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A Midway built
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Trades Tuesday,
Elks Thursday,
Premium Tobacco Sates
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Unique Booths !
Floral Friday.
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Chief Dawui's or Ellabetb City,
Lftel Salt
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ring a. Felltleal Forecast
Mrs. . BiMk Barlei.
Mtasleaary PMfi
sUume, r3ept ' l4.-8tata Auditor
UUo today completed the ssanUuatlon
for the But pension board of tit aiora
than i,000 mw applications (or pen
sions r "v"-v - '
Tba SUU board of examiners , of pub
lic Instruction mat hara again today. It
la composed of W. P. Wood, J. P. Jeter
and T. W. Patton. ' It had a eonfareaca
with tha Governor today. '
Chief of Pollca Dawaoa of Elizabeth
Oily iued a self-formed "citizens com
mlttee" than for libel, (rowing oat of a
publication made by It regarding i blm
and tha Cropny cue. The court below
held there waa no libel. The Supreme
Court inttalni Ihta and eayt no ipeelal
damage resulted and that the wordi
need by the citizens committee did not
Impute to Dawson unfitness to perform
the dalles of his offl.ce or want of In
A charter was granted todsy to the
Piedmont Electric Company of Ashe
Tllle. Among today's arrivals were M. E,
Manly, New Bern; Edwin A. Holt, Bur
lington. Rer. W.C. Newton of the Baptist
church at Greensboro, goes to China as
a missionary. Piedmont Association has
pledged Itself to bear his expenses. His
own church promised him $500, but
gave him $750.
Tba age of two large oaks which died
In the capitol square and were cut down
this week was found to be 180 and 170
years respectively.
Some of the applicants for widows
pensions give their ages at from 44 to 50
years, and this ia spite of the fact that
In order to receive pensions they must
have married a soldier prior to April 1,
1865. The one who gives her age as 44,
waa therefore only 7 years old at that
date. Of coarse all snch applications are
Secretary of flute Grimes and Bute
treasurer Lacy spoke in the campaign
In Harnett county today and will
make three more speeches In that
State labor commissioner Tamer, who
arrived today from Lexington, says he
haa been all over the 7th Congretalonal
district and that there is leas of the inde
pendent movement there than in any
other district. He says the Democrats
will sweep every county except Yadkin
and Davie and that there is a prospect
of their carrying Davie, while the Re
publican majority In Tadkln will be re
Thla afternoon Mrs. T. V. Bunch, the
wife of station-master Bunch of the
Union pasaanger station hare, and moth'
er of Mr. R. E. L. Bunch, ex-general
passenger agent of tha 8. A. L., was
buried here. Her age wu 69. Two
weeks ago she fell from a step ladder,
breaking her hip and sustaining Inter
nal Injuries which caused death.
Why suffer pain and severe sickness
from Bowel Comolalnts. when AR
NOLD'8 BALSAM stops one and cures
the other. It has been successfully used
for fifty years. Warranted to give satis
faction or money refunded by T.
Special Notice.
Our buyers are new In the northern
markets selecting the latest styles In fall
and winter goods,
Superior Court, Tuesday.
: Tha case of White vs. Railroad, wu
continued untlU the next Civil term of
Superior Court for Craven county.
Cass of E. H. Phillips vs. Elm City
Lumber Co., judgment wu rendered for
plaintiff. ;c) .,;( -,, ).
J. M. Arnold vs. Seaboard Air Line
for damages wu warmly contested, and
was given to the jury in tha late after
noon, and they deliberated on the case
until mm : midnight, when a mistrial
wu agreed upon. .e'y-v
8aanl cams wam dlunntlnnMl rinr-
llngthe day, and much other routine
work dona,- after which the court ad
journad for thla term.
. , , Tobacco Talk,
Mora tobacco was Isold here yesterday
than any other day this season, to except
opening day. ?..rt-. lt. .,
A large crowd of farmers were
town, coming in on the several trains,
aid many carta and wagons loaded with
the golden product wert seen passing on
tba street. Tha quality of tha weed wu
perhaps the best that hu been offered
hare so far, and tha usual good prices
prevailed, gladdening tha hearts of the
aellars. - ' . i-v
for Inputs tad CLiren,
Bam tha
Earn tha "
North Carolina Day In Public
Bales Far Filing Briefs. On Trial
Far Marder. 8. A. L. Wreck
Cleared. Peuslen Lint.
Needed Bains
Ralbior, Sept. 15. State Superintend
ant of Public Instruction Jorner will la
a few days designate the day which will
this year be observed aa. "North Carolina
Day" In the public schools. Last year
the day selected wu too early, u many
schools were not open. He will In all
Drobabllltv select the Friday after
Thanksgiving day. Then all the schools
wlU be open. There will be speclsl ex
The Supreme Court todsy announced
a rule amending the rules regarding the
filing of briefs. Printed briefs sre now
required In all cases, except In pauper
aDDeals. The appellant must file his
brief on Thursday before the call of the
district to which the case belongs, and
the appellee must file his on Monday of
the week of the district. Printed copies
of the above amended rule will be sent
to the clerk of court In each county and
to attorneys practicing In the Supreme
In the Superior court here today, Lo
renzo Morris, white, said to be about 35
years old, wss put on trial f oi the mur
der of Mrs. Catharine Bailey, whose sge
wu over 60. She was killed In the yard
of her home, 83 miles from bore, near
the Granville county line, and wu
found lvlne on the eround with her
skull split open and a bloody axe a few
feet away. Your correspondent had a
talk today with a man who married an
aunt of Morris', and this man said Mor
rls ww not bright u to Intellect; that he
and Mrs. Bailey once wslked all the way
to Raleigh to marry, but that
after she gsve him $3 with which to buy
the license he decided not to marry and
they walked back. She broke down 14
miles from here, and there Morris left
her and walked home. Later he said If
aha would oav for a buggy he would
take her to Oxford and they would mar
ry. She gsve him the money, but they
never went. She wanted to marry him,
She had some property. He wu teased
a great deal about her and" was heard to
say that he would go over to ber house
and kill her some day. After his arrest
he claimed that Lawrence Davis,
young man of Granville county, had
hired him to kill the woman and had
Dromlsed htm $50 for that work. Davis
arrest followed but he was quickly re
leased on ball, u the atory wu not be-
belleved. but people were sure Morris
wu the murderer.
Counsel for the defence suggested and
solicitor accepted murder In the second
degree, u Morris was clearly partially
unsound mentally. The judge thereupon
sentenced Morris to 80 years In the pen'
The Seaboard Air Line trains blocked
by a wreck near Murry Oaks yesterday
morning, got through this morning,
The loss by the wreck, to cars and prl
vate property Is heavy.
State Auditor Dixon finds that there
were 8128 new applications for pensions
Of these about 2300 passed. Of the new
applications 647 were by widows and
2581 by soldiers. During the year
widows and 166 soldiers are reported to
have died and thla number will reach
800. There were lut year 9000 pensions
The net gain this year will be about
2000. Auditor Dixon says this Is, In his
opinion, the high water mark, and that
henceforward the number will grow less
and less. The law provides that when
the pensions are probated the reduction
shall apply more particularly to the 4th
dus soldiers and to widows. Lut year
the 4th class and widows got $20 an
nually; this year it appears they will re
ceive $15.
. Much needed rain set in today. Streams
are very low. For several days this
city's water supply hu taken nearly all
the flow of Walnut creek, t
Governor Aycock and Commissioner
of Agriculture Patterson left here this
morning for the piedmont section on
ten days campaign tour.
Celery Headache Powders.
There Is not any better remedy for
headache than these powders. , They
never fall to relieve. Made and sold only
at Davis Prescription Pharmacy.
September 25. Mr J N Charlton and
wife of New Bern spent Sunday here. '
Messrs Jas A Bryan and W F Carlisle
prominent R. R. officials were here Tues
day on professional bnsineu. ; ;
Capt R 8 Coward of Ktnston spent
Tuesday here.
Mr O L I pock wu the guest of his
father here Tuesday.
Mr E J Hlnes of New Bern spent Sat
urday and Sunday at Mr L F Taylors. -
MrJohnlpock Is wearing a broad
smile this weak and saya his boy will bt
large enough to plow In short
The population of Cove Is growing
rapidly. ,
A stranger Is stopping with Mr Letch,
worth and wife a ten pound boy. '
Mrs CD Lan. and children left last
week for Chapel Hill where they will
spend several weeks with, relatives and
So Says Mrs.
And Tens of
Mn. Jennie Rote, 362 W. Twenty-Second Street, New York City, write
The Peiwm Medicine Co., Columbus, O.:
Gentlemen: "Penina Is a blessing
female trouble since 1 began menstruation, and every month I suffered two and
three days of untold agony, and had
he In bed every month for two days at
"My brother was cured of Bright' m
I determined to try It fof iny trouble.
"Imagine my great joy when I found
month and I was entirely without 'pain
Peruna only four months.
"This Is about two years ago and all
I can now come and go as I like and
and wish that every suffering woman
through the use of this medicine. "
Of The Stockholders and Oflicers or the
Atlantic and North Carolina
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Atlantic and North
Carolina Railroad company, was held In
the company's offices In this city, yester
day at noon.
On motion, Joseph E. Robinson was
elected temporary chairman, and George
Green, J. J. Royall and C. L. Stevens,
The report of the proxy committee
wu read, and the chairman announced
that a quorum wu present. The tem
porary organization wu made perman
President James A. Bryan read his an
nual report of the condition of the com
pany, which wu received and adopted-State
proxy, J W Grainger announced
the following directors.
C. M. Busbee, W. H. Smith, L. Har
vey, J. C. Parker, J. A. Bryan, T. W.
Dewey, R. W. Taylor, W. II. Hooker.
The following nominations by the pri
vate stockholders were made, Henry
Well, C. K. Foy, E. C. Duncan, Dempsey
Wood, W. L. Kennedy, E. W. Small
wook, and upon ballot, Well, Foy, Dun
can and Wood were declared elected.
The following members of the Finance
Commltte were nominated, and the sec
retary Instructed to cut the vote for
them, T. A Green, F. W. Hughes, J. A,
The following Proxy Committee wu
named and secretary cut vote for mem'
bers named H. R. Bryan Jr, Geo . Dees,
W. B. Blades, M. DIsosway, J. F. Taylor
E.B. Hackburn, N. W. Taylor, S. C.
Sugg, D. Oettlnger, W L Kennedy, W. L
Arendall, Dr. Frank Boyette, G. N Ives,
E,W. Rosenthal, D. V. Dixon, T. W,
Mewborne, M. M. Marks, John Forlow,
J. M. Howard, C. P. Dey, L. G. Danish,
0. T. Watson, T. G. Hyman, E H Mead
ows, K. R. Jones, Simeon Wooten, Geo.
Bumrell, J. H. Potter, J. J. Baxter
Chu Dewey, A. Einstein, K G. Porter.
On motion meeting adjourned to meet
at New Bern next year.
At the meeting of the Board ' of Di
rectors of the A. N. O. R. R. held af
ter the regular annual meeting, the pres
ent officials of tha road were re-elected
to office for the ensuing year.
Sauttas j9 sins Va Haw aiwwyg Bought
Fresh lot Force Food just received
those Having tickets can send them In
with 6 cents and get a 15 cents package
Mi.,ft,rsrertfr. - ,i
Fine Mountain Apples at McSorley'rJj
Rose, of New York City,
Thousands of Other Women.
to suffering women. I Buttered with
to arrange my work and duties so as to
Disease from the use of Peruna and so
that It relieved me quite a bit the first
during that period after having used
during that time I have suffered no pain.
consider Peruna woman's best Mend
might know that she can find relief
First of the season at J. L. McDaniefs
New Barrel Corned Beef.
No. 1 Shore Mackerel. v
Spiced Pigs Feet.
Fresh lot Fox Kiver Print Butter, Fancy Elgin Butter.
Rock Candy Drip Syrnp. . . , , .
Na Bob Pancake Flour, Buckwheat. ,
Grape Nuts, Force, Pettyjohn's Breakfast Food, Postum
Ceral. " ; . ' '';;
Fresh lot Ginger Snaps 6c lb. , . ,
Codfish; Irish and Sweet Potatoes, and a complete stock of
eyerything usually kept by a first-class grocery establishment.'
'Phone 01.
Ik fiiiter: is
Mothers and fathers bring your
Clothing and Shoes. -
We will give you a few jarioes
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$860 8ults," . - - .1 524
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8 00 "', - ' '8 73
Drop into our store ancTlefr us
Store, New Goods, New Bargains."
,75 . Middle St, nextto GtsklU Hdw. Co., Kew tc::, r. C.
, Prescriptions at Davis'.
Davl' Prescription 'Pharmacy makes
a specialty of pivscrlplions. l'rosr pt
and careful attention Is given Vifm.
Only the test drugs aroused. '.It?
prices art reaionaMe. . EctJ jmr V
to be filled.
a -i "
Mrs. Ellen Thompson, Battle Town,
Ky, writes:
"when I wrote yon for advlea I wu
very bad off. When I received your
letter I commenced using Penina and It
dJd Just what yon said It would. I have .
had a eoogh to about rifS yaan and :
your medicine bu done me more good
than anything I have ever naed. I am
ao thankful to you for your advice to
me." Mrs. Ellen Thompson.
Mrs. James Elghmey, Grape, Mioh
writes: ' ; ' - ; i ; '
-"I have been troubled with pain be
fore and during my monthlies ever alnoa
I wu seventeen. I wu also troubled
with other female weakness. I took
your treatment,, and am. now well, and
thank yon for your kind adTtee." Mrs.
James Elghmey.
Mrs. John Meyers, Erhart, O, writes i
"I have been a sufferer from chronlo
catarrh for years and have thereby lost
the sense of smell entirely. I bad four
of the best physicians in this vicinity
without receiving any benefit whatever.
"Now I am once more a well woman.
I find Peruna to be the best medicine
In the world as It has done me more
good than my physician could have
done for me. My Mends say I look
tan years younger. I tell them that
tPeruna did Jr. i can't thank you
enough tor your tree advice." Mrs.
John Meyers.
Mrs. Ida Baker, Portsmouth,
I am glad to My that I am well. I
have taken Peruna and feel better than
I have for ten years ; have gained twelve
pounds and am still gaining. When I
wrote to you for advice I had given up
all hope of being well again, and I feel
that it hu uved my life." Mrs. Ida
Alice Scott, of Franklin, Ky, in a let-
tor to Dr. Hartman, uys :
"For seven long years I had been a
constant sufferer from catarrh of the
pelvlo organs which resulted In dis
placement of the uterus. I wrote you
telling you all my complaints from the
beginning to the present, made happy
and much encouraged every time by
your kind and fatherly letters of advice
and instruction. I am now a strong
woman weighing 148 pounds." Alios
Scott. .. .
If yon do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the maw of Parana,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, girlng a
full statement of your ease and he will
be pleased to give yon his valuable ad
vioe gratis. ,., i , t "
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Col um boa,
Onto. "
Sc Retail
11, ; Oroeer,
71 Broad UL
ipaoKng !
boys to this Bale and fit them in
, t
in Men's and Children's clothing:
"15 00 Suits ,, MN
i ' ...
- 186
9 00 "
1 ' " ' ; i J , ;
show you what we hare, New
, Very rarpectfully, '
Toc'.!i Ert:!.:3 j
Davis riarmacy I a
large aago-rt;r.r,:.t cf T
i-)":: ,r

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