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Wade of Pure Qrape
MYM, MffMt PtVMt fO-s
CitiSED BT 8101'f.
So Testifies Coroner
in Cropsey
Iajnry To Temple Probably Ren
dered Girl Un-coBBcIons.
No Other 8lg r Vio
lence. .
Elizabitb Citt, N. C, March H
. Taking of testimony began to day In the
trial of James E. Wilcox, accused of
murdering Mlaa Ella Cropsey. ;
Dr. I. Fearing, coroner of the county
was the first witness. He said: . ' : '
"I am a graduate of the College of
Physicians and Surgeons , of Baltimore.
My post-mortem examination of . the
. body of Miss Cropsey was made Decern,
ber 27 last. 1 found the body In the Fas
ouotank river. 60 varda from the Cfon-
sey residence, about 85 yards to the
tight of the bouse.' The body had been
tied down by Mr. Stlllman, the fisher
man who found It. It wus carried to a
little oothoaeo near thejrlver.
. uDrs. J. S. Wood, O. McMullen and
. myself held the autopsy. - It was begun
, after the body had been out of the water
an hour. The other two doctors myself
and six jurors were present, i ; v ;
: ''We first examined the .clothing to
see if there were any marks of violence.
" The skirt Was of dark goods and the
waist red. . Miss Cropsey wore a slipper
on ono foot, the right, and nothing but
a stocking on the other, I found the
' clothing in fair condition!. There were
- no torn, placed, The fingers - were par-
. t l.llw A Mun an) I ha 11 mH. wftM limn
' While in -the water the legs hung loose
ly, not belngtlff. J H v .17
"A piece of the" right lung on being
: squeezed emitted a small amount' of
frothy mucus; ; There was no' water in
" the lungs. " The organs were normal.
The neck was all right, 1 except for, a
mark or depression caused by the cole
lar. V -. ": ;if $ m $
"We examined the head and noticed
that It, was a little more swollen on the
left than on the right side.- We ended
the examination there, but after going
uptown and seeing the solicitor we went
back and made a minute examination of
the head. We made an Incision around
the head, beginning on,the right side,
' and 'removed the scalp. The sknll was
- loft bare. ' As We cat through the left
temple we saw a swelling or contusion.
. We found in the swollen piece, which
was about two by two Inches In size, a
. tablespoonful of clotted blood. The. mem
brane over the bone was colored dark
blue. The conditlon;there was brought
. about by a blow,"
"The blow was given by some round,
padded Instrument. Such a blow would
produce unconsciousness which would
' likely last.half anour,, Thaabeonce of
water In the stomach, lungs and in the
pleural cavity would indicate that death
ak m u tint ra iarA friat A rnwnlnn T t Utaa
, w fivryauBvia , rj wiun Uug, a
Crojey bad gotten into thewater alive
and conscious and been drowned water
would have been In her .stomach, lungs
,atid pleural cavities. Along with the
' : water wont I I are been dlicesUd or un
, digested food in the stomoch and blood
and troth in the lungs. If I had found
; : - these conditions I would have said that
. tl.e went Into the water conscious.",
"Tlio coverings of the brain were In
tact." Dr. Ferrlng wtnt on. "The de-
coin position was Jo .bad that we could
not tell about the blood vessels of the
brain; J did say In my report that the
: blood vessels of the brain were sound
lint I )iu Ksaa r9 tH hrattrt Mnlinrf
M' uhbw v sum WW HUUUI f I
iiait net noticed any signs of violence
until I ran the knife around to cut off
. . the scalp. Then I found, the discolora
tion of part of the frontal bone. No
other purt of the head, except the tem
plo, had this discoloration.. ' '.
;, ' "There was no blood, on the right side
- of the heart. Sometimes the left side of
, a person who drowns has blood In it
In the majority of cases the right side
has none. One could not decide that a
person was drowned from the sole fact
that blood bad clotted In the right aide
of the heart, In the case of Miss Crop
sey the blood stopped and Clotted,
"We did not make any examination of
the the bronchlul tubes and windpipe.
That ws rn-t
rrrr "sria
Crenrri of Tartars
March 15 We are having some of, the
prettiest, weather this week anyone
could wish for, and farm work Is pro
gressing finely.
There was a musical entertainment at
Mr. J. H. Cox's last Monday xnlght. J.
T. King led on the violin, Mr. B. B.
Barry played second violin' while Miss
Rachel Cox played the guitar. Mr. 8.
P. Venters and wire, Miss Mildred
Venters, Miss Annie Franks, Miss Bell
amy, Mr. William Venters, B. B. Now
bold and Ye Scribe -were present, be
sides those who board with the family,
It was quite an enjoyable time.
Miss' Bellamy of Bouthport Is visiting
her sister, Mrs. P. P. Venters.
A large water mill is to be erected on
upper Cowhorn creek. The owner alms
to prepare for grinding flour as well as
meal. :''.'
Mr. D. J. Bandlln, has some new ten
ants this year, one Mr. Melton from
South West and Mr. Lee Taylor.
Farm work Is progressing finely at
present, the farmers are preparing to
plant corn
Some persons in our burg took our ad
vice and have planted more; Irish pota
toes than usual. . Ye Scribe has a bushel
planted. ,;
The sick are all getting better and the
measles have disappeared altogether.' .
Herrings will soon be up and those
who live on or near the river will fare
welL v." . ,
Some of our Mormon friends went to
the Mormon convention this past week,
they report a good time, there will be a
branch conference here shortly, they ex
pect two elders here Sunday. !
The people here have their tobacoo
wood about cut, hope they " will have
enough. y ".
We thing that when a county comes
to a pass that It can't pay off Its pauper
checks,:; It Is time for the old party to
gel out and give place for a new one.
Every article of food the people have
to buy seems to be on the go up here,
don't know how It Is elsewhere.
Yours truly,
McDoffle's Turpentine ft Mutton Suet
Lug Plaster Is a certain cure for whoop
ing cough, easy and comfortable, works
while you sleep. 25 cents at F. S. Duf-
Msrch 15.-rFIne weather, and farmers
are bustling, making preparations for
planting. .
We had a nice time at the close pf
Miss Bertha Gasklns' school. There
were some excellent recitations and dia
logues recited by the scholars, after
which we had a game of base ball. '
Mr. John H. Everington and Mr. T. A
Stapleford left last Sunday on a trip to
Newport River. They roturned Wed
nesday and' said they enjoyed their
trip. t
Miss Minnie Caton returned home
Wednesday from , visiting relatives at
WaspN.Cv "
Chicken pox la quite plontiful around
here. It has been in . two families, but
all are Improving. . ,
Rev. Henry Jones, pastor of the Chris
tlon church at Kill Swamp passed here
yesterday on Ms way to nts regular ap
pointment at KUt Swamp,- ; ? - ;
"i:::':: "r-J:".V--? i Snap,
Salvation Oil the Best Liniment.
PrlcejlS cts; largo bottle 25 cts. Great'
est cure on e nh for Rheumatism, Neu
ralgla, 1 Soreness, Sprains, Backache
Stiffness, Cuts, Bruises, Wounds. Swell
tags, Burns and Frjst Bits. Sa'v.iiloa
OU kills all pain. . . - ;
Children will play and get over-heated
get their feet wet, expose themselves In
dozens of ways, and you can't prevent
it. All you can do is to. keep tnom as
free from exposure as possible and al'
ways have In the house a Cough Remedy
that can be dopended upon. Anway's
Croup Syrup will fill every requirement
It 1 guaranteed to cure- Coughs, Colds
and Croup or the price 25 cents will
refunded by any dealer. selling It. Bold
by Davis', Henry's, and Bradhx's
Pharmacy. : '; ''
Extension ol Raleigh and Cape Fear
tierkasa's Imprisoaueit Sentence
; Ceamated. Arranging State
" Ball Sckedale. Peace Cut
ters Ii Bladen. Reward
RAiJuon, N. C, March 15 Governor
Ajoock to day commuted the .sen
tence of J. A. Gorhsm, an ex-law agent
of the Southern Railway, and R. A.
Ramsey, who was convicted at Btates
vllle for tampering with a juror In a
suit against, therallway for, damages.
They were sentenced each to pay a flue
of $5Vnd serve 20 days In jail. The
Governor commutes the Imprisonment
leaving only the iflne.- Gorhamis from
Asheville. He arrived here this morn
ing. He and Ramsey had made strenu
ous efforts to secure the remission of the
all sentence. . ' . ...
Governor Aycock this afternoon gave
his reasons for the commutation of
sentence. -
He says: "Since Gorham was found
gullty-of contempt by 4the courts jury
has acquitted him of the crime of Em
bracery, and this verdict amounts to a
finding that there was no corrupt pur
pose onhlsSpart. The judge him guilty
of a corrupt purpose. In the conflict of
finding between'the judge and jury I
believe I ought tofollow the finding of
the jury which, acquitted him of any
corrupt Intent." The commutation was
recommended by citizens of Georgia,
Charlotte and Asheville,-,
Experts here are at work on the sched
ule of games'tOa be played daring the
coming season by the North Carolina
League. It Is very difficult to arrange a
schedule for a six-club league. Reports
come in from the Durham and Greens
boro clubs that these were enthusiastic.
at the outlook.1". Greensboro has already
.signed ten players and good ones too.
Dr. Talt Butler, State Veterinarian, re
turned today fromj the , Northeastern
part of the Stato, Saya the glanders in
horses which made its appearance at
Scotland Neck, appears to have been ef
fectively stampedout. He does not be
lieve it will reappear. . .
A really remarkable amount of farm
work has been done during the week
ended today. Itjis doubtful it more was
ever done in the same time. '
There Is some excitement In Bladen
caused bjjreason of the unlawful acts of
fence! butters. A stock law boundary
fence some 10 miles was built last year
between : that county and Columbus.
Certain people, Usng in what, is knewn
as' the "Necs" and who are graphically
described as "half savages," got wire
cutter and cut 10 miles of the fence. The
latter is built ofjwlre to. prevent Its be
lng burned. The fence cutters are again
at work.- They have posted notice that
"any persons who attempt to repair the
fence will find their home In helL"
One of the interesting coming events
here is to be the annual meeting Of the
State Musical Association and its attend
ant music festival. It . occurs in May.
Some performers of. high talent will be
present and take part.
A testator tuberculosis has been made
this week on a large herd of cattle at
Tarboro. It was found to bo free from
the diseaso. ';'s. -s : ...a ,.
, A cottod seed oil mill company,, with
$50,000 capital, is being organized in
Wllsonjcounty. ; l- w vr i f
Gov. Aycock offers t50 reward for the
capture of Edgar Hicks, alias Smith,
who la his own house In this county
killed John Halloway, while the latter,
hia arnest. was slttlntr In front' of a fire.
asleep, hicks killed mm wun two diows
ol an axe ana tnen nea. .
There Is a considerable scare here on
account . of mad dogs. Several of the
latter have been killed, but not until
they had bitten not only a number of
other does - but also norses and cattle.
None ; of the dogs .bitten, have been
One of two Philadelphia syndicates
.Will by the middle of next week buy the
Kaieiirb ana (Jane 'ear railway ana ex
tend it via Favetteville to Lumberton
and there it will connect with the Caro
lina and Northern and go via Marion S,
ri . . i 1 .. . a o ' V .
March 17 We huve been having bad
weather for the past few days but the
far hi era are hustlln J ' ' ' ' ' "
Mrrf. A. Brlnson.of this place, had
the misfortune to lose part of the fence
around hU place by fire last wees:.
Mr. Bennle Willis and sister, Miss Ella
of Bal ds Creek spont last Sunday with
Miss Delia Pipkin 6f this place." ;"
' Mr. J; E, Bennett, brother Jep and sis
ter, Miss Mollle, of New Bern, were the
guests of Sir. and Mrs. . G. T. Rice last
tiunday.' " '
Mr. Beth Haghes of Roelsboro visited
Olivers, Jones county, last Friday .and
Saturday. '
Miss Mltile Dixon of your cliyvished
relatives at Rcelsboro last week. - -
The Disciples of thl place organised
a Sabbath icliool lost Lord's Day .'with.
Mr. (. l Pit klo as superintendent Jhe
school has the best wishes of the Writer
and It Is pur , earnest desire that . the
school should grow and prosper May
God bless every teacher and scholar of
that school and may every one who at
tends feel a deep interest In the schooU
Mr. George Caton of Wilmington, vis
I' J Boulsboro last Sunday.
Urs John Ireland and daughter Miss
fcaltlo, of Alliance, were in Rcelsboro
hnt FrWy. ,
I' it' ' s to the Jovial.
March 17-The weather for the past
few weeks has been very good, and the
farmers have been making good use of
It, farming operations have been advanc
ing to about the usual point for the tea
son of the year.
Several Umber men have been In the
county this week prospecting and ex
amining limber lands. Mr. A. B, Cam
pen, our sheriff, has given an option on
his saw mill plant and timber lands, and
those holding the option have been ex
amining the property. We learn that
they have been favorably Impressed with
what they saw. We hope be msy be
successful In selling. It may help us In
getting a railroad here, we are bound to
have a railroad and that in a short time,
Superior Court Is Just four weeks off,
It commences on Monday April 14th,
Judge Francis D. Winston will preside,
there will be a fairly good court for this
county from the present outlook. All
but the money side of the docket
Mr. W. H. Mlakell formerly foreman
of the Evening News of New Bern, and
W. T. Caho of this place, are fitting np
a printing office for job work here, they
also contemplate establishing a news
paper. The Confederate Veterans are adver
tised to hold a business meeting here on
the 29th instant to tranact business of
Importance concerning the reunion at
Dallas Texas, which is only five weeks
off. The railroad fare from New Bern
to Dallas Texas and return Is only
138-86, It will take three days and two
nights to mako the trip, without change
of cars, this will be a cheap and interest
ing trip for all who can go.
Politics has not made its appearance
here as yet, once and awhile we hear
some venture to express their preference
for Judge Brown for the Supreme Court
bench, and Thomas for Congress, be
yond this bnt little is heard, guess it
will warm up in due season.
The Best Prescription for JIalarla.
Chills and Fever is a bottlo of Grove's
Tasteless Chill Tonic. It Is simply
iron and quinine iu a tasteless form. No
cure no pay. Price 50c.
March 17. For the last week our
people have been busily engaged, finish
ing planting their potato crop and aide
dressing their cabbage, besides preparing
for the planting of other crops. The
good weather has greatly Improved the
progress in farm work.
The mercantile business In Arapahoe
Is moving on nicely, our merchants are
somewhat buoyed up by the hope of a
gdod crop season.
The Sunday Schools of Arapahoe
have been rearranged. Formerly the
Baptist School has been held In the fore
noon, and the Christian and .the Metho
dist in the afternoon, this made It very
nice for the young people to vlBlt each
others school, but some spirit of divis
ion seemed to prompt starting all the
schools at the same hour of the day, this
takes all the union from the Arapahoe
Sunday Schools. .
Professor R. G. Maxwell from Outlaw
Bridge,. Ni C.. . visited Arapahoe last
Thursday night to begin a series of lec
tures on Phrenology. He made the lec
tures and did much work around our
little town. ' no seems to well under
stand his business. -
Mr. Mills who has been looking after
the interest of the Blades timber busi
ness returned back last week to his
work.' . ' v;:. ' i" ..'
Mr. Rumley the pastor of the M. E.
M. St Church of this district filled his
appointment here yesteiday and preach
ed a very good sermon. , - J. B. P.
Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup tor
Teething Babies. : Price, ;i0 cts. Cures
Wind;Collc, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Gri
ping Pains, Sour Stomach, Fever, Chol
era Infantum. Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup
promotes the digestion and soothes the
baby. .
To the Public Schools Teachers of
North Carolina,
The authorities of the Btato Normal
and Industrial, College desiring to ren
der every possible service to the educa
tional Interests of the Btate have decided
to offer women teachers an Institute of
one- month.
This is Intended especially for ihone
teachers who desire to better equip them
selves for their work, but who, for va
rious reasons, are unable to pursue the
full pourse ; t : : i--J " '.
: A. matriculation fee of $5 will be
charged which will tntllle the person
paying the same to all : lectures, library
privileges; use of text books, etc. The
only additional expense will be for
board, and laundry, both ol which will
not cost more than $3 a week.
. In the .department of Pedagogy, lec
tures on the best methods ot teaching
all the common school studies will be
given, and the'stodents will have an op
Bortunlty to upend some time la the
Practice and Observation School.
In add.lttosv lectuies and labratory
work will b offered in the different de
partments of science.' , ; .; , ,
Besides the regular faculty of the
State Noimal and.lndustrial College, we
shall hare with ua. several city superln
tendents and other prominent educators
to deliver special lectures,
.The Institute will begin April 20th
and close May 24th.
; H it is your intention to avail your
self ot this opportunity, or If you desire
further Information, please wrl'.b to
CiTABi.rsP. I'.Tvti,
DeatnofTwo Well Known Confed
erate Veterans.
Christian Endeavor Services New
Ledge Odd Fellows. Prisoners
Bent te Penitentiary. Ser
vey For Boulevard.
Ralxioh, Msrch 17 Two Confederate
Veterans well known locally died here
yesterday, J. T. Watts and P. O. Hardle.
The former had for 20 years been a mag
istrate In this city. During the Civil
war he was in the Confederate service
In the "Crescent Regiment,'' from New
Orleans. ' He was arsaoe TU yearT oli
He was a member ot L. O. B. Branch,
1 Newi
Camp, U. O. V. and of his special request
was burled In Its uniform. Mr, Hardle
was a native of Raleigh. A few days
after his birth the home of his parents,
which stood where the city hall now is,
was burned in afire which swept that
part of the city. .He was rescued by
State Senator PIckney Caldwell, and in
memory of this the letter's nsme was
given him. Before the Civil war he was
in the express service and left It to join
Company E. of the 14th North Carolina
regiment, of this city. He became a
lieutenant In that company. After the
war he was again an express messenger
between Raleigh and Norfolk. For the
past 10 years he had been on the police
force. His age was 70. He also was a
member of L. O. B. Branch camp. His
death was very sudden and was due to
heart disease. Two of his sons are loco
motine Engineers, one living In Rich
mond. A survey Is in progress for a boule
vard from the Capitol to the National
Cemetery, out New Bern Avenue and by
the Soldiers' Home, thence southward
to the cemetery. Part of the work has
been done by the city. The government
is expected to do the remainder,
The Christian Endeavorers now hold
services at the penitentiary every Bun
day morning. The convicts particularly
like these services because they are per
mltted to make talks.
At the office of the State Superinten
dent ot Public Instruction It was said
to day that in all probability the warrants
for the public school money would this
week be sent to the needy couutios.
State Treasurer Lacy will attend the
Sunday School convention at Fayette-
ville this week.
A new lodge of Odd Fellows will this
week by formed at Salisbury. It will
take the nsme "North 'State, No. 20,"
that of a lodge which ceased to exist 15
years ago.
Col. A. B. Andrews of the Southern
railway has been Indisposed at his home
here for several days. Acnte Indiges
tion Is given as the trouble.
Two negroes, John Enotts and his
wife, were brought to the penitentiary
today from Union cdunty. They sub
mitted to murder in the second degree,
Thewoman was a cook In the family of
Dr. Love and was charged with putting
arsenic In food and coffee. By this a
number of persons were poisoned, but
all save Dr. Love recovered. This oc
curred In the summer of 1900. The
case has attracted much attention. The
charge was that Enotts incited his wife
to use the poison. She gets 10 years and
he gets 5. The sentence Is really a com.
promise, as both sides were In some
doubt about proving their oase.
The International field secretary of
the Sunday Behools made two addresses
here, one Saturday evening and one yes
terday afternoon. He left today for Fay
Surgeon's Knife ;Not Needed.
Surgery Is no longer necessary to cure
piles. De Witt's ' Witch Hazel Salve
cures such esses at once, removing the
necessity for dangerous, painful and ex
pensive operations. For scalds, cuts,
burns, wounds, bruises, sores and skin
diseases it is unequalled. Beware of
counterfeits. F.S.Duffy. '
to Farmers.
In view of the fact that it is not gen.
eraly understood that the Rite Crop
highly protected from foreign competi
tion by an import daty and that the
crops, raised in the United States have
every year fallen much below the home
consumption, the Carolina Rice Mills of
Goldsboro, N. 0., in order to encourage
thecultivation of Rico on a larger scale
than nas neretofore been done Is now
prepared to make contracts with plant
ers In North Carolina for their crops of
rice they may raise during the year ll-OS
on the most liberal terms.
Parties interested, who wish to avail
themselves of this offer, can communi
cate with us and we will take pleasare
In giving full particular. -Respectfully,
' Goldsboro, N. O.
Attorney at Law,
C.-Hce: Soatlj. Front Street, Over Tel
Ontario Prptf4 Vuokwheat,
Jew lot PanoaJc Hw.
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Hominy. .
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Rock Candy Drips, the ITloeet Syrup you ever tatted, only
lOe qt.
fiTeu eaa ism moirr k-y
j. l mm
'FhM 0JL
rfttttif iiitsiif iii i 'rNNfniffit i V
and put on display out fill tine d
W. L. Douglas
At $8.50 and 4.00, in the Newert
and workmanship proclaim them equal i style and wearing rroalitieg
to any five dollar shoe oft the market. Try them and you will always
bay them.
We are also showing some rary
Alpines. Our $2.61 Derby is made
itty is guaranteed in every instance.
Fresh Country
a . a a
ana bioe tsacon,
Fancy New Orleans, Wevt&adia and Porto Rico Molasses,
Vanilla Drips and Maple Syrup lust Received.
We also have full and and fresh supply. of Faaoy Cakes
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Orange Wafers, CaowluIwttesjnia, ftc. , t .
Don't fall to gits us a call and ger$your '.groceries fresh
and delivered promptly. '
-.TeuiUtePleatV'' :
yfcsissstli asl RstaM Qrooar,
nnnia on ',. I",, ," . - a w !
Horses, Lliilcs,
Buggies, Farm
Wagons, Carts
Wheels and
.. . .... ;, :, -f
your horsa
even if he can't smile, his satiafac
tlon to know that the oats, bar ot other
povenaer yo supply bins, came frem out
granaries and wanthouses. He's another
ot those chaps who "knows a rood tkinir
when he sees it." Really, we bav for
sale the best feed in tlie market tor
horses, cattle, pigs and poultry, Glad
10 see you ana prove lb
r r - - - ' - i
Cloy ex Hill Print Butter reoeired
btytmf yvtr fWOfJlel freta
O Retail
71 Broad St.
and Foot Glove
Styles. The Superiority of Material
interesting raliea in Derbys and
in the leading shapes, and the qual-
Come in and try one on. "
Smoked Hams
' ; --'
4 Y
Truck Farm
For Sab !
m i.ji ;.'4'i' ; ',;''
One hundred acre TrnnV Prm
one-third cleared and containing
u uvuows, dppie pear ana otner
fruit trees, firrane lnpiL 'iitn. Th
other, two-thirds heuvily timbered.
DiTOBieanear wew Uern, N, C,
20 minutes drive from railroad and
steamboat shinping Dointa.
' Tefms very easy, apply to. -
" ,-t P.O.Eox254,
. - , , JackaonTiUe, Ha.
A line of Packet Eee.'.s, a' o V
tlums snd Ew t Tc-s ! tv";.
r 'i C '

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