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'Market Leter on Cotton.
By private wire, J. EJLathaut & Co.
Niw Tobk, Novj 18. From the im
; proved tone noted yesterday there wu
. ; some hesitancy titb a. m. This U lnevita
. ble and was such as to unsettle one In
the least when a market reacts suddenly
IS points yon can expect a portion of
this to be lout. The rub comes when
the market gets down to within a few
points, of the bottom, ..Then it cotton
comes on the market, and that lew level
is reached and a new order recorded it
, is time to look for another break,; tint
if the market acts, as it did (today March
from 7.98 to 7.91 ' and back to 7.98 in
the p.m. there Is every reason to eon.
tlnue on aide of a further advance. The
present situation is very different from
that existing when January sold t in
artificial price now December Is actually
higher than January all this is Jenconr
aging. There are signs of better) things
ahead of us in our leading of the market
and while there may, not be an Imme
diate advance, tliero is every reason for
a conservative attitude and purchases
on every break. We don't know what
the prosent crop in, but for that matter
the Ignorance of others 1b as great. There
, are a few facts we do know and When
, yon have a break of Jj to lea pound
these facts operate in favor of prices.
The facts briefly these The New York
market not high enough to attract cot;
ton here. To cause a further break
receipts must bo pn a scale to carry spot
! markets lower. The interior move
ment is a long moderate crop rather
than t he big crop lines. Damage In
July and August Was .severe and fall
' weather never wholly makes up for July
and August. Say crop Is ltyTO.CIO the
. commercial cop is not likely to be more
. than It millions and we used 10,900,000
last year we should replenish the visible
supply by 300,000 bales ' taken out last
year. This would take care of 11,100'-
000 bales and -not- carry prices to seven
cents either. There Is the smallest sup
ply in Liverpool in years at (his season.
There is no accumulation at ports or
interior points though the movement
as been ?,'C00 bales more than last
year. ThT price is not high and then
what if the crop Is but 10,750,000 bales.
- That would mean lOcents in the spring
even with 11,100,000 or 11,250,000 there's
reason to look for a temporary recovery
from this depression.
C. W. Leb&Co. i
New York, November 12. While
there was one sale of January cotton at
7. 98 this a. m. and a new low record on
,i the movement; the market had a better
look than we have seen in some - days.
Of course it is a rather perplexing posi
tion, this New York market, and with
11,700,010 bale and 13 million We esti
mates on the crop floating around, the
whole question of values is uncertain.
, But as far as buying : and selling of fu
tures was concerned, and the Immediate
influence on prices, we .should call the
selling side very poor now, and the buy
ing side best we have seen, in months.
Ail Ibis may change with an advance of
a few points. That remains to be seen,
but as far as the immediate market went
there is every Inducement to buy. Cot
ton was sold without regard to values,
and whenever this happens the end is
not far off. Tor' Instance 'May opened
' 7.98 in a lew trades May was 7.91 It
broke so easy that the . simplicity alone
, would prevent a man from gelling. On
the decline spot houses bought. '; One
" broker In" the pit who gold 'all the ' Jan-
' ;nary they wanted at 8.64 less' than two
i weeks ago! took several' thousand bales
1' of March from the people' at 7.90. This
is what we term good buying. ' New Or
' leans Wired no cotton offered thereto
speak of, nd a little baying now would
' steady the market. ' This brought many
" shorts In the market as buyers here, awl
3 V ""e '""P"01 iteadlly after the first
hour.' On an advanbe tomorrow we
'i ' Would take profits on cotton bought on
the break, and then on a decline twe
. ; ji would buy again. Under ,, the. present
conditions of the future market, nnder
present conditions of statistical position
' ' etc, everything leads one to this. March
and May is a purchase- If e do not see
, evidences of more cotton than 'oan be
consumed this year. If price remains
below 8o. we may not have enough with
11 million bales. There )ra little left
over last year and it will require over
Jt 11,250,000 to bring about 7o next Spring.
- ffc is not high for the moment. We be
Heve In buying on breaks. -' ;
lf!:;0 ..100 :$m:P? FM .W
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Of Boose of Representatives From
Oraafc County.
Assoclatiea Coanty Ssperlntesdests
leek 8UU Farm Cotton! Crep. j
Arrivals For Zee.' Balden
Moenshlae. Queer sm
. .age Suit
Ualkish, Nov. 13. The State Asso
ciation of Ceunty Superintendents of
education met here today. State Superln
tendent J. Y. Joyner is presiding. He
made a strong speech. One of the sub
jects to which he specially referred was
that of the great seed of school consoli
dation."1 There , are now 8600 public
school districts and is something Over
49 per cent of these there are fewer than
05 children of school age. The report
on the need of consolidation was made,
also the progress made along this line
for a year past It was shown by Su
perintendent Boger of Cabarrus that ex
callent results have followed.
E. L. Travis of the penitentiary di
rectorate is here. He says the cotton
crop on the State farm on the Roanoke
rlyer it nearly all gathered and that on
the 1100 acres about 1000 bales will be
the yield. This Is better than was ex
pected. The corn crop is a large one
and will turn out well. He says the pent
tentlary will have a good money balance
this year and will not ask the State for
any aid.
I, Superintendent McEee of the Central
hospital for the Insane here says there
are now 8 empty beds there, but that In
a week these will be filled as there are
37 meritorious applications on file. He
says this Is the first time In three years
that any beds have been empty.
The latest arrivals at the "zoo" at Pul
len Park here are 4 wolves. They are t
months old and were born and bred at
Lexington, this State. Their parents
are from Kansas. Next week sotne geese
cross between wild and domesticated
geese, will be sent to the park as a gift
by Mr. J. F Farrott of Klnston.
The Cartlage and the Carolina &
North Western railways are allowed by
the corporation commission to alter
their lumber rate so as to conform more
nearly to the standard rate.
W. A. Dunn of Halifax county says
he has observed during the past 3 years
that the negroes there are saving money
and buying land. He says each Of two
negroes owns $10,000 worth of
land. ,
Revenue ' officers made a raid in this
county left night and captured a ' moon
shine" distillery. S
The white Republicans In this State
are certainly stirred by President Roose
velt'! -declaration " against the "Lily
Whites," and It is said some are turning
their eyes towards Mark Hanna. It is
asserted that one of Senator,, Prltchard's
olo A friends has declared for Mark Han-
t 'V- '
It is said that Samuel M. Gattisof
Orange will certainly be the speaker of
the hpase. That' honor has fallen to
Moore In the West and to Connor la the
east and now naturally goes to the cen
tre. Ex-State Superintendent John C.
Scarborough, now of Murfreesboro, says
he has never seen such interest In pub
lic education as there Is at pres
It is said that the mother of conductor
Anderson of the Illinois Central R. R.
has sued Mrs. Nicholson, of Washing
ton for heavy damages. Mrs. Nicholson
rejected Anderson and ; he blew out his
brains the night before her wedding, at
Littleton, to which place he had follow
ed her from his home in Mississippi. His
mother lives In Mississippi.
An association or loage or stationary
Engineers has been formed here. ' It is
the first in this State.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer,
A Reported Flight of Pamlico County Peo
ple to Hew York. : i .
y A sensational affair which had every
appearance of - an elopement occurred
here Wednesday night and Involves the
names of well known people In Alliance,
Pamlico Co. V
It Is said that a married man ind mar
ried woman of that village left their'
homes Tuesday night and came to New
Bern, riding part of the way and walk
ing the,, rest Thay reached this city
early Wednesday morning, the woman
going to a boarding house while the
man basled himself making arrange,
ments for further flight - , ' -
They, engaged a double' rig ! to take
them to Core Creek Wednesday after-'
noon from whence they took 'the north
bound train, -v starting ' for New .York,
where the man has relatives, j .":,,, ,
' These people leave families behind
them, each having several children. The
wife and husband who are 1 deserted are
brother and fister. , , ,'!?!' f'
Bo far as known there have been no
efforts to locate the eloping couple,
though It most have been evident that
as the man and woman left Alliance to
gether and bad tot returned that all was
not as t should be. - j .-i'j,, -
nt utfuitts and CUlL.'sn.'
YjJ (. tuamZ k.Tlt
Lts Ue Ky
The government of Venezuela has
boon reestablished at Caracas sabject
only to another Insurrection.
' Forty prisoners In the Arizona peni
tentiary escaped Tuesday night' There
are many desperate characters In the
President Roosevelt is on bis way to
Mississippi to go on a hunting expedi
tion as a guest of Qov Longino,
Major General Young has been se
lected to succeed Gen. Miles when the
latter retires from active' service next
The Daughters of the Confederacy
representing about 30 states are In con
vention at New Orleans,
A project Is on foot to build an enor
mous hotel at Cape Hatteras that will
eclipse all other coast resort hotels.
Danger of a strike of switchmen In
Chicago, 111., issiald to have passed.
Mayor Low laid yesterday the cor
ner stone of the new New York publio
Governor Yates, of Illinois, was re
ported yesterday to be probably out of
Emma Goldman, the anarchist wu
not allowed to speak in Providence R. I.
Sunday evening.
The Crown Prince of Slam climbed
Pikes Peak, Col., yeBterday, standing the
0000 foot altitude well.
Senator Pritchard left Ashevllle. N. C.
last night for Washington to tell how he
views the colored man in polities'
Charged with accepting an unlawful
fee, former Police Captain Moynihan
arraigned In New York yesterday,
pleading not guilty.
Minister Wu will made his last public
appearance In America on Thursday
evening In New York at the dinner of
the Silk Association of America.
King Edward gave a large banquet to
the laborers on his estate Tuenday.
R. W. Goelet, the New York million
aire was arrested Tuesday for driving
his automobile through Central Park at
a 30 mile an hour rate. .
The British steamship Eltngamlte,
bound from Sydney, N. S. W to Auck
land has been wrecxed on Three Kings
Island, near Australia and 96 persons
are missing.
Eon Chas Grosvenor of Ohio has de
cided not to be a candidate for Speaker
of the House of Representatives but will
support the candidacy of Hon Joseph
Cannon, of Illinois. '
The Premier Sagasta and all the minis
ters of the government of Spain have
resigned. King Alfonso had expected
to ask them ' to remain. Thielr action
has made a crisis In that couatry. It is
believed they will be induced! to recon
sider. "
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer
Nov. It. Miss Annie Stewart return
ed to her home Saturday. i -
Mr. Dave Koonce of Borate was at
Piney Grove at preaching last: Sunday,
He Is a blind man. He has beam blind
yqais. He was the guest of .Mr. F, H.
Foy... ,., ..a.nrt ' '
Mi. O. M. Heath and R. A. MoDanlel
went to Maple Cypress Monday.
Mrs. C. L Ward and son, G. O. Ward,
were In your town yesterday. '
There was an enjoyable oandy party
at . Mr. George Barrows Tuesday
night - ; . - -r ti -
Ht. F. Q. Simmons went to Pollocks-
vllle Tuesday, j . .
Mrs. Delpha Flowers has moued back
to Trenton. She moved last we ek. "We
aid very sorry for we shall miss her.
- Mr. M. H. Parker and wife went to
New Bern today. ' "'' v'
' Mr. J. C. Parker 'and J. 7. Simmons
went to New Bern todsy: " ' i
Mr.-J 8. Basnlght Is here vlsltfng Mr,
CM. Heath. " i
'"V.' ymsoK-.BR6DGHtoic.: 1
A Well Known New Bern Man . Ha rrles
,!..,". , Raleigh Lady.iM j ''
Mr,Garrett. LaFayette Ylnson. a gen
tleman well known in New Bern bat of
late years having been, . engaged In busi
ness in Mansfield, Ohio, -.ivas1 married
Wednesday , afternoon . to MIm Estelle
Brougb,ton at the Taberr.acla Baptist
church In Raleigh. . , ,.-..
The occasion wu an Im port ant event
In Raleigh society and this cat iron ' wu
beautifully decorated with Hewers and
J plants,; itS- ,v . J. wvn
, .., ins groom was bora la New Jfern ana
lived here many years. . H s Is one of the
owners of the Ohio Bras worka at Mans
field, a flourishing ataaaf actor y. '
The bride is dadgk-l er d If r. and
Mrs, J. M. Brought .f Filelgh. and
has a wide circled fries da there.
Forty Thoisand Dollars Peniten
tiary Profits.
Continued Sesslois County Superia
Undents. Report Board Pub
lic IastlUUoss Nearly
v Ready. Raral Deliv
ery Routes. Con
victs For Pen
itentiary. Raleigh, November 13.-The second
day's session of the Association of Coun
ty Superintendents' was marked by an
increased attendance. The first business
was a conference with Dr. Butterlck of
the General Education, Board, a most
helpful, earnest sod Inspiring man.
Then followed a discussion of township
teachers' meetings, how to conduct
them and what to get out of them, led
by Superintendents Atkinson of Wayne
and Long of Northsmpton. Bupenn
tendenU Massey of Durham and Catlett
J . . st I
of New Hanover led a discussion of
county teachers' association, teachers
libraries and courses of study for teach
ers. Superintendent Butler of Iredell
spoke on the employment of teachers
and government of schools.
"Agriculture in the Kurai tscnoois"
was a most interesting ana practical
topic handled by Professors Burketl and
Stevens of the A. & M. College. These
two teachers have simply revolutionized
the Agricultural instruction of the col
lege and made Ita Agricultural Depart
ment strong, practical and popular.
They showed today that agriculture can
be taught in the i ural public schools as
well as in the A. & M. College, trot.
Burkctt spoke on seed selection, soils,
and live stock. lie used corn to Illus
trate selection. Several types of ears
were noted and contrasted. Corn is
imvorned hv hnredltv like folks and anl
mais. The ear with smaii cob in pro-
nortion to erains will produce ears like
itself. The two ear stalk will produce
two ears, the one ear stalk only one, etc
A careful selection of seed corn, an
nually, will Increase the yield and im
prove the quality. The same is true of
all other crops. In discussing soils, he
showed by simple experiments how
water rises In soil, how water passes
through the soil, the effect of mulching,
and the principles of drainage.
There was an address by Dr Butterick
This afternoon the delegates went In a
body to the State school for the blind,
Inspected it and saw the work of the
pupils. Peace Institute was also visited
and special exercises were held there.
There was a dress parade and band con
cert at the Agricultural and Mechanical
College in honor of the association, all
the members of which have visited the
The board of examiners of public in
structions is hard at work on its report.
Its chairman says this will be ready next
week and will be put in the Governor's
hands, He says the board found the In
stitutions (35 of them in all) in good
shape, found nothing crooked, and the
Ten negro convicts from Craven ar
rived at the penitentiary today, all for
terms of a year or less. One white con
vict, formerly with a circus, arrived
from New Hanover.
The State today authorized the in
crease of the Capital stock of the Leak,
Wall & McRae Company's cotton mill
at Rockingham from $100 -W to $1S0C
Eighteen more rural free ' delivery
routes have been put in operation In
the State since November 1. A number
more will be put In operation In 30
Auditor Dixon's statement that the
penitentiary's net earnings this
will be at least
$40,000 attracts atten
The Hew Business Era. 1
Editor JouKHAirTour article In yes
terday's Issue on the need of local busi
ness aggressiveness In New Bern was to
me a real surprise, as I had for years,
with much pleasure fostered, the belief,
that she was alive to the advantages of
all-branches ot legitimate business.
' True the failure to carry out the ap
parent plan for establishing' $he ''Pem
broke Factory,'! was to me an (old time
Hew Bernlan,) a disappointment ' much
felt, and I've never yet learned by whom
rwhy the failure wu caused, ' other
than the want of proper business energy
that all of your good citizens should fos
ter. Yes, use their best energy to pro
mote proper enterprises.
Just here I must say, that I concur
with you In opinion, that your business
men should cease having a plodding ex-
Istence. and I do hope that . ere long, a
new era will spread lu benignant wings
ever the good old town. -1
What I've written, is prompted by no
other motive, than an "Inborn" Interest
in my native town. ,
Morehead City, Nov. 18.
Married on Wednesday Noy. 12. 1902
at the residence of her parents In Beau
fort, Mary Adallna daughter of Mr and
Mrs T M Thomas to Dr. C. W. Malwell
ot MtlOllve, the Rev. N,'; M. Jttrney
officiating. ' The best wishes of all their
many friends -attend the happy couple In
their new home.
A Veambte Wisconsin Lady R&
stored to Health by Peruaa
After Twenty-five Years'
Special news from Evanrvllle, Wis.
J -M ..i...t 6 tSAHtW.AvA VDSrfl'
standing was the occasion of Peruna be
ing introduced to the inhabitants of
Evansville, Wis. From that time to this
there has been a great demand tor Pe
runa in this vicinity and hundreds of
eases have been cured.
It is in this manner that Peruna
spreads from town to town and from
state to state. No sort of advertising
could have given Peruna the reputation
it has. The secret of its success is that
it makes cures. It cures old cases of
catarrh where other remedies have
failed. This ought to make any remedy
Mr. C. R. Harden, of Evansville, Wis.,
writes the following letter :
Dear Doctor Hartman "I wish to
write to certify what Peruna has done
for me. I read of Peruna in the papers,
of what it would do for catarrh, and
sent for a bottle. This was the first bot
tle of Peruna that ever came to Evans
startling Statements from
f WILLARD, KY. The news of the
recovery of Mrs. Elizabeth Prater is a
very striking instance of the wonderful
curative powers of Peruna. This esti
mable lady had been an invalid from
catarrh of the stomach and bowels for
twenty years. No wonder her many
friends are enthusiaatio over her recov
ery. She writes: "It is through the
mercies of God and your medicine that I
am permitted to write yon this letter. I
have been a constant sufferer from
bowel and stomach trouble for about
twenty-five years, and could never find
relief until I began the use of Peruna. I
think it is a God-send to poor suffering
ggmanity." Mrs. Elisabeth Prater.
Will Overtake the Cities ot Wilmington
and James.
The die Is cast. The edict has gone
forth. And like the laws of the Medes
and Persians it cannot be chanced. The
city of Wilmington will surely be over
come by a sea ot fire, Aug. 14, 1904 and
simultaneously, James City, New Bern's
suburb, will be devoured by the always
hungry never satisfied sea.
This is the pronunclamento made by a
negro who has made himself a prophet
He is described as a tall, black, slick
lookimr Individual In clerical garb. He
says little but hands out flaming circu
lars containing the above announce
Following this prophecy the circular
deals with matters political and promul
gates a "slate" of future rulers and po
tentates. George H. White, of Washing-
ton, 'P.O.. Is to be Yice Prince; 8. H.
Vick, of Wilson, will have the office of
Postmaster, General; John 0. Dancey,
Washington D. C. Recorder ot Deeds; J.
E. O'Hara and R. W. Williamson of this
city are to be register and treasurer,' re
spectively, of the interior; S. H. Gorham
of Klnston, Governor of South Carolina;
O.H.Davis, of Norfolk, Va., postmas
ter; Vincent trexze, of Norfolk, King ot
the Italians; Hsywood Sawyer, of Eliza
beth Cltr. Governor of North Caro
It will be observed that the "tall black
sleek" man ia dealing out sinecures with
a lavish hand.
Circulars of similar character have
been handed oat here from time to time
bat they contained such an Incoherent
lot of rot that they "were quickly passed
ip. The only reason for the publicity
thus given Is the very absurd statements
it makss. ' ' " '
Bam s '? fTli slid Yoe Hut Alwijt ffcetft
Judge Bryan Keeps Order.
Klnston Free Press. ' "
Judge Bryan is strict on preserving
order In the court bouse. He fined two
I men yesterday $5 each, for not being as
I quiet u they ought to have been.
Evasion of Marine Laws.
The recent examination by the govern
ment authorities, Into the required num
ber ot officers demanded nnder the law
which vessels must carry, Is said to
have ' caused quite I sensation in the
Eastern Carolina vessel circles,' ot this
district " ' ' 1 J 1 i"
Anumberof vesseUwert foundtobeeral.adVIlllCC3
acting wo economically in wusway,
served upcm1 the owners,
which quickly brought up the required
ville ; from my using it all three of the
druggists now keep it. -
It cured my wife of catarrh with
which the bad been troubled for more
than twenty-five yean, and I bad been
troubled with It for fifteen yean. We
are now both all right
"My youngest son had la grippe four
years ago, and as he had supposed had
got well, or so far recovered that he went
to work. He took a relapse and the
pneumonia set in. He had hemorrhages,
and though we tried everything we
could think of it was to no purpose until
we gave him Peruna. The hemorrhages
stopped, and he soon got up and is well
and hard at work. We think there is
nothing like Peruna."
In a recent letter Mr. Harden writes:
"We keep Peruna always in the house,
as it cured us both of catarrh of long
Kentucky, Illinois and
Remarkable Recoveries.
ELGIN, ILL. In a very recent com
munication from this place comes the
news that Mr. Arthur Ernest Kidd, a
well-known architect of that city, has
made complete recovery from catarrh of
the head from which he bad suffered for
nearly a quarter of a century. He writes
the following from 18 Hamilton ave.:
" I am 42 years of age, and have had
catarrh of the head for over half of my
" I read of Peruna, and finally decided
to try it two months ago. I have now
taken seven bottles, and : weigh 172
pounds. Never felt happier or merrier.
Eeel tip top." A. E. Kidd. ,
Sweet Pickled Peaches, 80o per quart.
Assorted Mangoes 30c per quart, ' J
Standard 3 lb Tomatoes 10c per can. 1
Standard 2 lb Corn 10c, 8 for 25c. " ' J
Loose Olives 40c per quart. 5
Attmore's Pure Mince meat 10c per lb. J
Nabob Pancake Flour, lOo per package.
Hecker's Old Homestead Pancake Flour 10c package.
We want your business and are selling you goods for less J J
than any other house in the city. ' Thanking you for past fav
ors rnd trusting to receive a share of your future business, I am J
i Yours to please, . v -If ; 25
J. 33. . PiilTr., It
Wholesale and Retail arocer) , ;
PHONE 69. Cor. Broad & Hancock Bts.
!i -1 At' v t V
If you want one why not buy a good one and flave money.
tWe have recently received, a new Btooki of , Brooms which you
t will find to be up-to-date both
.... . .
Also new juinoe pieac jusc in, Atmore a AeyBtwnu, wmuu
! yen know is very fine, 10c per pound. ' . ; ''" ' "
' v-' ' e carry everything kept in a Grrocery store, and will' be
glad to have some of your orders. l" ' "
9 ,. . ...... ... ...... . . i, -. 1 .i njL ftn'liib'a In J
" " j Kespectf ully,
IS) ?!..' iG.' ' f
Broad St Grocers?
a 4' f
80 TOur cotton at these extreme low prices 'with everythirs
depressing the market when yon can store rt nominal cost, and take ad
vantage of higher prices later in
'J Allcottoh covered
ana rTermsVf" Tr& mtpi m k
r -
standing. We hare callers eVerr little
while to Inquire as to what Parana has
done tor oa. ' I sayi 'Look at us. That
U proof enoagh."
, u I send yon a pieture of. my residence.
I helped build a bowe in Iowa City oa
the first of last June, and worked eighty
two days, only losing one-quarter of a
day during the whole time. How is
that for an old man 77 y ears oldT I came
home la September and hare built
another bona oat in the country this
tall and am well and hearty W4ay.
"I hope to live twenty years yet, sad
if Peruna helps me in the future as It
has in the past I don't know why I
can't The druggist say Peruna is one
of the best selling medicines they have
in stock." C. R. HARDEN.
Peruna can be relied upon to care
slight colds and coughs and other ca
tarrhal ailments with a promptness that
is unequaled by any other remedy.
If a cold has settled in any portion of
the body and produced catarrh, it is gen
erally thought by people that they must
suffer on year after year without amy
hope of cure. This is not true, however,
Peruna cures such cases.' Thousands of
testimonials that can never be osed
attest this fact
Any one wishing free literature on
this subject should address Dr. Hartman,
Columbus, Ohio.
New Hampshire of Other
MANCHESTER, N. H, According to
late advices, Miss Blanche Im Bundlett
has made a comphste recovery from Ca
tarrh of the head which had caused a
chronio running from the ears. Bex
own statement of the ease-; is as fol
lows: "I have suffered for several yean
with catarrh of the head. It finally
reached my ear, and caused a running
ear. Having read of Dr, Hartman'S
remedies I immediately wrote, and he
advised me. To-day I am in better
health than I have been for some time.
I will gladly recommend P.eruna for all
catarrhal diseases."-Mlss Blanche Im
Rnndlett ! 1 '
in quality and price.
. . i . " ' " - ... 1 '.V
V V4 4 D tt iTi it k
1 i ., frt,i.'t
the Season. J,J 1 1 -,!
by iiLurxici HilJ.irj-
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