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You may
at Dyspepsia
There is a quality in, Royal Bak
ing Powder, coming from the purity
and wholesomeness of its. ingre
dients, .jyhich I promotes digestion.
Food - raised by it will not distress.
This peculiarity of Royal has been
noted by hygienists and physicians,
and they ; accordingly recommend
,it in the preparation of food, espe
cially for those of delicate digestion.
Three Million Dollar Company
Granted Charter..
' University Medical CoUega C1m
Weather Morn Seasonable.
Another Men Respited ky
' Uoveraor. .' Uacealaa
rente Sermon at
, 5 j 4.t -.- Sliaw TJnlTer-
- T:; t aity.
IUlbiqh, Feb. 24. The State today
' chartered a great corporation, the
Ponncadenn Lumber and Maoafaotartng
Co, of Lenoir, Caldwell county, capital
$3,000,000, John H. Daoenhower, of Pa.
William J. Merrill of Philadelphia and
Walter W. Noble of Lenoir being the
stockholders. The charter la a broad
one, and allows the company to built
and operate all kinds of factories, manu
facture lumber, wood pulp, wood alco
hol, to generate and dispose of electric
.' bower, etc.- The fee to the. State for
this charter wss 1800.
It is said riiat the class at the State
University Medical College, which will
open ; here In September, will have a
larger class than has been ei peeled; not
" only all the Uulrersity medical students I
who have taken the two years course
there and who will come here to take
Park Avenue Hotel New York City
Carriages Desert Fifth Avenue. Down
' pour of Rain Turned Into Sleet and
- . the City Given an Icy Coating.
NewTork, Feb. 31 Snow, followed
by rain and sleet, to day created in
this city and vicinity the most disa
greeable weather conditions known In
many year. The city's streets are In
a worse condition than before the
thousands of snow shovelers went to
work-after the blizzard. During the
evening the tomperature dropped
enough to turn the downpour of rain
into a coating of Ice over buildings and
trees. In central Park the big trees
oreaked under the weight of thick Ice
Many branches fell. Traffic on tbe
Brooklyn bridge was almost at a stand
still. Heavy trucks could scarcely be
moved, even when four stout horses
to each did their best to get a foothold
on the slippery roadway. Street Car
traffic everywhere was much interrupt
ed, but the greaiestNfiloulty was k
parlenced on ; wosstpwhViflrse car fines
Four horses were attached to all o(
those cars'and had hard work g" tug
alone Fifth avenue was a bIuc-i or
Ice. It was early deserted by car
riages. In Broadway, after the theatres
closed, the scene was one of great confusion.
U acuta Caatht la Upper Stories
Looklag at Barn lag af 71st
Reglsseat Armory. FlTty
Perish. Loss Three
Special to Journal.
Nsw York, Febrnary 23-A frightful
and horrible catastrophe took place here
A fire started this morning in the Ar
mory building of the Seventy First Reg
iment. The guests of the Psrk Avenue Hotel
who were looking at the fire from the
uppsr story windows, suddenly found
that the Ore had spread to their hotel,
which was on fire beneath them, catch
ing them without means of escspe.
Many at once Jumped from tbe win
dows, whllo others tried the stairways
and perished in the flames.
About fifty perished, many being
prominent people, among them being
Rear Admiral Joseph Miller, and Colo
nel Piper, U. S: A.
The hospita's are filled with the in
The piopcrly lots is estimated at not
Ices than three million dollars.
McDuffle's Tasteless Chill Cure will build
I up broken down systi ms and mako the
the additional two years course required , blood ilch and healthy, certain cure for
but a number of North CarollnUns now
. studying medicine In other States.
Testrdsywas the first warm day this
year. , In tho sunshine tbe temperature
was 84 degrees. As a result the snow
- melted fast, t The coonry Is yet white
with it however, from Selma hero and
then as far west as Durham. It is said
many small birds have died. Mot maay
partridges are thought to have perished.
. The snow has not made, a great del, of
v sickness. There is'grlppe, but not of a
. bad type. In Moore and Chatham conn
, :t ties, there has been much pneumonia, of
. uau type.
Governor Aye" to Is morning res--;
pi ted Andrew fherman Jackson white)
. of LInoolnton natil March 20, at the re-
. quest of lbs presiding Judge. Jackson
was under sentence to be hanged Wod-
nesday of this week, for burglary.
President Charles E. Taylor of Wake
Forest college will preach the baccalau
reate sermon on Sunday, the 9th, of
. March, before tbe graduates in tbe pro
- fesslonal departments at Bhsw, Univer
sity (colored) here. Tho annual address
. to the graduates will be delivered on the
.: 13th by Rev. Dr. : Kllgo, president of
Trinity college. Durham. The trustees
: will meet here on that day. It Is the
' first time they have over mut at Ral
, eigh. .'
. The State authorizes the White Fnrnl
.. tore Company of Mebane to Increase Its
- capital stock from 13,000 to $100,000. r
V' The condition of F. U. Busbee, a well
... known attorney here, who has been dan
gerously sick, Is much improved.
chill, guaranteed or money refunded
59 cents at F. S. Duffy's.
Heavy Tax on Preachers.
Louisville, Ky, Feb. II An ordinance
has been prepared by Captain W. T.
Norton, o millionaire club man, provlJ
Ing that ministers of all denominations
shsll pay a license of $50 a year anil
that their salaries shall be garnlsheed in
the event of non-oavment. "4
The ordinance was glvun to a Conn
cllman to introduce, but he has so far
declined to present It. -
The ordlnsnce sets forth that the mln
Istert of late "have been trying to
butt Into politics and attempting by
advancing unwise theories to take
hand In the ' conduct of municipal "af-
fai a,'
Salvation Oil the Best Liniment.
Price, 19 cts; large bottle 25 ct. Great
est cure on earth for Rheumatism, NiU
ralgis, . Soreness, Sprains, Backache
Stiffness, Cuts, Bruise, Wounds, Swell
ings, Burns and Frost Bites.' Sa'vutloa
Oil klUs all pain.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice Is hereby (riven that the Arm of
Armstrong and Matthews is this day
dissolved by mutual consent, F. P. Mat
thews having withdrawn from laid firm.
H. C. Armstrong Is authorise and em
'pjwered to collect all bills due the Arm,
. The said 11. C Armstrong assumes all
liabilities of said firm and will pay off
and dlschxrge same. This the 31st day
of February. 1902.
, : ; l . H. C. ARMSTRONG.
' Thanking the public for the patron
sge extended In the past to the firm of
AimMronir an I Matthews. I v,t the
8!mc rntrrni;e be exleud .Uu.r. H
AriiiJilrouit. who succeeds to the old
business of Armstrong and Matthews.
f. f.:iatt: " .VS.
Now In the Pen.
Special to Journal.
Half.khi, Feb. 12. Gates and Mills
whoso sentence is commuted by Got
ernor Aycock, arrived at the peniten
tiary here this afternoon.
They were removed- from Ashevtlle
jail last night, and brought directly
A Batch
ot Criminal
Prince Henry of Prussia Safe Arrival.
A Nation Welcome.
Kew York, Feb 23 Prince Henry cf
Prussia reached New York to day and
was cordially welcomed as s guest of the
Tbe land battery which guards the
outer harbor sounded the first greeting
iu a ponderous salute of 21 guns, the
rifles of a special naval squadron assem
bled in honor re-echoed tho sentiment,
and tlieie were verbal greetings from
the representatives of President Roose
velt, the army, tUe uayy and tho city of
New York. A great crowd lined the
vantage ground In the city to see the
Prince and the German sailors.
Kear-Adinlral Robley D. Evans offi
cially welcomed the royal visitor In the
namo of the American - people. The
Princo landed on the West Thirty-fourth
-treel pier, Now York city, at 12;S5
o'clock. He passed over the pier and went
on board the Imperial yacht Hohenzol
lern. -
Then came representatives of the Pres
ident, tbe army and nsvy and the Ger
man Embassy to pay their respects. At
3 p. m. the Prince entertained some of
his notable visitors at luncheon.
Later In the afternoon the Prince vis
ited the United States i warships in the
harbor. V,
Ueaersl Tooa's Office to be Sons
Filled. Eagagemeat Aa
son seed. Caase of Use.
Toon's Death. Wil
liam K Eldrldsre's
Ralbioh, Feb. 12 Governor Aycock
today declined to interfere la thi case of
John Henry Rose, who will accordingly
bo hanged at Wliaon next. Wednesdsy.
His crime wss waylaying and assassina
ting a man.
The Governor commutes to life im
prisonment at hard labor the death sen
tences of Russell -Gales, white end Frank
Mills, colored, two of the tour men who
were convicted of burglary at fcininii
post office In Buncombe county. Gate
and Mills stood guard outside tbe build
ing, whllo the other two men, ono white,
one colored, entered it and while at
tempting to rob tbe safe attacked the
plucky young postmaster, Samuel Alex
ander. The Supreme Conrt held that
all four were guilty of burglary. A great
many petitions for the com mutation of
sentence ss to dates and Mills weie re
ceived by the well as a large
number of count r-; elilions.
Six executions were set for next Wed
nesday. The other one set Is that of
Andrew Sherman Jackson, at Lincoln-
ton. Jackson's crlma was ono of the
most horrible imaetuable lie commit
ted burglary at the house of Mrs. Strom
and attacked her daughter with a razir.
making a score of gagbes on- her body.
Her infant, born a few months
later, vtas msrked with the same
disfigurements made by the razor qu the
mother, and was shown to the jury In
evidence. Jackson's wife was a sister of
the woman so injured, and at the time
of the marrlago Jackson's wife wss
The governor will fill the vacancy In
tho cfllce of State Superintendent ot
Public Instruction caused by the death
of General Toon at the earliest possible
moment next week. The salary Is $1,000
ith $500, expense allowance. There
are a number of aspirant for the position.
The New Orleans papers announce the
engagement of Miss Nichols, daughter
the Chief Justice of Louisiana, to
Jame.i Richard young, Insurance Com
missioner of North Carolina. The date
of the wedding will be late in April
Tbe physician's report on the cause of
death of Gen. T. F. Toon is that it was
heart disease and that bis last Illness
wsa only J of hour in duration. Gen.
Toon's la9t official act was the signing
of a deed to 2000 acres of State Swamp
land In Tyrrell county, Wednesday
night, his death occurring Thursday
mornlnir. .
T. B. Eldrldge of the Raleigh Morning
Post, left here today for Richmond, up
on news of the death of his father, Wil-
iam K. Eldrldge, at that city this morn
ing, of cancer of the throat. Mr.
El : ridge was about 63 years of age. He
went to Richmond a month or more ago
for treatment.
The Best Prescription for Malaria.
Chills and Fever la a bottle of Grotb's
Tasteless Chill Tome. It is simply
Iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No
cure - no pay. Price 50c. ;
, Millions in Unpaid Taxes.
New York, Feb. 21. There is now due
the city $61,000,00) of unpaid taxes, of
which $25,OJO,CO0 la laxes for last year
can bo easily collected, and $53,000,000
for water rates and real estate assess
ments prior to 1901. , '- s '
Comptroller Grant Intend? to. take
ste. sfor tho collection of this imme
diately, oven to sel'Iog properties 1 on
which assessments Jiave not been pal l.
About $7,000,000,- taxes on personal
property ho does not expect to secure.
Three Territories to Come In.
WiSniHOTOM. Feb, 21. The House
committee on Territories today unani
mously voted to report bills for tbe ad
mission of the Territories of Ni w Mexi
co, Aria na and Okjshoma.
The V'lie was taken upon a motion
made by Mr. Moon, of Tennessee, doclar
ing it to be he sense of the committee
that tho three Territories were entitled
to tatehood and tht sub-committees be
appointed to t repare the bill. Tho sub
committees were appointed.
: Clerk's Wise Sngxestlon.
1 have lately been much troubled with
d tpopsla, belching and sour stomach,'
writes M. 8. Mead, leading pharmacist'
ot Attleboro, Maa. "I could eat hardly
anything without suffering several
hours. My clerk suggested I try Eodo
Dyspepsia Cure which I did with most
happy results. I have had no more
trouble and when one can go to eating
mince pie, cheese, candy and nuts aft' r
such a time, their digestion must be
pretty goo I. 1 endorse Eodol Dyspep
sia are heartily." Yon don't bars to
diet. Eat all the good food yon want
but do i' t over U ad the stomach. Kodol
Dyap jpsla Ine digest jour fo A. F. 8
Miss Stone Finally Free, y
Cosstantinoplb, Feb. 23. Miss Ellen
M. Stone, the American. missionary who,
with' Madame Tsllka, was captured by
brigands in the district of Salonlca, Sep
tember 3 last, has been released and ar
rived at Strumltza, Macedonia, at
o'clock this morning.- . 1
Nobody was at Strumltza to meet Miss
Stone, as 'the brigands had given no In
dlcation where they proposed to relesse
the prisoners. Madame Tsllka and her
baby were released at the same time. missionary, Madame Tsllka and the
child are all welL - - ,
Saved Him From Torture, i
There Is no' more, agonizing trouble
than pllos The constant itching and
burning make life intolerable. No" po
sition is comfortable. The torture is an
ceasing. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salvo
cures piles at once. For skin diseases
cuts, burns, bruises, all kinds of wounds
it is unequalled.. J. 8. Gerall, St. Paul,
Ark., says; "From 1863 1 suffered with
tbe protruding, bleeding piles and could
find nothing to help me nntil I used Do
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. A few boxes
completely cured me." Beware of coun
terfeits. F. 8. Duffy.
Children .will play and get ovor-heated
get their feet wet, expose themselves In
doz-ns of ways, and yon. can't prevent
it. All you can do Is to. keep them as
free from exposure as possible and al
ways have iu the house a Cough Remedy
that con be. depended upon, Anway'
Croup Syrup will fill every requirement.
It is guaranteed to euro Coughs, Colds
and Gio p or tbe price 25 cents will , b
refunded by any dea'er selling it. Sold
by Davis', Henry's, and Bradham's
Ben Tillman, Senator From South Caro
lina Attacks His Colleaque In
Open Senate.
treaty. Ho then weal oa o slate that
his cbsiga applied to tho Senator from
South Carolina hoTivl been glvee lhi
patronage of that Plato I think on
thai I have stated the subktance f the
controversy." I
Controlling himself -with an effort,
bit still speaking very calmly and with
a caref 1'Jy modulated lone, Mr. McLiu-
iln continued, ' 1 would n t uae as
string language as 1 inteu t," he said
had ( not, ooo after li Senate met,
replied to these Insiauattons and said
that tbey were untrue."
There was an empuasU to tbe list
word that foreboded trouble, but Mr. Mc
Laurln was reserving tbe sentence
which stuug. ' I now say," he went on
dwelling wlili distinctive emphasis upon
every word and half turning toward bis
colleague, "tht that statement Is a will
ful, deliberate, and ssallciouo lie ! '
The challenge rang out through the
Senate chamber, wbsrelu was silence as
of death. McLaiirin did not hare a
cU.nce to ssy auotber word
lr. Tillman sprang from h;s seat.w'th
the rapidity aud almost the ftroclly of
a ll,'er.
Tliore were three desks between him
and where Mc Laurln was standing. The.
tlrst one, usually occupied by Senator
Bailey, of Texas, was empty. Tillman,
in his mad onslaught, pushed tho vacant
chair away with his knees. At the next
desk, Mr. Teller wss sitting. He was
swept aside by the angry Tillman. In
deed, tbe Infuriated Senator, placing
one baud upon Teller's shoulder and the
other upon Teller's desk, literally leaped
over him, In his effort to reach McLau
rin. Then there wm auolucr vacant
chair, where Senator Harris sits, and
this was almost over'urned as Tillman
rushed by It. Then the two South Car
olina Senators were face o face. The
wild charire of Tillman had taken but
the fraction of a second, and yet it
seemed as if an age had passed.
Even if the noise of scrambling over
desks bad not been suffl .lent to attract
M-iLaurin'H attention, he had lenly of
time to sco Tlllmsn ma My springing at
him. lie stood his gio ind. By the lime
rillruan was in front of htm, he hud
squared his arms to meet the impending
attack. On the floor Senators stood up
in their seats, and In the galleries half a
hundred people leaned over the railing
in their excitement, lillmsu rushed
upon McLaurin with Impetuous force.
Being left-handed, he aimed a wild blow
at his colleague with 1i!b left fiat. Ii
landed on McLaurln's forchisd just
over the right eye, although Its force
was partially spent upon McLaurln's
arm, wuicn fie naa raised in an enort to
parry the blow. In fact, Tillman's fist
passed across McLaurln's arm and fell
with a stinging blow upon McLaurln's
forehead, and then, with unimpeded
momemtum. glanced off into the face of
Mr. Layton, who was close behind Mc-
Laurln, having sprung forward at the
first sign of the encounter.
Instantly MeLaurin's right arm shot
out, the blow landing upon Tillman's
face, apparenty upon tbe nose. Again
Tillman struck out frantically, this time
with his right arm, but the blow fell
harmlessly upon McLaurln's shoulder.
Then followed a wild scrimmage, both
Senators clutching each other madly and
attempting to rain blows upon each
Across the aisle sat Senator Warren.
of Wyoming, a man of powerful build
With true Western Instinct, he sprang
over tbe intervening spsce and threw
one mucular ' arm around Tillman's
body and the other arm around Till
man's neck. Tillman Is no pigmy, but
Senator Warren lifted him as If he were
a chili and literally carried him back to
his desk, Mr. Layton assisting In theper
formmce. In tbe meanwhile, Senator
Patterson and Senator Cockrell's son
who hsppened to be standing by, seized
McLaurln and forced him into his seat.
Half a dozen other Senators, like school
boys in a fight, crowded around the com
batanta. The latter made several Inef
fectual attemnts to net at each other
. . .1
even after tney nau oeen araggeu
apart. .
The struggle was over.
2 &3
. ..
p Lead
Voiajt's Snow
Mrlft, White
Frost & Admiral
New lot I rcsh rrk Sausage Fulton Market Corned Bi-ef,
California Hams, Breakfast Strips Small Pig Hams, Tripe.
Fancy Jersey Tomatoes larfee cans, California Peaches
20c per can, Lobsters 25c and 85c can.
Give me a call for whatever jou nny need in groceries
and I gaaranteod to please you.
T T f fUlffTlT
& BetaU
j 'Phone 91. 71 ISrop! fctv
to Farmers.
40 head of Horses and Mules ad apted tor
the farm, draught and road work, thoroughly
seasoned and ready for work.
Full line of Buggies, Harnese, Wagons, Carts, Etc.
gee us before buying' and SAVE MONEY.
e Heac
Of ALL Tobacco Fertilizers.
Washing on Post, Feb. 33rd.
Time yesterday afternoon. Place
the Smate of the TJnltedStates, Cause
-Tillman charged that MoUorln bad
old his vote for official patronage, and
McLaurln told him that he lied.
All eyes were centered npon McLaurln
a man of forty-two years, not over medi
urn-height, with a heavy blond mustache
and curly hair. The Senate was nnusu
allv crowded, and the eallerlec were
thronged with visitors. Tillman, black
haired, one-eyed, his rugged face drawn
tensely, sat with! his arms crossed on his
lap, his favorite attitude. His one eye
retarded McLaurln clo ety Ho was like
a Hon crouched to spring. ,;
"Mr. President, I rise to a question of
personal privilege." :
McLaurln's word?, clear cut and dis
tinct, cut the silence of tho Benate like a In view of the fact that it Is not gen
knlfe. Everybody in Bt'nctively felt that craly understood that the Rice Crop is
a crisis was near. Despite the emotion highly protected from foreign compel
under wh'ch McLaurln seemed tote tion by an import duty ana mat tne
laboring, ho was api erectly the m st crops, raised In the United Statei have
comDOsel man in the chamber. He spoke every year fallen much below the home
with deliberation, and his enunciation consumption, the Carolina I Ice Mills of
was more than ususlly distinct. Ev.ry Goldsboro, N. C, tn order to encourage
word he uttered seemed t j be felt, si the cultivation ot Rice on a larger scale
well as beard, in the' remotest parts of than has heretofore been done is now
the hlstorlo ball. Even as be spoke, prepared to mako contracts with plant-
seversl Senators, among them Rcott, of ers in North Carolina tor their crops ot
West Virginia, moved restlessly about rice they may raise during the year It oa
in the rear of the desks, They felt as a on the most liberal terms.
man mleht feel whs tread the verge ot : Parties Interested, who wish to avail
a tr. mbllne volcano. themselves ot this offer,' can communi
During my absence a few moments te Hit us and we will take pleasure
airo " continue! Mr. McLaurln, "the gen n K""S ,u"
tleman who has just taken bis seat-
Mr. McLaurln paused. He evidently
did not relish the word "gentleman" as
applied to Mr. Tillman. Ho changed it
to "Senator." The orrectlon was om
inous, Ilka the Sash of lightning before
the storm. ' ' - : ; "":
' "The Senator who has Just taken hit
teat," Mr. McLaurln went on, emphasla-
lng the omission of tbe word "gentle
man" by rot repeating It, "said that Im
proper Influences had been used in
changing the vote of somebody on the
TUB 1.
Respectfully, : .
Goldsboro, N. O.
Attorney at Lw,
Office: South . I ton itreet, Oppossl
Hotel Chattawka.
Specially prepared for the lands of Eastern Carolina. Insures a :
good cure. Makes wrappers and fills your purse.
By its merit alone one farmer iu Jones County will use it cxcluie
ly on his sixty acres of tobacco. : u - ;
As pur goods are manufactured near you and not re shipped, e
claim Freshness and Good Mechanical Condition.
Bill Mi Catlnge, Potato, lllcrip acd Cotloa Guano,
Cur Motto: "Not How Cheap, But How Good."
tIf you use Fertilizers ( all nnd Sco us. . -
E. H. & J. A. MEADOW .,
Higk tirade Fertilizers
Factory Menae Blver, NEW KERN, N. Y
luavvvitXiaViyvIyv tyviyv
Fresh Country Smoked Hams $
J ... ' a .
ana biae bacon,
fie::! P;'?--- Cro
Fancy New Orleans, West Indiaand Porto liico " Molasses,
Vanilla Drips and Mapla Sjmp Jatt Ileceived.
We also have a full and aud fresh supply of fancy ( akes
and Crackers, such as XJneeda Biscuits Uneeda Milk Biscuits,
Ojsterettea, Che :S0 Sandwiches, Foivntine Vauila (Ireamri
. Orange Wafers, Chocolate, Icn (.ream?, &c. ? .
. Don't fail t gWe us a cull and get your groceries frali
and deliteied promptly.
Turs to Please,
T. 2. PASIIUIS, Jr.,
Wholesale and Retail Grocer,
PHONE 69. Ccr. nrrrl c'lTr.r.ccrT: r-

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