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Nearly t Fatal FlfM at tie Soldiers
Election Bar4 Xeets. ,Tb
Tebaeee Cre. (iees Bepert
Frou the. Register of
Deeds. Bates Ulkt
State Democrat
. :
i tULxien, Jul; S-There wu a fight
at the Soldtert Home thta morning
which may hare fatal results. Jamee
Pittman and Elttman Harris, two of the
inmate, couaihsf rom Franklin county,
Quarreled, aboht a penolL One accused
"the other of saving It, HarrU, the lar
ger and the stronger of the two, had
Piltmaa- down and the latter, la self
defence drew his knife and cat HarrU
throat. The gash I several Inches long
but not deep. Harris Is la hospital and
Pittman is In, arrest In his quarters,
awaiting the result of the Injury. Both
men are nearly 70. Burgeon Hlqes
sewed up the wound. The executive
' board will Investigate. It went to the
. home this morning. '
The Bute election board Is called to
meet here tomorrow, but It will not
name the local boards until August, It Is
The two leaf tobacco warehouses here,
unoccupied for several years, Jhave been
leased to Oxford firms, Canaday, Knott
& Co., taking the Capital warehouse and
Cozart and i Cheat bam, the. Farmers'
warehouse. It Is said by people la the
tobacco trade here that the crop In this
section Is the best on record. They say
it Is twice as large ss ever before, and
that they . look for sales of 4,000,000
pounds here. The tobacco market has
not hnd the support here it should hare
had, and this was the chief cause of Its
c illapse.
The chairman of the board of commis
sioners of this county says he bss farmed
" regularly 0 years, and ' never saw " the
crops so good as they now are; that the
cotton is as tar advanced as It often Is by
August 1; that both notion and corn are
simply perfect, and that even on unfer;
'tlllzed lands the cotton Is One. ' "
The register of deeds says there Is at
least 10 per cent less of mortgages and
crop Hens than there was last year. '
Secretary Pearsall of the Democratic
State Committee has received from the
associated railways notice that special
rates are made for the Democratic State
Convention "-at 'Greensboro; these In
cluding rates from Norfolk, Suffolk and
Danville, Va, on sale July 15 and 16,
good nntll July SO. The rates for' the
round trip from Norfolk is $10.20.
Amou? today's arrivals wu J. O
Braswell, Whltaker " , , . -
J- Weekly ttoFBulIetitu
. Very favorable weather prevailed dar
ing the put week, resulting In farther
improvement In the condition of crops
throughout the State. - The ' generally
i favorable character of -the reports of
crop correspondents It quite pronounced
and Indicates at present a very encourag
' fog outlook. The mean temperature for
,i Home
., the week was about 76, or slightly be
low the normal, In consequence of a few
cold nights at the beginning of the week
but the latter half wu quite warm and
i sultry, snd promoted the j rapid growth
of all kinds of vegetation. Fine rains
. i occurred everywhere daring : the week.
- generally In the shape of showers in the
evening or at night, which did not ma-
- terlally Interfere with farm work.thougb
at some places where the . rainfall Wi
f i heaviest, toe Mound was ? too wet te
lplow for a lew daya. if f.
The rainfall averaged about IJiH In
ches, or slightly above normal A few
aevere storms with hail and high winds
occurred,! chiefly on the Nth or 87th,
1 with damage to. crops over limited areu
in which corn was broken down and
fruit blown off trees. The soil Is in at'
. cellent condition, and work hu been so
well kept up that hardly any reports
were received of trouble from grass or
wetris - .; :. ' ' '"( '''' y ::'::
Cotton is growing rapidly and squares
aro forming more freely; blooma have
" appeared in many counties; complaints
of damage by lice are Increasing. Corn
cl'iillinie , in do wdl; the r progress la
lavlntf by wan cliwkod a little in the
west by frequent rains, but without ma
' IhtIAI Injury to the prosperous condition
F the crop, t While -obacco Is rather
unv n with some fine hill but the me-
jorlty rather smslt, lue plants seem now
to be growing vlgoronslj ; topping bu
coiumnrel in ihe central-east por
tion. , -
Gardens and vegetables have Improved
peanuts seem to be blooming freely; rice
is good; the prospects for late planted
Irish potatoes In the west have materlal-
ly Improved; a fall crop of sweet pota
; toes csnnot be planted, u the drought
hu caused a scarcity of slips. A large
crop of field peas has been planted.
Spring oats will soon be reedy to cat.
Threshing winter wheat is progressing
slowly, and results show a very short
vleld but of excellent qtir"ty. Fsb tares
have become green agnU. Early peaches
- and June apples are in market quality
Inferior. The blackberry crop is ripe
snd abnnrtRnt; melons are very pron.!a-
I Sire of Nomination.
'pedal to Journal.
rULiiav, K. C July 9, Wake's del
gallon to the Judicial convention at
Bmltafield, left for that place today. It
la foregone eonclasloa that William B,
Allen of Ooldiboro will be nominated
for Judge and Armlsleed Jonee of Ral
eigh be renominated for solicitor unop
posed. - '
John Francis Gabb and Lola Silence
.Were married la St Louis last week, '
M. Trepoff, the chief of the Moscow
police, .whose life baa been twice at
tempted lately, hu applied for permis
sion to resign bis post.
John B. Brooking of Newburyport,
Mass- la Jtut entering his fiftieth yea
as a .church singer,' doing good solo
work despite his aeventy-aU yearn.
Senator Banna has pot a plngponf
act In the great reception room, la hi
Washington house. He done not play.
bat his secrets r, Elmer Dover, la be
coming ail expert at the gam.
Alfred B. Pnrinton of JerserUle. Mo,
who played an Important part In the
capture of Jefferson Davia, baa just
died. He waa one of twenty men who
escorted the Confederate president to
Base Martin, though totally blind
since the age oftoor, has been an ac
tive and useful .member of the fire de
partment of Port Chester, N. T, for
seventeen years, ."running with the ma
chine" to all fires. , -
A monument to the memory of Lieu
tenant General Xeonldaa Polk which
has been erected on Pine mountain,
Georgia, Will mark the spot where the
general was killed during the battle of
Eenesaw In 1804. '-
Alson 8. Sherman, the oldest surviv
ing mayor of Chicago, celebrated bis
ninety-first birthday the other day. Of
the . twenty-three mayors of Chicago
only seven are living. Walter S. Gur-
nee, who now Uvea In New Xork city,
was mayor in 1851 and 1852..?
Rev. Sam P. Jones, the sensational
Georgia preacher, la doing well finan
cially. He Is about to erect a twenty-
five thousand dollar business block In
Cartersvllle and has made other invest
ments of his surplus income that prom
lee to make him Independently rich.
Benjamin Buck Greene, the "father"
of the Bank of England, which he Join
ed tn 1850, died recently at bis resi
dence, Mldgham House, South Berks,
In bis ninety-fourth year. Mr. Greene
was governor of the bank In 1874. He
retired from the board about two years
Ex-Governor George B. Boutweli of
Massachusetts, who as governor of
that state attached his signature to the
document Incorporating Tufts college,
assisted In the celebration of Its fif
tieth anniversary recently and also had
conferred upon him the degree of hon
orary doctor of laws.
Ha Touklaai DTtioa to the Meat
fears ( Bar VmmUr-
He bad been to the boarding school
to pay a surprise visit to his daughter,
his only child. He had parted from
her proud to be the parent of such a
handsome maiden, pleased with the In
nocence of bndoing womanhood- The
principal accompanied him to the door.
"Madam," he said, with deep feeling,
"I owe you much for the manner in
which you have retired my child since
she has been under your care.; When I
notice the contrast between- that Inno
cent maiden and some of the girls of
her age who have dot bad the advan
tage of such strict supervision, I feel
that t have indeed done wisely In plac
ing- her In your charge."
"And bow proud yon must be," said
the principal glowlDg with satisfac
tion, "to be the father of so large and
devoted a family!" . i .
1 "Large 1 Devoted P gaaped the proud
parent "What do ton meanr
't "Devoted to , each lother," said the
principal. "No fewer than seven of
Clara's brothers have been here during
the past three weeks to take her out,
and she is expecting another tomor
row." tt -'
.: A !. Jte Harttoaltave.
Four-year-old Nellie waa with her fa
ther one day while he was hoeing po
tatoes.', ': iv---i '
There were turnips on the' other aide
of the garden, which, of course, never
needed any hoeing, and Nellie yery
earnestly asaea: .a j ,y
"Papa, bow do thl turnips grow T"
"God. makes them grow, my child,"
he answered, c
"Well, thafa funny," sald-NelUe. I
never aaw him in here hoeing them."r
Little Chronicle. ;
Kgg.Ver dos.... .llo
Chickens, old per pair. ... . . . .60 4: 80
" . young, per pr , . 80 ft 40
5 ft 6
Hides, green, per lb
" dry, "
.... ......B
.......Oft 10
Cornrper bash
Oats, , "
80 to 85
,. 85
................ ...62J
Local Grain Karket
Corn, per bu....
Oats perbu ...
Meal, per bn.... ,.
Hominy, per bo. ... .; .', .....,
Corn bran, per 100 lbs
V.'hput brsn, per "
K i;5K,s
r " t lirM,l',31,s.j . .
M ,1 )!'
' X3
State Board of Elections Meets la
-! ' Ralelflt
Leaelr Electric Co. Chartered. Ex-
Uaslea r rlerfelk ft Western
B. R. te Sezhere te Baild.
' Ceaaty Exaatlaatleas .
. te the A. A M. Col
lege U be Held
Jaly 10.
IUlxioh, July a. The State board of
elections met today, R. A. Donghtoa
presiding. The other members are WO
son G. Lamb, and R. T. Claywell, (mak
ing 8 democrats) and A, B. Freeman and
Clarence Call, republicans. The board
fixed the time, ' early In August, which
will meet" here, again and appoint the
local boards In Uie various counties.
sue outte caonen un ienoir Atocinc
Co. at Lenoir, capital 850,000; to furnish
power and light, operate telegraph and
telephone lines, etc ,
Governor Aycock today reappointed
the old" board of directors on the part of
the Bute on the Korth Carolina railway
which board la to hold Its annual meet
ing Jnly 10. Hugh G. Chatham, presi
dent, L. M. Mlchanx, Y. E. Tamer, J W
Graham, L. & Holt, W. H. Williams, C.
M. Cooke, P. TL Pens; J. R. McClelland
State proxy.-
i John 8. Cunningham, who is here
says that a railway will probably be built
to Roxboro, ' Person county; an exten
sion of the Norfolk ft Western branch,
now In operation from Virginia to the
Blue Wing copper mines.
R. A. Donghtoa of Alleghany county,
who Is also here, says a private company
now surveying for a railway from
Klkln to Sparta, passing Stone Mountain
one of the largest masses of granite In
the world. He says the Norfolk ft Wes
ton Is also poshing Its branch through
Alleghany to the Bellew Iron ore beds
in Ashe eonnty.
Speaking of the crops In the north
western counties, Mr. Doughtonsays
all are very fine save the small grain
which Is so poor It Is not worth count
ing. '
It each county In the State on the 10th
July the eonnty superintendent will
hold an examination for entrances to
the Agricultural and Mechanical College
here. President Winston of this college
says TV will be prepared to accommodate
500 students next session.
State superintendent of public Instruc
tion Joyner has malarial Greens
boro.";(r':"r";:' 'r'"' '. ' - .-
Arrangements are being completed for
a series of large educational rallies in
the State. The first will be held at Went
worth July 10. T. J. Jar vis and O. D.
Hclver will speak. ,. i -
Postmaster Bailey of Raleigh today
completed the payment of the, rural free,
delivery carriers. He says there are 110
of these. He pays all In the State.' In
this district there are 20, which is more
than In any other. This office Is the
place of deposit for 200 offices. ' The de
posits range all the way from $300 to. 2
cents. . Only four States have u many
postmasters u North Carolina and no
State hu U many offices which pay less
than $50 a year.
McDaffle's Tasteless Chill cure will build
up broken down systems and make the
blood rich and healthy, certain cure for
chin, guaranteed : or money refunded
50 cents at 7. B. Daffy's. . ' '
.. r chooiwinity.
Jaly 8. it ere Is much" damage done
to the crops in this section by the storm
of Friday night Jane 27th. Tobacco
seems to have suffered worst of any. -
Mr. J. T, Downs reports his tobacco
cat short at leut one half. While most
of the shade trees In his yard fell victims
to the fury of the storm; r
Tobacco crops that were not damaged
by the storm are very promising. ,
Corn crops are the best they have been
for years, "
The Irish" potatoes are nearly a fall
are In the section with, some exceptions.
Jomut.: '
- Jaly 8. To the delight ' of her many
friends Miss ; Nellie .Taylor returned
Monday from Virginia Beach where she
has been sometime. :. n ; .
. . MIu Daisy Dangherty, a fair charmer
from the Winter Green , section visited
friends here Saturday and Sunday.
The accomplished Miss Etta Wuhing-
ton from- Granville county opened
school here Monday which will lut three
months, ' ,
. Messrs A. D. Hawkins and H T White
visited your city Monday.
" Mr. E. J. Htnes of Mew .Bern spent
Wednesday In onr midst.
t The first ripe . water melon of the sea
son wu gathered by Mr. H, T. Hawkins
lut Sunday Jane 29th. ,
. The bitters that are oa sale la town
eansed some of our boys . to look quite
bitter this morning. ,: : ; v
Mr. Lambert and wife have a new
boarder, a little girl. , Henon.
r.r t-.x c:ri:i
t: j r.:j v.: r
Fine Basinets at the Lumber Co. Bogs
Good For Rattlesnakes.
July Snd. Rey. B. H. Matthews and
wife have moved In the Baptist parson
age, and Is busy at work on his lot which
he hu purchased for a school building
Rev. 7. 8. Becton left yesterday for
his home at Bellalr, after a few weeks
stay In town, visiting around. He
preached four (t) very Instructive snd
Interesting sermons while a visitor
Our Baptist church seems to be with
out a pastor, u yet Bro. Hobbe hu not
put In his appearance. Hobbe wu
called in place of Rev. Mr. Psul, who
went to Wilmington on a call there.
Miss Agnes Bell, of S. O, who has
been visiting her brother, Percy, and
friends here for Several days, left yester
day for her home. '
Mrs. Sadie Rekl and children, seven
In number, from Rose Hill, Duplin
eonnty are visiting friends here now
Mrs. Reld, is the widow of the late Rev.
Daniel Reld, who wu our beloved pas
tor of the Onslow Circuit of the M. E.
Church South several years ago and died
In Jacksonville while serving this peo
ple. We were all very glad to see them
Mrs. L. J. Herring left last Frldsy for
her home tn Berkley, Vs., after spending
a long visit with her slater and brother
in Bnansboro.
Mr G W Ward and Capt. W W Russell
took a trip away up on Whlto Oak last
week. Mr Ward to visit relatives and
friends there, and Capt. to lectlonser.
Our lumber company here Is booming
In Improvements; new commissary full
of good lumber, new saw mill going up,
new steam launch, building, etc., all for
the company. It looks like living sgsin
This mill gives employment to about 40
hands all tho time. The new commis
sary 112x48 feet, the new mill Is 40x90
Everywhere we have been crops are
splendid, cotton, corn, peas, tobacco,
melons and everything else In the farm
ing line Is far belter than we have seen
In ten years past.
We ssw Rev. Job Smith, the famous
Primitive Baptist preacher, at his home
on White Oak, he is lively for hla age,
being 81 years G months old He has a
good crop.
Bro Dave Adams wm so big and fat
that he could hardly laugh enough to
tell us about his good feelings concern
ing his fine farm, he always has some
thing to tell ua funny, this Is the latest
a receipt to get rid of rattlesnakes, turn
your hogs in. with the snakes, and the
hogs will eat them. Two largo rattlers
got In his stables among his horses and
cows, Bro. Dave wu scared, ho turned
In his fattening hogs u he had heard
that snakes could not hurt fat hogs; re
sult, the snakes were eaten up in a jiffy
by the hogs and they seem to want more
so Bro. Dave now wants to buy some
large rattlesnakes as food for his hogs,
says they fatten hogs better than corn
or peu either. '
F. C. Henderson, of the Belgrade
Courier , has some of the finest tobacco
we have seen, but we shouldn't want to
chew much of that tobacco, because he
uses parts green as a spray on the plant
to kill worms, he says it don't affect the
use after being cured.
Mr . J. F. Prettyman, the boss of the
lumber company here came in yesterday
to superintend some particular work on
his mill plant.
Very healthy, but very hot and sul
try. w
Mr. J. A. Pittman Is somewhat nnder
the weather, hut Is out today.
B S Gibson, L J Henderson, the Ervin
brothers, W H Mills, Fie Henderson, Ed
Belgrade Comls, D S Aman, Dick Gerouk
Charles Gerock and nearly all others we
pused on our way have the finest kind
of crops.
We had a big J. P. law suit here lut
week. Mr. Ed Burns took Mr. Frank
Holland with a warrant to keep the
peace with him and all others. He was
found guilty and bound over In the sum
of $100. Then H. took B. with a war
rant for stealing seven gallons of wine
from him. (H. J evidence non sufficient
and defendant adjudged not guilty, cost,
etc, fell on plaintiff, who demurred a lit
tle, but finally paid. W.
Bellalr Jottings.
July 8. Hot weather, fine crops and
dry. Farmers catching up with the con
sequent changes from truck and oats to
corn, peas and hogs; for the put two
weeks much land hu been seeded to
field peu for hay, and these changes
keep the farmers busy; now he can rest
a little, catch a good long oroath and
look at the corn and cotton grow. Cot
ton In some places Is 8 feet high and hu
been blooming ten days; the old custom
of looking for a bloom by the 4th of
Jnly Is put this year, u we had some
the 81st of June.
: Some field peu in bloom, bat this Is
rare, and quite an early variety. Some
field corn in routing ear, and much Is
silking oat nicely.
On the whole farmers are happy, and
feel like bidding farewell very soon to
90c. corn; so may It be.
Mr. G. T. Richardson who has been
Sick two weeks seems to be improving,
There is considerable sickness in the
vicinity two cases of typhoid fever re
ported. L,
Don't fall to try our 40 cent Tea, it is
a nn ana pleases taera all at J. It. rar-
Every Woman Should Write Dr. S.
B. Hartman, President of The
' Hartman Sanitarium.
Mrs. C L. Byron, of Ms Lincoln ave
nue, Chicago, HL, is President of the
(Chicago German Woman's Club, She
has the following to say of Peruna, the
great catarrh remedy, ' which relieved
her of a serious ease of catarrh of the
PemmM Medido Co., Cohimbat, O.I
Qeautmem n"f was omrod of m very
severe case ot Medtfer trouble which
the doctor did mot kmow bow to roach.
I had severe headache and dragging
pains with It, but before the second
bottle wu used I felt much relieved, and
after having used tho fifth bottle life
looked different to me. This wu nearly
a year ago, and I have had no recurrence
of the trouble. I cannot praise Peruna
too highly." MRS. C. L. BYRON.
Fiw Home Advice.
In view ot the great multitude of
women suffering from some form of
female disease and yet unable to find
any cure, Dr. tiartman, the renowned
apeclmUtt on lemule catarrhal dls'
ewses, hat announced bin wllllngnest
to direct the treatment ot as many
cases as make application to hint
during the maimer montht without
charge. w
txnose wisning 10 Deoome pauents
should address The 'Peruna Medioini
Co., Columbus, Ohio.
The to
.lowing quotations were recelv
edby J
E. Latham ft Co, New Bern
Chicago, July 3.
N. O.
Open. High. Low. Close
, 76t 78 75 75
, 73 73t 73J 73J
Open. High. Low. Close
:74 .77 74 77
, 631 02! 01f 018
Open. High. Low. Close
. 1060 1071 1060 1072
.. 1065 1072 1062 1072
HJuly... Sept...
Naw York, July 3.
Cotton; Open. High. Low. Close
July ..4 8.79 8.79 8.74 8.74
Aug.... 8.40 8.43 8.35
Sep.... 8.00 8.09 7.97
Oct 7.88 7.99 7.80
Dec ...7.81 7.91 7.80
New York, July 8.
Open. High. Low. Close
Sugar .... 128 129 128
BoRy. .... 87 37i 87
N.Y C.
. 88f 39
47 48
U. a 8
a fto......
Mo. p....;.
Atchison ,,.
... 108 109 108 109
... 82 83 83 83
68 68
Amice. ....
' Liverpool
Spots 4.15-16. Sales 17,000 bales. v
Futures, Jaly-Aug. 4.49. Ang-Sept.
4.43. Sept-Oct 4.20. , . .
Advices to J. E. Latham & Co., yester
day. . .
New York, July 8.
Bureau makes condition about 10 por
cent below lut month. -s :
R. Moore ft Co,
New York, July 8.
' Bureau report considered unfavora
. ' R. J, Johnson ft Co.
Same veek
lut year.
49,000 .
Lut week
95,000 '
This weea.
In sight 41,000
Bat, 1850
Mon. 4220
Tnes. 8000
Wed. ; 8500
Thurs. 500 .
Frl. ,
. ., ,. B5.000
" " 12000
S 13000
. "8000
Deviled Crabs, with shells to same,
Lobsters, Imported Sardines, Fancy
Salmon, Chip Beef, Canned Corned Beef
Potted Chickens and etc at J. R. Par-
-One, of the best things for nursing
mothers, or weak and run down persons
la Red Cross Malt. For sale by Crown
Eott"ng works. ThonelCi. Lee J. Tsy
1 ",r ' '
Un.cL. Byron. '
One pound "
Packages, Only
10 qt Galvanized Water Bucket, Only 16c each.1"" "
Fancy Full Cream Cheese, Fox River' Print and Elgin
utter received fresh from the dairy every week. .'.-
Pickled Rump Pork, Fulton Market Corned Beef, Small
Sugar Cured Hams, Pure leaf Lard and Cottolene. t
Tea drinkers can be satisfied from my stock,4 whicjT con
sists of the very best grades. . m ( , . . . . '
Queen Olives from tOo to 50c per bottle.., , .
Complete stock Canned Heats, Salmon, Fruits, and Veget
ables. We are still selling Tomatoes for 10c can." ;1 ' .
. Full line nice Toilet Soap. Fresh Cakes and Crackers.
The best of everything in groceries at lowest possible prices.
'Phone 91.
Plenty of It and
All the Best.
Ilere's a stoclrthat is fill
ed with the most reliable
stables. From Flour and
Sugar to the finer things we
carry plenty for your selec
tion. You'll get what you
need without fear of paying
too much.and with no doubt
"of the value for your cash.
we will sell a Good Roasted
Coffee at 11c lb. ....
Broad St. Grocer.
All kinds Soda and Mineral Waters and
3t All bottles have crown stoppers with-the name of what Zt
j each bottle oontains labeled on the crown. Tho use of crown Zt
3t stopper bottles insures clean bottles. Nolly specks in and ZZ
3 around the mouth of the bottles, which has to come in contact Z
Zt with the goods when poured out of the botUe. AU extracts Zt
Zt are the best that can be bought which means highest ' quality Zt
3 of goods bottled with them.,
Zt We are now bottling the Celebrated Vienna Cabinet Lager ZZ
Zt Beer, and are Wholesale Agents for Rob't Portner Brewing Zt
Zt Co's Fine Beers, and Hofbrau Export Beer the finest export Zt
Zlt beer in the worldj ! , , ''' Zt
Zt PHONE 105. .. y, .. 4 Cor. Queen & Bern Sts.
"Things cph ourway sqmdimes''"
'jjj No hail storm this year, but a storm of
Feast in Foot Wear will be on at our store, and this h the chance for )
the ladies that wish to get a Bargain. ' V )
4 DM.aaparMM riHliiifrAiiHiHM '
I Beginning Monday, kerning
we will sell 75 Pairs Zieglera Oxfords, sizes t, i Jhat sold for 98.00 ,
yVand $3.25 to close out at 75c -,Tr'""v '
sizes 1 to 8, to close out at 75c.
(N 25 Pairs Children's and MissAa'
C $1.75 to close out at 75o. These BandaU are alright and in good '
shapes, Black and tan. '''""" ,' '' '" u " 11 '
E. I!A17.::3,
The Old Reliable 8hoe HaVcr on Middle
Street has pleased the people for years
with his work. Can excell all ol!.. is In
tlie bnr;r'--i in V.m '' ,' Z tfra'.-!. j
of I,aI s i- -fi-
Coffee I,
Vfc Iletall
ii II. Grocer,
TllBrcad St.
Phone 137
. ' , e
RandabL Br. 1. Ibat" nh fn
::::j! :r.::j!! "-!!
The nndcrc'cl will i;;;,' a j
a Loan or ill C'.r-. I V o i m ;
idle ti ency j" i rl ;a i",
Ycvrr "

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