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KUUiilR 20
Trustees to Award Contract for
Orphanage Building.
Report of Tracking - A geals. A
SlroagCase Acalasta Cag .
or Swindlers. Lt Col.
Craig to 'Take Com
. mand of the Srd.
. ' Ralxigii, Juno 7. Governor Aycock
leaves hero Tuesday for Farmville, where
he will make a speech Wednesday la the
Interest of pabllo education.
8tate Auditor Dixon went to Wilming
ton today, to lookaftar aotfe mattera re
gardlng bank taxation. "" -f ', ' ; '
Bain fell here last evening, t
pears to have been Tery local.
Tht trustees pf the Methodist orphan
age meet here Tuesday and expect then
to award the contract - for the f 25,000
. main building. They have 132,000 In
funds. " - : ,.: -T
Iter. Dr. T. N. Ivey, the editor of the
Raleigh Christian Advocate, returned to
- day from the far west, after a month's
. absence, most of which he devoted to
touring.' He was In Colorado, and Ari
zona mainly and says the grandest thing
he saw was the great Arizona canyon.
. As was stated last week, the board of
agilculture sent out two agents; one to
Savannah, to make his way northward
to this State, the other to start at Nor
. . folk and go as far northward as New
Jersey, both to report on the extent
and quality and forwardness of the
: track crops. William A. Graham, Jr,
was sent South, William Green, North.
Today, Graham's, report on the Savan
nah and Charleston tracking sections
was received, and secretary , Bruner be
gan Its tibulailon. so that later in the
day the summary could be wired for use
by North Carolina trucker. ", The ob
ject of course is to give the latter Infor
' mation which will give them the true
status of the crops elsewheie. Their de
pendence of course Is to gel in between
Charleston and Norfolk. ;
The government hai a very strong
case against the gang of swindlers in
Rutherford county who last year, under
the guise of the Amos Owen Cherry
Tree Company plundered so many peo
ple.' The case. wlll4e called at Char
' lotte Monday; There are witnesses by
- the score. I Two of these," are from the
'."agricultural department herfr. - One is
' State entomologist' Franklin Sherman,
- - who aided greatly In exposing this out
rageous fraud. Three fouiths or more
of the victims were women and girls. .
Revenue officers made a raid "near
Wake Forest last night and captured
two illicit distilleries. 'The operators
Lt. Col. J: N. Craig of Reldsvllle is
' ordered to take command of jthe Third
. 1 ; regiment of the State Guard, of which
Ilcnry Perry resigned the colonelcy. ,
; ' It Is probable that quite a number of
.: persons will Visit Roanoke Island July
24, at which lime prominent members of
the State Literary and Historical Asso
ciation will make a pilgrimage. Much
remains to be done in the way of prepa
ration for the great celebration of the
anniversary of the first landing on the
.Island. This celebration, Jt is now gen
erally understood, Is lo be held In Au
gist, 1004. v
Teachers ? Wanted I
Three Teachers are wanted to fill va
cancies in the White Graded School of
New Bern. Applicants will be required
to pass a competitive examination be
fore tho undersigned at New Bern on
the second Monday of July next. '
JACOBS' Raleigh Rye Whiskey la the
best.- Middle street. ' '
Against All Games Played By Charlotte
' The Latter Accused of Disregarding
Salary Limit. V
Special to Journal, .V , "V" "
- ItAi.Kion, June 7. President Fnsbee
of ihe Hate Baso Ball League tonight,
received a format protest, from ' the
Preattlent of Ihe Durham Base Ball As
sociation, protesting the -games played
by the Charlotte Base Ball team since
the littler' organization, Mid gives as
reason , for the protest, the statement
that the Charlotte players are paid In
- t
excess of the salary limit- of $73 per
month preecrlled bytheStato League
The deraaud Ib that each player of the
Charlotte team bo sworn, as to acts In
tho case. " . ' .
President Busbee says he will call a
meeting of the State Association next
week to consider this and other matters
03.l KjTX 1
Tn Trf or. f " 1
ri rv.j Yn r3 ;.:
4 I
Commissioner of Agriculture Patterson's
Report oi Acreage and Movement
Track Crops From Savannah
te Charleston.
Special to Journal. .
Raleigh, Jane 7. Commissioner of
agriculture Patterson this afternoon
gave out information regarding the con
dition of the acreage and movement of
the truck crops from Savannah and
Charleston which Is of Interest to truck
ers by posting them on conditions to the
oath. . 1 ' -
Savannah,except potatoes, tomatoes and
cucumbers, the season Is over. Cabbage
crop was fair, not more than one tenth
of crop compared, with last year. Bean
crop about three fourths, shipment
closed last week on account of North
Carolina beans going on the market,
price 75 tents and dollar bushel crates
acreage same as ; last year. Cucumber
crop now going on- market, . unless it
rains soon season will close June 15th,
withcaln will last to July Int. Acreage
normal yield about 60 to 75 per cent.
Tomatoes, not many raised, first ship
mentthis week, acreage and condition
normal, bulk of shipments be made by
June 20th. Potatoes put on market May
15th, two weeks later than usual,acreage
compared with last year, 105 per cent
Condition compared with last year 75
per cent; yield compared with a full crop
50 per cent. Bulk of shipmenU' being
now. Season will close June 15th.
Usually an acre produces sixty barrels,
this year only thirty. They are bringing
from $3 to 4.00 per barrel, shipping
points, Baltimore, New York, Philadel
phia and Charleston. Cabbage crop
closed May 23rd, Condition, Yield and
acreage nominal, .trices i to 4 per
barrel.: Bean shipments closed June 3d
Condition and acreage nominal, yield 75
per Cent, prices $1 to $2.50 per crate.
Cucumbers, condition 100, yield UO.acre
age 100, prices $1 to $3 per barrel. Ship
menU will last until Virginia rushes
market. Vines will yield until July 5th.
Bulk of shipments be made, by June 15th
Beets spring shipment closed May 29th
Pea crop closed May 15th. Potatoes,
condition 105, yield as compared with
last year 100, as compared with full crop
80 per cent. Bulk of shipments made
from May 15th to June 1. Acreage as
compared with former years 150 per cent
Prices from (3 to $5.50 per barrel, price
now $4.50 per barrel. Principal shipping
points, Baltimore, V Washington, New
York, Philadelphia, Boston, Jersey City,
Cleveland and Cincinnati. 05 per cent of
shipments go to New York.
Good Prospect For Corn Crop., Mormon
' Elders Leave.
June 0 Crops around here are better
than for many years at this time of the
year, notwithstanding the dry weather,
as we haven't had any rain for two
Mr H M Farrow says he has - corn in
The horn worms have made their ap
pearance but in very small numbers.
The whortleberry crop seems t? be
very good and most everyone has ' the
black tongue. V
There Is a whortleberry bush near the
White place that is full of berries which
are white when ripe. i"J
, Tobacco Is beginning to bottom, 1. e.,
the seed p'ods are making their appear
ance.. ;s ... ' '
Mrs Callle Plttman died not long
since with paralysis. She was the wife of
Jack Plttman near RIchlands. She was a
good woman and we hope she is at
The Morm on Elders, Adams and Hack
in gave their farewell shout Thursday
night and have departed for other
climes. ,
Thursday was taxllstlng day at this
place, Mr Robt Thomson is list taker.
Before leaving, tho Mormons baptised
two more converts, an aged couple, Mr.
and Mrs, Thos. King. t '
There has been some little sickness
around here but all are better now. '
The correspondent at Merrltt, states
very positively who Caln'a wife was.
Now that has always been my opinion,
but didn't have any positive information
but as to tho Pollocksville fellow, we
think he will have to search for his him
self and then get some liov. to make the
twain one flesh. ,
" Thore is said to be signs of bear vory
near ur, but there always gets a bear in
the woods in whortleberry time. t
Cabbage are heading slowly, we think
would do better If we had the much
needed shower.
Mrs. Katie Pae, wife of Mr. Thos. Pae
of Wilmington, is lying at the point of
death at her father's home at Catharine
Lake. There is no hope of her recovery
It Is said that Mr. O. B.Cox, of Catha
rine Lake, caught a water bucket full of
bice perch yesterday.
It X. Y. Z. of Baiter Path, will come
up here where education is appreciated,
we would be glad, for he is (or used to
be) a good teacher. .
Mr Frank Andrews was visiting at E.
W. Morrill's Friday. .
Mrs. Frank Andrews has loft Wllmlng
ton aud come home for the summer and
I Tlln'o children have boon fp"ml!r !j
i iv ' -i ' .! : i
About one hundred citiaena of For
syth, N. C, claim to have been defrauded
by the Amos Owens Cherry Tree Co.
Many suits have been Instituted against
the company.
President Roosevelt has been appealed
to for his influence In settling the strike
of the Anthracite coal miners of Penn
sylvania.'. . . '.
The postoffioe at King's Mountain was
entered by burglars Thursday night, the
safe blown open and a supply of (tamps
amounting to $700 and $35 In cash were
taken. A clue to the burglars was ' fol
lowed as far aa Charlotte and there was
lost v ' '
A telephone line between Hot Springs
N. C," and Knoxvllle, Tenn., will soon
be Iii operation. , ; w - . y
The Philippine bill has passed In the
Senate by a vote of 43 to 80. Senator
McLaurln, of South Carolina, voted with
the Republicans on' the measure and
Senators Hoar of Mass., Mason of ' III.,
and Wellington, of Md., with the Demo
Ihe County Commissioners of Bun
combe county have purchased a new
county home at an expense of $5000 and
will erect a suitable building for the aged
and Infirm.
The Greensboro Gas and Electric
Light Companies have been consoli
The Redoubt Volcano in Alaska Is said
to be in eruption and tt8 people living
in the vicinity are '.greatly alarmed.
The Illinois river at Jollet, 111. over
flowed Its banks causing the destruction
of a great deal of property and drown
ing four persons.
The Grand Chapter of the Royal Arch
Mason of the state convenes at Winston
Salem next Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday. It is expected ll e meeting
will be very large,
Rev, Dr. John H. Barrows, president
of OberlinCollege, died last Thursday of
pneumonia. He was one the most nota
ble divines of the country.
Senator Simmons, of North Carolina,
Is one of tho four members of the com
mittee on Cuban relations to recommend
reciprocity for Cuban sugar. ,
The Pennsylvania Railway .Compaey
who have for some time had trouble
with the Western Union Telegraph Co.,
have refused to make further contracts
with them and have given the Western
Union notice of auster. The Railway Co
will probably use the Postal Telegraph
Company's service.
Meat riots in Chicago havo become
serious and lt Is feared that another Hay
market tragedy will be enacted unless
there Is relief. .
The fo.lowla; quotations wero receiv
edbyJ. E Latham &Co, New Bern
Chicago,' June 9.
Whkat: Oven. High. Low. Close
July.... ... m 71 71 71i
Sept..'. 701 70f 00i 69
Cobn: , Open. High. Low. Close
July........ 621 - C3J 02t 2
Ribs: Open. High. Low. Close
July. .... . . 1020 1040 1010 , 1037,
Bent......... 1010 1022, 1010 1022
' - . Nxw You, Jane 0.
Cottoh: ij Open High. Low. Close
July .. i . 8.65 8.74 : 8.65
Aug . 8.43 8.51 8.43
- Sep.... (.. 8.03 8.10 8.03
Oct....... ... 7.89 7.08 7.80
" New York, June 9,
Sagar,. Bo By .'
Open. High. Low. Close
.. 127 128 1271 128,
N. Y.C ,
U. S. 8........... 88
Pao. Mall....'..'." '
Mo.' P.......... 0i
Atchison 79
Va. C. C
a. c. .o... ...... :
89 88
Am Ice.. .
ex-dlvldcnd 1 per cent to
Spots 5. Walts 7,000 bales.
Futures,' J una-July 4.53. Aug-Sept
4.45. Hept-Oct 4.83. - ' '
... Saruo -reek
- . last year.
Last week '
22,000 : ...
This weea. -Insight
Sat, ' i "
Mon. 4000
Tuea .
Suit Very Probable
Swamp Lands.
State Charter. Negro Family
Poisoned. ApproprlatlenOaly
to Keep Schools Open. Struck
by Lightning and Bnraed
Negro Postmasters.
RatEion, Jane 9. The State grants a
charter to the Mutual Cotton Oil Com
pany of Tarboro, capital $40,000, J. O.
Oates and others owners. A charter Is
also granted the Mill News of Charlotte,
capital $10,000, G. B. Escott and others
owners, i !
"All the members of the family of a
pegro farmer named Haywood were
poisoned at their home, six miles south
of here. It is believed that arsenic was
used. Haywood Is dead and his wife Is
nearly so. No person is suspected. Some
of the food which was on the table was
given to bogs, and killed quickly an old
hog and several pigs.
The local dentists are making prepare
tions for the annual meeting of the State
Dental Association here June 16.
Some of the counties which applied
or part of the $100,000 State appropria
tion for keeping the public schools open
4 months In the year did not receive It
until some of the schools closed. Now
they want to know if tho can use lt for
building schbol houses. The are told
most positively no; that this money is
onlv to be used in paving 'eachers who
conduct a 4 months term.
An inquiry is made of the Secretary
of the State as to what stream in this
State was ever known as the Petoga. It
Is asserted that a son of the redoubtable
Captain John Smith, who was saved by
Pocahantas lived on the Petoga river
and secured a tract of land there. It is
said he married a woman by the name
of Vires. People who claim to be llnal
descendants are making the inquiry.
It is now pretty certain that there will
be a law suit regarding the title to the
swamp lands" in Columbus county.
Last week the State board of education
gavo the Whiteville Lumber Company an
option on such of these lands as it could
find upon survey. The New Jersey Lum
ber Company it appears claims all lands
there, and Mcares &Riiark, its attorneys
ask for a copy of the option granted the
Whiteville Lumber Company. It is said
thai there are 8,000 or 10,000 acres of
land for which no grants have been is
Lightning struck and burned the train
ing stable at the farm of Julian S. Carr
near Hlllsboro. The horses were saved
The term of the Federal court here
ended today. The docket was the light
est In years. On the calendar was only
28 cases and on the warrant docket only
6 - -i :
The fire department and the citizens
of Raleigh are arranging a very attrac
tive program for the Firemen's State
Convention here in July. ' One of the
attractions will be a drill by experts,
who will come from New York, and who
will show the use of scaling ladders etc.
The city will look after all horses used
with apparatus. The races will take
placo on a lint and macadmalzed street,
99 feet wide.
It is said there are now only 3 negro
postmasters In North Carolina, where 3
years ago there were scores. They are
belne rapidly dropped, and ho more of
them are appointed.
McDufflce'S Little Blue Llvef Pill makes
blue people bright, cleanses the system
of all the deleterious and unhealthy mat
ter and makes a new oerson of you. 25
cents at F. 8. Duffy's, v ,
Eye Strain Cause of Sore Eyes
Inflamed eyes, styes, and headache are
symptoms which point conclusively to
eve strain, and to cure yourself you
muBt seek the'eause, correct it and'then
your trouble will disappear, you can
stimulate and help nature in curing the
symptoms by various ways, but still the
cause is there and liable at any moment
to break out again; it seems like pouring
water on the smoke to pnt out a fire, to
pursue any other course than the proper
adjusted glasses to correct the strain.
A normal eye is one which when in re
pose the rays entering it are brought to
a focus on the retina, when they are not
this way an extra amount of nerve force
is demanded to make them focus correct
ly, the result, an overflow of blood caus
ing congestion, styes, the leakage of
nerve force, tho headache; it Is not hard
to understand how a severe strain can
soon exhaust enough nerve force to
cause a general breaking down of the
whole nervous s stem-
By the aid of the latest Instruments
we can adjust glasses to any one, child
ren especially, letting them go about
their studies without being seriously
handicapped on account of eye trouble.
J. O. BAXTER, in,
: Children will play and get over-heated
get their feet wet, expose themselves In
docns of ways, and yon can't prevent
It. All Vou can do Is to keep tbem a
free from exposure as possible and al
ways have in the house a Cough Remedy
that can be depended upon. Anway
Oroup Syrup will fill every requirement.
It Is guaranteed to cure Coughs, Colds
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tions, and excoriations, or too free or offen
sive prespiration, in washes for ulcerative
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septic purposes, whloh readily suggest
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Complete Treatment for Humours, fl.
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IrritaUon, and soothe ana heal, and Coticuka
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Cost, Sola Props, BoMa. U. a A.
Rain Helps the Crops. A Pretly Wed-
Jnne 0. We are mnch rjleased at the
rain we haS Sunday night, it did the
farmers mnch good as yon can toll by
the great big smile on their faces.
A good many of oar farmers are dig-
glng Irish potatoes. They report a medi
um crop this year. This is on account of
dry weather.
Some of our farmers are very busy
hilling corn this week.
There is a great rash today potting oat
sweet potatoes, and cotton is looking
fine. .
The Baptist brethren held service here
yesterday at 4 o'clock p. m., some of the
attendants well drenched In the rain
storm before they reached their homes.
Mr. Oaton of Traits, Is driving a new
buggy. We suspect some one will be
Mrs. C DHolton, daughter and nephew
are visiting relatives In Edwards this
Mr Q M Lewis of Grantsboro was In
Olympia Sunday.
Mrs J B Dunn and her daughter Em
ma attended church at Reelsboro Sunday
afternoon. '.
A number of our people visited Arapa
hoe the first Sunday In June. .
Prof. R 0 Holton returned from U. of
N. O., Jane 2nd, he reports a pleasant
year In the University and good health
He visited Arapahoe Sunday.
Miss Lizzie Hardison of Arapahoe
visited Miss Lorina Bolton last week,
Miss Holton has gone to Arapahoe to
attend the Children's Day exercises at
that Dlace Saturday nteht. the 14th of
June. - , -
, Mr. Rogers and Miss Holton were mar
ried June 4th, it was a very pretty mar
riage and the church was decorated very
Prof. Holton will take charge of the
Arapahoe school In the near future; we
would like to have him with as this
year but when duty calls he must go
Statement of Condition of Crops.
Jane 7. This is a very busy week in
this section, the potato crop, although
planted some two weeks later than usual
and notwithstanding the drought, has
matured some four to six days In ad
vance ot last year. Some small ship
ments were made In May, but regular
shipments commenced Monday June 2nd
when tome 800 barrels were shipped
Tuesday 1000 barrels, Wednesday 1800
barrels which number will be Increased
today. The drought has cut the potato
crop, perhaps one-fourth short, but it
has enabled the farmers to put .their
crops In number one condition at little
cost, in fact the crops In this section will
be made at much less cost than usual
and the prospects for the farmers on
South Creek are better than ever before
Our people are much Interested in rail
roads, we want quicker transportation,
with less handling of freight, we are
much interested in the efforts to build a
-railroad from New'Bern through Pamll
co county, and if built, hare no doubt
bat that tt will be found advisable to ex
tend It from Bayboro to Aurora, a dis
tance of only ten or twelve miles. With
quick transportation the trucking busi
ness would to kr"o!y lncrc.rd In tills
1 B i
I To
Fresh lot Fox River Print Butter and Fancy Elgin Batter
Just Received.
Portsmouth Corned MalleU.
Fancy Cream Cheese,
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New Barrel Fulton Market
Complete Stock of Canned
Fresh Vegetables, &c.
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As well as eve-;
some good liver me.:.
3 C
1 ILLS "t 3 t'
and e' a tl.a 1
Avr of c "
pl'.'s B 8 r

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