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Smallpox Sprtadinf. State Laid Solo.
- Harry Skinner Ousts Bernard. 'Hoc
- Cholera Good Roads.
Ralkiob. Feb. 6 Smallpoi coBttaoea
to spread, as the reporu eho U pres
ence bow In 28 coumlea, wlih an official
ltstotever 800 cuw. nesldes Vete
there are scores of smsopported ones In
oaeor two countlea. WT.son county
aii ithaUea deflnlte.ectlon and es
tablltbeil quarantine and compu'iory
Vaccination. ...
Harry 8klnncr, the U. & district at
torney here, arrived thte morning. . He
Will take charge at once. r .
One lei payer here to day paid 14,750
In taxes, . '
frlw annual mect'nf of the North Car
otin i Home Fire Inmrance UowpenT of
Raleigh was held today.; A gvod ahow
Ingwa made. '.
A sale of 1,000 aorea of State swamp
land la Tyrrell county. wee made to day.
The State, got f 500. for the land, which
waa aold by the bolder of an option.
, very large and handsome book cue
or native walnut,- waa placed in the
Governor' office to day. It waa made
by iheJpaplW of the actioo! for deaf
muteaat Morganton, who did all the
carving by handt
' The Btate Treasurer haa aubmltted to
the acting Attorney General the ques-
' whether the Knights of Pythlaa order la
liahlfl tn tx on Ha Insurance feature.
Hog cholera U reported by the State
board of health in 9 countlea and ' men-
; lngltia In horses In tt counties, these be-
; ins; Ourrltuck, Hertford, Hyde, Lenoir,
New Hanover and Pasquotank.
; The meeting to form a baseball league
was held, hero tills evening. Delegates
were present from six places.-'
' .This county baa placed Ita road gang
of convicts sod also Its trains at the dla
poaal of the "Good Roads train" officials
who will be here nest week. The county
authorities have also arranged to shove
the improved roads in the Raleigh dis
trict to visitors to the good roads com
mittees' : .' ' "'. ' "." '
Miss Roosevelt Will Not Retire In
Coronation Ceremonies.
Wsshlneton, Feb. 4. Bon. Whitelaw
Reld has invited Miss Alice Roosevelt,
oldest daughter of the President, to ac
company blm to London sa bis guest
when he goes to' attend the coronation
of Klog E'lwmd. It Is the present ex
. peotatioa of Mlas Roosevelt to svall her
self Of this opportunity to see Lmdon,
but If she does so, she will have no atalua
save that simply of a young American
girl, and will not figure In the coronation
ceremonies in any manner. -
Death of Mr. H. L. Miller.
vGoldsboro, Feb 4-Telegraphle advices
convey the Intelligence of , the death at
' Columbia, 8. C.,- to diy at 10 o'clock of
Huzh Lee Miller, aged 81 years of con.
'amotion. He was the third son of Dr.
J. F, Miller, superintendent of the East
ern Hospital. He was a bright young
man, widely known and held In high
esteem. - His remains will reach here at
flie o'clock to morrow afternoon.: The
interment will lake place Thursday, at
10a.m. .
Mr. Miller, was formerly connected
with, the Virginia-Carolina Chemical
' Company, at Wilmington and Richmond
Va., but was later promoted to the office
of district superintendent of the same
. company with headquarters at Columbia
He was a nephew of Messrs. W. H., A.
C. and R. B. Miller, of Shelby, and was
recently married to B lady from York,
Pa." :ir':::
HcDufflc's Little Bluo Liver Pill makes
blue people bright, cleanses the system
of all the deleterious and unhealthy mat
ter and makes a new person of you. SS
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, Engagement Announced.
SpecUl to Journal. ., . ,' :
Raleigh, Feb. To a "few friends at
her home here this afternoon Mrs
Florence Tucker announced the engage
ment of he"; dsUiihtef.J Miss Minule
Fitch Tucker, to Mr, Ashley Lee Baker,
formerly of Baltimore, now of Halelgh
Miss Tucker Is widely known In social
circles In North Carolina and several
other States,
14 OUT OP 33.
Applicants for Attorney Licenses Granted
by Supreme Court.
SpccM to Journal. .
RaLtiuti, Feb; 6 The Supreme Court
thU evening granted licenses to fourteen
of thirty-three applicants who were ex
amlned Moodas: P. - A. Cranor, O
Wilkes, N. G, Duncan, of Sampson; C.
Rose of Cumberland; O. A. ' Armttronr
Montgomery; M. L. Edwards,, of Ruth
. erford; E. 1. Nelson, of Caldwell; J.T,
Bonn, of Nash, T. W. Jones, of Bun-
' combe, H. 8. Harris, of Pitt, F. E. Davis
of Rutherford, D. W. Perkins, of Pas-
' quotank, G. H. Mitchell, of Wakp, W.
A. Worth, of Norfolk, Vs., J. H, Marlon
of Cluster, 8. C. , - ' -
E-Tcct nally yet gently ,wLen costive or
bllllous, to permaneuliy overcome hab
itual constipation, to svaken the kid
neys and liver to a healthy activity,
Without irritating or weakening them,
t:"' , ! It i-1- t -,, fevers, up
Leagae Organized Last Night at Raleigh.
C L. Stevens of Hew Bern Elected
Vice-President. '
Special to JqurnaL
lULtion, N. C, February 5. The
North Carolina Base null League -was
formed her tonight.
Tbero was in attendance upon the
meeting representatives from the clubs
of the leading cities in the State.
Wilmington sent Lemer who made a
proposition that waa accepted and re
moved dispute. -'
Franchise was awarded to H. B. 8kell-
dlnr. Charlotte waa. represented by E.
Ash en back, proxy for Mr. Hooper;
New' Bern by Chas L Stevens and Harry
Marks; Durham by Otla Slocksdale;
Raleigh by Perrln Buabee and Win. J
It was decided to form a league com
posed of six clubs for the present. The
sixth clnb will' be either the one at
Winston-Salem or Greensboro. The
matter of extending; the league so as to
Include two other clubs and make a cir
cuit embracing eight cities was left in
the hands of the presldeut of the league.
Perrln Buabee, Esq., of the Raleigh f
bar, was elected president of the State
Association and Charles L. Stevens, edi
tor of the New Bern Journal was made
vice-president; Irvln T. Jones, of
Raleigh, was chosen secretary and treus
nrer of the Association. Arrangements
id Inaugurate the base ball season prop-
rly will be Immediately begun. Al
ready the different towns are casting
about for players. It looks as though
there will be pretty sharp rivalry and
high bidding for crack batteries. One
of the officers of the Association said to-
lghttaat there would be better ball
playing In North Carolina this seaoo
than there has ever been before. There
seems to be much enthusiasm through
oat the btate In this line of atbleiiis.
Shelby Man Dies In Florida.
Fuklby, Feb. i. -Mr. W, W. Jones,
late edijoT of The Shelby An rors, hp
has been so ill with coneurcpilon, was
taken to Florida three weeks ago, hoping
the climate would prolong his day; but
telegram was received today annouoc
ing his death. The remains will reach
here on Thursday. Mr. Jones waslirst
lieutenant in the Cleveland Guards, left
here for the war with Spain, and It i
thoughl, contracted this dreadful dieca-e
hlle In service. This young man leaves
an aged ratner ana motner, who wen-
dependent on him for support.
Saved Him From Torture.
Tjiere is no m iro - agonizing trouble
than piles., The .constant itching and
burning make life intolerable No po
(lion is comfortable. Tlie torture U un
ceasing." Do Witt's Witch Hazel Salve
cures piles at once. For akin diseases,
cuts, burns, bruises, all kinds of wound
It ia unequalled. J S. Gerall, St. Paul,
Ark.; says: "From 1865 I suffered with
the protruding, bleeding piles and oould
find nothing to help me until I used De
Witl'a Witch Hazel Salve. A few boxes
completely cured me." . Boware of coun
terfelta. F. 8. Duffy. . " V
February 5. Tls so' cold and has been
all this year the people haven't done
much but cut wood and set by the
fire. . ' '
Lots of dissatisfaction and uneasiness
among the farmers info year,, some have
entirely abandoned the farm and oth
ers are moving about bunting belter lo
cations. , " - .
Among the many industries and new
enterprises I am reliably - informed .that
there will be a frogery started near here
by one of our enterprising citizens.
Mr. E. B. Elliott is putting in a tram
road and will soon be able to tut his
logs to the river ready for the tugs. 'He
has bought a locomotive for this purpose
and others also.
Dr. J. E. Foscue leaves this p. m. for
Jamestown. N. C. and from there to
McLeonsvllle oh a prospecting trip. We
were in hopes of - having him locate
with hi but he seems to like ine west
better. .
Mr. Clyde Bell loft here last week for
Massey's business college at Richmond
Va , where be Will take a thorough bus!
ness and commercial course.
Mr. Clarence B. Foy, one of our young
and enterprising men left last week to
seek his fortune In other lands.' We ro
gret verp much that our young men have
to leave their native State to find better
fields for their future operations. '
Mr. Clyde Sanderson and Mlas Ada
Barry waa visitors in our town Ubt Sun
Last Sunday morning about 0 o'clock
fir was' discovered inside the house of
Ann Smith, a colored woman . living
near the depot. The firo caught on the
inside and was too far advanced when
discovered to be controlled. A total
loss of the house and contents was the
the result, the woman was cooking for
Mrs Burkley of this place and the chil
dren out on a play and Visiting neigh
bors. ''.i''.:. r"' -r".
Don't forget that J. B. Bender will
take'your subscription for the Daily or
Weekly Journal at any and all times at
any place you find him.
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup Cures
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AO Companies Do Well la North Carolina
and Pay Big Revenues to the
State. W 111 Renew Licenses.
Charlotte Observer.
Mr. J. R. Tonng, of Raleigh, the In
surance Commissioner, registered at the
Buford last night Mr. Yonng said that
the Insurance companies of this State
are in better condition now than ever
before, notwithstanding the fact that this
has been a very severe year on all Com
panies. . - '
There are 00 fire insurance 'companies
in the State, 45 life insurance compan
ies 28 fraternal ordera and eighteen
fidelity and casualty companies. There
are- seven ' borne lire Insurance com
panies and one home life Insurance com-
ny. .
In most of the Southern States there
are less insurance companies than there
were a year or so ago, said Mr. Tonng,
but In North Carolina It is the reverse.
There are more companies than former-
The Insurance companies last year
paid into the State Treasury $150,000 In
taxes, this being sn increase of about 40
per cent, over the amonnt of taxes usual
ly paid by the insurance companies of
the Slatol
Up to 1899, or before the present In
surance law and commission were oper
ative, the lnsuranse companlea never
paid Into the Ktate Treasury more than
80.000 in one year, Mr. Young declares
that North Carolina gives better protec
tion to all classes of insurance compan
ies than almost any other State, and for
this reason all the companies now doing
business In the Ktate will renew their
license April 1st.
Base Ball Interest. State Charters. Pub
lie School Aid. N C Book at
Charleston Exposition.
Raleigh, Feb. 6 There Is much In
terest among lovers of base ball at the
result of last night's work tn the forma
tion of a State league. ' It was expected
that either Winston or Greensboro
would have representatives at the meet-
ng, but none appeared. It is said with
much poslliveness that one or the other
of these places will have a club. ' -
The Slate charters the Uoroo & Ver
non Lumber Company, of Clayton, capi
tal $20,000; the R. T. Stone Tobacco
Company of Rockingham county, capi
tal $20,000, and the Eagle Tobacco Com
pany of Kloston, capital $17,000.
Fifty counties hsve sent in reports as
to their needs of Slate aid for the pub
lic schools. Twelve want no aid, and
the other 88 want $49,500. Carteret, the
ast to report, needs $1200. '
The State will Issue a book tn. regard
to Its resources, to be distributed at the
Charleston Exposition. The prepara
Hon or tt will begin next week, the
agricultural department will issue It.
Prescriptions at Davis.
Davis' Prescription Pharmacy makes
a specialty of prescriptions. -. Prompt
and careful attention la given them,
Only tho best drugs are used. The
prices are reasonable. Bend yours there
to be filled.
TRENTON. .."' ,
Feb. 6. Miss Stella Ingram, the
teacher of Cove, spent Jan. 95th and 26.
at Dr. Monks. . - . - r-,j!
Miss Virginia Windley went over to
Cove today to attend the commencement
Friday night.. '" f. i'l''r'.
We have had a great deal of rain with
in the last few days. It has faired oft
now, but everything Is. frozen. .
Miss Dora Taylor who has been tesch
lug school near Cades, has returned
borne, her school having closed, '
Mr. H Pollock who has been clerking
for F P Koonce & Co., has resigned bis
position to go In business with B T Pol
lock. .-? -li
Mr J D Herrltage, the noted salesman
has resigned his position with Mr ,E A
Rhodes to scccpt Oue with F B Koonce
A Co.
Some things are going on wrong In
the postoOlce. The Posl master wants
the ox-clerk.
Rev. Mr Garner did not fill bla ap
polotment in the Baptist pulpit Sunday
on account of his hone giving out. Hs
could not get herein tltne. . ' 1 : '
The Epworth League did not mett
last Sunday night on account of preach
ing In the Baptist church. The League
is progressing, we are glad to say, also
the C. W. B. M.,. of the thr stian
church. '. ; ; ' ,- '
The County Commissioners met In
Trenton Monday. They drew the jury
for the spring term of court and attend
ed to other business. Commissioner J H
Belt, of Pollocksvllle, Is the : chair
man.,, r-.... ' v
There was a party given at E
Hardy's last Friday night. It turned
Into a dance. Church members bad be'.'
terlook out. , T
Rev D C Gcddle preached an instruc
tion sermon In the U. E. Church,. San
dsy January 30;h. How Comb.
, For Infants and Children.
fu3 Kinj Yen tauiS nkjS r.-w..
Boars the
"' -itit-.sre
mm report.
Of The North Carolina Corporation
Railroads Tataalloa and Assesr
meat Teli graph Bad Telepboae
Companies. Water Works.
Eltetrle LI k lit, Baaks
Balldlag aad Leaa
Ralkioii, Feb. 0 The North Carolina
Corporation Commission has issued its
Third Annual Report, being the 13th
report since the organization of the
Railroad Commission. :
In letter of transmittal of the report
to the Governor, the commissioners say
they are much gratified' to report that
the corporations under their supervision
have had a very prosperous jear; that
the freight tariffs for the various rail
roads tn most part have been revised
and reduced; that the suits of the Sea
board Air Line, In which this Company
appealed to the court In the matter of
fixings-fertilizer; and other rates, have
been withdrawn, and tho overcharge due
to shippers ordered to be paid into the
Treasury of tbo State for the benefit of
shippers, amounting to $0,018 , has been
paid Into the treasury by the company.
Tbe commission further says that Its
ordera are now being obeyed by the
roads and no suits are pending.
Referring to the matter of the suit of
Sheriff Jackson, in which he brought
mandamus proceedings to compel the
assessment of railroad property, tbe
commission ays that It construed the
machinery act of 1S01 to mean that it
was not directed or permitted to assess
railroad property for that year but that
the assessment made In the year 1000
was to remain until the year 1903, when
there would be an assessment of other
Tbe commissioners pay the clerk of
the commission, Mr. H, C. Brown, a
very high compliment In there words:
"Tbe arrangement of the matter and the
making of. tbe tables, statistical and
others contained in this report, are the
work of our efficient .clerk, Mr. II. C,
Brown. It Is due hint also that we ac
knowledge that Zwhatever success the
commission has attained in discharging
the important.and often difficult duties
devolved od It Js largely due to hU
courtesy, promptness, faltnlulness and
efficiency at all times in discharging his
Tbe first Dart of the report contains
the act establishing tbe commission and
acts.relating to same.
The rulesjof practice in'.cases and pro
ceeding before the commission, the rules
governing the transportation of passen
gers and freight, with the freight tariffs
of each railroad, are embodied in the re
port. The commission has general su
per vision of railroad, steamboat, canal,
express, street railway, telegraph, tele
phones, and sleeping .car Companies,
banks, and building and loan associa
tions. - .
The commissioners are also a board of
aDoralsers for railroad and all other
companies exercising the right of emi
nent domain. The last Legislature con
stituted the commission a board of State
Tax Commissioners also.
. The report also contains the reports
and decisions of the commission in cases
before It during the past vear. The com
plaints heard and adjusted number 210.
,A summary of the statistical matter
referred to in the letter of tbe commis
sion Is as follows:
;. Balli-Mda... -
i.The railroad mileage in North Caro
Una Is 8.051 miles. Two thousand seven
hundred and elghtv-ntne miles of this
mileage are operated by three systems.
The Atlantic Coast Line operating 948
miles; the Southern Railway 1,227 miles
the Seaboard Air Line,' 814 miles, tbe
consolidation of the Seaboard Air Line
having been perfected since the last re
oortof the Commission.' Miscellaneous
10 ids compose 868 miles, f
' Yataa and Assessment For Taxation.
f- i i Valuation
Atlantic Coast Lino $18,932,026 50
Southern Railway - 15, 479,002-59
Seaboard Air Line 8,683,861 83
Miscellaneous Roads . , 4,280,760 69
' Total
$12,375,651 11
Telephone Companies
855,857 22
Steamboats, Canals, tier
' rtes. ,"'.-
Street Railways .
Electric L'gbt and Gas
Telegraph Companies
Sleeping Car Companies .
Express Companies
Water Companlea
220,471 63
756,801) 00
. 03,629 46
904,200 0U
181,710 00
189,573 09
' 81,429 00
. Grand total , ' $418l,886 11
" Tbe above valuations of Railroads, etc,
are aoDortioned to the various counties
and towns on mileage basis and certified
from the office of the Commission
Cost of Railroads ' 193,494,891
Ospltal 8tock 73,721.801
Funded Debt ' 51,661,880
' RMipltuUlloa of Earnings.
Gross Earnings. Operating Expenses.
A. C. Line
So. Railway' -S.
A. Line -Mis.
" ,093,6S6
- $ 15,846,097 $9,959,927
A table is given, showing the number
of employees of each road, giving the
number of officers, station stents, engi-
neera, conductors, etc and the average
dally wages of each.
Outdde of the General Officers, the
englnemea rrcfive the largest tvtrage
dally wages tbe wages being on the
larger systems from $?.t i to $.".r9 per
dsy; the Conductors next, witb at rige
wages from ti .76 to $3.01 per day.
Total ttuniber of (mplojeea by the
Railroads in North Carolina li tbown to
be 11,03?.
Aecldenlg to PerMoni.
The toral number of acclJonU to per
sona, rejuliiD from tLe movement of
trains, as follows:
Ii j'lred
Km ploy fi t
Mot Trespassing
Total W 42
Accident from otber causes thau
movements of train, to employees, were
as follows, 3 killed and 3-tt Injured.
Trlrgrapli ( pmpaiiietf.
There aro ten Telegraph t ompanies
with 3,994 pole miles and 10,610 miles of
ire. Tbe Westein Uuion Telegraph
Company controls 14,300 milts of Ibis
total miles of wire.
apital mock of Telegiaph
Companies 1 063,915
Fundi d Debt 308,179
Telephone Companies.
There are seventy incorporated Tele
phone Companies reported to the Com
mission. These Companies bave 5,193
business 'phones and 5,739 residence
phones, with tbe polo mileage of 2,691
miles and 8,190 miles of wire.
Capital Stock . $1,584,012
unded Debt 69, .03
Assessed Viilue 355,357
Gross Earnings 106.141
Operating Expenses 146,034
Income from operation 42,777
Street Railway Companies.
Street Railways are operated in Asbe-
ville, Charlotte, Ralelgb, Wilmington
and Winston.
Capital Stock $1,472,200
Funded Debt 1,059,500
Gross Earnings 417,000
Operating Expenses 323,968
Income from operation 93,032
No. of Passengers carried 4,636,185
Wat. r Works Companies,
Only eleven Water Works Companies,
It seems, have reported to the Commis
sion for taxation. The total valuation
of these Companies is placed at $447,-
Klectrle Light Companies,
Sixteen Electric Light Companies have
reported, the assessed value of same
being placed at $287,195.
A very convenient table Is made.
showing the name of each bank, Presi
dent,. Cashier, Capital Blocs, giving lef
erence to date of law granting Charter,
when organized, and when opened for
The number of State Banks is 81, Pri
vate Banks 17, and Savings Banks 14, to
tal, 112.
A summary of the reports of the con
dition of the Bsnks for the different
calls during the year is given.
At the close of business, September
30, 1901, these Banks showed as follows:
Capital stock $2,982,527
Surplus fund 628,493
Undivided profits 610,025
Denosils subiect to check 9 8 1 3,42 'i
Time deposits 713,985
Demand certificates 548,141
Gold coin In vault 214,456
Silver coin 154,158
Bank notes 030,053
fotal resources of lh
Banks $17,307,776
Building ami Loan Associations.
There are twenty-nine Building and
Loon Associations with assets ol $!,
By reference to the table giving the
names of the' Building snd Loan Associ
ations, It is noted that there Is only one
foreign Building and Loan Association
and that is the Columbian, of Richmond
Vs.. dolnu business in the Ftatd. All
the others having been withdrawn.
The State Building snd Loan Associa.
tions seem to be doing well.
The reDort of tho Commission as a
Board of State Tax Commissioners will
he a seDarate report from this and will
be issued at an early day.
Truck Farm
For Sale!
One hundred acre Truck Farm,
one-third cleared and containing
farm houses, apple, pear and other
frait trees, trrape Tines, etc. -The
other two-thirds heavily timbered
Situated near New Bern, N. C.
20 minutes drive from rayroad and
steamboat shipping points.
Terms Tory easy, apply to.
-, P. O. Box 254,
Jacksonville, Fla
Attorney at Law,
Office: South Front f treet, Oppossi
Hotel Chattawka. -
a Fresh lot Just Received, Fresh Oatflakes, Car
olina Bice, Grits and Big Hominy.
Saner Kraut.
Small Pig Hamg.
Canned Goods of all kinds.
Georgia Yam Potatoes.
Scotch, Irish Potatoes.
Codfish, Cornsd Mullets, and Spanish Mackerel.
Pigs Feet, Tripe, Bologna and Fresh Pork Sansage.
Anything im the grocery line you want at '
I J.
'Phone 91.
ever seen in New Bern, Suitahle for
aleo DRAUGHT HOESES, that will
Of ALL Tobacco Fertilizers.
mm mm.
Specially prepared for the lands of Eastern Carolina. ' Insures a
good cure. Makes wrappers and
By its merit alone one farmer in Jones County will use it exclusive
ly on his siity acres of tobacco.
As our goods are manufactured near you and not re-shipped, we
claim Freshness and Good Mechanical Condition. ;
High Grade Callage, Potato, ani Cotton Guano;-
Our Motto: "Not How Cheap, B ut How Good."
t&'lt you use Fertilizers Call and See us. ' -
E. II. & J. A. ME1DOWS CO,9
Uigk tirade Fertilizers,'
Factory Meuse River, NEW BEEN, N. C.
new BEitur, nr. .
tS2srtSisVVta'VtVittflBiStiwV iyVVi?V
I Here We Are Again i
with Prices and Quality that
; Stringless Beans, 2 lb can 10c, 3 for 25c.
- 8 15c,S 25c!
No. 1 Standard S lb Tomatoes, 10c can- '
-r u - i , ; v 2 Corn, Belhaven Brand 10c.
, w 1 " 2fc " a good article, 8 cans for 25c.
' 1 lb Seedless Currants 10c lb.
1 Rrisins 10c lb.
n English Walnuts 12 Jo lb- .
; ; Mixed Nuts 121o lb.
Nice, large, juicy Florida Oranges 85c dozen.
, Don't fail to see me before placing your orders for any
thing in the grocery line and I will save you money.
Yours to Please,
.. Vn 1 RforwljWI ft IK Tnmafnoo 10n ' -
, . Whclesila
phone C9. ... c
It i
ft lie tall
71 Brand HU S?
Horses & Mules,
call our
Julius M. Arnold
Who has just returned from the
Wefet with the finest lot of Horses
be sold for cash on time.
fills yonr purse..
can't be beat.
and r.-l;!! C

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