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Section One. Teesday. 102
Gorernor Ayeock's proclamation of
fering $400 reward for the apprehension
and dellrery of each and erery person
concerned In the lynching of the Gilles
pie negro boys, at Salisbury, N. C, a few
days ago, Is decidedly the sensation of
the month.
Especially so when it Is considered
that some serenty-flTe persons are said
to be Implicated in the lynching of these
negro boys, which would make the
grand total reward amount to thirty
thousand dollars, If all were to be ap
While the murder for whleh the two
negro boys were taken from jail and
lynched, was a brutal one, the murder of
a white woman In a field, yet both of the
culprits were securely locked In jail at
the time of the lynching, with every
promise of a speedy trial and conviction,
if found guilty.
Thj assault upon the Jail, and the
death of the negroes, seems to have
been an outburst of passion, not war
ranted by the crime, or the situation
following the arrest and Imprisonment
of the two negroes.
And no doubt this precipitate and un
necessary action on the part of the
lynchers, has brought out the proclama
tion, with whatever consequent results
that mar take place.
The committing of one crime, may ex
cuse any lynching which may follow Its
The act of lynching Is not merely hor
rible In itself, but it confesses the weak
ness of 'he law In the community In
which the lynching occurs, and no self
, respecting people should Imperil their
reputation, by such an acknowledge
ment, that the law is Ineffective In Its
operations with them.
Governor Aycock's action In this
Bowan county lynching Is a positive
eed pronounced one, and it will have
the sanction and support of every law
abiding citizen In the State.
"While crimes may be committed, yet
i the process of law Is such,, that all enW
i prits will receive their just punishments
Snder It.'lfthelaw Is given its right
course, ' '
. Jhejwt of lynching is little. If any
less terrible, than the committing of the
crime for which the guilty are made to
suffer by.a hasty death, without trial. ' .
iT.. 1 . . . . . .
those in authority, there is danger to
". public morals and the stability of Justice
as measured through the courts, which
, would, mean a menace , to law and order,
and to society, general 0
It is not pleasant to consider the ar
rest of those who mar have taken part
' in the Salisbury lynchlng'.'lrat It Is best
if an end to make to alllynchlngs, though
a few may have to suffer for It.
' - - ' STRIKE. '
A strike of all the coal miners in the
United States k now "contemplated, ao
cording to a dispatch from Wllkesbarre,
Pa.' President Mitchell, head of ihe
national organization of miners "has
called a convention for July 17th, at
nl)ndtnIIaiiibui'. question of a
ceneral strike m be decided, ,-
" To'rlunaUy; aclloft Will1 ndtbe taken
for a month, and wnsui the' convention
, mouis te sliU-Uoa Bay have changed to
. such aa extent bat it national strike
will be found either unnecessary or Int-
I !cable. : It would be a great calam
ity If the half-mllHon miners in the Co&l
Ir 'nes were all to quit work at cue
tl.ue. It is estimated that there a e s
Eitl'Son women and children dep.
r; tlie workers in the coal t n,
"," 1 ' ' ss ones woi '.l soon le re-
" i s f t 0 "' "nn.
The majority of the mlaers are probably
law-abiding m, bot there are turbulent
spirits among thesa who might bring re
proach and disaster npoa the whole or-
geaixaUoa. Themlaeramay feel that
they have frleraaeea which ought to be
redressed; the coal operators may be In
the wrong and may be refused to meet
their employee In a spirit of conciliation
aad compromise. Xvenlf this be the
ease, the leaders of the miners ought te
reflect long aad seriously before they
eonasel a general strike.
Te cut off the supply -of coal from all
sources would result la stopping the In
dustries of the country and thus Inflict
suffering upon worklngmen in various
breaches of employment. Have the
miners thought of the misery which a
general strike might entail upon tollers
n every department of Industry, Ball!
more Ban.
The employe who said that all he was
Interested in was sunset and pay day,
unfortunately voices the sentiments of
too many others, who place the same Im
portanoe upon their labor.
Millions of men and women, who
possess skill aad ability in their several
avocations of life, ere surprised that
their genius is not receiving greater
notice and pay.
But it an examination was made of
their genius, while skill and ability
might be found, that far more Important
attribute, the quality of being an honest
and persistent worker, would be found
It is the ability to not merely to come
up to, but to surpass the requirements
asked for, that 'marks the individual
genius which Is certain to find success In
The man or woman, who beglng each
day with an eye on the clock, to see
when their. timeof work is over for the
day, will not likely earn the money
they are paid for their services.
They certainly will not prove profita
ble employee to those who hire them,
for with an eye on the constant lookout
for the closing hour, there Is bound to
be neglect , of the work to be done In
their prescribed dally hours of ser
vice. The matter of pay is not all that is to
be considered, for It the entire task Is
not rightly performed the money is not
earned, no matter whether the amount
Is one dollar or one hundred dollars.
If a close study is made of the lives of
those who gain success, let It be in any
thing in life, It will be founnd that they
did not see how little they could do for
the pay they received, when employed,
but always endeavored to accomplish
something beyond the task set for their
daily performance.
The measure of work which Is gov
erned only by sunset and pay day, Is of
no value to the world.
It Is the over measure of work, which
leaves nothing of the task unperformed,
that takes no note of the hour, and
which accepts the money compensation,
as the secondary, not as the primary ob
ject, this is of , value to the world, and
marks success la the individual.
State or Ohio Citt Jof Tolbdo, i
litrrae uouhtt. , t
' Fbahx J. Ohhsit makes oath that he
s senior' partner of the firm of F. J,
Chxsxt & Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and Bute afore
said, and that said firm will pay ONE
each' and .every case of Catabbh that
cannot be cured by the use of Hall's
Gataxkh Curb. - .
Bwom. to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this filh da of .December,
A. D. 1888.
sbal Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is . taken inter
nally, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Bend for
testimonials, free.
.. T.J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, 0,
' Bold by all Druggists.
Hairs Family Pills are the best '
The Rubber Plaat Im 17SS.
The first accurate : information re
garding the wonderful rubber plant
was furnished . by La Condamlue, a
French scientist who was sent In 1735
by the government of France to meas
ure an arc oi ue meridian near yuiio.
This brought him to the heart of the
rubber growing country, and much val
uable information was thus obtained. :
' AdTutwM of iitrimir,
Friend Did you lose anything in the
Busts ir bank?
, Depositor Not a cent
"Well, welll If you knew the thing
was going np, why didn't you say so?"
1 didn't know. 1 had to go off on
business, so I left my wife some blank
Checks. Che .went ' shopping." New
York Weekly; ;
Sarel From aa Awful Fatc
"Everybody said I had consumption,'
writes Mrs. A, II. Ehlelds, of Chsmbere-
burg, Pa. "I was so low after six months
of sewe sickness, csused by Hay Fever
snd A r i, t' :t few thought I could
v "!, t 1 1 kftrned of the marvelous
l ( f Dr. King's New Discovery for
: ' - ccd It, and was com
c "." For C isperate Throat
11 ill li tie . it cure
' 1 )f rCV
( t
Dyspepsia' Cure
Digests what yoa cat.
This preparation contains all of tbi
diKestanU and digest all kinds ot
food, ltgtveslnstantrellef ati.1 never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
tbe food you want. The most sensitive
stomaens can take it. vy its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after every tfilng else failed. It
prevents formation ol gas on tbe stom
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to take.
It can't beta
tot da yoa good
fYeparednalr by K.O. DrWrrraoaLOhlnoe
in St. uufcue cuBwim una u wo. eiMfe
F. ," DUFFY CO. '
Who knows but that (be little red
Schoolhouse msy after all be the means
f reuniting all sections of the Union
s they have never' before been Joined
together New Orleans Times-Demo
Pupils at the public schools learn a
good many things, which are. superflu
oua.but the thlnira which are essen
tial they do not learn'as Well and thor
oughly as they did a generation, ago,
when the old fashioned methods pre
vailed. That la the fault of the system,
and It Is a fault which it is Imperative
to rectify. Philadelphia Inquirer.
A Sprained AnUe Quickly Cored.
''At one time I suffered from a severe
sprain of the ankle," says Geo. E. Cary
editor of the Guide, Washington, Vs.
After using several well recommended
medicines without success, I tried Cham
berlain's Pain Balm, and am pleased to
ssy that relief came as soon as I began
its use and a complete cure speedily fol
lowed." Sold by F. 8. Duffy A Co.
IllaaloK at Deluion.
She After all what. Is the difference
between Illusion and delusion?
He Illusion is tbe lovely fancies we
bare about ourselves, and delusion is
tbe foolish fancies other people bare
about themselves. Life.
We should manage our fortune like
our constitution enjoy it when good,
have patience when bad and never ap
ply violent remedies but in cases of
necessity. ,
Dfstresslng'KIdney and Bladder Dis
ease relieved in six hours by "Nkw
Gkkat South Amskicar Kidriv Curb."
It Is a great surprise on' account of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in bladder, kidneys sud back, in male or
female. Relieves retention of water al
most Immediately. If yon want quick
relief and cure this is the remedy. Sold
by C. D. Bradham, Druggist,
AbxIows EaalU!i Mothers.
la England it is a weighty matter
when there are seveinl daughters in
the family and no mnn in eight to mar
ry them except the curate. Tho. ro
mantic reserve with which we Ameri
cans approach the subject of settling
our spinster rclhtlves is about on a par
in their eyes with the way Mrs. Trol
lope says we used to put pantalettes on
the piano legs.
Over there they neither put panta
lettes on the piano legs nor pantalettes
on their feverish ambition to marry
the dear girls well, If possible, but any
way to marry them.
Call at F. S. Duffy & Go's drugstore
and get a free sample of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. They are an
elegant physic They also Improve the
appetite, strengthen the digestion and
regulate the liver and bowels. They are
easy to take and pleasant In effect
The ftnl tarcator of Telsrwipr.
Weber was the first who established
a permanent workable telegraph line
and thereby demonstrated the practical
value ot the electric telegraph. Weber's
house. was connected with the astro
nomical and magnetic observatories by
line over two miles in length. The
signals were made by tbe deviations Of
the needle of a galvanometer to the
right and left and were interpreted ac
cording' to a conventional alphabet
Tbe use of Interrupted or reversed cur
rents did net permit tbe transmission
of more than one or two words a min
ute, but the speed was increased to sev
en or eight words by the use of In
ducted currents.
When you take Grove's' Tasteless Chill
Tonic, because the formula Is plainly
printed on every bottle i lowing that it
Is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless
form. No cure no pay. Price Wc
Trrlnw to Fin 4 (be lleaaua.
'"Haven't seen yoa for noino time."
- "No. Where have yon kpt your
sen" ...
"Been away.",.- .
"Oh, that's It. Do you know, I was
afraid it might be. the fault of that
ten dollar bill that you've owed me so
long."Clevelaud Plain Dealer.
Ready to Yield.
1 uied DeWItt's Witch Hszel Salve for
piles and found it a certain cure," says
8. R. Meredith, Willow Grove, Del.
Operations unnecessary to cure piles.
They always yield to DeWllts Witch
Hazel salve. Cures skin dluesses, all
kinds of wounds. Accept no counter-
felts. F. & Duffy.
" A Gratia Clow. ..
"Remember, y dear brethren," snld
the minister, "that charity coveretb a
multitude of sins. I hope you'll be un
usually generous In your offering this
morning." P' ' Free Press.
$100 Dr. E. ttlrM-s's Antidiuretic
may be worth to you more than (100 If
you hire a c' " 1 vliO soils b".Iin? from
Incon;'" 9 of water durin-r e'. !.
.; Q(lt V
Very Llfht an! Insufficient Rata
Weather SUtlea te be Established
atAshevllle. Reptrt ef State
Aaalter Usied. Skertsrs ?v
la Ceal Supply Beeom
" lag Serleas.
Ralwoh, Jane 20. Only one third ot
the rain needed has fallen la this part of
the State. At least inches morels;
Today Gov. Aycock received aa ap
plication for the pardon of a sheep
stealer. In the common phrase a sheep
stealer Is considered one ot the meanest
of criminals. i-
The second days session of the State
Dental Society was held today, with In
creased attendance. This evening Dr.
Vines E. Turner gsve an "At Home" to
the members at his residence here. Many
persons prominent in society were pres
ent, to meet the dentists. .
John CrDrewry, grand secretary of
the Grand Lodge ot Masons, will be a
candidate for s Democratic nomination
to the lower hease of the legislature,
from this county. -
Commissioner ot Agriculture Patter
son says the crops make quite a favor
able appearance, after the rains. The
heads of the wheat are unusually well
Athevllle is after July 1 to be made a
regular weather station. Dr. Gettlngs,
now ssslstant obscrvor here, goes there
and tskes cbsrgo. He Is a valuable
The annual report ot the State auditor
Is at last Issued. . .
The weather report for May tor North
Carolina, issued today, says tho mean
temperature for tho State was 60.5,
which is 2.4 above normal.' The highest
monthly mean was 75, at Southern
Pines; the lowest CO, at Llnvllle. The
highest absolute temperature was 99, at
Southern Pines; the lowest 31, at Bre
vard. The rainfall whs only 2.59
Inches, which Is 1.01 below normal.
The coal supply here is so short that
several factories, including those mak
ing Ice, are using wood. So Is the elec
tric light plant.
Virulent Cancer Cured,
Startling proof of a wonderful ad
vance in medicine is given by druggist '
G. W. Roberts of Elizabeth, W. Va. An
old man there had long suffered with
what good doctors pronounced Incura
ble cancor. Tbey believed his case
hopeless till he ued Electric Bitters and
applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve, which
treatment completely cured him. When
Electric Bitters are used to expel bilious,
kidney and microbe poisons at the ssme
time this salve exerts its matchless heal
ing power, blood diseases, skin erup
tions, ulcers and sores vanish. Bitters
50c, Salve 25c. at C. D. Bradham's.
Irish In the Bnhaaurs.
The Irish hingnnco Is spoken in the
Bahamas nmon;; the mixed descend
ants of the lllbmilun patriots banished
long ago by Cromwell to the West In
dies. One cnu oceiislrmally hear negro
sailors -in the east cud of London who
cannot speak a word of English talk
ing Irish to the old Irish apple women
who gather around the docks. London
Chronicle. "
The Philanthropist.
Georgle Pnw, wot Is a philanthro
Father An ensy mark, my son.
Ohio State Journal.
You may as well expect to run a steam
engine without water aa to find an active
energetloman with a torpid liver and
you may know that his food; or feels
dull and languid after eating often has
headache and sometimes dizziness. A
few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets will restore his liver to Its
normal functions, renew his vitality, im
prove his digestion and mahehim feel
like a new man. Price 25 cents. Sampler
free at F. 8. Duffy & Co's drug store, :
' ' A Rew Zealaaet Geyser.
In Rotomabona, New Zealand, there
Is an Immense geyser which covers an
area of an acre in extent and con
stantly throws columns of water to
vast heights, some of them ascending
800 feet, with clouds of steam Which
go much higher, ,
The Steam Eaclna, -
The original Idea of the steam en
gine Is commonly said to have been
suggested by the Marquis ot Worcester
In bis "Century of Inventions," 1003.
EappyfTime in Old Tows, v
"We felt very happy," writes JR. N,
Bevlll, Old Town, Vs., "when Bucklen's
Arnica Salve wholly cured our daughter
of a bad case of scald head." It delights
all who use it for Cats, Corns, Burns,
Bruises, Bolls, Ulcers, Eruptions. In
fallible for Piles. Only 25c at C. D.
Brsdhsm's drug store. '
'-' Rorsvl Repartee. ,.;
It is related that once, when the Earl
of Lauderdale was at dinner with King
Charles,', be remarked to the king,
"There is a good saying that fools
make feasts and wise men cat them.'
"There Is another as good," replied
the Earl of Shaftesbury; "wits make
Jests and fools repeat them." And the
king advised Lauderdale to make sure
of his mnn In future.
A Real Friend.
"I nufiered frem dyspepsia snd Indi
gestion for fifteen years," says W T
Sturdevsnt of Meiry Oaks, N. O. "After
Iliad 1 1 led many doctors snd medicines
to no aval) one of my friends reminded
me to try Korfol. It gave Immediate re
lief. I can eat almoft anything I want
now and my digestion la good I cheer
fully ncommcud Kolol." Don't try to
cure stomach trouble by dltlng. T!mt
only further weakc;.s ll.e r; f-i. Yt i
ni '. l ubi,!. ', i ' f
Rev. br. TitU and '. X. Vuter "tarty
Came ls Slews, ThcEnits
Probably Ret Tet ' A
(Special to News aad Observer.)
Elizabeth City, N. O, Jane ll.-The
Antl-Salooi League people are making
aa aggressive campalga. Mr. Tracey, a
noted lecturer, Is addressing "multitudes
nightly. At thesa meetings Rev. a H.
Tattle delivers occasional shots In behalf
Of temperance."
J Last tight1 he made statements con
strued by W. H. Baxter as reflect! eg on
him. . This morning Baxter visited Tat
tle and demanded explanations. Warm
words followed, Baxter saying: "If It
were mot for my respect for your Cloth
I would Jump yoa as quick as a bug
would light on a potato." ,
Tattle replied by divesting himself of
his coat and saying; ."I place my man
hood on a level with yours. Don't stand
back because of my cloth." Baxter de
manded that explanation be mads pub
licly. If Tattle falls todtfso sensational
developments miy result
It Oraws rerfeatry Whsa Fluted la
- Rich Urn.
. Egyptian lotus roots may be obtained
from any florist -The need will readily
germinate If a hole Is flleU or drilled
through the hard shell that moisture
may penetrate the kernel, otherwise
they will lie dormant almost indefinite
ly. . It Is perfectly hardy and comes to
perfection when planted In shallow
water with rich mod and full exposure
to the sun simply naturalised In the
same environments that suit our native
.water Illy. Artificial ponds or cement
basins are often made for tbe accom
modation of this snd other water lilies.
Such tanks should be two or three feet
deep and of any else and outline de
sired. Twelve by twenty feet Is a
nice size for the amateur. It Is best to
plant the lilies In boxes, say three feet
square and one foot deep, filled with
good rich soil and sunk in the tank.
The lotus submits gracefully to culti
vation in tubs. Ordinary half barrels
.will do for tubs. Fill them two-thirds
full of rich garden soli, in which plant
tbe roots (I prefer roots to seed); then
fill tubs full of water and set In a
warm, sunny place. In winter remove
tbe tubs with" their contents to A cellar.
A beautiful aquatic garden may be
had by arranging several tubs of lotus
and nympcea into a mound or circle
and filling the spaces between them
with ferns, arrowheads and . other
moisture loving plants. Home and
Flowers. " '
A Good Cough Medicine.
It .speaks well for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy when druggists use It In
their own families In preference to any
other. "I hare sold Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for the past five years with com
plete satisfaction to myself and custom- j
ers," says Druggist J. Goldsmith, Van
Etten, N. Y. "I have always la
my own family for both ordinary coughs
and colds and for tbe cough following
la grippe, and find it very efficacious."
For sale by F. 8. Duffy & Co.
The Cartons Pair. . ':
Mrs. Itubbn-rl wonder why that wo-
mnn keeps watching me so?
Mr. Itubbn Perhaps she's trying to
find out why you are staring at her.
Philadelphia Press.
Rot Tomaltaoaslr Barer.
Employer Are you willing to work
for small Wages? ..
Boy Not very willing, sir. Boston
Post , .
The Chinese la-pa In shape Is almost
identical with the ancient Roman tuba,
t gives four notes C, G, D and E. -
The first object In life with the Amer
ican people is to "get rich;" the second,
how to regain good health. The first
can be obtained by energy, honesty and
laving, the second, (good health) by us
ing Green's August Flower. Should yon
be a despondent sufferer from any of
the effects ot Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint
Appendicitis, Indigestion, etc., such aa
Sick Headache, Palpitation of the Heart,
Sour Stomach, Habitual Cosllveness,
Dizziness of the Head, Nervous Prostra
tion, Low Spirits, etc, you need not suf
fer another day. Two doses of the well
known August Flower will relieve, you
at once. Go to F. 8. Duffy and get a sam
ple bottle free. Regular size, Wets., Get
Green's Special Almanac - -
S start AaYsrtlals Schema. . .
A novel advertising scheme was In
troduced by a merchant In Carthage.
A series of prodigious boot tracks were
painted leading from each side of the
sanare to his establishment ' Tbe
scheme worked to perfection, for every'
body seemed carious enough to follow
them to their destination. -
Besnths . Kind Yw Haw Hlwanteiatt
' , Sf ... .
Tear niutrraphr. .
Here Is yonr bloniphy In a nutshell:
"Born, welcomed, caressed, cried, fed
grew, amused, roared, studied,' exam,
lned, graduated. In lore, loved, engaged,
married, quarreled, reconciled, suffered.
mourned and forgotten."
I " Plastered. .. ,.. -
i Harriet Doesn't Julia use a good
deal of face powder? , v
Jenny-Face powder! She ought to
belong to the Plasterers' anion.
Sprtej Fever.
Pprlng fevtr Is another name for bll-
lousres.. It Is more serious than most
people think. A torpid liver and Inactive
bowels mr-an a pobooed system. If
neglected, serious H'neis may' follow
uth symptoms, DeWItt's Little Early
Risers remove all danger by sUimtliiSl."
Ihe liver, opening I lie bowels and c? -
lug t! a fyxu-m of impurities. hVa '"it,
Never r-ie. "I have tnkeo V :'
I,', .'.a 1 ...'y I-"- is f.rtsT!i !' r tr ' y
- J '.cxlcan nustaii)? Liniment
4m't tir y rm cmr Vi" mn fn.-v !.. t'. . i.r.i..- j -
statues W U Ujim siki art v a
i ;. For a Lame Back,
'v '; ' Sore Muscles, -jysl
or, in fact, all Lameness and Sore-
ness of your body there i3 nothing .'
" j that will drive out the pain and in
:r flammatlon so quickly as r
; Mexican ' ' :.
i Mustang Liniment.
r:' If you cannot reach the spot your- .
i self get some one to assist you, for
1 -
it is essential
lubbed in most
' Mexican flustang Liniment !
tmirttmt the ailments of bones and all domestlo animals. In fact,
It is a flesh healer and pain killer no matter who or what the patient is.
Takes a
at this season and
Trunk, Suit Case or Hand Bag
tor their trip
of Every Description.
Notice Window Display.
Phone 160.
We have iust in
Children's Shoes, Sandals and Oxlords which
were bought for spot cash.
We won't mention
to come see for yourself.
'Notice display in
CI ,
A ... . ,; , jTu I
Date :; j
l::-Horse: Stjoer, :M
j I am still shoeing horses, and doing
all kinds of Blacksmith work, have been
working at the business here in New
Bern 40 years; am on the Wlinrf, Bock
otChas. B. Hill's.
AT l:xiv :acy,
uui u-. -i - - .
that; the liniment be
everybody needs a
Inspect our stock, or
, 89 Middle Street.
a Handsome Line oi
price here. Ask you
our Pollock Street store
Fpy iS: Wood Co.,
Practical Tinners
ard plumbers.
Tobacco Hues, Stove Pipe, nd
Roofing. "
We male a specialty of I'ot A r
Heating, and Steol Ccilinj.
V You will find us at
Drauey'M Old tittmi,
GoHlh Front fit.
GEO. A. NlCOI.l.
inos. a. uiMAii.
fell i. Ilyiii,
' Firo
Solicit trade aiHlj, ,k tli laUonnge ot
Co; t :iti'i ri'iiresont-
. ji. r j i c. r
Cur-s c'l r 1 J 1 a'.e. It r-

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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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