AWgrlable Preparalionfor As similating BttFoodandRcgula Ug the S to ooiiis and Bowels of Promotes DigesUonJCheerfur ressarri Rest .Contains neilber Oiium.Morphine norlua?ral. notNahcotic. nttfouerSiMvatmrnit , fx Jmmm i i , T j A perfect Remedy forConslipa non, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .Fcvtrish ness and Loss op SLEEP. FacSimle Signature of NEW YORK. it ill. EXACT COPY OP WRAPPER. GRIFrON. ' t June2?.-Mr. L. A. Cobb and J.H. Harvey left for New Eern Tuesday on Business. Messrs. J. L. Kelle, Jr., andO.W. Gasklns went to Ayden Tuesday on bus- luess. .1 , .'; Mr. D. P. Brook went to Greenville Tuesday on business. Mr. Geo. W. 8ummerell of K nston was In town Tuesday. , Messrs. W. J. Klttrell and J. L. Pat rick spent Wednesday In Kinston. Mr. Jacob McCotter attended the Masonic Installation at Greenville Tburs Mr. Joe Rasbcrry Is bero for a few days hustling Insurance business. Mr. D. 0. McCotter of Vanderaere, Is in town on business. , V'; . .. Messrs. Bryan Gardner and Goo. L. Blunt spent Thursday In ' Kinaton on business. .. .- ' ' Capt. Dick Williams, of Greenville, was in town Thursday night. s v RELIEF IK SIX HOURS. Distrosslng'Eldney wd Bladder Dis ease relieved in six Lours by "New GBKAT BoUTB AMERICA KlDHXT CVBB." It Is a great surprise on account ot Its exceeding promptness In relieving pain In bladder, kidneys and back, In male or female. Relieves retention of water al most Immediately. If you want quick relief and cure this is the remedy. .." Bold by C. D. Bradham, Druggist. Ltirhtalnjr anil Thunderclouds. . In n lecture on ."Rulnclouds and Lightning" a Holpiitlst explnlned tbe ex trenic lilackni'KH and grotesque shape - of tbuiidori'lomls as being caused by electrlUnitioii mid said tliut occasional ly lightning goes upward from ground to cloud Lightning coutiuues until tbe thundercloud bns risen too blgb above the subjacent ground for tbe tension requisite. As the cloud lifts the light Ding's path becomes more vertical. Tuunclerliends may be seen 200 miles. Window glass baa been broken by heavy thunder. The cumuli rise to a height of some six miles, then slop over and form a base (thunder hase). Light ning will fall vertically from the ex treme limit of the haze cloud some times, though no rain Is falling. Light ning causes tbe clouds to partially fall to tbe earth in showers, and so itself causes rain. - s The Thief... ...of Eccaity In Ceptntwd br Brad field's Rflgrulntor. l honMnds of young women sre wkln to the fail tlint inherited comllueaa hs been etolen away anil iusteadof giowliuc cheeka, bright eyee and sm..uth brow. the tell-tale wrinkles o pain have taken the plate of tlwe foriuercharmj. Theearetha warning- f ealuiKS I W ea, H and eahaiitted In the niorniiiK. no Ufa. no '"' tl..n to enter upon tholr fonrar pleiisuree, lrr able, cm.a, dln-ouraa-ed, dull hcuclMhesi, aieneral iHsplrlti-d tetiiiix, slneulesl nujniih iuiu i. f. .1..- ... Hwn1 pakna. ind Wf ymptom lndlcute denngri and weakened or- bhattered nervea ai.d ehaujtrd oer((lea the weakened condition of th fejnale onttna aa aurely as nl. i.t foiiowa Sr. Sava yourself from moroteriu.lereuit,ioi-em your youw uj laaii'K Fcmalo He Th most Himanltt Invigumu itrual rfKuUtcm tn wurtd. Jt rt-li.-ve puiuf'il ntenstruH pro mw struai .'in, obstructed n"-"'"'"!- ' ...,.h nnrv.i.iiiiii'tl. Il.-P.lKCIU'S trt. , n ivmnifi'y o( firm -w it it isnll n1 tiie "i 'V v- I r lMfu, i id Ilttmlth VLATOLUCO. i r Mai l n (iriml. WS j For Infanta and Chiliren. Ths Kind Yen l!:va Always Bchr Bears the Signature of TMC eiNTAUN MNNfi VMMI 4MTV. CROWN POINTS. Owing to a change In plans the king of Slam will not visit the United State at.i. . ' , . King Edward VII. of England has but twelve persons In bis personal household, while Queen Victoria, had twenty.; , V , . The queen dowager of Italy has bought the books and snannserlpts of the famous poet and critic Carduccl, leaving him the undisturbed use of tbe library for his lifetime. Catherine the Great of Russia prevented In the same way the dispersion of Diderot's library. When be knelt down during tbe serv ice on Good Friday In the court chapel at Vienna, the Emperor Joseph observ ed that most of tbe gentlemen of hie retinue remained standing. T Without rising the emperor turned and quietly ordered them to follow bis example. Instantly every rnmbe?iC the toperlal suit was on bis knees. - - . The oppressive humidity of Thars day's weather was continued yesterday; while the mercury did not rise quite so high In the tube as the day before bat the weather was quite as unbearable. . Reports from Dr. Duguld who went to Baltimore Wednesday for a surgical operation on bis hand, are that he is get ting along well and that the operation will not be aa severe as was feared at first. : v The trucking season" Is rather quiet Just at present. Small shipments are be ing made dally of potatoes, . beans, cu cumbers, tomatoes, etc, but large con signments have aot been made for sever al days. Water melons are about ripe but there have been none on the markets A feature ; Of the warm wreathe of the put two days was the electrical display Thursday night the heavens were on. continuous shimmering sheet of llnht. The sight was beautiful and awe lnsplr- Ing, .46 of an Inch of rata fell The electrical storm last evening was also very vivid and sharp. The display was accompanied by a terrific rain and-wind storm which happened about 9 o'clock. ' V'lV''- " a n . 1 VC'" lioo-ftr. E Dctchons's Antidiuretic may be worth to you snore than f 100 If you have a child whojolla bedding from Incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. If arrests the trouble al oaca $1 . Sold by. C. D. Bradham, Druggist. ' " " -v 7 SHORT STORIES. The new Longnell. bridge over the St Lawrence at MoatreaJ will cost $0,000 000, and a Mew York first will build 1C The smallest newspaper in the worJd la El Telegrama of ; Ctaadalajara la Mexico. It Is four Inches Qare and contains fourpagea Lloyds report an alarming increase to the. number ot shipwrecks and acci dents during the present year com pared with the same period In former years. , . . y ? - t : ; : Salt Lake City Is about to lost one of its landmarka - The old seboolhoaae Where the children of Brigham Young were educated la to be torn dowa to make room lor some modern structaret Tbe I'-orcss of the world la shown by tie 1 t that th. first consignment of j 7 i outfit, has just reached Iceland. Now, croquet began Its mad dening career about 1330 and did not reacit Iceland until 1SS0, Just, twenty years later. .; .i. . ,., A burs air cushion elsty-three feet in height and mnde of-steel 14 a new safety device being Instn'led for tbe elevator In the tower of tbe city hall In ruilnilclphla It will sn-'nia eaornaoua pressure and, Instead of res'-g on at foundation, is hung' from the tower walla. !; ,., v..' XI. C. E. Benton told tbe Society of Engineers In BoBtou the otber day that more persons ride In the elevators la Mew York buildings every- day than are carried tn tbe same time-on t he electric and elevated railroads of tht city. Some ofiiee elevators, be aatd. car ry 10,000 passengers dully. -i One Who Onlne. "Do you think anything Is ever f Am AM U' For Over Thirty Years 7"" "CPPOfTTUNtTY. f SMS a Ttk tracked l4 tauid, ,Vv J alood wltA a ropa In tua nurny aaa4 AaA triad to BTicl trmoUoaa aroat X. gin him dwm m Madrcl kM taioat WUk Uw iima tt was th coat contrary tnpallad, Tkal lautiad at tha Tokal aa4 rop ha aaM - . Sand wouldn't admit be a bmmiI that ka SVaa fooUaa. aa lathar ha4 Utoucht aim toka. , ... , Ha akoiild kopat Thaa raoad tka two aB aver the nail -fTba asaa wauMa't top, tka sat wouldn't yield) TO, what wftl tka atapa they k4 roa Fkaj toondi tkat da ekaaa aa4 pursuit JumI amkraead julta a aes, Btrad at Blent, tha seal tanad around AM bruahed wlU hla wkiakara tka battte- STOund. ffaam towaraft kta kaad aad procaeded to Twlzt tha jokaT. lags ta a fractioaal aaah, mtckvassoapt Thare-waa- hla ehaaeat Bad tha yokel fajkd Bis heraaa'd have kad tka tusjltlva aab bad, Bui ha dlda aad thaa wlta a kopcleas waU Ba aaufht at tha briat; inexpressible tan Oatkalopa. Ton know, ot aoaraa, ot aaar tt front ma A goat's tail's aot ions; aa a tall ought to fea. AaA-w whaa ba rabbad tka tail wasn't than. land tka foat was axdttnf tha yield lnc air - r up a aiopa. f How, kara la tha moral: Tou needn't try !To catch Opportunity tkatra sona by, sTor kia tail is tka brtsfeatithnt avar was (Don't kaasj nau as tone aa a coat's tall . does). If you're altar eld OppoR. you're sura to fed (That you can't kaad him off If you cat be- Baltlmora Kawa RAILROAD MEETING At fcayboro, Larre and EnthasiasUc . Gatherint and a Barbecue. Yesterday was a great day for Bayboro A aaejs meeting was held to determine the fate of the proposed railroad with Bayboro for on. terminus and either Beaufort or New Bern for the other, The meeting' has been planned for some time and tbe friends and foes of I the project turned out in large numbers to the rail-. . An old fashioned barbecue I i -a.i. a a ..-J - ':" ? . was estimated to be 4000. Those who are Interested in the build ing of the road who were present from Mew Bern were Messrs: James A. Bryan O. E. Foy, H. R. Bryan Jr., and W. B. Barrington. Raflroad men from all over the State were there and there was i full and free discussion of the question The purpose of the meeting was to promotes feeling favorable to the con struction of the rosd; aad as tha election on the question ; of bonding the county for $50,000 Is to be held today and the measure hu plenty of enemies, it requir ed some very strenuous efforts to frame a common sentiment in favor of th. rail road. There la, however, a strong desire among the residents of Pamlico county for a railroad. They suffer too much inconvenience by the crude manner of transportation which they have and many are, disposed to rote la favor of bonding ths county and, it la believed by the most sanguine that the bonding pro ject will be carried by a handsome ma jority. Should success crown the efforts of the railroad promoters, no time will be lost In perfecting plans to build the road. ; .. , -r , IJke DaUie Before) the Scythe. Baby lives are destroyed In summer by cholera Infantum., Th. attack of the disease la sadden. Its progress Is some times terribly rapid. Mothers who have given their children Perry Davis Pain killer la. water with a few drops of brandy added can tall how this treatment has checked th. diarrhoea and vomiting, and pat th. little patient ont of danger. 35 and 6Q eta. ' Country Reception Party. A number of the friends of Mr. W. F. Foywho lives about seven miles from this city, gathered at hla horn, on last Thursday nUht, the occasion being the return of Mr, Foy and bis bride, whom he married la Louisville, Ky. Those who gathered at the Foy homa passed a most enjoyable time. Refresh meats, were served in the beautiful style, which la the character of the Foy house" hold, ?'r-j 'r:':' ; ;$. IxatoTlieqiAIL ' On. Minute Cough '' Cur. beats' all other medicines I ever tried for coughs, colds, croup and throat and lung trou bles," says D. Scott Currin of Loganton, Pa. One Minute Cough Cure Is the only absolutely safe cough remedy which acts immediately. : Mothers everywhere tes tify t the good It hu done their; little ones Croup is so sudden in Its , attacks that the doctor often arrives too late. It yields at onoo to One Minute Cough Cure. .Pleasant to take. Children like It. Sure cure for grip, bronchitis, coughs. F.S. Duffy. , . ; . -V TketTw!Orpke.' '. t TvnVlIHlu rrrVluilaetiut nvAi4tha ftrnre that Incloses the (playground lot the Lit tle Wanderer8' tome, says frbe Chris tian Register. - . "Oh,myr saidjone. "Dont they have agood Ome? 10 should fbe an orphan.U am eomlrsj here." . : , a Oh,"&ald thetotherJnhe one atiRox-1 bury lstever ao 1 rnuclJ better. I would go there If I weretanforpban.", - "I .wouldnVfresiUeidlllttle.glrl No. 1, "'cause In thlBione I'd balnear papa and mamma." - V v.: Mr. W. 8. Wbedon, Cashier' of the First National Bank of Wlnterset, Iowa In a recent letter gives some experience a carpenter la his employ, that Will be of value to other mechanlcf. ; He says: "I had a carpenter; working for me who was obliged to Hlop , work for several d ;s on acconnt of being troubled: with d:a.'rhoea. I mentioned , to him that I bti 'been similarly troubled : and that Clan." erlain's Colic, Cholera and Dtar- r ' f 'y had cured me. He bought 1 1 "a f It f.'"t t' s d-"lat here and I " 1 r t' t c- (' ""i cured t n, ' " " ? " i v Far sr-'e by 8herItT Tax Iyy.? j Take notice I That by virtue of ths tax list of Cravea County la my hands for collection for the year 1901, aad la de fault of payment according to the pro visions of the .listing law. 1 have lev led on the lands ot the follow tag named persona, aad will Mil the same at the Court House door la Mew Bern on the 14th day of July 190J, to satisfy said taxes and costs on the same. Be. 1 Tewaaklp. Anderson, Noah 41 acres, Plney Keek 6 86 Brooks, S W S85 a, Swift Creek 4748 Cherry, Battle X 60 a, partF. Jackson land 8 87 Casey, E., IGO Gasklns, agtn 115 a, Deep Neck 87 Dawson, Grant 800 a. Alligator 9 88 Edwards, Henry 69 a, Manl . Swamp - 8 73 Foraea, Sarah 200 a, Creeping 8wamp 4 48 Fornes, Frank 60 a, Bull.Poco- sin . - 3 S3 Green, Dock 140 a. Palmetto 7 Johnson, Peter 9i a. Bear Brnch S 75 Keen. Zach 17 a. Bill Meek 3 90 Kees, Daniel, belrs, by Allen Dixon, stent. 68 a. Hills Nek 8 69 EltrelL Susan 88 a. Batlers Ford 4 60 L)IItchell,A800a,BearBranch 4 48 Pugh, L R 43 a. Swift Creek 4 48 SDaln. Susan, 33 a. Vanceboro 8 63 Tripp, Joseph, heirs, 280 s, Po- cosln .. 4 01 Warren, Lewis, heirs 300 s, Maul's Swamp 4 48 t , Sad Township. Arthur, Martin 94 a. Forrest 4 00 Barrington, MO 100 a, Cool Springs 8 53 Everlncton. Geo A 15 a. Sbofiy 6 30 Gasklns, D H., Administrator 887 a, Forrest 6 75 Klnsanls, G W 100 a, Hill land 4 48 EIrkman, T S 8 a, Band Hill 5 80 Price. B B 85 a, I pock land 0 80 Sherman, Nat 25 a, Flat Swamp 6 35 Tuten, O R 10 a, Trultt 7 08 3d Township. Bryant, Owen 84 a, near Dover Daugherty, Sarah H 15 a, Core Creek Griffin, J B 41 a, near Dover ards land Jenkins, M W 20 a, Core Creek Loftin, Jas F 11 a, near Dover Marshburn, D T 400 a, Wild Cat Parker, W B 75 a, Beasley land Rlggs, H 60 a, Core Creek Rouse, J O 303 a, Mosely Creek Taylor, Alex 73 a, Cannon Branch 6th Township. Bright, Henrietta 200 a, Neuse River Coleman, Hardy 60 a, Hancock Creek Pate, MS 100 a, King's Creek Richard's, Jas R 50 a, Adams Creek , -Richards, Ben Sr., 52 a, Oa- hogue Richardson, T A 8 a, Borden Road Simmons, Matban 100 a, E S Ad ama Williams, Jas 5 '.a, Mitchell's Creek 6th Township. Anderson, Sophia, 5 a. near rail - road - Bates, Amos, 10 a. Harelock Benjamin, G. W. 8 al H Bryan, Perrln, 10 a. Mrs. W. J. H. Cavnaugb, 65 a, Havelock , 7th Township. Cooper, Geo. 1 l.Graysvllle Foscuo Hasket, 8. 200 a. Johnson's Point ' ; Hunter, Mary I a. H. R. Bryan's land Lee, John, 4 a. Cole Camp Perry, H H 600 a. Haddock Plllam Bros, 800 a. Plllam land - . Vail, J.B.ll.Grayivllle Vail, Thomas, 81.; ' . , Walston, Anthony, 2 L Browns ville Bennett, Hardy, pay for Jane Bennett, 81 a. Havelock . '4h Township. Arthur, Marten, 1 1, Scotts alley Anderson, Ben, 1 , Orient Pol lock . : Beasley, Louisa, 1 1, Mo. 10 Toll 'street :.a , Bunn, Geo, 1 1, 181 Pavie Ave Boyd, Annie, 1 1, Duffy Town Boyd, Caiaon, 96 a, Neuse road Baker, Louisa, 1 1, West street Barnes, James T, 1 1 No, 17 Green street Becton, Marion, 1 1, Mew South Front street ' " Baker, R C, 11 14 Gardners Al " ley . : Banks, H L, for wHe, 11 No. . 88 Burn street Bryan, V 8, 1 1, Eden street Cherry, John T. 1 1, May street 7, Collins. Cbas, I I, 153 Queen ' atrcet J Cox, Henry L, SI. Murray stree. ; and Pavie Town Cabo, Geo, 1 1. 118 Norwood i atreet . - -Chase. James, 1 1, 60 Pavie Ave Copeland, Adeline, 1 1 73 Pavie town 5,-'';v?"4-! -Chapman, Boston, 1 I, Coart street f?C;Ut'-!: ''.'; Duncan. Davis, 1 lot, Lanes branch Davis, B E, Interest fn lend on Pembrookroad DUlahunt, Moses D, 1 1 Craven ' and Gray avenue Dillahnnt, J T, Act., for Laura , Willis and Andrew ft Moses , Wayne. 1 1, 17 Browns Al H' r ! ' s, Fred, 3 1 Front and 716 3 08 813 1188 628 6 46 10 28 4 01 583 6 60 7 91 594 400 4 01 4 54 437 372 5 59 280 5 55 805 3 77 5 99 25 34 10 72 804 595 1139 16 09 594 468 61 804 6 75 416 490 5 22 4 76 3 09 7 74 '835 ' 6 29 6 10 18 6 29 6J2 415 10 02 468 .' r -1 8 62 4 68 ,930 4 90 4 63 Durdea, Cambe to a Bathcelor , - creek-. J 819 809 8 62 362 335 382 853 429 0 49 Edwards, Julia C, I 1 Rountrss street EUridge, Asale.l INo.R0 Lee avsaoe Elhridge.Joe.llNo. 60 Lee's aveau. . FoavOle, Martin, 1 lot Pavie Towa FUlier, Theresa, 1 lot 13 Good street ! - ' Fey, OC.tlBraggs alley Freemaa, Haywood. 1 1 62 Jones street Gardner, Robt, 3 1 George street and Dryboro - ' Gerrold, John, 1 lot 33 Cstmer street 805 575 Good, Lettlce, 1 1 96 Bern stteet HIU, Samuel, 1 1, Mala street Hlnea, Mary, 1 1, 81 Kilmonlc 4 street - ": 629 Hlnea, L M, 37 a near Clarks 29 7 36 9 49 5 75 8(8 Harker, Anthony, 1 lot No. 21 Pavie Town Jackson, Fred, 1 1 Bern street Jarvia, Mora 8, 1 1 No 13 Carroll street - Jones, Decater, 1 lot 43 Lees avenue Jackson, Aaron, 11, Eden and Chapman streets 613 Jones, Edmond P, 1 lot Braggs alley 416 6 29 James, Henry, 1 1 48 Bloomfleld Johnson, John 8, S 1, Csrmer street; 1 1 Scotts alley, 8 lots Oak street 17 22 7 88 Kenneday, Auynstus, 11, No 134 East Front street Lewis, Sarah E, 1 1 Primrose and Pasteur streets Locker, Caroline, 1 1 Bloomfleld Loftin, Elizabeth, 2 1 Oak and Ashe streets Mason, Cicero; 1 1 No 17 Good street Moody, S F J, 1 lot Duffy town Moore, Henry, 1 1 North street Moore, EK, 2 I Main and Eu bank streets Mitchell, Dave, 1 1 Broad and Forbes alley O'Hara, J E, 1 1 Pavie Town . Agt. J T Barnes, 1 1 Pavie Town O'Hara, L E, 1 lot Pearson, James. Sr. 11 19Carmer street Pool, Harriett, 1 lot 115 Queen 629 5 22 10 02 5 -5 75 415 442 5 75 516 7 73 7 57 5 22 street 522 Orlum, Lafeyette, 1 lot Court street Roscoe, Mary J, 1 1 56 Eubank street Rail, W T, 1 1 Braggs alley 5 75 3 63 362 10 56 1 605 7 88 4 68 788 6 82 416 5 22 Sawyer, J W, Pavie Ave Stanley, James B, 1 1 146 Broad street Stanley, J P, 1 1 Pollock street Stanley, Silas, 1 1 173 Randolph street Smallwood, Edward, 1 18 Gas ton street Stanley, Kitty, 1 lot 90 Bern street Stanley, Kate, 1 1 Jones street Spencer, Annett, 1 1 Chop and Cedar street Taylor, Maggie, 1 1.190 Queen street Thomas, Chas, 1 lot Bryan and Crooked streets , Taylor, Mrs M L, 25 acres Deep Gully "" 'y;'' ' Wayne, Andrew. 1 1 If Brbwn'B alley Wetherlngton, Bouthey, 1 1. 37 German st Willis, Jno. B. 11. East Front St .:,,, White, Stephen, 33 a. Trent road White, Tbos. O. 50 a. Neuse road - , White, CL E. 40 a. Sander's place Wooten, I. L, 1 a. 69 Pasteur . st ,.. " . :, Willis, Susan, 1 a. 8 Court st Young, Louisa 3 a Bartlet st tk Township. Butler, Susan, 150 a. Jumping Run . French, F. J. 178 a. Neuse Road , 1 French, , L. J. 20 a. Turkey 309 4 63 3 95 10 91 6 87 8 75 362 522 735 8 99 779 604 884 3 77 735 3 52 440 353 3 03 5 45 7 34 6 03 Quarter Green, J. C. 210 a. Clear Springs.' . Hill, O. F. 83 a. Jasper Harris, S. P. 120 a. Dover Road ; ; Kornegay, Owen, 100 a. Dover Road, V Pate, Fred, 63 a. Wild Cat Perkins,- Sarah, 50 a. Black Creek Patrick, , Allen, 5 a. Jumping , Run' - , ' Pettlgrew, W. J. 133 a. Street's , 'Ferry. - !- Raaberry, W. H. 87, a. Green i Tree Branch f Rountree, J R. 10 a. Green Tree Branch -'j Spencer, Henry, 33 a. Myra Branch - - . Taylor, Julia E. 14 al Back if DO YOU SHOOT? you do yon should send your lUlaNMl itlllUiaJa- U N lCATALO;drufE.- IT'STFn E4C. he- IGUNlCATALOiG'UiE I 1 2n..a,MtVa.a .Mt 4aaeMIKaaai all afiaa jI:IVamm4W TrTl eMka.Aa DiRsia CliAt....a amatt a a iiiuaiu si iv as aiiiea ubavi aw ssia uiv uiuvi v it v. w uivuvaivi ajatucev ouviuhi ua Ammunition, snd contains much valuable information. Sena at once to the , a, Winchester Rapaartlnq Arrwa Co.. r ? - ... -9 f tw aoiiv. ,.,t. a IE (8 7Z C way into tbe ll.xxl. an 1 .i.-v f.ircod by thecirralatioa through th. glands and poms of tt.e sLIu. ..t;iii-; it to barn -like fire, and the incessant itching allows iio rtsA nijUt ur day.. Eczema appears in a great many different forma, beginning frequently as a mere redness of the skin, fol lowed by little blisters or pimples, from which a clear or straw colored ' matter cozes, forming into sores, scales SALT HHEUiml m weeping Eczema. aTJawaaai caled acid poisons sometinies dry up the aatnral oils aad the skin becomes hard and dry, often cracking and bleeding and causing intense pain and tearful itching. This form of Eczema is known as Tetter, and often est attacks the bands and feet. Unsightly eruptions mFmmF aTf . n the shape of pimples and blackheads break out . upon the face, neck and shoulders as a result of polluted blood, and this humiliating disease is called Acne. Local remedies afford but scant relief. The blood and system being saturated with m m m the poison .the A ifwase- cannot be reached with washes, sal yes, J mmfjF powders or other local application a. S. 8. 8. restores the deteriorated blood to its normal condition, stimulates the sluggish organs, and all the waste matter iseUminated through the proper channels. S. S. S. makes the blood rich and strong, and under its tonic and invigo rating effects the general health improves, and the skin becomes soft and smooth attain. ' S. S. S. contains no minerals but is guaranteed purely vegetable. Write ns if you need medical advice; this will cost you nothing.' Illustrated book on skin diseases sent free. - ' THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO Atlanta, 8a, Creek 3 03 Thomas, A. D. Si a. Jasper 14 49 WCherlogton, M. F. 3 a. rat) road. 5 58 J. W. BIDDLE, Bherlff. Talkael Tea Dollara' Wartk. "I remember when Judge Austin was trying a case In the criminal court,' said a Milwaukee lawyer, "that be had a fellow to defend who was evidently guilty. When tbe time came for him to plead, he rose and was will ing to let tbe case go to the jury at once, believing that there was no chance for acquittal. "He ,was nudged by the defendant, who said, 'For the Lord's sake, say something.' " Tou know you are guilty, and you didn't pay me much anyway,' whisper-1 ed the lawyer. 14 'I know that,' said the prisoner. 1 only paid you $10, and for goodness sake talk $10 worth anyway.' "Every one in the room heard that, and Judge Austin talked bis $10 worth, no cleared his man too." Chicago Chronicle. ,9 9 aaanaaaaa DISTRESSING STOMACH DISEASE. Permanently cured by the masterly power of "South Ahxbicau Mxrvhix Tonic," Invalids need suffer no longer, because this great remedy can cure them all. It Is a cure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the first dose. The re l'of it brings is marvelous and surprising 1 ; makes no failure: never dlsaDDolnts. No matter how long you have suffered. your cure is certain under the use of this ereat health-erring lorce. f leasant and always safe. Sold by G, D. Bradham, Druggist. . . Eye Strain Cause of Sore Eyes. Inflamed eyes, styes, and headache are symptoms which point conclusively to eye strain, and to'cure yourself you must seek the cause, correct It and then your trouble will disappear, you can stimulate and help nature In curing the symptoms by various ways, but still the cause is there and liable at any moment to break out again; it seems like pouring water on the smoke to put out a fire, to pursue any other course than th. proper adjusted glasses to correct the strain. A normal eye is one which when In re pose the rays entering it are brought to a focus on the retina, when they are not this way an extra amount of nerve force is demanded to make them focus correct ly, the result, an overflow of blood caus ing congestion, styes, the leakage of nerve force, the headache; It Is not hard to understand how a severe strain can soon exhaust enough nerve force to cause a general breaking down of the whole nervous s stem. ' Br the aid of the latest Instruments We can adjust glasses to any one, child- i-ii ...... .i i a rcn -i especially, raiuog went go nuoui woir nLuuiea wiuiuua ueing noriuueij Handicapped on account of eye trouble. J. O. BAXTER, Jr. Jk ejaauaja. . , I "There goes a great genlusl" exclaim ed the Georgia citizen aa a tall figure slouched by. . . "Novelist?' : ! "No, but he reads all the novels th. Other fellows write." "Ton call that "geniusr "Well, if it ain't exactly genius If s the patience of If Atlanta Oonstttn- tton, .; .... Deaaltr aa4 Karltr at Ale.' If a well could be dug to the depth of forty-six miles, the density of, the air at the bottom would be as great as that of quicksilver. By the same law a cubic inch of air taken 4.000 miles above the earth's surf ace ., would expand: anffi- clently to fill sphere 2,000,000,000 mnes in ammeter. 7 . l - Be Bajers It, ; : ' , uorem ion can't nna a man any where who enjoys a joke better than I do. - BIffklns-Cuess that's '-right; l'v. beard you tell the same old Joke twen ty times, and you laughed every time yoo told It Chicago News. nsme and address on a postal card for m ' ' -r New Haven, Caaw.j L, I r p fl ' O L, Vr. .... k la due to the retention la the system of Uric Add or other infiammatoa-v poisons which find their mm CHfCMTSTOira cpiolivm . a ; n ii;ai eai atai-a niwuBU la HKS an IhM aaullta kaiM. aul with UMrlUa. Taaaeeatban Biraie anfwHi BaaaUtsUaaa a Hasa. Mj at jr DnaM aw kr PartUalai. TaaC aa HaBar fcr L4la," faaar, , aa- tmm mall. rwaiaM. aawav fjfcl.aaaaai i.mImi va,. m raiu. ra. UNIVERSITY Of ctfprth Carolina Arademic Department Isaw, Medicine, Pharmaey. One hundred and eight scholarships. Free tuition to teachers and to ministers' sons. Loans for the needy, 563 Students. 54 Instructors. New Dormitories, Water Works, Cen tral Heating System. Fall term begins September 8, 1903. Address, F. P. VENABLE, President, Chapxl H114, N. C. It will be to the in terest of those want ing buggies and Road Carts to call at oncei I have a feo second hand ones left on hand and they must be sold. J.W.STEWART. Haettaaaeiaaaar ESiiioi, Rofrigeratots, Water Coolets, Ice Cream Freezers, Screen ! DootSjWin dow Screens, Oil and Cook Stotedj Ranges, Lime, Cement, ' - PlaaUr, Paints, Oils, Varnish, Puttj, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Cutlery and all th. useful articles usually found in an Up-to-dato Hardware Store, HEADQUARTERS FOR ' 1 ' - And all Kinds of Best Good1 j ' Irowest Price. Under Hotel Chattawka, UHavlng secured the services of ex perienced parties, I am . prepared oa short notice to execute Farm, City, Land and Rail Road surveying. Ditches, Streets and Roads laid out and leveled. Draughting in all Its branches. Blue and black prints made. Old maps re paired and mounted. Topographical surveying and plotting. Drawings aad wokring plans executed promptly. Sew erage and drainage planned, laid out and construction superintended. J. J. 'WcIfcrJcn. Wewlnri. C. .' ..,' Attomey et Law," , , 74.SO. Front St., Opp. Hotel Chattawka, NEW BEEN, N. a Craven CountyAttorney. t Circuit Craven, Jones, Onslow,! Cart- t, Pamlico, p. Lenoir, 'and; the Supreme and Fderul voarte. , - LAXATIV2 TASTELESS w.rnni ti"; our h v. . - - -MW ie ' 1 ! " . C t Bwiiw-.s) V J

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