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-Cotton' Acreage Very Urrely to
' ' creased.
Interest Im Tobaeee .Ce-jwtlUoa.
Frees Peabod; Fas, if
proachlar Soothera Bap
tistiCoBveatiei. New
Social Clob. Ueo
Rata Fall..
Raluor, April 8a The North Caro
lina Baptlita are manlfestles; deep Inter
est la the approaohlng meeting ol the
Southern Baptist Contention, at Ashe
vllle. They hare raised for foreign mls
slons 12000 more than they did last year.
Their contributions for home missions
' are about the same as last year's. The
coBventloa will elect a new president
and for this position Bev.Dry R. H.
Marsh of Oxford Is "very prominently
mentioned. : " V -.'- -. -
A new dancing , club was . organised
here last evening, taking the name of
the "Nine O'clock Cotillon Club." Wll
iam B. Grimes Is president; Frank if.
Stronarch vice-president; Sherwood Hay
wood secretary and treasurer. The club
will give Its first dsnce In the assembly
room In the Raney library May 7. It has
40 members. . ' ,
It is stated posiiiyely by members of
the labor organization In thia city that
the "labor temple" will soon be- built
here. Tliey say the funds are" In hand,
the temple an assured fact. :v
The allowance to this State from the
Pcabody fnnd this year is 13900; the
State superintendent of public instruc
tion says, of this 1400 goes to graded
rhools. ' 1 -i
Mrs. T. B. Womack entertained this
afternoon in houor of Mrs. Francis Wo
mack of Reldsvllle, 250 Invitations hav
ing been issued. '',$ '-i . $
A rain fell .ait night which was
greaily appreciated by tho farmers . i ;
More cotton is being planted In this
tcctfon than In many years. The cotton
crop Is greatly reduced, and well posted
people aay the acreage In corn will be at
least 80 per cent greater than It Was last
year. The increase in the tobacco acreage,
Is also very large. .
Much interest is felt In this State at
the news that the Imperial Tobacco
Company will build and operate this
year extenslvo tobacco factories at Kin
ston and Greenville, two of the newer
- but . notably good eastern leaf mar
' kcts. .
Among today's arrivals were B G
Grady of Wilmington and W. J. Adams
of Carthage.
v Sarprlalnit Statemcat.
One account of an accident to a royal
motor tr near Arrlccla announces that
"fortunately a number of pheasants
wore working close by, and with their
help the motor car was righted." This
surprising statement 1b' only the re
verse of the traditional printer's error
by which "Lord X. was stated to have
gone out with a party of fiends to shoot
peasants." London Globe. '
S TtiA ffimAlitB antttlthtHot tvai ttflfnnntnfli
four' billiard balls on a cue, much to
the nnioxonicnt of the vandeville and!-'
ence. .' -'Vy,.'',
"Ifumphr growled a young man with
Ink ou his fingers. 111 bet he cant bal
ance a set of book s." Exchange. : ,
' Aa Oaaard Wsti.' -
"This new meter Seems rather smalt,"
doubtfully remarked the householder.
"Oh, it will all the bill," was the un
guarded rcsponso of the gas company
employee. Philadelphia Record. .
. You -weeil on a gravestone. It Is the
threshold of tternlty that yon are wet
Ung with your tears. De Malstre. ' '
.'I T'
' This ia the last
It in this ':
r e)e)e3o)WWMo)w
iff - K I High Grade-;H ?Wm tiilncgi:: W mVlM
;oooooooooteeooooooooooooooosotooooooooeoooMMoo WMiMiMiMiMMHiiv'it'MM'M ; I
' ' 1 IX ' v T?r.4W Wntnn 4-A tVi AoWrVifV oro 4f riivilrfvi y oTh'iif ' 'hirvriTl n. PlflTlft." . . . ' Rpinc the makKra of the Pianos offered In thia GREAT FAftTORV RAT.Til b wnnvr nvnrv Tinrt anA narrel
it lound tlitir.Trr.y into hundreds of : happy, bomcs, . and at prices that ;: purdtti!e, iet TjiWtf, wn"seia t tHaiVwid Tetm'w nonj ckwrtuUy. :.-r
; incnr:- Hurry; II you x7ant 1 Pc!!CClI 8L, Oip. OjV:: :: : '
Norfolk, va. . ;.;.
Political Crisis fasscd. Bad Sections of
. Qty. newspaper Men Intimldatel
Tessel Hews. -
April The political crisis has
passed. The two days primaries were
held during last week and the result is
that a few good men are named to serve
the city during the next two years. Dr.
Rlddlck will be Mayor and Tllton Com
monwealth's' Attorney with Mclllwalne
City Attorney. Our chief gain is In the
election of a few clean men tp the coun
cils In all 'wards, except the notorious
fourth, where the strongholds of corrnp
tlon and the hot beds of crimes could successfully attacked.
In this ward a man can vote a hundred
ballots a day, providing he votes the
ticket named by the political tlacklegs
that infest this section of our city. .;.-,
' The Republicans have not yet named
a ticket, bat one is expected at once,
and we hope It will be sufficiently repre
sentative to be of some service, If only
to show the rlngsters that their days are
numbered, . We do not anticipate a Re
publican city government bat It would
gladden the hearts of all decent citizens
if such could be elected, as the both
wings and In fact the whole carcass of
so called Democracy of Norfolk Is not
only rotton, but putrid.
Norfolk County is equally as bad. The
hnman brutes and cowardly bullies rule
that section of our community also.
Newspaper Editors nor their staff dare
cot write In, criticism of the acts of the
political ghouls. ;
" The editor and two of the staff of the
Norfolk County Democrat were violent
ly assaulted on Friday last for no greator
offence Mian showing up a nest of vipers
In tbe form of Sunday liquor selle rs,
gamblers, brothel keepers, and their kin
dred. These outrages nn newspaper men
is not only an assult of the person, but
an attempt to Intimidate the members of
the' press and to limit the freedom of the
una. v ; -' " - .' ,
i This is the more serious View of the
case and if we mistake not, these self
constituted arbiters trill be brought up
with a sudden Jolt, that would make the
electric chair of Sing Sing mild in com
parlson. ' Boney Joynes tho proprietor
of some half dozen bar rooms, and gam
bling halls with his brother, was fined
twenty-five dollars In the police court
for assaulting editor Thomson of the
Norfolk Dispatch. Also two others of
the staff, and now comes the farce of the
whole business in the appeal to the Cor
poration Court.' We crave to see their
cases reach the judge of that court, but
unfortunately the records of the case
passes through othor hands previously,
when lo and behold that Is their ever
lasting finis.
Shipping news somewhat scarce. The
following North Carolina vessels, , -were
In port daring the past week: j Sharpies,
Olympla and Shamrock; Schooners, Eve
lyn and Governor Vance, all of Core
Boiad. j -vK v
The auxilliary yacht Outing, has been
bought by Daniel Goodman, late of New
Bern and Oriental, N. C. This is a most
convenient craft and will be used in
these waters the coming summer. , A
large number of buildings are in course
of erection and many other enterprises
are well under way Times are good and
work plentiful. ' "
(J hlldren will play and get over-heated
get their feet wet, expose themselves, In
dozens of ways, and yon can't prevent
it. : All von can do is to. keep them as
free from exposure as possible and al
ways have in the house a Cough Remedy
that can be depended upon. An way's
Cronp Syrup will fill every requirement
It Is guaranteed to cure Coughs, ' Colds
and Cronp or the price 25 cents will be
refunded by any dealer selling It." Sold
by Davis',
Henry's, . and Bradham's
w. . itM,).,.,,.,..;,.,...-,.,.,!: 5 - , -:,
call ! 1 Oiich Piano selling: has never before been known
Hundreds oi the world's Finest Instruments nave
Successful School Closing. Quarterly
' Conference. Street Improve-
. 1 meats. Personals.
April SO. Messrs. Lewis sad tommle
Kllpatrlck, Close West of doss, and W.
R. Sauls and family of Fort Barnwell
were visiting here Sunday. . .
, The first pea shipment was made from
here today by R. W. Whit. We nn
derstand that there Is a good crop of
them. . -
. Mr. W. A. Wilson Is now express
agent al this point. The writer, who has
held the office since Its establishment at
thia point sli years-ago, resigned on ac
count of other duties. ' ; v
We were pleased to see Miss Carrie
West, who has been sick for several
weeks;lR'8nnday School Sunday morn-
tagD Che is secretary In the ; Methodist
Sundsy School and a very earnest
worker. . . , ... ;
We are having Ideal weather and the
fanning operators, as well as most every
one else around this vicinity, are busily
engaged trying to make "hay while the
sun shines." v - v . ;.
Dover High School will hold Its com
mencement on June 6th. Quite an at
tractive and interesting program Is
being arranged by Prof. Hargrave and
wife, Mr. A. J. Coircins, L. L. D. Presi
dent of Atlantic Christian College, Wil
son, N. C, will deliver the literary ad
dress at 11 o'clock. Mr. S. M. Brlnson,
County Superintendent of Graven pub
lic schools will deliver an educational
This school Is closing a very success
ful term undor the principalshlp of
Prof. Ilargrave, who has decided to lo
cate here permanently. Ho has pur
chased a lot from Mr. S. West and will
some time soon commence a dwell
ing. We are Indeed glad to have the Pro
fessor and his interesting family In our
midst. They have already won a large
place In the hearts of our people.
The second quarterly conference for
Craven circuit was held hero Saturday
and Sunday., Nearly all the churches
on the .work were represented. We are
always glad to have the brethren with
us. . Dr, Swindell preached two excel
lent sermons Snnday to large and atten
tive congregations. ' ,
Rev. E D Brown will preach , in the
Presbyterian church Friday night and
Rev. W H Townsend will fill his regular
appointment in tho Methodist church
- Our board of aldermen have com
menced work in earnest, grading streets
repairing ditches and contemplating . on
putting In a- lot of tiling. The guard
house Is completed and Mayor Bland
ford is requested to go forward, dealing
with tho violators of the law. The Mayor
while yotihg in experience seems to be
handling the affairs of the office with a
good deal of alacrity.
Mr H P Woodson, general manager
for the Goldsboro Lumber Co., Is speak
ing of running electric lights from the
mill plant np in town. , Our merchants
are very anxious to secure these lights.
Mr B H Parrot is talking of building
several dwellings on the property he re
cently purchased from Mr. W.1 M. Tyn-
dal. ; ..v?-, v..- n-iv I "
: Deputy sheriff J F Tyndal says there
areuajew who will fall to pay their poll
tax.; He was out driving most of yes
terday looking after the delinquents.
, Mr Ion Taylor of Trenton was here
today looking after his farming after his
fanning interest near here. !
Mr C J Rivenbark, News & Observer
alert correspondent, was here . between
trains yesterday. , - .
. -; 1 tmm i
When yon take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic; because the formula ' Is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that" It
Is simply Iron and quinine In a tasteless
form. No core no pay. Price 80c,
Company - Promises -Capitol
Cheap Electric Lights.
NegreExedas Ceatlaaes; NeCem-
plalBts ef Scarcity ef Farm
Labor. Tho Kiag'iDaagh
ten Meetlag. College
Rauigh, May L The exodus of ne
groes from this State this spring Is not
large, but Is steady. Most of those who
leave go IS orth. Sixty nrer left here to
day to work In brick yards near New
York. S .
So far there "are no compUints of
scarcity of farm labor. Many armors
who plant cotton make It. -aW to
plant a larger acreage than , they can
possibly attend to, but the notably large
reduction oi coiion acreage - win
. . . an .11 i.
hate a good deal of this trouble. - I
The King's Daughters of North Caro
lina meet here May 1315. An earnest
effort la to be made to revive Interest In
the order, the membership of which has
fallen off greatly. ' K
A score of natives of the Sandwich Is
lands were here today. They are giving
concerts at various places in this State,
The plans for the new building at the
Methodist Orphanage are not yet fur
nished. There are funds in hand and
work should have begun long ago,
Onlv one buiidlne is now In use and It
is full.
At the Agricultural and Mechanical
College here there will at the approaoh
lng commencement be proper exercises.
All the cadets are required to remain,
instead of all going home except the
senior class. The battalion will have a
final parade, in the presence of the
Governor and the trustees, at which the
officers for next term will be announc
Raleleh will tet verv cheap street
electric lights. A new company offers
to furnish 175 at $55 a year. Charlotte
pays now (94. It will be some days be
fore the contract in awarded. -
May 1. Tbe James mill is in opera
tion now.
"' Cotton has all been planted and pros
pects are good. Farmers predict a large
crop of Irish potatoes.
Mr. James Hardison, of Arapahoe,
and Miss Elk Paul were- aaarjtod Wed
nesday. : . .'-''.'!"'
The Marvin D. White left the Batrd's
Creek ways last week.
A party of young people had a very
pleasant picnic here Sunday. They
were Bennie Miller and Miss Maud Pip
kin, A. A. Combs and Miss Rosa
Miller; W. J.Cutherell.and Miss Ella
Swimming and life saving are a part
of the course in New Zealand's public
schools. '
Normal schools all over the northwest
are buying pictures and casts for study
In their art departments.
The state of Kansas employs at pres
ent 11,028 public school i teachers, the
average age of whom is but twenty-one
years. In the three counties of Logan,
Rock and Shawnee tho average age of
the teachers is only nineteen years.
Walter A. Payne, Instructor and sec
retary of the university extension de
partmeufat the University of Chicago,
baS been promoted to the rank of asso
ciate professor and pnt in charge of tbe
extension department, of which1 Pro.
lessor James was formerly the chief.
Fjny-BalMin Stop the Tickling,
and quickly allays Inflimawtloa In the throat.
- XJ
' that enters
lard iideed
lt..i V
Cashed a Forged Check. Old Citizen Re
May 1. Capt 8. E. Ewell and family
spent a few days here recently.
Tha Rev. Turner, of New Bern preach
ed santtficatlonlsm to we sinners Satur
day night. '
Mr. L. F. Taylor had the misfortune
to lose fifteen dollars last week by cash
ing a forged check.
We regret very much to lose Mr.
George Avery who moved out of town
last week. Mr. Avery says he was tired
of the business he was following, there
fore he has retired for a quieter life.
It is with sad regret that we chronicle
the death of littler Dora, the 18 months
old daughter of Mx and Jtra ULIL
Lambert which occurred bere Tuesday
evening. Our heart fell sympathy to the
bereaved family.' '
Wo regret to note that little Miss
Ruth Avery hasheen quite sick for sev
eral days,: trat. glad 1 to say that she Is
much better now. .
Some wood checks were stolen from
Mr. Kennle Daugberty last Sunday, for
tunately he overtook the guilty parties
Monday and they are safe under the
lock and key at New Bern awaiting the
August term of court
Dr. Monk, of Trenton, was here on
professional business last Wednes
day. The first shipment of peaa from this
point was made by Mr. R. M. White last
Mav 1. Picnic season is on hand and
we learn that there win be .one at Cow
pen Landing May 3rd.
The Sunday .Bchool at Ellsworth
church has been reorganized with the
following officers and teachers Miss Liz
zie Lancaster supt., Mrs Clarissa Lancas
ter, Ass't. Supt., Miss Eva Ewell, secre
tary Miss LoislA. Willis, treasurer Misses
Annie Ewell and Ella Lancaster and
Mr. S. F. Hill teachers.
Our tobacco farmers are preparing tor
a good crop this year. They took advan
tage of the showers yesterday and have
made a good start in transplanting.
There will be a grand picnic and foot
tournament at A. P. Willis, "Moss Oak
Farm" on Saturday May lOtn. Our peo
ple all expect to attend and are antlclpat
ing a good time. The managers are Messrs
A. P. Wlllir, B. F. Willis, W. E. Brown
and G. H. Morris, - c
The "political pot" Is beginning to "aim
mer" and W0 expect tt will soon be "boil
ing". There are so many good candidates
this vear that we hardly know how to
Mr. Lynn Lancaster went to Epworth
last Saturday to witness a game of base
ball between Ruther's and Epworth club
The Epworth team beat the visitors.
Base ball seems tq be "warmer" than
ever In our section. There will be a. club
organized at Yanceboro and one at
Dobbs this week so we learn.
The New Bern boys had better look
out for we guess our boys can catch
fly when they open their mouths.
Our concert troupe presented their
entertainment at Vanceboro April 21nd
to a crowded house. In fact there were
many people tnrned away from the door
They also went to Bellalr Friday evening
April 25th. and the people gave us
hearty welcome although'the house was
not crowded.
McDuffle's Tasteless Chill Cure will build
up broken down systems and make the
blood rich and healthy, certain, cure for
chllL guaranteed or money refunded
50 centt at F.& Duffy's.": S
BBanana Cream at McSorley's, fresh to-
day."i-" ;. 'V' .! (' t
of the ujaoo
Into their Mnstrucjtion. 'WeVe l
if w didn. luUertiwd uii art ftorongbly by - tiine. o5l
. 4
JHss Erevn Mont wrttet horn 51
'Znatto AjMrfr(b yn with cmtMnb ttt owcb wbkh mo
adlcta seMnatf toifere, mnttt Mmd adWsed me to tryPtrunm. AHbougn
S!S-7r3fcisKf It bit me within the ant week. I kept Uk-
tngtt for Aie mootta, em pheeef totf tbet Hear e"W."
bare battooartaptoan
, Adta Brittala, of Saxitsn, wtu
After using yonf roadrfal Peruna
three months, X have bad great relief.
X fcad continual beaivtnese in my stom
aoh, was bUloca, and had fainting spells,
tmt thev all have left me since using
Parana. X eaa ttotr get around and do
saw housework, and think Pemna the
wveatest medicine X ever useLM-Adla
iMttaln. .
Mrs. LUste Blevtos, 103 Bollver street,
CleveUnd.Ohlo, Writes
'IcandUUyfeel Peruna was the means
twice roit 25 -.cEJsrxs.: '
TOJI 25 CENTS. ZVt - ,
We will do a good job at the price, and you i . -
will be well pleased. We know of no one ,
who an do the job better, or more satisfact
orily to you. W believe we are Belling the
. - Best Collars and Guffs on the Market Linen
' on both sides, and they won't oome ' back - to , ;
yom wich saw edges the first or second time ;
they are laundried. Vs We take particular.
pride in having Collars and Cuffs that are'
' ! - 1 just righty-and it would please na to have'""'
' . you gire us a trial on Collars and Cuffs. w No
late style but what is here. ' ' " ij .
G7 Illddle Street.
' '-': 'r:; siTw I r
and we'd be dul-
Adsau Street, mnnupolk, Mlaa., u
of saving my life, for I sunerea ror
months from catarrh of the stomach.
Two bottles of Peruna cured me." Mrs.
Iitxie BlevinS. ' ' ' '
If you do not derive prompt and sans
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving
full statement Of your ease and he will
be pleased to give yoa his valuable aa
vioe gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, ' President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, ' Columbus,
Ohio. : a . . . : .
i, .;; . '
we sell. ,, If you're dissatisfied ;
.,N ... w M tt

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