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Ex-Assoclatc Justice Robert . X.
Douglas About to be Honored "
by the PresideaL "
The tteveraer Paraoas Xeatfert
Greea. The Repablleaa Coa
veatloa Will Net Attaek
the Fraaealee Aaead
aeet Tire Tie
leativ Iasaae
; Prlseaers.
Ralbisb, Aug. The Bute test book
" commissioner haa not yet selected aa
elementary book oa agriculture, nor a
history of North Carolina. It Will prob
ably make selections aoon. ' .' ":
, The treasury of a county In this State
has made a charge of t per cent eotamla
on $30,000 of reoelpu of school fond for
1899-1900 and or I per cent oa the Bute
appropriation for 1900-1901 to public
schools. Be was allowed this by the
oonnty board, under the advice of the
county attorney. The Bute Superintend
ent of public Instruction disallowed
these commissions. . The county board
refused to demand of the treasurer to re
fund them. The matter has gone to the
attorney general, who fully auttalns the
ruling of the State Superintendent.
It Is said here today that President
. Roosevelt will appoint Associate Justice
Robert M. Douglas to the position de
clined by Senator McLanrln of 8. 0. ' It
Is said by friends of Judge George H.
Brown that In such an event he will be
appointed to succeed Douglas.-1 It Is said
the State executive committee would' so
:, recommend and that the appointment
would be until the next general elec
tion. The Governor pardons Montfort
Green, of dates county, convicted of
larct ny and M-nlenced 'to one year In
tbe peniteDlinry. " The petition ,fcr par
don was prepared at the request of the
Jury which convicted, and also at the re
quest of the solicitor.
Republicans of high position In their
parly tell your correspondent that their
State convention will not antagonize
tbe franchise amendment to tbe consti
tution, but will recognise It as part of
the constitution and tbe law.
Two violent Insane white men, Mike
Cosgrovo and Ambrose Plerce.who have
made jail life hero a terror to the Other
inmates have been placed In the asylum
here, two of the Inmates of the latter
" having been transferred to the county
home. Cosgrove tore out all his beard
and moustache and also cut himself In a
thousand places with a tin drinking cup
which he broke Into pieces. , , .. .
Open cotton bolls .were found In a field
here yesterday, near the Pilot cotton
The Stale Superintendent of Public la
". struction today sent the following lm
portent letter to the county superlnten
. dents and County Boards of Ednca-
'. tlon.'
"Since the decision of the Supreme
Court in the case of Hookn. et al. vs.
Town of Greenville, tome confusion
aeems to have arisen In regard to the
distribution of the school fund. , In re
sponse to numerous Inquiries from coun
' ty superintendent, membeas of Boards
of Education and others, I have deemed
It necessary to send out this letter of In
struction, In the case referred to above,
the question of the distribution of the
school fund was not directly at Issue,
therefore, what the court says upon that
subject Is what the lawyers call a dictum
Instead of a decision. , Section 24 of the
Public School law of N. C, directs the
County Boards of Education to appor
tion the school fund of the county to the
'various townships per capita. It further
directs them to distribute and apportion
the school money to each townahlp so as
. to givo to each school In said townahlp,
' for each rnoc the same length of school
term, as nearly aa may, be, , each year,
' and to'propar regard for the grade
of mora to be done and the qualifica
tions f the teachers required "In each
school for each race, and fix the maxi
mum salary for each school In the conn-
try. This law having been legally en
acted by tbe , Lrglslat ore, must be as
sumed to be constitutional until it la ex-
' preesly decldt'd to be unconstitutional,' I
can not think that what appears to be a
dictum of tbe Supreme Court upon j a
question not directly at Issue, In a case
rinvolvlag fthe ' constitutionality of j a
special act of the Legislature, applicable
only o a ' particular locality, can be
' n nderxtood, or was Intended by the court
to br understood, as setting aside Sec
tion 21 of the General School Law Of the
State, aad radically Changing the entire
method of distribution of the school
. fund. Therefore, 1 feel It my duty to In
struct County Boards of Education to
continue to apportion the school fund at
directed by the Public School Law of
North Carolina." ' f - .'
:" Aug. 5.-Mr. W H Townaend returned
Monday from Morehead - after a brief
stay there. "
Mrs. W. D. Lambert aad chlldien re-
. turned Sunday fmm Wilmington whete
tnvy have been on a visit for some
,'timelil';,S.;ir;.i;iil:vK..;' vr i"
. Mr. bred White, Jr., and wire of
Venceboro were here Sunday. !
Mrs. Susan Lewie or Beaufort Is here
for a few days. V W?-X ; i
Use iTancock'a Liquid Sulphur, for
T-?c FI,'" r'-"-W6rnt, Dandrul
'an ! a-1 e'.'i C s. For tn'.e at F. B.
r " -'a. '--
Praak Culbert, a negro lad In Greens
boro, aataraUd the olothlag of another
boy with gasoline aad while attempting
to hjnlu the clothing of the crying boy,
was discovered by C. W. Taattory a
merchant who prevented the accomplish
meal of the deed. The enraged bruU on
being foiled In hta purpose, assaulted
Yanatory with a hstchet slightly hurting
' - T '
A aavata ball atona naaaad over tha
Sauleton aeetlon of Way ae eoaaty Mon
day, doing great damage. wnoie aeids
of cotton and tobacco, were completely
destroyed, In some places hailstones lay
three feet deep. -
At a meeting of the Federation of
Oathollo societies la Chicago, Tuesday,
the feeltag of those present were quite
pronounced against the neett manifesto
of ArchbUhop Ireland, waning against
a discuss loa of tha adnUnistraUoa's
method! la the PhlUppInea.
General Jacob H. Smith, who ordered
hia troops to transform Samar, on of
the Philippine lalanda, Into a howling
wilderness, has been retired from the
army by the President.
Steamboats City of Venice and Begu
Ine collided oa lake Erie, off Rondeau,
OnUiio. The mate and fireman of the
Venice wore drowned and several others
were badly injured. , V
: The negro who was shot In Wilming
ton 1 Charlta Rogers, died at the city
hospital, Rogers was exonerated from
the charge at tha negro waa threaten
ing an attack and acting In a auspicious
manner. The negro's name was Frank
Armed strikers made a concerted at
tack on the camp of the Eighth Regi
ment" at Shenandoah, Pa., .Tuesday.
Eighty men were concerned la . the' at
tack, and over two hundred shots were
fired.' No casualltlee have been re
ported, t
: It le said that American Friars will be
sent to tbe Philippines to replace the
Bpanlah Fathera. Payment will be made
for the large estatea owned bytheAu
guatintana. 'This plan la supposed to be
the easiest solution of 'the trouble.
Hunter Sharp, of North Carolina, has
been commission eeV by the President aa
interpreter of the United Btstes consu
late at Kobe, Japan. i '
Information cornea through an official
channel that tbe King, although really
111, will go through the coronation, bat
Immediately aftarwards another opera
tion will be performed.
' The pension roll resulting from the
Civil War hat established a new high
watermark. On July 1 last there were
999,440 pensions, an Increase of 1997
since 1899, when the figure of 991,619
was reached.' This Increase Is shown
notwithstanding the fact that during the
past three years the death rate among
aged pensioners has been , unusually
large. Officials of the Pension Bureau
ascribe the increase In the number of
pensioners to special legislation by Con
gress, and not to liberality or loose
methoda In the Bureau. I
j. The towers and walls of the varied In
dustrlal buildings oa the World' Fair
grounda at St. Loula were blown down
by a severe storm Tuesbay morning, i
: Miss Bessie Wall, the Asheboro girl
who myaterlously disappeared from her
home about six weeka ago has been lo
cated and her friends ' will have her re
turned to her home In a few days- , '
Western railroads have agreed to
grant the farmers a ten per cent reduc
tion on their shipments.
Locke Craig opened bla campaign for
United Btates SenaioiL from , North
Carolina, at Wayneavtlle, laat' Mon
day..:"'"V1;i .v-vi u iiA1
Mayor James M. Moody, was nomina
ted at the Republican Congressional
Convention at Wayneavllle, N. C, ct
didaU for Oongreaa from tbe new Tenth
district. v 1 '
The annual season of the hold up and,
train robbery has arrived. Masked mea
flagged a O. a ft Q. train near Mt. Car
roll, 111. One of the rebbera . was ahot
and killed' but hta companions got away
with alx sacks of coin. Tha amount of
money stolen la not known,,-'
The annual meeting of; the Friends
Society (Quakers) la In session at High
Point, N.C.
Daniel J. Bweeney, a non-union coal
mine watcher at Wllkeabarre, Pa., was
brutally murdered by striken because be
would aot quit Work. He aald that his
family needed tbe moaey and that he
could not afford to stop, " . I
' Governor Aycock hu received a cir
cular letter giving the provisions of the
will of tbe late Cecil Rhodes relating to
the scholarships he has established at
Oxford. North Carolina will be entitled
to two scholarships, but not more than
one s'.-uU be f" l 1i any year. The
iJLal.'p c i ? ' ' it S:9 poani a
y- ri-11 - '.' J. '.'if
190S. No method has yet been prescribed
for choosing hiss.
After muttering an oath because he
could aotaalta akaot la a rope, Ike
McMillan, the engineer la charge of the
merry-go-round at LatU Park, Charlotte
was struck dead by a bolt of lightning
during aa electrical atom Wednesday.
Fred Bmllh, .. colored, was alto severely
injured, being burned about the arms
and having his shoes badly torn. Will
Toung, a third assistant, was alto stun
ned. Twelve thousand acres of coal land
near Tuscaloosa, Ala. have beta bought
by the McOonnlck eeUte of Harrhburg,
A torrlfie wind storm passed over High
Point, N. C . Wednesday at two-thirty p.
., doing considerable damage at . some
of the factories aad uprooting trees fat
different parts of the city.
King Victor Emmanuel hae contribut
ed 100,000 lire (119,300) to the restora
tion of the Campanile of St. Mark's,
which collapsed July 14. -
Jere Conelly, United States post office
inspector, who has been located In North
Carolina or several years, reetdlns: at
Raleigh and Wilmington, has been trans
ferred to tbe rural free delivery system
of the post office department.
A deatructlve storm occurred at Dur
ham Wednesdsy, enUlltng a great loss
to property. The steeple of the Carr
Methodist church In East Durham waa
blown off and many trees were blown
down destroying the beauty of many
Andrew D. White, United States Am
baaaador to Germany haa resigned. A re
port le In circulation that the President
I ntends to transfer Mr. Tower, the Am
baaaador to Russia to the Berlin court,
air. Stone the Minister to Spain will be
sent to Bt. Petersburg.
. Mrs. T. B. Scott, of Greensboro object
to linemen erecting a pole In front of
her house Tuesday ahe emphasized her
demands with a ahot .gun, standing
guard over the yard for some time and
threatening "by the gods" to shoot any
man who attempted to put up a pole
The lineman were beaten and It said the
matter will go into the courts.
, Harry Tracer, the notorious outlaw
and deaperdo who escaped from the Ore
gon penitentiary a . few weeka ago, is
dead. It will be remembered that Tracey
made a record for himaelf by killing sev
en men In bis fight for liberty, but at
laat hunted by the officers and suffering
from a broken leg he put an : end to tbe
chase by shooting himself through the
Recovery of Stolen Horse'. C. B. Elliot
r .Withdraws His Candidacy. . ;
, Aug 6. Miss Irene Barrus, of Kins
ton, Is visiting her uacle and family, Mr
I H Barrus of thla place. - -.
v Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Bryan entertained
their friends at their home In this : place
laat Monday evening. Ice .cream and
cake, etc, were abundantly served and
games of various kinds engaged In as
amuaement. .'. i :
; Deputy sheriff Cox of Wilmington
left here on the 7 a. m. freight with a
horse stoles from a ; livery maa In that
city, the horse, waa sold at Trenton to
Mr. Lon Taylor for $1S cash and the
buggy i was sold at Dixon sUUon for
1.75 ets. All the stolen property, hu
been recovered,, and . returned to the
rightful owner tV ,
Mr. Albert N. Coble of Trenton is
here for ' several days with his camera
and tent 1 and will . uke your photo In
any style desired. ' He is an up-to-date
arttst. t. nvstit ': t -
Mr. E. B, Elliott has withdrawn from
the contest u a candidate before the
Democratic convention for the nomina
tion u Sheriff of this county and desires
to thank his many friends for their lib
eral encouragement. i
Mr. A. 8. Lee ' reports his lut trip to
Goldsboro as quite a successful one with
tbe girls and young widows. " He thinks
only a few more neceaaary to complete
his fanny Dictionary. -
Miss Almeda White returned lut Sun
day from a pleasure trip to Norfolk, Vir
ginia Beach and Old Point.1 'i:
Mr George Henderson of New Born
wu a welcome visitor In our village lut
Sunday.' "''"'',-..,.' .'-
,.MrEd Holland and Mlu Flora Mat
tocks of Swaasboro, Is visiting at Mr
Samuel Hudson's at tbla place. .
' Mlu Berts Bell, of Philadelphia, Is
visiting her parents Mr and Mrs T A
Bell. - She Is taking a course u a trained
nurse atone of the hospitals there and
will complete her course next summer
UKHL. ,4 C(J f.-,.-.,4W,. f. ?t '
Tha prices paid for tobacco at the
warehouses In New Bern lut Friday
seems to be the toplo, of the tobacco
growers who are highly pleased and
speak very encouragingly of Ne Bern
aa a coming market.- i,?-
For the first time in many years we all
hear the farmers spesklng well of their
prospects for as abundant harvest which
we take u evidence of good times shead
for us all The farmer Is satisfied tot
once with, his crop prospects. r
Now don't forot to see Deader DroV
.lea yon neel a new dre-s, a pair or
i ' "1, a Cne I t, a t' s or an up-to-
Slid ta be PttTcbasers of Raleigh
Electric Light and Railway
Tobacco Sales . Reported Large
Threugheat tbe State. Mor
tars Far . Decorative Uses
at Soldiers Heme. Dem
oeratie Headquar
ters Estab-
RataiGH, August 7. It la aald today
that a aorthern syndicate haa purchased
the street ear company's, lighting plsnt,
power plant and railway here 'and will
entirely rebuild and re-equip the system,
making also a belt line. For . several
weeks a deal hu been In progress look
ing to the aale of the property.
The commissioner of agriculture
says he will not Issue snother crop re
port for the State until Sept. 1.
A sharp gale of wind prevailed here
yesterday afternoon. So far as known
In this section the only damage was to
trees and corn.
The tobacco breaks continue good
here and prices are well sustained. The
demand for leaf was never so great as at
The Southeastern Lumber Co., of Ash
pole, chartered by the State, is the
tenth lumber company chartered this
A souple of mortars, 10-lnch, will be
mounted at the Soldiers' Home, one on
each side of tbe flag staff. These mor
tars come from Fort Macon. Two 10
inch cannons from Fort Caswell will be
mounted In the Capitol Square. All these
are now on tbe way here, also a number
or 10-inch shells.
Democratic headquarters are establish'
ed here by chairman Simmons, and will
be in a building on Fayettevlllo street
adjoining the one In which tbe head
quarters were In 1898 and 1900.
The penitentiary will furnish, from Its
considerable supply of brick 500,000 for
use in the construction of the main
building at the Methodist orphanage.
Excavation for the foundation began to
day and materials are being delivered.
At least four of Raleigh's handsomest
young ladles are to be married in the
Autumn. It is said the number of wed
dings the last three months of the year
will be as large as that last season, which
was a notable one.
August 7. Elder R. F. Danghtery
filled his regular appointment Saturday
night and Sunday at Antlocb.
Mrs. Mamie Sprlngel of New Bern was
visiting her parents Sunday at this place
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gasklns.
Mr. G. A. Waters passed through
Asklns Wednesday.
Mr. R. E. Casoy wu s visitor in our
town Sunday.
r Mr. Cicero Gasklns made a trip to
Klnston on business Tuesday
Mr. James Fulcher and daughther
Lena are attending a series of meeting at
Rlverdale this week.
Tobacco will soon all be cured and
farmers can rest and spend thir money,
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Arthur were in
New Bern Wednesday.
Cigars to please every body. Prince
Of India, Cubanola, Haney Special, Aunt
Hannah, A. to Z. Down. Home. J. H.
Parker Jr.' ' i:i
For Roaches and Water Bugs.
: If you are troubled with roaches and
water bugs, try our Roach Paste. We
guarantee It to give satisfaction and re
fund the money if It does not. Price 25c
Davis Pharmacy. -
si V Prescriptions at Davis'.
Davis Prescription Pharmacy makos
a specialty of prescriptions. Prompt
and careful attention is given them.
Only the best drugs are used. The
prices are reasonable. Send yours there
to be filled. . . ' ' " ' (
Judge Bynom Dead. .
Special to Journal. " , j
Raleigh, Aug. 7. Ex-Judge 'John
Gray Bynum died at Greensboro today.
Hta death was the result of the fall
which he received Tuesday which caused
concussion of the brain. He was a lead
Ing member or tbe Presbyterian church
there and wu widely known for his
grest generosity. 't
;"v. r ;";.!'
( Appointments.'
Special to Journal. . ? -
Raleigh, Aug. 7. Chairman Sim
mons has appointed the following ad
visory committee of five: 1 1
Capt. 8, A. Aahe. . ... i
Joahephus Daniels. ? ' " i
James H. Pou, ; ' ,
John E. Woodard. -
Robert M. Furman. "
For Iafant and CMlJren. '
ti K!.:J Y;j r:v3 C
General : Health Greatly Im
proved by Pe-ru-na.
ataa. raAHCBa matoon.
1 Mr. Frances Mttooo, Treaurer of the
Minneapolis Independent Order of Good
Templars writes from U Sixth Street,
Minneapolis, Minn., u follows:
"Last winter I had conMermblt
trouble with my kkioeyt brought od
after a hard cold which I had neglected.
One of my lodge friends who called when
I vu ill told me of a wonderful mediclno
called Peruna. I bad no faith in it, but
my husband purchased me a bottle, and
asked me to try It. It brought me most
satisfactory results. I used three bottles
before I vu completely cured, bat I
have bad good cause to be grateful, for
not only did my kidney trouble dis
appear, but my general health improved
and I have been in good health ever
since. I would not bo without it for ten
times Ma ooat." FRANCES MATOON.
This experience haa. been repeated
many times. Wo hear of such cases
nearly every day.
Mrs. Matoon had catarrh of the kid
neys. As soon as she took tho right
remedy she made a quick recovery.
Peruna cures catarrh wherever located.
Peruna Is a speciQo for the catarrhal
derangements of women. Address The
Peruna Medicino Co., Columbus, Ohio,
(or froe book oa catarrh written by Dr,
8. B. Hartman.
Craven County Sunday School conference
August 28th.
Aug. 5. Mr. L. G. Ferrell of Klnston,
was here Sunday.
Mr. Forrest Taylor of Whltakers, has
been spending several days In town
working life insurance.
Miss Minnie Lou Kelly of Caswell, is
visiting at Mr. Seth West's.
The weather continues warm and we
are having beautiful rains. Crops are as
fine as could be. We understand crops
are suffering for want of rain around
Fort Barnwell, but they are in It for
thunder and lightning. Mr. W C White
wu telling us recently that his house
wu struck and several posts splintered
with some other little damage. Several
trees In these people's yard were
struck shocking some of the children
for a while, but nothing serious resulted
For comfort and consolation we point
these good neighbors to tbe scripture
Hebrews 18-6.
Craven Circuit Sunday School confer
ence will be held here August 28. There
hu been an interesting program arrang
ed. We hope to have a large gather
ing, Dinner will bo spread at the
church. . . ,
The Infant son of Mr. U. T. Croom
died Saturday evening. The little fellow
had suffered considerably for several
days but Is now resting with Him who
gave, and will await for others member s
of the family. May the bereaved ones
realize that whatever the Lord doeth is
done well. . ' " ' "' '' i
, The wife of Mr. C. Mashburn after lin
gering only a short while was called by
God on August 1st to come up higher.
The remains were burled near Juper.
She wu a consistent member of the Dis
ciple church. A husband and several
children are left to mourn her loss. ; The
vacant chair around the fire side may
never be filledlbut If all are. faithful unto
death there will be a sweet and happy
reunion some dsy when children end
f stber meets mother on the other shore.
Aug. 5. We have been so busy hous
ing tobacco that we haven't had time to
write further, there hu been no
news.' - ..u v ;wVi ; 1
' Mrs. E. W. Murrell la very sick with a
paraletlc stroke. :J.'f ; '''':'V i
Some of us have some Very fine to
bacco, and are expecting good money
forlu . .:; . . .' ... ..
We hear that the big annual pic
nlc at Alum Springs was a great suc
cess1. We guess the tobacco market ' has
opened with fair prices. ' f-.r" A t :
Big August meeting st Southwest to
morrow, August 3d, by the Primitive
Baptist - - - - "
Crops are somewhot cutoff by the
drought, but ' we hre having shower a
plenty now.' , r : " ': -.'-.
Mr. Edward Ramsey, MIssMollie Hum
phrey, and Mlu Flossie Barber and Ken
neth Scott, " spent lut Sunday In our
burg, Au revolr,
Thousands suffer and hundreds die
every year In this country from some
form or Bowel Complaint. The best
remedy for these diseases in children' or
SAM, Trammed to give satisfaction by
r.f.v r.
This Tear. Catch,
JiLHt Received.
Fox River Print and Fancy Elgin Batter only 30c lb. -.-
New Bbl. Fulton Market Corned Beef.
Small Pig Hams and Breakfast Strips, English Cured
Shoulders and California Hams. - 1 ,
Codflsh, Irish Potatoes and Onion, ..-.,
Grape Nuts. ' . . 1
Mason's Frait Jart and Jar Rubbers.
Potted and Canned Meat.' " T " ; "
Heinz'g Pickles.
Fkncy Fresh Elgin Butter 30c lb. .r,'
J. L. 1
'Phone 91.
A few of our many Puzzelers I
FOB ASII and Only for a Limited
Chipped Beef, Js, at 10 cents per can,
Veal Loaf, at 10 cents per can.
Ham Loaf, at 10c per can.
A Good Grated Pineapple, at 14c per can.
California Lemon Cling Peaches, at l$c per can.
Fox River Print Butter, at 30c lb.
Splendid Asst. Fancy Cakes, at 15c lb. . ;
A Good Boasted Coffee at 11c lb, or 5 lbs for 60c. ;;
A Good Rio Green Coffee at 9c lb. ' ' " -;:
J. J. TOLSON, Jr.,
Broad St. Grocer.
to the EH
new ui:ixsr, jr.
which is always the place TO GET THE MOST
MONEY FOR IT. - , J ( . .
Opening Sale August 1st. V
Best accommodations guaranteed.
E. J.
A4AAAiAAAAA4s4eet4te. .,
ft Is Die ratio if lit Crtwii Bilii furls. " ' j:
:.S j
Oar drinks can only be the Best, when the Best of Kx-
; 3f tracts and other Ingredients of the Highest Quality are used '
' X to make them perfection. ; i" ' " ' " : ' 1 -' ' 4 ZZ
t All of our drinks are put up on Scientific Principles and
4a with the Very Latest Improved Machinery. . r j "
One Trial of our goods will make you a permanent custo- ; j
3tt mer- ' " ' " 1 1 . - - V I
ncRonn BOTTLit:Gv;oiiiis,ji
s 1 n
IsEE J. TAYtOC L'rcrm
rnoNE 105.
.a44Sasataaa.aaaasaaaasa.t.. ...........
w,. tf
, WireJScreens, Door and Window
' CA Ml line of Hardware, Paints, Oils, Varnish, JEnamels Gold,
Silver and Alluminumi1;' " T " ' : ' ; ' l:
, , A new lot Ball Bearing Castors, improved. .
f Our goods as represented, TRICES TnrL0T7rC7.
Give us your orders. '
t. 1 1.
& ISetall 1
71 IXrcad St
Phone 137
your Tobacco
HESTEB, Proprietor.
Cor. Qneea ft Bera St3.-
Screens, Lawn Uowerf1, IceCfia
l! 7.

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