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UI Shaw His Msltloa Nalnly Tatsdsy
j Operators Unyielding
Special to Journal.
Wiiibktor, Oct 11. It to Mid that
the President attacks tba position of the
coal operaton oa the groaad of alleged
Charters Granted Mills! Basy Tsar conspiracy la restreJnt;ol Interstate com
la Mill Basinets. esad la
Jail. LoeeatetiTCs Frsas . .
Industry Breaks all Previous State
te Woed
Raliq H.Oct 11. The development
ot the cotton oil mill basin eas In North
Carolina thta year It to great ai to break
all record. The capital invested Is
twice that pat In cotton mu this year
The Slate hat granted charter! that far
this year to the following mill: ' Battle-
boro, $100,000 capital; Vemer, at Lattk
mor 18,600; Farmers at Rich Square,
$30,000; Farmers, at Wilson, $100,000;
Matnal, at Tarboro, $40,000; Consoiners,
at Tarboro, $108,000; Pino Level,- tlO
000; Farmert, at Nashville, $100, 000; St
Lewis, Edgecombe county, $15,000; Fre
mont, $20,000; ..Dunn, $900,000; Swift
Creek, at Wrendale, $15,000. The total
capital Is $730,000. , A charter was alio
granted to the Farmer Guano Compa
ny. of Raleigh, capital $50,000.
Charters have so far been granted to
the following cotton mills: Oberon, at
Graham, capital $200,000; Morehead,
at Spiny, $135,000; Htlderbrand, $65,.
000.. . , t
Charters have lieen granted the fol
lowing hosiery and knitting mills; Eliz
abeth City, capital $10,000; Crescent, at
Scotland JVeck, $25,000; Blanche, at, $15,000.
A charter for a new lodire of Odd
Fellows at Kllenhoro Is applied for.
Some lime ago Frank Winn, alia Al
len, a negro 53 years old, murdered hi
nepliow Charlie' Wlun, In Wayne county
He was nllowml to give ball In $2500,
sold his progeny, and deposited lhat
mm with tho rlork of the court, then
fled and did not appear when the Case
wan called. (Inventor Aycock offered
$1 0 rewaiil lur liini. A telegram today
from eherllt Cook at i'ayullevllle said
-. VYtna was In iall there. Be will be
. taken to Goldshnrp for trial.
A charter la granted to the Talcum
Puff Company of Asheville, with $15,-
000 capital. Tho company will menu
. faoiure the Velvet talcum puff and olher
toilet articles.
, The engines on' the Carolina .Central
R. R. are being changed to wood barn
ers,and It la probabale that such changes
will have to be made on other line in
the Slate. Many persons look for a sharp
advance in prices of wood.
The total enrollment of white children
in the public schools at present Is 101,
Thore will be at least 85 floats In the
Industrial parade here on Wedesday of
the mate fair. -
tare. -
He today told Vice-President WUoos
of the D 4 H railroad company very
plainly that he d(d not consider the mi
ners anion a trait
The President la expected to show his
hand on Tuesday, and the operators
must . stand ready to grant conces
Secretary Root Is In New Tork and
saw J P Morgan today.
Tba coal ..operators will confer no
more. They still are unyielding.
la Efforts to Get Miners to Work the
Special to Journal.
Wim8babrb,Pa.,OcU3 Coal opera
tors made special efforts to get miners to
work today but failed. The gates of the
collerles were opened for the first time In
several moaths.Pres. Mltchel and Oistrlc
presidents expect a call to Washington
tomorrow for another conference with
President Roosavelt.
Specvlatloi as to Hornier NerToes
County Commissioners Proceedings. Harris, wb ogiesby. wt Donn,jJ
Laaalter, K L Thornton, I A. wtuis, s a
Parker, John O Whitly, H B Holland,
Pou's Election Conceded.
Special to Journal.
RALKion, Oct. 13. Republicans failed
today to meet here to nominate a candi
date for Congress against Pott and cou
cedn the latter's election.
-o. k 'i: .ct x .
I;iu KiiV ''in IU ikm .to
Oe.i. 11. Miss Jennie Monk Is visiting
her brother, Dr. H. G. Monk.
Mr. Jno. R. Barker, who has been at
tending Trinity College, returned home
laul night.
Storm parties have been all the rage
for the past week or two,
Several new pianos have come In Iran
ton this week! The old ones are being
etchanged and some of them are being
placed In other homes of the town,
Quite a number of young people are
haying their "beauty" struck.. The
photographer has been very busy this
week. The camera has been tested so
others need not be afraid. i
Mr. Herbert Barbour, of Swanaboro Is
la Treutou working at the carpenters
trade. .Trust he will be successful in his
There was a hustling business carried
on In Trenton yesterday. ' The trade is
increasing. There .was right much cot
ton on the market, and It was a very
. good price." Trenton ! a fine cotton
market. 1 1 -
A new part Is being pat on the ware
house which belongs to the steamer
Howard. They need more room to store
the goods.
Market Letter on Cotton.
i -
By private wire, J. E Iditham & Co.
Nsw York, On. 13 Considerable
pressure this a. m. and prices lower at
one time than all last week. January
broke and March, sold at 8.41. Each op
tion sold a point lower than before this
month. Wall St conditions are Sgainst
the market and the strike continues'
The strike Is now the main factor, If it
was not for this, cotton would sell
higher. As long as this lasts It will
tend to prevent purchasing by consdnv
ers, as well as by speculators, as there Is
little Inducement to bay and take the
risk. The market will be here all the
season and we think that theVe Wlll be
more advantageous times to trtj than
ue present, onoura tae striae oe sewsu
there would bean Immediate advance
Ot coarse the fine weather Is helping
the crop Immensely. ; The Chronicle
states, that in a special Investigation Us
correspondents report better condition!
than prevailing In early September, and
taken a a whole, better than last year.
Many people from the 'Sooth say the
crop will be larger than ' last year with
late frosts. We are also Inclined to
take this view. We are likely to have a
crop of 10,500,000 this year, bat while
this makes for uncertainty this Fall a
crop of that size will not meet consump
tion demands. For this reason we ad
here to oar position on tho market la
the long ran, bat regard immediate such
an uncertain quantity that we would
only bay on breaks. , i
Crop Estimate. State Charter. Sa
rem CearV Dreamers Ssy
Baslacsa; Is (reed. Ceal
Faatlae Catenas Pen
ile IiitlUtteM.
Raines, Oct It-Waile It to the view
of such democratic leaden as Chalimia
Simmons that the negro vote this year
will be perhaps 11,000 Of t0,000, some
persons express a very positive belief
that It will not exceed 10,000. In some
sections of the Bute some registrars are
following what maybe termed a policy
of exclusion of negro voters. This Is
reprehended by Chairman Blnunons,who
says it is really very rare. Ha says more
negroes "wlH register under the grand
father clause than Was expected. Those
who can thus register are the deoeadentt
of free negroes who could vote prior to
1835, those who have white mothers and
those who are descended from negroes
who prior to 1807 ia which they were
qualified to vote. Chairman Simmons
says the registration will be fairly heavy
It will of be coarse larger than the vote.
He urge Democrat to get as full a reg
istration as possible and after that Is
done to get as large a vote as possible
There are persons who say that the
smartest thing the negroes could do
would be not to register or vote at all;
that this would allay practically all the
feeling against them, which arises oat of
politics and their use of the franchise.
It Is said by some cotton growers that
the crop In this section will be as much
80 per cent. John 8. Cunningham
says the tobacco crop will reach tnat
A charter Is granted by the State to
the Atlas Table Company ot Lexington
capital $10,000. -
The Supreme Gonrt will this week hear
arguments In appeals from the 8th dls.
Commercial travellers say that basi
net Is very good, particularly la eastern
North Carolina, in the tobacco region,
where more money Is In circulation than
ever before and where along all lines
there Is prosperity.
A great many people and public insti
tutions too are caught in the grip of the
coal famine. The government bolldlag
here has no coaL There Is a contract
to famish It, but the contractor can not
get the coal. There was neglect to pat
this la early in the summer.
The State tobacco-growers association
will hold Its annual meeting hereon
Thursday of the State Fair and Its
president says he expects a great attendance.
rfjjhe last arrivals at the penitentiary
itt Joe Cole, Jr., and Charles Ferguson,
alias Thompson, accessories to the mur
der, ef road muter Steven on a S. A. L,
train. 'They get 80 years.
The Board of Commissioners met tt
10 o'clock a. m. Oetober Sth 1901 at the
Court house la New Bern It being the
regular session fit said Board'
Present Commissioners Jones, Baxter,
Wadsworth, Wood aadFulcher.
Ordered that Poll tax listed to W. B.
Lewis In No. S township be corrected
so as to show only one entry It having
been listed twice.
Ordered that sheriff be Instructed to
list the Henry G arris land near vance-
boroNo. 1 townahlb and collect the
taxes on same and back taxes
Ordered that the item under head of
all other property of 800 listed to C. 8,
Mlley and Co. be stricken from the list
on account of error and 68 acres ot
West land valued at .60 be added to his
said list. . " .
Ordered that Ellas Belangla be allow
ed to lit his taxes with the Register of
Deeds on payment of the proper fee.
a. Wootea or Ho. a
New Tobk, Oct 11. It begins to
look as though factors oatslde of the sit
uation were of more Importance for the
time being, than the cotton factor, Itself.
One mast recognize this fact and make
the best of It. However bullish we may
be there Is no getting around the fact,
that the coal strike grows more and
more serious each day. If coal cannot
be had to run mills, and mills are
obliged to shot down In a great many
cases, it Is manifestly oat of the ques
tion to expect mills to bay cotton, that
cannot bo used. As long astheftrike
Is on, and It looks far from a settlement,
the market will be Influenced by It In
Liverpool the purchase of a large block
of cotton advanced prices four points,
Feveral new buildings are being erected I bat here, after the opening at 8.61 for
on the place ot Mr. James Redmond.and
thlnga are being changed around which
adds greatly to the looks of the place.
There are a few cases of diphtheria In
the ooanty, but they are getting along
alright so the Doctor says. We trust
however that it will not spread.
7 Mr. P. W.i Foacue to the registrar of
Trenton precnot. He ha refused sev-
- Jf'eral negroes registering, and they
1 seemed to be sad and somewhat "palled
Trenton , w a greeted this morning
with a 'nice rain. H lasted until tea
. o'clock. - v" : 'v"4 A" .'
March and May the
slumpted 6 to 7 points.
' A StaartUu BCeet. 1
"Was that an earthanake lastnlfhtr'
tnautred the guest of the noueeaolaV
"Did rou hear it? We hoped TOU
wouldn't,? said the polite hostess, "id
see,, we have a cooen visiting as fftsa
Chicago. She was at a rtancUis; pert?
bvstntght and came hi ratherlate, and
IVthlnWete moat have dropped one of
Dlda't Cava to(Cw,.". f
Laffsn I've tot a njw conondroia.
The county candidates are canvassing I Do yoa know why I em like a mole
tbecouBty snaking "big speeches''; at with a Sore head?
Ji TTirtou, placet it different times. They
speak at Tuckahoe the 95th. Hon. O. R
Thomas, the candidate for Congress,
; will be with them, o -t V ':
The correspondent at Merrimon who
ignshisnam "Grit" wishes to, know
. of the whereabouts of . "Pluck", . this
' place. In reply will say that Plack to
still in the land ot the living, and Is not
ready to die yet. Tho' the Items bar
been absent, It's no exoase that h
couldn't stand to see a hen fifth t. Can
Qrotat-tfo; I know yoa arei bot
dont know why you are. r CWcflfo
.;-f uta auua. -'' 4 f t-j
De cow klok 6e milk over kue she
ain't got no sense, en folks Stan' ttnte
en cry Dout it kase Qey in a same n
sa 0e cow. Atlanta Oonstltutloa. .
Tor Infant aci CLi 'ran. '
f)stBd most anything.? Wpndcrf what . sm-j y. t , p..i
Grit could stand to see? If Grit wants to u
ilmg mud, or debate, Pluck Is ready at I ars the ' , ' " ,"
anytime. rtrjcK. r -Cff
W P M Bryan.
No. 0 township John N Pate, M W
The Board proceeded to draw a jury
to serve at a term ot Superior Court to
be held on the 11th Monday after the 1st
Monday In September, It being tl.e 17th
day of November 1003.
No. 1 township O B Stubbs. Andrew
Jackson, David Tripp Jr.
No. 3 townshlp-Geo B Wiggins.
No. 8 township T R Moore.
No. 8 townshlp-D M Roberts, S W
Willis, Graham Daves, John Humphrey,
R E L Rose, J H Herritage, Ira L Cosby
G A Atkinson, J H Ipock, E J White Sr
James M Harrison, James II Simmons,
D F Atkinson.
Board took recess.
Board met at 10 o'clock on October
7th 1908 pursuant to recess.
Present Commissioners, Jones, Wads-
I 1 .V.t D '
TT.r . North, BaxtenFnIcher and Wood.
wwnaup rr,"" Mr.T.CDanlela. manager for Elks
ine ciera oi uiis ooaru uu u u, yiv
Oa motion it Is ordered that Thomas
Dixon, A. Hall, G. W. Hay, Mrs. Boes
ar.Tork Hill and Isaac Asklnbeal
lowed to list their property on payment
of the proper fee to the Register of
Ordered that Ellas Mitchell be allow
ed 5 davs rations for 3 persons each
month he being blind.
Board took recess.
Board mot at 8 o'clock p, m. October
6th 1903 pursuant to recess.
Presect Commissioners JJones, Baxter,
Wadsworth, Wood and Fulcher,
The report of the County Treasurer
waa on motion accepted and ordered
spread upon the minutes.
Renort of D. L. Roberta. Treasurer of
Craven county for September.
General Fund.
Sept. 1. To bal.
Sept. 1. To Jas W Blddle
Sept. 1. To KR Jones
" 0. To D L Ward
30. To bal.
Sept. 30. By vouchers
Interest Aciomit.
Oct. 1. By bal.
Sept. 1
Sept. 1
Sept. 30. By bal.
Oct. 1. To bal.
To bal.
Hall Oaine,' with his wife and daughter
sailed from London Saturday for New
Sir Oonan Doyle haa declined to stand
as a Liberal Union candidate In Central
Labor anions In Butte, Mont., have
raised $3000 for the striking anthracite
miners of Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia" was .chosen yesterday
for the next annual convention of the
Grand United Order , of Odd Fellows,
Mayor Tom Johnson will pitch two
tents, holding 10,000 persons, In the pub
He square of Cleveland, O. for campaign
meetings '
The United States government has
paid $30,000 to Cuban government in
settlement of Its financial account
Mr. L. P. Taylor and daughter who
won notoriety by kiauapping
girl land taking her to Italy and who
were subsequently sentenced to a term
ot years la the Ohio State prison, have
been pardoned by Gov. Nash.
Lacehent the Anarchist assassin of the
Empress of Austria, to hopelessly lu-
sana. - - i ; .-"v- , ;: I
, Miners of district No. 1 at Scranton
Pa. receive 160.000 weekly since the
strike was Inaugurated. , ' .
President Roosevelt hu promised
be at Memphis, Tenn November 10. ;
All telegraph messenger boys lnGln
clnnatt, O, went on strike Friday.
The first hard frost of the fall In Nor.
them New Tork hu been reported.
: Premature explosion of dynamite at
Poortman Shoals,. O. killed one man
aod terribly lajured three, . :
' A oomblne of wholesale grocers of the
United States to being formed according
to reports from Bt Leu Is, Mo.
Mat! and baggage handlers at the Ter-
mlnal Station, 8t Louis. Mo went on
strike yesterdsy for higher wages.
Fence, No. 1.
To bal.
To Jaa W. Blddle
Fence, Mo, 3.
Speelal Bridge Fund.
1,651 95
1,651 95
1,651 95
86 88
20 29
61 22
87 51
87 61
87 51
20 83
139 62
Fines and Penalties.
Sept. 1. To bal.
4. To W, B H Blandford
9. To 8 11 Street
10. do
Treas. Craven Co.
Ordered that the report of the audi
ting committee be accepted and spread
upon the minutes,
! New Bern, N. O. Oct. l.v
To The Board of Commissioners or
Craven county.
Carnival appeared before the Board and
stated the Carnival shows were for
charitable purposes and asked that no
tax be levied In accordance with the
law which exempts shows for charitable
purposes and on motion of Commissioner
Baxter the said request was granted and
it Is ordered that no tax be collected,
Ordered that C. E. Moore be relieved
ot the double tax on his delinquent
property in No. 8 townBhip on account
of error of list taker.
Ordered that Hawks properity on Grit
fith street be listed at Its last valuation
for a period of three years and sheriff be
instructed to collect single tax on same
for tax years and property be relieved
by the county.
Ordered that Nora Jarvis be allowed
to come before the clerk and list her
property which Is on the delinquent list
in 8th township.
Ordered that W. D. Barrlngton be al
lowed to list his property before the
On motion the county attorney is dl
rected to investigate the matter of all
persons falling to give in Income tax
where liable in accordance with letter
received from corporation commissioner
and report to this Board,
Applications for the position of wood
Inspector were presented by Chas. M
Eehoe, Sam'l M. Howard and E. W,
Dickinson. A vote being taken it was
found that Sam'l M. Howard received
votes, Chas. II. Keuoe 1 vote and E. W
Dickinson 1 vote. Whereupon Sam'l M
Howard was declared duly elected wood
lnsoector for the unfinished term of
John W. Boirden.
The regular monthly bills were al'
Board took recess.
Board met at 3 o'clock p, m. October
7th pursuant to recess.
Present Commissioners, Jones, Wads
worth. Wood and Fulcher
The bond oi sam'l si. uowara, woo a
inspector appointed to fill the unexpired
term of John W. Bowden was on mo
tion accepted and ordered to be recorded
ana niea.
Commissioners Jones. Baxter, Wads
worth, Wood and Fulcher voted to ac
cent same.
Ordered that the treasurer pay to the
chairman an amount not to exceed $300.
to be used by him In paying bills now
necessary to be paid and such as may be
come necessary to bo paid oeiore tne
next meetlnc of this Board in the emer
gency In the small pox now in the coun
uraerea tnat tne cierx oi me ooara
prepare fence tax list of No. 7 township
ana nave same piacea upon tax uai.
On motion uoara adjourned.
"New Rival"
Leader" RepeateV
F you are looking for reliable shotgun tm
munition, (he kind that shoots where you
point your nin, buy Winchester Factory
Loaded Shotgun Shells: aNewtRival,w loaded with
Blacl powder; vaLeade and Repeater, loaded
with Smokeless. f Insist upon having Winchester
Factory Loaded Shells." and accept , no others.
Floor 1
Volgt's Snow
Drift, White
Frost, and
Just reedbed at J. L McDaniets.
.New Barrel Corned Beef.
No. 1 Shore Mackerel.
Spiced Pigs Feet.
Fresh lot Fox River Print Butter, Fancy Elgin Butter, fj
Rock Candy Drip Syrup.
Na Bob Pancake Flour, Buckwheat.
Grape Nuts, Force, Pettyjohn's Breakfast Food, Postum
Fresh lot Ginger Snaps 5c lb.
Codfish, Irish and Sweet Potatoes, and a complete stock of
everything usually kept by a flrst-class grocery establishment.
e& Betall
'Phone 91. 71 Broad St.
j. l. mm,
m bis
S. COPLON'S. Why P Because we
Below we state a few of our Special Prices on Saturday's and Mon
day's. We give you a few prices on domestics :
1 00 Boy's Knee Pants,
1 25 Men's Shirts - . .
100 Men's Shirts -
5 00 Men's Fat Leather Shoes,
2 50ViolKidBhoes '-
3 5Q Men's Boots - -8
00 Ladies Shoes -60c
White and Red Flannel
3 97
1 98'
8 48
$5 00 Worsted Snits - $3 98
10 00 Cassimer Suits - - 7 08
5 00 Men's Pants - - - 8 98
2 50 " " - -1 - 1 98
$5 00 Suits ... . $427
2 50 Suits 196
EPFor other prices see our large circular.
We are strongly recommended everywhere we
one and all to examine our stock before buying.
Very respectfully,
75 Middle St, next to Gaskill Hdw. Co., tfew Bern, N. C.
roam. We invite
The Apology Wm SUH Wane.
A philanthropic I5ly visited tho asy
lum nt Kingston, C8nada,,says Brook
lyn Life, and displayed great) Interest
In the Inmates. One old man partlcn-
We beg to report that we hare audited larly gained her compassion
the books, and 'examined the vouchers
and coupons of the County Treasurer
foe the ouarter end ne Oct. 1. W e
find his accounts correct, snd the differ
ent accounts show the following bal
ances.' !
General Fund, OTerdrawn 6
Interest account, "
Fence, No. 1 has to Its credit
Fence, No. 8 " " " "
Fines and penalties account has
to Its credit .
Specie), bridge account has to its
credit i
We cancelled 290 Touchers paid on ac
count of the Gen. Fund; 1 for Fence No.
1, and 1 for Fence No. 8, which we hare
turned oyer to the Register of Deeds for
safekeeping. Also 69 coupons on ac
count Interest which are to be destroy
Respectfully submitted,
K, R. Jonxs, ,
H. M. Gboves,
"Auditing Committee.
Ordered that report of Superintendent
of health be accepted and sled.
The Board proceeded to draw a jury to
aarra at a term of the Superior Court
for the trial of criminal cases to be he!
on the 10th Monday after the 1st Mon
day la September, it being the 10th day
of November 1902.
20. 1 township Hardy Wlthford, J B
Harvey, B F Fulcher, John M Lancaster
L K EweU,
No. 9 township A 0 Holton, J A
Thomas, B H Arthur, Brlce Gasklns,
Jackariah Toler, Alfred E Purlfoy,
Bryan R Wiley, Fred Belangla.
No. 8 township R A Richardson, Jas
W Blddle Jr, G H MoOoy, J H White.
No. 5 township E O Taylor, Jas T
Gilbert : - - ' '-
No. 8 township O B Williams.
No. 7 township J A Kwell, Harrison
Cannes, W J Hardlson
No. 8 township Jas W Moore, R A
And how long have you been here,
my man?" she inquired.
"Twelve years," was the answer.
"Do they treat you well?
"Do they feed you well?'r
After addressing a few more ques
tions to him. the visitor passed on. She
noticed a broad and broadening smile
on the face of her attendant and on
asking the cause heard uwlth. conster
nation that the old man was noneotn
er than Dc Clark, the superintendent
She hurried back to make apologies.
How successful she was may be gath
ered from these words: "I am very,
sorry, Dr. Clark. I will never be gov
erned by. appearances again."
Democrat Appointments.
The following appointments have been
made for the County Candidates and
others. It Is eamesly desired thst all
will avail themselves of these opportunt
ties to hear the Issues discussed
Hon. O. H. Gulon will speak at Dover
Saturday October 18th at 11 a. m.
8herlff Jas. W. Blddle snd S. M. Criu
son. Esq, will speak at Trulls, Saturday
October 18th at 11a.m.
R. A. Nona andE. M. Green, Esqrs,
will speak at Core Creek, Saturday Oct
oberl8th at 11a.m. ;
D. L. Ward and Geo. Waters, Esqrs,
will speak at yanoeboro Saturday Octo
ber 18th at J p. m.
Hon. O. H. Guloa and Hon. Larry I.
Moore will speak at Ft Barnwell Frl
day October 24th at 1 noon. '
E. M. Green, Esq, will speak at Tay
lors Store Saturday October 25th at
11 a. m. '
Hon. O. H. Gulon and Hon. Larry I.
Moore will speak at Vanceboro Satur
day October 25th at 9 p. m.
Additional appointments will be made
later. - v-;s--
Chm. Craven County Dem. Ex. Com.
B. G. CREDLE, Secty.
For each we are duly thankful.
Someone has defined a compliment as "a thing often
paid by people who pay nothing else." 1 Be that as It may, J
such definition shall not not deter us from complimenting
our public upon its prompt recognition and hearty appre-J
ciation of our cash system. Not every public would have
done so, because not equally expert in judging values. : In'
this connection, let's say It's a downright pleasure to doj
' business under such congenial conditions. No Charging.j
No Collecting. No Losses by bad accounts, and everybody!
Wotild Call Yot ,.
Special Attention to out
Snowflake Brand, Light, Fluffy, Warm and the most Beau-
" "tiful Patterns, ranging in Price from $1.75 to $3.50 each,
The Bee Hive,
6 LPoUock St, Opposite Episcopal Ckztcb.
7 1 will pay the above reward for
the detection and conviction of the
party or parties who blew up and
rifled the contents of my safe on
the night of October 8th, 1902,
Oct, 12, 1901 Dover, N O
Cotton Drr :::
cnii nc;
We have in stock' and to arriv
800 Rolls Cotton
bnndlea Cotton Tics. .
. Bend us your orders,
the lowest.

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