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- Eiiiisa.
Supreme Coort Finished Hearing
ArfBmenls on Appeals. .
Irapertaat Cat to t Calt4
States Supreme Caart. Maaager
or the Balelgfc Bsse Ball ;
Team Uees North to . M
Seenro New ; . .
Players. ' ' T ,
Raliigh, My ',.31. The Supreme
Court hu finished the bearing of r?n
tnents on appeal. There are about tjfi
opinion yet to be filed. It win. require
something; like SO day for the court to
complete It work at thta term. -
The case which nw foe to the United
Bute Bupreme Court ou a writ of error,
Involving the right of the Mate to lm
poae a license Ui on all piano, tewing
machine, etc., thlpped C. 0. D. to per
ions.ln.thI Ute,. lof wlde-tpread In
terest. The .attorneys for the compa
nies which ship such - goods Into the
State say the decision that the sheriff of
Person could leryon goods so shipped
Is a rank violation of the Inter-state com
merce. . ' ' -' '
" Manager Rivers of the Raleigh base
ball team left today for the north to se
cure new players. The Raleigh team
has fared badly this week.
The Secretary of State has received
from the clerk of the court of Perqui
mans cpunty one of the record books of
land grant missing for 120 'years or
more. It Is of grants Issoed In 1774.
There are several other record books
missing between 1771 and 1775. The
Secretary of State greatly.deslres these.
They are Stale property and perhaps
some are at Edenlon, New Bern and
The public schools here have ended
their terms. The attendance was the
the largest on record. A new tchxtl
site, for a colored school has been pur
chased. This will give ten public schools
In the Raleigh district, , ""
- The Worth Bsgley camp of Spanish
War Veterans, of Boston sent a superb
wreath of palms to be placed on the
grave of Worth Bsgley la Oakwood
Cemetery here. - - J ' "
Oov. Aycock will not go to Chapel
Hill until next Tuesday; -A . -
At the Raleigh Male Academy Ben
Lacy, Jr., a son of the State Treasurer;
- won tbe gold medal for Latin.
The man(ramu( JHilt, of (be MarlonJ
Uurnsville turnpike stockholders to force
the penitentiary to furnish convicts to
that road, comes up Juno 7 before Judge
1 Council. There are no convicts which
csn lie fiiiaisheiV so the road has no
.case at all. , , -'
State Convention July 16.
Special to Journal.
Raleigh May 81,-Democralic State
Chairman Simmons today issued a call
for llio State Convention which will be
held July 18th. ,-vr (-
McDuffle's Witch Hazol Foot Healer Is
one of the finest baby powdera known,
cures prickly beat and gives Instant re
lief.' 85 cents at F. 8. Duffy V
V I. . ." "-1 -'y:y"''
Giant and Pysntlea of Space.
There is nn luimeuse range of differ
ence In tbe brightness of the Stars
when the sun is taken for a standard
of comparison. Some of tbe stars emit
only one one-hundredth as much light
as tbe bud emits. Others emit a thou
sand times as much light as be does.
Indeed, one scientist thinks there are at
least twCT stars each of which Is prob
ably 10,000 times as bright as the sun,
which signifies that if either of those
stars were as near to us as the Bun is
It would outshine him 10,000 times In
brightness,. The .4wo stars are Cano
Dus, which is In the southern neml
, sphere end Invisible from our part of
the earth, and Klgel, one of tbe two
brightest stars In the constellation On
- on. - . . '
Tk SIm of Great Brltala.
Great Britain is only half as big as
Sumatra and double tbe size of New
foundland. It stands fifth in point of
, size in the list of too world's Islands.
England without Wales is almost Iden
tical lii point of size with Roumanla.
It is less than one-quarter as big as
France or, Germany. The whole Brit
lsh Isles only occupy . the one sixteen-
hundredth part of tbo surface of this
globe; - 'Great Britain Is widest be
tween Land's End and Kent The ut
most width Is 325 miles. It Is narrow
eBt between Lock Broom, on the west
- coast of Scotland, and Bornoch firth,
on the east coast. Tbe distance be
tween the heads of these two Inlets la
but twenty-four tulles. 1
. , -i .
.-It hnblantola'a Kealjr.
:' When Rubinstein was - traveling
through tbo United States upon a con
cert tour. It chanced that Barnum's
circus followed almost exactly . the
same route chosen by tbe great Bus
- slan. On one occasion, when the train
was filled with spake charmers, acro
bats, clowns and the like, tbe guard,
noticing perhaps Rubinstein's remarka
ble appearance, asked him, "Do yon
belong to the show?" .V-
Turning his leonine head with a sav
age shake Rubinstein answered fierce
ly, "Sir, I am the show." .
Tit I:
-'.j and Cli:i:3.
4 i
Once again hu the Csar of Raula had
reminder that ha I not the "whole
thing. A young woman waa recently
found In too close proximity to his royal
highness with a dynamite bomb In hes
possession. She was taken in charge by
the police before any damage was done.
Minister' Wu Ting Fang had a bad
scare last week. While on a visit to the
state .Insane asylum at Mllledgevllle,
Georgia, one of the inmates grabbed the
famous Chinaman's "pig tall'1 and gave
It a vigorous yank' which had a very per
ceivable affect on his nerve.
The Ohio Republicans in convention
assembled last week- declared against
"bad" trusts. The question now arjses
as Co what the Ohio., Republicans regard
a "bad" trusts. ; l J
Paul J. Sorg, a wealthy tobacconist of
Mlddletown, : O, died last week. He
was a well known Democratic politician
and a man who had become very rich by
means of his great thrift and Indus
It is stated that on May 23 there were
86,000 lb, of Spanish Mackerel caught
seines near Morehead City Only
one half dozen boats were engaged in
this enormous catch which la reported
to be the largest made for many years.
The fish were prepared for tbe market
and sent north.
The school ' board of Raleigh have
made glad the heart of the school boy
and brought upon themselves the never
dying praises of. Young America. In
arranging a schedule of holiday and re
cesses, they have Included circus - day as
a holiday In case such an event occurs
during the regular school session.
Chicago is threatened with a meat
famine, a condition of affairs that has
never before existed. The police fear
that violence may result on account of
the scarcity of meat.
Memorial day was observed Friday In
Washington with more solemnity than
ever before. - President Roosevelt made
an address at Arlington and Judge
Thos O.Jones, of Alabama, made the
address at Grants tomb in New York.
The white messenger boys of the Wes
tern Union Telegraph Co , of Norfolk,
Vs., have struck on account "of an un-
iular delivery clerk. Negro messen
ger boys havo been employed to deliver
Archdeacon Chorion of England, has
been elected to succeed bis brother as
bishop of Nassau.
General William Booth Is coming to
America this fall and will speak in all
the principal cities. . ;:
The report comes from Rome that
the Right Rev. Sebastian Messmer,
bishop of Green Bay, Wis., may be pro
claimed archbishop of Manila at the
approaching consistory.
The Rev. Dr. Donald of Trinity
church, Boston, has Just been appoint
ed, with the Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott
on tbe first board of preachers which
tbe University of Chicago has ever bad,
the latter having Just adopted the Har
vard plan.
Yon are liable to a sudden attack of
Summer sickness and should keep in
your house a bottle of Dr. SETH AR
NOLD'S BALSAM : the best known
Remedy. Warranted to give satisfaction
or money refunded by T. A. Henry;
New Bern Loses After an Apparent Safe
Lead. Fielding Features. '
Special to Journal.
Chablottb JuneS-oNew Bern started
today's game with an apparent safe lead
A base on balls, Randolph's three bagger
and Crawley's single giving, New Bern
two runs in the first inning. ,
Charlotte assisted by, two . errors,
started hitting in the third, and the
game was.never in doubt after that.
Gettig struck out five and gave no
bases on balls. ' -
Foster, Fillman and Devlin lead la
fielding, but the fielding on neither side
waa fast. : .; ;?;';. -Vv.
Attendance 600. The score Is as fol
lows. v : .,....;:; ::z "ti :
. 1 2 8 4 5 0 7 8 flnlt H E
New Bern 8 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-854
Charlotte 0 0 3 3 1 2 0 0 x-0 10 8
Batteries Gettig and Foster. Bishop
and Lehman.
F.OUL BtTS. ."
Hurrah for Wtlmtpgton, Raleigh the
victim. Score S to 4 ; "
Get at them today, maybe Simons will
turn the tables. - ? ; ;'
The sting of a Hornet is much worse
than the soar of a Sea Gull. s ;
Greensboro 9, Durham 0. was the re
sult of yesterday's game at Greensboro. "
i . '-
Charlotte 21 8 875
Durham 14 11 660.
Raleigh 14 U 660
New Bern 18 13 480
Greensboro 11 14 . 440
Wllrnlr-ston . 8 23 . 033
Three Negroes to Be Executed July
; 8th. Rural Delivery Output.
Bain Badly Needed. Health Report
' New Step Taken By the Ag
ricultural Department
" Requisition Made for
F.S. Dawson, Al
leged Embex-
sler. ,
Raleigh, June 3. Governor Aycock
today issued a warrant for the execution
of three negroes at Salisbury on Tuesday
July & The men to be hanged are Dick
Flemmlng and Dick Blantou,. for . rape,
and Archie Connally for murder. '
. . The closing exercise of the Institution
for the white Wind were held today.
State Auditor B. F Dixon, delivered the
annual address, his subject being
"Ideals." .
It is found that North Carolina has
only i of one per cent of the electric rail
way mileage of the United Stales.
There are Instructions from well In
formed people that a great effort is to be
made to tax the purchaser of the rail
ways next year, and to assess such fran
chise at a high valuation.
W, H. Shaw, of Wilmington, was to
day appointed a clerk of the U. 8. circuit
and district courts. He has heretofore
been a deputy clerk, but becomes clerk
under the act oVr.ary 18, 1902.
The rural free rieMverys mall carrieis
on the five routes out Of Raleigh handled
during May 81,000 pieces of mall.
There are now 116 of these carriers in
the State. All of them save one gets
$000 a year; that one gets $480.
Rain is again much needed in this sec
tion. The small grain particularly needs
It. Cotton Is doing very well. Tobacco
looks well. Yesterday at Fuquay Springs
someSamatra and Juban tobacco was
seen, growing very well indeed.
The May Bulletin of the State Board
of Health is out It reports small pox
in 28 counties, Mecklenburg leading
with 66 cases, Rockingham being next,
with 83.
Today the agricultural department
took a new step at the urgent request of
truckers in the eastern counties, by send
ing out two agents, to ascertain facts
regarding truck crops north .and south
of this State. One agent goes to Bavan-
nah and then comes up to North Caro
lina, while the other I egins at Norfolk
and goes to New Jersey. They will
quietly look at the trucking centres and
see the size, conditions, etc.. of the crops
and report at once. This State depends
on marketing Its truck between Charles
ton and Norfolk. All sorts of frsuds
are pereptrated upon North Carolina
truckers. They are told that the crops
elsewhere are great, are -being marketed,
that there is a glut, etc. They want to
know themselves the real condition of
affairs. .This week . the shipments of
Irish potatoes begun. The crop Is In
good condition.
- Gov. Aycock has made requisition on
the Governor of Mississippi forF. S.
Dawson, who Is charged with theft
forgery and embezzlement at Wilson.
He was agent for a man there and It is
said by these; means got $16,000 of bis
money, lie recently did this and nea
the State, but was located by a detec
tive. '-
F. B. ArendaB and W. W.JQreen, who
were . penitentiary officials two years
ago when federal convicts were kept in
this penitentiary, were charged, with al
lowing one, a "trusty'' to escape. They
are acquitted; the district attorney say
ing the government recognizes the use
of trusty prisoners. '-.uZ
In the federal court thfs week Charles
Randall and two men' from Harnett
county, all white, will be tried for send
ing obscene ' books - through the mall.
The post office ' they used Is kept by a
relative of '' theirs and it is said their
dirty work largely Increased its rev
enue. .. ' ' . . , .;..:.'
the ocean;
It Is now Illegal to sell tobacco to Ju
veniles In the isle of Man."
The newest English organization la
one for the promotion of early rising.
. Tbe French academy bas solemnly
decided that henceforth "chic", is to be
considered good French. '" ,
Ad old ntntate has been revived in
Vienna prohibiting householders taking
In lodgers or boarders without police
permission. ,- "; '
Calcutta Is to be improved by driving
wide open thoroughfares through tbo
slums of the city at a cost of nearly
two millions sterling.
The Greek archaeological committee
has decided to restore tbe Erechthelon,
Tbe greater part of tbe famous ruin on
tbe Acropolis is still standing, and the
fragments necessary for its complete
reconstruction are ail lying around.
An Austrian lady while traveling on
n continental railway sustained a shock
to ber nerves through the sudden en
trance of tbe train Into a tunnel. She
sued tbe company and was awarded
1400 in cosh and a small annual pen
sion. ;- " ' " ' -" .;;..;.:;-,'
Prescriptions at Davis'.
Davis' Prescription Pharmacy makes
a specialty of prescriptions. Prompt
and caroful attention Is given them.
Only the best drugs are used. The
I i are reasonable. Bond yours there
Meet la .Convention at Jacksonville to
Select Delegates to the State
and District Conven
tion. The Democratlo Convention met at
Jacksonville N. C. Mondsy Msy 2nd,
Mr. J. G. Scott chairman, Messrs Lionel
Giles and F. C. Henderson, secretaries.
Delegates to the different convention
were selected and the following endorse
ments made. C. R Thomas for congress
E. M. EoOnoe for senate eight district
Walter Clark for Chief Justice and
Rodolph Duffy for Solicitor fifth district
The delegates were instructed as to
vote for associated J ustlc e.
Foot Prospect For Potatoes. Light on
TheCalns's Wife Question.
Jane 2. -The Rev. Mr. Brlttal filled
his regular appointment at Trent
Church Sunday his text was Ephestans
8: 1920.
The weather is fine for the people to
clean their crops.
Potatoes will be a little late on account
of dry weather and also a short crop, not
many ready to ship.
Mr. R. F- McCotter is talking of going
to Stppahsw soon for a trip.
Mr. J, H. Rlggn snd wife are visiting
friends and relatives here.
'The Mesio correspondent wants to
know who Cain's .wife ; was and where
she came from. There were more
people on earth at that time than Cain.
Thomrh none but the noted ones are
named. Adam had many Sons and daugh
ters only a few of them were mentioned
Abel was mentioned bectuse of his good
neas, and Cain because; of his wicked
ness Yet there were many more on the
earth at that time. Now Cain took one
of his brothers's daughters to wife and
they loved Satan more than God, and
Cain was shut out from the presence of
the Lord and with his wife and many of
his brethren dwelt In the land of Nod,
on the east of Eden, and Cain knew his
wife, and she conceived and bare Enoch
and he also begat many sons and daugh
ters. , V
I will says to the Pollockaville corres
pondent he wanted to know concerning
his wife if he will give some starting
points perhaps I could search her out
for nlm unless he has many. It looks
like he would know his wife and none
other. He says "Now abovo all things
else would like to know who our wives
111 be or is. so it looks Vlko he would
know his own. ' - Frank,
Disappointment at a Woman In
Qneat of Information.
It was In the register of wills' office.
"I want to see the will of Mrs. Hen
ry Jones," said the woman who had
just come In. , i-? . .
"Yes, madam. When, did she dler
politely asked tbe clerk. :
"Oh, she isn't dead,; answered the
woman in a matter of fact tone, "but
I hear she has made ner will, and I
should like to see It if rou please."
"But tbe will i not here If she Is not
dead," sold the surprised clerk.
"Why, Isn't this the place where wills
are kept for public Inspection?"
"Yes, madam, but not until after the
testator Is deceased." .
"Oh! said the woman as she turned
away with a disappointed expression,
"then I can't find out whom she left
her diamonds to after all. How annoy
ing f Philadelphia Times.
- She Had "SUed" Him TJp.
There is an Institution In Duluth that
employs about fifty, people, and among
others Is a genial, Jolly, good fellow
.who long ago lost faith In hair restora
tives and 1 the possessor of a waist
measurement of many Inches.
An east end lady dropped Into the
store a day. or two ago, accompanied
by her pretty little four-year-old daugh
ter..-..- - " t.;.-; "' i- ;
The big man was somewhat attentive
to the child, and when the lady bad
finished the business she bad come to
transact the little girl said In a clear
voice as they left the office:
"Who Is the man bigger round 'an
our rain barrel, with the awful shiny
heanT Duluth News-Trlbnne. . u ...
- Warn Papa CamXln.
"Whom do you love best?" asked
visitor of my sister Lillian, three and
half years old.
. "Mamma," said the little one; "God
next and then my' sisters and broth
ere." ". " ?' '
Noticing that she said nothing about
her father, the visitor saw
' "Why, Lillian. I am surprised at you!
Where does your papa come In T
Lillian raised her large eyes and in
nocently answered: , . -
"Papa T Why, papa' cornea In through
;he door."-LlttIe Chronlcin, y
' Vnasnal.
"But I certainly know," said the call
er, "what kind of a hat to most becom
ing to me." j
"I beg leave to differ," persisted Mr.
This Is where Mrs. Ferguson saw fit
to put In a word. '., .
"It Is a remarkable condescension on
bis part," sbe said to the visitor, "that
he begs leave to differ. When he dif
fers with me, aa be generally does, he
never asks leav&n-Chlcago Tribune,
v Lost or Stolen.
" A one stone diamond pin, valued
$260, will give handsome reward for re
turn of same when returned to Moore'
Brick Yard. - v . ' ; ' ' ' -
P. 8. hlnk it waa lost on the road
the poor house. ;.'- j.;
Sleep (or 5kln Tortured Babies and
Rett (or Tired Mothers, la
Warm Batbs with
.7 I
And gentle applications of Cutl
cura Ointment, purest of emol
lients and greatest of skin cures,
to be followed in severe cases by
mild doses of Cuticura Resolvent
Pills This is the most speedy,
permanent, and economical treat
ment for torturing', disfiguring-,
itching:, burninr, bleedinfir. scaly,
crust co, and pimply skin and scalp
humours, with loss ot hair, ot in
fants and children, ever com
pounded. Mtlliohs or Peopli csb CtmctniA soap,
assisted by Cuticura Ointment, for beauti
fying tbe skin, for cleansing the scalp, and
the stopping of falling hair, for softening,
Ki,Anin u
hands, and for all the purposes of the toilet,
bath, and nursery. Millions of women use Cu
ticuba Soap In baths for annoying irritations,
Inflammations, and chaflngs, too free or offen
sive perspiration, In washes for ulcerative
weaknesses, and for many sanative, antiseptic
purposes which readily suggest themselves.
Sold throurhoal tat world. Soap, Si., Onrratirr,
., Pius, Ue. British Depot! , ChuttrhouM So.,
ondoa. FMneh rjamti A Kn. d. U P.ix. Pari.. Poiw
naDao axb CasM.Cojir SoUPiopfc. Boston.
The following quotations wore roceiv
ed by J. E. Latham & Co, New Bern
N. O.
Chicago, June 2.
Open. High. Low. Close
711 - 71 72
Open. High. Low. Close
60 62 CO 62
Open. High,
,J75 082J
Low. Close
075 082i
" New York, Jane 3.
Open. High. Low. Close
.. 8.97 8 98 8.82
New York. June 2.
Stocks; Open. Qlgh. Low. Close
Sugar . 129 129 128J 138f
SoRy ... 86i 37 36 37
C. a L .13i 13
C. 8. S ... 40V 40 40 40
Pac Mall . . .v . .
Mo. P. 1001 1001 99 99
Atchison ..861 81 f 80 801
Va. C. C ...70 701
A. C. O ...62
Am Ice. .... ... 19
Spot s 5.5-33. Sales 6,000 baloB.
Futures, June-July 4.00. Aug-Sept.
4.0O. Sept-Oct 4.00.
' ' PORT
'Same "Jok
last year.
Last week'
This woes.
Insight ; 83000
Sat. " 1500 i
Mon. -
Wod. .
Thurs, . .
Flannery Shure, Ol hovn't been able I
to slaoo the lasht few nolghts, an' 'tis
lust worry that's doln It- ;
Flaherty Phwot are ; ye worryln'
about I ..
Flannery Fur fear 0111 git Insom
nia; tts hereditary in our family. Ex
change. . " ' v
' . HI WvfAinetia. .
, Albert Why, don't yon recollect that
glrlT Thaf a the girl you used to rave I
over last summer call, her a "poein"
fend all that
Edward By Jove, so it Is! I never
could commit a "poem" to memory. I
Harper's Basar. -
less worry, r ;
Children will play and get over-heated
get their feet wet, expose themselves In
dozens ot ways, and you .can't prevent
It. All you can do Is lo keep them as
free from exposure as possible and al
ways have In the house a Cough Remedy
that can be depended upon. Anway's
Croup Syrop will fill every requirement.
It Is guaranteed to care Coughs, Colds
and Cronp or the price 25 cents will be
refunded by any dealer selling it. Sold
by JJavla', Uenrys, ana l a 'JiaTu's
08 W
' Extra Standard 3 lb Tomatoes, 10c per can, (retail only);
ure Gold Corn, 10c can, or 3 cans for 25c; String Beans, 7o
can, 3 cam for 20c; Okra and Tomatoes 10c per can, Corn and
Tomatoes, 10c per can, iiartlett Pears 10c per 3 lb. can, Lima
Bean?, 10c per can.
Fancy Evaporated Apples, 10c lb,
Nice Fruit Jelly, 6c lb.
Nice Freeh Ginger Snaps, 6c lb.
Nice Toilet Boap, 2 oakes
Ham and Yeal Sonp 10c can. Potted Chicken 10c can;
Libby'B Potted Ham and Tongue 5c can, 6 for 25c; and bun-,
dreds of other articles which we cannot mention for lack of
space, at Bargain Prices. '
1 J. L. IcBIIEL, J i
'Phone 01. 71 Broad HU
I. Fnr Whirr
"tnnt "Butter
35c per Pound.
If you want yourbreakfast table complete buy your But
ter Coffee, Tea, Flour, &c from us.
We also have a large stock of all kinds of Canned Goods
that we do not care to carry over for next season, that we are
are selling at a bargain.
Don't buy anything in our line until you get our prices.
V A. T1
; Wholesale and
Y he Best
You will always find us
selling the best staple things
of life the things which
are necessary for satisfac
tion in housekeeping Su-
gar, Flour, Salt, Potatoes,
Eggs, Butter, etc. Surely
the best line of staples and a complete list of fancy things.
J. J. TOLSON, Jr.,
Broad SL Grocer. r Phone t 37
this week buys, your choice ot our line1
of $7.50, $8.00 and $9.00 Suits,
,;7.Svery SuiV Guaranteed. 1
You lose money by not tailing ? ad
vantage ot this offer.
J. G. Dunn & Co.,
v Jlen'm & Boy's Wear,
) .57 olloclr Stxcot- j
Old Man A
in New Place
' i;havemovedto9i Mid-' - ;
;- i die St, one door below my
old stand, (where I will be
JJJUJUIglad to see ; all my oM
frionds and customers.
I havea complete stock '
of everything in the Jew- -
; elryllne. Special . atten- ;
" tion given to Trpniring.
for 6c.
Retail Qrocer, 1
Cor. Broad & H aneock Sis. .
Why l' 1 rat horse
v I will shoe all round for 75c. -Properly
shod horses have no corns.
Put sand shoes on yout driving
horse you will never use any others.
I put these on 12 hours to the day,
fat , the-' Old Ice noiteo, 45 - Middle
Street. Try me. -a
JxkIU- Vl. .JA( .'"
Cc'.:ry Hti'.
T!.f;rels not ary
he ' ..lie than t
nef rL'.ltorc" .
at I -,Tr
1: ro7;i:rs
t ".or reicdy fot
) j o'- !crs. Ttry
: ''lc:'7
323o fXT"'
1 : 7.

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