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Lodges of Odd Fellows Instituted la
X . Several Cities. .
All theEight of Way For The
SUie IdiiUIi Railway fif
eared.",. Hebrew
,"8 IS"
tion Ce. f at
.'.Greeted a Charter.
' . Fall Sale or Tax ; ;
, Tag! Not - ss I : :
1 : " iqi., J t ; - ,
Rauidn, November 88. The BtaU
Superintendent' of Pablle' lnitrocUon
today sent ont a letter to all county
superintendent! and teachers of public
achoolt calling their attention, to aelr.
. ' - oaler letter issaed by Julian 8. Carr,
: reb'alrman of the 8tr Walter Raleigh
monument committee.: Superintendent
n iloyner aaya he hope that every child In
:y a North Carolina school will hare the
J r opportunity to .add a penny to this
r fond. "North Carolina Day In the
- public schools will be next Wednes-
. day.- . -,..-
,'. Pott office -inspector F. N. Davis,
Is tick here, with malarial fever.
At Ellenboro tonight a new. lodge
' of Odd Fellows wu organized. Grand
,fv; Seorettry WoodeU hw applications for
r new lodges at Cooleemee, Ratherford
""""ton and Albemarle, ,f 4 H p. : f
k. The fannral, of evangelist Weston B.
Qalea wet aeldhere thla "afternoon, and
' wi the burial whs In OakWood Cemetery.
Mr. Gales', last sermon was preached
1. here In the city hall, Sunday - afternoon,
tTV- November 1 He was . then so. feeble
that he was nnabltf q conduct theeer
' vices in the evening at the 'Fayettevllle
. street Baptist church.- . - ;-v-.
' Governor AycofeVs two. sick children
hare recoveied and left their room'.V
. Gforge W Hloehawof Winston-Salem
is here and says all the rights of way for
the Stone Atou'utsln R. U. will ,be se
' v cured and the line located sp that work
"ean benln April, V The company has ao-
qulrcdalj the granite along the route,
including Btono Mountain, a 'mass Are
: mllea In circuit and 750 feet above the
surrounding-ground. The road will
start a little ea-t.of North YVlUeaboro
and will dtrlke straight for point on
' the Virginia line whertf the Tennessee
liue nvoeta It between Top and Pound
mountalne. It HI cross the Blue Ridge
at Grassy Gap, the lowest of all the
' gaps. A. tunnel only 800 feet Jong will
.,, hare to be unlit. The road will, be 60 to
68 miles long.,. It will connect with a
fl road under construction from Abingdon,
. v Ya , which is extended 88 miles
'. the other side of Abingdon, to the. coal
beds; It will give by a line 115 to 130
nllea long, the shortest of all the routes
.to the coal fields.
-- A charter It granted by the State to
. the Hebrew Congregation Company' of
' Durham. - '
T; Commissioner of Agriculture Patter-
. uo nay ua iiuua luo, iui Baits ui iu
tags for fertilizer! ' are not ao large as
, ; those for the fall of 1901 . t- i
Reccs ot Arbitration Commission
Special to Journal.
JSciunton, Pa , Not. 83. Coal Arbi
tration Commission adjourned today for
ten days to allow time lor settlements it
Is said operators will yield and grant IB
percent Incroase "la wages and a nine
-' Gompers Unanimously Elected.
BpeclM to Journal, t
' Nw Obleahs, Not. S3. Samuel
' Gompers was unnnlmously elected Presl
' dent of the . American Federation of
. Labor today. , rf . s t ,
' -" Robber Hakes a Biff Haul.
Special to Journal ' - '
DaTonport, la., Not. 13. A masked
. man held up the passengers and crew of
a Rock Island express train' near here
early this morning, dynamited the safe
In the express car and took $50,000.
' J, J. Baxter 1 agent for the W.L.
" Douglas, Lewis Crossett and W, P. Tay-
pJor's .hoea.for mea and E. E. Reed's
shoes for women. , Svery pair guaran
t led.
Dorer WewsVvv
I. Not. 14. Mr Charley Brooms died In
)Us place today about 13 o'clock of Ty
pbold fever. 'y;i'!.:,?,ifcfct
', Mr FN Hawkins has sold out his
entire stock of goods to MrH B Daugher
tyJr. 4 ' '
'"Chickens and eggs are very high in
this place. Chickens 80 to 85 cents each,
tiggs 20 per ddzen. " ' ' ' " '
,. A gentlemen was put to a great deal of
Jrouble on the Shoo Fly Sunday by the
: Paegaga master putting off hla wheel at
the wront station.
; - Dover is still on the Increase now
buildings are going up dally,
v The weather Is fine today.
r Tor- Info's r- CLiLIrcn.
i't:JY;j:. i' iT--lt
Odessa hat ben opened again for com
merce, being free of the plague of Aalat
le cholera. - .
The steamer Bosnia, reported lost In a
gale oa the Black Sea, has arrived at
United States Ambassador to England
Choate la going to Egypt for the open
ing of the Nile dam. ,
Paderewskl haa decided to appear at
the festival In Berlin next October des
pite hla declaration not to play again In
that city.'-',: . . "
Typesetters, trolleymen and coach
men In Havana went on a strike Batnr
day. -. ;' ' ' .
BM.'.' St ' I' '
The entire train service In Texas It de
morallaed by the heavy rains of Thursday
and Friday in that 8tate. ; ? r T
The Government Investigation In
Court of the ao called Beef Trust hss
been fixed for December 6th, la Chicago,
Twenty seven striking thopmen In
Omaha, Neb., are under arrest for viola
ting the Federal Injunction against pick
.Germany haa selected at the Exposi
tion In Bt. Louis, MOn for IU lite the
one that the board -of lady managers
picked for the women's building. '
- Scarcity of coal has caused the closing
of the five cotton mills ot Charlotte, N.
C throwing thousands of cotton mill
employes out of work. : y
,A cable dispatch has been received by
the Philippines Commission stating the
number of eases of cholera it reduced
Ufive a day Instead of thirty four a
week ao. ;' .
. . .'V- : ... . '
In the examination of Dr. Gibbons be-.
fore the Strike Commission, Pr Gibbons
said the miner's occupation tubjects a
man to pleurisy, gout, neuralgia, asthma
bronchitis, sciatica and other diseases,
and that he would not- permit the em'
ploymont In mines of children under
fifteen years of age. He testified the
necessity of better ambulance tervlce at
Articles ot incorporation have been
granted by the Secretary of State to the
Durham Hebrew Congregation Com
pany. Its object la to promote the
growth ot the Hebrew region in Dur
ham vicinity and elsewhere, ' v
Jim Wilcox, the a'leged murderer of
Nellie Cropsey, when asked if he would
be content with a verdict of murder In
the second degree, replied: : "Give me
liberty or give me'death." 1
General Yiljoen,' the Boer Commander
embarked at London for New Tork Sat
urday on the American Liner St. Louis
The uproar In the Spanish Chamber
of Deputies, last evening, canted by
Robledos't attack on Premier Sagasta,
became to great that the Premier with
drew, and the president of the house
closed the sitting amidst the Opposition
members' protests and cries of "There Is
ne Government.1' f-"
The English Admiralty Court has
awarded to the Harrison Line steam-
ship "Scholar" eighteen thousand pound
for salvaging the American liner Bel
genlaad. , . ' , , i n f f
At a reception of five hundred Pled-
montese pilgrims Friday morning by
the Pope, he referred to the rumors of
hit Indisposition, adding: , "My time haa
not come yet. I have many things to
accomplish before death." . . t
Two hundred miners are on a strike at
Athens, O., as a result otthe discharge
Mine Motorman Clarence Russell, who,
instead of reporting for .work went rab
bit hunting. - ,. ; -.1
"Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.!
The secret Is out and New Bern can
go on living just aa u the riddle had
never been asked. V. V.'r
: No It can't, either, New Bern it not
going to be what It was before. Itt
houses aie going to be brighter; Itt peo
ple a little more prosperous they are
going to have some of their money left
to bay other thlnga with. ? j 4 t
Tbt answer to the riddle is; yoa cari
paint a building with fewer gallons of
DevoeLead aad ZIno paint than with
mixed paints,- and It will wear several
timet as long as a building painted with
lead and oil mixed by hand. . ' X
There'e proof abundant of It all over
the United 8tates., There . will soon be
proof abundant ot it In New Bern.
What will people do with the rest of
their money? E, - W. Smallwood sells
thlt paint ' - -
V A Bad Accident., , t
Two and three-quarter boxes on LD,
I, foad was badly wrecked on last Satur
day, but we undern'Ad tame will be re-
pi iced at once, as wat only clothing,
Cause of trouble was a rush of people
at "I'll Do Ii'e"-43 Middle street. ,
, 1 i)1 1 tata 1 1 n -
Pon't pay tl.P3-and ft.fl f-r Hid
C.u..), tat go to J, J,- laxti and got
t'if a for ?:o. and ?1,C3.
The Mack Discussed Contest Between the
Jtlg Teams Uclded. '
pedal to JomaL
New Haven, Conn 4 November 23.
The contest on the gridiron today be
tween Tale and Harvard resulted In the
championship going to .Yale. The
score was, Tale It, Harvard 0.
Enormous Rain Fall.
Special to Journal. '
Dallas,' Tax, Nov. 83. Telegrams
from parte of the State give Information
of enormous rata falls. "Blehteem Inches
have fallen durlng the past 84 hoars.
' - - '
"k Market Letter on Cotton. .:
', J, j . . r . . - . . -
By privau wire, J. E Latham & Ce.
New Tork, November 24 -At BM,
the prioe touched thlt a. m. , March cot
ton hat enjoyed the substantial advance
of 50 points In less than 10 trading days.
In view of all circumstanoea this It a
noteworthy gain and one that Inclines
the conservative holder to Una profits
regardless ot the future. It may be that
the eotton world It all wrong and! prices
are now on the way to 9c before the bu
reau report It may be crop la really 10
million and there are sensational; devel
opments ahead of us. , All of thu 1 may
be buf it will be remembered less than 3
weeks ago we said we believed In buy
ing on every break, and It .wu many a
weary day before thlt cotton showed a
profit Now ' we are having the other
turn of the wheel. Buying against the
tide wat the tafe thing to do below 8c.
to telling for profits on an advance of
60 oointa la the thine to do bow. Thlt
It not saying market won't go higher.
Prices are running In wavea and there It
no telling what prices may do.- Every
body will take profits on such bulges aa
these. ' Spot Interests are working for
thlt advance and are now anxious to see
a narrower difference between January
and March. Weather it bad, froatsmore
likely to appear and Liverpool in a de
moralized condition. ! 8ell long cotton
on every advance. " ' ! '
-j ' 3. E. Latham & Co.
New Tork, Not. 23,The market had
a ten point break thla a. m. and then a
sharp recovery of 8 to 10 points. Break
due to lower Liverpool cablet and nat
ural telling after the advance, The re
covery waa due to moderate estimates at
Houston for Monday and the prospect
of a moderate movement of cotton next
week as bureau la expected to be bullish.
We will not have much short telling In
the meantime.- Those who believe In a
large crop and consider anything over
8I0. In New Tork hardly justified at this
season of the year will welcome advance
to tell on. Those who look for moder
ate receipts and the ( coming reports aa
bull factors will buy as long aa the mar
ket keeps going up. ' The two tend to
create, a better . market and one that
should be a fair risk to buy on any
breaks. The market showed resistance
to pressure.' We should not be surprised
to tee a lower . range of wheat early In
the week 'and would certainly buy, if
lett than 1 to 3 points.'. One reason for
the recent advance has been bad reports
from Texas where excessive rains have
delayed picking caused rot, etc. Then
why not delay- marketing aa well; It
works both ways f We would continue
to sell on every advance and wait tor a
substaatlal break for baying again. , i
; J. E Latham ft Co.
to 2' nr wort
Nov, 24. Since -our last writing we
have had new 1 neighbors to move near
Olympla, Mr. land 1 Mrs. J. B. Brinson
moved on the farm? of Mr A L Holton.
Mr Brinson ,wu. recently hart in the
Rawla timber woods near Beelaboro but
Is much better at present. . ;m ' i
,v Well,, well fate hu decreed ; again
Our peeple or aome are glad and some
are sorry at the unfortunate fellow who
got the "green grapes" recently, he for
got the people In the wild west use dif
ferent bait-f roar the people down cut
When they go gshlng,
"We think it would not be amiss to say
with the poet thU Ume f ; ' w.
From rocks and aandt, 'yi;j ,
. And barren lands. , cv:.t ;
juna lortune set me iree ; ia inn'.
From great guna, and women' ten
gnes, -v '0
Good Lord deliver me1 I J 1 1
Revr Mr Jenklna JUed hit .regular
appointment Sunday.' 4" H j
Wonder whers"Brown EveaV f
Reelsboro Is, let, ns hear ; from, thai
plaoa,; aa '".3 'i! r' JiHvM-
Arapauuai - gums your - 5
A 1 . f - 11. .i
The Roller "tray trunk 'still takes t he
lead, a lady should buy no other maiie.
For tale by
I j " AWIlcoi,Trial Id Perquimans,- f
After a Careful investigation of ll'ao
Wlloox sentiment u It exists In neigh
boring Countle! Judge ' Fred Moore 1 or
dered Saturday that. the trial' to iie
carried to - Hertford, Perquimans Con -
In an interview - Judge Moors aalda
"I find aeopla 1b Peraulmana opposed
to capital punishment, and thla wilt be
in favor of the defendant" m- -' - H
. The Cropsey family fought TlgonoOHjy
against the change and are bitter over
the Supreme Court doeWoa. j. , - . ;
Interest In Cattle Raising- la ute
Eastern Counties.
Will Fin Selatetef Heaer. Big
BalldoealaU ScheelFnad
Talaatloai Are '
Iaereased. , K ,
Raliiqb, Not. 24. -Today Commis
sioner of Agriculture Patterson and
Suit Teterlnarlaa Talt Butler left for
Ellrabeth City, to attend a farmerf steel
lng. Dr. Butler slys that there la a coa-
slderablt Increase In InUrest In cattle
raising in the section around juuaDeta
City. Edgecombe county, however,
heads all those in the eastern part of the
Bute in this important matter. Excel
lent progress la being made there. .
The congregation of the First Presby
terian church here at a meeting yester
day called Rev. Cave of Paducah, Ky, to
be the pastor.
A . charter it granted the Alleghany
Land and Lumber Company or Ashe
ville. People of Wllllsmsport, Pa, are
the principal stockholders.
Rifles were today taken out to the
Soldiers Home and In future a squad
Will fire a salute over the graves of those
who die there and are burled in the Con
federate Cemetery near by.
Frank Wynne, a Wayne county negro
who murdered hit nephew, sold some
property and put up $3,500 cash for ap
pearance, then fled and waa re-captured
at Fayettevllte, escapes the gallows.
What may be termed a compromise
effected, by which he will not be tried
for murder in the first degree, but will
plead guilty to murder In the second de
gree, get a ten years sentence, and for
feit to the public school fund the $2,500
he deposited as bail. .
Btate Auditor Dixon says that there It
more "excess" reported by corporations
this year than last year, and that more
corporations have reported. He . says
that thlt year a number of corporations
have increased the valuation of their
real and personal property to a figure
equalling their assessment of capital
Think of This.
A great number of vessels of light
draft come to this port, many of them
are from Swansboro, Beaufort, The
Straits, and In L fact 111 along the .coast.
They nearly all pus through the old
Clubfoot and Harlowe Conal.
This canal belongs to a corporation,
Who hu'almost abandoned it, in fact no
tolls have been collected for several
vtars. A great saving of distance and
many dangers are avoided by putlng
through the canal, but the skippers re
port that it is fast filling up, and before
many years perhaps will be Impuslble.
Some effort might be made to Induce
the government, to acquire the title to
thla waterway and appropriate a sum
sufficient to open .it for traffic. I ;
The canal proper, that is where dredg
ing would be needed is said to be only
about three mllea, and a comparatively
small asm; ot money would do fhls
work. ,1 . -J
To open - the canal would be a great
convenience to the people along the
cout in Onslow and Carteret counties,
and merchants of thlt city would tell
hundreds of dollars worth of goods that
are now braght elsewhere, w .
Bellair Hews.
Nov. 24.-Well this is Beech Grove'
beginning of Thanksgiving, and wliu
such bountiful crops boused general
health good, we will try to continue
1 Thanksgiving till Thursday and longer;
but on Thursday we shall be aorry tor
the farmers frlendathe birds, they do
as ao' much eood we don't want them
scared away or killed.
The Beech Grove Missionary Society
had Its fifteenth missionary anniversary
Friday November 21, and though we are
somewhat reduced in numbers by deaths
removals, etc., the full force we had
turned out, and we had a good day,
Many of our friends bom New Bern -remembered
ue and gave ui their presence
and encouragement, , A few were 'with
u from other parti of the circuit.
5 Oar dinner wu up to the atandud
perhaps we might sty ahead, for after a
to mtiful repast for about one hundred
persons.there were taken up of the '-f tag
ments1! and whole pieces too.euough for
several sufferers.
' Oar collection while not at large at we
haws made, wu really larger than we
mected as we had fewer workers than
formerly, . : .- "
, After paying for our missionary: liter
ature for another year we turned over to
nor Pastor 80 dollars. "
Socially, It wu a good day, and all
aeemed to enioy the occulon; but the
beat of the feut wu a very . warm - Im
seeulve talk to our society by Bro. R F
Bumoas. Surely such an address will
brisg fruit for another year.
A Fine Catch. '
The largest fish that hu been . caught
with hook and line, out of the waters
around here, -wu suocessfally landed
yesterdap by Mr. J, R. Pope. ,
Ihe fish was what Is locally known
Welshman, and wu indeed a noble
specimen, tipping the seales at eight
pounds and four ounces.
Mr. Pope made his fine catch near the
Neuie river bridge, using live bait, and
intimated that there were p'.nty of oil
ers there, but It Is presumed t&t he w
eat'; led with t' a ovo.
Is The Pardoning Power Abused T
Ed JocasAL In the Journal ef the
Slat Inst, It la aeea that yoar Raleigh
correspondent tells that during the past
sixty days while Got. Ayeock wu cam
paigning, he Issued tea pardons of con
victs from the penitentiary, and the
papers la the cases were prepared to
.Thla writer la a Democrat a genuine
Tar Heel" Carolinian. Hu been a
voter full five decades, and In early life
wu In some measure In the political
area; sometimes accompanied candidates
and did son canvassing.
Though more than once solicited, he
never had any aspiration for public of
fice or position. He more than once
read the Decaration of Our Independ
ence or 4th of July celebration. Hu
more than once read our Constitution,
and hu always felt a disapproval of the
Teto power, aad he will ask, why In rea
son or justice, after the majority of both
branches of Congress pusea a law the
President If he desires, can veto It, rend
erfhg It nail and Told. Is that not plain-
ly an Imperial power, a power that is
not other than a ttain, nay a blot upon
American Escatchebn.clalmlng as we do
to be a country of Freemen who yean
ago threw off the tyranny, of Singly
power of ruling.
Thla view mty conflict with opinion
of some politicians or of distinguished
Savants, but that matters not, (t thlt
American claiming the
writer is an
right of opinion. That as yet hu net
been Vetoed.
To me the pardoning power seems far
more wrong than the Veto power; as
tie In a different line, and touches the
safety of communities.
Hence let me ask, why have we courts
wav arraign a law breaker before a
udge, a sworn jury, and sworn wit
nesses, who prove nini guilty, ana tne
udge sentence! him, for a term in the
penitentiary, If a one man power can
pardon him; Let him loose again upon
community. I repeat, why have we
courtt r
Of course I have no personal feeling
against our worthy Governor, I can
vassed for, and voted for him, and re
gard him u an excellent gentleman,
whose sympathy It easily touched. Tet,
perhapt he does not see In the proper
light, that these appeals for pardons, are
chiefly the work of paid lawyers, who
get Up touching appeals, signed by' -Tom
Dick and Ham" to aid in swelling the
namber, who uk for pardons by his Ex
cellency, of scoundrels.
New Bern not long ago, had a case in
point, an appeal wat made to the Gov
ernor to pardon a poor fellow, wco it
wu laid wu wasting away by consump
tion. Hewu pardoned, and the Jour
nal said few men were seen on the street
who made a better appearance of health
than he did. And before two months
had elapsed, he again was a law viola
I'll only add, that possibly the coming
Legislature, may deem It proper, to
take deserved notice of the matter indi
cated. . , .;,.. T. L. H.
Morehead City, Not. 21, 1903.
A Leather Trust hu been incorporat
ed In North Carolina, with $121,000,0001
capital. , V-. .. ..-..
ran nv
mm i
Sleep for Skla Tortured Babies and
Rest for Tired Mothers, in
'";r,;,WarmBattjwltIi ,
And pcntl appllcatioos of Giti
cura Ointment, purest ot emol
lients and greatest of skin cores,'
to be followed in severe cases by ;
mild doses of Cuticura Resolvent .
Pills. This b the most speedy,
permanent, and economical treat
ment for torturing, dtsfigftirinp;,
hchinor, burnine, tke&nz. scaly
" cr us tea, and pimply skin and scalp
, humours, with loss ot hair, ol in-
tants and ciuidren, ever com-
, pounded, x ''.. :.; 'vs
Mtlltows ot Pf"tl tibk CrrrtomiA 8oa.
ltwt by CuiKHiua Oiktmicnt, for beauH.
fving the kin, fur ciiianniii the acalp, and
. tlie Bttomliijc of fn'in.n huir, for aotumlnpr,
: Wiiiu-au, and smu.,n,g rt, rourh. and Bore
fiHn.iii, for ail t piinotMiBof the toiiot,
t'H.Hit' l niirrT. untHOf womi-n line CU-
nnu- u... v or o
' 1' ', in v i r
, . ... i. f .,
I'll A
1 w
A Winchester Take-Down Repeating Shotgun, with J
strong shooting, full choked barrel, suitable for J
trap or duck ahoodnt , and an extra intercnangeabie
Ing, lists at only $42.00. . Dealers aell them for
fan. This rnakea a serrkeabls all round an within
'reach of every body'e pocket book. Winchester
'.Shorrana ontahoot and outlast the most enenatrv
double barrel guns and are Just as reliable besides. 1
rYCHSTE tsnnxm urns co, . ne bates, coxy.
"Like burning a candle at both ends:"
Trading with houses that ciedit la like "burning r candle at both'
ends", it's wasteful,
Credit houses pat a profit on for
those who dont pay.
are smaller than credit houses, nothing added for the non-paying class,
and they are legion.
We also make you a partner in
dend of 4 Per cent- 011 verT 25-00
ou wouia piCK up a aouar 11
1 a 1 11 m
you were in luck.
you can pick up dollars here by
ftt ?fe . hnrf.--nnj Ua. - - .
We are bringing all our resources t bear to make it pay you to be
a regular customer at our store.
It will pay you to come in and
Our tine of Mens, Womens and Chtldrens
Underwear is targe and prices very low .
Cotton Fleece and Wool Rib and Flat
" u . for girls
1 ' for Men,
We have a full line of Wright's
The Bee Hive,
61 Pollock St., Opposite Episcopal Church
. Not having sufficient room, have decided to close
out all our Mens Underwear. We do this at this time
of the year to dean np 'everything r on1 hand.' ' Only v a
few weeks to the extremely cold weather, : why not an
ticipate a little and choose now, from the following: ,
Mens Natural Wool Shirts and Drawers, heavy qual
, ity, worth 85c, while they'last, ,
Mens Natural Wool Shirts and Drawers, Extra Fine
Quality, neVar sold for less than $1 00, Price now v
. 79c.
Mens Extra Heavy Shirts and Drawers II 19. -All
New, Fresh Goods, Very Cheap
Only one month in which to select presents. -. ,
We call your attention first to the neatest and
cheapest article we ever offered.' "We have six designs
of the Magnificent Buildings of the Pan American Ex
position reproduced in the bowls of beautiful silver af
ter dinner coffee spoons. . V r - l
". Thess spoons are heavy plated with silver on white
metal and will wear a long while. . ".
; Price lOo each or set. of six for 68c Any ne
would appreciate Buch a present. .
: ?
you and an additional one for
V .V , ; ; n
ONE ON CREDIT, their profit
' ' ,
our business, by paying you a dm
J0 Pend m 0M store-
you iomnu it ou uie eureei suu uuus
m 3 1 1! -J. A Jt lVI-1.
oir dividend system, but this is
investigate this system '
Knit for, 45 to $15 00 suit
and boys, - 80o to $1 00
-' 50o to 2 00 '
Health Underwear for men and
P)ci a
i C

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