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.VOLUMI XIY. ' : , ' ' ' ' ' HIW BIE5, CEAVM C01IHTI, H. C.t TDISDiT, JCNE 17, 190!.-F1EST SICTIOR, ; ' - , SyMBIR 22 .
, .
Incorporation of Havtland Waxrei
Lumber Company.
ReorfaalzatUasrtae Ralelgiaase
Ball Tmbu Unite States
ClrealtCoart JadgePar
aell'i Appolatmeatof ;i '
Deputy Clerks. ,Jj-. l
Balaton, Juae 14. A charter wu
(ranted this morning to the Heviland
Warren . Lumber Uo.,' capital $35,000.
The principal office It : to be ithea at
Stamp eoand or Folktllna neat Wilming
ton. The Incorporators are' Frederick
Havlland, Iaaao W. Warren and Junius
Davis. ' ' iJi.'j'2f ; k
After a meeting of the direoton of the
Raleigh Athletic Association feat jitgM
continuing until put midnight it wee
given ont that R. O. RiTera had resigned
and a committee of ten of Raleigh'
staunches bate ball retainer! had agreed
to take the Raleigh team and do what
they can with it, appealing to the people
of Raleigh for more liberal rapport, It
wu decided farther, thl morning. to
elect W. J. Andrews' president, Varice
Soott Secretary and Treasurer and make
Capt. Barney Kaln manager of the team
Material Improvements In the team are
Judge Purnell of the United States
Circuit court has Issued reappointments
to deputy f circuit oof r olerks They
are Geo. L. Zonnoffski, Raleigh; John F
Overman, Elizabeth City; George Green,
New Bern and W. H- Shaw, Wllmlng
ton. This actlon'was" made necessary by
the resignation of Mr, Reddlck as clerk
for the Eutcrn district and the ap
pointment of H.L. Grant la his stead.
Reddlck had been clerk for 85 years.
& Trial of Oyster Inspector; i
Special to Journal.
Raleigh, Jane 14. State Attorney
General Oilman, left for New Bern to
night, to appear foe an oyster Inspector,
Indicted before the Federal Commission
er for an assault on the captain of a
schooner in the ' waters of Pamlico
' Sound. " "' '
Why softer pain and severe sickness
- from Bowel Complaints, when AR
. HOLD'S BALSAM stops one and cures
the Other. It hu been successfully need
.. for fifty years. ,, Warranted to give satis
t faction or money.1 refonded by T, A-
J i- -
Kin? Edward Sick.
London, June 15. King Edward wu
suffering today from a chill, which pre-
vented him from attending the church
. parade of the Aldershot Garrison. . The
, chill came as a result of the King's pro
longe4 stay outdoors last -night, upon
the occasion of the torchlight tattoo at
Aldershot. The chill Is a slight one, ac
companied by symptoms of lumbago.
Without hearts there is no home.
Byron. . , s .
Light Is the task where many share
the toll. Homer. .
: Idleness is the burial of a living
ninn. Jeremy Taylor. , ,
If a good face Is a letter of recom
mendation, a good lieart is a letter of
credit. Bulwer.
" A propensity to hope and joy la real
riches; one to fear and sorrow, real
poverty.-Hume, f .i
To be honest, as this Wrld goes, Is
' to be one man picked Out of ten tbou
aand. Shakespeare-, j t J'A ' J'Vf f
The' hardesktriaj Jot 4 hear la
whether it can beat a rival's faUura
without triumpi4Attkin(j Jf j
Time is the great comforter of grief,
but the agency by which it works is
exhaustion, L. B. Landon. ' ' ; ; ' "
To the generous mind the heaviest
debt Is that of, gratitude when it is
not in our pover. to repay it Frank
lin. ,iii,aH lil
' There is a dearth of schoolteachers In
England. : r.
Greater London embraces about 400,-
000 acres. .
London has just secured Its first am-
bnlnpee for the removal of disabled an-
Imals,"- ,, f
London has discovered that It has no
hortlculturaU halh and Is iducn dis
' England Is going to coin two yound
pieces in gold. They will be about the
, size of our ten dollar coins.
The extension of railways into the
Scotch highlands Is gravely declared to
have been the cause of the depopula
tion of the district
The Suffolk farmers are waging ruth
less war on sparrows. Since the for
mation of a club, at Wickham Market
for the extermination if this pest over
8,500 birds have bitten the dust
Smallpox Infection appears to be car
ried by the air. Hospital ships were
anchored In the Thames 700 yards
. from the Essex shore, and, although no
communication with the latter was al
lowed, the disease was constantly pres
ent In the Essex district
For Ir' its ari C " :t.
rir iyjLj: :
S . ;
Rathbone, Keeley and others who
were Implicated In the postal frauds In
Cuba have seen liberated by the Cuban
government , ' '
Rev. Francis Patton, D. D., president
of Princeton College haa resigned and
Professor Woodrow Wilson elected to
succeed him.
, Twelve mea and one woman were
burned to death In a hospital In Cnlcago
and twenty-five were injured. The hos
pital wu for those addicted to the liquor
and morphine habit and many of the pa
tients were chained to cots. The mat
ter bonder Investigation by the po
lios .......... '
. . jti.j. .. t . -.:'!',
. ThaUaiar bearing the old liberty bell,
which wu being returned to Philadel
phia from Charleston, where tt had been
on exhibition wu wrecked nearQuan-
ttoo, Va. The bell wu not Injured by
A black , frost
Is reported In New
great damage to the
York; which did
crops and frojC
..The town of Ayden N. O. was swept
by fire foj the second time within a few
months. . It Is believed to be of Incen
diary origin and the authorities are us
ing every means to locate the supposed
flrebag. . ' ''
The project to set Mid 1,000,000 acres
of laad In the. Appalachian range for a
national park and flame preserve, is up
for discussion In- Congress. A part of
this , tract ; Is located In Ndrth Caro-
nnW- -' " " ;
Dr. A. W. Enox, of Raleigh, was
elected president of the State Medical
Association, which met at Wilmington
last week. ., ? '
.Robert T. Small, son of the southern
evangelist. Rev. 8am Small, and ; Miss
Ethel Slgsbee, daughter of Capt. 8igs
bee, of the 111 fated Maine were mar
ried la Washington Wednesday.
tiny :
After confession to the brutal crime of
the murder ot Miss -.Neely Benson, near
Salisbury. N. C. two negro boys named
James and Harris Gillespie were taken
by a mob and lynched, and their bodies
riddled with bullets. . i.
' - h
'' Judge Pennypackor, " was nominated
for governor of Pennsylvania by the
Republican State Convention after an
exciting contest. The nomination was
a victory for the Quay forces. -
t The strikers at Pantuckct, R. I., be
came ao unruly that the militia were
called ont to restrain them. One riot
occurred In which one man was killed
and several wounded.
McDufflce'a Little fclufi Uver pill makes
blue people bright, cleanses the system
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ter and makes a new person of you. 28
cents at F. 8. Duffy's. " '
i Justices Peckham and McKenna are
the only two of the nine members of
the supreme court who are not College
sdasAes-Ji.(iMiuiirt;jU i-i-rx-
. Charles Curtis of Topeka, who repre
sents the First district of Kansas In
the house and hopes to be shifted over
to the senate, has Indian blood In his
velm .vi i iMfurlsat;:
The Duke de Penthlevre, son of the
Prince de Joinville, was the only Euro
pean prince who ever' entered' West
Point ; and he was hated nearly to
death.? - " M,y.-S
- Bellamy Storer, United States minis
ter to Spain, has given $2,000 toward
the fund for building the, annex to
Glockner J sanitarium . at Colorado
Springs. -Oi ,x :r V:x
: The hte Amos Cummings. was i the
champion of the birds In congress, and
some of his most brilliant speeches
were made In behalf of bis feathered
friends. ' r-:-: jT-'', 1 1 --" '
President Roosevelt's address on the
Bible has been widely distributed by
the American Bible society. It has sent
out 80,000 copies In English and 10,000
copies in Spanish. ...
. Natal oldest colonist, Mr. Francis
Armstrong, has died, aged eighty-sev
en. -He landed at Port Fatal In 1841,
and bne ot his daughters waa the first
British child born In the colony. . , (
Charles Michaels ot Indianapolis has
the finest collection of mound builders'
pottery In existence. Most of the relics
were dug from a mound some thirty
miles north of New Madrid, Mo. .,
Walter MncE wen, the American
painter, residing in Paris, has , been
awarded one of the two gold medals of
state at the Vienna exhibition present
ed by the Austrian government
A wonderful beard is worn by Jean
Conlon of Montlucon, France. It Is 10
feet 10 Inches in length, and nearly
five feet of it when he stands erect
rests on the floor. The ends of bis mus
tache hang below bis waist t .,, '
Clarence A. Black, a Detroit million
aire, has been setting a good example
to other rich men by serving for sev-
eral days as juror In a justice court
where nearly ail the cases are those of
petty quarrels between Individuals and
the police.
A. Pauts of Hiawatha, Kan., had a
novel experience during the civil war,
He was drafted Into the army, but
When he appeared at the recruiting of'
flee It was found that he had been
fretted es A. rnntz, and, his name not
t ?rrr'-!,he,T:si' " ::lt3Cofree
.i 1 :v '.
Seventy Seven Convicts In the Pei-
North Carolina Naval Militia May
t Get a New Vessel. Snrveylag '
. .' '. for New Railroad Lines. v -.
Soathern By Acqalrea .:
a Branch Bead. '
RiLEian, June 16. The officials here
are notified by the Navy Department
that the anxillary Cruiser Hornet will
be sent to Norfolk for complete repairs.
After these are finished It Is understood
that If desired, the North Carolina naval
militia can again have the. vessel. But
It is understood she wlnot ,.bs asked
for, u the State desires i vessel Of lighter
draught,, able to navigate the sounds
and many of the streams. The Hornet
hu been of no use save to the Wilming
ton division of the naval militia. k ,
There are now only 77 convicts In the
penitentiary here. Alljthe negro female
convicts are now at the Caledonia farm,
save a number sufficient to operate the
laundry. "1..,; ,'
. Gov. Aycock pardons Garrett Plnntx
of , Buncombe county, who ' five jears
ago was sent' to the 'penitentiary for
larceny, to serve three years. Two years
later he escaped, went to Tennessee, and
there married. An enemy betrayed his
whereabouts, and he wu rearrested.
There were earnest pleas for pardon by
the judge and others.
The State charters the Rankin Coffin
and Casket Company of High Point,
capital $80,000, A. M. Rankin being the
chief stockholder. v
' Very fine rains have fallen here, and
the drought is relieved!'' Cotton is the
only' flourishing crop! Early corn is
hurt. : ' ' ''; '"''
Arrangements are made for the im
provements of the Academy of Music, to
cost $4,200, these Including the raising
and draperlng of the stage, a new roof
and a now entrance, together with fire
escapes r There is no provision for
any increase in the seating capac
ity." :;- ";Vr"!l .
The loss by the burning of the plant
and lumber at Gary of the Cary lumber
company is found to be only $35,000,
and the insurance $11,775. , The lumber
loss Is $10,000, :,that on the plant $15,
000. .,'...,'?......,
. Curator Brimley of the State Museum
hu returned from the Charleston expo
sition, with all the State, exhibit. The
latter will under an entire re-arrange
ment, r be replaced in the State Mu
seum. . ,
For a month past A.J. Latta, who
wu for many years an assistant engi
neer on the .Atlantic Coast Line, hu
been making, a reconnoissance for a
railway from Rutherfprdton through the
Hickory Nut Gap to Asheyille and also
to Columbus, Polk county.. Next ThurS'
day the running of the preliminary lines
will begin, Tie. locating party will be
uflder Mr. Latta. This is a very Import
ant road, j It Is said ample capital Is be
hind it.
It is understood that July 1st, the
Southern ' railway . will take over the
South Carolina and Georgia Extension
railway. ; . The latter now hu 450 con
victs working . in Mitchell . county, to
wards the Tennessee line. This road hu
been known as the Ohio River and
Charleston and as the "Three C's."
, The first object In life with the Amer
ican people Is to "get rich;" the second,
how to regain good health! The first
can be obtained by energy, honesty and
saving, the second, (good health) by us
ing Green's August Flower. Should you
be a despondent sufferer from any of
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Green's Special Almanac.- -
: -:ttr''' A Card. .
' To the Editor:! take this meads of
informing my friends In Pamlico county
that I am not opposed to the Issue of
bonds In Pamlico for the building of the
proposed railroad from New Bern to
Pamlico, the county that Is most dear to
me. The report that hu been circulated
that I was opposed to this great enter
pilse is not; based ' upon truth. I was
opposed to the calling of the election
for bonds to be held so early, but that
does not signify that I do - not heartily
endorse the Issue to the fullest extent,
notwithstanding the greatest portion of
my property Is In Pamlico and would be
subject to taxation should there be a
special tax. But viewing the whole af
fair from a strictly business point, I do
not hesitate to state there will be no
speolal taa. 1 . t ' ' ,
I am now a citizen of Now Bern, but
the burden of my heart is for the up
building of the - kind-hearted people of
my native county. fvv
' I would say to my fellow citizens of
Pamlico, the land for ' which God hu
done so much, that on the 28th of June
you will have In your hands the hey
that will unlock and forever throw wide
the flood gate of prosperity for you, and
for your noble sons and your fair and
lovely daughters. May heaven teach you
to make no mistake. t
Respectfully lyours,
L. G. Daniels.
papilico coum.
A. S. Packer Saw U a Recent
,. , Trip. . Railroad and
;.' ! .- CrOpS.' I '-.
Wears alwsra glad to rejoice with
those who have cause to rejoice, aid we
have been permitted to rejoice to our
hearts content for the past few days.
A trip through Pamlloo county last
week wu very Interesting and pleasant
to us, -If we say nothing of the very
warm weather. The crops an the finest
we ever saw, and the farmers are in the
finest of spirits. Corals far advanced,
some tassellag, while cotton is looking
well also, young cotton Is small, but hu
a good color and promisee a good crop.
The dry weather hurt the ost crop to
some. extent A good many , fields. of
sweet potatoes, - were noticed, that
Showed up fine.
Irish potatoes, well, the whole" coun
try is covered with tbem, we never saw
the like before, whole fields were white
with them, where the diggers had turned
them up from the rich, loamy soil, fifty
to seventy barrels to the acre, being no
uncommon yield. Several farmers told
u they had dug fifty barrels of frime
potatoes from the acre, average, besides
fifteen or twenty more barrels of very
good quality, thousands of barrels being
gr6wn on a single farm. i " 'u
Prices for potatoes have been good all
along, and everybody seems to have
made money on the crop. -
The people of Pamlico are to be con
gratulated, Indeed, on their great suc
cess so far this year, and it is to be
hoped that the later crops will harvest
as great u they now promise, but they
deserved to succeed, for lut year the
failure of their crops wu not only dis
couraging, but hundreds of them lost
their hogs and horses, which wu almost
Politics Is not cutting very much fig
ure In the county yet. Very few candl
dates were heard of. The leaders of the
factions seemed to be the only ones In
terested much. They are quietly laying
their plans and the fun will take place
later on.
The most popular subject of conversa
tion down there now is the railroad
project. Some opposition hu developed
to the scheme, but the promoters of the
road are quietly and steadily pushing
their plans with a determination that is
admirable. A canvass for the Interest
of the road will begin this week, and
will continue until June 28th, when an
election will be held to vote bonds for
the building of it. This railroad will be
a great thing for Pamlico county, In fact
it Is hard to see how the people can do
without It. With the very rich lands
and the enormous crops raised on them,
there is a demand for quick and efficient
transportation that cannot wisely be
ignored. The people should well con
sider this railroad matter, for it is known
that (railroads are more than apt to be
paying Investments , and If the people
build and control this road, then all the
benefits derived, will be theirs.
Pamlico Is a great county and hu a
great future ahead of it The people are
all good, honest, kindly folks, and it is
delightful to come in contact with them
either In a business way, Ot socially.
. A. B. Pacskb.
The better the food before him, the
bigger bite a man takes.
The prejudices of people may be
.wrong, but they are worth considering.
A stately stride and a short skirt
were never Intended for the same wo
" 'Don't go out of your way to give a
hint No one who really needs a hint
will take one.
: Every worthy man Is busy attending
to his own affairs. Don't expect him to
attend to yours.
The next time you think of applying
to a man for help remember that he
probably has a load too.
Ever think how much trouble your
conceit gets yon Into? If you can pos
sibly do It look at your affairs as oth
ers look at them. Atchison Globe.
Accident ' . to a - Colored
June 16. Showery today and very
badly needed. . - , ' '
Ye scribe took a trip through the up
per part of Onslow and J ones counties
and fonnd crops looking very fine In
deed with the exception of tobacco
which Is small and very uneven, i '
We learned while In Jones county
that Mr. Jno. Small, fell from the top of
a tobacco barn on which he wu at work
for Mr. Frank Brown, and got hurt very
badly, but Dr. Denny says that he will
recover. ! ;.'
Mrs. Eatle Pse was laid to rest . lut
Sunday. Bhe leavos a host of friends to
mourn their lou. V" : r. : .
Lut Thursday a negro named Joe
Spencer while working on a mill for
Messrs. Franck met with death ; very
strangely. : The horse he was driving
while going down hill became frightened
at the cart running up on him,, and
dashed down the hill throwing htm out
and Instantly killing him 4 .-tv.
' John Adams over in Jones county' a
a tenant on Mr. Isaac Brown's land hu
cotton knee high, and also is done plow,
lng corn.
. Frankle Koonce Is also done laying
by corn
, B 1 iniisssasaleTMfsaasii 1 V
i 1 ah mi ruruw vi iiuimx '
. Scaly Humoars Instantly
: Relieved and Speedily
Complete Treatment ($1), consists
of Coticuea Soap, to cleanse the
skin of crusts and scales and soften the
thickened cuticle, Cuncrma Oiht
wnt, to instantly allay itching.
Irritation, and inflammation, and
soothe and healand Cdticuba Rb
solvent Pills, to cool and cleanse
the blood. t A Single Sbt is often
sufficient to cure the most torturing,
.disfiguring, itching,! burning, bleed
ing, scaly, crusted,; and pimply hu-'
mours, when all else fails.
assisted by Cutictjra Oiiminii (or beautify
ing the skin, for denoting the soalp, and atop,
plug of falling hair, for softening and whiten,
lng the hands, for baby ttchlngs and rashes.
In baths for annoying Irritation and ehaflngB,
or too free or offenslTe perspiration, for
many sanative, antiseptic purposes which
nggeet themselves to women, and for all the
purposes of the toUet, bath, and nursery. , ,
CtmocRA Resolvent Pills (Choeolata
Coated) are a new, tasteless, odorless, eco
nomical substitute for the celebrated liquid
CunouR. Rrsolvut, as well a for all other
0 . tl . u.l.tu
Diooa partners ana nnmour enree. in screw
cap vials, containing 60 doees, price 250.
Sali tbnechsat Ou world. Soap. 5.Mitmit,
fta., Pilu, SH. British Dapoti IT-IB, CluitvhaaM
tkj.. Lodsmi. finch rMpott $ Baa d, la Fail. Paris.
eonim Due AJifi Caaa. Csar, Sale Rent, BosM,
B. A.
The following quotations were receiv
ed by J. E. Latham & Co, New Bern
N. O.
Chicago, June 16.
Open. High. Low. Close
Jury., . .
Sept... .
7U 72 71 72
704 . 70i 70i . 70f
Open. High, Low. Close
681 04 1 03i ' 64
. 1080
. 1030
High. Low. Close
10371 1030 1037t
10271 10171 1027
Naw York, June 16.
Open. High. Low. Close
.. 8.74 8.74 8.03 . 8.83
..8.48 8.48 8.33 8.33
.. 8.00 8.12 8.04' , 8.06
..7.96 8.08 7.03 f 7.95
., , ': -:-.'
New York, June 16.
Open. High. Low. Close
,.1281 1281 128 128J
So By 371
N.Y.O.. .......
U. a s 891
391 39
C.&0... ...... .471
Mo. P.....'.;...105f 105'
AtchiBon ....... 81 83
Va. CO ,. . i(H
A. C. 0.:.i.....53
- 701
Am Ice.' ........ 171
' Liverpool
Bpots 5.1-32.. Sales 7,000 bales., ,
Futures,.- June-July 4.50. Ang-Sept.
4.43. Sept-Oct 4.82.
Same Task
Last week
last year.
This wees.
Bat. i 5000 .
b 8000
' 8000
If on.
Wed. - '
Advices to J. K. Latham & Co., yoster
day: ' ' ' " '
New York, June 16.":
'Weakness la July position partly re
flected here. Still hot and dry in Texas.
Liverpool cotton exchange will close
June 26 and 27th. ' ,
Spring Fever,
Old you eror have a case of "Spring
Fever" t . When It waa the hardest work
in the world to do anything at all f That
was because your system's machinery
was out of order and required overhaul
TONIC la the beat Kind of a system
cleanser and gfwsl tonic. It enriches
the blood and stimulates the liver to
greater activity, removing sallowneas,
pimples, malarial poisons and building
up the health generally. Jast the thing
for "poorly" children. AtBradham's
Price 60c
JA.CCr3' T.: jh Rye Whiskey Is the
t- t. I'-"" r t.
Saw ; -. .. .. . ',!
mew- ;:
Na Bob Pancake Flour."
Carolina Rice Flaked. .
Otitflalcea both loose and
Preserved Ginger 25c per
' Hienzls Apple Butter and Sweet Mixed Pickles.
Royal Scarlet Salmon, the finest packed mlj'. 2caji;
other brands 15o and 20c can. -' - - ---
- ' Imported Ginger Ale, on Ice, lOo or i iot A-wiumntik
' ' Portsmouth Corned Iiillete.- - - -----. w
Big Hams to cut. ' ; ,-.!.; . i-, riv
Fox River Print Butter. . '
Pure Apple Vinegar and
5 'Phone 91.! i
Just JlecelTed
mi 1 1
and Shells to Go Willi Them. ,' .
Also Fancy Salmon and Lobsters.
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cery house in the city. . I -"'."i
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Toutb to
. -, Wholesale and
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ed with the most .reliable
staples. From Flour and
1 Sugar to the finer things we
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tion. You'll get what you
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' too much, and with no doubt
of the value for your cash.
we will sell a Good Roasted
Coffee at 11c lb. v I
Broad St. Grocer.
We have on exhibition a
TRUMPET wbich will be grrtn to
Every customer to our store
of their cash purchase. These checks can be Voted to either New Bern
or AtlanticPo, by writing tm name ol eitner company on DacK ol . tne
check and depositing same in a ballot box arranged for the purpose
Every 60c worth of checks counting as one vote. ; :' ""' ''' '
At the close of the fionfcest
counted and the company receiving
be given the trumpet ,
Phone $60. .,,!
Foy Si Wood Co.,
Practical Tinners "
't !. : , i.. .... '
and Plumbers.
Tobacco Flues, Stove Pipe, and
Roofing. - - 'i.
We make a specialty of 'Hot Air
Heating, and; Steel ( Ceiling. ... t
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Boislh Trent Ct.
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u . , -.v 1 ... '.,' , . 1' ,., J "
fa packages. - -
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rjf : WlioIeMale
. 5s Xletall)
I. . ST3iaJkAW: : 1
71 Bri L :'"". !
n Jfresh JLiot
-u .ui-t-.-iVrj ir
Please, .
Retail Orocer, .
Phone 137
one of our fire companies.
will be given a check to the amount
the box will be opened, the' checks
the greatest number of votes will
, . u , i4 ,
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