103 WEEKLY MNi BtaklUk4 ItTt FabUabed la Two M every Taos lay sad Friday, at M MkkUc Street, Bw atom, . U . CHARLES L. STEVENS bdroi an rmormmoB. . BUB8CRIPTIOM RITES: Two Month?. ... ... .......... .teiOents, Thre Month,.... fUz Month.... W 1 Twelve Kontbs, 11.00 ONLY IH ADVANC& AdvtrtlslBK rates vanished apoa ap- Ucatloa at the office, or npoa Inquiry " fJTThe Jotjmal k only sent oa pa; lav-advance baaia. Subscribers w receive notice of expirailoax of their sub- scripuona ana aa unmeaiaia response to aotioe wul be appreciated by tbe .0UBB4X Entered at the PostotfceNew Bern m.j. mm aeoono-ciaaa BUHier. Seetlea Oae. Taesdav. Jaly 1, 1008 WHO SHALL IKSTSUCT DEM OCJtlCI? Success, u measured by tbe world. It mora highly regarded from tbe point of lit being a winner, tban from tbe fact that merit and principle were mostly concerned In bringing tbe success. Tbe recent public utterances of Gro f er Clevelsnd bave provoked an attack from WilliamJJ. Bryan, which cannot but place tbe latter In a ridiculously contemptible light, witb every thinking person, and makethose who at any time regarded Mr. Bryan as being above' tbe ordinary, feel sorry for baying bad such an opinion or him. The Bryan attack cannot but call at tentlon to tbe wide divergence of politi cal success, which has come to each msn."' Thejgreatest of political success and pubjlc , honors to one, who is prepared to give bis 'Individual efforts that bis party may again be brought Into power, Tbe other man, twice a 'conspicuous political failure, comes from bis two de feats, soured. Ill-tempered, with a dog-in tbemanger-splrlt, demanding a public recognition, as If tbe public was un mindful of bis political failures aad personal political short comings. Fortunately, true Democrats are not blinded by Mr. Bryan's clamor against every Democrat who may be a possible Democratic Presidential nominee. Nor are the thinking and Intelligent deceived Into any idea that because Grover Cleveland gives public ntterance to bis political sentiments, that such sentiments together with Mr. Cleveland are the only Democratic issues extant and that Mr. Cleveland Is the only pos-1 sible man who could be named to lead tbe National Democratic party to sue Taking Mr, Cleveland's recent public speech, bis views bave soundness and practical commontense Ung, that will prove acceptable to those Democrats who are for party above the Individual, Mr. Cleveland states that be Is no seeker j. ... ....... 1 , , f alter nomination, therefore tbe unreason in In Mr. Bryan's denunciatory lan guage regarding Mr. Cleveland. Mr. Cleveland shows tbe man from whom advice can come, which can be thought over and valued. , Mr. Bryan's attack is Intemperate and wosldbe wisest to seek to provoke par ij harmony. The Democratic party wants sugges tions looking to Its strengthening and getting Into party harmony, which are - j- -p r "fi V- bm means through wucn lt.can einect and hope to return to political jopce toacy, and not tbe personal antagonism! inch as Mr. Bryan Is constantly arou- jng;,-.,rTl:;:;.:'"6; :r NOTjOHG Q0S BT AmNQ. The saying that "everything comes to to him" who waits, does not mean that , the sitting down fellow Is the one who . Waiting, In tbe above saying does not mean Idleness or dreaming, or wishing : for aomtthlogtto take place. ay guiag umHu perslsteaes In following up tbe Mm thing of value to thejpersoa seeking K s yersoa ho waits, M leswber Jiki for the opportunity to come along and ' fallaThlsw'Csi ieeV wVer sees .retllcattoa offjfih T ' The presso tik U peculiarly a strl- -alatent seeker can expect to gala any thing, and then only by strong effort and Work.; v It is onlv necessary to lonk '-' I't. to tit what produces success and what ' n who reaches c '.fterbus' . - I 1 ?, I advertising and proDMe.Tort, tits' and tli f n." tl.sre- tor aad hi tsoaey, and thereby Ml flwa eoauserclal advaacmsat and boIUIag ap. Not the wailing merchant who does not advertise and seek oat for trade tSroagh personal going forth' after It I . Note the town or city which makes bo effort to gain the atUatlon of the oat side boalneea world and the world of prog ratal t Distinct faOnre will be found la both, aad very few notice or care that the first drops out of commercial circles, aad the second la nakaowa In the Investment world. I There la failure la waiting, bat In go ing forth U seise, to attain the object, there la every chance of success. PARTY DISCIPLINE VS. INDIVID UAL INDEPENDENCE. In the strict sense, It Is Impossible that Individual political Independence should exist la any political party. There la a depotlsm In every political party which does not permit tbe Individ nal to exercise a complete freedom of thought or action. Great political parties may get out of a strict conformity with their prevlons existing principles, for temporary ex- pedlenc purposes, but no member of tbe party can set himself up aa differing with some party announcement, nltbout being swept aside. Tbe fatality of getting beyond one's political party's current, Is known so well, that It Is a mstter of history. Really great men, whose counsel was of value to their parties, and whose ser vices were desirable to have had In offi cial positions by the country, bave found themselves set aside and retired to private life, all because they coulil not think and act In strict conformity to their party's dictates. The fact that these men may have thought rightly, and that their party may bave later on returned to their way of thinking, did not restore the politic ian to the position formerly held, nor as his judgment commended. This is on the fundamental questions, in which a political party, per se, can commit no error. While there may appear a harshness in this suppression of any individual political independence, it Is easily seen what the results might be if party dis cipline was not rigidly maintained. There Is ever a striving by the poli tician of force and Individuality of character, to overcome this absoluteness of party rule over its members, but noth Ing has been gained or accomplished through these attempts by the Individ Dal. except where a party msjorlty hss been secured to develop the Independent thought of one, and make It the proper ty of the majority. Because of this sacrifice of the oc casional person, it would seem a high ce to oavTci democracy . but the sys tem is tbe only practical one, and keeps the representation of party In the many, and does away with the opportunity of the creation or a political oligarchy. Statx of Ohio, Citt of Toledo, I JjDcas goprrr. , l Fbakk J, CpinBi makes oath that he senior partner of the firm of F.J. CxEMT&Coi., doing business in the City of Toledo. County and State afore said, and that said firm will pay ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS BE WARD for each and .every ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of Hall's Catabbh Cdbk. ' FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 0th daof December, , A,W.GLEASO, '.Notary Public Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter nally, and acts directly on the, blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Bend for Bmonlafi,W' , , V, r.CHKNKY CO Toledo, O. Sold'by allDruggUts. HalTs Pamily PUls are the best The nmbreJI and parasol were used by the eastern nations many Centu ries before the Christian era.' Tbe old est china ware' shows pictures of la dles and mandarins shaded by parasols 01, patterns similar . to those now In "I suffered from dyspepsia and Indi gestion for fifteen' years,, says W T Sturdevsnt of Merry Oaks, N. C. "After Ihad tried many doctors and medicines W io avail one of my friends persnaded to try KodoL i It gave immediate re lief. I ean eat almost anything I want now and my digestion Is good I cheer fully recommend KodoL Don't try to cure stomach trouble by dieting. That nly further weakens the system. You eed : wholesome, strengthening food. Kodof enables yon Ao assimilate what yon eat by digesting It without the stomach's aid. : ft. 8. Duffy. ' filnta la mt nn of th rrnnna b means of bmoUiig, hole being bored Into It with steam drills. V. ith der- i n1 T- ""t chain! tie rough su.j iue Li. ..iUjL.a edge of tie Quar ry, and then they are rolled upon trucks to V i sha-' 7 ft f v 4 "sptter.,' " , T""J .KOT ,r"T( YOU ARB TAE T-nyi t''-f'' -nvVs Tlcns CLR1 1 , 1 t's formula is i' ' 'y r . ... If it y I Mle Saowlrj tliit It tiyspopcia Cure Digests tvhit you eat This preparation contains all of tht oiireatanta and dliresu all kinds nl food. - It gives instant relief ami never falls to cure. It allows you to eat all the food yen want. Tbe mostecnsltive stomachs can take it. By its use many thousands' of dyspeptics bave been eared after everything else failed. It prevenuiorBaaiioncigason I lie stom ach, relieving aUtijstrees after eating. Dietl og u n ncce&saty. pleasant to take. II cna1ti:-S -'Mr. ' Utdoyourjd irepuMoaiTti E.U in witt (XX, Ohlrue VaLI HwmwnwiwiH im in mg aiaa rZ DCfY ds CO TftEE KINGS. ... i If the ecar or Russia la wise, be wilt put Soother high" board ,fence around his Job.-Chtcage NeVa. King Leopold seems to be a man re markably free from vagaries, consider ing tne extent of bis whlskera.-8t Lotus uio&e-Democrat Wng Eddy Is returning to bis old habit. He visited a -London mualc baft the ether night HU be opening m nim mum ueii uamnion demo crat. - 4 Good Con'ldjciBc. It speaks well, for; Chamberlain's Cough Remedy when druggists use It In their own families w preference to anv other. "I have sold Chamberlain's Cough Kemeay tor ue past n ve years with com plete satisfaction to myself and custom ers," says Druggist J. Goldsmith, Van Etten, K. Y. "I have slwsys used It in my owp family for both ordinary coughs and colds aad for the cough following la grippe, and find It very efficacious." For sale by F. B. Duffy & Co. Food Colda. A writer Ui The Lancet iitys: "Since I Ih'kiui to studjr dlet I have bct'ti as tonished t. the number of . cast's of which I linve heard, even of medical men, who by enting less and not so often hnvo found that their susceptibil ity to colds has quite gone. Such facts as I have met with point to the conclu sion that It is the system overcharged with the products of food which was not required and can act pnly as a poi son to every organ In the body which is most susceptible to colds." You may as well expect to run a steam engine without water as to find an active energetic man with a torpid liver and jou may know that his food; or feels dull and languid after eating often has headache and sometimes dizziness. A few doses of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets will restore his liver to its normal functions, renew bis vitality. Im prove bis digestion and make him feel like a new man. Price 25 cents. Samples free at F. 8. Duffy & Co's drug store. Daaaaseaa Ollr Grovea. There Is an ancient custom tinder which the olive groves around Damas cus are guarded by official watchmen to prevent the trees being stripped by thieves. But on a certain date the gov ernor or some magistrate Issues' a proclamation warning all owners of olive trees that tbey must pick their fruit, for after a certain date It be comes public property. If a farmer bas bis crop only half gathered when that date arrives, the public will gather It for Urn. ' ' ' Sared From an Awful Fate. "Everybody said I bad consumption," writes Mrs. A. M. Shields, of Chambers burg, Pa. "I was so low after six months of severe sickness, caused by Hay Fever and Asthma, that few thought I could get well, but I learned of the marvelous merit of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, used It, and was com pletely e ured." For desperate Throat and Lung Diseases It is the safest cure In the worULandls Infallible for Coughs, Colds and Bronchial Affections. Guar anteed bottles 60c sod 11.00. Trial bot tles free st CD. Bradham's. ' ' xae latn uardea. There Is much comfort to be found in a garden. I hove watched a poor woman at a little box of flowers; at a Window, growing radiant with happi ness as each bud blossomed and smiled Upon her gentle hand. Water your little garden and tend It well. A little love for sunlight, a little sympathy for rain, and the garden of the heart may bloom witb beautiful deeds and fra grant thoughts. Though the beauty of the rose Is brief, yet tbe perfume may be preserved, like tbe memory, of a kiss, forever. Schoolmaster. " ,; Filthy Temples in India. Sacred cows often defile Indian tem ples, but worse yet Is s body that's pol luted by constipation. : Don't permit It Cleanse your system with Dr. King's New Life Pills and avoid untold misery. Tbep give lively livers, active bowels, good digestion, fine appetite. ' Only 26c at 0. D. Bradham's drug store. Troth. The cornerstone of character, that on which tbe whole edifice Is to rest, must be truth. Be truthful in word and, deed and act faithful lo your conception of rlglit. oiid you can no more help build ing a uoble character than the earth can help moving In Its orbit A boy who has the courage to tell tbe truth under all circumstances, even when It may appear to be to bis on disad vantage, will never do a mean, unman ly or dishonest thing, lie' will not stoop to do anything Questionable, no matter what material gain It may promise-Success. ' . , : RC22y toYlC'.O. . I used De Witt's Witch.Uazel Salve for piles and found It a certain cure," , says 8. R. Meredith, Willow Grove, Del. Operations unnecessary to cure piles. They always yield lo DeWltts Witch Hazel salve. Cures skin diseases, all I" ' j of 'i. Accept no counter- t u r.v.r ." . - Opiiioi Made as to the Result of the KoTenjoer Yote. Kara! Pablle Seheel Fast. New Electleal Pewer Plant -Baa alng Sathfactsrlly. Pre-, llalaary Bearlag ef F F. Dswsea, Alleged Fer ger aad Eases sler, Rajjugh, Jon ST. There Isaqalte prevalent opinion that tbe vote la No vember In this State will be a light oa. rash Is now the outlook. It Is now i e tiled that the aanual con vention of the colored firemen of this State, and the accompanying toarna- ment, will be held here August S6. ' A very good rsln fell early this morn ing, and It and tbe warm weather prove exactly the thing for the crops. No mors rain will be needed for 10 days. Tas general opinion is thst the crops of cot ton and tobacco hsve very rarely been as good as they now are. Tbe last of tbe fund paid out by the Bute tress, la keeping the rural public schools has been paid out Beveaty-five counties called for such aid and the to tal disbursed Is 182,798 89. Tbe legisla ture set apart $100,000 for this purpose. Tbe balance Is covered Into tbe treas nry. The electrical power plant at Mllbui- nie, oa Neuse river, 6 mllas from here, has been tested. Everything works sat isfactorily. . Today F. P. Dawson, formerly of Wil son, who was lately arrested iff Missis sippi, on tbe charge of forgery and em bezzlement, appeared before a creditors meeting at Wilson, for examination by them In bankruptcy proceedings. Many witnesses were also examined. The meeting of creditors snd other Interested parties was large. He la charged with embezzling about $15,000 from Hackney Bros of Wilson. Since bis return from Mississippi Dawson has been st Wash ington, N. C. on ball Tbe coroner's Jury returns a verdict in the shooting of John Dlggs, A. L. employee, that tbe killing was due to the criminal negligence of Ogburn Kir- by. , A cbsrlor is granted to tbe Old Fort Lumber Company, with $30,000 authoi zed capital. The corn crop Is being very rapidly "laid by In Johnston and other counties east of here. WHHF0RD. June 27. Crops are In generally fine condition and farmers are expecting a large harvest. We bave had plenty of rain. Cotton Is In blossom in some fields. Will Core Ntouiarh Ache la Five Mlnutw. That Is just what Painkiller will do; try It. Have a bottle In the house for Instant use, as It will save you hours of suffering. Watch out that the dealer does not sell you an Initiation, as tbe great reputation of Painkiller (Perry Davis'), has Induced man people to try to msks something to sell, said to be "just aa good as the genuine." Tbe Little Bird. . , : Dick How did you know when It was time to leave her house If tbe par lor was dark? Fred-A little bird told me. ' i Dick-Get out! Fred Yes. The cuckoo came out of rhe clock and called "ll." Philadel phia Record. . : : The Sore Wmr. . . .. "How dare you send a collector to mybouse?" To tell the truth, sir, we were some what doubtful about you." ; : ' : "Then why not have looked, me op? You would then have known that I ever pay my bills." Life. , ; ' The Best Prescription for Malaria. . Chills and Fever Is a bottle of Gboyb's Tastklkbs Chill Tohic. It Is simply Iron snd quinine in a tasteless form. No cure no pay. Price 60c, 1 . . " Jnra Mortality. ' " r One miner Is killed for every 1,000, lOO ions of coal raised. - . Qaeer Tut. A wealthy Warsaw landowner sleeps each night in n room draped witb black, decorated with skeletons and having In the middle of tbe floor a catafalque, on which Is a metal coffin. OAOTOIIIA. Stars tat Ibt Kind Yon Haw Alwis BoogM BIgnatai of THE ST. LOUIS FAIR, ;g Tbe St. Louis fair hat at-, last been officially postponed for one year. St Louis would bare been wiser If she had made it two years. Minneapolis Tribune. Tbe St Louis world's fair managers have agreed on the conditions for tbe capital prize of $100,000 lo the airship race. It might bo well for tbem to agree now upon a prize for a decision as to vben tbe world's fair Is to be held. Louisville Courier-Journal. ' Virulent Cancer Cared. Startling proof of a woigirfnl ad vance In medicine Is given by druggist Q. W, Roberts of Elizabeth, W. Va. Aa old man there had long suffered with what good doctors pronounced Incura ble cancer. Tbey believed bis rase hopeless till be used Electric Bitters snd applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve, which treatment completely cured him. When Electric Bitters sre used to expel bilious, kidney snd microbe poisons at the same time this salve exerts its mtc!i!' 9 li ' 1 tng power, blood C s!,!-t erup tions, ulcere and Sf"-S V " ' . ! . ; I 60c, Salve 25c. at C. I '. J a. MATSYlLLE. it The Tm Outlast ts Boom. $scctssftil tScsoaUv . .. Jim 17 The weather eoatlanes f00 sad crops are O. K. Mr. K. R. Hay has a very ftse crop. Mr. Hay Is one of the best farmers la Jeaescoaaty. i. Mjc If. F JsUUocks says Hull has about W acres of avenge had planted la eora which bid fair to produce M0 The tobacco crop aroaad here Is ths best ws have aver sees. Mr. Lewis By earn has some thst will average high a s man's head. " Oar towa ooaUnnes to boom, : several Bw dwellings have just beea eompls- " . . i . Fork has sgsla. resumed oa the M, E. church, . and bv will soon be enclosed. Mr. James Koonca hss lbs cos tract for building ft. ,. . , Miss Ansle Eoonce's school will cloee this week. Dos. Charles L. Abernethy of Beaufort will address ths pupils, snd s large audience here Tuesday a. m. July 1st That Bight, beginning at & oVlock. tbe commencement exercises 111 be rendered la the Baptist charch. We understand that the program I com piste. The. poplla are spending the greater part of (his week precticlaglheir pieces.,.,, k Miss Annie Koonce, the pnaelpaLla sa excellent teacher, and we know, that the commencement, will be perfect ; : j Mrs. C. U. Foy and Mrs. Heath re. turned from Klnstpa this, as. ) They were accompanied, by Henry Foy, who hu been spending a week at gustos, under the care of Dr. Parrot He b much Improved snd In a, few days will be himself sgsln. .- i: -n The most of our young people will go to Bogus Banks on the 4th of July. Mr. K. R, Hay Is pushing work on his new dwelling at his farm, It will be a modern structure. Mr. C. H. Foy. made allying trip to New Bern this week. , Mr. R. W, Freshwater passed through this week enroute to New Bern, ' Kveiybody come to the Icecream party next Wednesday, night Don't forget tbe date, July 2nd. . . F, 'Call at F. 8. Duffy ft Go's drug' store and get a free sample of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. They sre sn elegant physic, Tbey also Improve the appetite, strengthen the digestion snd regulate the liver and bowels. They are easy to take aad pleasant In effect. Too Bride. "Haven't -1 married yoo beforer asked tbe clergyman pleasantly of tbe young Isdy from Chicagq jwbo was about to be Joined to the young man from Osbkosh. . "Only twice," she murmured coyly, and. the ceremony went ion-Boston Post , ii t v : ; ... ;J JUt t. p$re . His Dog-Are jou certain that, your mistress love my master? , Her Dog-Why, It was Jove at first sight She pushed me off the sqfa to let him alt down.-Jetrolt Free Frees. In order to be in perfect health one must be temperate la eating. The meals should be regular. Regularity is one of the golden roles of a Jrell order ed Ufa. Ladies' Home Journal. , : A Sprained AnJkie Quickly Cared. "Atxme Urns isuffered frost s severe sprain of the ankle," says Geo. X. ; Cary editor of the Gnkle, Waahinetos. Vs, After nslqg severs! well recommended medicines without success,! tried Cham berlain's Pain Balm, and am. pleased to say that relief eame as sboq sa t began lu use and a complete cure speedily fol lowed.". Sold by F. & Duffy A. Co. " ' K -8iJtl3uu eq) n PiOAi siqsaajflesip sooi eqi si ejdoad suj od o jsqAi oaio sai e8vupsjad iq tl wap psq JO jauiiO arfl o? soAps uommoo emsoeq tavi nnq-crL, jo mq uo nna as ol, Brrj pajgnjj -ui wq poq aq qaiqja qjM. junows us jo aemiBd eqt pesnjaj oqM. esoqt auUoaoa, U 8B04)xsp oe put ssepsnq II J lawnaSjraBtH.sq) nt-a, jba S04A qtosof ruud.eoy peaisrij jjniuq snorasj .... pmnxua "nioouja l iPSATt lIIAXiaaa J nmai aqtJouna' ' J .PI4I40 i f, Happy Time ia Oil Town. "Wsfelt very hsppy,' writes R. N. Bevlll, Old Town, ys, "when, Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly cured our daughter of bad case of cald head."B It 4e)lghU all who nee. It , lor; Cuts, Corai, Bums, Bruises, Bolls, Ulcere, Eruptions. In fallible for Pttes. Only 5o at. C. D. Bradham's drug store.' v.- V -ft - T CM Una's "My fstber Is real rude to the young men who' cell on me," confided ,Miss Keedlck ta Ulss Tenspot "I don't sup pose your paps tries to drive 'young sms asrajr. tvft t 1 i . "My papa Isn't rode, nt hefs real mean ta the young men,". -confessed Miss Tenspot. "He borrows money of them." Detroit Free Press. ' , - . A TVat Ceaapltsaeat. Lily Tog don't mean to say yon have broken with Fred? Why, I beard him say only yesterday there wasn't another girl in the world like you. '' ' Minnie That's just It; much ss to say I'm a freak. I'll never speak to him again. Boston Transcript.- Sprlrj Fcrer. -. , Spring fever Is another name for .bil iousness. . It Is more serious than most people think. A torpid liver and Inactive bowels mran a poisoned .system. If neglected, serious Illness may follow such syT.ptoms. Delia's LIfJe Easly Risers rernove all danger by si!ints!a:; the I've?, r ' the bowels snd cK i. t'..e s. ..;. . s. t-'sfer t ( "I 1 " -if e ti it en Tc ir" '! t rHT a'fivioefttlof Msxtcaa MiitMlLU. li - UI t at tolo a U-a kif full ot wir u4 witXgmrlartmr throat uta It will quickly car a Bora Throat, Keep this ; , fact alwajB fresh la your memory ' For Cuts, Mantes and all Open Bores, yoa need only to apply " -1 ' 4 t Wexicahi fftuslang Pinimsnt ; ? .ti .... v j a'few times and the sorenes aai inflammation trill . j be conquered and the wounded flesh healed. - ,t V.,To-get the best results you should saturate apiece -J 1 : t)f eoft cloth rith the liniment and bind it upon tha ... ....... r'. woundaayou would a poultico. -' 5 r 1 ; - 20e. 60c. and $1.00 a bottle. : : - srrn B It rVC tfl your poultry and at th very first aign of nttr All tit Ufl boupTBcaly Ixei, Bumblefoot or othar , disMse among your fowls use Mexican Mustang Liniment. oiui? now with ' suitable Neckwear for Summer. The most indispensable articles oi wear tor the tidy dresser. Just in by express a line oi Beauties. Not a Tie in the lot but that is up-to- date. :-,a ; - They await At mWddk Street. O nr r o wo unui iur ILM UMTO U C-S M IN ALL A largo variety of patterns from which to reloct. ' 0 -' - Every Shirt worth almost double) the Amount. ' A A Jr G. : cD(inn & Co., l SXenf4 & 57 Folloclr Street. a I'll M mmmm -mm AU persons who have anything to SEE MISS. PARKER before buying. I have decided to close out the entire stock AT TRICES NEVER BEFORE HEARD OF. ' Everything must go, including . ' ' ' s ' Ispectf fSw1, ttJ-i , ! mm m your Inspection mith s ttm r a wn t COLOKS YOU Boj'h ar, n r' i II It il U U t bv-: A V L-J" in the Jlillinery Line will do well New Line of Ribbons just in. ully, -r i ; a, 7 - m t't g W f ' f " . t i 1 " ' a la a t ' ' -). a r ..

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