North Carolina Newspapers

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mall crops, unsalable veg
etables, result from want of
Vegetables are especially
fond .of Potash Write for
our frcf pamphleta. ' ..
.May 81. Vina' rains for the lut few
day make tbe crops look very floe.
The farmer are complaining of a bad
stand of cotton, but guesa they will
have plenty now as the seed will aoon
all be p, '-V'-'
Miss Annie Rhode school will close
, , at this place next Thursday. We "will
hare no big commencement as hat been
: tge custom here for many jcars by other
teachers. v.-.-. 1"...
Mr. B, B. Berry Is In town this week
on business. We hope he will loeate
here as he Is one of the best mechanics In
,' the country -and wo are now entUely
without one. r-V.-: '."? ';: T . -
' ' . Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hart of New Bern
were visiting at Mr. James W. Bhepardi
at this place last Sunday. -.-v't'
. Po)ltica"are very quiet, we hare no
hungry politicians In this county, yet
. there may be a few candidate later on
In tbeyear.; j 'Vr';i Hi'"
, .. M r. II. C Focne whose leg- was
- broken a few weeks ago Is doing very
well. lie will soon be ablo to vislt.the
. village again we hope. '
Mr. John Hlmmous who baa been sick
' so long is still very feeble at his home,
- being confined to his bed : most of the
time.;; tnW q '"
Don'i forget that J. B. Bender will
receive subscriptions for the Journal,
tbe Messenger, the Constitution and
Wasbluglon I'osV' . " - i CV
- Mr T S Bender Is spending this week
.at Wilmington, " Carolina , Beach and
Ocean View.- : : .'.'
Mr John Prltehett, who lives on the
: properly of Mr C E Foy near : here has
r the largest Irteh potatoes we have seen
this year. We saw some eshlbited here
- last week larger than ben eggs. - f :
The corn crop . generally Is looking
very nice and there is more planted this
year than has been for many la this
v vicinity. , - "
Mr C'h&s. L Abcrnethy of Beaufort Is
v here looking after his political Interest,
as he is a candidate for Congressional
honors from this district
The mill business near here, formerly
managed by B T and J H Bender for the
Elm City Lumber Company, has gone In
the hands of new managers who will
operato It for, the tame firm. ;- -
Tlio way to enjoy spring Is to tnke
wlmt you get nnd expect nothing the
next iluy.-Clilcago Newa ,-r. --
' Some one rises to explain that tbe
Brltleli ainu uear New Orleans Is
niuli-lury Instead of military. Bait!
mon A merican. :ti 3. : ':; 1.. '
' The recent death of a man from
toughing at 11 Jol.e proves the wisdom
of l r. HoliiK's, who said be dared not
be as funny us he could be. Exchange.
The dawn of cheap postage Is China's
bwt new sign' of progress. In the writ
' Ing of ninny letter there Is great
spread of,- civilization. New York
World. --..'- .;.V.,t'-V7-'
Morally speaking, limbnrger cheese
has one great advantage over oleomar-
cnrlnp. Nobody can accuse It or try
ing to pass Itself off for something else,
Milwaukee Sentinel.
May 20 We are needing rain very
btdiy now, farmers aro looking ' a little
long faced about It. - v . ,
. Mr W II Dixon Is making quite an Im
provcmenl on hii placu. We expect to
hear the wedding bf lis ring soon.
The Reelsboro Mission Sunday School
will givo their nnul May sail May
' : '. i t ... .. 1 : - 5
; We ra glad to have a little hope ot a
rail road through onr county. We hope
all will consider fls benefit when they go
to vote. . . .
Quite a number ot our" young folks
attended an entertainment at Olympla
Friday night and report ft nice time. W
arc glad to have our old frlonds with 08
again, James T Moore and George A,
Moore. T! y have been attending school
at Kimbcrlln Heights, Tenn., for three
years. We murk quite an Improvement
in the boys huJ kuow they have - made
good use of t'-.oir time.
The Cbrlt'Jnn Lonl'g Day Sunday
Fvli.-'ol wi'.l cive u-i h m s pprrat
tteChrisi: acl. .th ." y-'-ii, "ot
I u....t of t;.e sciiool. Zxi.ti:'. .i wli
gin nt 7 o'clock p. m. A. B. C
-s c:.::ic..-:ev-::ii.,
' ' vi f. I l ' i
State Acreage Compared With That
of Former Years.
May Crop Report the First of the
Tear.' Arguments In the Bald
" wln-Areher Land Case From .
.Graham Conaty Heard
la the Supreme t.
:'.' . ' ;, Coart. . . -'
Ralkiod, May 81. The Slate Agri
cultural department today Issued Its
Msy crop report'. It is -the first report
this year. The general condition and
progress of farm work compared with
the average if 98 per cent The cotton
acreage as compared with that last year
189 per cent, while that of tobacco is
107 per cent. It is said that while this
very accurately marks the falling eff In
cotton-planting is hardly large enough
to exactly show the Increase In tobacco,
which (s really large, due to the high
prices. The acreage in corn as compared
with last year Is 106. In oats It is only
90, while the condition of oats is only
80, and that of wheat 68. The condi
tion of the tracking interests as com
pared with 1900 Is 95 percent. Save as
to Mm. small grain the condition of
crops Is very satisfactory indeed, r
.The State veterinarian says there are
yet occasional deaths of horses in Hyde
eounty from forage poisoning. A report
from that county alludes to this and
terms the disease meningitis.' 1 , .
State Superintendent J. Y. Joyner
will on Friday address the Society of
Wake Forest College students for tbe
Improvement of .the rural public schools
During the vacation tbe members of
this society will work In the interest
of such schools in their reipcctlvo conn-,
lies.;. --J i fS --'"-- s-Vs
Some of the republican "leaders here
are actually saying they expect Senator
Pritchard to be reelected. . " ' v:
Moore county democratic convention
endorses Walter Clark for chief Jus
tice. '
The State authorizes the dissolution of
.he charters . of tho Hague-McCondle
Dry Ooods Cd.,of Greensboro. iv, "ft';
Auditor Dixon tomorrow delivers the
address at the closing of the Durham
schools..' i..-. vl. ','.-i-M"
In tbe Supreme conrt today there was
argument in an interesting case, that of
Baldwin vs Archer.involving 40,000 acres
of land In Oraham county, : A salo was
made by Archer for 120,009 to a Cleve
land, Ohio, syndicate, which was to build
a I3O0.O0O railway to got out the timber,
bat Baldwin claims that Archer had no
fright to sell. ' " -
At Peace Institute and the' Baptist Fe
male University here the graduating ex
ercise were held this morning. -! i
, E. B. Borden Jf Goldsboro makes i
gift of $1000 to the Methodist Orphan
age here. . : v
StettoM o( Siberia Don't HlnA Be
low Zero Temperature. '
Frequently, : when we could not ex
pose our ears for two minutes without
having them frozen, says a traveler in
Siberia, the natives would go for an
hour at a time with their hoods thrown
back from their heads, and when it re
paired constant watchfulness to keep
our noses from freezing they did not
appear to notice the temperature at all.
One morning in January I stood In
perfect amazement at their disregard
bf the low temperature. They worked
for at least half an hour with bare
bands packing up the tent and utensils,
handling - the packages and lashing
them together with icy seal thongs
without experiencing the least appar
ent inconvenience, while I partly froze
imy fingers striking a light for my pipe
(with a flint and steel, tho .whole Opera
tion laung noc mora vunu uiree iuui
utes. p ' " '.- '..' ,S .' -The
night before, happening to go out
of the tent after our men had retired,
I passed their camp, .which .was near
by. Their fire had burned to a pile of
embers, barely, affording : me light
enough - to distinguish the sleepers.
They were lying colled up on small
deerskins, with their backs to the em
bers and their fur coats thrown loosely
pver their naked bodies. , '
The coat of one of them had slipped
almost entirely off his body, leaving his
back and shoulders exposed to a tem
perature of 18 degrees .F. below zero,
and, though his hair was frosted, he
knored'aa soundly as it In comfortable
". Mr. CUditoie'i Catch. ;
"How many members of this-house,"
asked Mr. Gladstone once In the course
of 'a lebate on electoral qualifications,
"cam divide f 1,330 17s. Cd. by 2"13S.
8d.r ",.:.-
"SIX hundred and fifty-eight!" shout,
ed one member.-- ; ,?
' "The thing cannot be done I" exclaim
ed another. :
A roar of laughter greeted tills last
remark. ButJt was true, nevertheless.
Tou cannot multiply or dlvldo money
by money. lou may Jcpent a smaller
sum of money as many times as it is
contained in a larger sum of money,
but that is- a very different thing. If
you repeat 5 shillings as often as there
are hu: s in a horso's tall, you do not
multii 'y 6 Buillln.-s by a horse tail.
r;i!;rj,3 you did nut know this before.
I" ver mind; you need not be ashamed
l your ignorance, for it was shared, ns
1 ) been demonstrated, by .the cntiro
! i of cummona 0nr cnQ number),
' " CioHlicn ct:aitllor'!tttlio
23. Mr. Lynn Lancaster and
Mis Blanche McLawhorn left Wednes
day to attend a convention near Grif
toa. ' ' - v
Our church Is being nicely celled now
Mr. B. F. Willis Is doing tbe work. .
Miss Lncretia Willis and Mr. 3. & Hill
attended the picnic at Juniper chapel
Saturday. Also Mr. and Mrs. W. F. and
Mrs. H. C. Lancaster.: - ' '. "
Our Commissioner should take some
action In regard to the road at Street'
Ferry. It Is almost impassabl '.
Hisses Etta and Nora Lancaster are
visiting at Vanceboro this week. --
Several of our people expect to attend
the excursion on the steamer Carolina
Saturday,": - '. : '
The picnic at Juniper Chapel school
house Saturday, given on account of the
closing of H. C. Lancaster's school, was
largely attended, though the threaten
ing westhet kept many away, and all
seemed to greatly enjoy -the day. Mr.
Daniel ' Lane,' of Bellalr, was present,
having been previously Invited to de
liver an address, and took the stand at
11 o'clock, and held tbe rapt attention
of the ' crowd for nearly an hour with
one ot his happy and forceful talks on
tbe subject "Education," interspersed
with many funny little anecdotes, which
sharpened up our appetites for dinner.
After the address the teacher presented
prizes to about thirty successful, pupils
and announced that dinner wonld -be
served immediately. After dinner, of
which there was a "plentiful abun
dance," the people amused themselves
in any way tbey saw fit, while the teach
er gave the children a lemonade treat,
which they seemed to enjoy "hugely."
' A nice little sum - was realized from
the sale of refreshments, for the benefit
of Mr' Southey Morris, who lost his leg
accidentally last year. , J . ' -v;'
;. i ;... "Waudkbino Willie."
:- ';,. HoDIU of. th Wlldeat. , ;
' To any that a, dog can ''whip his
weight In wildcats" is to pay about the
highest tribute to bis strength, courage
nnd activity, nnd there are very few
dogs that would care to earn such
tribute if they understood oil it implied.
Not that n wildcat is of a specially ag
gressive disposition; On tbe contrary,
he would sooner mind bis own business
any time than fight.1: So anxious is be
as a rale to keep -out of trouble that he
has often been accused of : cowardice,
but he has on so many occasions given
evidence of the most desperato cour
age that It is doubtful if the accusation
is a fair one. When .wounded or at bay,
he is perhaps as dangerous as any. crea
ture of his size. ; re , ? n , . ,
'-.' ' i ii i urn '. 'j. ...-:;':.
Weekfy Crop Bulletin.
For week ending Monday,
1002.-- ' :
The past week has been fairly favora
ble for' agricultural operations. Inter
est centers' in the extent to; which
drought has been broken, and it appears
that fears of severe drought have been
relieved over a large portion bf the State
by generous showers, Which occurred at
some point" or Tother orr almost every
day daring the week.' The rainfall of
the 13th and 14th was largest'ln amount
and general over the western half of the
State, but elsewhere the rainfall was ir
regularly distribu ted and insufficient in
amount.- Crops are still suffering for
lack bf moisture in at least a dozen eas
tern counties.' A severe hail storm oc
curved on the 13th, with some damage
to cropB and fruit in the tollowlngfcoun-
ties: Vance, Person. Alamance, Gran
vllle, Nash and Robeson. While low
temperatures prevailed for three day,
which checked rapidity of growth and
stopped the sprouting' ot cotton seeds,
the average for the' week was slijhtly
above normal. In very few countlos
was the rainfall heavy enough to inter
rupt farm work; crops continued clean,
well cultivated, and flourishing. -
4 Chopping cotton is well advanced in
the central-south portion, and has be
gun in the north. Late planted has not
come up to good stands, on account of
drought and recent cool nights, espec
ially in the eastern portion, whore some
replanting Is necessary. : . v - ; ,
Corn 1b in excellent condition,, and is
being cultivated everywhere; there are
very Tfew reports of bad. stands, but
much complaint of damage by budworms
on lowlands. In many counties favora
ble rains enabled excellent progress ,tQ
be made in transplanting tobacco, but In
others the work Is still delayed and can
not be finished much before June 1st
Drought killed many plants in the east
era district where a full stand hu been
secured. Peanuts are "being planted
rapidly as possible and are coming tip
nicely. - Rice is doing well. Wheat and
oats are running up, but heads are Bmall,
and plants are so thin that even If heads
are Well filled only a poor ' crop can be
expected. Spring oats are flourishing.
. Truck crops and gardens are making
fair, growth." Irish potatoes are begin
ning to boom; damage by potato bags
continues,, and every effort should be
made by the use of Insecticides to com
bat this pest, .which otherwise, will in'
crease In destructlveness. .Setting sweet-
potatoe sprouts is underway. Fruit is
dropping considerably, apparently from
blight, but in spile of this prospects re
main good, Pastures have Improved.
Strawberries are ripening as far west as
Gaston county. -"
' Rains report for the week (in Inches)
Aydcn .23, Balsam .40, Charlotte 1.60,
Foster 2.75, Goldsboro .40, Greensboro
.5$, Ilattoras .70, Lumberton.70, Mocks-
Vlllo 1.10, I.TaiUn .C3, ITow Eurn .74,
CVM'.o XI, e ; '.. 8T;oMntUr.lof;-a
Cadets of LL M. College Under
Sapreme Coart Traaiaetioa. Coart
Will Adjourn tbe Last r
" Jane. , Major Graat.Ap-
pointed ' Clerk'1- of
CIrcait CourV
RiLSion, May 22 The Bnpreme Court
sustain the lower court la three capital
cases from Rowan county, and as a re
ult the governor will next week issue
hi warrant for tbe execution of two
negroes, Blanton and Moore, for rape,
aad one Connelly for murdn, .
John A. Mills has placed the jprder for
rails for ten miles of the extension of
his railway, the Raleigh and Cape Fear.
It was expected that he would sell this
road but he decided not to do so. . , '
Richmond county's democratic con
ventlon endorsed no one for chief, 'jus
tice, v Moore county endorsed Clark.
Today Maj. Q. L. Grant, already clerk
ot the U. S. district court here, received
his appointment as clerk of the. circuit
court, from which position Nathaniel J.
Klddlck retired day before yesterday.
The Sapreme coart yesterday- finished
the docket ot appeals from the 16th dis
trict and today took up the end of the
dosket cases. The court will probably
be In session until about the end of June
If It disposes of all the cases before it,
The cadets of the State Agricultural
and Mechanical College here are now in
tho midst pt their examinations. The
commencement, . next week, will be the
best In the history of the college.. When
the next term begins there will be room
for many more students, probably 100
more. .-: '.- . . :
Some volcanic dust which, fell on the
deck of a ship off the coast of Martin
ique was today placed In the State mu
seum.' V- 7 v " - :. ". ;
State Treasurer B. R. Lacy delivered
the addree at the closing of Turlington
Institute, Smithfield. i -
At the experiment farm here 26 va
rieties of strawberries are in bearing.
The sales of berrles-hcre are quite large.
The experiment of winter growing to
matoes was a success.. The vines were
all from 8 to 10 feet high. Twenty six
of them yielded 264 pounds of tomatoes.
Mlsnt Have Been Worae.
"Charley, dear," said young Mrs.
Torkins, "that horse you bet on"
"There's no need of bringing the mat
ter up. I know that my Judgment was
very bad and all that" t
"Oh, I wouldn't take It to heart! The
horse might have been beaten jvorse.
You must give him credit .foe getting
around ahead of the horsesithat svere
entered for the following race." Wash
ington Star. v, : "
Pay Tow Debts.
. "No, sir,", declared Gazzeu aei, he
warmed up to his subjecVyou'Hinever
be happy so long as ,youNareln,Hlebt
Pay, your debts, Swayback,' pay, jour
debts." -, , .
''But I have no money," saict-Sway-back.
"Then borrow if Detroit Free
Press. , .
" Trath'a Chances
William The idea ot his calling, his
book a historical novel! It doesn't
agree with history even in tbe slight
est particular. ..
Frederick And so may be quite true.
Boston Transcript "-. c -
A Ptusle.
i Mother (reprovingly to little girl Just
ready to go for a walk) Dolly, that
hole was not in your glove this morn
Dolly (promptly)-r-Where was it, then,
mamma? ' '
Ot 100,000,000 passengers by sea all
the world over fifty lose their lives.Of
tho same number by rail forty-seven
are killed.- -.: i
: , ' ' ' j
- Preeoeloos Yoatfc.
Mother What's baby crying about
Nurse I don't know, ma'am, unless
it was what the parlor maid said. She
remarked that Willie looked like hla
pa, and I'm afraid Willie heard her.
Exchange. ;- -
North Carolinians Celebrate Meci-
. - lenburf Day In New York.
(Lailan Bureau Report.) ' j .
. Nbw , Yobk. May 21. The Sons of
North Jarolina to the numer of 800 paid
ah affectionate tribute at a dinner to
night at Delmonlcos to the "Old North
State" as they termed her, and the sign
ers ot the declaration of, Mecklenburg,
declaring her an ' Independent colony.
W. W. Fuller presided. Among tbe
other present, were Ex-Senator Arthur
Fue Gorman of Maryland, Benator
Pritchard of North Carolina and Gener
al Matt W. Ransom,
" Senator Pritchard said North Carolina
had, successfully solved the problems
growing out of the civiiwar and that
the day was not far distant when she
would assume the place she Is destined
to occupy among the great commercial
States of the Union.
Geaeral Ransom ipoke of the hospi
tality now shown by New York to North
Carolinians, and said that sectionalism
was a shadow of the past. Concorping
the race problem in the South he advised
the North to let it alone.
Ex-Governor Gon i c'' ' 1 Cen
C.-J P. r ' 6i& s.iM ,,.:ni
. f CUhi at riv
1 had read," said the colonel aa he
was relating some of his experience in
China, "that lfna person felt into tbe
.water no one eonld pull him out, hold
ing that hie falling In was a decree of
Providence that most not be interfered
frith. r, - .
"One day on one or tue canals i
stumbled and went overboard, and, al
though there were twelve boatmen, not
lone of them would extend me a hand.
After a close shave, a I cannot swim,
I got aboard again, and as soon as I
recovered my breath I, yelled at th
bos boatman: ' , , .
j"Ton infernal scoundrel, but why
didn't you help me outt
tit was your fate to fall in,' be
calmly replied.. ..
7 'And lt' your fate to take a good
licking! t said as I went for him.
"When I had finished him off, I took
another, and I was Just polishing off
my fifth victim when the 'sixth man
halted me to any: " ; J - "
"There seems to be a mistake here.
We are taught that if a person fails
into the water he must save himself
or drown, but we are not taught that if
he does save himself he is at liberty
to lick half of China in revenge.' ; "
i "I thought his point well taken,"
laughed the colonel, "and I stopped my
score at five nnd went down to change
into dry clothes." Boston Globe.
Apple Trees For Betr aad Fruit
Apple trees are so beautiful, even
when bare of bloom and fruit, that
they should be grown in pleasure gar
dens, like lilacs and laburnums. Ten
nyson speaks of orchard lawns, and
there is no reason except bad taste
Why they should not have a real exist
ence. The gloom of the fir tree, mag
nificent no doubt in its own northern
forest,, is mere incongruous dreariness
when it is dotted about a suburban
lawn. Nothing will thrive under it,
and often it will not thrive Itself, but
the apple, with all the associated beau
ty of the countryside, gives us fruit
and blossom and grateful shade. In
the grass under it will grow daffodils,
columbines, irises and many other
plants, or it may be trained as a hedge
to divide one part of the garden from
another and with all these-uses may
still, produce great crops of fruit It
would be a" pleasant task for the sub
urban gardener : with his half acre of
ground to grow three or four choice
apple trees with the care that others
give to. roses. London Speaker.
J. Pierpont Morgan is now, through
his steamship trust prepared to rule
tbe sea as well as the land. Hamilton
Byron wrote that man's control of
th ocean stops with the shore. In his
most poetic visions be never foresaw a
community of Interests In steamship
lines. New York Tribune. ; . ' s
The English, having seen their ocean
steamers pass under the control of
American capital, now fear that the
American underground railway will
upset Nelson' monument Britannia
may rule the waves, but Bhe la afraid
that Mr. Morgan may pool them. New
York Mail and Express. .
The following quotations were receiv
ed by J. E. Latham & Co, Now Bern
N. 0.
Nbw York, May 22.
Cotton; -; Open. High. Low. Close
July.......... 0.05 0.05 8.89 8.89
Aug ....8.75 8.70
Sep. . . 8.21 8.21
Chicago, May 22.
Open. High. Low. Close
; 74$ 74i 78f
Open. High. Low. Close
MJ -Cli 81j 61i
Open. High. Low. Close
. 960 ' 9671 . 957i 902)
Whais :
July.... '
Cobhj K
' New York, May 22,
,Open, High. Low. Close
U. & L . . .
U.8. 8..;
Mo. P....
Atchison .
V. a c .
a. c. o..:
. 1271 129 127f
- 09
' 53
: 58
80 -'
58 '
Am Ice. .
Advices to J. B. Latham & Co. yester
day. '
New York, March 23.
Market sold down on large selling by
C. W. Lee ft Co., II. Hentz and stop loss
order. , , , " .
R.MooRt&Co. ;
; Long's realising caused recession.
Market very steady at decline.
R. Moors & Co. -
-. .V. '. :' -v.. ;-. 4-.-- a 'm. .... i ...i . ' - - j-v 1
, UtOfl. ;i ..,.;'?'.,
Spots 5.1-83. Bales 7,000 bales. ,
Futures, May-June 4.60.' Ang-Sept
4r)3; Sept-Oct 4.37.
Last week v
42,000 ' v
This wees.
Insight 6000
Sat. . 8000 . '
Mon. 4000.
Tucs. , 4000
Wed. ' 8000
. - Same week -last
63,000 .
. One bf Georgia's
Grateful For What Pe-ru-na Is Do
ing For Sufferlngr Humanity. ,'
V. A. Cnrtrlght, A. BM Principal of the
Georgia Normal and Industrial Insti
tute, and editor and proprietor ot the
"Georgia Helping Hand" writes the
following glowing words concerning
Peruna, and its efficacy in the core of
catarrh. ;. ' " ';
Ho says t "I was induced to try Peru
na by the advice of a friend, and cer
tainly believe that suffering humanity
would be relieved if they only gave Pe
runa a fair trial. Would that X eonld
frame words sufficient to express my
gratitude for the benefits derived from
its use." F. A. CUKTKIQHT, Greens
boro, G a. ,
: Hon. W. N. Roach, united States
Senator from North Dakota, In a letter
written, from Larimore, North Dakota,
aysi ..'',,.,,'... :"...,'.,
"Persuaded by a friend, I have used
Peruna aa a tonic, and am glad to testify
that it has greatly helped me in strength,
vigor and appetite. I have been, advised
by friends that It is remarkably effica
cious aa a our a for the almost universal
complaint of catarrh." W. N. Roach. '
Senator Roach's wife recommends Pa
rana also. She says i "I can cheerfully
Suow Drift,
r White Frost
: and Admiral
Portsmouth. Corned Mullets. ,, , ,-, .
Fresh Strawberriee from Whitehursfa farm every morning.
Fresh Fox River Print and Elgin Butter received every
week and served from one of the finest refrigerators in the city.
. omplete stock oftaple and Fancy Groceries at RIGHT
RI CES. - ' y r '':W?.i$Lv
. 'Phone 01.
KknKasaRiiNiiKiiNf:ftainKniiKAt tmuiRAl Vd
used every day in eyery home. 1
We sell lots ot it and it's al
ways fresh and clean. If
Really pleasing for use in
large or small quantities. . , ;
Fruit Season. 7 ,3
. Cannina; Season. I
We want to fumish all the
sugar you need and it will be"
to your interest to calL ' Our other staples are of equal excellence.
J. J. TOLSON, Jr.,
Broad St Grocer
mm iiiii.
- Wire Screens, Door and Window Screens, Lawn Jlowcrs, Ice Crcoa',
Freezers, Ice Sliavers. : ; ' , v . V . -
A full line of Hardware," Taints, Oilsr Varnish, Eraracli la C.' V
Silver and Alluminum. , . .,: , .
- A now lot Ball Bearics Castors, improved.
- Our gooila as reprcHcntcd, : TH1CZ3 THU tCT,T: r.
Give ua.yonr orders.-.
Useful Educators is
recommend your excellent remedy, Pe
runa. Indeed, I know of no other rem
edy u good aa your. It la a grand tonlo, -
and many of my friends have used it for
catarrh with good results." Mrs. W.N.
Boach. - .- . "
The most common phases of summer
catarrh, are catarrh of the stomach and
bowels. Peruna is a specific for summer
Mr. Win. Hebkyt Daqaetoe, Pa.,
wrttet:"I mm cured of CMtmrrh a th
ttomactt ot twtt year ttoJlnz I bad
H so had thai I coald aot eat mnrthlng
bat milk. I doctored with tevtrml doc
tor mad they could give am relief for m
abort rioM only. luwPwun ncom
mended mad thought J would 4ry ft,
aad 1 now thlak I am cured of catarrh,
than worked two month mod did aot ,
lose a Tar."-H'at. tiebley. -
Mr. Moeea F. Merrill, Columbus, Cher
okee Co, Kansas, Rural Route No. 8, .
writes s ' '
! had been troubled with systemic
catarrh, which affected the lower bowel -especially.
I was troubled with running
off of the bowels and troublesome catarrh -of
the bronchial tubes which caused
spitting of thick mucus. Sine taking
Peruna my Improvement baa beta
wonderful. , My bowel aro regular aa
clock-work. I can now eat like other
people and my ritual dlgett. "
Moaea P. Merrill. '': r-..
Hon. Willis Brewer, Representative
in Congress from Alabama, writes the
following letter to Dr. Hartman :
House of Representatives,
, s Washington, D. C.
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.t
Gentlemen ''I have used one bottle of
Peruna for lassitude, and I take pleasure
in recommending It to those who need a
good remedy. As a tonlo it is excellent.
In the short time I have used It it has
done me a great deal of good." Willis
Brewer. ' .
If you do not derive prompt and satis- -factory
results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
foil statement of your ease and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratia.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Ohio. .;.-. - v , , .
& Iletail ;
71 Broad Bt.
. ; "' T,7 : z 137 :
n III fla.J M a aaaskv I . V, 1

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