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af. O. aa aeoond-claai matter.
DALS. The Chicago Journal relates that a
North Carolina land owner was telling
tandtng walnnt tree. The manufac
turer's agent who was buying came to
one Tery handsome tree. He told the
owner he would pay as much at 150 for
that tree. The owner did not sell, bnt
sent for eiperts. He got $1,500 for the
tree (curled walnnt) as It stood. The
man who cut It down realized 93.000 for
It on the cars, it was shipped to New
Yark and veneered ;oneslith to half an
Inch. The sales were watched. The tree
brought $90,000.
There Is more of this quality of timber
is the North Carolina mountain region
titan In any other equal area in the
country; but it won't be there long, un
less some way shall be made effectire for
Its protection. Vandalism is getting
away with it, rapidly. Every year great
quantities of splendid birch, cherry, pop
lar, maple and other hardwoods are
wasted by fellows who prowl through
the woods and ruin hundreds of trees In
searching for timber adapted to manu
facture of veneer, or Tory flue furniture.
The writer has seen hundreds of majes
tic birch trees deeply boxed, chopped in
to nearly to the heart, by the vagabonds
who were probably in search of a few
curled trees which they stole if they
found them.
There is no feasible means for the
proper protection of these vast forests,
except by the police power of the federal
government; and that should be made
effective to the end indicated, as soon as
it possibly can be. Tradesman.
It Is not the poorer classes whose vio
lations of the laws are so dangerous to
publio safety, as it is the evasion of law
by the rich, who by their! wealth can
scape either from belna; indicted, and if
caught by the law, can free themselves
from Its penalties by the ' payment of
In the matter of the beef trust, ttose
Who are violating the anti-trust laws in
the several States, have such strong fi
' sandal standing, that government aid
has been found necessary, in order that
the public might be held safe.
The plea of the beef trust is that "con
ditions" have made It necessary to ad
vance prices of meat One of these
"conditions" is that scarcity of cattle
made It beyond human control to main;
tain prices at the lower level.4
Consumption and demand must al-
'ways enter In - to considerations : but on
the other hand there are conditions
'which assist the beef trust in its control
of meat and the consumers price, which
are within human control, and the reme
dy can be applied. , , s
Railroad discrimination,' with rates
favoring the beef trust people; tariff on
hides, meat and live cattle; the black
listing of dealers who will not put the
trust price on their meats; the with-hold-;
ing of supplies by the trust from certain
markets, in order to control prices, these
are some of the 'conditions which are
within human control, and the sooner
th change Is made, and offenses com
mitted against law are made to pay the
" penalty, the better for the public safety,
and.theptttio06i, t . i
Thar ii A JenMgj lor every evfl con
ditlon, every oppressive-situation,, it
only aeeds the fore to apply It.
Every person ? fa Mi or" her life and
character, has some lesson to teach oth
ers in . the way of living, for good or
evil. - , , , " ,
Ia every Individual llfe-thef is some
! ' which ought to be a warning to
, j :t tlie great majority refuse to
'. - y tut personal expedece, to
nothing, alarms 0 6m, nor prevents
the eagtt world's throng from Its e
leas rush to enter the gate, where hope
Is left without, and the taate of the for
bidden, fruit, while U'gtTM the sight In
to good and evil, yst gives no genuine
satlafacUe lathe acquirement of this
The truths la the Uvea of those In the
world, are beyond the bounds of the
greatest fiction, given la the stories of
the day.
The press tells each day of the going
out of many lives, through self destruc
Tired of the struggle against the
world's evils of want and poverty, sick
neas or sin, the life Is sacrlfloed to end
the present trouble, regardless of the
great beyond, with Its endless possibili
ties for those going Into it
la the life of the suicide, there is some
thing to be learned, some warning to
those left behind, some lesson which
should find a profitable interpretation,
and work a benefit to the living.
In the every day mistakes of those
living in the commercial world, there are
those who heed the blunders and prodt
thereby, yet the majority will commit
the same financial errors, In the face of
what they have seen.
In the social world, the struggle for
appearances has wrecked lives and hap
piness, yet the struggle continues as If
the fate of those sacrificing themselves
for Joys which have at the best only the
taste of gall, was nothing.
In all these struggles for the unattain
able, In the failure to reach some coveted
object or position, there are vivid les
sons, which ought to impress the living
and preach louder than words the warn
ings to avoid the evils which have
wrecked others, and which if attained,
would have been as gall and wormwood
to persons securing the bauble.
State of Ohio, Citt or Tolxdo,
Lucas County. .
Frank J. Cbknby makes oath that he
s senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Csinit St Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo. County and State afore
said, and that said firm will pay ONE
each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of Hall's
Catabrh Cubs.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6lh dav of December,
A. D. 1886 j
I 'Notary Public
Hairs Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists.
Hall'sJPainily'Pllls are the best
"Respect for those thnt labor undci
burdens." So said Napoleon as be met
.a porter on the Paris highways aud
stepped aside to give the laborer the
right of "way.
Ready to Yield,
"I used DeWitt's WitchJBaaiel Salve for
piles and found It a certain cure," says
8. R. Meredith,'. Willow Orove, Del.
Operations unnecessary to cure piles.
They always yield to DeWltts Witch
Hazel salve. Cures skin diseases, all
kinds of wounds. Accept no counter
feits. F. 8. Duffy.
Tke Pampers Wind.
The pampero blows during the entire
summer season from the Andes across
the pampas to the sencoast
- Bis RmU.
The Golden Rule. "Do unto others as
ye "would that they ' should do unto
you,"1 "was written in letters of gold
over the door of the palace of the Em
peror Marcus Anrellus.
You may aa well expect to run a steam
engine without water aa to find an active
ehergetlo man- with a torpid liver and
you may know0 that his food; or feels
dull and languid after eating often has
headache and sometimes dizziness. A
few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets will restore his liver to its
normal functions, renew his vitality, Im
prove his digestion t and ' make him feel
like a new man. Price 85 cents. Samples
tree at F. 8. Duffy ft Co's drug store.
. Better Ykaa a Sermea.
Mammy Bless." mah heart,' If de
chile ain't cuttln' bis eyetoothl
Little B&atua On alarm) What's an
eyetooth, mammy? ' - !
Mammy Why, de eyetooth, chile.
watchea ebry, jrord dat yo tongue ut
ten, an ebry time yo says a bad word
lfll'peJn, flat good eyetooth to much
dat If 11 ache fir two bouhsS Puck.
fcaritt y. aid Ym Hw lft BngH
Ftomtr ! Werk For the Clan.
"What does the society which you
have Just Joined find to do?" asked
Mr Elixioa husband.
"A great deal," was the , answer.
"After we. get aa' Organization estab
lished the question of -other people's
eligibility; to membership gives us all
the work'.we. can possibly attend to."--
.Washington Star. ,
' EarpyTlae la CilTowau
"We felt very happy," writes R.N.
BevilL Old TownrVa.,wwhen Bucklen's
Arnica Salve wholly cured our daughter
of a bad case of scald head." It delights
all who ne It for Cuts, Corns, Burns,
I",-!,! i,I '1, Ulcers, Eruption?. la-
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat.
This preparation contains all of U
dlffestanis and digests all kluds ol
food. ItglvesinsUntrelicf aul never
fails to cure. - It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The moetseneiUve
Btomacns can lake it. riy its use many
thousands of dvcmepUcs have been
cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation 01 gasoo the stom
ach, relieving ail distress after eating.
Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to take.
It can't help
but d you cjood
rrrparraoDlyby E.O. IiiwrTT A Oa, (JMckx
Two Cwrtlr.
Klnir Geonre II. once wished ta AA
ine ureen nark, in Lnndnn. ta Ma ml
ace grounda whether the people liked It
or not He Inquired of his minister as
to the cost.
Ills lord shin, mindful of th mml
discontent men Drevalent answered:
"The cost, sir? Oh, It would be a mat
ter or three crowns!" I
The klne took the hint. Th nonnl
kept their park and the sovereign bis
triple throne.
$100 Dr. E Dctchons's Aitt-Dlmretlc
may be worth to you more than $100 If
you have a child who soils bedding from
incontinence of water ' during sleep.
Cures old and young alike. It arrepts
the trouble at once. $1. Sold by C. D.
Bradbam, Druggist.
Taking Oaea Owi PaU.
Being able to "take" One's own pulse
is a doubtful accomplishment, because
the heart has some peculiarities, the
importance of which are sure to be
overestimated except by physicians,
and much uneasiness occasioned in
consequence. Irregularity of the pulse
Is naturally to no small number of
people without other signs of disease.
It may also be simply a - transient
symptom, due to errors of habit or
other causes, which, disappearing,
leave no trace behind them.
A Sprained Ankle Quickly Cared.
"At one time I suffered from a severe
sprain of the ankle," says Geo. E. Cary
editor of the Guide, Washington, Va.
"After using several well recommended
medicines without success, I tried Cham
berlain's Pain Balm, and am pleased to
say that relief came as soon as I began
its use and a complete cure speedily fol
lowed." Sold by F. 8. Duffy 4 Co.
ClaBKinoa aa aa Amtlacatte.
No living germ of disease can resist
the antiseptic power of essence of cin
namon for more than a few hours. In
destroying microbes It is not less ef
fective than corrosive sublimate. Even
the scent kills them. A decoction of
cinnamon should be drunk in locali
ties Tvhere typhoid fever or cholera
Filthy Temples in India.
Sacred cows often defile Indian tem
ples, but worse yet is a body that's pol
luted by constipation. Don't permit it
Cleanse your system with Dr. King's
New Life Pills and avoid untold misery.
Thep give lively livers, active bowels,
good digestion, fine appetite. Only 26c
at C. D. Bradham's drug store.
Oldea Time "ftalaiaat."
In early Bible days richly embroider
ed raiment was enumerated with the
gold, silver and other valuable property
of a rich man. In that primitive age
Dame Fashion was not the fickle god
dess she is at present, and the "rai
ment so frequently mentioned In the
Holy Scriptures descended from father
to son as a valuable part of the Inher
itance. Raiment was often sent, with
gold and gems, as a present to digni
taries. It took not months, but years, to or
nament some of these garments, and
the gold thread so lavishly used In
embroidering them was real gold.
Moses describes the process of rnaking
the gold thread that was used In orna
menting the tabernacle. The habit of
making presents of rare needlework Is
still common among eastern nations
who changed their customs so slowly.
The Best Prescription for Malaria.
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Gbovb's
Tastklkss Chill Tone It 'la simply
Iron aud quinine in a tasteless form. No
cure no pay. Price 60c
Ob Proper Varcfnotloa. : ,
It should be imule clear that proper
vaccination Is the only known method
of specific value In coufmlng immuni
ty from smallpox. The comparatively
short duration of this immunity should
be insisted upon, and a simple, intel
ligible description of. ' the ordinary
course of a proper vaccination should
be added. ; It would be extremely use
ful, In view of the wide' diffusion of
antivncclnatlon literature, to make the
frank admission that In the days' of
arm to arm vaccination accidental In
oculation with other diseases, although
extremely Unlikely, tvas theoretically
possible, but that the modern method
of glycerlnated calf lymph baa now de
stroyed even the remote possibility, of
such Intrinsic danger. Saturday tie-
" Mr. W.8. Whedon. Cashier of the
First National Bank of Wlnterset, Iowa
In a recent letter gives some experience
a carpenter In his employ, that will be
of value to other mechanics. He says:
"I had a carpenter working for me who
was obliged to stop work for several
days on account of being troubled with
dla.-rboeav I mentioned to him that I
had been similarly troubled and that
Chamberlain's Collo, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy had cured me. He bought
a bottle of It from the druggist here and
Informed me that one dose cured him,
and is again at his work," For tale by
F. 8. Duffy & Co.
r.afstSi .
. IV.,..,
John Dennis Rot Killed. Death
Caused by Heart Failure.
Carey Limber Ceapany Lou Greater
Than When First Ke verted
Less Will Beach 175,000
Seldlsri Heme Filled.
Applications Cem
, lag In.
Raueioh, June 8 la the federal court
today the case against ex-postmaater
Exam, of Benson, was taken up. He la
charged with embezzling $700. The eon
victlon of ex-postmaster J. T. Corbett
of Selma was no surprise. A govern'
ment official says he thinks Corbet
risked the thefts in the belief that Haley
his assistant postmaster, would have to
ahoulder the blame; In other words that
the Jury would believe him rather than
The negro man Horton and the negro
woman Judd, held as suspects to the
case of John Dennis were released last
night, The coroner telephoned from
Apex that Dennis' death was due to heart
The loss by the burning of the Cary
Lumber Company's large plant at Car
Is perhaps greater than at first reported.
It is asserted that there was 1,000,000 feet
of lumber In the yards, that quantity Is
worth 176,000.. The plsnt was large.
For some time the company had desired
to remove It from Cary, probably to
Apex or to Angler in Harnett county.
the present southern terminus of the
company's railway, the Cape Fear and
Northern. It will not, therefore, be re
built at Cary. There Is only $16,000 In
surance. E. C. Htlyer, of Newport News Is now
the owner of the electric power plant at
Milbernie, on Neuse river, 6 miles from
here. His investment there represents
something like $100,000. The machinery
Is now ready for testing. The trans
formers have arrived. There are. three
wires, 7 miles long, Into the city. The
plant Is to develop 500 horse-power.
Auditor Dixon says the Soldiers Home
here is now full, yet there are a number
of applications for admission which can
not be acted on. The legislature will no
doubt provide another dormitory like
the one built last winter.
Governor Aycock arrived last night
from the State University. He has made
many speeches this year, almost all of
them in the Interest of public education.
Four speeches have been made at Ral
eigh, two at Durham, two each at Char
lotte, Greensboro and Charleston, one
each at LaQ range, Fayettevllle, Athens,
Ga., Marahallbnrg, Plnebluff, Prices Mill
Marshvllle, Shelby, Auburn, Oak Ridge
Newton, Ueidsvllle, and Salem.
Among today's visitors to the execu
tive office was W, F. Beasley of Ply
mouth. Your carrespondent went out to the
Agricultural and Meohanlcal College to
day to see the progress of work on the
large new building. It is very satisfac
tory, ; Twelve students, all carpenters,
are at work on Watauga hall. One of
these is a son of President Winston of
the college. A number of other students
are at work on the farm.
President H. G. Connor and the other
officers, executive committee, etc., of the
State Literary and Historical Society
met here this afternoon to consider the
charter of the Roanoke Island Celebra
tion Company. A sub-committee pre
sented plans along that line. There may
be a sort of pilgrimage July 4 by the of
ficers, etc, to Roanoke Island, Of course
as stated, there will be no celebration
this year. It Is the hope to arrange for
a great one in 1003.
Saved From an Awful Fate.'' :
"Everybody said I had consumption,"
writes Mrs. A. M. Shields, of Chambers-
burg, Pa. "I was so low after six months
of severe sickness, caused by Hay Fever
and Asthma, that few thought I could
get well, but I learned of the marvelous
merit of Dr. King's Now Discovery for
Consumption used It, and Jwaa com
pletely e ured." For desperate Throat
and Lung Diseases It is the safest cure
in the world.and Is Infallible for Coughs,
Colds and Bronchial Affections. Guar
anteed bottles 50c and $1.00. Trial hot
ties free at C, D Bradham's.
The Captive.
"They tell im Maude Burlocks Is go
ing to be married."
"You're misinformed. . Miss Burlocks
is going to marry the man who Is going
to be married. Your difficulty is that
you don't know Miss Burlocks." Baltl-j
more news. . . . --.
. - Bonnd ta Explain It.
"Say, pa," asked Willie sweetly.
"what docs a chopping sea chop?" -
. "I guess." answered his father
thoughtfully. "It must be the ac
bonrd."-rhHadelphla Record. "
A Good Cough Medicine.
It speaks well for Ihamberlaln's
Cough Remedy wben druggists use It In
their own families In preference to any
Other. "I have sold Chamberlain's Congh
Remedy for the pant five years With com
plete satisfaction to myself and custom
ers," says Druggist J. Goldsmith, Van
Etten, N. Y. "I have always used it In
my Own family for both ordinary coughs
and colds and for the cough following
la grippe, and find It very efficacious."
For sa'e by F. a Duffy & Co.
Teatlnar ta Parity of Watar.
A simple test for the detection of lead
In drinking water Is furnished by tinc
ture of cochineal, a few drops of which
will color the water blue If there is the
remotest trace of lead present.
When you take Grove's Taatolena Chill
Tonic, becaude the formula is r'..'
printed on every bott!o s'lowin-' lh:-t It
The raal "Vporty" person la perhaps
the man wao baa a ptngpong ankle, a
golf stick ahoulder and a baseball eye,
-Chicago Inter Ocean,
AmerlcaA cap! A Is going Into Mexi
co at the rate of f 100,000.000 yearly. It
lant always the Sag that Wads the
way-Milwaukee Sentinel
Boon the divorce courts wffl adjourn
for the sanuaar, and th June brides
will begtn to flock to the altar. Thus
the law of eompenaatioa always holds.
Baltimore Herald,
A London paper sneers at "American
diplomacy In shirt aleevea." And John
Bull waa no mere pleased with Ameri
can - beUigereacy la shirt sleeves.
Louisville Coarier-Journal.
Haiti la the dusky Donnybrook of the
,westera hemisphere. It would be bet
ter for everybody tf Its inhabitants
would go farther and emulate th ex
ample of the Kilkenny cats. New York
Mail and Express,
A Norwegian la said to have Invented
cannon that will throw a two ton
projectile ninety miles, and anybody
who wants to believe th story la wel
come to it War at that long rang
would cave a good deal In transporta-"
tlon of troops and supplies. Cincinnati
Taa Norway Oatk.
Probably the most curious European
oath Is administered. In Norway. The
witness raises his thumb, bis forefinger
and his middle finger.- These signify
the Trinity, while the larger of the up
lifted fingers Is supposed to represent
the soul of the witness and the smaller
to Indicate his body. -
; Meaa. ;' ' .. ..
He I am really surprised at Dr.
White. After lielng our family doctor
for years and treating me for all sorts
of things, and to think of all the mon
ey we've (mid him too!
-She Wlin t bna be done?
He Hp wouldn't pass me for the life
Insurance -onitnnyI ,
Leads Them AIL
One Minute Cough Cure beats all
other medicines I ever tried for coughs,
colds, croup and throat and lung trou
bles," says D. Scott Currln of Logsnton,
Pa. One Minute Cough Cure Is the only
absolutely safe cough remedy which acts
Immediately. Mothers everywhere tes
tify to the good It has done their little
ones. Croup Is so sudden In Its attacks
that the doctor often arrives too late. It
yields at once to One Minute Cough
Cure. Pleasant to take. Children like
It. 8ute cure for grip, bronchitis, coughs.
F. S. Duffy.
Wfcat lataraalttaaer Henna.
Intermtttency Is that form of Irreg
ularity In which the pulse appears to
drop a beat occasionally. In some In
stances It occurs regularly and two or
three times per minute for several
hours. Sometimes, also, tt Is very Ir
regular and Is noted a number of
times within a few seconds and not
agalu for a minute or more. This pe
culiarity generally causes much nn
easlnessr Yet, while It may be a Tery,
serious symptom and associated with'
grave and Incurable disease of the
heart, It often signifies merely func
tional disturbance which Is In nowise
- A GEIfTLB HJjrr. '
In our style of climate, with its sud
den changes of temperature, rain, wind
and sunshine often intermingled in a
single day, It la no wonder that our
children, friends aad relatives are so
frequently taken from us by neglected
colds, half the deaths resulting directly
from this cause, A bottle of Boschee's
German Syrup kept about your home
for Immediate use will prevent serious
slckness,a large doctor's bill, and per
haps death, by the use of three or four
doses. For curing Consumption, Hem
orrhages, Pneumonia, Severe Coughs,
Croup or any disease of the Throat or
Lungs, Its success Is simply wonderful,
as your druggtst will tell ton. Get a
sample bottle free from F. S. Duffy. Reg
ular size, 75cts. Get Green's Special
' Drraara af Mold.
The costliest dresses In the world are
worn by the women of Sumatra. They
are made of pure gold and silver. After
the metal Is mined and smelted it Is
formed Into line wire, which Is woven
Into cloth aud afterward made Into
dresses. . , . - , . .. r-
Esprrt Reeeiaworkera.
It Is considered that Japanese men
are nmoim the best needleworkers in
the world, their only equals being the
women of Russia.
DIstresslngKIdney and Bladder Dis
ease relieved ' la six hoars by "New
Great South Ahkbicah Kidhkv Curb."
It Is a great surprise on! account of its
exceeding promptness In relieving pain
In bladder, kidneys aud back, In male or
female. Relieves retention of water al
most Immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this is the remedy. Sold
by C. D. Bradham, Druggist.
Plasraa Staaaa.
Druid! cai remains, several "plague
stones," erected about 1400 A. D., fifty
old market crosses snd forty stocks or
their remains are among the ancient
monuments now to be found in the
West Riding of Yorkshire, England.
Btattraas Hair.
. The best quality of hair for mattress
es comes from South America and Is
made from the manes and tails of .wild
horses steamed and culled. . '
A Real Friend. ;
'I suffered from dyspepsia and Indi
gestion for fifteen years," says W T
Sturdevsnt of Merry Oaks, N. C. "After
I had tttcd many doctors and medicines
to no avail one of my friends persuaded
me to try Kndol. It gave immediate re
lief. I can eat almnn anything I want
now and my dlgratlnn la good I cheer
fully recommend Kodnl." Don't try to
cure stnmseli trouble by dieting. Tint
only further weakens the sys'em. Yc 1
r 1 wW.. .., Btrer;j" ': j f.:. ..
lie- '...1 e " a ti to ' " v '
"cxlcan nu&lanUniment .
irit rff 00 nr uttxr l! u t
1 w Uie buBoaauuniui
For a Lame Back,
Sore Muscles, .
or, in fact, all Lameness and Sore
ness of your body there is nothing
, that will drive out the pain and in- .
flammation so quickly as ;. .
' i
' . Mexican';
Mustang Liniment.
If you cannot reach the spot your-
i self get some one to assist you, for ;
- it is essential that the liniment be
' ; : rubbed in most thoroughly.
Mexican flustang Uniment
overcomes the ailments of home and all domestic animals, Ia fact,
tt a flesh healer and pain killer w matter who or what the patient la.
In Men's, Women's and Children's Oxforda.
Men's White Canvua Oxfords, $1.25.
Women's 12.00 Oxfords for $1.50.
-Children's $1.50 Oxfords for $1.00.
Phone 160.
Ji" V .
I White Ascot Stocks .
. In Men and Ladles Sizes.
Windsor Ties in all colors 25c.
' Cotton Ties from 15c a dozen upward. A Large stock to
select froml All the New est Shapes and'Oolors. 1
J. G. Dunn & Co.t
j - iacu n a jlmvj as-' w CiU . r ()
) 57 IPolloclr Stxeot. j
Fox iver
.9 lint 'Butter
If you want your breakfast
ter Coffee, Tea, Flour, &c from
. We also have a large stock of all kinds of Ginned Goods J
that we do not care to carry over for next season, that we are '
are selling at a bargain.' " - ' tf
Dori't buy anything in our line until you get our prices.
1 T.
5 A- -
j rir
-i-'fv, "i -" 1 th.airh Ilia ainrlail
tHt.lumXat a. a 1 ruinMlfc
89 middle Street.
810 North Front Street,
. WIl MINUTON, - N. C.
The place to bnjr jour Cemetery
Work at BOTTOM PRICE. Ir "
Foreign and Domestic Granite and
Marble. - Lettering and Finish the
Best. Send for latest design's. All
work delivered.
' ' Branch jard, Goldsboro, N. C.
35c per Pound.
table complete buy fyonrBut
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