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U. i "I iiMf
The following quotations wan nod?
ed by J. X. Latham ft Co, New Bera
K.O. .
.. Hiw Tou, April 17.
Oottoh. Open. High. Low. Close
. May......... S.0? US i.07 1.15
July.... .M .O0 9.01 .M
Aug tat &89 8.83 8.88
Bop 8J7 8.41 8.17 8.88
Oct.. 8.18 8.18 8J4 8.15
July.... ,
Rib s
So Ry ......
U. 8. ...i.
U. a 8... ...., ..41
.U. S. 8., Pnfd.. 98
Mo. P. ....101 J
Atchison....... 80
Va.C. 0. 71
A. CO 49i
Am. loo...
Chicago, April 17.
Open. High. Low. Closs
78 : Hi
74 4 751
Open. High. Low. CIom
. 811 . . 62
Open. High.' Low. Olote
. New Tork, April 17.
Opeau High. Low. Cloee
Spott 5.1-83 8als 8,000 bales.
Futures, Msy-Jane 4.59. June-July
500 .',
Bales in local. market yesterday at
Ft to 81.
Last week
This week.
Bat. 13000
Mon. 12030
Tues. 11000
Wed. 1300i
Thuro. 8000
Same week
last year.
f,r' .; . 81m Coud l Tata. V :
He was a popular young dentist; with
- n". clientele among the smart women,
one of .whom had been protesting for
an hour that he was killing her. But
. he kept steadily at work with a sooth
ing word occasionally, and as he said,
"That will do for today," he added.
"Now,' I didn't really -hurt you, did X,
.' Miss v.r
"N-no," .' she admitted reluctantly,
. "but I always felt as If you were Just
going to." i .- .
"That Is It." said he. "Now, then Is
one infallible sign for which a, dentist
always watches when be is working on
a lady's teeth and Which she gives In
voluntarily when she is hurt. She cant
help giving It, and when Z See It I al
ways stop." "
"Tell me what It isr she Inquired
eagerly. " - -
"We never tell! he repIWa, with an
- Inscrutable smile, ',':. '..' -...f
"Whyr "
"Because you would immediately try
to counterfeit it" Washington. Post
' , f-
loosens up the tenacious viscid mucus
In nose, clears put the head and stops
catarrhal headaches due to cold con
gestion In the front of head. The cost
Is only 10 cents and the benefit arising
, from Its use la worth doUara-rhealth too
Mfg. by Bradham'i Pharmacy.' -"
paid for burned baggage
First Time Passengers Knew Of Ex tea.
dye fire On steamer.
New York, April 16.-Dlrected by offi
cers of the ateamshlp Marco Mlndhettl,
the crew of the steamer took from her
hold to-day a quantity of burned baggage
belonging to the 8S5 steerage passengers
who debarked from the vessel yesterday
on her arrival. The taking out of the
baggage was the first Intimation the pas
sengers had that their lives had been la
peril from fin when the ship was one
day out of Naples, from which port the
vessel sailed March 28. - .
Some hay was on fin in one of the tor.
ward compartments of the hold. The
passengers saw the smoke, bnt wen told
the ship waa being fumigated? This satis
fled them, and thejofflcera and crew kept
the real cause a secret. The. fin burned
18 hours before It was brought under
control. .I'V'-" , "
Today a representative of the steam.
ship company was waiting on the pier ,
with a satchel full of money. - As each
Immigrant who had suffered loss through
the fin presented his claim he was paid.
The lose of baggage was $1,500 but much
more damage was done the steamer.
-To Sail To North Pole.
Chicago; April 16. In the worksof ;the
MoDonnel Odometer Compsny here en
gines and framework an being construct
ed for three big airships, in which Pat
rick E. McDonnel hopes to reach '. the
North Pole next summer, ssys VkeChron
isle. He Is confident that his . machines
will work, as the model has proved suc
cessful.; y ; ;tN v Z
The airships will be built on the dirigi
ble balloon plan and 'will be more than
400 feet long. It is said that seversl Chlca
go capitalists an Interested in the Ten
tun, the cost of which is expected tQ be
wlthtn$50,000. :
Hill Boomed For Governor. ;
New York, A? rll 15. As a result of
David B. Hill's speech st the harmony
meeting at the Democratic Club every
well-informed Demoratio politician is
convinced that Mr. Hill' will take the
nomination for Governor. : " ; T.
Mr. Hill la in close touch with the
Democratic aituatlon all over the State,
and It Is regarded as significant that all
of his friends are saying positively that
the delegates to the State Convention
will be elected without instructions for
sny candidate for any office. There is
sppanntly no one to question the sug
gestion that Mr. Hill will control the
convention. He will organize it, write
the platform and name the ticket. If the
delegates are uninstructed, a majority of
them will be carefully selected adherents
of the Hill faction. it
. The Best Prescription tot Malaria.
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Gnova's
Tasteless Chill Tonic, It Is simply
Iron andqulnlne in a tasteless form. No
cure no pay. Price 50c
British and German ' Government
Dislike Philippine Tariff.
Washington, April 16-Not only ' the
British, but the German Government,
has lodged a strong protest with . the
State Department against the application
of that part of the Philippine tariff act
recently enacted and just ordered Into
operation which authorizes the rebate of
a portion of the export duties on Philip
pine products imported Into the United
Btstes. The greatest matter of complaint
H hemp, which is imported into England
and Germany m vast quantities from
North Carolina Leads In Rural Free
' ' DeUTery Routes. ; ; y
Official Weather Bepert for March.
Important Social Marriage. . ;
. Yegetatloi tieaerally '
; Backward. A. 1.
j-r-. '-CtUeg to PUy. ;;.
I Ralbish, April 17. The official re
port on the weather In this State during
March Iras issued today.'1' It says the
mean temperature was M degrees, of 1.5
degrees, above norsaah rainfall 8 81
inches, of JB0 of an Inch below, normal.
The lowest tempo ratun vu 4 degrees
above sero, at LlnvUle. .? .f-.:jlV
Dr. Tinman J. Backus, president of
Tsckers Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y., will
deliver the commencement address at
the Agricultural and Mechanical College
here May 87 , . , ,, . if ( -.- ' : i ;
, President -Winston of the A. Sc M. col
lege spoke at Burlington this evening,
on an industrial featun in the public
schools. Burlington will adopt this
plsn. - ' . , -.
Gov. Aydock and State Superlntednent
Joyner spoke this evening at the closing
of the public school at LaGrange. ;
This morning, In the Church of the
Good Bhepherd, . Miss Annie Purnell,
daughter of Judge T. R., Purnell, was
united In marriage to Dr. Herbert. R.
Drewry of Norfolk. Miss Dells Purnell
a sister of the bride, wss maid of honor
and Mr. Patrick Dnwry, a brother of
the groom, waa best msn Mr. Dnwry
is a first cousin of Mr. John C. Dnwry
of Rsleigh, grand secretsry of the Grand
Lodge of Masons. -.- . '
Todsy the Btate paid the $55,000 semi
annual Interest on its 6 per cent bonds.
It la said that vegetation vu never so
backward hen as it is this year.
It Is flfflclslly stated that mon rural
free delivery routes an now being laid
out in this State than in any other. Two
special agents are ' In the Btate at work
on this line. 'J. '
Bishop Leo Hald will In a few days
lay the cornerstone of three new build
ings at the Roman Oathollo Orphanage
here. .-r:?--::' ' V'-';;" ' ' ";
The dramallo club of the Agricultural
and Mechanical College, aided by several
Raleigh ladies, will plsy . The Rivsls"
at Charlotte. The club made a hit hen
In this plsy. , -.
Shipment of Supplies Against Strug
gling: Boers.
' Nbw Orleans, April : 16. Colonel
Crowder, the United States officer as
signed by the government to Investi
gate the reported maintenance of an al
leged British supply camp at Port Chal.
mette, today examined the charges de
claring that munitions 'of war wen
being shipped from Chalmette to South
Africa. ' .'. t " ' t -.V'.vi.
All the recent evidence is understood
to have" been largely In support of the
charges made by Governor Heard, and
some portions are said to have gone far
beyond any, allegations submitted to
Secretsry Hay by the Governor. v
Bradham's Anti- -
Bilious Liver Pllla,
, ; are purely i vegetable and act by
stimulating the liver, causing increased
flow of bile and producing natural move
ments of the bowels. They do not pro
dace griping or sick stomach. Sure cun
for Constipation, Flatulency, Heartburn
eta Price 25 cts. Manufactured by C
D. Bradham, wholesale and retail drug
gist, v ' . -
Don't Like Government Interference With
Their Business." .
' Kansas City, Mo., April 15. The local
packers showed evidence of alarm to-day
over the Instructions from the. Depart
ment of Justice to United States District
Attorney Warner to begin proceedings
against the Beef Trust. . t,
. For the first time In over .aesr they
failed to-day to Issue a uniform schedule
of prices. The Cudahy Packing Company
Bchwarsschlld A Sulzberger, the Armour
Packing Company and Nelson, aforrls &
Co. all Increased the price of beef in the
carcass i cent while the Fowler Packing
Company and Swift Packing Company
mkdeno change. ' ';, ,v - r
.The same ooscerna which raised ,beef
i cent raised provisions that that is JUun
bacon, lard, etc- f cent while the other
two Issued bo new schedule of prices.
The butchers believe that It is merely a
ruse for the purpose of making the
public, believe that then is no agree
ment regarding the prices, and think
that Fowler and Swift will soon follow
In the footsteps of their competitors.
: United States District Attorney War
ner is still secretive on the method of
the fight against the Beef Trust. A con
firmation came from Washington yester
day of the report that Major Warner has
been instructed to make a fight to' break
up the Trust but. the District Attorney
declines to make any statement which
would indicate what measun of relief
may hoped for by the public. : r ;
"The Grand Jury will be in session in
two weeks," said the Major, "and it
would be unwise for me to say whether
the jury will or will not take up the so-
called Beef Trust." f . , 7 ,
Confessed He Killed Mail-Carrier.
- Cincinnati, April 15 Mumford Craft,
alias "Jack" cjoluns, aged 18, was
brought from Wise, Va., to Covington.
Ky., today, and later confessed that he
and a companion, whom he refused to
name, killed a rural mall-carrier in Ma
goffin county, Kentucky, January. 19,
and secured $300 in rifling the mail
sack. - " , - -.,.
Another German Conrtesy.
' Washington, April 15. An Invitation
has been received from the German Em
peror asking that three army officers be
detailed to witness the autumn maneuvers
of the German Army. Secretary Root will
accept the invitation. ' Adjutant-General
Corbin probably will be one of those as
signed. The courtesy has never before
been extended this Government.
S ConfoderotA Camp Flags. "' -
The Confederate stars and ban wero
in 1803 supplemented by the camp flog.
This was in size and shape like the
other, except that It was white, with
no stripes, and the battleflag in the
tipper corner next the staff. 'It was
found deficient In actual service in
that, displaying so much white, It was
sometimes apt to be mistaken for a
flag of truce, and on Feb. 24, 1805, It
gave place to the last flag of the Con
federacy, the outer half being a red
vertical bar. ' Appearing so late in the
.war, it was not so familiar as the 6th-ers-in
fact it was comparatively little
known. .- ..
, ; ' LESS WORRY. . , ;
Children will play and get over-heated
get their feet wet, expose themselves in
dozens of ways, and you can't prevent
it. All you can do is to keep them as
free from exposun as possible and al
ways have in the house a Cough Remedy
that can be depended upon. Anway'a
Croup Syrup will fill every requirement.
It i .guaranteed to cun Coughs, Colds
and Croup or the price 25 cents will be
refunded by any dealer selling it. Sold
by Davis', Henry's, . and Bradham's
Pharmacy. - '2 " ' ''-'
Gossip on Associate Justiceship
Nomination. N
Negro Mass Meeting a - Failare.
tlreat Cellege Game ef Base
' ' Ball. Bepablicaa Claims.
Penalty too w , ,.
"- -. Severe.
Ralkioh, April 16. The State mass
meeting bf negroes held hen yesterdsy
wss a flat failure in point of numbers.
Only a dozen or ao wen here from other
places. , Senator Prltchard was, as pre
dicted; roasted for allowing so many; in
fact almost all, the negro postmasters In
the State to be 1 removed.- Once there
wen scores of them; now there sre only
half a dozen. i'
The negroes ssy that all the talk of
the white Republicans about the benefit
that will result from the dropping of
the negro is mere ' bosh; that the white
Republicans claim that with ' the negro
eliminated their party will get white Vo
ters to join It, but thst this will not hap
pen, and "thst the negroes have really
created and kept alive the white Repub
licans. v:'.. -..";' 0 '". '"...'.:
, Auditor W.Q. Cole of Mississippi Is
hen. He was asked why his State hsd
few or no . cotton mills and said It was
because the banks made so much money
snd the interest rate is unlimited. He
ssys some, banks pay 85 per cent divi
dends a year and that there Is no stste
supervision of them. . ' ..
. One of the special evenja of this week
hen will be the bsse ball game between
fhe University of Virginia and the Uni'
verslty of North Carolina next Satur
day. It will be played at the State fair
grounds. All the gsmes here this sea-
ion are to be played at the fair grounds.
The Republicans ssy they hare no
chance of carrying the State this year.
From Greensboro eastward there is prac
tlcally no organization. -. V
.. So far no one but Walter Clark . is In
the field for the demooratlo nomination
for chief justice, but it can today be said
to be entirely probable that he will have
opposition before the date of the State
convention. , - , . '':.; .
As to the associate justiceships it Is
ssserted by people on the inside that H.
G. Connor will defeat George H. Brown
for the nomination for .what may be
termed the ."eastern judgeship." For ths
"western judgeship" there sre four as
pirants, all with a strong following,
these being Piatt J. Walker, J. A Lock
hart, C. H. Armfield and O..A. Moore.
Walter W, Mills of BIscoe, today gave
the Methodist orphanage here 1000. .
The Supreme court returns to the Su
perior court the case of Ed. S. Battle
who was sentenced to the roads for as
saulting Mayor Powell, of Raleigh, hold-
log that the penalty Imposed wss too
severe. . ,
A Stealthy, Insidious, ' Weakening
Enemy to Women.
Insurance Men Quit Vicksburf.
Yicksburg, Miss., April 15-The special
agents of all the fin insurance companies
doing business hen met today, and later ,
all the local . fin agents reported that
they had suspended business. The trouble
grows out of the failure of the city to
reorganize the Fire Department, which
It is claimed Is Incompetent. 7 : ,
Mrs. Wm. Hatrlok. Xennard, Wiib-
ta(Cton ooanty, Netx, writes i 0
I am nfty-dx yean old and have not ;
felt well since the Change ot Life began
ten yean ago. I waa in misery some- -when
most of the time. My befk was i
very weak, and my flesh so tebder it t
hurt me to lean against the bees: of a.
chair. I had pain nndea mt ahonldep.
blades, In the small ot my back and !
hips. I sometimes wished mvtelf oat of t
this world. Had hot And- coll stmUs..
dlsaineas, and trembllpMt the limbs, ,
and was losing flesh all the time. ,
"iter following your diieotipaa and -
taking Pemna I now feel like a different :
person." Mrs. Wm. Hetrlck.
Barbara Alberty, corner Seventh and i
Walnut streets, Appletofi, Wis, writes
ss louows in regard to Perunai
" For yean I have suffered with back
ache and seven pains in the side. I! i
doctored so much that I became die-'
f A school Mend' told, me how very,
much Pernna had benefited her and-
sent on) for
Rev. Harriet R. Edwards In a recent letter from Mt. Pleasant Park,
Clinton, Ia wrrtee ', : ;
- "f brc IbsuMf that Ponat h a wonderful medlcta to use In dlseaseM
peculiar to women. It f akkty and permanently restore health and vigor
and sets as a natural toaks to wom-ottt system. 1 hare solar never observed
a case which warn not greatly aided by Ha use. "-HEV: DR.H. R. EDWARDS.
THERE are a multitude ot women,
. especially housewives, and all other
V women obliged to be on their feet
constantly, who an wretched beyond de
scription, simply because their strength
and vitality Is sapped away by catarrhal
discharges from the pelvic organs.
These women get up in the morning
tired, 'drag themselves through their
dolly duties tired, only to go to bed at
night as tired as before, s vi-i'
Pemna Is such" a perfect specific for
each case (hat when patients have once
Used It they can never be Induced to
quit It until they are permanently cured.
It begins to relieve the . disagreeable
symptoms at once. The backache
ceases, the trembling knees are strength
ened, the appetite restored, the digestion
made perteot, -. the dull , headache is
stopped and the weakening drains an
gradually cored. These results certainly
follow a course of treatment with Pe
mna. -t" . V'-;'i''..r''!-';:''.
. Jos. B. Crowley, Congressman from
Illinois, writes from Robinson, 111. s
"iMssw Crowley baa taken a number
ot bottlea of peruna on account of
nervous troubles.- It has proven
strong toolc and lasting cure I can
cheerfully tecommend lt."-Jos. a.
bottle, which did
more to relieve
me than all the
other medicine I
had ever taken.
M I used It faith
fully tor two
weeks and It com
pletely eured me.
I have not had
any pains since,
anywhere, but
feel like anew
woman. I am
truly thankful for
Barbara Alberty. '
what Peruna
done for me." Barbara Alberty.
Mrs. D. W. Mason, 602 Dauphlne street,
New Orleans, 1 writes :
M I have been taking your Peruna and
Manalin and oan cheerfully recommend!
It to all those suffering with the same
trouble thst I was. I have been surf er-
ing for the past two yean with female
weakness, palpitation of the heart, stom
ach, kidney and liver disorder, and
above all a dreadful ooueh with smother
ing spells. I waa completely run down.
"After I had taken one bottle of Pe
runa and a few doses of your Manalin, I
could sleep soundly, my heart waa
better, my cough left me, it acted imme
diately upon my nerves, and after tak
ing four bottles according to your direc
tions, t waa entirely eured ot all my
"I can truthfully aay that there la
nothing to equal your Pernna and Man
alln. I was a different women after tak
ing the second bottle. It is without a
doubt the best mediolne In the world.
Language falls to express my gratitude
for this cure. Msy God bless yott."
Mrs. D. W., Mason. ;
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your oase and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vioe gratis. - -'.;,;.. ,
. Address Dr. Hartman, President 'of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
McDufflCS Little Blue Liver Fill make
blue people bright, cleanses the system
of all the deleterious and unhealthy mat
ter and makes a new penon of you. 85
cents at F. 8. Duffy's. ' ' t ' ' '
CIcdsl Dyspepsia Cera
C!sMt what you eat.
Chainless fficydes ; ;
at chain prices. : ' : , "
A strictly high grade Clipper Chainless
Bicycle at $35.00 fitted with the Leland
and Falconer bevel gear exactly the
same gear used in the celebrated Col
umbia Chainless Bicycles.- This is the
Greatest Bicycle Bargain ever offered for
the money. ' : ., , , . :
Only a few left- ' ' " !' ', ,
; WM. X:HiLL7 :
- 91-93 Middle Stret
There's not a
Thing in this
; ; . that will not pass
the most rigid inspection
' by any "pure food expert"
If it isn't right we don't
sell ft, you know, ,: ' -K?
:;'.V-- This week, as usual, we
have r some "specials" and
these' specials are a mighty
good thing for housekeepers.
' Heiaz's 1 ickles an mighty good things, we have them.
J. J. TOLSON, Jr., '
Broad St. Grocer. Phone 137.
UU'li v.Qu j
. U.UuLJ
r--i l .f - r I
W -Very Wczid of j
Lov Pricing ! i
.4 .
;;, Mrvelously LOW PRICES on Meritorious ; H ' 'c , -J
. . . 4 . - tTZ - - 1 , .1 . Ta 1 ' a v v - - m ' i ' I
rianos nave sec me reopie ,
f t '
i . ' 1 , f v t , if
: a talking !
1 . - Bf'r-r i
i -r3 u
J 1
Y lrCU to
'zz to
mtmmtt; ,hi;wi:;mHvHi
: Beauty, Service
and Value
f in Every Piano.
i a
y - . p
is tho mobt-t"-ei-of and the most praiseworthy mercantile event ever rtcordod in the history of New Bern, Our wonderfully LOW FI.ICI.3 ori Iiano ' . I
or known tawe, aaa out rAYiiT FLAIT, is gojsetMng entirely new to the people of this and snrrounding towns. ' Euyb-r 'lu'erb in- : ; t a-r 4 '
truments for conaideriUy LEC3 T3A1T PACTOHY ' miCIZ3 and paying for them on prastically your yn teims, appeals to every' masic-loviag man ' V ClilZZ
ana womaa o iry to n;,. .3 i .r
money go as far ag poss
:::u: r.i ' wJaZSZ. ' qua:: Ar;Tr:r:D ran rivn "; xrr. r:n i i
r -A
; -' We s'anme all r;
yourmui-y. ccu.a i -j.u.iig ce iuircr r Uouu anyone pcr.ibly do more? ETJT, LZllT DELAY COMDfa! Get here at the e..ii: trcUamo-
inf I- .-"I. M- t- 1-'!.. I .,.1 l U l. l , - ...... .... . "A
"""" ' . J J -4 maa-e a sa,.i ca.a aepc-.t, aa we'll tlaUver t e li,no to your home immcdiatoly.
t aumeaa r.. muij tot wur ooniuct dunnj that time. . If you're aot sr.'.;.."l with yout purchase, send it back, we 'Rill gladly ' refund ""
Cz2 and Inspect the
I ' ' ' I f I -

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