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Great Prcpintlons For JSe Fire
men's TonrnimeuL
": "- -
flSWSet Aside by the Itato Fair
Association. . Insurance' Cess-
: paaies Making Money. A .
. Compromise Affected
t la the Crteret , . . -
Pablle.Laal ' 1 -: .
Ralkiqh, July. 10. Director Cross
lands of the penitentiary, who feu re
turned from ft visit to the State farm
Mr Weldon says the erode are wry
fine. Tba ralna. (there are 'seasona
ble. .; ". - , k
Great preparations are la progress
here for the State firemen's tournament
nest week. The races wHJ take place
on BlUsboro street, beginning on block
west of the capltoL , A grand stand
with a capacity of 1,000 ha been built
opposite the finish point. Forty-fife
companies will be here. . ., . .
' ' The corporation commission has. It Is
understood, valued the Charlotte street
railway at $'J35.00O-and the AshcTllle
street railways at 1900,000, It Is as
serted that street railways are asseesed
really higher . than any other prop
erty. ; . " '' ' ?.-:
QoTernor ; Ayoock,; today : granted
another respite to Richard Blanton, the
negro under sentence of death at Salis
bury. The respite is until August 5.
Blanton Is In the penitentiary hare,
where he was brought Immediately after
the first respite. The case Is a knotty
one. It is said the evidence against
Blanton is by no means conclusive.
The State Board of Agriculture hat
set apart $1500 for special premiums at
the State Fair. It reduced the amount to
$760 at its June meeting, but now In
creases It
' Insurance Commissioner J. R. Toung
r asys both the life end fire Insurance com
panics are making money la this State.
He says the new law against Incendiar
ism , is working admirably A' down
convicted under this law are serving
terms. ' Two rewards are now outotand-
. Ing. He has two detectlvee hi the field.
Last autumn Capt. William Ward of
tba Pacific Mall Steamer. City of Rio de
Janeiro was drowned a Saa Francisco,
his vessel having struck a rock during a
fog and sunk. His body was recOTeied
this week and Is now on the way here
for burial. His brothers, . both promt
nent business men and his two sisters
lire here.
The Bute Board of Education has ef
fected a compromise of a ease involving
public lands In Carteret county with the
Roper Lumber Company and today gave
: a deed for part of tba lands In dispute.
An application is made to . the State
for a large number of tents for use at a
Confederate veterans' encampment at
. Guilford Court House battle-ground
near Greensboro. ; .
The board of education has deferred
action In regard to the dispute as to aa
option on a large body of the State's
swamp lands la Brunswick county.
The amount of excess Of appropria-
. Uons made by the last Legislature ever
the actual receipts under the new. reve
nue law for 10014 !a f 430,000. It had
' been estimated ss high as $700,000.
- John S. Cunningham of Parson coun
ty, of the board of Agriculture says the
tobacco crop Is s good one, and that ex
tra care Is being given It He saya the
quality of the leaf la high. He looks for
good prices, at there Is a small stock left
w over, the demand Is Increasing all the
While, and there will be competition by
four of the great buying and manufac
turing companies.' He says there lea
' growing scarcity of labor and that Im
proved " machinery must . be used
, to take the place of this labor as far i
possible. -.iW'C ? :, t '.'-:-rJ
' -! ' . Majtiamd, Kla, October 10th, 1901
The Hancock Liquid Sulphur Co., Beltl-
v.: more, Md. '. , ' ' .7;.
Gentlemen: I have had Eczema over
thirty years, have tried many remedies
: prescribed by various physicians, but to
nothing has the dlsesse yielded so read
ily at to Liquid Sulphur. ' I think If
used properly It Is undoubtedly a sped-
. flo for Eczema.' I have prescribed It for
others with most satisfactory results.
: consider It the best remedy for cuta
neous affections I have ever known, and
- regard it as the greatest medical dlscoy-
. ' ery of the age, . . - .
- Respectfully yours,
' - . . s W. A HEARD, M. D,
For sale at F. 8. Duffy's."" !
Call Democratic Committee,
Special to Journal.' ' ' ; .:
Ralkicth, July 81. Democratic State
Chairman F. M. Simmons today '. called
the Bute Executive Committee to meet
here, Tuesday, August 6th, for the pur
pose of electing a chairman, secretary
and central committee L ' i ;
Prickly heat cure J laot1
by usjng of KuacocVs LI., .
It will also cure r """i, Fe t,
let, Ringworm, DiviKu ii t, C. " i,
Old Pores, and a'.l '.!a t; '
thort t' ve, ' ,i u- . ) t'
sale at F. & " -'s I 3 t" ore.
l arns.
i la
1. Tor
ci''s to r'
of I . r
r , '. 11
1 - ti;.
"'yl-.'y. r.'
The seooad forest fire la laid to have
been started In Bladen county. There
were two Area raging Saturday. The first
ana destroyed about 10 miles of trees.
The damage can hardly be estimated but
It will be great .
The temperance people of Norfolk are
nuking vigorous efforts to have that
Many negroes are leaving Winston, N
a and settling In Ohio. Last Sunday
four carloads left that city.
. .. .
A new legal holiday has been placed
upon the calendar. After II o'clock,
noon Saturdays is regarded by, the
trader Ma half holiday. . -
XUnabeth, City Is to have govern
ment banding to cost $180,000.
The new - torpedo boat destroyer,
Whipple, was given an official test Sat
urday and the result Is vary satisfactory.
It exceeds the expectations of the Navy
department and Is said to ' be the best of
its class In the world. -
It Is reported that a Republican news
paper will be started la Newport News
about September 1. nenator at. A. Han
na Is Interested In It. - :
The uniform of the United States
army is to be changed front blue to olive
green.' This move is evidently to catch
the Irish. : : r;-.
Hilary A. Herbert, secretary of the
navy under President Cleveland la very
sick with typhoid fever at Washington,
D. C and It is hardly expected that be
will live. - v.
Three persons have been arrested In
Beaufort county for the murder of John
O. Caton last February. They are said
to be moonshiners. Caton was to have
gone to Washington, D. C, the day af
ter his murder to give soma damaging
evidence against the moonshiners.
J. S. Du berry, a naughty Inspector
of immigrants, has . been fired by the
Secretary of the Treasury, for alleged
discourtesy to ladies travelling between
the United States and Canada, 1
Twenty-two hundred miners ; laborers
are on strike In Jacksonville, ; because
employers will not accede to a demand
for an eight hour day.
Pope Leo, Is highly displeased with
the conduct of the Oommlaalon of Card!
nals in the negotiations with Judge Taft
on the Friar matter In the Philippines,
and has annulled their proceedure. His
Holiness expresses a desire to treat with
Taft, personally. , , - -:. "
John M. Rand, a sharper, bought $3,-
000 worth of goods of Wilmington mer
chants for which he gave checks, often
receiving change. Rand was very popu
lar and the kserchants vied with... each
other In their attentions to him. Presents
of umbrellas, canes and many other
gifts were showered upon htm. Rand
disappeared and the merchants awoke to
the fact that they bad been "soaked".
The people of New York, were awak
ened by aa earthquake shock ' on the
morning of the 18th. '
Late cable dispatches announce that
If aria Henrlette, Queen of the Belglanu,
U dying. :v;: ,1
It hi officially announced that tba eoro
nation of King Edward wilt take place
August 9th. The health of the King
vary much Improved, and a bulletin
from Cowea, Isle of Wright, saya that
he Is able to pass the greater part of the
day oa tba deck of his yacht. -
lllning superintendents, predict that
owing to the continued strike In the an
thraclte coal regions, ooal wilV be, yery
scarce and high next winter, and (that
there will be much suffering for want of
fuel In the large cltlee, should the. striks
end within a month, still there wouH be
a shortage that could not be auppMedV
The Ylrglnlan-PUot Publish lag Com
pany of Norfolk, Ya hu been sued for
$10,000 for alleged slander by the solici
tor of the county.' The grievance lies In
the criticism of anOtorlal concerning
the release of the murderer Osborne, :,.
Hamond Bun Mohamad, Bultaa of
Zanzibar la dead. The Sultan baa ruled
since 1888. Everything In Zanzibar la
reported quiet.
WHhe!m!na,the Queen of the Dutch
la so far recovered that aha can return
to her home. The Queen left Castle
Schaunburg, Saturday. vi : " .
'Dispatches front Qaeenstown 'an
nounce that tbo Red Star Liner Belger
land, which sailed from Philadelphia on
July 5th, has not been sighted, although
due last Wednesday. '
Lyons, a small town In Tattnall coun
ty Georgia, was entirely destroyed by
fire on the night of 17th. :
The British government declines to
s 1 ho:1 s the American prisoners of
r ' '.' '.f. 1 crtiuei in For'.i Af.'.j,
, ; ' -31" " -st en -.sto
; .1.
reoognlsed by the United States, Great
Britain, France, Spain, BwlUerland,
Hay tl, Nloarauga. Costa Rica aad Gaute-
k She rapidly taking her putce
In the family of natlona.
July 11. The weather Is dry snd hot
but the erope are fine.
The sick people of this place are Im
proving. M r. E K Philips' baby Is con
valescent also, much to the Joy of her
parents.- "' " :--v - ' - .'
Bethany Sunday School wm give iu
annual plcalo next SaUrday the 28th at
Dawson's Creek. Other Sunday Schools
of this section have been invited to Join
In making It a day of merriment.-
Rev J L Rumley filled his regular ap
pointment at this place Sunday; a good
audience greeted hkn. ' ' "c '
Kr and Mrs N F BenneU, lOsses Ua-
sle Hardlson. Annie Harper and Messrs.
Jno. Hardy. Thaddeus Brlnson and Geo.
R Harper went to Olympla Sunday to
attend the services conducted by Rev. D
H Petree. They report a pleasant trip.
The school committee, are' having
twenty-five double desks made to accom
modate the large number of children
now aTtendlna- the public school. We
learn that about 106 have been enrolled.
This speaks well for the educational in
terest of our place. - -
Usa Hancock's Liquid Sulphur, for
Eczema, Pimples, Ringworm, Dandruff,
and all skin diseases. For sale at F. S.
Congressman Thomas Speaks In Other Ms
trfcts. At Work en Rural Free
Delivery Routes.
Representative Charles R. Thomas of
the Third Congressional District has
been invited , by , the Democratic Con
gressional Committee to deliver a num
ber of speeches in the Northern and
Western Congressional Districts from
September 1st, to November. 1st This
invitation emlnating from the National
Committee to participate in the Con
gressional and National 'campaign In
other States Is a high compliment to the
Representative, from the Third Dis
trict Mr. Thomas will endeavor to
comply with this request so far at may
be possible and consistent with his du
ties In the campaign for the Democratic
party in his own State and District
The Rural Tree Delivery Inspector,
Mr. Veaiey, is now in the, Third Con
rressional District under orders from
the Post Office Department from Wash
tugton and Is instructed to investigate
routes in a number of Counties in this
District This Is evidence of the fact
that Congressman Thomas la still ac
tively at work for the interests of his
District now as he has heretofore
been.' v:- t . -::'" ' .
Snake Reported as Alive.
A report gained circulation that the
rattlesnake In the church yard on Church
alley had been kllled,and In consequence
the festive denizens of that notorious re
treat, have been making the nights live
ly, with their discussions and settlement
of family and neighborhood affairs, as of
old. The office boy and a tourist printer
are authority that the snake Is still
alive. -r.
Fresh Grape-Nuts, Postum Cereal,
Saratoga Chips and tOat Flakes at J. R.
Parker, Jrs.
. Chocolates 30o per pound at McSorloy
Freth Baked Cakes and Crackers, aa
follows S o'clock teas, Butter-thins Bet
tines Graham Wafers social teas, Zu Zu
8nsps, Lemon A Orange Wafers, Smyrna
Figs etc. ; , : J, R, Parker Jr.
North . Carolina, . Virginia - Country
Hama, Sugar cured Hams, Shoulders &
Breakfast Strips just received at J.R.
Parker Jr. - -r!"v:-:rvS ;.
JACOBS' Raleigh Rye Whiskey is ;the
best MiddhTstreet-w -' i
r Don't fail to try our 40 cent Tee. it la
a goer and pleases them all at J. R. Par
ker Jr. "
. . . ..1-.,. V -v
July SI. It we could have a Uttle
more rain wa would not feel so : Bad
about our crops, they need rain, badly.
Sunday was the regular, appointment
for Rev. D. H. Petree aad he gave as an
able eermon tbia trip.
Prof. R C and Miss Lena Holton were
home from Arapahoe overSunday bring
Ing friends Miss Lizzie Hardison, Mrs.
Annie Harper and Master George Harper
utners visiting Olympla Sunday were
Mr. and Mrs. N H Bennett, Mr. Thadeus
Brlnson and Mr. John Hardy. 1
Mr. V. D. Albln of Aurora was In our
midst Sunday accompanied by Mr. L. W
Dunn who hu come home to spend
few weeks. He has been making Aurora
his home for soma time past We are
very glad to .have Mr., Dona home
again, vms .-'.i,..-' 5 '. -i -ifs :--
Mr. H. 8. Holton hue very good
crop of csntalopee this year, he gathers
a wtgon load every other day, he has
the ever bearing It seems.
.r I...
1 f j
j f
Asked For All But Durham Sub
dued Fire.
Thirty T we Cempetiters at Raleigh
Firemen's Tournament Death
af San af tieneral Teen.
Geverner ' Escapes
Front Public
flew.,.,. .
Ralxioh, July 81. About 10 o'clock
last night Chief Lumsden of the Raleigh
fire department received ta telephone
message bom Surhanv-askfHgfor the
aid of the department, ei a dangerous
fire was In progress. A special train
was ordered and the loading of hose snd
a hose wagon, etc, was begun, when
another message came, caying the fire
was under control. The tobacco prize
housee and a dwelling were burned.
President James D. McNeill of the
State Fireman's Assoclstlon arrived
here yesterday and is looking after mat
ten connected with the meeting of the
association tomorrow, also with the
tournament, which begins Wsdnesdsy.
He says that 89 teams or companies will
compete In the various even's.
.Yesterday and Saturday the tempera
ture here was over 101 degrees at the
weather bureau, while nearer the ground
level the temperature ranged often from
10S to 104. The strong breeze yesterdsy
wss the only relief. Last night It wss
about a gale. Rains fell st many parts
in this section; none here. Crops need
rain quite badly. The dry winds are
hard on them.
Thomas F. Toon, oldest Bon of Gen.
T. F. Toon, was found dead In bed yes
terday morning at his home at Atlanta.
Heart disease caused death. He was
here last February at the funeral of hit
lather, Who died while State Superin
tendent of Public Instruction. Mr,
Toon was 32 years old. He leaves a wife
and child.
Governor Aycock went with the State
board, of internal Improvements, of
which he is the president, on the trip of
Inspection of the Atlantic and North
Carolina Railroad.. Officials here said
they did not know where he had gone,
but thought It was to Seven Springs.
Even private Secretary Pearsall said he
did not know where the Governor had
The trustees of the "Agrrccntaral and
Mechanical College met here this morn
ing. President Winston of the College
urged that provision be made for a cen
tral heating plant, and asked the trus
tees to advance the money for It.
The A. B. Carrington Tobacco Com
pany of Wilson, is authorized by the
State to change its name to tbo venable
ITobacco Company.
Take a bath In Hancock's Liquid Bui
phur. They are superior to those of the
most celebrated Sulphur Bprlngs, having
the additional advantage of. being made
anv desired strength. They will cure
Prickly heat, Eczema, and all skin die
eases. For sale by F. 8. Duffy.
Rev. H. 8. Bradshaw is visiting in
Dr. R. F. Butler Is visiting relatives in
Philadelphia. v
Mr. 8. J. Lane, of Yanceboro was in
the city yesterday.
Mr. J. E. Benton has returned from
trip to Seven Bpiings, . '
United States Senator F. M. Simmons,
is a visitor In the city. '
Mr. W. E. Brown of Ysnceboro was
in the city yesterday. .
Mr. Charles H. Fowler, of Stonewall,
was in the City yesterdsy.
Mrs. R.' 8.' Primrose went down to
Beaufort yesterday morning.
; Mrs. H. E. Royall and child left yes
terday to visit friends st Klnstoo.
Mr. John Garrett went up to Elnston
yesterdsy to spend a few days. .
1 Mr. 8. Coplon, of Durham, formerly of
this city, Is here on a visit ; ,
Mr. A. St Holden, of Wilmington, re
presenting the Lindner Shoe Co. is In
the city.
Messrs G. H. Roberts and E. H. Mead
ows returned from Morobead City yes
terday. , i
Mr. Will Swan of Stonewall, was in
the city yesterday attending a rail road
meeting. - - , ' i
, Mr. H. P. Harding, Superintendent
Graded School of New Bern has gone to
Greenville. N, C .
Mr. James G. Blades and son, Vernon
of Elizabeth City are spending a few
days In the city.
Mrs, William Lorch and Miss Lucy
Brlman went to Seven Bprlngs yester
day to pass the summer. . , ' ;
Rev. H. 0. Moore left last evening to
visit at his old home In Globe. He Is tak
ing his vacation and will be gone till the
last of August -; - -;:
Congressman Charles R. Thomas hu
returned from the State Convention, and
u were all others, he is full of praises
for the way Greensboro treated Its visi
tors, ' - " ;
Mr. Howard Styron left ' yesterday
evening on the steamer Nouse forPhila-
do'pLIa, where he will reside in the fu
ture. V.t, Etyian has accepted a position
m ' i t!.e E'-t'cs Lumber Company, and
Pore and Sweat are the Skin, Scalp,
. and Hair of Infanta Purified
and Beautified by
r AJOSa can Ccnorma Soar, as
listed by Ounccaa Onrrnmxr, for
preserving, porifrlng, and beautify
ing the tUn, for cleansing the scalp, and
the stopping of falling hair, lor softening,
whitening, aad soothing red, rough, and
sore hands, for baby raihea, itchlngs, md
ehafingt, and for all pat-poses of the toilet, '
bath, and nonery. Millions of Women
1 Cunoona Boar in baths for annoying
irritations and Inflammations, for too free
or offensive perspiration, in washes for
ulcerative weaknesses, and for many san
ative, antiseptic purposes whioh readily
suggest themselves to women.
Complete Treatment. $1.
Cuticoba Soap (Mo.), to cleanse the skin of
Ainflta And aft&lea mxta floften the thickened
cuticle, Ctmcuaa Oixtmnt (SOc.), to ln-
canuy bust ihuudk ,nu iluwubluvu, .uw
soothe and heal, and OtmcuBA ResolvbkT
Pills (Sto.), to cool and cleanse the blood.
ChmonnA RsiOLViaT rm (gnoeolat
Coated) are a new, tarteleu, edorlen, eeonom.
leal nUUtate for the etobrtd liquid OtmcrjaA
Bw.TMT,afweU a for aU other blood pnrinera
and homoaaenrM. In aerew-eap TiaU, oontaln
lag SO doaea, prist 26e.
SoM Simifhoat th wW. VrpcOT-x,
CbuMrhovM Ba., Ltiadoa. rmeh Ipoi laud,
u Pus. Pwla. Forna Dwoa and Catu. Cobp., Sole
ItorBortoa,D.S.A. AUabnta,Skl,fiea
The following quotations were receiv
adby J. E. Latham & Co, New Bern
Chicago, July 21.
Open. High. Low. CIobc
Sept... .
77 77 75J
73 72 71J
'Open. High. Low,
Sept.. ..
. 1070
1067, 1070
Naw Yobx, July 31.
Open. High. Low. Close
, 8.71
, 8.50
, 8.16
New York, July 21.
Open. High. Low. Close
80 Ry ...
U.S. 8...
C. &0..
Mo. P..
A. C. O
Am Ice.
... 11
,,, Uerpool
Spots 5.8-32. Bales 8,000 bales.
Futures, July-Ausj. 4.53. Aug-Sept,
4.53.Hept-Oct 4.32.
- Same veek
last year.
Last week .
In sight 48,000
Bat. . , 1000
Mon. " 5000
Afrl-Kola is still gaining popularity
with all who try It. It Is good for
nervousness and headache. Bottled by
the Crown Bottling Works and sold for
60c ts per box, 2doi bottles. Leo J Taylor
Prop., Oorner Queen and Born streets,
Phone 105. "
W. B, Lane for Lefislature.
5 Ninth Township, Craven Co.
" Mr. Editor Since the time appointed
for our Democratic primaries Is drawing
nea,I desire to suggest W. B.Lane,
Esq- ss a candidate for the legislature.
He is well known to the entire peoplo
of our county, is popular, and magnetic,
possessed of line Judgment, has hsd
some experience in legislative bodies,
and in fact is possessed of the many
qualifications essential to a good law
maker. Furthermore it hu heretofore
been the custom of our party to select a
representative for the' General Assembly
from outside of our city and It is cer
tainly not the proper time now to depart
from that custom. ' ,
Brethertt, we call, and earnestly ask
every good Democrat In the county to
vote for W. B. Lane on the third day of
September and elect him and we will al
VoIgjtVt Nnow
Drift an J Whit
New Bbl. Fulton Market Corned Beef. ,
Small Pig Ilams-and Breakfast Strips, English Cured
Shoulders and California HaniB. 1 - ' '- '
Codfish, Irislt-Potatoes and Onione,
Qrape.Nuts. .....
Mason's Fruit Jars and Jar Rubbcrif. . , , . 1
Potted and Canned Meats.
Heinz's Pickles.
Fancy Fresh Elgin Butter 30o lb. ; '
,t imam.
vi Eii yjvDuinua) avv..f
'Phone 01. TlQBroad HU g
Tea Excellence.
You Need Tea
that will have quality and
provide you a pure beverage
in which you can take pleas
ure. Here's a tea from a
famous . plantation where
care is given to have'purity
in the growth, cleanness in
the curing, and care in the
.J. J. TOLSON, Jr.,
Broad St. Grocer. Phone (37
Our drinks can only be the Best, when the - Best of Ex
tracts and other Ingredients of the Highest Quality are used
to make them perfection. ' . , 4a
All of our drinks are put up on Scientific Principles and 2
with tne Very Latest improved macmnery. - ' i
One Trial of Our goods will make you a permanent custo
mer. , . ' . ' 4!
PHONE 105.
. All persons who have any thing in theMillinery Line will do well
to SEE MISS PAKKER before buying. I have decided to close out
the entire stock AT PRICES, NEVER BEFORE HEARD OF.,'
Everything must go, including New line of Ribbons just in.
' 1 Respectfully, -' ' '
' Wire Screens, Door and Window Screens, Lawn llowers, IceJCream .
Freezers, Ice Shavers. 1,,J f ' '
A full line of Hardware, Paints, Oils, Varnish, Enamels in Gold,
Silver and Alluminum. ' J ' , V
A new lot Ball Bearing Castors, improved. s
Our goods as represented,' TRICES THELOYfTTT. ,
" '' Give us yonir orders. ' , ; v
11?. : '
& Iletall
the itto of k Crra Mi Ws.' I
TAYI.OK, Proprn
Cor. Queen k Bern Sts. i
i it
111 1 3 1' c!r representative at rhlladol-
ways bo proud of our selection,

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