl Feather curling, however, is work that calls for special training, and amateurish efforts In this direction are not always successful v . Waterproof Shesblateklas- To make a good waterproof blacking for aboes or other leather articles mix one part of borax with eighteen parts of melted beeswax and stir to a stiff Jelly. Then mix five parts of asphalt varnish with sixty-six parts of oil of turpentine, Into which stir six parts of melted spermaceti After thorough stir ring, combine this with the first mix ture ot borax and beeswax, and the re sult will be a nearly colorless water proof paste, excellent for use on nat ural leather. . , Leather For Doeovattloft. . Leather Is being utilised In a variety ot ways for decorative purposes Just now, and one of the most effective Is In the form of pillows for the collegian's room or the bachelor's den. Indians' heads ornament some of these; others show college colors and devices, Pipe racks In leather are satisfactory from the decorative point of view if nothing else, and the football Inkstand ia ful as well as ornamental : ij i ; Gorman Nominated. Annapolis, Jan. 8 Arthur P. Gorman of Howard county was nominated to- ti!rrit hv iriA Timrvrat!A miimii ss TTnf. ted States Senator without a.dUientlng tuiv. mil assures ma return, w wo United States Senate to succeed George L. Wellington, California Craia Keels Rain. San Francisco, Jan. 8. Early sown grain In the out hern dieU'cis cf Call tirnla needs rain badly. Aro You A Coming Mother? Aro You Expectant? MOTHER'S FRIEND aishss childbirth esar snd llmort pain ten. by mpsrtac tta sriteni tar psituritlua, thus sasiit b( Mstnn, and shoctcninc labor. The painful ordaal o( childbirth is robbed ot its tarrora, snd tn aniw thereof areatlr leeaeaed, to both mother snd ChHd. The period of confinement ia slao freatlr shortened, the mother rested, snd the child lullT developed, at rone and healthy. Moraine alckeaea, or nausea arising from preg nancy la prevented by reUevina the stomach from the pressure brought to bear on it by the expand ing arran, snd by which it is Inniwnced through sympathy. As precnancy advances, the breasts enlanre, become swollen, hard snd tight. Lone; before the child la born, they are preparing- for the secretion 6 milk. It la Important to successful child rear r that these glands receive early consideration, other's Friend softens the akin, relieves the Ears, snd facilitates the secretion of Ufa d. Undeveloped snd occluded ducts, sad ta hard-caked shortly after delivery, are tn result of non-treatment snd likely to culminate in Mammary Abscess from which the patient suf fers exerucUUng pain snd Is left with thee functional organs permanently impaired. Mother's Friend is always applied externally and nabbed into the flesh over the region of pain. .Softness, pliability snd ex pension are given to the muscles, tissues, fibres and sinews, allowing: the elasticity necessary to bring comfort while with heavy burden, and cause eaay issue of the child. Try It. Of all druggists 1 00. Out book r Motherhood "free. THC BRADFIELD regulator CO. ATLANTA, G. DR. OTTO'S FOR THE CURE OS AJLXa Coughs, Colds, OK InciptGoDsiiitioi KO REUEDY EQUALS DR. OTTO'S GumBalsam. k single dose will relieve suffering and its regular use vui enect a permanent rare. rmiva, m ui so cuts. Wood's Seeds BEST FOR THE SOUTH. SEEDPOmTOES ' ORE OF OUR LEADING SPECIALTIES. We have thousands of barrels in stock; the best flaine-grown and Virginia Second Crop Seed. Wood' a 1902 Catalogue gives comparative crop results, both as to earliness and yield, with Maine grown and Second-crop seed. It also contains much other useful and valuable information about Potatoes. Wri te for Catalogue and Special Potato Price List Wood's Descriptive Catalogue for 1902 giveg rel table, practical, up-to-date Information about all Seeds, giving not only desert ptiona, hut the best crops to crow, saost successful wave of growing- different crops, and much other in formation of special interest to every Trnoker, Gar dener snd Farmer. Hailed free upon request. T.W. Wood & Sons, Seedsmen, RICHMOND, VIRBIHIA. Tracker and Farmers requiring large quantities of seeds are requested , to write for special prices. - - SMI! Having secured the services of ex1' perlenced parties, I am prepared on short notice to execute Farm, City, Land and Rail Road surveying. Ditches, Streets and Roads laid out and leveled. Draughting In all its branches. Blue and black prints made. Old maps re paired and mounted.' Topographical survey in g and plotting. Drawings and wok ring plans executed promptly. Sew erage and drainage planned, laid out and construction superintended. ; J. J. Volfcndcn, Tievf Hern, Ti. C. 0at8. Kys and Clover. Malt for Distillers. Hay, Grain and Feed. AT CHAS. B. HILL'S 3S St., rzr i" Spruce TTT. TnS TTT t rm

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