So TBS WEEKLY JODIE aUtakUaa X7 Publkbad In two rVactiooa, every TueaJ day sad Friday, at w Middle Street, mw era, N. Or colored foU from the BepahUcaaa, bat' It makes this ToU dm wUck k likely to becosM ta actual boM of coatee Uo a, be- krte both partlee. Republican mad Democrat a. The declaraUoaa of Ue Stale Republl- cana, la their platform, an perfunctory, and of course full of Indignation from a CHARLES U STEVENS j partisan ataad poIaU .; bditoi urn nonxnom."'' Dyspepsia Curo Dbests tshit yoa cat. This preparation contains aU of tba Olgesiants ana aigesw eui ainua- v Presence Plaakau-ba-T.... tha platform ooa. ,m- ..j. U u follow the food yoa want. The most senslUTO . Tiroa.- I ' I fhnaioanla tW O VSTjeDUCS HITS inu Blffluunwn Lrf lha8UUIiitlelaahl. and aoono. ,r after awrrthloaelM failed. It Twa If nntlta I I nf ma nn Vu a trim. R t Bin admlalatrallna of nnr Slate e-overn-l prc""-'"-"-? rjr T.T i anwa jbuhum. ; i wrh. relieYllur ail uiuvrost uki nuu B ' w .1 (Ml I . . ... . n , . . I . ' . . .1 aWj IUX I I I I I i Twelve Mentha. ONLY i comparison of It with the preaent arfaartialne rate funnebed upon ap-Ileal management of oor affatn by pUostlo at tba office, or upon inquiry peaoctic party." ',7 I ' Tbli It ridiculous enough to b a good ' WThe Joxmnks. la only aent on pay- Hoke, and even Republicans mast laagb, i. ;1wm hula. Subscribers wm I uiu. vn. I Vim fcUVJ PI" liKHUl, aiMV M wv ornks" to tbe late Raaaell administration ' ij'jq meat by the Eopabllcaji and Populist Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to tale. LY irl ADVANCjivV partlea from 1807 to and cbaUenge t ca't help a comparison of It wltb tbe preaent reck- OO JfOM gOM Prir1rmlTty Fn. uwirryQy-aa Va aL UMUe conUuna H umM vm mic. au P 8. DUFFY A CO. receive notice of expiration of tbelr tub- notice wfcl be appreciated by .the JotmaaiJ Entered at tbe Poatofflce, 0 . a a tecond-clasi matter! New Bern Section One, Tuesday. Sept 2, 1W8 IS IT DEMOCRATIC EXTRA VA r ' GAHCE? If tbe Bute deficit In Iti treasury fonds of $453,000, Is to be charged against the Democrats, and every sign points to this being a leading Iseue In j the coming campaign, then tbe Demo-I It Is quite a Jump from Russelllsm and bis Negrolam, Joined (with Batlerlsm, to the nretent exclusion of the colored yoter. It would hare looked better, If plank number seven had been left out. NEUTRALITY TOWARDS THE COLORED VOTE. The position of the colored voter In North Carolina at the present time, is that of being a voter of no special politi cal organization. This Is due to peculiar and extraordi- .i. .ii,t.finn r.nrt tta friends narv circumstances. The colored man unuv uiiii. v , 1 i v. u.n. franklv. honestly mat have Toted for Democratic noml- ..j nnh..i.inw nees at times, but this has been due to WIU iaaaaivaaaea)a.j The JouasAL disagrees wltb the es- local conditions, so that the colored teemed 'Kaleleh Post, In the latter's TOte does not belong to the Democratic argument, offsetting the alleged Bute party, through choice or inclination. Democratic Administration's extraya- At the Republican Convention at cance, by pointing out as extra extraya-1 Greensboro, last week, the colored vote gant the administration of tbe Nation's was without representation, which pro-e-.i th Rennbllcan party. voked certain colored leaders to declare 1 "J - I The State Democratic administration against the State Republican, and de- mnat stand or fall upon Its own record, termlne upon political independence J v .n.inui.ttnii la reanon-1 on the oart of the colored vote of this ilble for three great appropriations, State. t900 000 for educational purposes, $100,- What this may mean, in actual number win uMitinn.1 for soldiers pensions, of votes to be lost to the State llepubli- STATE LINES. New York pays ber supreme court Judges tlT.&OO per annum, which is a hleher salarv than any other state gives. New York Newa. It turns out that Iowa beats all the states In the number of rural Tree de livery routes It has corraled. Iowa takes a back seat for none. Omaha Bee. Back In New Hampshire the grase- honrjers are bltlnir tbe Elrla. WDO would have dreamed that tbe pretty Yankee maidens were so green as that: Denver Post Look Pleasant, Please. Photographer C. C. Earlan, of Eaton O, can do so now, though for years he couldn't, because he suffered untold agony from the worst form of Indigest ion. All physicians and medicines failed to help him till he tried Electric Bitters, which worked such wonders for him that he declares they are a godsend to sufferers from dyspepsia and stomach troubles. Unrivaled for diseases of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, they build up and give new life to the whole sys tem. Try them. Only 60c Guaranteed by C. D. Bradham, drugglBt. Hat am Kartfcqwak. Mrs. Bouser (bearing tremendous noise In the kitchen) Great goodness, ftrldget, what was that, an earthquake hock? Bridget (calmly picking up the pieces of glass) No, mum; only a little jar. F.1UISH. of unitary Lynching Prevented Th ct Ptvcrrlnflnn for Malaria $300,000 for permanent additions In way can ticket, remains to be seen, for there (M1b ftw ,g t of Qmn,t of Improvements on State institutions. Is absolutely no disposition or sentiment Tastble.8 chill Tohio. It is simply , j -u... .niAMnt annrnnrlatlnns.1 in the colored Voter, to vote any ticket iron and aulnine in'a tasteless form. No ' V Ul0 BIO HIMMiilww. ' I I tat is there a dollar to be clipped from but the Republican. these amounts, which might be termed So far as Democrats are concerned, extravagant, hence demanding that it this breaking away of the colored vote should be saved to the tax payer t from the Republican ticket, has no pom if it cannot be maintained that a dol- leal slenlfioance, as belDg through Its in- lar of these appropriations Is not justly fluence. needed for the use It was appropriated The Democratic party is the original for how can the claim of extravagance White Supremacy party In this State, be urged? and the action of the Republican party . . .... .. ..Imlnlalratlnn at Greensboro Is an attempt to place It- an BibwBKiui uw i Is one which first makes unwise appro- self in the same white column. f. u.ti affkin. andtbennavil But in this breaking away of the ontthe money colled for the. ob- co,or Ivot. from the -'H Jecta, over freely and unwisely. aawu mu. ... " Detrolt Mich.WM .emenced In Recorder -There Is no question but Bute appro- the Democratic party, especially In those Conrt o( cty tQ njjy bard l8D0r nriatlonsand State expenditures have districts where the colored vote is large. in the Bute pria0n at Jackson. There is tne temptation 10 not ucnuj accept the colored man's vote, when tendered to aid the Democratic ticket, but also to go further, and seek this rote when a Democratic candidate may feel that his election is in doubt. The colored voter has the right to cure no pay. Price 60c Lambert's Oaks. From Lambert's Oaks, formerly nn Inn, In the parish of Woodtnansterre, England, tbe famous Oaks stakes ac quires its name. The bouse was built by a society called the "Hunter's club," under a lease from tbe Lambert family. It afterward became the residence of the unfortunate General Burgoyne, from whom It passed to the eleventh Enrl of Derby, whose grandson, the twelfth earl, greatly Improved It Frank C. Andrews the banker wrecker So Said of HeaderMB BitnatUn. Political Gossip. Catto Ia- age. Personal. New In surance Company Ad mitted. New Tbe 1 atrlcal Cant-PJ' IUlkiqh, Ang. 28. Adjutant General Roystor writes here that the presence of the Henderson military company at the Vance county all unquestionably pre vented the lynching of the five negro prisoners there who on Tuesday wen placed la the penitentiary. It appears that all the plans were made to lynch tbe men. not by Henderson or Vance county people bnt by others. Some of the Democrats express their fear of tbe independent movement, not ad much for what It will aaoonnt to this yr, which is apt to be very little, but for what It may become two yean hence Others say they think the movement will be so crushed this year that it will cut no figure in 1904. More reports of damage by lice to the cotton crop come In here. It Is said that a large farm a couple of miles west of here, several acres of cotton shows no bolls, the lice havlnc completely de stroyed the latter. It Is admitted here that the Republl cans played their cards well and showed wisdom at their State Convention yes terday, Manager Rivers of the Academy of Music will this year put on tour a com pany of 23 which will present "A Lonely Widow", an original play, the right to which he has bought. The company this evening gave the first full dress rehear sal. The play will be given for the first time at Charlotte, In the new theatre, which is a very handsome one. Dr. Tait Butler, State veterinarian, left here today for Minneapolis to at tend the annual convention of the American Veterinary Medical Associa tion, of which he is an ex-presldent. Editor Josenhus Daniels of the News and Observer, whose health for the past two months has not been good, has gone to the Crockett Arsenic LIthia Springs, Va. Insurance Commissioner Young has Issued a license to the United Mutual In- surance Company of North Carolina, to do business. Frank B. Colley, formerly of Boston, Is its president and John B. Kenney Is the secretary. Two negro youths of this city were today held to appear at court for an as sault with Intent to outrage a negro girl of their own age. The executive committee of the trustees of the State University mot here yester day authorized the making of some Im provements of the chape). The water supply of the University is taken from a stream and the owner of a mill below claims damages. The matter will be de cided by arbitration. . -,t: . r- ? Mount Pelea, on tha Island of Martial qua la again said to be La amp Jon. ; It la aald a syndicate ofj Baltimore capitalists Is back of the scheaM of con solidation of tba Portland street Rail way Uaao, and that tba gas and electric coaipanlee will be Included. The syndi cate Is said to be the tame ltbat eaily;ia tba year effacud a' eooaplidatlon of tha street railway of San Francisco. - v 4 it J - S TELEGRAPHIC EREvrms. Ti -V '.exicar. Humane Unimcftt eVnt stay nn orunr Ummrfaf, lr;-'-! it th.oof" fcaaua l bua ad On out ait uwu ana tfeaaatn Tba Detroit Southern and Seaboard Air Una Rill win are about to be con solidated. BUta troops have been ordered to Pan ther Creek, W. Va, to protect mince and other property against tbe strikers who are said to be growing more lawless. The employees of the Union traction Company of Chicago will strike and all efforts to arbitrate tbe differences be-1 tween tba ooaopeay aad employees have been unsuccessful. Capt Marmaduke a well known confed I erate naval commander has engaged to I command one of the principal battleships of tha Colombian navy and has recruited his Teasel wttb all American men. Wednesday aU through trains were delayed In FayetUTllle on account of a burning trestle one mile from that city. Joan Parker, colored, wu found guilty nf criminal assault at Durham and will be sentenced to be banged. George A. Hill, Inspector of tbe Texas on field says that tbe gas is so dangerous to tbe lives of tba operators that over I 100 are overcome dally and danger of total blindness It greatly feared as a re-1 tult of constant contact 1 reached a large figure, but It should not be forgotten that the growth and devel opment of the Bute demand the In crease. If North Carolina is to keep up with the world's progress. If the Democratic party' Intent wat for the Bute's Interests, and tbe appro priations were so made and to expended vote for Democrats, but for Democrats than let It stand upon Its record, prove to seek out tnecoioreo vow upuuw lu capability by to financiering that the tame level, and through the same means flute's lndebtednest may be met, and at b seeks the white man's vote, then is tha great purposes of education and the liability of the Democratic party, to Bute development thaU not be checked, urge Itself as being the white man's par- but continue toward! greater beneficial ty, seriously Impaired, wltb worse to resulu for all the people. Let not the present State administra tis, or neople of North Carolina shrink ,To preserve lu Integrity Jae tba white . .a. Amanda 'of the times. In U-1 man's party, tha Democratic party of ing Uieintelvei today, when by ao doing this Bute mutt be one of strict neutral! Ka Mtnrtie shall be many fold tomorrow ty. Otharwiae iu reputation i v f,. ., , I particular win be lost. UHI MRil.' I There Is an economy which might be practiced In Bute aff alrt, vastly more damaging than the aUeged extravagance of the present State Administration. If Oaa CoaM Reateai tfce Ralabow, Many Improbable and Impossible things would happen If you could only get In reach of "tbe rainbow. Tbe little Turk is told that if he would have a silver bead, with gold teeth and ruby eyes, be has but to touch the orange tripe. In Greece they say that the person so unfortunate at to stumble over the end of tbe bow will have hla or her sex immediately changed. REPUBLICAN PROCEEDINGS, ; 1902. - , - ; t ' ; Tba Republican county and BtntnOn Take a bath in Hancock's Liquid Bui phur. They are superior to those of tbe most celebrated Sulphur Springs, having the additional advantage of being made any desired strength. They will cure follow.lf tuch a course shall be persisted Prickly heat, Eraema, and all skin die- i rum. m nr iuh uv f . a. luuv. in. - .... - Bteeywalktaa. Ten per cent of the world't popula tion Is more or less somnambulistic,' aald a physician, according to the Phil adelphia Record, "and every one, at one time or another, hat done a little aleepwalklng. I myself when a lad got up, dressed, took my book and went to school on a summer pigbt, my father following close behind to see that I Should come to no harm. "Blond persons are more apt to be somnambulists than dark folk. And In cold climates there Is more somnambu lism than In warm ones. In certain- In this . How's This? 1 We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. , . f F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, U. , , , , n -r I UBm liiau in warm vuea.; iu cviuuu We, tha undertlgned, bava kimr Greenllind yiuagea, I have beeri told. Cheney for the test 15 years, aad believe htm nef ectlv honorable In aU butlnaat and financially able to carry out any ol Mirations made by their firm. Wst V Teuax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O. . '-r. WiLnrao. KriWAH '& Masyijc Whole- " . . . . -j: a aali DraeIsU. Toledo. O. Tba changed potWon m regu w ----- . . , - colored cltlsea, as a brtther ana towi, i BI)0n tba blood and mu-1 aerv from Bronchitis,'' writes II John la most noUbhv tor la moat emphaUcjTOUinrfoftjiesT.teTe,umonIalsl lton.of Broughton, G., "that often terms It tha colored voter told to "keep Mnt free. Price 75c. per bottle.2LSold by wu nnable to work." Then, wben every ventlon proceedlnge, In thle campaign I of 1908, are of more than ordinary inter-1 uasi the but doors are locked from without by a watchman In order that -those within may not ' come Jortb In tbelr sleep and. maybe freeee to death, but In Egypt and such like hot landa tucb precaution Is unnecessary." , All Were Savel "For years I sofferedj iuoh,untold mi- out" It It not tbat the coloradSmember af tba Republican party la doing very til Druggist. HalTe Family PIUs are the. best. Xalalaarf Mahta. A.M... . . . ... ... i ,i. , rar1 i so uiuiana. wnen ine moon is ni xm mucfttogwmwuonvonuw-, oblecta re vl8lb,0 at B distance are, and 'even these few read .on every i p Kren g,) By .tarllght one can aide, "not wanted, jpoUUcally." ; O, reaa with ease. , Tbla not being wanted, was particular I i,, OAUVOHIA, if noucwin viv w- i i 1 -:- A-..tfnn. and tba report of I PTr"" r- ' TUWMMtt vwmiwvwi - ' m tba Republican Bute ;convenuon ai Greensboro, thowt that tha colored to Ur wu not invited to eoma In, rather be iu told not to come in. It calculated to create an out ana out r ' 1 V en't political party, or at least t j c colored TOio to Income a f-o-? , c a i:v 'y to be t-r-t ty poli- if ft "' thing else failed, I Wat wholly cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump lion. My wife suffered intensely,, from Asthma, tin it cured her, and all our ex perience ' goes : to show it is the beat Croup medioine la tha world." 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We can organise tbe negroes if they organize against us. We are un- LAGBlIfGE,N. .English, Classical, Scientific and Commercial for boys and young men. Seventy-one Boarding Pupils from Seventeen .'ounties and two BUtes the past year. A M IliUry School that is not a machine: where CFnctasov irstiad or numbers is SOUGHT; where troThfol, manly, boNbbt boys are wanted, a. four years Preparatory Course, giving full and thorough preparation for CoUege or For Lite. Athletics encouraged, i barges reasonable, . Term begins Bept 8rd. i Write lor illustrated catalogue. J. E. DEBNA1. Sapt Ba&alliS rrviiiT.tioFFiTT'a ) ,z -z ir w Or audi t( waU to Wt ka haa4M Br. MUH TKETRnia (TMUuac aad trad u a proprittuy awdioim. ana Mr oada la u ai Carts CbolMi-lnfialBaL Diarrboaa,Dyamttry, aaj the Bowel Troubles of ChlloVea eilir ilea. Aids JMgcstioa, RcjuUUi ttJBowtU.Strtngtheiaj ; r:M Child and Makes - Si TEETHING EASY. C J. MOFPCTT. M. kh T. LOUIS, MO. A am. Oa-Nor. 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Advertise In the want column,H he muttered and resumed bis nap. Philadelphia Press. -. . - : -r ' His Stent Threatened. v "While picnicking lasrtnonth my 11-year-old boy was poisoned by some weed or plant," sayt W H Dibble, of Sioux City, Ia. "Be rubbed the poison off bit hands into his eyes and for awhile we were afraid he would lose sight Finally a neighbor recommended DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve. The first application helped him and In a few days he was as well as ever." For skin diseases, cuts, burn, sraUla, wounds, insect bites, DeWltt's Witch Eazel Salve la sure cure. IsoMeves r!Vfl !t once. JJewnre of Counterfoils. ' Dlbbs (rather shortsighted; overtak ing total stranger and slapping blm on back from behind) Hello, old fel low! How are your Bo glad to see you again,! Who'd have thought of meet Brnnger Confound you, sir! How dare you strike me In that blackguard ly manner! .Tod ought to bo more careful Jbat you've got tba tight per son.' ... T , Dlbbs Really, lf f must apofoglae, but I took you for. the Earl of v Tba likeness is really won . . t : ' C Stranger (greatly molUfled)-Say ,no more, air, 1 entreat, I quite see bow the mistake . occurred. Magnificent weather. Isn't it? : Good morning to you; good morning. London Angwi , A Necessary Precaution. " : Don't neglect a cold. It it worse than nnpleasant. It It dangerout. ' By using One Minute Cough Cure you can cure It at once. Allays Inflammation, clean the bead, soothes and strengthens the mu cous membrane. Cures coughs, croup throat and lung troubles. Absolutely safe Acts Immediately. Children like It. F 8 HARDWARE '' Kelrioeru re, Water Coolers,1 Ice Cream Freezers, Screen Doore,Win (low Screens Oil and Cook Btovea, Bangor Lime, Cement,' ; Plaster, Paints,' C11-, VarniBh; PnMy, Bash, Docri. lillncl , Jntlert and. all the nsoful aViiciot ngnallT found in an , Up-to- let jtlarilwaie Store,; : - r atgUARTEP.3 FOR -L-Am all Kinds of ' ' NOTICE ! I hereby announce myself as a Candidate for the Office of Treas urer of Craven County, subject to the Democratic Pjiinaries to be held on September 8rd, 1902. Respectfully, " ' ' D. L ROBERTS. To th Democratic -voters of Craven 'cbiinty': ' I hereby announce myself a Can-, dldate for County Surveyor, tubject to the Democratic) Primaries. ' A: Josiah Tingle., - ' For Constable, Having been solicited by my many friends I wish to announce my candidacy for thai offlce of constable of township No. 8, subject tn the decision of tha Democratic primaries. HtNEY T. BUINSON. chicn rarrn-a chohm Url.T V " CI: ' ra-:.;VK0YAL FIL10 i ttt t'HIOllaMI KUS .!.. La ." U HKM m4 M.IU. MM 4 lk,t J rnrmw fcal, 4ltuUM aa l(u I f Vmm, K.J f.i U.jia. at h-. 4.. Ml lb .f lkw I'arllral.M. T-Mlala lap , mot "K.H-J Cm I !.... k, re -X P tmwm McOt. I-M.uu. 8.M hf f dllmaw I'hMMartnWthi aaMtUMM ,. an tin, aaaan. ruit-L. fa. .7 " T' Attorney at Law, 74 Bo. Front Et , Opp. Hotel Chattawka ' Kaw Ens, n. a , Crav "mintj Attorney. , 1 C:i C.a'-on, Join Onslow.JCart en t, 1 .i-o, t - oii, Lenoir, and, tba , 1 1 . 1 Courts. il I'aatr.e.Di.rj'.DirsEloro. F.B. 1 : v! .

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