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Why is ROYAL
JBafcing Powder bet
ter thaai a.ny other?
Because in its mammoth wotks a
cprps of chemical experts is con
stantly employed to test every ingre
dient and supervise everyx process of
manufacture to insure a product ab
solutely jpure, wholesome and perfect
in every respect
The - most wholesome food ; and
the most 'digestible .food are made
.with .Royal Baking Powder.
' - V "; ' ... r " ' ' ' " i.:. '
Skinner Takes
'..Office., r.
Oath of
: Set Right.
Ed. Jouunal: I notice in this week's
Journal, someone front Jasper, signed
Voice of the People, is giving ns down
' the road some Tory . timeljr advice, ac
cording to hia war' of thinking. He has
leen informed that a counter petition
has been circulated opposing free de
livery, and of course puts the blame
upon the postmaster at Bellalr. I hereby
state that I have not signed pot circulated
a petition against free delivery, though
1 was asked t do so. I. hare, opposed
free delivery on our route and am ' now
opposed to It as it has been presented to
me, and this is my reason: As proposed,
it puts our mall one day later getting oil
'hence all of our track mall will have, to
be sent to Clark, as we can send none of
It off by the free delivery plan, in time to
get to the markets before our track gets
, there. To the truckers or buslnes men
.on the route there will be constant dis
appointment. ' This Is the way I look at
it, and I am looking through Impartial
glasses at the whole matter. , If I even
thought the majority of the poople' on
(he route would be - benefitted I would
not raise one-word of opposition . No
mai) can serve this route a well coming
from New Dern In the morning as it can
going to Now Bern in time for the
northern and western mail, any one who
tea at all can see this. : .' '
; Now that ludicrous little thrust at the
P. M., at Bellalr, about being ."one of
the luokles" feeding from Uncle Sam's
trough, I for one P. M don't And the
trough so well filled as to Induce me to
get np a petition against my neighbors
interests. Undo Sam has not enough to
induce me to do that. When I oppose
anything it Is because I think it wrong
or not-best, . A 4th class post office pay
ing 4 or 5 dollars a month, Is, to say the
most for it, rather a shallow trough to
be fed at. :i yi -v ;
Your Indignant scribe testifies that the
P. O. pays so Utile that the P. H has to
be off at his work, and often he cannot
get his malLI Bach is not te- case at
Bellalr. If the P. M. and his wife are
both gone visiting, some one Is at the
P. Ovto deliver mall, , vv .
More than this, I have recently heard
complaints ' from some free dellvory
routes, showing that they were not get
ting what was promised. Let me ven
ture a little suggestion to "Voice of the
People.", If he will sound a clarion
nolo and call the attention at onr people
to the; immediate need of better roads he
will pave the way, (If he succeeds In get
ting good roads) for a rural free deliv
ery that would bo a great blessing to,the
traveling public. V f ; ' ;
One thlngjis certain, no carrier can do
bis duty on the route proposed, deliver
mall to fifty or more places, give receipts
for registered letters, etc.. Leaving New
Bqrn after ten a. - m , going about 94
miles, half if It through mu.1, and got
back to New Bom In tim for the 0
To Secure State Swamp Lan is. Stale
Board of Education Refuses to
Extend Bavins Cade's
Special to Journal.
RiLEiOB, February 8. The State
Board of Education at today's session,
refused to extend Rev. Baylus Cage's op
tion on State swamp lands in Carteret
county. .
Cade as attorney for a syndlcite, of
fered to pay sixty cents per acre for
lands In Blocks of fifty thousand sores,
and the same price for smaller blocks.
Cade then made a proposition to sell
all State swamp lands in nine months
for half million dollars. This proposi
tion had a string to it, and was not acted
J. J Wolfenden, oLNew Bern .made h
proposition for an option on all swamp
lands for year at 75 cents per acre, and
to pay one thousand dollars for Hie op
tion. This was declined.
Then Wolfenden made another tenta
tive proposition.
The Board ordered its Engineer to
confer with Wolfenden and start with
him as soon as possible on an inspection
of all such lands. As soon as this is
donp, Wolfenden will be riven a format
proposition to take all the lands and pay
cash..' -?'."'.-
., There are at leastjslxj hundred thous
and acros lying In eleven counties.-
- :. ASKIN.
. It seems that Josbua and T. E. C. have
quit writing but nevertheless I will write
More cold, weather but agreeable to
all. ' -
We have the free mall delivery in our
neighborhood. . .
The Ladles Aid of Kltt Swamp will
have a basket supper and mysteries com
bined at Mra'O L Arthur's Saturday
night before the fourth Sunday In Feb.
for the benefit of Kltt . Swamp church.
All are Invited to attend. -J. ; r
Mr W A Thomas' little boy was play-
lug in the house last Sunday and fell off
a box and broke his thigh. Ue is im
proving now. Katydid. -
Information Company Chartered.
Large Attendance at Good
' , Beads Convention Prom
ised. Mere State Aid
.for Rehools Asked
Ralkioh, Feb.- 8. This morning
Harry Skinner, the new. United Stales
District Attorney, took the oath of office
before Judge parnell and directly after,
ward left torGreenvlU his home. He
says he will return in about a fortnight.
He Intimated that he would not make
Raleigh hi . borne, He has a daughter
at college here.
The State chartered today the Nation
al Information Bureau, .with headquart
ers at Raleigh, capital $20,000. Frank 8
-Bright, whose address I given as Wash
ington, D. C , lajone of the stockholders
T, B. Womack of Raleigh also one. The
purpose of the company Is to furnish
all sorts of Information, as to copyrights
patents, pensions, eta, all over the coun
try. Commissioner of agricultural Patter
son says the attendance at the Good
Roads Convention here next week will
be large. He is greatly pleased at the
interest developed. A letter was re
ceived thla morning from Senator Sim
mons, who had been asked to be a
speaker, expressing his regret at his Ina
bility to be present.. He says he is fully
in sympathy with the Good Roads move
ment, and that is his Judgment nothing
promises more for the development of
every interest In North Carolina than
good roads. He says the agitation now
going on is to his mind one of the most
hopeful signs of the times. He has sent
to each of the 1300 delegates to to the
convention, appointed by Gov. Aycock,
sent such documents as he could obtain
In the good roads matter.
Commissioner Patterson is notified
that the following; accept invitations to
speak at the Good Roads Convention,
Martin Dodge of the National Good
Roads bureau; Charles ' D. Mclv'er of
Greensboro; Rev. Dr. T. N, Ivey, J. W.
Bailey and W. C. McMackln of Raleigh;
T. B. Parker, secretary of the State Far
mers' Alliance.
Today there were more calls for 8tate
aid for the public schools. Iredell asks
for (390, Franklin for $909; Mitchell for
A pamphlet Is In preparation here giv
ing Information regarding colleges and
high schools, as well as 'all other private
schools in the State. One of the com
pilers says there "are 18 well defined de
nominational colleges In the State, and
that they have 2,700 students. . (There
are the. University and two State col
leges, with 1,200" students ) . There are
325 . private schools, including , high
schools, with 30,000 pupils in atten
dance. The teachers' . of .250 of these
teach public schools as long as the
money lasts and then supplement this
with what are termed ."pay schools."
Coed Roads Train. Off to Charleston Ex-
position. Governor's rower
Raleigh, February 10. The "Good
Roads" train arrived here last night, and
today work began on the street which
is to be macadamized.
. Chairman McNeill, D. H. Abbott and
Secretary II. C. Brown of the corpora
tion commission left today for Charles
ton to attend the annual convention of
railway commissioners In the United
Slates. Their wives accompanied them.
After the convention adjourns the com
missioners will Ukea tilpto Florida
and Cube. '
" Attorney General Gilmer todjy- re
sumed his regular work, In ' his of
fice. The Supreme Court devotes this week
to the docket of appeals from the 2d Ju
dicial district. '
Cadet Payne of the Agricultural and
Mechanical collego here, who has had
pneumonia, went to his borne at Wash
ington, N. C, today, to recuperate.
The freeze after rains of weok before
last has again injured the small grain
The Supreme Court of the Bolted
States fully sustains the power of a gov
ernor to respite a person sentenced for
contempt of conrt, as In the Gorham case
at Statesvllle.
Discission of the Proposed Federal Elec
tion Law.
Wabbibot k, Feb. 9. The bill-supported
by a number of Southern Reput
licin Representative,' proposing a
strong Federal election law against a -leged
Intimidation, ballot box fraud?,
etc., was considered yesterday by the
House Committee on Election of Presi
dent and Vice-President.
Messrs, of .Missouri, and
Gibson, of Tennessee, who have assisted
In framing the bill, wers heard on the
alleged extent of election irregularities
in their Slates and elsewhere In t e
Houth. They explained the a'leged pat
tlsanshlp of elec Ion boaids, as made up
by the Governors, and alio cited recent
decisions of the courts which showed,
the) contented, thai the judicial brant h
took a somewhat lenient view of ballo -box
trregnlarities. '
Mr. Gibson said It was bad enough to
deny the franchise to tbe negro, but
when the white man also was denied the
franchise tbe situation became intolera
ble. This drew a spirited rejoinder
from Representative Sulloway, of New
Hampshire, who maintained that black
and white alike were entitled to protec
tion fa exercising the franchise. Tbe
bearings will contlnuo next Thursday.
Big: Hani in Georgia.
Acworth, Qa., Feb. 9. Safe-blowers
forced the vaults of the Lemon Bank-
Dg Company here early this morning,
securing $5,000 in gold, a $5,000 Georgia
Stale bond and a large amount ;of stock
Between $4,SC0and $5,000 la notes,
stock certificates and bonds were hope
lessly mutilated by the explosion and
much currency and small bills de-
A box filled with $20 gold pieces es
caped the notlee of tbe robbers. The
burglars had to blow through four pro
tections to reach the money.
Against Christian Science.'
Berlin, Feb. 7-Emperor William has
Intervened to stem the spread of Christ
ian Science In Germany,
lie has had long conferences with
chiefs of police for tbe purpose of devis
ing measures to counteract the campaign
of the Christian Scientist, who have fol
lowers In the higher circles of Berlin's
society... It is ' proposed to mako the
praotice of Christian Science therapeu
tics Illegal in Germany. -
McDuffie's Tasteless Chill Cure will build
np broken down systems and make the
blood rich and healthy, certain cure for
chill, guaranteed or money refunded
53 cents at F, S. Duffy's.
Saved Him From Torture.
There is no more agonizing trouble
than piles . The constant itching and
burning make life intolerable. No po
sition is comfortable. The torture Is un
ceasing. De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve
cures piles at once. For skin diseases,
cuts, burns, bruises, all kinds of wounds
it Is unequalled. J. S. Gerall, St, Paul,
Ark., says: "From 1865 I suffered with
the protruding, bleeding piles and could
find nothing to-help me until I used De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, A few boxes
completely cured me." Beware of coun
forfeits.' F.'Bt Duffy. .......
o'clock;mII In tin evening.
No broth ?r scribe hi will hardly strike
next morning a mall sometimes.
Don't be in to? great a hurry to got
omethlng till you can use It to it will
be a benefit'. '
I don't want Uncle Sam to ho r I his
money and do any one an Injustice, but
if he pays $500 for a route and make more
inconvenience than the one now costing
bout half that sum. ho bad Just as well
lay his mor.ey up till It can be nsed
where It will do good. .
Nelghbor-th' P. M at Bellalr will
w tbdraw his opposition Just a soon
as he soes It Is wrong, and cannot any
sooner. . Very Respectfully, - ;
Dan in, Lahb.
, Got $200. Awaided.
1 he case of Toblnson vsthe Atlmtlo
f-orth rollna railroad company,
which wai contlnuo I over Friday night
In th-j r-uper'or Couit, bore,' n4 ended
ye-'o -lVv, ibe Juy giving tie pUtntiJ
(:';). c u-ca-.
Tobacco Seed For Farmers.
All persons wlrblng good tobacco seed
can gett same by calling at Planters
Warehouse, New Bern, N. O.
Vice Admiral Jose Jlontnjo Dead.
' Madrid, Feb. 7 The death Is announc
ed of Vice Admiral Jose ' MontoJ
The commander of tho Spanish fleet at
Manila was Rear Admiral ' Patricia
Monlojo. '
Fast Run Philadelphia to New York
Philadelphia, Feb. 1,k new record
between 1'hlladelphla and New York on
the Philadelphia & Reading Railway
was established today by tbe special
train which carried J. P. Morgan to the
metro Us. The train, which consisted
of an ordinary paisenger coach and
President Baei'j pilvate car Pht'ade'-
pile, left the Reading terminal at ex
actly Y-M a. m., and arrived In Jersey
City, a distance of 9D 2-10 miles, 84 mfn-
ctes Inter. Taking out stopB, the actual
r"" '!'; U:i-e was 80 minut-s and 29
Girl Horsewhipped Tramps,
Middletown, N. Yn Feb. 9-Wielding
tho butt of a heavy horsewhip vlgorou
ly on two tramps who attempted to rob
her aged grandfather, Miss Merta Cov
ert, ft 16-year-old girl of Greenville, .van
quished tho hoboes and foiled their
plans. ; ''".'vf--'" ''4--. -f:
Joseph Covert, an. aged farmer, re
ceived several hundred dollars yesterday
from the sale of some cattle, and late in
the afternoon started for his borne In
Greenville, 10 miles distant accompanied
by hl granddaughter, Merta Covert.
While going along a lonely mountain
road two rough, looking , strangers
emerged from the woods and springing
Into the back of the sleigh, attempted to
rob the aged farmer. ; ,
While her grandfather was struggling
with the highwaymen Miss Covert seized
the heavy whip and dealt one of the men
a slinging blow "on the head with the
butt, which' caused him to fall from the
sleigh.- By this tlu-e lie horsia wore
rinning at good speel, whl: tho faimrr
and his plucky graiddaajbter stiujg'o 1
with the other robber. She strtok h'm
several times with the- whip and finally
gave him a shove which seat hint head
long into a snowdrift. 7 -
Freed from the robot n, Miss Covert
caught op tho rains and drove the team
borne. Her grandfather Is little the
worso for the encounter.'
a Freah lot Just Received, rreshOatflakep, Car
olina Rico, Grits and BigjHominy.
Saner Krant.
Small Pig Hams.
Canned Goods of all kinds.
Georgia Yam Potatoes.
Scotch, Irish Potatoes. '
Codfish, Corned Mullets, and Spanish Mackerel.
Pigs Feet, Tripe, Bologna and Fresh Pork Sansage.
Anything in the grocery line yon want at
& Retail
Says all Lives Are Sacred Alike.
Washington, Feb. 9. In a minority
report on tbe Anti-Anarchism bill Rep
resentatlve Lanhatn (Dom., Texas), a
member of tbe Judiciary Committee of
the House, says: "I deny the proposition
that one honest and law-abiding man's
life Is any more sacred than that of
another. The holding or pos
session of office does not of Itself render
any man -Impeccable or ImmutreV from
human frailties and imperfections."
Trying to Save The Bison.
Washington, February 9 A Kansan,
who is known as "Buffalo" Jones and
who owns a bison ranch in Texas, has
called at the White House to enllBt the
President's assistance in having passed
a law making it a crime for anyone to
kill a bison, whether he be the owner of
the animal or not.
Fob. 9. Mr. R. M. Brock, near Flox
was married to Miss Matlis Thompson
quite recently.
Henry Henderson and Joeanna Thorn p
son, colored, were married last Sunday.
Henry already has a wife somewhere
near New Bern.
On Friday night last, all the young
people of this neighborhood gathered at
Mr. Ed Plttman's and tripped the light
fantastic too until four o'clock Saturday
a. m.
Mr. W. L. Taylor of Richland after
renting 3 farms and moving each time,
ii golog to sell out next Saturday and
go to Wilmington to live. Mr. Mr. Tay
lor, W. L. T' father will also go.
Mr, R. G. Huffman of Hominy
Swamp Is all smiles now, it Is a boy.
The Rev. Mr. Cohen, will preach at
this place this p. m. at 3 o'clock.
Mr. E. W. Mnrriil has been on an ex
tended trip to Wilmington, his daughter
Miss Maude, went with him. She will
remain with her sister, Mrs. Frank An
drews, for some time.
B. B. Barry Is helping Mr. Thos. Mc
Gee build L, D. Boggs' bouse.
t Mr. J. K. King returned from Elnston
Friday, from carrying 1800 lbs of tobac
co which when sold brought him $212.00
There is very good health in this com
munity at present, except bad colds.
News seems to be very scarce now, so
I will close by asking tbe question, has
the Democratic party kept Its promises ?
'Phone 91. 71 Bread St.
Horses & Mules.
Julius M.jArnold
TVlio has just returned Jfrom the
West with the fineEt lot of Horses
ever seen in New Bern, Snitable for the FARM, DRIVING, SADDLE,
also DRAUGHT HORSES, that will he sold for cash on time.
Of ALL Tobacco Fertilizers.
Pyny-Baltam Stop the Tickling,
and quickly allays Inflammation In the throat
Clerk's Wise Suggestion.
'I have lately been much troubled with
dygpnpaia, belching and sour stomach,'
writes M. B. Mead,- leading pharmacist'
of Attleboro Mass. "I could eat hardly
anything without' suffering several
hours. My clerk suggested I try Kodo
Dyspepsia Cure which I did with most
happy results. I have had no more
trouble and when one can go to eating
mince pie, cheese, candy and nuts after
such a time, their digestion must be
pretty good. 1 endorse Kodol Dyspep
sia Care heartily." You don't have to
diet. Eat all the good food you want
bnt don't overload the stomach. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure digests your food. F. S
Duffy. - ". ' -. :
President Turns Down Roosevelt.
Washington, D. C. Feb. 10 President
Roosevelt will not be breveted for hU
set vices In the Cuban , war. Be has
decided his own case. The report of
the Army Board which recommended
brevets ' Included the colonel of the
Rough Riders and recommended him for
brevet rank.' 1
The repprt was approved by the Sec
retary of War, bnt when sent to Mr.
Roosevelt he approved all With the ex
ception of his own, and his Indorse
ment shows that President Roosevelt
dlsspproves of brevet for Colonel Roose
Nervous Derangement the Result of
Eye Strain.
The strain imposed upon tbe eyes, by
various optical defects has a decided
effect upon the nervous system, and by
the leakage of nerve force often leads
to a train of evils far more extended
than we are accustomed to suppose.
The strain calls for an excessive sup
ply of nervous energy, acting as an ir
ritant to the central nervous system,
anally ending In a breaking down of tho
system, which, not only caused misery
and suffering, but statistics are n I
wanting to prove that tbe duration of
life Is materially shortened thereby.
Epilepsy (or fits) Is one of the most
terrible diseases that con befall any hu
man being, and Its treatment by drugs
alone (by Dr. C. H. Brown, Phlla.) is
very unsatisfactory.
Of late years specialists on nervous
diseases have found that error of refrac
tion bear a direct casual relation to
tbeaitacksand that properly adjusted
glasses are an indlspensible adjunct to
the treatment, If they do not ever super
sede all other methods of treatment.
Yon can find a large stoct of optical
iroods. and every Instrument needed to
do scientific refractive work at
Optical Parlor.
When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic, because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that it
is simply lion and quinine In a tasteless
form. No cure no pay. Price 68c.
Ten FUllion Dollar Fire at Paterson, H. J.
Ho Loss of Life.
Patersrn, N, J., Feb. 9 One of tho
greatest flies in the hh'oryof the coun
try swept through Paterson to day, and
in its desolate wake srs the ashes of
property value 1 at 910,030,000. Tho
flames bumel their way through the
business section of the city and claimed
as their own most of tho finer buildings
devoted to commercial, religious, civil
educational uses, ai well as scores of
dwellings. There was no loss of Ufa
but hundreds were loft homeless and
thousands without employment.
I tie ore began at midnight and was
checked only aftef a desperate fight that
lasted until late this afternoon. Every
city and town within reach of Paterson
sent firemen and apparatus, and it took
their nnlted efforts to win the battle
northeast gale gave the conflagration a
great impetus and carried burning
brand i to kindle the blaze afresh. Tho
firemen mad stand after stand before
the wall of Are, but were repeatedly
dnven tck. When victory finally
Specially prepared for the lands of Eastern Carolina. Insures a
good cure. Makes wrappers and fills your purse.
By its merit alone one farmer in Jones County will use it exclusive
ly on his sixty acres of tobacco. . ' " v
As our goods are manufactured near you and not re shipped, we
claim Freshness and Good Mechanical Condition.
High Grade Catlap, Potato. illcroD ad Cotton Geo,
Our Motto: "Not How Cheap, But How Good." -Slt
jou use Fertilizers Call and See us. -
. IT. & J. A. ME1DOWS CO., .
High Urade Fertilizers,
Factory Heuse River, NEW BERN, N. C. -
to Farmers.
In view of the fact that it is not gen-
eraly understood that the Bice Crop Is
highly protected from foreign competi
tion by an import duty and that the
crops, raised In the United f-tates have
every year fallen much below the home
consumption, tbe Carolina tice Mills of
Goldsboro, N. O., in order to encourage
the cultivation of Bice pn a larger scale
titan has heretofore been done is now
prepared to make contracts with plant
ers Ih North Carolina for their crops of
rice they may raise during the year U03
on the most liberal terms. - ' "
Parties Interested, who wish to avail
themselves of this offer, can communi
cate wvith ns and we will take pleasure
in giving full particular.
; . fcoldsboro, N. C.
NEW BEIItf, Dr. .
Horses, Mules,
Buggies, Farm
Wagons, Cart
Wheels and
V x
' I I
Attorney at Law,
C."oi: Fnulh Front Street, Orrf,ssi
A Mother's Horror I
Croup, Croup
can be prevented if nsed ia time
and cured almost iostaat'y by asir
X. I. EIcIVEi:,
Attorney at Law,
NEW BERN, - - - N.
Gives notice of removal of ollic i
that also occupied (as liert'.for() I v
O. II. Onion, and will cottlmim t
tii-e f It"-. ' .'..r f -ii- i
If t ) f l V J T ""1 i ' ' 1.
X- A.

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