The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which baa beat la use for over 30 Tears, hu kwii Hut iinibM and haa been made under Ms per ffflit"fi xnal supervision alnee Ita tnfaaey A T1ru im mm tin dMiln mn In 1 la- All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Jtut-AA-ffood'! axe ba ExperJnifiJits that trifle with and endanger the health as? ' Infiuita and Children experience against Experiment What is,CAST0RIA ' . . . t Gtvstorin is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Pare goric, Drops and Sooililnjr Syrups. It la Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other. Kareotlo ' substance. Its age is Its guarantee. , It destroys Worms v And allays Feverishncss. It cures. DiarrhoB and , 'Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It asftiniliates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea The Mother Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 7 Bears the The Kind You HaYe Always Bought In Use For Over -30 Years. a ajsjspTalffl 90HsasiT ww NHtfttTeeaw wvSjsaf, st Vvjs VfMMi (Mfc A THRIVING CONCERN. TheG. H. Waters & Son Manufacturers of Buggies And Car riages. There are IVu Industries In the rity of Kew Hoiii mnrr ileswvliig of liluh praise tban the. carriage manufactory i.f G. H. Waters ami Sod on Broad street. Such enterprises as this often does a town more good than a more pretentious concern; for it should always be remem bered that it Is not the size of the plant but t lit: quality of goods that is turned out that really establishes the success of an article. By dlliKonco and good workmanship Messrs Waters & Son have built up splendid trade from very small begin nings. They begau the carriage making business heje in 1890 what Is known at the Duffy building occupying a part of the building. Two years later they went Into their plant whero they are located now and are turning out most excellent work. Their shops aro eqnfpped with the very best machinery, tools and material for a modern factory and to supplement these necessary articles there are brains to direct the building of thclrrarlous pro ducts. Aa good a recommendations as they could wish is that their goods are In de mand all over the country and New Bern people are entirely satisfied with their work. ; Evidences of their skill and workman ship may be seen on every band on our street. They will not allow any carriage maker to sell high grade buggies and car riages lower than they do. .Tbey have the best facilities for rub ber lire work and have some fine speci mens of their manufacture. They do repair work In a satisfactory manner also. North Carolina Pensioners. Iialclgh, Sept. 23.-8tate Auditor Dlinn, after a careful look at the new applications from 25 of the 97 coun ties says there will be between 11,000 and 12,000 pensioners. .There Is only 1200,000 to be divided among these, and as a result of the Increase of about 2,000 pensions will be smaller in amount than In 1901, The pension warrants will be sent out about Dec 15th. . , i ' t A vegetable liquid for governing or i Banalizing the flow of women's menace which occur about once in every lunar month. . - . . . BRADFIELD'S Female Regulator U the essential qnalltjr of powerful herbs. Effective, ralinnle and harmless in nature, ; simplicity and solace, f . H . . ' ... It la a concentrated essense beat adapted for women's delicate organism, and pat in . such form that It Is not only palatable, but can be properly assimilated and taken late 1 the system. , , . . ' . fitonrjares. saDDreseion. ealnfal obstruo. Hon, Irregularity, of the menses and sickle Iowa are corrected and cured by the regular administration of this superior eejmeoa sroaue. Menstruation, or periodlo flows, neoes tat a breaking; dowa ot calls lining the mucous membrane and a reconstruction after every sickness, which ia acoompanled with marked congestion and loss of blood. Such changes are very apt to produce lOimnlo catarrh. Leunorrhea or whitaa la ieunorrnea or w nit h reeult of these Irritating discharges. KefluMter cures um truuoiee ana restore So perfect health the patient who suffered he debilitating losses. Buy of druggists, "ourluustrated book, "Perfect Hearts) tat ' Wasaaa," free. . . ,:,, -',,, ...,. THB BRADFIELD REOULATOR Ca ' ' ATUtKrA. OA . ... u-u, . ,. ,.. ' Signature of FORNAN. Death of Two Old Residents. Good Mar ket for Cotton. Sept. 23 The weather baa been Or e but very coo: for lha past week. Mr. and Mr'. D. 8. Sanders of Beau fort .spent last Wednesday In this place. One by one the old land marks paas away. On Wednesday last, Mr. Lock hart Glbbt of Worth river quietly passed away. Mr. Qlbbs bad been In poor health for some time but did not seem any worse than usual, his son who was with him In his room helped him to comfort himself and turned away and when he turned back the bid man had passed away, age 83. Mr Henry Dudley of this place passed away on Saturday about noon, at the age of 81 years. Mr. Dudley was afflicted with paralysis, and had been sick for some months, but he bore his sufferings with ohrlatlan fortitude to the end. Un cle Henry (as we had all learned to call him) waa s devoted husband and father. He leave a companion and several chil dren to mourn their loss. Burial ser vice waa conducted by Revs. J. B. Bus sell and J. R. Jennette. . Mr. O. M. Dudley is very sick. Quite a number of North river people were ove Sunday to attend the burial ot Mr. Henry Dudley We have quits s good cotton market here, the staple la going brisk at three per ponnd in the seed. A Wise Woman. Manager Green informs us that he Is negotiating with the managers of "A Wise Woman" for one night. He says there is very little chance for inch a company having a date open No mat ter, let them know we are on earth. We may catch them on their return. You must remember, 'twas wind that made Chicago. Keep blowing your horn. Road Improvea.ent. The work being done on the old Neufe road Is very commendable. ' ': For some months this work has been going on and now the result can be seen and appreblated,When completed, It. will be of lasting benefit to the city of New Bern and to the country people also. In fact, the benefits to be derived from this Improved road can only be estimated after a time of actual use. . The side ditches have been opened to a suffllolent depth to carry away any ordinary amonnt ot water that may all and the road bed has been very consider ably raised. The crooked places have been straightened and the roadway widened to the legal width. ! J j v In making the roadbed very good Judgment seemed to have been displayed In the use ot the material at hand, which was dirt.' The baas of the road was formed ot soft dirt dug from the ditches than several Inches ot a sticky clay was laid on, and afterwards a covering of coarea r'and, which becoming Incorpora ted with the clay forma a solid compact surface that will wear tor years, , This road work; Is entirely experimen tal In this section but It la hoped the re sults will encourage the prosecution of It until all the leading roads in the coun ty Is put In good condition, f The fiperl- ment so far . has probably proved ery eipenslve, because the work has been done by shovels and carta,1 whayeas, If good road machinery bad been procured and used., the . same work could have 1 been accomplished and Jn ,a fraction of the time. --'-H ;:; 3? i i ' It Is hoped that the county and city wm get togetner , ana purchase gone good np-to-date road machinery and. go at this road building la a business Uke way. s :Tae Coal Strike. , ( New York, September n.w.MItekel returned to WUkesbarre today.' He did not meet the coal presidents. He carried home twenty-lire hundred dollara real ized from the benefit concert of actors, at the Bowery theaera last sight. - KEGRO HURT : BY EHGDfE, UUj Elk, u Ex litres Sects Vlti a Terrttls Aecidcst -Bandy KUs, or Barron, a colored man VM dasfsrooaly tad padtapt fatally lav Jand yesterday, by yard MftM oat lha A. N, O. .ifilrasaVv fU.awdiUon at preseat U said a U very series, but he stay recover i spits fii advaraa elroum- He sad for the MftM yee been em ployed at tfc railroad .shops aa clesaer tad XaUsfcer and. hasv been 1 the habit of siding to UaJtosa) on the pilot ot the yard angina. He Uvea on Wail street. Is ateppiag off thv sngiss . ha evidently slipped froea the Bering train or made asiastep sad fell av that the wheels of the engine mrer both logs, crushing He waa raanovedto hia hocnaa short dlatasoe away by the train erew, and Dr primrose, tha .company's surgeon waa called, h took . toasaUt him Dr. J. F. Tbey ware obliged to amputate both legs r one inat. below the knee and the other ,nsar the. ankle. Ho is nearly 60 yaars ot age and nat rally i would not bo able to stand so great, a shock and probably win not live ' Ho was well known and popular, with hla coworkers. . A SMALL DEPARTMENT STORE. The 0m. Lumber Co, Jlay Well That WstiucUoB For Their . Store. Claim What the:, department store with Its endless . stock of everything Is to the great city trade, the Elm City Lumber Company'a store la to the people of New Bern. . It answers the very purpose that the groat stores of Wannamaker In Philadelphia. Macv In New York or Hlegel, Cooper ft Co. In Chicago. The store on South Front street has just received a new stock of fall goods which will be sure to please and satisfy, The second story of the building Is de voted to the sale of clothing, hats and shoes. One will And exactly what he wants there at a price he can afford to pay. All the goods are stylish and made and sold upon honor. On the first floor will be found a line of groceries that will meet every possl ble exigency of man's gastronomic needs A fresh stock of teas, coffees, sugars and all staple and fancy groceries; nice con confectionary, cigars and tobacco; drugs and patent medicines. There will also be found here a supply ot all kinds of oil. The manager la Mr. J. E. B?nton, a young man of acknowledged mercantile abllty and popular socially a combina tion which is bound to make a success, air. Denton la a wide awake manager and haa a deep interest In his store. Bon. Lee 8. Overman of Salisbury will speak In New Bern on the night of Oct. 17th. The New Rem Circulating Library will be opened every day from 4 to 7 p. nu, and from 8 to 0 p. m. until further notloe. A direct wire with New York has been pot In J. E. Latham & Co's office and they are able to receive full market reports from New York and Chicago. Bale cotton la being sent In slowly, coming mostly on the river steamers. The buyers are paying $8.00 to $8.50 per hundred weight for the staple. Quite a crowd of farmers were In the city yesterday, mostly tobacco growers. They came from Newport, and up in Jones county, with a small sprinkling f rom Pamlico county. , The tobacco , market was very active here yesterday. , Big breaks were made It aach, warehouse.. The prices are still good, and the growers are well pleased. The Planters aold 20,000 pounds at good prices. . Mr. 8.8. : Waters of Black Swamp, Jones county was here . again yesterday with a load of 668 pounds of tobacco which be sold at the Planters for $136.23, an average of about 31 cents the pound. Mr. Waters ,aays he , has 2,000 pounds more of fine tobacco which he Intends to sell on this market. , Among the successful contestants for admission to the - Naval ' Academy at Annapolis, the names of Messrs William B. Stevenson and Matthias K. Manly, ot this city, are noted In the n Washington Post of Tuesday. , They attended the R. I Wests preparatory school at Annap .oluMtThe young , ganttamen : have been ordered to report at Annapolis tor phy sloal examination Thursday. September K.x They leave for that city today with the beat wishes ot their friends for their success. ... A Qnlck Trip. The 76 f yawl, - Fanny, from New York,, a anchored off the Old Dominion dock, and will remain here for .some time.- Her master, Capt L. F. McNett, says she saade tits trip from New York, to Inside of Hattoras In 61 hours a very quick snd pleasant voyage. The Captain announces that his boat is ready to charter by the day, wees; or month at reasonable terms. .. Persona de siring a nice pleasure trip or desiring to go hunting or Ashing will do well ,to see him. He may be found at Hotel lChali lawka. ; , j . Aa Elopement iu Society. - A dashing young widow and a gaUant young society man recently contrived to outwit their friends; ran away and vers married. All. parties are keeping the affair a secret as yet. but there a great commotion In local society whet) the details of the-affair , and the names of the principals are made public which will no doubt be eoon. . It la freely pre dicted that! everyone , will v know all aboat the runaway match by the end of the week. -.. - , 0LTRPIA. AUrre Rattlesnake Killed. ReUgtou Services. Sept 22. Bnnday was the regular ap pointment for Rev. D. H. Petree, and ho gave as an able sermon. He will not protract until the week following the fd Sunday in October. Wo are having quite a number of vis- itors In Olympla at present. Mr. V. D. Allen and daughter Fannie, and Mr. L. W. Dunn of Aurora, were here Sunday. Mr. Thadeus Brlnson and hla sister, Miss Llllle, of Arapahoe were In Olym pla Sunday. Mr. Orley Lokey of Rlverdale, is visit ing friends at Olympla. Mr. Ernest Hern, Mr. Johnny Cuthrell and Mr. David Wayne, of Wilmington visited ua Sunday. Hiss Cora Hollon, of Reelsboro vis ited her uncle In Olympla last Sun day. Mrs. C. D. Uolton went to Edwards during last week to see her mother who Is quite sick. Later, Mlas Lucy, her danehterwent to Edwards. They are expected to return In a few days. Mr. W. W. Speights and son went to Edwards Sunday. Mr. M. O. Holton killed a large rattle snake, having twelve rattles and abut- too, on his farm last week. The snake measured tour feet two Inches, less the rattles. This Is not the snake that was spoken of in the Bayboro Sentinel." DISTRESSING STOMACH DISEASE. Permanently cured by the masterly power of "South American Nkbvins Tonic." Invalids need suffer no longer, because this grest remedy can cure them all. It Is a cure for the whole world of stomach weakness and IndlgetJon. The cure begins with the first dose. The re lief It brings is marvelous and surprising J , makea no failure: never dlsappointa. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure Is certain under tne use ol this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by G. D. Bradham Druggist" Powers Oppose Russia's Move. Constantinople, Bept. 22. The deci sion of the Sultan to permit four Rus sian torpedo boats, which arc In reality torpedo boat destroyers, to pass the Dar danelles Is considered here to be a viola tion of an international convention, and action In the matter Is expected from the other signatory Powers. Uncle Sam to Have Flower Show. Washington, Bept. 22. The finest ex hibition of chrysanthemums ever made In America Is to be held In November at the Department of Agriculture. The Department has 130 varieties, two plants of each growing on its grounds. Morgan Helps Coal Charity. New York, Sept. 22. J P Morgan has i contributed more than $20,000 to the Nathan Straus Free Coal Fund. Alphine Climbers Fall Over Preci pice. Geneva, Sept. 22. Two French tour ists, two guides and three porters, who were making an ascent of Mont Blanc, have fallen over a precipice, snd It Is feared that they were all killed. Bears the . Zf KiBd Ytm Haw Always of Kxpcnalve Courtship. Recently a young Frenchman of good family, but very poor, fell in love with a banker's daughter, and, obtaining a letter of Introduction to her father, ealiedion him. lie found hiin at homo, ind a! pleasant conversation followed. As he talked, however, the young men 'fumbled with n (told coin, the only money he possessed, and when he rose to take leave bo removed it from hhi waistcoat pocket and put it, without thinking, Into his trousers pocket As he was strolling home ho looked for tho coin, but, alas, it was not to be found, for there was a small hole in his trousers pocket, and as soon as he had put it in it fell noiselessly on tho Velvet carpet in the banker's drawing room. As he sorely needed the money the young man, though much against bis will, resolved to go back and inquire about It - "Yes," said the banker ns ho entered; "I found a gold coin on the carpet as soon as you left the room, and' I was not surprised, for I lost a similar coin in that very place two days ago. This, therefore, is my money, and we, will now look for yours." The banker smiled ns he spoke, but the penniless young man turned his back on him and abruptly left the house. . .v ' Up to the Times. M "Them New York bunko men has a new game." said Uncle EzraTuttleas be took his accustomed seat on the cracker barrel. "That so?" asked the grocer. -- "Yep. I was op to the city last week an' the feller that, always sold me my gold bricks Isn't handlu' nothin .but chunks o' coal now. 4M -tv' King Leopold's Action.1 ) ; ; Brussels, Sept. 22. The aosndalj aris ing from King Leopold's , dismissal of his daughter, the Princess Stephanie, from the bier of tbe late Queen Marie Henrietta, at Spa, yesterday; is agitat ing all classess. Popular sympathy Is expressed for the Princess The pub lic's hope that the death ot the Queen would lead to a reconciliation of Leo pold and tbe Princess, on account of her; marriage with Count Lonyay, Is abandoned. 1 v '" - ' OllForFuel. w , New York, Scp'ts 23. The American liner Kensington arrived here today hav Ing made a successful experiment with fuel oil on the passage. ,. , ' FOR' THE HOUSEWIFE FTcrnch ataahreilSerr the Rase. Centerpiece with the accompanying mats for candelabra still hold away .where specially .designed and embroid ered dinner cloths are out of reach. and, as always, conforms In else and shape to the table on which tbey ore used. The very neatest vf these center pieces and dollies (In which are In cluded the ever fashionable "place" or plate dollies,'' so popular for lunch eons or high teas) are embroidered In the mercerized cotton In French em broidery, in the most delicate and in tricate designs, and, as the materials are .within the reach of even the mod est purse, they vie with the most gor geous of tho creations, their quiet ele gance and apparent simplicity giving that ineffable tone of refinement never attained by anything but simple white. Thla French enebroldery in the white mercerized cotton seems to be the rage, and dollies, table runners, center pieces and in fact all table linens lend themselves readily to the graceful con ventional designs, while the soft fibers of the cotton mat together Into smooth ness of surface that facilitates the progress of even a beginner In this old fashioned stitch that was fast becom ing a lost art. Foot For Herrsraa Iadlrldaala. As a rule salt meat la not adapted to the requirements of nervous people, as nutritious juices go Into the brine to a great extent. Fish of all kinds is good for-them. Raw eggs, contrary to the common opinion, are not as digestible as those that have been well cooked. Good bread, sweet butter and lean meat are the beat food for the nerves. People troubled with insomnia and nervous starting from sleep and sensa tions of falling can often be cured by limiting themselves to a diet of milk alone for a time. An adult should take a pint at a meal and take four meals daily. People with weakened nerves require frequently a larger quantity of water than those whose nerves and brains are strong. It aids the diges tion of these and seems to have a di rect tonic effect. Science News. Chair and Cradle. Adcloc Nndenu of Fitchburg, Slass., has patented a cradle which can be converted into a rocking chnir. An ex amination of the picture will show how the cradle can be altered to form tbe chair. The center panel of the front drops back into the bottom of TWO IN ONE. the cradle, with the two shorter panels on either side folded over it. Then the rear panels fold around behind the back, leaving -the ends of .the cradle free to fall-outward. The ends of the bed are then . lifted to form the. arms on either side of tbe seat, and the panels are locked in place by books or bolts. Pork Salad. For pork salad one requires left over lean meat from a tender young pig. Tho meat can distinguished from veal or the white meat of chicken. If the pork has been slightly corned, the flavor .will be all tbe finer. Reject every morsel of browned meat, fat or gristle and cut into tiny pieces. Mix with an equal quantity of chopped eel ery and serve with mayonnaise dress ing ; exactly as if you ,wero making chicken salad. You can Impart a pleas ant and unique flavor to the salad by using equal quantities of celery and crisp acid , apples. Slices of beettcut Into diamonds or hearts make atpretty garnish for this salad. Before yomadd a. mayonnaise marinate with a French dressing foi several hours, settlngflt In the refrigerator till it is required for serving. The Piano's Enemies. Moths and dampness are two ene mies of the good health of the' piano. The Instrument should be dusted regu larly, of course, but a good plan. Is to leave it open for a time, at least while It is played upon, as the dust which rises from the hammers then finds a necessary outlet The piano (If it must stand against the wall) should be placed so that at least four Inches sep arate it from the partition, and wher ever possible the wall near which it is muBt not be tbe outer wall of the house. The Wedding; Gown Box. The wedding gown box Is one of the latest fads to bo adopted by the bride to be. That every bride possessed of hny sentiment wishes to keep her .wed ding gown in a state of preservation is a foregone conclusion, and this recep tacle is admirably suited -for the pur pose for .which it iwas designed. It is made ot light wood, enameled white and has the bride's initials In silver letters on tbe top. , It is lined with tufted .white satin and the lock is ot lver. 11 all of the nourUhment, health and atrength it contains 8 ne ooay hettied ma anr. iMn..wi.. nmf "jS?Ya in a long iy by B. d TjaWltt Oscar king, Cherry Valfe Doretnani rrepareqon a - . . Z ' . .. . ...-, "-"a Bronchitis, "Kodot Dyspepsia Cora la 1 ZZ,:mZLa?VV',m" lessaoli Troubles. ' , Eczema. Psoriasis, Salt Rheum. Tetter and Aciie Belong to that class of InAarsmatory said disfiguring skin eruptions that cause more genuine bodily discomfort and worry than all other known diseases. The impurities or sediments which collect in the system becsnsst of poor digestion, inactive Kidneys and other organs of elimination are taken up by the blood, saturating th system with acid poisons and fluids that ooze out through the glands and pores of the skin, producing sa lnde SCTlbaDie Iteming ana tmrrung, ana the vellow. watery discharge forma aa into mist a and antra car litrln brown I,;.. ,.u ,,? reiedlee wlta. ao goo effeota, bat attea- . and white scabs tliat drop off leaving a raw botuae f a. a. s. waa eUro the akin tender and raw. The effect ly relieved. was. OasaptaL ol the poison may cause the skin to . sis W. Oeatrai su, wuuta, Xsb. crack and bleed, or give it a scaly, fishy appearance; again the eruptions may consist of innumerable blackheads and pimples or hard,' red bumps upon the face. Purification of the blood if the only remedy for these vicious skisv diseases. Washes and powders can only hide for s time the glaring relieve the skin. 8. S. 8. is the only guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier. It contains no Arsenic, Potash or other harmful mineral. Write us about your case and our physicians will advise without charge. We have a handsomely illustrated book on skin diseases, which will be seat tree to all who wish it THE SWIFT FICIXIC CO.. AttfWta. Caw MERE MEN. Henry L. Schmetz of Ilampton, Va has been selected as the president of the Jamestown Exposition company. Chief of Police Francis O'Neill of Chicago has one of tbe most remark able collections ot Irish music extant Its collecting has been bis bobby for many years. Charles N. Ilerreid, governor of South Dakota, is of Norwegian an cestry and is the third Norwegian- American to occupy the office of gov ernor of that state. t Charles T. Yerkes is credited with saying that men are in their apprentice ship until they reach the age ot forty. and that a business man is not ripe until he is ten years older than that Governor Crane of Massachusetts dis likes public' speaking and, though he is always interesting in bis addresses, considers the necessity for their deliv- J ery one of tbe most trying features of ; public life. Thomas Lewis, a twenty-flve-year-old Llberian negro, is studying medicine and surgery in the Emergency hospital at Detroit He went there from Phila delphia and says bis father is chief of a tribe in Africa. Count A. Quadt, charge d'affaires of the German embassy, acting on in structions from Berlin, has invited tbe United States to a conference next spring which shall take steps for a thorough study of earthquakes. Dr. Henry G. Moore of Wabash, Ind., has an old battleflag in his possession said to have been carried by General 'Anthony Wayne (Mad Anthony) during his campaign through northern Ohio and Indiana, toward tbe close of tbe eighteenth century. E. J. Wendell of New York recently purchased for $500 a playbill of the 'Nassau Street theater for the even ing of Nov. 12, 1753, when "King Iticbard III." was acted by Rigby, Lewis Hallam, Master Hallam and fathers. This is the earliest known iplnybilL JINGLES AND JESTS. How a Maiden's Won. Just a man and just a maid, Just a hammock In the shads; Just a pair of laughing eyes, ' Tinted like the summer skies; Just a little argument Savoring of sentiment; Just the theme ot lova begun. And Just this the maiden' a won! Leslie's Weekly. Ita Statna. Indignant Victim-Confound yon, sir I You advertised a "gusher," and now I find that there is not a drop of oil com ing out of the well! What kind of 1 gusher do you coll that?' Texas Oilocrat Ingrowing gusher. Judge. Household Thought. Now the pumpkin seta aglow All our fancies, don't you know. Now the pumpkin, plump and big, Makes our fanclea danca a Jig. Now the pumpkin makes ua algh Till our fancies roll in pie. Judge. A Solitary Exception. "Our officials should understand that Uncle Sam expects every man of them to do his duty." "AH except the customs officials, ot course. He expects them to collect it" Cleveland Plain Dealer. A Try ins Sanation. To have my darling doubt my word Doth sometimes sorely grieve me; . I speechless alt when aba's inferred She didn't quite believe me. I algh, aa though most deeply stirred, And pray faith may Imbue her; It's tough to have her doubt my word When I've been lying to her! ' - -Ufa The Secret. "So you and Tom were finally mar- rled, eh, Nell?" "Yes, but we're not happy," "Why, how's that?" "Wo didn't marry each other." Den ver News. The Rhymer. A maiden at gay Narrairansett Fain would two-step, but couldn't quite dansett. But with fset full of Joy, By the side of her boy. Bhe determined to break loose and Chan- sett! . ,. - , , Baltimore News. AH stomach and bowel troubles in ohlld or adult are due to a single cause Indigestion. , , ;v r 1 Flax, colic, cholera morbus, diarrhoea, dysentery and SJl Comclaintsof like natiirn. bra tho niiMit t foods fermenting in the stomach. The only way to i prevent lever and to cure such troubles without injury to the membranes lining the stomach is to restore perfect digestion. CIODOLSXrr.eU.1,!! tte new discovery which cures all stomach MdDOwel troubles by removing the cause., This famous f rnmmi pharlra fnm.iit.ti.. .1 .S . tor oyspopsla and stomach troables. II has standlnc case of catarrh of the atomaii."- (Vi. " 77 ' r-" ' 1 " ' ' " "I iwairnii flipper Uiroa lunf ' ooukiis, cukls. Cfou a. rmwea, .,l &D?m acq. .V; v "learn eaaerTolly eadoree yoar a mre foe : x waa trouble ltk Sot 6 years aad trie mmr blemishes. 8. S. m. eradicates all poisonous accumu lation, antidotes the Uric and other adds, and restores the blood to Its wonted purity, and stimulates snd revitalizes the sluggish organs, and the impuri ties pass off through, the natural channels and 1 Wood's Seeds. Crimson Cloyer will yield under favorable condi tions 8 to 10 tons of green food per acre, or 1 to 2 tons of hay and is worth as a fertilising crop, $20. to $23. per acre. Full information Is contained in our Fall Catalogue just issued, which we will mail free upon request Wood's Fall Catalogue also tells all about Vegetable and Farm Seeds for Fall Planting, Seed . Wheat.'Oats, Rye, Barley, Vetches, Orass and Clover Seeds, etc. Write for Fall Catalogue and prices of any Seeds desired. ITW..W00D Seedsmen, - Rk SONS, Richmond, Va. $300 Reward 1 The above reward is offered by Governor Aycock f or the arrest of Cyrus Dixon, of Jones County, con victed of murder, broke jail Sep tember 16th at Trenton, N. C. Dixon is 22 years old, 5 feet, 7 to 9 inches in height, prominent cheek bones, red face, thick dark hair, dark eyes of bloated appearance, wears number1? shoe. . I, N. M. Harriett, Sheriff of Jones County, N. C, will pay Ten ($10) Dollars Reward for the apprehen sion and delivery to me oi ws body of the above named person Cyrus Dixon. Delivery to be made at Trenton, N. C. by the 6th day of November, 1902. $5.00 Reward i EACH. Five Dollars Reward will be paid for the apprehension and delivery to me of the body of one Randolph Fulcher, colored, about 22 years of age, about 5 feet 8 inches high, full face, of light complexion, clean haven, weighs about 135 pounds. Said apprehension and delivery to be made to me at Trenton by Nov ' ember 6th, 1902. Five dollars reward will be paid . for the apprehension and delivery to' me of the body of one John An drews, white, about 23 years of age, . light hair and mustache, gray eyea, about 5 feet 8 inches high, ' has a 1 ull face and weighs 140 pounds. Said delivery to be made to me at Trenton, N. 0. by Nov. 6th, 1902. I N. M. IIARRD1TT, 1 Sheriff Jones County, s Sept. 19, 1902. Mtxr ataaioN ' MIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MEDICINE- .RICHMOND, K1E01CIHE DEMTISTIT FHABAaT ' Is fof Laboratories for HoepltaU for Practice. . One hundred pane Cataloraa Free. r-"0r. Kefs I i 1 PAINLESS ' sirjrr khm to aii losers of DrarDhlae. PAINLESS - opium, laadaaua, .asa.s.W of opium, a? ealaa or whiskey, large took of par ticulars on borne a sanatofiam treat ment. Address. B. M. WOOLLKIOO lot N.Pror Street, Atlanta, CHlP.MiraTra-a mnnau n"Vioy.(ie!y.s SAFE, Alw.y.mllaM. I..tU uk Urv a CHIUHfcMTKU'8 EDtiUn I. Ki:i ml MIUH. km JU ia tailta. ether. eBraa DahttlaSm ui law tUaa. Hit, or ,or Lru.,L,t, . h . k. Partl.lrm. TMtiaMalale at ''K.M.r ar l.ailltOa e Utur, b, p. tan Mali. le.eoeTMinuHiui.. Mw Drwlm. Ckl.heatartJIalalll- Attorney at law, s U Bo, Front SW.Opp. Hotel ChattawW HEW BERN, N. a -Craven County Attorney.' ' Circuit Craven, Jones, Onslow, Cari eret, Pamlico, Greene, Lenoir, and tbe Supreme and Federal Courts. ' ' 'ail.. L V I nai ' i , I S'rf-eFKN Mil lea L

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