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Urftr Efen TtiaaTbe MostSaa-
fuine Eipcctlon.
Strong Evidence Against Mem
' Charges' With Arsen. Canseatert
Us Ts Norfolk. Lata Cara
Improvement By The .
Kalis ,
Raleigh, Aug. 8 Insurance Commis
sioner Young hu returned from Wind
sor. Be says a tery strong caae h made
oat against . K. Collins and J. B. 8tal
llnga, two of the men who are charged
with burning their store at ' Qultsns.
Earrell, Collina nephew, efew wanted la
the Mine v charge, hu Bed and If at,
large.; '..vV
Auditor B. F. Dixon goes to Gutoela
' on the lith to addreai a largo, gathertag
of ex-Confederate Veterans. ,
The tobacco break I here' yesterday
were even larger than expected. Farm
er were here who had not been here for
H) yean. On one warehouse floor there
were 293 piles of leaf, and on the other
458. In all 233 fanners had tobacco oa
sale. They all expect a good season,
, and say the tobacco on sale brings about
four times as much as it did a few years
ago. Arrangements are to be made next
week to build a stemmery. The tobacco
trade will bare to take the place of the
cotton trade which Is nearly at an end
. here. The smaller places and the mill
absorb nearly, all the cotton. "1 This sea
sons1', receipt are 10,000 bales, against
75,000 twenty years ag0, r"-"----
Senator and Mrs, Simmons will go to
Beaufort the end of next. week. Mrs.
Biirmons' health, feeble for a year past,
Is slowly ImproTlng.
Twenty carpenters will leave here to
morrow for Norfolk, to work, most of
them taking their families. They will
get $2.75 a day. -
The drought is now practically at an
end In all parts of this county. The Im
provement of young corn In the past
five days Is really remarkable. East of
' here," in some ' sections,- It Is said the
drought Is yet severe. Btreams are very
low. Many small streama are . dry, and
so are many springs.
The Democratic convention of this
county met at noon today. The primary
a week ago 'settled the question as to
most of the nominees but not at to all
of them. The primary la this county Is
really not a nominating primary but one
which recommenda..,,;,;',;.; . .,r:Lr2 J
The State election board meet here
Monday. Its members are R. A. Dough
ton, W.G. Lamb and R. T. Clay well,
Democrats, and Clarence Call and A B,
Freeman, Republicans. ' .
' Four Cases of the Dread Disease Reported
Health officer, Dr. N. H. Street, re
ported officially on Sunday that there
were four cases of smallpox In New Bern
. They are negroes and live far from the
' centre of the citv. The cases were all
quickly quarantined and there need be
no cause for alarm.
People generally should assist the
Dhvslclans In checking the spread of
' this dangerous and infectious disease by
being vaccinated. There should be no
fear regarding the precaution thus urged
as It is a practical preventive agalnat
smallpox. " ' " '
There Is one case also reported at
Havelock which was communicated from
S Merrimon where It is aald there have
' been a few cases.' "
. Resolution as to Character of Entertain
ments to be Permitted on Fair ':
, - , Grounds. -' '.
The following resolution was adopted
by the Advisory Board of the Agricul
tural Society as to the character ofen-
, tertalnments to fee permitted at the next
.' Slate Fair., - y
Resolved, Tbat no gambling devices,
Illegal games of chance or Immoral ex
blbltlons will be allowed on the groonds
, of the North Carolina Slate Fair, and
the following are expressly excluded,
inch a Plate Boards,Splndles, Mckouls,
Ftb ' foml Card ' Games, Cloth Pin
Games, Plot, Machine, Book-Making,
, tc, Uvcliee-coorhee or Oriental danc
N lf-g, or oilit r degrading exhlblltons,wlth
or wlih nil b xnh or tents, will not be
All wonky and Interesting thnw or
aniQM-ments are Invlu-d.and will receive
a rntilliil w Irome.' -
I Teo Trn to Be PrefltaM.
now about that hlBtorlcal noveir
baked the publisher.
f "No good at ali." answered the read-
tr to whom It had been assigned. "The
lan doesn't understand bow to write
historical novels, and he hasnt pervert
ed the truth as we know It enough to
knaka any kind -of a rumpua among the
trttlcs. nia book would faU flat"-
chlcago Tost
Tor Ialanti aai CLiIIr:i
r:. J V;jr.3 ;:::::
Eeva the
Petroleum has been discovered
Rome, Ok, at a depth of BOO feet The
well's capacity la sixty barrels a day.
John Hardy, a colored saaa of Char
lotte, N. C, met aa awful death a a
street crossing of the Southern railway
Saturday night ' Hardy attempted to
cross the track la front of aa angina and
was caught and his body almost cut la
Saturday night a burgular who at
tempted to enter the raaUeaoa of Mr.
Oscar Pearaall In Wilmington, N. 0. was
shot and probably fatally wounded by a
young white man named Rogers who
Uvea on the premUctv -
The first bale of cotton fri
son's crop received at Charleston, 1raa
from Blackvllle, S. a, and sold (or
tea cents, being classed as good mid
dllag. ' . ,
Gold Is aald to hare been discovered la
Mexico, N. T., which according to rumor
yields $40 to the ton.
The delay la n amine an apostolic dele
gate to Manila Is duo to the desire of thf
Vatican to please the authorities at
Washington, by sending aa American
prelate, and the Vatican la now awaiting
letters from the United States.
William J. Bryan - positively asserts
that he will not be a candidate for the
prealdency again, and In a speech the
other day declared himself . too Demo
cratic to covet aa ambition that only a
few In one generation could share. '
King Edward Is firmly resolved to be
crowned next Saturday, even If ha Is
compelled to be carried np the wave of
Westminster Abby on a litter. The King
Is annoyed with superstitious fears and
every little mishap Is construed to be an
111 omen, and the doctors declare that no
permanent Improvement of health will
take place until the coronation Is over
and his mind becomes at rest.
A new cotton bug has made Its appear
anoe In Mississippi and la said . to be
doing much damage. The 'planters are
greatly alarmed for the safety of the cot
ton crop If the bugs are not destroyed.
The chaplama of the. army are very
much, displeased with the almple uni
form prescribed by the raieiof- th De
partment, and demand that their nnl-
forms be decorated with jrold lace and
other vain fripperies.
Samuel Taylor who wu once a promi
nent and prosperous merchant of Balls-
bury, N. C, suicided by shooting himself
Saturday at Charlotte. James Baker, a
switchman, attempted suicide In the
same manner In the same city and on the
same day. Baker will die.
The collieries at Shenandoah, Pa.,
started work Monday under military pro
taction. '
' . .... ' ' . '. v :' ,r J
While on his way to deliver a lecture
at the Drbana Chantaqua In Ohio, Capt.
Richmond P. Hobson again distinguish
ed himself by gallantly aaslstlng some
ladles who were victims of an electf lo
railway wreck. Hobaoa also being In
the wreck. ,The accident wu caused by
a derailment. No serious Injuries re
Miss Nell CampbeU of Chicago, wm
arrested Saturday on the charge of starv
Ing aa Infant It la alleged that she con
ducted a baby farm and that no less than
eight Infanta committed to her care have
been starved to death. ?
Official reports at St ." Petersburg
show cholera to be rapidly spreading at
Distribution of aeeda by the Govern
ment will be started September 1st, on
month sooner than usual. '"
It la expected that the Grand Duke
Boris, Of RussIaJ cousin ot the Cxar
will tlslt America in te falL
Domiciliary raids by the police la
Rome resulted In the arrest of 80 anar
chlsts. Borne of them are reported to be
from Patterson, N. J. . , . ,- ;
The Texu floods which have done
treat deal of damage are receding. The
amount lost . It Is asserted, will reach
fully $1,000,000. V - ' " . j
Fire damp In one of the large Austra
lian coal mlnea caused a terrible ex
plosion causing the death of 187 mi
ners, i i
' Secretary of the Treuury Shaw hu
issued a statement positively forbid
ding the as of his name - la connection
with the presidency , nomination la
1904. 1
: Mr. Schwab the steel magnate will
build a magnificent palace as a gift to
Rt Rev. Bishop Qarvey of Altoona,
Pa. '
A freshet la the Republican river
wuhed out a new channel at Concordia,
Kan., and left the town about a mile to
one side. The sewers will have to be
extended to the new river. '
, a pro-"
aa ambeaaler to the amount of $100,-
000. ,
Trala robber secured $50,000 from
the safe la a Wells-Fargo express car
oa the Mexican Oeatral road near El
Paso, Tsita. The robbers were over
taken aad $30,000 recovered. One rob
ber wu captured, the others escaped.
A boy struck a match la a gia house
connected with a cattoa mill near Shelby
N.Cead a 14,000 flrewu the result
The gin, a planing mill, cotton ware
houjo and a few small building were
Sertous trouble seemito bave devel
oped aboard the President's yacht, May-
lower. ' Nine men have deserted, and a
number of them asserted that seventy
others, after pay day, will take ''(reach
leave."? The dlaeoateat la said to be
caused by the overbearing and tyrannical
dUpoatttoa of the ship's executive offl
ear, Untenant Phelps, : '
Marshal C. BL Clay of Elma, WaalL,
waa a aaver cup presented to nia
trandfather by Thomas Jeff enoa Aug.
UklTTO. , .... r .
General W. V.., Draper, who waa
fjnlted Statea erabaaaador to Italy from
1887 to 1890, baa just returned from a
long tour of Egypt and the east
Joseph Springer baa been selected as
vice consul lo Cuba by General B. S.
Bragg, the conaul general. Springer
hat realded la Havana for twenty
year. r ;l '
Louis A. Cudebrod of New York
made the dealgn that has been accept
ed for the memorial arch to be erected
Richmond,. Va, to the memorybf
Jefferson Davis.
The late General Charles H. T. Collla
made the bequest In his will that bis
two regimental flags be deposited n
the tomb of bit old comrade, General
Ulysses 8. Grant
Mark Twain'a Innocents Abroad"
baa been barred from Buula for its
heresy. The chapter objected to la his
description oC weeping over Adam s
supposititious grave. , :
P. H. Harrison of Manchester, N. H
Is compiling a history of battleflaga of
tbla country, especially of those carried
In what he Incidentally calls "the
brothers quarrel" In 1861-68. .
Alfred Belt the successor of Cecil
Rhodes In the development of South
Africa, starts out with record of
having given mora to charity la the
last ten years than the Rothschilds. -
Professor Lewis Swift, woo baa Just
passed bis eighty-second year, has dis
covered fifteen comets and 1,842 new
aebaue, a recw -J.k t
passed by that of Sir William HerscheL
I Halsutta Mloco, a full blood Indian,
baa been elected chief ot the Seminole
tribe In the Indian Territory, defeating
John F. Brown, a half breed. The elec
tion may hasten the dissolution of the
Seminole tribal government
At the age of ninety rears "Uncle
Jack" Haydont as he was familiarly
called, died at Fredericksburg, .Va. He
was during the clv(l war a guide to
Generals Leo and Jackson In the bat
tles sround Fredericksburg.
' The name ot Lieutenant Charles Car
roll Wood, a great-grandson of Presi
dent Zachary Taylor, appears as the
flrat on the roll of honored dead on
Canada's memorhrr statue to her sol
diers who fell In the Boer war and
.which will be erected In Halifax. u
lYou are liable to a sudden attack of
Summer sickness and should keep in
your house a bottle of Dr. BETH AR
NOLD'S BALSAM the best known
Remedy. Warranted to give Mtlsfactlon
or money refunded by T. A. Henry.
The following quotations were reoelv
edlby J. E. Latham 4 Co, New Bern
-" . ' Chicago, Aug. a.
. Opea. High. Low. Close
Sept... .
... 70
High. Low. Close
58 57 , 57
- , .4.
High. Low. Close
1050 1087 1040
1015 1020
Naw Yobby Aug. 4.
Open. High. Low. Close
8JB05 8.25 8.15 8.15
hep. i.. 7.88
Dee... ....I, T78
Jb. I.,..,. 7.7
7.88 ,7.70 , 7.78
7.78 ;7J17 i 7.57
7.78 7.59 : 7.89
New York, Aug. 4.
Open. High. Low. Close
SoRy 8
U.S. 8 89
O. 0.......... 53
U6e' PeVe-jee 118
Yfi C... B8f
A.XJ. O ,
Amice. ........ 10
Uf 10 1I
Adrices to J. X. Latham ft Co., yes-
tarday. :
' Bareau shows three per cent decline
making condition 82 against 85( lut
Market had anticipated report.
cf 'haying power exf' ' -sw Vn s.
Will be Tackled 1)7 the Corporation
Commission. w "
New Metlve Power Far the A. ft I.
College. Farmer' Iaitltate
Arranged For. State Else
tloa Beard Meets. Char
ter Greeted The Em
. plre Hardware Co
ef Williams
toa. .,
Ralbiob, Aug. 4 The. State election
board met today, to select the coanty
board. All Its members save cbalnUn
Doughtoa arrived yesterday. It wu
stated that he wuslck and would not
be able to attend. W
The corporation oommlsilon 1 wrest
ling with the taxation problem. Its an
nasi report Is now In preparation. Chair
McNeill will go Into the question
very fully. The taxes now do not meet
the State's needs. The failure to do so
lut year and this year la so great that
the total la $453,000. There is a quite
prevalent opinion that a-revision ot
the tvstem of taxation in this State is
Mr. Charles G. Latta, who was struck
by a street car In New York and Is suf
fering from concussion ot the brain, hu
been brought here. He stood the trip
auite well and sat up In bed a little
while today.
It is decided to put in ISO horse-power
boilers at the Agricultural and Mechani
cal college. These will heat the building
and furnish power for the dynamos in
the textile baildlne. There will not be
enough dynamos at the opening Septenv
ber 1 to operate all the machinery, but it
is hoped to Install enough dynamos a lit
tle later to do this. As hu been stated
the textile machinery wu not; operated
all lut term, for lack of power. The
slate roof 1b now being put on i Watauga
hall, the new dormitory, which is for 120
students. '
Private Secretary Pearsall hu re
turned from a brief visit to hie kinsman
Dr. Murphy, the superintendent of the
Western hospital .for the Insane, at
Morganton, and wys that the-exterior
work on the Immense new building Is
about completed. " -
A charter wu granted today to the
Empire Hardware Co., of Wllllamston,
canltal 125.000.. -
Commissioner ot Agrlcolture Patter
son today arranged for series of 7 farm"
era institutes In the Piedmont section,
beginning Aug. 14. Later he will ar
range for another series, 'these win De
conducted by himself B. W. Kllgore, W.
F. Musey and Dr. Talt Butler.
All Were Saved.
"For vears I suffered such untold mi
sery from Bronchitis," writes J H John
ston.of Broughton, Ga., "that often I
wu unable to work. Then, when every
thing else failed, I was wholly cured by
Dr. King's New Discovery for uonsump
tlon. My wife suffered intensely from
Asthma, till It cured her, and all our ex
nerlence goes to show it is the best
Croup medicine In the world." a trial
will convince you It's unrivaled tor
Throat and Lung diseases. Guaranteed
bottles 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free
at C. D. BradhamV
Matthias E. Manly, of This City, isAp.
pointed Cadet to Annapolis
Under a recent law delegating to each
United Statea Benator the power to ap
point a cadet at Annapolis, Benator Sim
mons hu honored Craven Connty and
and New Bern, by naming Mr. Matthlu
Manly, son ot Mrs. Nets Manly, to that
The young man Is well known
and popular here and he Is to be congrat
ulatedthat he hu acquired so fine a
position, i .
The law reanlres that Ave attendants i
also be named and Senator Simmons hu
appointed four of these. . v
They are: Joseph B Cheshire, oi wake
Ell M Hlnson, of Mecklenburg; Wm. T.
Malilson. of Beaufort; and a son of Iter.
L. Meyerberg, of Wayne
Game flayed Testerday Between Colored
Teams of Raleigh and Mew Bern.
Easily Won by Home Boys.
The colored baseball team from Ral
elgh came on the excursion train yester
day and crossed bats with the New Bern
bovs. The Raleigh boys were well
charged with ginger or some such stlmn
lent, and many explosions of hot air
took place. The nnterrllled'New Bern
team, however, took the bat at about
Ave o'clock, and the ardor of the Ital
elghs began to cool. .
At the ninth Inning the score stood
New Bert 8, Raleigh 1, with a very fair
ly played game. The batteries for New
Bern were Oram and Hendricks, while
Raleigh used Big Jim and Charlie. Mor
ton umpired. .. ; -. .
The features of the game were the
fielding of Snead, who also did some
cood tapping, Allen fielded well and
Stanly held down first base strong.
Another game will be played at the
Atlilotlo Park this afternoon, commons
nana vj ai i iwiutuw i Dial x ,
the Great Skin Core, for preserving, puri-
. . i i .l ir i
A nmnm a nnmnnrv
the stalo of cnots. scales, and
md the atocoiiUT of falline hair.
fcr softcaW, wltttenmg, and soothing red,
rough ana tore hands, for bahv raihji,
itonmgs, and chafingi, and for all the pue
poee of the toilet, bath, and nursery.
Millions of Women me CUTICURA
SOAP in the form of baths for annoying
Inflammations and irritation, or too free
or offensive perspirations, in the form of
washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and
for many sanative, antiseptic purpose '
which readily suggest themselves to
women, esrxcianv motbm- rxo amount
of persuasion can induce those who have
once used these great skin purifier and
beautifiers to use any others.
Coiptsts Treatment lor every Humour, $t.
CongTnangot CUTICURA 8oiP(25c.),tocl0nfw
the skin of ornate and scales, and soften
the thickened cuticle, Cdticura Ointkknt
(90c.), to Instantly allay Itching, Inflamma
tion, and Irritation, and soothe and Ileal, and
Cutiouba Resolvent Fills CM.), to cool
and cleanse the blood.
CrmocRA Rbsolvkitt Pills (Chocolate
Coated) are a new, tasteless, odorless, eco
nomical substitute tor the celebrated liquid
Cotiouba Rbsolvknt, as weU as for all other
blood purifiers and humour cures. In screw
cap vials, containing 60 doses, prioe 26o.
8M timukmt tlu waiM- BriHib Drati tT-.
OurtnhouaBq Lot don. rrmch D.potiS He la
Pz. rtiii. roTTim Dtoo Ajn Sou
rropik,BM,U. S.a. "U about BuBkU." UM.
Maasier Im Which the Hops la
Bandied by on Expert.
'A mistaken impresBlon prevails In
the mind ot the public In' regard to the
manner in which a lasso Is handled,"
says' an expert "The idea that the loop
V j, iv 1 .
IB always swung arounu lue ueuu ue-
Ifore making a cast, especially when
, ; ntt foot, le erro.ncona. No
man of experience ever makes a cast
tn this fashion from the ground in
oractlcal work. There are several rea
sons why he does not One ot them is
that the movement is likely to frighten
th stock, csoeclnlly horses: anotner
that he mar have to wait some mm-
ntea before a favorable opportunity
occurs tor making a cast He knows
that better results are obtained by
hnldinir the rone as unobtrusively as
rxiKHlble. even keeping it conceaiea
from the object ot capture, v
'On' the contrary, however, when
mminrml and in DUTSUtt It 19 absolutely
necessarv to swlna the loop over ana
around the head, for th,e cast muBt be
made with the greatest possible rorce
In order to overcome not only the for
ward movement of the pursued, buf
Ion the action of the wind should that
chance to be agamst you.
"AS to the manner or casting, some
ronera cast with a aulck, Jerky move-
meat of the nana, seeming o ao uv
arm tery little and the body not at all.
Others employ booy, arm ana nenu.
Both methods are "effective when per
fected by practice."
; A Jspaaaa Trick,
One of the tricks of JaDancse jug
glers is to put an egg on a long, Blender
stick, let It roll down to near the far
ther end, then raise that end and let
the swaying elllptoid roll back Into the
For Roaches and Water Bugs.
If Toa are troubled with roaches and
I water bna. trv our Roach Pute. Wa
guarantee It to give Mtlsfactlon and re-
fnnd the money If It doe not. Price 85c
Davis' Pharmacy.
To the democratic
Voters of Craven
County: ;
I respectfully announce that 1 am a
candidate for the office of Clerk of the
Superior Court of Craven county, sub-
lect to the action ot the Democratic
Primaries. .
To the Democracy of my county I de-
tire to express my sincere thanks for
the generous support given my candidacy
' Very truly,
Will Watson.
. i . ..... , .. . .
Foy & Wood Co;,
Practical Tinners
and Plumbers. .
. Tobacco Flues, Stove Pipe, and
Roofing, y
We make a speoialtyof Hot Air
Heating, and Steel Ceiling.
You will find us at
;i:rr.:-?y'a C! 1 I'Ar.-J,
ni Hi,
i Mackerel
Thift Year's Catcb,
J uwt Jteeelwed. '
Fox Riyer Print and Fancy Elgin Batter only 300 lb. '
New Bbl. Fulton Market Corned Beef. ,
Small Pig Hams and Breakfast Strips, English' Cure&
Shoulders and California Hams. v - r
Codfish, Irish Potatoes and Onions, - ' j - .
Grape Nuts. , : .v . v.
Maaon's Friiit Jars and Jar Rubbfra. ; ; , t. 4u- ;
Potted and (3anned Heats. ';2
Heinx'a Pickles. , ' . . '.-'.
Fancy Fresh Elgin Butter
ariiviifj VJLm Ja jaaarwva rm
a Tew ot our many ruzzeiers r
FOR CASH and Only for a Limited
Chipped Beef, Js, at 10 cents per can, '
Veal Loaf, at 10 cents per can.
Ham Loaf, at 10c per can. .
A Good Grated Pineapple, at 14c per can.
California Lemon- Cling Peaches, at 18c per can.
Fox River Print Butter, at 80c lb.
Splendid Asst. Fancy Cakes, at 15c lb. 5
A Good Boasted Coffee at 11c lb, or 5 lbs for 50c. 1
A Good Rio Green Coffee at 9c lb.
J. J. TOLSON, Jr.,
Phone 157
and lOiA a
unny yuur i uumiuj
t0 Planters Warehouse
which is always thoplaca TO GET THE MOST
Opening Sale August 1st i
Best accommodations guaranteed. "
. . E. J. HESTER, Proprietor. :
Clearance Sale
Our entire line ot Figured Lawn and Fancy
Stripe and Jdawns, white and colors, 1
We have some Very
left to select irom.
' EnRlish, Classical, BcIeriUacsndCcn
young men. 8eventy-one lioarUn 1 u
Counties and two States the vnrt y r.
tbat is hot a machine: where an t,,. r i
is sooanT;wivpreTBCTHriiL, i
A tour years Premtory C'n ', !
preparation for t'-..i 'cr l't l.i .
UliarRes reasc!...iU), ii. il
Write fori' It ' "
30c lb. 'J'
i -i
. '-. .
t iCa
COST. .;
Exclusive Patterns
o Yn p
i I
il for boys and
nm fev- i
'J ! '1
r 1
f 1 I 1 t
r c,.
& IXetail
. Grocer. g
r "
1 rr:!:
l f I til
I t j et t' rc o'clock.

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