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Trial af Parties Implicated la-Hen-
dersoa Murder.
Wllsea Military Cemsaay Aseepted.
Marriage Hseemrtly Pestaeaed
Primitive Bsstlsts iMt
lag. Program Nertt .
Carsliaa Day
la Pablle
. ffcheela.
A Midway 'built for Fun !
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unique Booths !
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Elks Thursday,
Floral Friday.
Premium Tobacco Satek
GAIETY for the YOUNG !
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Ritnoi, Sept. tl. Ordari ara iaiaed
from State Guard headquarter! accepting
a company of infantry at Wilson, to be
known aa Company K.; Snd Regiment.
It takes the place of the company lately
The engagement la anhonnoed of Wat
OharlotU Ionnt danghter of tniorance
eommlaaloner ; Jamaa Richard Young,
to Mr. Henry R. Thorpe of Rocky
Mount. The wedding will be la De
Congressman Pon of thia district will
open his regular campaign at tcockiy
Mount, Oct. 8.
A eonrict who waa sent to the pen lien
Mary from here, to aerre 5 years, wept
and told the offloers that what grleTed
him waa that today was to hare been
his wedding day and that the marriage
would hare to be postponed for five
The attendance at the meeting of the
Little River Primitive Baptist Associa
tion here became tery large today,
Seven counties are represented. There
are elders present from three other
States, Maryland, Virginia and South
Carolina, these visitors being the guests
of Gov. and Mrs. Aycock.
Ex-Senator and Mrs. Marlon Butler
arrived here yesterday evening and will
remain until December. They will
spend the winter in New York and
The demand for cotton seed here by
the oil mills was never so great. The
price paid la 86 cents a bushel. The
mills have "runners" on the streets and
these fairly besiege the farmers who
bring In the seed.
The programme for "North Carolina
Day" November 8ft In the public
schools 1s completed and la as follows:
Subject "The Albemarle Section," Song
The Old SUte," Reading "The First
Governor, William Drummond," Read
inn "The Roanoke Island of Today," by
Charles R. Taylor, Reading Albemarle
Memorials" by R. B. Crecy, Reading
"Education," , by W. E. Stone, Song
"America," Reading "Hertford," by W.
F. McMullen, Reading "A Distinguished
Citizen of the Albemarle Section," by
Junius Dam, Reading "Hatteras and
the Banks," Declaration "Hatteras,"
poem by Joseph W. Holden. Selected
Hymn. , ' :
Today the three negro prisoners, Joe
Cole.' Sr., Joe Cole, Jr. and Charles
Fergnsan, who killed Mr. Steven and
wounded train " porter Mitchell on
train near Henderson were taken from
the penitentiary to Henderson for trial,
by sheriff Powell. The case will be trial
for' raurder. v All' these ' prisoners are
from Lynchburg, ' Va. They were on
their way to "Lodiiburg to work In to
bacco. There were five of the negroes
and all Ave would have been lynched
bat for the guarding of the Henderson
lail by troops. The men who wanted
to lynch them were railway employes It
la said, and It is believed few at least
of the Henderson' people would have
aided the lynchers. The negroes were
brought here and placed In the peniten
tlary for safe , keeping. . The , negroes
hate the elder Cole, who worked there
last year, It U said, won their money at
"craps" , and then , reported IB or 20 of
them for gambling., .,-,
The trial of .theXoles for murder and
of Ferguson aa an accessary will hardly
take . place , before Wednesday. The
other 2 negroes were discharged upon
the statement by Conductor Clements
that they had nothing to do with the af
fair. Mitchell, the faithful negro porter
was snot wniie aaving us me or uon
uuoior vwnwiii.
t .ill
The Atlantic Coast Line railroad ha
bought the Louisville Nashville road.
King Leopold of Belgium, it is ru
mored will be forced to abdicate his
throne on account of growing unpopularity.
The Palater. Iron and Steel Co's.
plant at Pittsburg, , Pa., was recently
sold to the trust. Conslderatlng being
Contracts for carrying mall by pneu
matic tube aarvioe have been let In Phil
adelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago
and St. Louis. '
A Good One.
A Wise Woman," whtch has been
secured for pne night some time In the
near future at Ithe Masonlo Theatre is
headed by a young woman who for the
past three years has been a member of
Augustln Daly's company and has at
tracted an amount of attention from the
critics that rarely falls to so young an
artist.'' The young lady referred to is
Marie Lamour.'
, A Runaway Xatcn.'
A Runaway Match (at the Academy of
Music last night waa' side-splttter, and
a clean on at that The - mix-ups are
ludicrous, and will! make yon laugh
whether you will or no. The wonder was
how they ever got straight. They made
yon forget all your troubles for awhile
and that Is goodly praise. The parts were
well takes and everything was cleverly
done.!,i . '; ''.- '
' The vaudeville acts by members of the
company were exceedingly clever and
served to relieve the ' continual merri
' : .; Tsx Iiiiuta anl Clilirea. ' .
Tj Y:i T;:3 r.::;3 T::;
T0B1CC0 1.11H
And Growers Deeply Concerned
Orer Consolidation American
The vaccination of the 8,000 students
at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y
was ordered yesterday, because Ralph
Holmes, of Frankltnville, Pa.) developed
Regarding the Navajoe Indians being
In a starving condition, Agent Hazlett,
at Fort Defiance, Ariz., reports that they
refuse to work, though he hu offered to
employ them at good wages.
Four persons were killed yesterday at
Rawlins, Wyo In s freight wreck on the
Union Pacific.
Stevedores end cartmen at Santiago;
Cuba, are on strike for a 40 per cent
advance in wages.
The naval cadets have been ordered to
Washington D. C. for the Grand Army
parade, October.
The Government Board of the Louis
iana Purchase Exposition left Washing
ton, D. C, yesterday for St. Louis, Ho.,
to attend on Wednesday the allotment
of SUte sites.
Colonel Charles Smart, Assistant
Surgeon General In the army, has been
made chief surgeon of the Philippines.
To secure first claim on coal from
Tennessee mines the Southern Railway
yesterday agreed ;to pay five cents a ton
After declining to speak before the
New York Banker's Association, Secre
tary Gage yesterday reconsidered, and
will probably accept.
The city of Indianapolis, Ind, sued the
Indianapolis Gas Company yesterday to
prevent the natural gas supply being cut
off September 80.
A political edltoral written by Editor
S. E. Robinson, of the News-Journal,
Winchester, Tenn., so angered a lawyer
named Banks that he killed the editor
The crown Prince of Slam will visit
this country next month. Hejexpects
to leave England for America October
Senor Sabano Arano a prominent
Spaniard has been sentenced to eight
years in the Spanish prison for congrat
ulatlng President Roosevelt on the free
dom of Cuba..
There are rumors that Secretary of
the Treasury Shaw will be asked to re
sign on accout of displeasing things he
has said.
Ami English Tobacco Com pan It'.
Reseats Bis Old Position.
CotUa Farmers Itasy.
Cnp Largely Marketed.
Demand for (Jetton
Balkiob, Sept. 19. The news vour
correspondent first gave yesterday that
Mai. F. K. Hitter will resume Ills old
position as Superintendent of the Sea
board Air Line for this division, succeed
(ng D. H. Barger, Is fully confirmed.
He arrived here today and it is under
stood will take charge Wednesday.
Farmers are exceedingly busy gather
ing cotton and plowing. The tobacco
Is gathered and It is asserted that east of
here 79 to 80 per cent of the crop Is al
ready marketed. A large crop of small
grain than usual will be sown. Turnips
look very well. The report to be Issued
tomorrow wQl no doubt be a favorable
The Supreme Court will devote this
week to the hearing of appeals from the
Oth district.
The Primitive Baptist Association
ended Its session here, yesterday. Se
veral hundred persons were in attend
ance, mainly from Wilson, Wayne, John
ston, Wake and Harnett counties.
The leaf tobacco buyers, the ware-
men and the growers are alike deeply
concerned at the news of the consolida
tion of the American and Imperial To-
oacco companies. Prices are now high,
but a sharp fall Is expected, though this
may not, for reasons of policy occur at
once. The only hope is that the short
age ot tooacco of the old crop may re
sult la sustaining the demand, and then
too the trust will have to pay a sufficient
price to Induce farmers to plant. Oth
erwise farmers will go Into cotton and
other things as they did a few years ago
when prices paid for tobacco were so
low. But nevertheless the great consoli
dation Is regarded as a severe blow to
the leaf tobacco Interests:)
The jump in the price of cotton seed
to 27 cents a bushel is causing a stir.
There is a great deal of profit in this
seed. To an oil mill the seed are really
worth 17 cents a bushel, this being what
the oil, meal, hulls and lint will
Prof. W. F. Massey, of the State Ag
ricultural and Mechanical college here
left today for Athens, Ga-, to make an
address to the wheat, oats and corn
.STORiAi .
tad Vm Haw Atop totf
, t
Troy hnN fifty-seven collar and cuff
Savannah l to have a big new dry-
dock to iict-otiiniodute ships and steam
ers In need of repairs.
Montgomery. Ala., claims to be the
most American city. All Its inhabit
ants except 2 per cent were born in
this country. ' i ;
: London is considered a crowded city,
yet only 9.4 per cent of its Inhabitants
occupy one room tenements, whereas
in Bombay It is 80 per cent
Sept 87. The cotton crop of this sec
tion did not come trp to expectation. But
corn Is good.
The dry weather has cut the hay crop
short It Is not nearly equal to that of
last year ''.'..'-.!'' -;- v ,.
The man who raised tobacco this year
Is the lucky fellow. But, Oh myl won't
there be a lot of it planted next year.
Mr. Stephen Toler hu been very sick
for some time. We learn though that he
Is a little better now.
Miss Amanda Whitford who has been
at Clay Root Pitt .County for some time
returned today. -4 ' ' : '
Mr and Mrs George W Hill ot Geddy
stayed;near here last night. They left to
day for Blounts Creek.
Mrs, W B Burgess and children of
Klnston have been visiting her parents
here for the past two weeks, r They will
return noma tomorrow. : ,
The Maple Gfbve and Lima base ball
clubs played a game yesterday afternoon
The soore was 5 to 8 In favor of the Lima
Club. ' ' . ,
DP Whitford registrar for this pre
cinct win be at Vanceboro with registra
tion books for f cur successive Saturdays
beginning with the 4th and clostng on
the 83 prox. .. ' . :
A Jury of free holders met and laid off
the dower of Mrs. Betsey Morris widow
' A Tincheater Take-Down Repeating Shotgun, with '
m strong sheeting, lull choked barrel, suuablo for
trap or duck aboooag, and aa extra tniercnangeabla
modified choke r cylinder bore barrel, for field shoot
ing, Ksts at oaly $42.00. Dealers sell them for
fats. This makes a serviceable all round run within
teach of everybody's pocket book. Winchester
Shotguns outshoot and outlast the most expensive
doubla barrel tuna and are Just aa reliable besides.
wncBBswt ttPtAma asms co,. bew Bin, con.
Heinz's Sauer Kraut, Plain
Sweet & Sweet M PicW's
Just received at J L. McDaniets.
New Barrel Corned Beef.
No. 1 Shore Mackerel.
Spiced Piga Feet,
Fresh lot Fox River Print Butter, Fancy Elgin Batter.
Rock Candy Drip Syrup.
Na Bob Pancake Flour, Buckwheat.
Grape Nuts, Force, Pettyjohn's Breakfast' Food, Postum
Fresh lot Ginger Snaps 5c lb.
Codfish, Irish and Sweet Potatoes, and a complete stock of
everything usually kept by a first-class grocery establishment.
aSc Retail
'Phone 91.
71 Broad St.
I Iwit W$
Born on the 26th day August, 1825,
Aunt Francis lived 77 years of useful
ness and on the morn of September 25th
aa the Autumn sun rose in its unclouded I
brightness, she took her departure to
that realm where, "There'll be no night
With heart and hands ever ready to
do deeds of kindness, and to smooth the
rugged pathway of the distressed and
the sorrowing, she lived a life full of
works. She was to this writer a mother,
and though she has been seriously af
flicted for several years, it was always
good to seek her counsel.
By her strong constitution and will
power, she bad in recent years, success
fully combatted against severe cases of
sickness and we did hope that she would
yet a little longer be spared to us, butt
God in His goodness had finished her
eternal resting place and bid her come
and dwell therein.
8he leaves an aged husband, Capt. C.
D. Foy, four sons, Messrs. F. R. Foy, of
Einston, C. D. Foy, Jr., and P. O. Foy
and E. H. Foy of Florida. Two daugh
ters, Mrs. Bailie Garden of Durham, and
Mrs. J. E. McCuthen of Msysvllle. ; One
brother, Mr. Franklin Foy, of Pollocks-
vllle, and numbers of relatives and I
friends to mourn the loss. Yet we I
know that . our loss Is her eternal
"Gone to the grave is our loved one
" Gone with a Christian bloom,
Lowly we bend relative and friend
Marching away to the tomb.
She has gone through the valley,
The deep, death valley,
Her face we shall see nevermore
Until we oross the valley,
The deep, death valley,
And meet her on the other shore."
' 1 K. F. Foscck.
Lovers Escape , The - Vigilance of
" jyyrX Father, ytly-,' : ,:
"A Runaway Match" was enacted in
real life at Olumpforts Greek, a small
place In Pamlico county, and the searcher
or the father of the young lady in the
case la said to have granted his forgive
ness as It usual In such cases. . : 4
i Mr. J. B. Freeman and Mtss Clara
Tingle were married by magistrate
Claude Taylor ot Bachelor. , , v .
., ine marriage or course created a I
great sensation In the community where
the young people live. The license wu
procured in this city Saturday. ,
Another wedding occurred at the same
Urns and place and by the same magis
trate. The contracting parties were Mr
N. B. Lee and Miss Myrtle Holton. The
latter wading took place fcy and with
Some of our Fresh Pickled Pig Feet, Tripe and Beef, they
are fine.
Also our Coffees Green and Roasted, prices range from
15c to 40c per pound. Our 15c Coffee cannot be beaten any
where. Just try a lb and we are sure it will be a repeater.
We are carrying a general line of Fancy Groceries, and we
respectfully solicit your business.
& Willis,
Broad St Grocers. Phone 137
' ....
' : .... . - ....., f a
Car load Flour Ground from new wheat just' received." 4 If
you want a barrel of Good Flour give me a trial. " ' j
J 1 We are receiving freBh goods by every train and boat,' and
can give you entire satisfaction both in quai ty and " prices, we .
2 mention' a few articles' a3 follows: Pettyjohn's Breakfast Food,
Quaker Oats, Fresh Rice and Grits, Potato Chips, Scredded
2 Wheat Buscuit,Full Cream Cheese, Imported and Domestic
Maccaroni, Canned brook Trout, Canned Mackerel, Imported
2 and Domestic Sardines, Deviled Crabs witli shells, and ' a ' full
line of everything to be f oqnd in a first class grocery' storeV V.;
Jh u t.-- .- v- Yours to please, , , Zt
Wholesale and Retail Grocer, .. n , " t
. Cor. Broad Sc Hancock Sis.
' AAA AAA A AAA AAA 4 s A AA A 4 A ''"
to fa
in all - the NEW iSTYLES ;
i V Vt ifi;vM; t
Bfow is the ! time to fit f t
him up fpr school. Re- ' J ;
member we , Guarantee '
bcr.t Lin:,
the consent of the parents of both par
Wednesday. '. .
Bear the
of the late .Stephen E Morris on last

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