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(f- i vyy
a famKremedy
r ' " Js
Pe-ruW in Use Jri Trroutendi d
. ? U..' Homes. '
Kr. Harry M. Stevens Midland
Beech, I L, New York, propria el
the Richmond Hole , write
"It five toe pleasure to testify to the
' l 1
value of Pernna. I havener's lbryejatv
., and have found It to be a most exoeUenl
jtnmily namedy. . For oalde, oatar&
. end similar 11U, it it nnimrpsssnfl.'
' John L. Burnett, Member of Ckmgreee,
8evith Alabama District, writes :
"I take pleasure In testifying to the
merlU of your Peruna. At the aoUelta
tion of a friend my wife used it, and It
' improved her condition generally. Itk
remarkable remedy. I oaa cheerfully
recommend Peruna as a good, anhassn
. Ual tonlo, and a very good oatarrh rem
,' edy."i y f
Pernna cures oatarrh' wherever lo
cated. Peruna la not a gneas nor an
experiment it is an absolute soienttflc
oertainty. Pernna has no substitute
no rivals. Insist upon having Peruna.
It you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Pernna,
write at onoe to Dr. Eartman, giving a
fall statement of your oase and he will
j be pltascd to give yon his valuable ad
vice free.
Address Dr. Uartman, President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Recl&tration Returns For State Not
:'Jt, All In.
Farmer Cots Man Dangerously.
Portrait Presentation to tlie '
k Stale Library. Increase
"jf Sale of Fertilizer
. Ealiish. pet. 19. The State today
granted a charter to the Lucas Lumber
Company of Wilson, capital $185,000,
Silas Lucas and others stockholders.
- There was but little going on at, the
State departments today, as the rush of
visitor was so great. Tomorrow will
be a holiday and all the departments
'will be closed. U ' iK' .5
Five thousand person! visited the
State , museum today. It Is one of the
city's greatest attractions.
Commissioner of Agricultural Patter
son says there was an Increase In the
amonnt of tho sales of fertiliser tax tags
- ap to October l. Ue has been away all
, the month and does, not yet know what
the sales have been since that date. He
had expected a large Increase in the acre
age of small grain. v ' " '
'. t inquiry was made today at Democratic
Sum headquarters as to the reglstra
tratlon. Secretary Fetid said: 'All our
Te turns are not yet in, bat we now know
that the white registration Is very full;
much more so than was generally ex
pecwd. I can not say as to , the negro
registration total, bat It Is small. We
ought to win yfc least 00,000 . major
Ity." .v,--..w:.--"-.-x:
A printer, George Holder; Hying here.
. iBiusiuM-xt , auu was Being laaea
home. He staggered against a white
farmer, John -Hubbard) . who .returned
and cut him dangerously and then fledj
Pursuit was hot and after a long chase
.)f At noon today the portrait of the late
Dr. Charles J. O'Hagaa of Greenville
' 1 was presented to the State library; ex.
f iHenator -Halt W. Ransom making the
K. . address of presentation In behalf of the
Htate Medical Society, many of the mem
, tiers of which werepresent. j
.. Veterans Elect Officers H il
Special to Journal, i-
RiLEion, Opt. 89. At the annual
meeting of the North JDarolUa Oonfed
O J erateK-Yeterana oaight, Julian S.Carr
',tu reelected .President, ,W. P., Wood
: , and James ..Bsmsey were .madel,. Vice
Prwldsnts, A. B. Btronach, of Raleigh,
Beoielary,loa C, B, penionT" who de-
- cimeq. reelection,
i ' -: ' i ---"
1 f Democratic Montv In New Tork.
Specfal to iournal .- ".,;"'
- Hiw T6H,-i,Oot W-There was a
' ' bet of 150,000, J wttu odds two o one la
' favor Ooler Imocratle candidate for
" governor made In Wall street today, , ,. r
" Vi" BRA'uH AM'8 : 1MPR0V2D ; 'ASTI-
' BILIOUS FILLS are ' nature's mildest
" and most effective remedy for a eluntsh
' liver and disorders of the digestive trast
generally. kl hey remove Impurities from
tlie biooa ana ciear up tne aauow com-
' i plexfon Often seen in persons sutler
: fe.j - from liver or bowel diseases, k Price 1m;
per box, sample box two dos for So. i
Cor. Pollock ft i,;auie Eta.
At State Fab. Attendance Breaks
Kierj Exhibit eflatereet U Tlsl
tOTt. AmatemeaU la Pleaty.
., A Clean Midway. Floral,
. iBdastrlalaadMIl-
j Itary Pa-
. ,
Special to Journal.
RiutCKl'Oot M. The predloUoa that
th Stste Falf &)' aaeordmsajt'
at proved mors than accurate. Last
nlghi President J. A. Long of the Bute
Agricultural Society said te was sure
this would result' There waa never be
fore so gnat a throng of people here on
Wtfdnfakday of Fair week.
'As early as 8 o'clock people began to
go to the Fair grounds, by railway and
eleqtrfo cars and In all sorts of vehicles.
People from the country In great num
bers drove In.. The crowd tomorrow,
which Is always the great day of the
Fair, will no doubt literally over-run
Not an exhibit was missed today by
the sight-seers. Farmer Inspected the
long lines of agricultural products, the
quality of which has never been equall
ed; poultry fanciers saw with delight
the 000 specimens of poultry; catUe-lov
era looked at some of the finest cattle
ever shown here. The horses and the
ponies, on view la large numbers, were
surrounded by many interested people.
L. Banks Holt of Alauianoe county has
a remarkable eahlblt of ponies, mainly
Bhellands, are the smallest ever seen
- There are plenty of amusements and
good ones. The Midway ha.4 oleaa
shows this lime, and belter auracjioap
than heretofore, the Laytqn taows
being a feature. The cTjishoot
began today and couine tMaorrow
and Friday. The last 01 H fjji.'fie tor
the championship of the HUto, There
are various free amukemente in tho great
"t ... ...s.aif.-
ovai oi me lace course. jlSF'
The day was superb. It wal a joy to
be alive and la audi a happy, well
dressed and well behaved throng of peo
ple as that at the Fair and oA tWa;1'
It well represented the best w)
North Carolina.
Commissioner of Agricultural
son said "Ton can say from me that It
Is a splendid fair; the best I have ever
seen." .
,The floral parade, the Industrial pa
rade and the military parade was one of
the great features ef the day. It made
the tour of the city, watched by thous
ands The military of the State Guard,
9 companies, were under oommandof
Col J. F. Armfleld of the 1st Regiment,
the cadets of tho Agricultural and Me
chanical College being also In Una.
Miss Julia Howell waa la charge of the
floral pared e,whlch was by far the flneat
ever seen here. Henry W. Miller and
Sherwood Hlggs were In charge of the
Industrial parade, which was easily the
finest sfnee 1893, when Raleigh celebrat
ed Its centennial. There -waa also a
handsome . parade , of decorated ; bicy
cle. '' All these feature made an impos
ing picture when they reached the fair
grounds, mad the circuit of the' track
and then grouped in fhq( oval. There
Wss music by four bands, a bugle corps
and a drum corps. The Are department
and a number of wild , animals were In
the big parade, which is f handsome
that It will long be remembered. , '
The orchestra and band of blind at the
fair proves to be a decided attraction.
The school for the blind has a fin r
hlbtt of manual work. So, have the
school for deaf mute and Agricultural
and Mechanical Oolloge. " 1 "''i
ituvf Instructed1 to Acialti;
NiW ToKX.. Oct 80.-On (notion
made by Got. Black oounsel for Roland
Mollneux, to dlsmls the Indictment for
murder Justice Lambert directed a Tr
dtbTfefaalltat-Tr' '
J The proaecutloBt-l U argued, ha not
maae out a legal case, r
V v' iMg I III
Blf Crowds at Fair.
Special to Journal, i , . i. v--
' Ralsiob, Oct 80. Twenty-live thous
and people were at the Btate Fair grounds
todav ' "
I j.i
.' 1.
fc - f , . ,4
Tho Pennsylvania militia has been re
m4 PfrenH'idity at the anthracite
The Mextcaa goratnaent will change
Its saoaetary basis from aQver to gold.
Four whalings vessels reached Ban
Francisco, CaL, yesterday with good
catches. J ' - '
- v. i " . it. ' :
Bishops Stariba and Keane were con
secrated yeaUrday at the Cathedral la
St Paul, Minn.:
r Bepreaavtativea af 8008 faoslaeae- aaen
of Calaagar yeatevdW dlstmseed anew
charter for the utty. vt-.Tteil"
IH'iJtr :tt iJ"MB-f-A '
Burglars aecUred $4000 from the Iowa
8ute Bank at Dea Moines, Jown, yester
day and escaped.
The tnteraatlonal oonTantlon of photo
engravers yesterday chose for president
Lewis Flader, of Bt. Loula, If o.
Captain Chapman O.Todd,- reoently
In eommaad . of the cruiser Brooklyn,
wlH be reared as rear admiral at his own
request. , , ,- !?
' Farmers and -telegraph linemen had a
battle yesterday ' at Rochester, N. Y.,
which the Sheriff had to auell, ten farm
ers being hurt and 83 linemen arrested
Twenty-six diseases believed td be
communicable and dangerous were re
ported at yesterday's convention of
American Boards of Health at New Ha
ven, Conn.
President Roosevelt hu. issued his
Thanksgiving proclamation.
Work will be started at once upon a
big bleat furnace and steel mill at Gads
den. Ala. by the Alabama Steel and
Wire Company.
The Bdlson Illuminating Company, of
Detroit, Mich., has been bought by New
Tork and Boston capitalists, who Intend
to double the plant.
Seven men were severely hurt at Chi
cago, DL, yesterday in a riot caused by
strikers Interferrlng with bill-posters
who had taken their places.
Market Letter on Cotton.
By private wire, J. E Latham ft Co.
New York, Oct. 80. March sold at
8.97 this a. m. as against 8.28 the low
point some time ago. This Is not a good
sign for a bull market. Frioes are now
ower than before on light receipts and
kUlltif frosts. We would say the post
tlon (bust have In it element of weak
ness to prevent an advance on inch bull
factors. This la the r week to get the
market "up, for during the next four
weeks we believe comparisons , will
operate to advancing prices. Last year
receipts fell eff sharply after this week.
Everything points to-a better movement
this year,, and la view of the 800,000
bale excess over Test year, this will cer
tainly operate against the market Buy
er win not rash to buy on such a show
ing and many Will doubtless sell on fall-
Ire of market lo go op. For this reason
we are hot Inclined to buy at the mo
ment. We don't like the way the max
kst acts: we dont like the wsy Southern
markets keep down and tend cotton here
to be sold. We dont like the business
here in New York and there ' are many
other facts distinctly unpromising. The
January long Interest Is so big that it
will take a huge speculative ' market to
enable these people to sell out,- There Is
no such speculation In sight and'ln fact
the January people have killed the mar
ket by their operations. ; ' One oan hardly
wait ndW for their operations. ; Top
crop fa maturing and as the ' Promise Is
tor iv,(ov,wu owes uus year ine maraei
m '. a m sttM AAA a. .t J, . S
at the momett could decline easily. It
Is not that we are bear on cotton at 8h
Tbia will all depend on orop but we see
nothing at present to bull cotton on.
, New York, Oct.. 89.-KlUlng frosts In
some sections or tne cotton pelt today
This should bate advanced the market
but after telling at 8-88 for May and
March " If went back to , h opening
8.84 and 889, The , market la very dlsap
pointing. Talk was If , cotton would not
advance on light receipt and now ft
would not advance on frosts there mutt
be something, very wrong about the
position. , There I something to be said
In favor of this view. With an increase
la receipts since the market fail to ad
vance on light receipts, the tendency
would be towards a lower price level
This reasoning may of course be very
abort1 sighted but , for. the' moment It
dominate the " speculation , situation.
Fine weather has added to the situation
and at the same time speculation la prac
tlcalty withdrawn from the market
tach totnparison- as the movement
presents with last year and killing frosts
cannot do more than adveho prices 10
or H point and then lose most of that
wi are not disposed to advise buying at
the momsht Liverpool as ' well u the
So'ath sold and' about the only buying
cam from the bull pool. There la
general feeling that the crop as a whole
is better than last fear and for the pre-
aantf this may bring ' an Increastnt move-
Oieu)'and cirry prices 'somewhat lower
Fpr this reason the- sltustlon falls to at
tract enough speculation to carry prices
on; We are part of th speculative pub-
Uo and there is little ta buying when the
nz do aot
. ' jU "XJ
Oct. 29. Misses Lizzie Lancaster and
Etta McLawhorn left Monday for a visit
to Wlntervtlle. They will also attend
the Christian Convention at Wilson.
Misses Battle Dixon, Lottie Wilcox
and Mr. Walter Dixon of Bellair attend
ed church here Sunday. '
Mr J S Hill went to Kinston Tuesday.
We guess he had "special" business, as
we notice he has about completed his
new dwelling.
Several people from Jasper attended
church Sunday, among whom were
Miss Moredeth and Mr. W R Dixon.
MrsT Lela Lathlnghouse of Vanoeboro
and Mr and Mrs H C Lancaster went on
the Carolina to New Bern Monday. The
small pox scare has kept a great many
away from ' New Bern, but We believe
tbey are heading that way again.
Miss Ava Huff and brother John of
Maple Cypress attended church here
Rev. Mr. Tyndall of Wilson filled his
regular appointment at Ellsworth Sun
day and preached to a large congrega
tton. After services the church met and
elected delegates to the Convention at
Wilson. Mrs Clarissa Lancaster and
Mr JO Griffin were elected and left
Tuesday. Mrs J O Griffin also accom
panied them.
A collection of $5.00 was taken up to
send to the convention. Mr. Tyndall
will preach every fourth Sunday at 8
Wandebiso Willie.
London and New York Situations,
Utlcal Outlook Affects Spec
ulation, Special to J. K, Latham & Co.
New York, Oct. 80. Advices say,
London market dull News unlntereBt-
hng. Our market dull and. professional
shorts are principal buyers. Almost no
Commission house business. The public
are out of the market.
Foreign Exchange market steady and
money easy here at 4 to 4 per cent
Look for gold exports nexf week. The
market pay rally a trifle on shorts cov
ering, but see nothing to buy.
Political outlook is poor for the Re
publicans. I look for large Democratic
gains In house and Democratic Btate
candidates in Pennsylvania and ' New
York have good chances. The people are
becoming restless and tired of Republi
can dictation, High Tariffs and Trusts.
Believe the market a sale on .all hard
spots. If Street does not Issue some
thing new. stocks may sell off some.
Tne Bank's statement may not show
over a million in reserves.
W. J. Bryan Is campaigning In Colora
do. Tuesday his special train wss
wrecked hear Denver and Mr. Bryan
suffered some bruises. '
Oct. 80. Miss Fannie Avery returned
Tuesday from Marshalburg and South.
port Where she has been spending sev.
eraldays. - . ..
Mr S L Boberson expects to spend the
winter at Dunn' shore. , ,,
, Mr Paul Koonce of Trenton was here
a'short while Tuesday. , (t
Mr Rlvenbark of the Raleigh News
and Observer spent Wednesday with
US." i-y- ' .v".,
Mr WE White and family of Pol
lockevtlle spent a few days here recent
Mrs George Charlton and children are
here on a visit this week. ' ' i
Mr X J Hlnes of your clt stopped
over with us Monday on his return from
Niagara Falls and other Western points
of Interest
Mr George Ipock and daughter, Mis
Mallssa, spent Wednesday at Mr E D
Avery's. , " t
After spending several days here Mrs
S E Ewell left Monday for her home at
Beaver, Penn. '
We are glad to announce that Mr Alex
Wetherington who ha been quite aick
with typhoid fever la On the road to re-
Misses Ootavle and Lizzie Wetherlng-
ton spent Wednesday eventng at . Mr.
AUx Wetherlngton's. Messrs S D and
R M White were also there. ;
Mrs C X Hloes Is spending a tew dayi
at Black Mountain. ; ; ;
Mr J 8 Roberson our Registrar carried
la the books Tuesday, ue saved every
white man who had paid their taxes be
fore It was too late. . 'V
Continued Larje Crowds Attend
ate Fair."
Good Ceadact on Part of Visitors.
Sntelde ea Account ef Despon
deaey at Rocky Meuat
CaIn te be Built
at Piae
harst' Ralkioh, '.Oct 8tt Yeslerdsy broke
the record for any Wednesday during
all the long series of Bute Fairs, and to
day, the greet day, was likewise a record
breaker. The city was packed to the
limit with visitors, the trains brought in
fresh thousands during the dsy and by
noon the ground at the Fair, spacious
u ilinv are. Ware so full that walklne
WBSJ.J nomwii.oa.jr. !
The farmers and their families csme
in today from all parts of this county, in
!!!!!! :,bspp' ,tbmone7,n
. v
The weather was superb, even finer
than yesterday. There was a white
fro W.llttle later the air became
It wib re-unlon day. It waa the day
for meeting ana making nanaa. There
nan auau uvuuai aaa iu vj. asw uv-
partments In the capital were closed.
The Supreme Court met at 9 and was In
session only an hour.
TCrirhnfl talkiwl ahnnt the Pair and
about yesterday's splendid pageant. All
the visitors say it is the top-notch
The industrial plants shut down and
all hands went to the Fair. Bchools
from various parts of the State were
represented. The Inmates of various
State institutions were present in large
At noon today chief of police Mullen
said no accidents hsd occurred and that
no robberies were reported. The good
taliavlnr ft thn nnnnln and tha nlmnat
total absence of drunkenness were much
Virginians were here in large numbers
and some South Carolinians. There
were solid trains from the Chesapeak &
Ohio and the Norfolk & Western rail
ways, it being the first time these have
ever run here.
The Republican executive committee
of this Congressional district was in ses
sion here last night, but made no nomi
News reached here today of the sui
cide at Itocky Mount this morning of
John W. PhlllpB, a brother of ex-Judge
Fred Philips and a brother-in-law of
John P. Arrlngton. He blew out his
brains with a revolver. For about year
he was chief of police at Rocky Mount.
His age was 68. Despondency, due to
reverses, is said to have caused the sui
It is learned today that work is to be
gin at once on a casino at Pinehurst,tbe
winter resort and model town In Moore
county, owned entirely by Leonard Tuft
of Boston. The building will be 200x000
feet and of beautiful design. It will be
one ' of the largest structures in the
State. .
The North Carolina Horticultural So
ciety baa reelected J. Van Llndley of
Guilford county president and has elect
ed T. K. Brewer secretary,
The State Farmers' Association's of
ficers are all continued for another year.
At Its meeting here addresses were de
livered by S. B. Alexander, J. Bryan
Grimes and W. A. Darden.
Everyone who la afflicted with a chron
ic disease experiences great dimcultyln
having their case Intelligently treated by
the average physician. These diseases
can only be cured by a specialist who
understands them ; thoroughly. Dr. J
Newton Hathaway of Atlanta, Qa. is
acknowledged the most skillful and suc
cessful specialist in the United States.
Write him for his expert opinion of
vour case, ior wmcn ne ma sea no
charge. :'V;V''
Very Early Lettuce.
Mr. Ed Clark made a shipment of
Fall lettuce on last Monday and another
one on .Wednesday, to Baltimore and
These shipment are three weeks ear
lier than usual due to the very flu
If von an not well and want to know the
injio idoii your
irouoie, nni ior my
. Ire booklets and self
examination blanks.
' Mo. 1, Nerroos Debili
ty (Sexual Weakness),
, vanooocie, no,
, Strtetnre, No.,Kld
nr and Bladder Corn-
plaints. No. 6, Disease
of Women, No. S, lbs
foison King (Blood
I'oioon), 10. 1, J
tsrrh. TtaaM bosks
should be In the hands
r rs. otsvsTj person affllot-
I ed, as Dr. Hthwy,
I th author, Is reeog-
. 1 nlned as the best au-
t . toi'.f tnonty and expert in
a.... .lmMJiMi&, he United BttM m
DR. Hathaway. those dtseafiet. Write
r tend for the book ion want to-dar. and It
will b sent yon free, sealed, Addir 1 J, New.
Inn Hthwa. 1I.D. '"15
T4 Inmaa Bld'gl 12, B. Broad fit.
nuuiu iuu-
URING our 30 yearf of giin 'maUn4-, we haY
discovered many tMnzs about ammunition, flat
no one could learn- In any other. way. Oar
discoveries la thla UJi tot;tierlth years of
experience muufacmrttf? afamunWon, enable ua
to embody1 .many iUciplnta In ' UTnchesfe
IMetalUeX'artnoestor riffet'n thea
roperlor.Ia miny'aU otnef .Itiada' ofcori he market.
Winchester cartridtea tn all calibers are accurate, aure-flre
and exact In size; tdng' made 'and loaded In t modcra
manner" by skilled experts. . If y.ou.'.vant .the 'beat
ffirotAa. rrnAtt vr smtrA- ttrrarMfVfftAnn tas tartn f n w a BJDrrVt00
Once heard a man boast
that he'd "rather be
nnafl nv. D.Anvnv "KT
uuuu ji uiuauwav. lv.
4 - V.n,, -
uxa.n.u auuuojr
Other City." Couldn't haVO
heen posted on this town's
BUY BUbnges lUf WUBfO
COUld he llVO SO Cheaply P
Thanks .n to thiS
SlOTO S bar&raill SalOS
.. , . M . . , .
We sticking to our text "spot caah to all" thereby aaving at
least 10c on the dollar to purchasers. We are having no dull days in
. . , -vii . t i
" v v"v l"""- "
Ladies' and
Wraps of all
Ask to see Our Monte Carlos iu
prices from $7.50 to t'20.00; Black -
B1Ck Pa e Soie Silk Monte Carlo
The Bee Hive,
6 1 Pollock St., Opposite Episcopal Church
GairroN brand
. .
THAN RIGHT HERE. Come in please
and You Will Go Away Pleased, j
A Short Story of Long VUues. Wo aim to add to out reputation'
while others aim to add to the'lr profits. ; u. - a
We will offer 1500 yards W. 0, at
tomer, each customer to do their own buying. 1250 yards Ginghams,'
6c value at 4!d pet yard. Red Flannel from 12 lo up 2500 yards Gal-
ico 6c Value at 4ci ,1. All kinds of Worsteds from 9o yd up. , I
Men'; Boy's and Children Clothing to fit ererybody-llittle audi
big, old and young, rich and poor.
mammoth stock before you huy.
We offer this week's aale 650
for bye - Tne Greatest Barsrains erer
7o Miaaie st unv to Gaiklll
Vo can and will
vyu: , very refpectfmlly,
IT fl Yll-JJ Ai 'iff Ai
One lot Childrens Heavy Cotton Union Suits, one aize only, at 20o suit.
w ah, wooi lannei Waistings....w....i.-...;......49o and 25o yard.
New line Black Dress and Skirt Goods, irom.........'...23o to tUO
The Best 11.00 Warranted Kid Glove on the Market, all colora.' "
ew Mooeis in Uorseta 25c, 60c,
uur nilllnery Department
llata from
- f i Ff ,
43 "
v. pDm. nQ.,,.;n Sfrtm
" "6
Tan, Black and Castor, ranging
Taffeta Silk Monte Carlos $ 10.00;
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Norfolk Suits in fullest assortment
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ment to sell them. , '
. , There may be some clothing as
good as ours but not at the prioe. 1
"When you buy. here you hny
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8lo per yard, only 10 yards to a cus-"
Coma one, come all and examine our'
1 'f
pairs Childrens School ShoevTalua tl
offered in New Bern. ,
asj a
Hdw. To., Hew Ben, H. C.
save you oci.oyj
75o and 1.00. f'-v ' -
la kept Dssy Cay and r;:;!.t,
25o to 125.60. ;
f :'. r ' ''
- - r-- -
TD),OiOilU) TCD1D) lTrTF

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