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tig Rush of Leaf Tobacco Into
State Charter. Republicans Talk
ofCarrylag North Carolina.
Injured by aa Explosion.
Officers A. A M. College
Cadet BattallioB.
Raleigh, Sept 6. Governor Aycook
went to Lexington today and made a
speech at a public school rally and flag
presentation and raising.
The Slate charters the Allen K. Smith
Company of SmtthBeld, giving ft power
to construct tobacco prise booses, ware
houses and factories, and also to bufld
and operate a general warehouse for to
bacco. There was never such a leaf tobacco
trade as there is this season. East of
here there is a rush. It la said that la
some markets the farmers do not even
sort their leaf, but are so well pleased
with the high prices that they put It oa
the floors just as It Is. The result Is that
the buyers mase big money, aa they sort
it with special care.
Attorney general R. D. Gilmer has
gone to Washington, N. C, on business
connected with the State's swtmp lands,
and will also look after some matters
connected with oysters. -
J. C. L. Harris Is employed by South
Dakota as counsel and will take deposi
tions here before Ed. 8. Battle who Is
appointed commissioner. Harris will
act In conjunction with Ex-Gov. Russell
who represents private parties to the
The 138th volume of Supreme Court
reports is being sent out by the Secre
tary of State.
Some of tho Republicans are very san
guine as to carrying the State this year.
Of such mind are revenue collector Dun
can and W. H. Day. On what ground
they base their calculations no outsider
can imagine. Certainly they do not ap
pear to have a ghost of a chance.
One of tho assistant State chemists
citme near being seriously hurt yester
dhy afternoon by an explosion. A sub
stance, claimed to be puie linseed oil,
was sent to tho State chemist for analy
sis. The test was with nitric acid. This
was poured in and tho explosion fol
lowed. The stuff was found to be gaso
line and roalq, and.really In appearance
is a capital Imitation of linseed oil.
Miss Carrie E. Bronghton, daughter of
Mr. N. B. Broughton of Raleigh, is ap
pointed assistant State librarian, vice M.
De L. Haywood, resigned. - ;
The following are the officers of the
cadet battalion of Companies formed at
the Agriculture and Mechanical College
Major, L N Boney, Duplin, Adjutant,
W L Darden, Wayne, Quartermaster, H.
P. Foster, Rockingham, Sargent Major,
J B Harding, Pitt, Quartermaster Bar
gent, W. J. Patton, Transylvania, Color
Sargent, P S Grlorson, Iredell.
' Company A. Captain, E E Oulbreth,
Iredell, 1st Lieutenant, W M Bogart,
Beaufort, 2nd Lieutenant, J M Kennedy,
Wayne, 8rd Lieutenant, W Clark, Jr.,
Company B. Captain, 3 D Ferguson,
Robeson, 1st Lieutenant, C. W. Rogers,
Wake, 2nd Lieutenant, E It Stamps,
Wake, 3rd Lieutenant, L GIdney, Cleve
land. Company C Captain, 8 W Aabury
Burke, 1st Lieutenant,: D 8 Owen, Cum,
berland, 2nd Lieutenant, E E Etherldge,
Bertie, Srd Lieutenant,' J T Land, Curri
tuck. s'
Company D. Captain, C L Greech,
Guilford, 1st Lieutenant, E 8 Lytcb,
Scotland, ,2nd , Lieutenant, O B. Ross,
Mecklenburg, 3rd Lieutenant, W F Kirk
Patrick Mecklenburg " , i
' Company E. Captain, 8 0 Cornwall
Gaston, 1st Lieutenant, J W White, Pitt
2nd Lieutenant, E it Ricks, Nash, 3rd
Lieutenant, J H Glenn, Gaston, ;
Company F, Captain, . J F Dlggs,
Richmond, 1st Lieutenant, H Simpson,
Rockingham, 2nd Lieutenant, J S Morris
. Pasquotank, 8rd Lieutenant, T T Ellis,
Granville.' ' t . t '
Oil For Steamships.
Washington, Sept. 8. The report ot
Lieutenant Ward Mitchell, U. 8. N., the
expert detailed by the Navy Department
to observe the installation and efficiency
of the oil fuel system' as fitted to the
Ooeanlc Steamship Company's steamer
Mariposa, has been received at the Navy
Department. The report contains matter
of great value to the shipping and naval
wor d. The report says the Mariposa's
groan displacement wat 3,160 tons and
her average liorse power with oil about
?,18l, giving her i daily average" of 854
knots and a wean speed of 13.68 with
978 barrels of oil per day. This .was 50
1 per centi lest In weight than" would be
required of coal for one' and a half
pounds ot oil sufficed to produce a horse
powor. An advantage In the oil fuel
was the reduction of engine room force
from 36 to 20 men. All of the burners
were not used except at short Inter
vals. ,
For Infanta and Children.
: tla Klni Yea Esn C:r;lt
,; Bears the
Caafof of
'i-P' 4
Aboat' 800 miners at tho Co4l Creek
Company's colliery, Ib Teaaeesee, have
Com oa ft strike ever a wag scale.
Frosts wan reported Wednesday night
la aorthweatera Nebraska, western low
ftBd parti of Soath Dakota.
A.a eleotrie ear was smashed, yester
day, at Baa. Fraaclaeo, Oaln by a South-
era Paolflo train and all persons hart
Murder is the second degree It tlx
yardlot against Beaala Hlcklaad, who
killed Alton Bailey, It year old, at
Olathe, Kan.
A lose highwayman held uptheWal-
ant Grove slag Bear Coartiaad, Cel,
yesterday, and robbed the driver and
passengers. !
President Roosevelt has accepted aa
Invitation to review the Grand Army
panda la Washington, D. 0., with Commander-in-Chief
The settlement ot the llcenaed tug-
men'aitrlke on the Great Lakes it un
tatlafactory to the men at Buffalo, N. Y.
and they refute to work.
President Roosevelt hu itarted on hit
Southern trip. TheVelt but little evl
denceof bit miifaculous eacape from
death visible In hit face.
Hon. Horace Bolet, will probably be
the ehoice for Governor of the Demo
cratic contention la Iowa.
Carrie Nation aayi the hat abandoned
mashing aaloont. "All talloon men are
not bad." she said, "and there are lott
worse who pose as pillars in the
An Investigation of the Presbyterian
Hospital at Chicago, 111., was itarted
yesterday because of complaints oi
criminal carelessness In the institu
tion. The United States t learner Hawk will
be returned to the Government owing to
a dispute between the Ohio naval re
serves of Toledo and Cleveland.
Lieut. John Starke, of the Virginia
Militia hu been discharged on account
of nnsoldlerly conduct.
, There were hard frosts Friday night
in many sections of northern New
Citizens of Atlanta, Ga., will try to In
duce President Roosevelt to visit that
city In October.
A nn.L.'i nnAtimatln tnhj utvIm tut.
tween New York and ' Brooklyn was or
dered yesterday.
Angered by a stay of execution, a
mob took John W. Kefferfrom the Jail
at Kemmerer, Wyo., and lynched htm.
Several houses are reported blown
away at Hlteman, I., Friday night by a
cyclone, but particulars are lacking.
Nearly 1000 miners resumed work la
the Norfolk & Western coal district of
West Ylrgtnla, thus ending the long
strike here.
The Lewis and Clark Exposition In
Portland, Ore., will be located at the
foot of WllHamette place, 1b the north
part of the city.
With the request that It be but tem
porary, X. F. Houlton has accepted the
position of superlntedent of public In
struction In Cleveland, O. '
The real estate valuation of Cook
County, 111., In which Chicago is lo
cated, has been fixed at $1,488,749,810 an
iccrease of $93,000,000 over last year.
Coffee products of Porto Rico are to
be admitted to Frenoh markets at the
minimum tariff rate through an agree
ment made by President Roosevelt wtta
The .body of William Bartholin, al
leged to have murdered his mother and
sweetheart In Chicago, was found near
Rlcevtlle, IH- Saturday. He had com
mitted suicide. A large reward waa of
fered for hint and It was said that of
ficers had apprehended him, consequent
ly he killed himself to avoid arrest.
Street car employees have formed a
union. a i
Zaneavllle, O., metal mechanics have
won the object of their recent strike.
The telephone linemen of AlbanrN Y
have struck for $9.70 and $9.Q0 for over
time, k V .
r r Fatal Floods la Japaa.
Victoria, B. 0., Sept. 5. Toklo jour
nals received by mall here sUte that
floods have canted heavy loss of life and
property In some of the districts of Ja
pan. ... J. , ' . vK :',
In Hlrloshlma 79 persons lost their
Uvea and 99 were Injured, while many
houses were washed away and vessels
were wrecked. In Yamagnshl 78 were
drowned, and IS crushed to death, 11
washed away with their houses and 17
Injured. Several thousand houses Were
In Eiarao province 91 persons were
drowned and four crushed to doathj
Chalrmai Slmmoas Talks Ass urine
j 0a Outlook.
Ckanred Witt Harder. Devlin at A.
M. College. Jalgei Mast List
Salaries For Iaeeme Tax.
Democratic Tiew ef He
pablleaas. RAUtioH, Sept 8. Maneul Robinson,
colored, aged 21, was brought here from
the country today and placed In jail
without baQ privilege, charged with the
murder of Loomls Debnam. a negro a
few years older. The killing waa done
at a light last night Robinson, with a
large pocket knife cut' Debnam's throat,
death resulting at once.
Arthur Devlin, for some time captain
of the foot ball team of Georgetown
University and later a prominent mem
ber of the base ball teams of Wilming
ton and New Bern, Is here to train the
foot ball team of the Agricultural and
Mechanical College. The latter team la
a quite promising one. There was more
material than ever before from which to
select it.
Today corporation commissioners Mc
Neill and Abbott left for Charlotte, to
Inspect the Carolina Central R. R. be
tween there and Rutherfordton.
Among today's. arrivals were, Junius
Davis, Iredell Meant and J. O. Can, of
Wilmington; H.G. Connor, of Wilson;
A. D. Ward, of New Bern.
Henry E. Lltchford, Cashier of the
Citizens National bank here, who has
been in Europe three months, returned
The State tax sommisslon decides that
State Judges must llst;their incomes
from salary for taxation. The commis
sion has written a sharp letter to Judge
Purnell . in reply to his open letter in
which he criticised the commission for
its effort to tax Incomes of Federal
Judges from salaries. The Federal of
ficials will have something to say this
week about this matter. Not a lawyer
has yet been found who will tay this
tax can be collected from Judge Pur
nell. Forty State convicts are at work on
the Wllkesboro and Jefferson turnpike.
Today the State paid the penitentiary
$2,000 for convict labor on It and took
from the turnpike company a like sum
in bonds-
Democratte State chairman Simmons
said to your correspondent today that
he was particularly pleased at the politi
cal outlook In the State and regarded
the party as now stronger than ever be
fore, Bo far as he Is aware there is no
Independent movement except in 4 conn
ties, and In each case It is due entirely
to local causes. He says there Is no gen
era! movement, and that there Is kq head
to It. He regards ex-Congressman J. W
Atwater as an emissary, going about
seeking to develop and foster any Inde
pendent movement. Chairman Sim
mons says that in an extreme western
county a prominent Republican went to
one of three Democrats who had failed
of nomination and assured him that It
he would ran as an independent all his
expenses would be paid. The Senator
says he hu no Idea that the Democrats
will fall to carry all the Congressional
districts, and any statements or hints
that the Republicans will carry the 9th
district he characterizes as absurd.
As to the Legislature Chairman Sim
mons says he believes there will be fewer
Republicans In that body than there
were at the last session.
It (s asserted with .much posltlveness
by tome of the Democrats who took part
In the Independent convention of this
county laat Saturday that If Republicans
are going to figure In It they are done.
It Is a significant fact that Republicans
attended this convention and did a lot of
cheering. One negro who led In this ap
plause waa a delegate to the Republican
State Convention but did not go there.
Had he gone he would have been ousted,
aa that was part of the sharp scheme of
the Republicans to make It appear they
have finished with the negroes. Tet this
particular negro applauded the speech
of ex-Congressman Atwater here Satur
day at the Independent county conven
tien and this is taken at proof that he is
In line with Republican views, and that
the outline of the blacks was all a
sham. 11
For fine .spring chickens, call at the
Oaks HarkeL ' ,
Fresh lot Force Food just received
those having tickets can send them In
with 8 cents and get a IS cents package
at J. R. Parker Jr. j ,
Don't fall to try our 40 cent Tea, It la
a goer and pleases them all at J. R. Par
ker Jr. ''OS' wf A?'' - ;: v
Fire la Ship Bunted a Month.
' Yictobia, B.C., September 5. For
80 days, during her trip from London to
Adelaide, Australia, the cargo of the
Italian ship Pasquale Lauro waa on
It started In the beginning of July and
It waa not until the end of that month
that the veaael reached her destination.
The hatches ; had to be fastened dowa
and tor fear, ot spreading the fire the
ship had to be kept under reefed
ails. v.; ""':.
The provisions were destroyed and
i fit reet oi ue members ot the crew
were scorched when they walked the
Cotton Pickers Basy. Cora Fine Crop
Talk New County Ticket Mis
sionary Baptist Meet
ing, rcrson
ais, September 8. Cotton picking going
on rapidly. Cotton selling
for 2.7S In
the seed here, and 8.50 in
tbe boll for
The' cotton crop Is much lest In this
county and Onslow than the farmers ex
pected before the picking began.
Corn Is fine In most every Bectlon we
have beard of, especially so in Jones
We near that there is a great dissatis
faction in the selection of some of the
county t officers by the county conven
tion on the 25th ot Augrl sad that
there is to be a mass meeting held soon
at Trenton to put out a new ticket. This
will, If so, quite likely open the gate for
the Republicans to come In.
The Missionary Baptists have just
olosed a very Interesting protracted
meeting at this place. This has been a
glorious meeting. There has been great
good done In this village by those faith
ful followers of God. Mr. Garner, the
pastor, was assisted In this work by the
Rev. John E. King, of Wilmington and
brother John C. Whltty of New Bern.
Four were added to the church and will
be baptized at this place on the morning
of the 4th Sunday in this month, which
will be the 28th.
The county bridge at this place is tin
lshed and travel oyer it was again re
sumed last baturda y morning. We will
have an Iron bridge next year and we
hope such trouble as this will then end
for a while.
Mr. Frank Mattocks of Maysvillc and
Miss Fmma Weeks of Cedar Point were
visiting friends and relatives here last
Mr. Ben Hurst, Mr. Tom Lindsay and
Mr. G. N. Ennett were visitors at this
place Sunday.
Mr. Oren Weeks and Miss Zora Jones
of Stella were visitors at this place last
Mr. J. B. Bender spent last week vis
itlng his old home on New River where
he had some very fine sport fishing and
crabbing, and enjoying the blessings
that are to be had only on tho farm and
by the true farmer.
Sept. 8. Farmers are about through
saving fodder and cotton picking has
commenced. There is a great deal of
rust In cotton tnis year, tho estimate
damaee through this section by rust is
There Is quite a good bit of sickness
around here.
News was received here last week that
Mr Mr Geo F Cuthrell, who has been at
tending Bible College, at Eimberlln
Heights Tenn., Is very sick of nervous
prostration in Alabama. We are expect
ing Mr Cuthrell home In a few weeks as
he will not be allowed to attend college
again until 1003.
We are very sorry he has to lose fall
term on account of his health.
Miss Ella Tokey and Miss Latham of
Rlverdale are visiting friends and rela
tlves In Olympla.
Since our last w ritlng Miss Cornelia
Holton returned from a visit to Bruns
wick, Wilmington and Sneads Ferry. On
her return she was accompanied by Miss
Hattie Henry and her brother Mr C P
Holton, who Is working at Wllmlng
ton. Mr Holton end Miss Henry re
turned last week.
Miss Minnie Whitehumt ot New Bern
Visited relatives in Olympia recently.
Miss Laura Holton returned from
Arapahoe Sunday where she has been
teaching music
Prof. R C Holton will go back to U.of
N. C. the 10 Inst. He Is a few days late
this year on account of fairer attractions
and school at Arapahoe.
Miss Emma Dunn, Miss Cornelia Hol
ton, little Mary 0. Holton and Mr M O
Holton visited Arapahoe last week, at
tending the protracted meeting. They
all report a pleasant time. Others visited
Arapahoe on Sunday to attend Union
and Quarterly meetings. . t
Mrs Ebenezer Simons visited relatives
In Arapahoe last week.
Mr David Wayne has gone to Wil
mlngton to work.
Madam Rumor says the bells will ring
shortly. Wonder who 'tis.
Rogue Items.
Sept. 8. Mrt. Letty Perrysand lister,
Mias Ella Dili, of Beaufort, are the
guests of Mrs. J. W. Sanders.
Mr. Ode Holland and family ot Silver-
dale, spent Saturday and Sunday with
relatives at this place.
Mrs. David Hall of Newport, la visit
tug her daughter, Mrs. B, 8. Jones.
Mr. Leroy Henderson of Hubert, was
a visitor here Wednesday. i
Quite a number of our people went to
Mayiville Sunday to attend quarterly
Mr. Charlie Barker of Stella wat In
our neighborhood Thursday.
Cotton picking Is the work of the day
BOW.1 ; v5 :'
Watermelons have about played out
with the exception of Mr. C. W, Tay
lor's, he has some line ones yet. ' ;
Mr. Willie Henderson of Ontlow was
In our midst Saturday and Sunday. : '
Mr. David Willis of Salter Path made
$32 for his share fishing one day last
week- The fishermen claim It was the
largest school of fish that has been seen
lu Rogue Sound waters in quite a time,
W. L, H.
County Commissioners Proceedings.
The Board met at 10:30 o'clock OH
Sept 1st, 1909, it being the regular meetr
ing of said Board,
Present, K R Jones, Bilat Fulcher H 0
Wood and A E Wadtworth.
Ordered by the Board that PaUy Ann
Franks and Polly Ann Franks be allowed
one dollar per month each, on account
of age and Infirmity until further orders
and that E F White be requested to fur
nish the wrntN
Ordered by the Board that Dr. J F
Rhem, F P Bowe, Mrs Haddie Barring-
ton and Fred Morgan and J T Hollister
for Woodruff are a'lowed to list their
property for taxation In the office of the
Register of Deeds upon payment of the
penalty allowed by law.
Ordered that the report of the county
Superintendent of Health be received and
adopted. ' '
Ordered by the Board that Robert Wil
lis be allowed $1.00 per month until fur
ther orders and that St. Clair Lancaster
be requested to furnish the same.
Board took recess.
Board met 8:00 o'clock p. m., persuant
to recess.
Present Commissioners Jones, Fulcher
Wood and Wadsworth.
Ordered by the Board that the chair
man ot the Board execute a quit claim
deed to the School committee of tho sixth
school district No. 9 township for one-
half acre ot land on which the school
house stands upon payment of the back
taxes now due on said land, said deed to
be countersigned by Register of Deeds
with seal of said office.
Ordered by tbe Board that the tax list
for the year 1902 be turned over to the
sheriff, J. W. Blddle, for collection, he
having settled In full with the Board for
all taxes due for the year 1901, and hav
ing paid all monies due for taxes to the
County for the year 1901.
Board took recess.
Board met at 9.30 o'clock a. m. Sept. 2,
1902( pursuant to recess.
Present Commissioners, Jones, Ful
cher, Wood and Wadsworth.
Ordered by the Board that the office
of Wood Inspector is hereby declared
vacant on and after the first Monday in
Oct. 1902, for the reason that the pros
ent Incumbent has been elected and is
serving as a policeman of the City of
New Bern.
The Board wi)'. hear applications to fill
said vacancy on the first Monday in Oct.
Ordered that no bills will be allowed
hereafter for supplies furnished the
county unless the order for the supplies
is attached to the bill.
The xegi'larly monthly H'ls were al
The minutes were ordered read and on
motion adopted as read.
Board adjourned.
Clk. Bd. of Com.
The Lonely Widow.
Of all the farce comedies that have
made bo decided a hit with the theatrical
public, the most popular of all thiB yoar
la said to be the "Lonely Widow," the
new play that is taking such a popular
stand in theatrical circles. One of the
reasons assigned for this Is a weU de
fined plot, which unlike a great many
farce comedies, runs through the entire
play. The "Widow" Is Irish and the
first scene is laid in a boarding house In
New York. She becomes suddenly
wealthy through an Inheritance left her
by a rich uncle In Ireland and moves In
to a mansion on Fifth Avenue. In the
last scene the "Widow" and her daugh
ters are at a picnic on Coney Island and
the interest in the play never lags from
the rising of the curtain on tbe first act
to the closing by the Wine chorus
which is rendered by the entire compa
ny. 1 his song is said to be tne nit oi
the season, and with the other musical
specialties Is sufficient to gratify the
taste of all lovers of sparkling and up'muslc. Besides the regular play
the performance Is. interspersed with
catchy singing and dancing specialties,
banjo picking, and a marvelous fire and
serpentine dance by Hllle Francine and
Baby Blossom. Two other celebrated
members ot this company are Mr. James
Mackln a well known Irish comedian
and Master Commodore the youngest
buck and wing dancer on tbe American
The "Lonely Widow'' will hold the
boards at Masonic Opera House, Hon
day, Sept. 15th. . t.
We are still selling meat at life per
pound, not 20c as reported. !Oak Mar
River and Barber expropriations.
; Washington, Sept. 8.
Hon. O. R. Thomas, M. O.
; . New Bern, N. C. .
Sir: Referring to your letter of July
21, last, I beg to advise you that under
date ot the 8rd Instant, the Secretary of
War allotted the sum of $500 to 1 3 ap
plied to the restoration ot the channel of
Contentnla creek, N. C, Capt. ' E. W,
Van C. Lucas, Corps of Engineers, the
local officer In charge of the work, has
been advised of this allotment today.
Very Respectfully, your obedient servant
' ' Acting Chief ot Engtners.
. This Item was omitted from River and
Harbor Bill, but on application of Con
gressman laomas an allotment was
made from general fund. Work ot dredg
lng under the twenty thousand dollar
appropriation on the Neuse and Trent
river channel at New Bern will soon
No. 1 Shore
Fresh Cream Cheese. . .
Balogna Sausage. ' '
Small Pig Hams, English Cured Shoulders, Breakfast
Strips. ,
Fresh lot Fancy Elgin and Clover Hill Print Butter.
Ileinz's Pickles both sour and sweet.
Veal Loaf, Ham Loaf, Totted Ham and Tongue, Chip Beef'
Fresh lot Cottolene. . .
Force, Cream of Wheat
Fresh Oat Flakes and Grits.
Freeh Prunes. Full stock
j. l mm
Phone 01. 71 Ilroaid St.
Bring your Tobacco
t0 tk Planters Warehouse
which is always the place TO.GET THE MOST
Best accommodationslguaranteed.
E. J.
58 Inch wide
New Percales
is m mm
Children's Red
Received a
Size 1 to 6 at
Size 6 to 8 at
in all the. NEW PAT-
TERNS and Cuts have
just arrived.W WU
take pleasure m showy
ing them.
57 Pollock Street.
Cream of Roses v
Is a harmless liquid -preparation
for removing Sunburn, Freckles, Tan
and Improving the complexion. When
applied It Is Invisible and cannot be
washed oft. The dark line around the
neck, caused by wearing tight fitting
collars, Is removed by Cream of Eoees,
25c.:at EIiA.EHA"'3 rilir"!CY.
Just Received.
and Na Bob Pan Cake Flour,.
of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
HESTER, Proprietor.
at 10c & I2lcg
Shoes Just
New Line,
( rv 1
ramiCHT rata m Twa
' '! -fye Grosvenor ji .-.
THE WORLD'S , only dustiest Fibre
Brush, adapted for sweeping and clean
ing carpets, matting and any kind of
surface, without raising any dust. It
will outwear a dozen corn brooms.
Fully guaranteed and directions
every brush. T,'r!te for cf ' 1 ' 1
prices. Household To" "7 Co. V. O.
box2Carcwr n,K.C.
iar."-yr "

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