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    ' ' . - ) - -
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tie made rich
er and more
productive and
rich, soils retain
their crop-producing
by the use of
fertilizers with
a liberal percentage, of
Write tor our books lent r
wruca pre au oeuus. ;
CtKllAlt XALI WORKfl, -aws
SUM, Nsw Vasfc
, - " i - i
.. , Congress adjourned sine die. The Ben
atVe last day waa spent la discussing
, , .tbe anaata'.lon of Cuba. . ' , , . f 7
; '- "' .
Cloudburst In . Illlnoia and Missouri
; destroyed 1 1 ,000,000 worth of prop
erty. ' 'v "'
; Prohibitionists In Pennsylvania noml
- nated Stat ticket. jT.-ti
Je taie Wall, a pretty . fifteen year old
girl disappeared mysteriously from her
. home In Asheboro, N, C, and no- trace
of ber can be found. , ,
An Immense boat 1.800 feet long hu
been found encased In lea within the
arotio circle In Ala'ka. The boat la la a
good state of preservation aaJ scientists
adrance the theory that the arrange
skiff Is none other than Noah's ark of
historic fame. '
A harrlcane and clondbarat occurred
in Baltimore, lid. Poor Urea were lost
and much property destroyed. ...
Georgia Democrats nominated Joseph
M. Parrel for Governor. The platform
. adopted by ,thet convention completely
, ignorea Bryan and the Kansas City plat
form sad Insist that temperance be kept
.. oat of pollllcs, i:-..'.:.- !T,.;-:
1 The anthracite coal strike remains an-
settled end the condition - at Wllki
barre, Pa., continues serious. The aher
- iff of the county haa a large force of dep
. utles on hand to preserve peace and pro
tect property. "j, 'f-
President Roosevelt addreaaed a very
large and enthusiastic crowd at Pitts
burg on July 4lh. -.. . "p " ; '
The Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co
will build a cotton mill at Fayettevllle.
Contracts have been awarded. '
Plant of the mutual Machine Co.," at
Washington la nearly completed and will
be occupied soon. ." .
Hnvens Cotton Seed Oil mill at Wash
Ington la receiving larger machinery in
order to increase their output.- The de
mand for their goods Is more than the
supply. f: ; t
, Tbe Travora Cotton Mill at Swepson-
villa Is about to commence business.
Moses and Caesar Cone have purchased
1600 acres near Greensboro and will erect
thereon, a large cotton mill. A mammoth
nlant will be erected and . the motive
power will be a 85,000 horse power en
'The Fayettevllle cotton mllla will
'offered at public late July 8.:
W, B.astle, of Hickory Grove, ;
' Invented n cotton chopper whloh to
garded aa a great auccesa.
Tbe Granite Falls Manfg Co., (Cotton
goods) "has recently declared 0 per cent
dividend.: They showed ft net profit of
Hi per cent. i
If. Popkeea will reopen n cold mine at
High Point
Tbe Pontlao Mining Co., haa been
organised at Oxford, capital tlOO.00.
Frrsb Cured Hams. Sharers Finest IS
cents lb., . Klnlgsns Reliable lScle lb.
Richmond plain cured tame aa our ooun
try Ham IBeU lb. Small Breakfast Stripe
lOcts lb. plenty fresh Eges IScti doa. at
J. R. Parker Jr.
Ctgara to please every body. Prince
of India, Cubanola,Haney Special, Aunt
Hannah, A. to Z. Down Home. J. K.
Parker Jr.
.For Railroad Mcb,
.. We have aOilcd to on r stock of
watches that will stand railroad inspee
- tlnn, stteh as Tbe V" 'rd, Cresnt,
Street, P. L. EariUtt, t i Dcaber Ilrn-
den, and se'l them very elf; p.
We are also equljpcj to 6i.
in a manner to plcue the r if
An r.'gtn, or 'WaU'mm, ort t'
t ', if j"" i ' i r ! 1 1 i
Keetlic af the SUte Sadety af the
Stmt Railway xteielen Werk to
: hegln Seen SUU Keeerds
Being lndatei. Crepa
BnreViag Bach
1 - FrwaHMt -5
' - - - i -
RAtsfen, Jaly B. There were no ao
cldents here yesterday and no tree. The
day passed off very well Indeed.
The Intense beat la affecting the eropa
There la greet need of rata along the
Southern border of the Bute. The crop
report to to aext Taeedey la
net apt to bekood one. It to a critical
period with several eropa notably eon
and tobacco.
It la aald that the atreet railway hart
may ba extended sooner than expec
ted, v
Etephea B.' Weeks of Beau Fe, New
M ezloo, to Indexing the colonial and also
the Bute Records. HU work will hardly
be finished before the end of the year.
A letter from Greensboro today aaya
the condition of State Superintendent
Joyner, who has fever to not encourag
ing. Yesterday hla temperature was as
high aa 1M degreea.
Mrs. Charles M. Bnabee and Mrs. Lud
low Skinner of Raleigh are visiting Mra.
Henry M. Flagler at her summer home
at Mamaroalck, N. T : - f
The annual meeting of the North Car
olina Society of the Cincinnati here was
well attended. Wilson O. Lamb of Wll
llamston presided and Mr. O.L.Hay
wood of Raleigh being secretary. . The
following were elected active membere:
Dr. Robert J. Brevard, Charlotte; W. A.
Hoke, Llneolnton; Haywood Clark, Wil
mington; James Alston Cabell, of Rich
mond; Isaac Rldgeway Trimble and
William Hall Harrla of Baltimore; J. W.
Grant of Atlanta; Lawrence Lamb of
MemphhV; Heriot Clark son of Charlotte
waa elected an honorary member, an
hoaor rarely bestowed. '.
The corporation commission will de-
rote ; next week to the annual '
ment of railway property for tain-
The friends of H. G. Connor declare
he hu a large majority of the Instructed
vote In bla candidacy for the nomina
tion for associate juatlce.
A special term of the Superior Court
begins here next week. There are 11
divorce suits on the docket. There are
8 damage aulta agalnat railways. '
McDuffle'i Witch Hazel Foot Healer to
one of the finest baby powders known,
cures prickly heat and given Instant re
lief. 85 cents at F. & Duffy's
The Blsm-eaa Net the Btoat.
A New Tork denier who haa han
dled nnlptoada of fruit naid recently;
.It in often amualng to nee men, wont'
ea and children picking out, aa they be
Beve, tbe choicest fruit at the market
ntnndn. If there tire a balf a donen
large oranges within eight, they will
navO them, even If it in necessary to
overturn all the rest In tbe box or bar
rel, and this la true with most all other
varieties that are sold by tbe piece or
doaea Tney Invariably get the pooretl
aped me ns of the whole crop and yet
are not aware of It very rarely you
will find a person who la a good Judge
Who will at once alee up tbe heevteet
oranges, lemons or bananas, regardless
bt aiao. and tbey capture tbe choicest
fruit- ' ;
t"'' " 1 '" j. t -
Of All Hot Weather BubIn '
0 humanity cholera to the worst Treat
ment to be effective must be prompt,
When vomiting, purging and aweat an
nounce that the disease to present, tarn
bat it With Perry Davis" Painkiller. All
bowel troublea, like diarrhoea, cholera
morbus and dysentery are overcome by
Painkiller. It to equally health-promo
ting In all ellmatea. 4 ,
Deviled Crabs, with shells to same,
Lobsters, , Imported Sardines, Fancy
Salmon, Chip Beef, Canned Corned Beef
Potted Chickens and etc at J. R. Par
ker Jr. i
, - Picnic At Oak Grove, j
There will be a Sunday School plcnlo
at Oak Grove, three miles from Pollock
vllle, Thursday July 10. Thepubllo are.
cordially Invited. Come with well filled
baskets. Lemonade will be served oa
the grounds. ,Rev, Mr. . Tyndall will
make tbe address of the occasion,
Eggs, per doi...i......;
Chickens, old per palr..........S0&80
T M young, per pr W A 40
Pork,per;ib. . .......... 7
Beef, M .... ............ .....S
Hides, green, per lb... .........a
dry, .....dsl0
Beeswax, " ..... ....... SO to 85
Corn, per bush.... .
Oata, " 62J
Psannta... ............ ..........
Local Grain Karket
Corn, per bn
Oata perba
Meal, per bo
"omlny, perba.....;,.
rn bran, per 100 lbs
" ' t bran, per
llTs.. ....
n- i..,...:.
Ctosiar Exercises af viUagt
- ; School. : ..
July 1-Oar HiQe town has been the
scene af much gaiety aad pleaaara thhj
week la spite of old Bol'a efforta to
eeorca v visitors from New Bern, Tren
ton, PoIlocksvUle, Swanaboroand Jack
sonville, beaidce krU of them from the
ooantry, have been welcomed brlus.
Many of these cease te attend Miss Aa-
nie Koonce'a school eloelng of which
the many oxerclsee were a grand success
Which gave conclusive evidence of the
beet tutored aad disciplined school that
tbia community haa ever, had, aad to
which much credit and many thanka are
doe the peraeverent, patient and Meal
Mian Annie Kooaee of Rich-
lands, Onslow county, i f
The exeaclsea were Opened tueaday
a. as. promptij at II Velock by-the
school, which consisted of some excel,
lent maele, vocal aad instrumental, suit
able for the occasion, and soma recita
tions. . After' which Mr. O. E. Foy of
New Bern introduced the Hon. Chan. I.
Abernethy.of Beaufort, who with his
fiac oratorical power held the school
and audience spell bound for nearly aa
hour. His add rose for the most part was
instructive to the pupils of the school
showing to them the responsibilities
that life would soon bring upon them,
and how to meet them courageously,
aad beat down ibe many obstacles that
would confront them vn this path way
of life. Mr. Abernethy to a young law
yer of sterling character, a aatural
orator, and one who adheres strictly to
Democratic principles.
We hope that the good seed sown
down here by him may Implant them
selves In the yonng people's hearts and
that the harvest may be a golden one.
Following Mr. Abernetby'B address a
song, and then all retired for dinner.
At 8:30 p. m. the exercises were again
opened by a popular march rendered by
Hiss Dunnle Koonoe, the musieof which
brought tbe school from tbe campus
marching each with banners to the beau
tiful artistically arranged stage, where
with raised banners Joined In the sing
ing of the Booth's favorite air "Dixie
Then followed a countless number of
dialogues, recitations and songs which
were delivered la a way by many pupils
that did credit to their . teacher, them
selves and their parents.
We eaeh and every one appreciate the
effort and aueceaa that Mlaa Koonce haa
made here In school affaire and hope to
have her; ajrnln aext year for our
teacher. 1 A.F.M,
You are liable to a sudden attack of
Summer sickness and ahould keep in
your house a bottle of Dr. SETH AR
NOLD'S BALSAM the best known
Remedy. Warranted to give satisfaction
or money refunded by T. A. Henry.' ;
Snpt Joiner's Condition.
Special to Journal. ' ' ' ' " 1-
RiLiioHJuly 8vA telegram from
Greensboro tonight aaya the physicians
aow aay that Bute Superintendent Joy
ner haa not typhoid fever, and that hla
temperature to lower today." '
Don't fail to try onr 40 cent Tea, k la
a goer and pleases them all at J. R. Par
ker Jr. -' "
Democratic Senatorial Convention,
8tt District.
Pursuant to order of . the Executive
Commltte of the 8th" Senatorial District
of North Carolina a Convention will be
held at KInaton, on Thursday the tenth
day of Jnly 1903, to nominate candidates
for Senators for aald district and for
such other business at may come before
the convention. ' 1
M. D. W. 8tivbhsox, Chairman, :
, Ex. Committee.
W. M. Webb, 800
JACOBS' Raleigh Rye Whiakey to the
beat Middle atreet '
Chocolates 80c per pound at MeSorloy
: For Roaches and Water Bugs.
If yon are troubled with roaches and
water buga. try onr Roach Paste. We
guarantee it to give satlsfsctlon and re
fund the money If It does not Prion S&c
Davia' Pharmacy.
' - 1 il
ViA. ; '': ' July 8.
Crops are looking fine after the few
rains that have been la the past few
days.v .. :ls:--j'-r;'--':i ?
Mr.W.L Wayne pulled some alee
water melona the 8nd. He Is the first to
have a melon thia season. " r' .
Kiss Lona Holloa purchase a nice
Mason and Hamlin organ last week. She
contemplates taking charge of her muale
clam In Arapahoe 7th. -
- Mr Ernest Btapleford Jr., and Mlaa
Viola Dunn were married laat Sunday
at Mr Gilbert Gasklns in Traits. Mr Gas-
kins performed the ceremony.
Kisses Essste, Myrtle and Cornelia
Holton attended a picnic atOrlental from
New Corn. Invitations were compll
mentary of the Tabernacle Baptist Bun
day school of New Corn.
A number of our people attended the
Christian Union meeting, June 28-29, at
lory's CLtpel, Beaufort county.
Tie ClJlaiezi's Day exercises will be
IM at Clympla July 6.h two o'clock,
p. ra. ' '
r r. T"r. r '-', cf r.-w r -a, was ia
r '.' if:
Charter Granted The Carolina Col
ony Company.
Lereaxe Merrla, White, Arrested for
Harder. Cettea Oil Ce., ef
Uttlmere Chartered,
any Applleatieas
for Peabody
RaLIiob. Jolr 7. Today Lorenzo
Morris, white, aged 23, was committed
to Jail here, for the murder of aged Mra.
Catherine Morris, at 1 her home near
Wake Forest two weeks ago. It was in
evidence agalnat Morrto that he said ha
would knock her la the head and get her
money, after having .disguised himself.
He la not of sound mind, and to aald by
the deputy sheriff who brought him here
tj be a dangerous man. It will be re
membered that Mrs. White waa knocked
In the head with an axe, In her yard. .
The need for rain here, la growing
greater hourly. There ia little or no dew
Last night the percentage of moisture In
the air was only 40.
A charter was granted today to the
Verner Cotton Oil Company, of Lattl-
more, Cleveland county, capital $12,600,
J. P. Dllllncer and others owners. The
Secretary of State says he Is much grati
fied at the building of these oil mills by
local capital aad that it la a good aign.
A charter waa also granted to the
Carolina Colony Co. of Concord, with
500,000 capital. Its object is to bring
colonists to this State. The stockholders
are Edward W. Shedd and J. H. Shedd,
of Providence, R. I.; F. W. Slebert of
Waterburv. Conu W. T. Pratt of New
York City, and M. H. Caldwell of Con
cord, N. C.
Many applications for ePoabody
scholarships are being made to the State
suoerlntendent who will direct the
county superintendent to examine appli
cants. '
Tbe baseball team lately owned by the
Wilmington Base ball Association ar
rived here this evening, and played this
afternoon. It was strengthened by local
talent - It Is understood that Goldsboro
will take over the team.
Rev. Dr. H C DuBose a widely known
missionary to China, lectured here yes
terday. He says the war of 1000 has
opened the Chinese to new thoughts,
Western thoughts, religion and busi
The fo. lowing quotations were receiv
ad bv J. B Latham fc Co, New Bern
N. O.
Chicago, July 7.
. 78
High. Low. Close
Sept... .
73J 74J
72 73J
Low. Close
Open. High.
,77: 84
61 - 62
Sept.. ..
77 84
6U 021
Open. High. Low. Close
.10871 1087 1075 1077J
, 1080 1082, 1080 1082J
Nnw York, July 7.
Open. High. Low. Close
Dec ....
. .. 8.09
.... 7.97
- - New York, July 7.
Open, High. Low. Close
128U128J 127 128
N.T C.
u.a S.
0. AO.
Mo. P..
Atchison ..831
V O C... ....... 68J
A. C. O ....... 511
Amice. .... ... 10 ,
111 lit
- - Liverpool
Spot 5.8-32. Bales 12,000 bales.
Futures, July-Ang. 4.50. Ang-Sept.
4.44.8ept-Oct 4.33. . -
v ; Same "reek :,
f . last year.
Last week
Thia weec. ;
In eight 43.000
Bat. '
' 5000
Hon. . 2600
Tuea. . :
Thura. ,
' 6000
' 3000
For Infants ani CLil-iren. .
TH Vi Yrl '" P--t
,fcJ hu , U "i L -
Bears the ' 'It .Slf
eiaataro of s, fy.
Tre:h Grape-Nuts,
- '-'-CL!psana C
rofltnm- Cereal,
t r: ' - et J. R.
By Shampooa with
'Ajftrf AfwJnmm ft Tim III A.
paras o anouimi sua cua 11a
treatment at eocc stops falling haa
. ft. . f . -T-C I-
removes crosuv scaka, and dandruff,
soothes irritated, itching surfaces, sum-
Jatcs the hair fofliclo, suppHcs the roots
with nourishment, and snakes the hair
grow upon a sweet, wholesome healthy
scalp when au she fails.
Millions Use
CnncumA soap, sodatad by Ctmcrma
OlMTHDrr, for pmerrlos, purifying, and
beautifying the skin, tor elesnalDg the
scalp ot erusta, seal, ana aanarnn ana too
tapping ot tailing hair, for softening, wniien.
lng, and toothing red, rough, and sore hands,
for baby ruhea, ltchlnga, and ehafings, and
for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and
nursery. Hllllona ot women use Ctmcvaa
Soap In the form of baths for annoying Irrita
tions, Inflammations, and ehafings, or too free
or offenslre perspiration, In the form of
washes for ulcerative weaknesses, ana lor
many sanative, antiseptic purposes which
readily suggest themselves to women.
Complete Humour Cure, $1.
CunouRA Boaf (26c.), to cleanse the skin of
crusts and scales, and soften the thickened
atantlv allav itchinr and Inflammation, and
soothe and heal, and Cdtiouba Rksolvbnt
Pills (26c.), to cool and cleanse the biooa.
Cctiotba Rsolvnt Ptlls (Chocolate Oosted) ,
are a new, tasteless, odorless, economical sno
Utote for the celebrated liquid CrmouRA Rs
solvbmt aa well as for all other blood purifier
and humour cures. In screw-cup rials, contain
ing u aoses, pnee, zoc.
Sol4 tkreasjhoet Um World. BHtiih npoli -),
Ch.rM.hnnM Ha. Londnn. Preneh ItoDoil 5 Rn. d.
k Mx, IHrib rOTTia Oauo amd Chsh. Coar Sols
Report of the Snperintendent
Public Instruction.
A campaign for education is on in ear
nest This la to be fought for better
schools and better achool facilities. To
accomplish this, an educational cam
paign will-be made in every county
where there seems to be an opportunity
to improve the present conditions.
Walter H. Pace says truly that there is
enough native intelligence going to
waste in North Carolina for lack of
training to govern the entire world.
There must be a cause for thia. If a
person's surroundings and associates de
termine his character and Intelligence,
then - the individual's surroundings
should be studied and Improved. It is
recognized fact that a. child's associates
must be elevated If that child's training
Is to remain permanent. This is the
work the Central Campaign Committee
for the Purpose of Improving the Pub-
Ho Schools haa undertaken to accom
plish. .-
The following resolution wsa unani
mously adopted by thia committee in
Raleigh, February 13; It was reaffirmed
at Greensboro, April S, also at Charlotte
May 2, and at Horehead City by the
Teachers' Assembly, June 13,
"Be it therefore Resolved, That It Is
the sense of thin conference that an ac
tive and vigorous campaign should be at
once Inaugurated In every county for the
accomplishment of the following ends,
to-wit; ;i v y&tAl-.-j. -
The consolidation of small dis
tricts wherever possible.
"3. The erection of adequate and com
fortable school houses. "
"3. The strengthening of the public
achool term by local taxation."
The reports from the different County
Superintendents show that about one-
fourth of the school districts contain
less than sixty-five children of school
age. In other words, about twelve dis
tricts for every county (when a general
average la made) are Illegal. The schools
ran about three months in the year, and
the State Superintendent Is called upon
for, funds to Increase them to a four i
months' school
Crown Bottling works gives special
attention to family trade.,, If you want
l good ginger ale or soda water. Phone
them your order. Phone 105, Lee J Tay
lor, proprietor. r , ;
Notice and Warning to the Descend
ants of CoL Benjamin Stead
' man of the Revolution
. ary Wars! w
It wilt be found vital to tbe best In-
terest of Ann Rebecca Scott
beth Spellings descendants
lamin Steadman, or their
to forward to the undersigned
mall as early as possible,
sworn to before a court officer having a
seal, atatlng the degrees of their descent
from the said Steadman and the present
address ef all known descendenta. AU
ot whom are hereby warned agalnat
signing or empowering any one else to
"1 sign any Instrument ot writing, convey-
ing any inlereat to any lands owned by
the estate of aald; Benjamin Steadman
until after hearing from the undersigned
by letters. -.
ITo. lvll C'1"-I!6 r.oad,
c 1 'r 'C ' '.
Roasted Coffee
One pound
Packages, Only
10 qt Galvanized Water Bucket, Only 10c each.
Fancy Full Cream Cheese, Fox Hirer Print and Elgin
utter received fresh from the dairy every treek. .
Tickled Rump Pork, Fulton Market Corned Beef, Small
Sugar Cured Hams, Pure leaf Lard and Cottolene.
Tea drinkers can be satisfied from my stock, which con-
sints of the very best grades.
Qneen Olives from 10c to 6Cc per bottle. ' f "
; Complete stock Canned Meats, Salmon; Fruits, attd-VegeU
bles.4 We are still Bering Tomatoes for JOo earn.- ,-i
Full line nice Toilet Soap. Fresh Cakes nd Crackers.
The beet of everything in groceries at lowest possible prices.
J. L. McllL,
'Phone 01.
f2 .
Plenty of It and
Alt the Best.
Ilere's a Btock that iB fill
ed with the most reliable
stables. From Flour and
Sugar to Ihe fiuer things we.
carry plenty for your selec-,
tion. You'll get what you
need without fear of paying
too much,and with no doubt ;
of the value for your cash.
we will sell a Good Roasted
Coffee at 11c lb.
Broad St. Grocer.
- - mm si
3 flu RulQS uoga anv
2 r sTD CDZ7Z7D
All bottles have crown
2f each bottle contains labeled
1 stopper bottles insures clean
"It around the mouth of the bottles, which has to come in contaca s
it with the eoods when poured
r0 tb vaf. that can be hrnicht wnicn means- mgnesi quausv
of (rood si bottled with them.
We are now bottling the Celebrated Vienna Cabinet Lager 3
Beer, and are Wholesale Agents for.Rob't Portner Brewing 2
Or' Finn Bf era. and Hofbran Export Beer the finest export it
Deer ui-tne wona.
I,!:!: J.
; Proprietor
PHONE 105. , . '
. aJust Hecelved Jfcw Xlibbons, t V . ;
No. 80 Taffeta, only 20c.
No, 40 Taffeta, only 15c. ' r ?
No. 16 Taffeta, only 10c. ' .
Satin Taffeta, No. 80, only 86c,, m - t..' x
These Ribbons are in all colors. ?. i
New Beadings for Collars at 10c, 12 Jo and 16c. t ,
New Silk Applique In Black only at 10c, 12c and 15c."'
and Ellia- n ano w arner s jcxua ixing, jutuuiuuu. cuui i nw. ,
v-v m ttt . . n I t at . , LhAi nrn i n ,
of Col. Ben- i we also have the erAight.'lt; f:''Vs?-- e9Pec ?"y i 1
legal helra, if; for summer .wear, and we also have the YentH.itel'Corseta.'"; '
by U. a ; We don't for et the litUe folks we Carr AVarner's Per- t ,
, imdavitai W s',. rn.nAL itf!a--T.olna . '. ': " : . " " . .
: " -" '
'VVaItfV'W',VM'-w'W,ra'ara ',- - . ' '"
E. I3AV7.:
The Old Reliable Shoe X.."fr on HiJdle
Street has pleased the people for years
with his work. Can excell all others in
the busings in t?us ci'.T. The re; airing
Of Lad3 h" ?S! ,
10c. ltv
A lie tail
Grocer, i
TlQUroad St.
Phone W
ja sannanaaAAAAasksaaa.aAA A. .
mmcrai iraici ojm
stoppers with the name of what 3s
on the crown. The use of crown
bottles. Nolly specks in and
out of the bottle.' All, extracts 2
. !...
- .
. . , Cor. Queen ft Beret Sti
The under; ' I will
r. ''..e you
a Loan or wHl direct tie t ? c
idle mory y?-t i 7 l..te ( 1 5
Yen ' 1 '

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