f 4mh 11 An Excellent Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial effects of the well known remedy, Stbup or Fioft, manufactured by the CixirosiriA Fie Svbcp Co., illustrate the valueof obtaining the liquid laxa tive principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting them in the form most refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system. It is the one perfect strengthening laxa tive, cleansing the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers Sntly yet prMnptly and er.ibling one overcome habitual constipation per manently. Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality and Bub stance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, without weakening or irritating them, make it the ideal laxative. In the process of manufacturing figs are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, bat the medicinal qualities of the remedy are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants, by a method known to the CAuroRKiA."Fio Syrup Co. only. In order to get its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, please remomber the full name of the Company printed on the frout of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP 'CO. SAN FRAHCISCO, CAL. XiOtnsvtLi.1:, sr. kw yobs. n. t. Forssle uyv.!l Drujrjists. Price 60o. per bottlo. tt:e journal. New Bern, N. C, Jan. 11, 1902. FOR SALE High grade bicycle. Will sell cheap. Address, Box 75, New Bern, N. C. FOR SALE A good horse and baggy. The horse is ten years old, and Is a good traveler, will work on farm or zoad. A good Bargain, Cheap. Apply to W. A. WilBon, Dover, N. C: MAKE MONEY -This Is no Yankee trick, but honest profitable employment at your home, no peddling no canvassing For particulars send self addressed stamped envelope to J. H. C. Atkinson, York, Fla. FISH DEALERS MEET. Resolutions Regarding1 Rates Given to Competing Points. The fish dealers of New Bern, More head City and Beaufort meet in New Bern N. C, January 13th, 1903, to consider matters pertaining to the successful prosecutive extension of their business. Many matters were discussed hut all agreed that their efforts were handicap ped by the discrimination in freights, via, the Southern Express Company. Rates from competing points by this company being lower than those given the points represented by dealers pres ent The following resolution was unani mously adopted: "Whereas, the rates of freight given the fish dealers of other points on fish and oysters are lower than those given to us, thereby necessitating the purchase of fish and oysters by ns, or necessitat ing the sale at less price in order to meet competion from other points, there fore be It "Resolved, That the matter of freights be brought to the notice of the Southern Express Company, and a demand made that the same rate be given to ns as are given other points in the Southern Express Company's ;territory, thus enabling us to meet competition on an equitable basis, That if after thirty days this request is not granted, then an effort be made to obtain these rates through the Railroad Commission. That a copy of these resolutions be giv en the New Bern Joubnal, the News & Observer and the Coaster of Morehead. Bradham's Anti-Billions Liver mis should be In every house. They are of . ten needed. Always handy and invaria bly beneficial. " Safe, easy and. sure. Large boxes 25c. Sample, 6 pllla for Sc. Rip Van Winkle. The J. H. Thome Dramatic Company presented the wellknown play of Rip Van Winklejat the Opera douse, last night to a fair sized audience. ' " Mr. Thome in the leading part of Rip . and Miss Bbnnle Meyer, as Gretchen, gave an excellent interpretation of their parts, and were liberally applauded. The lame company will play again to night, giving a farce comedy entitled Uncle Stephen's Legacy, If your child Is ailing, you may find that Carolina Worm Killer is just -what they need. Anyway it can do no harm, but always does good. 25c. at Brad ham's. If your children have Croup, Whoop ing Conga or a simple Cough, Anwsy's Croup Syrup will certainly relieve them It Is about the only re medy prepared ex clnsively. for Croup and Children' Coughs and we unhesitatingly recom mend it as the best. Many use and praise it. We guarantee It. Price 25c Sold at Henry's Pharmacy, Davis' Pharmacy, and Bradham's Pharmacy. CAPUDIRE Decs not effect the J- f l;"'3d.L!rcrent fromotlier . IIcadache.Remedica. r-T-, t-t ill T"TT""TTC . . j t 11 Lu LikuuiiiiJlOi , TOO MINT DEER. A Bunch ofRlneCct Away. Records eT There wer plenty of oysters la the Successful Hunting. ' market again yesterday and a big fleet of Bwansboro, Jan. 11-WeU, out holl-!00 " market dock, days are over and most of ns teve set- ( A car load of horses has been received lied down to facta and fig ares, some are by Mr. J. M. Arnold at h's Broad street i clamming, soma are Ashing, some are teaching school, some are preparing to farm, others are trying to sell their rood, wares and merchandise, while some are grieving over the money they spent, and a few are yet walling for something to turn op for benefit, by hunting deer, dncks and coon. About thirteen deer have been killed nearby in the last two weeks; on Tues dar and Wednesday last. 7th and 8th InsUreeerfT U Woodhnll and G W Ward and Rev. C B Paul and IN Hen derson went on a deer drive In the coun try to the hospitable home of Mr Sol Gornto and nephew, Sol C HewetC near New river, they started seventeen deer, that la their doga did. killed three and wounded the fourth, Friend Gornto don't allow every body to hunt on his land, consequently the deer are very numer oas as yon will see. Nine deer In one bunch were jumped and these fan out to Bro. Henderson and stopped in less than forty yards of him, Bro. Ike, though being considered the best hunter In the county, was so taken by surprise at seeing to many goats, as he said he first thought they were,' that he forgot to shoot, and let the whole nine deer run off without a shot. Now Bro. Ike says he never will stop to count deer any more before shooting, and don't want any one to mention nine deer to him again. Only the week be fore he had shot and killed 5 out of 6 deer, a little while after this, next morn ing, another bunch of 5 of 7 were jump ed and these ran to Bro. Paul, who promptly ihot two deer and wounded a third, he thinks fatally; now Bro. Char lie did not stop to count before shooting and knows there were at least S, S, 7 or more in the lot if no more; another one or two were jumped in the evening and ran by Bro. Timothy, who had only a single barrel 6 shot Winchester gun, but Tim was quick and a good shot too, and he shot that buck three times In almost as many seconds, hitting the deer on both sides. This wsb the best shot we ever saw we think; you bet Tim got that deer sure. G. W. Ward and Sol. C. Hewett got a gcod shot each, but failed to bag theirs In consequence of just missing where the others hit. Rev. Ike, was the only one who failed to get a shot, and all be cause he wouldn't shoot 9 deer at one time. W. E. Ketcham, W. N. Rouse, Allen Conway, and one or two others, names not remembered, killed one each during the week. Conway caught his in White Oak river, and a man, who said he owned the dogs that ran that deer, came ana claimed me sain, saying it was unlawful to catch deer after they got in the water, but would hot report him upon receipt of the hide. Wasn't that funny? There is no such law for White Oak river, If there had been, the deer hide wouldn't have settled it, and according to cuBtom, the killer of the deer gets the hide, anyway, but such Is life here. Mr. J. F. Prettyman of your city, has been in our Berg several days looking after the interest of his Lumber Co., and says look out ye "Swansborians" for the whistle of the Railroad Engine. She's bound to come soon. H. Y. Z. Closed by Order of Court. a. Coplon, formerly a merchant on lower Middle street, moved to Durham and opened a store there a year or two ago. By an order of Judge Purnell last week the store was closed upon the rep resentatlon of creditors in Baltimore Mr. Coplon is called to appear before Judge Purnell at Raleigh. January 18th and show cause why he should not be declared Insolvent. McDuffle's witch Hazel Foot Healer is one of the finest baby powders known, cures prickly heat and gives Instant re lief. 25 cents at F. 8. Duffy's. Rural Delivery Petition. A petition is being circulated asking the Post Office Department to establish an additional Rural Free Delivery route In Crayen county, there being three routes now in operation. The route aBked for in the petition would go by the Neuse road to Bella ir, then to Lima and Jasper, and returning would pass The Oaks, making a circuit of 23, miles. The route would be especially conven ient for truckers and farmers near this city. ' Involuntary Petition in Bankruptcy. An Involuntary petition in Bankruptcy was filed In the District Court Saturday by Rodman and Rodman, of Washing ton, N. C. Attorneys for the petitioning creditors against J. L. Starkey and Bro. merchants of Greenville, N. C. Civil Service Catalogue. The U.S. Civil Service Commission will hold examinations at several place in each State during March and April, to secure young men and women for the government service. 9,889 persons se cured positions last year through these examinations. Probably 10,000 appoint ments are for life, and for most positions only a common school education is re quired.': Salaries at appointment vary from $660 to $1200 a year with liberal promotions afterward. Politics is not considered. There is less competition In the Bouthern States than in other parts of the country. This affords a good opportunity for people between 16 and 45 years of age. Those'lTesirlng places of this kind can get full informa tion about them, free, by writing to the Columbian Correspondence College, Washington, D. C, and asking for its Civil Service catalogue, number three. IROUND AKD ABOUT. I stable. They are fine animal. , Flak were in fair supply yesterday for jibe retail traC mainly mullet. Only one ansa ii reported to rave iwen seen a white shad, caught some daya ago. The Life Insurance Company of Ylr ginla baa established a branch office of the company at Klnston. Mr. R. J. Dls osway will be the agent and left yester day to take charge of the office. The floor of the cotton exchange-Is being relaid. It was badly bulged op by being covered with water, which occur red during the big tide two years ago when ao great damage was done on the water front. ' The tng Wlnthrop brought in a tow of bargea yesterday morning and attract ed some attention. The tug waa com pletely covered forward with a coating of ice and looked like a boat coming into some Northern port. There waa a sheet of ice fringing the river banks yesterda) morning. The mlnlmnm thermometer was 21 degrees. The previous lowest record this year was IS degrees on December 22nd. There was less ice then as the river water had not become chilled at that time. - Gates should always be swung so as to open on the Inside and gates that swing across the sidewalk are especially dan gerous in the absence of street lights, A citizen complained yesterday of walking Into a gate that was open the night before and quite severely injuring him self. An alarm of fire from box 56 at 10:40 o'clock last night was due to a burning chimney in the building occupied by Mrs McSorley on Pol lock street near Middle. No damage was done. An alarm from box '47 at 11:15 o'clock was a false alarm. The maDy friends of ' Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Hyman were rejoiced to hear yester day that tbeir two year old daughter Laura was better. The child is suffering from diphtheria which developed last Friday. On account of the loss which the family lately suffered from the same disease, much sympathy is felt and hope that the danger will be safely passed. Tho Cyclists' Touring Club of Eng and has appointed Mr. A. E. Stevens their Consul for Eastern Carolina. This organization has a membership of over fifty thousand and is represented in all the conn ries of the world. Those con. templatlng a trip abroad will do well to join this club and make the grand tour on their wheels. Information will be furnished by Mr. Stevens. The "North Carolina Year Book", published by tho Raleigh News and Ob server, will be found a valuable book of reference. It Is arranged so aa to give the Information by counties. Mr. C. J. Rivenbark Is In the city and will begin the distributioji-ef'Tne books to pur- chaserstbls morning. The price is placed at the low sum of one dollar. A late map of the State is contained in the volume. The cutter Boutwell returned yester daynoon from a cruise down the river and in the sounds. Mr. E. H. Barnum has been employed as time keeper at the A. & N. C. railroad shops and Is considered a very reliable man for all clerical work. Mr. J. W. Smallwood has taken a po sition as book keeper at the Oaki Mar ket, Mr. S. H. Lane having resumed his former position with M. Hahn & Son. The high winds caused a good deal of dust on the streets yesterday and a rain is needed. The country roads are dry, the last rain recorded being Dec 80th, a few drops fell yesterday. Lower Middle street was pretty well crowded yesterday. There were good oyster receipts during the week and re talldealeri say they have fine stock for sale over their counters. The new fence, which it was noted some time ago would be built around the A. & N. C. railroad property, is now under construction. The fence runs along Pasteur street and encloses the side as well as the main track, The track farmers are preparing their lands for spring crops. The fields with' in a short time ago wefe covered with a dense growth of cotton, are now In many cases completely transformed, having upon them rows of young cabbage plants. : ' The office in "d ectors' row" lately oo cupied aa a small restaurant. Is being fitted for an insurance office and will be ocenpted by Mr. W. B. Allen represent ing the Prudential Life Insurance Com pany. The property belongs to Mr, A. H Bangert. The loud megaphone caused a good deal of a noise on the street last night. It was sounded by the J as. H. Thome Dramatic Company, advertising "In thunder tones" that prices of seats at the Opera House Monday and Tnesday nights would be 10, 20, and 30 cents. . Tobacco seed Is in demand now by the farmers as the tune is close at hand for planting the beds. Among those who called at the Planters Warehouse for seed waa Mr. 8. 8. Waters of Mays vlile. Mr. Waters reports much Increased Interest among growers of tobacco. He was also In to see about hi fertili sers. .' The first shipments of material for the new electrlo light plant, under contract by Smith, Courtney & Co. of Richmond, Va., are expected to arrive in a few' daya. The many different articles re quired are being gotten ready for ship ment and the plant Is promised to be in shape within the three months allowed by the contract. It Is likelv that a pood manv New Eernlans will avail themselves of the chance to visit Charleston during the next three month. The fare la very reasonable, being $7.53 for the round trip. Leaving her in the morning the arrival is made at Charleston about tl o'clock that night and the return can also bemads daring the day. Mr. E. K. Bryan, Jr.. of Dublin, Ga la having a residence built for his par ent, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Bryan, on Craven street neat to their former resi dence. Mr. Bryan waa here a few days ago and let the contract The founda tion Is being laid and an Interesting de tail la that the "corner atone" waa laid by IS of the rrand-chlldren, eleven of them each laying a brick and two absent ones each laying one by "proxy. OVERTOOK YOUNG PEOPLE. The Result is a Suit Brought That 1$ of Much Interest. A trial was begun before magistrate 8, R. Street yesterday and postponed on til next Wednesday, that promises to be of considerable Interest. The snlt was brought bv Mr. 8. H. Scott on behalf of his ion Fred Scott, against Messrs. W E 8tyron and Dwight Styron. The account of the affair that led to this suit Ii told as follow: Young Fred Beott, 17 years of age, and Miss ln;z Yaunch, a young Miss of 15 years of age of Baltimore, who Is a neice of Mr. W. K. Styron and on a visit in this city, became fast friends, Miss Inez la de scribed as a yjung girl of a merry and somewhat romantic disposition and she asked Fred to take her to a dance to be given at Vanceboro Friday night. Fred's brother, George, had gone to the dance with a boy friend and Fred asked his father if he also could have a horse and buggy from his livery stable and ob tained consent. Fred called for Miss Inez at a neighbor's house where the girl was waiting and at 7 o'clock they started for Vanceboro by the Neuse river road, intending to cross at Street's ferry. Mr. Stryon heard that his neice had gone on the trip, and it being without his consent he strongly objected and a hasty visit was made to livery stables and at M. Hahn & Son's a fast team was hired and hastily harnessed and pursuit begun. Out near Streets' Ferry, which is some 10 miles north of New Bern, the pursued and pursuers came in sight of each other. Fred saw that something was up and whlpped.up to get out of the way, but there was a broad river ahead and one horse was no match for two. The young couplo were fairly ciught. Fred - was forced to descend f-om the buggy and Mr. Styron proceed- i d to "wear him out" with the buggy whip. A pretty severe chastisement Is said to have been given and some of the .letails may be brought out at the trial. All returned to this city and Fred re lated his troubles at his home. Yesterday, as stated, Mr, Scott brought suit in behalf of his son and en gsged Attorneys W. W. Clark and L. J. Moore to prosecute it, and upon request it was postponed. Miss Inez has return ed to her Imuie in Baltimore. Fyny-Balsam Stop the Tickling, and quickly allays iuflammatlon is the throat. New Repair Shop. Messrs Atkinson and Blalock have bought out the picture frame business formerly conducted on Craven street by S. B. Parker. The new proprietors will continue the picture frame business and will also conduct a furniture repair shop and will add an upholstering depart ment where the best grade of work will be done. Only Temporary Shutdown. The Wallace Shoe Bouse was closed for a short time yesterday on account of a suit for debt brought by Mr. S. R. Ball, representing a northern firm. A debt of foS was due the firm and Mr. Ball brought suit to recover his commission, through his attorney, p. L. Ward. A Judgment was rendered, but Mr. Wallace claimed exemption under the homestead law, and Messrs. M. M. Marks,' W.T. Hill and T. Burke laid it off. It was found that the property did not exceed the exemption limit and the plaintiffs were assessed the costs. The Wallace Shoe Company resumed later In the day and were doing business last night. The Peruna Almanac. The drugglsti have already been sup plied with Peruna almanacs. There is sure to be a great demand for these al manacs on account of the articles on astrology which bey contain. The sub ject of astrology is a very attractive one to most people. The articles on astrol ogy in the Peruna almanac have been furnished by a very competent ' astrolo- gist, and the mental characteristics of each sign is given, constituting almost a complete horoscope. A list of lucky and unlucky d&ys for each month are given. There will be a great rush for these books. Aik your druggist for one early before they are gone,, McDuffle's Little Bine Liver Fill makes blue people bright, cleanses the system of alt the deleterious and unhealthy mat ter and makes a new person of you. 23 cents at F. S. Duffy's. DIED' Suddenly, at his home la New York City, RevT. G. Wall, D. D. Many will remember Dr. Wall aa for mer, pastor ot the Preabvterian church In this city, Wednesday Morntaf Jan. 15 th. Starts by far the greatest bargajn sale of Embroideries, Edging and Inverting that we hare ever had on tale. Edging and Inserting actually worth from 10c to 40c per yard now at4c to 13c yard, one case l7o9 yards to be sold arid we expect every yard to be sold In two dai at these prices. G.A.Bar foot. TOBiCCO SEED. granted fey Growers. Fanners go to won. new Barns, rcr tonals. Cum Branch, January 10. CbrUtmi come and gone and the New Year bring plenty of work, and the people have gone at it "in dead earnest " Some farmers around her have sold out and hired out owing to the scarcity and high price of feed, "Its hard times yon know." Some time since some of my neigh bors requested me to send their names to The Planters Warehouse tor seed, etc the house alio requested me to send them, which I did, and the seed haven't come, the farmers want their seed, what Is the matter? If the names hain't reached the house and th wan-boose will send the seed to me, for farms of 4 acrea each, I will distribute them to those who wish them. There will be 5 new tobacco barns on Gum Branch next season. We hope for better times, the merchants now don't want to furnish supplies with a claim on the crop only. More marriages a brewing, hope to be able to report them soon. Mr. J. T. Barber hs gone to Barbers, Ga. He left last Monday to seek a bet ter business, but don't know of what na We wish him much success as he la dear to us. Mr. W. T. Cox has accepted a position with Mr. L. D. Brapgs, the place left va cant by Mr. Barber. We learn that Mr. Bongs is well pleased with Mr. Cox. Guano hauling hts begun already for plant beds we presume. We want to sow about the 20th. Mr. J. N. Scott has moved to Dr. Nicholson's plantation on Bachelor's Creek. Mr. E. W Murrell has gone to Klnston to carry Mrs. Lillian Murrell home from a visit to our burg. Mrs. Effle Harrell who spent Christ mas at tills place has returned to Klns ton where her husband Is engaged in the liquor trade. We are haviug some beautiful weather to work and we must keep at It. Cukes. Tobacco Seed For Farmers. All persons wishing good tobacco seed can get same by calling at Planters Warehouse, New Beru, N. O. Strong: in Musical Attractions. Barlow and Wilson's Minstrels made their annual appearance at Power' Opera House to an excellent home. It is a fact worthy of notice, that at each successive trip of this famous organiza tion vacant down stairs seats have been few and far between. It follows that an attraction able to fill that portion of the theatre Is one of Intrinsic merit. The musical portion was particularly strong. The ballards of James Bsrardl, James Leonard and Joseph McGralh were pret ty renditions. Tho monologue work of Barlow and Wllsm was very funny, whllo tho popular (,'onroy and Murry met with an ova'lnn that mut-t have been exceedingly pleisnt to those favorite comedian.'). Taken altogether the Barlow and W'ileon show far sur passes the usual mlnn'r.l attraction Grand -Rapid Dally Democrat C7 JX. t: Bean tU of Ti-oi-'.fiKca HsjS Always BoujW What are you wilting for, when every one who has tried it, will tell you that Bradham's Carolina Couuh Cure Is the best you can buy ? Try It yourself, Price 25c. For that head cold, get a bottle of Bradham's Dime Catarrh Cure. It Is warranted to glvorellef in one night or money cheerfully refunded. NEW BERN PRODUCE MARKET. WHOLESALE l'RICEB CURRENT. : Eggs, per doa..... .................. .20c Chickens, old per pair.......,..50&60 young, porpr. ........ 25 & 40 Geese, per pair, .80 to 1.C0 Pork, per lb 6&7 Beef, " 0&6 Hides, green, per lb ......15 " dry, " S&ll Beeswax, - 4 ............ 2 to 22 Sweet Potatoes, Yams, per bush. 40 to 60 " Bahamas ' '85 Corn, per bush ........ 80 Oati, " . ............65 Peanuts.... k ....80 . Local Grain Market Com, per bu.. ....... $.80 Oats per bu. ...... ,V. Meal, per bu..... ...... Hominy, perbu Corn bran, per bu .... .... .. Wheat bran, per bu. ....... Feed, 100 lbs..:.' Cotton seed meal, 100 lbi .... . Cotton seed hulls, 100 lbs. ... . Ship stuff ........... ...... No. 1 Timothy, per ton . 65 .80 .80 .00 1.20 1.85 1.50 -.40 1.35 20.00 Great Closing Out Sale! : Commencing January 1st, 1902, I will offer my entire stock of General Merchandise at and : ' . . Below Cost This is the chance of jour life to secure some good bargains. Terms Strictly Cash. No godfls charge! daring this sale. ' Respectfully, E. B. IIARGET, Silver Dale, N. C. I.ZD LADIES Of CUAUTY If - . rrtnCBTO r Royal Worcester -"Bon Ton Corsete Are worn by the best people the world over The New Shape Straight IVosrt . Theg arc StQsh and Arwaya Til Ask merchant to order style selected Buy no othT "Justs Royal Worcester Corset Co. "ST" HAGKBURN- The Handsomest and Most Complete line of Embroideries, Laces and Appliques Swiss & Nansook, Embroidery Sets to match, VaL and Torchon to match Fver brought to New Bern, and they are the CHEAPEST too. ,. Examine for yovrself, If you don't find what we say is trae, then don't bay. 100 Pieces A. F. C. Dress Ginghams they i arc Beauties ONLY 100 47.49 PflTl.nCk STREET. & r - m af Winter Time Vehicles are now to be considered. To all who require the best, most adaptable, most S radical, most comfortable and most urable carriage for cold, stormy and wet weather, we recommend our line ot rockaways, surreys and top buggies, 50 to $100; two seated rockaways at f 200 to $300. We nse only the very best material in every department of our fac tory, for the construction of only the highest grade vehicles to be found on the market.' Yon can depend on our vehicles being up to now. We are first hands for any kind of material for re pairing and can save you money. ; Gee us. x ours to please, G. H. Waters & Son, Pheue 189, 78 Broad St, Nkw Berk, If. P. Duck Shooting : Is now at its best Our stock ot guns and ammunition is the finest ever carried in the city. We have on hand a few single barrel guns which will be sold very low.-. A fine double barrel hammerless gun with twist barrel for Sco.uv, Everything will be sold low to make room for the spring stock of Bicycles, etc. wii. t. muL, Dealer in Bi0Tcut8,TFrBiAmiis, Epobtih Goods, FHONOQaaras, Job Fbintih, . Rubber Btamps, 8xu Pbecsss, A l-?3 Middle St KEW EERlf,'K. Notice Ii hereby given that at the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners for Craven county, N. C, to be held on the first Monday of Febru ary, YM2, L. M. Gilbert will make appli cation for license to sell Hqaori u r Section Seventy, of the Revenue Act of North Carolina, passed by the General Assembly of IS01; and that ("!.! ; .i cant propose to carry on iaf.1 trn- uei in the Fifth township, Crsvori r"niy. L. 11. CiLl .f, Arrant. Dec. 20tb, 1901. ' m n i good" i rum fill mm irers: w I YARD. s'ss , saw as imm as w . About 400 acres I nown rs the D. W. Williams lands, and situated near Clara's, eight mile west from New Bern. Good buildings and orchard, and about 150 acres cleared. Will sell for one-third cash and balance in flveXyears in deferred payments. - For further particulars write to "Hides Bros. Lite Co., . KINSTON, N. C. FOR SALE! I have a few Horses, Mule-, Buggies and Farm Cartf, which I hate taken in. Will be sold low for Cash or on time. It will be to jonr interest to tea m before buying. - J. W. STEWART. l'IJ; ? A Commendable . New Year's Resolution that will surely be appreciated is to obtain your grain and feed at 8pen cer'a. Your stock will surely thrive to your satisfaction, as our feed is of high est quality clean, fresh and nutritious. Feed $1.40, Bust Proof Oate 75c buiheL lS&SlKarketDock, Few Eem, K. C' R0::ULU3 A. NUNN, . A'.crrry at Law, ksw chut, Koran carolisa Cmp: South Front Etreet, Oppossiff Hotel Chattawkn. o.r;' I Land fcr Sale ft

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