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Section TwctFrlday Not. 21, 1908
Oommoa-eense politics, therefore, re
quires that the Booth ahoold dismiss for
erer Ita wlll-o'-the-wlsp fancy that Its
solidity for one party, and a thoroughly
discredited party at that, can ever make
It dominant in the nation. It haa no
title to such a position and no reaaon to
hope for It. Step by step It has de
stroyed within its limit all parties bat
one. This policy alone la sufficient warn
Ing against any political combination it
can offer. The Booth should torn its at
tention to the possible, the progressive
and the modern. It has a vital Interest,
for example. In tbe protection of Ameri
can lndustriea and In other economic is
sues. As a solid political force It has be
come a negligible quantity In a national
The above from the St. Louis Globe
Democrat, Is strictly a partisan and un
fair criticism, especially so far as It re
lates to North Carolina.
This State is solidly Democratic be
cause It Is this party which haa given
character and stability to every commer
cial, social and educational Interest
within Its borders.
The Globe-Democrat's party has had
its opportunity In North Carolina to
practice some of Its fine theories, but If
this party had something of "common-
sense politics," it was never put Into ex
ecution while the Republicans were In
Rather quite the opposite, for the
State was .'discredited at home and abroad
during the political reign of others, not
The Globe-Democrat, further states
me Bouurs political souaness is Decause
this section desires political power In the
The basis for this assertion is hard to
prove, for the political effort, locally, In
all Southern States, haa been first to
establish a stable and economic govern
ment within the State, regardless of how
national affairs might go.
The Democratic party In the South
stands for those very things, "protection
of American Industries and other econo
mic issues," and because it does, it Is
kept In political power.
The "uselessness," Is political Imagery
on the part of the Globe-Democrat.
The i political party preserving and
aervlng the best Interests of the people,
Is going to be kept In power In the
South and up to the present time Its
name is, Democratic party.
"Common sense politics" to not the
sole property of Missouri. .. If It Is, the
Globe-Democrat ' has never to recorded
It, nor la it recorded elsewhere.
v The report of the work done- during
1902, by the life saving service of this
country,-, makes a most gratifying; ex
hibit, in the results obtained through
this humane organization. 'f
The report shows that the number of
disasters to vessels within the scope of
operations of these trice during the year
was greater than ever before' with the
exception of the year 1898 and 1901, yet
the loss of life was small. ' The-aumber
of lives bat from documented veseeli
those of five tons harden, or overwas
only. 19, while six were lost iron, smaller
craft-tall boats, row boats, etc., mak
ing a total of 25, a number far below the
average. .-.y.vv SM;2; r , V;
.The amount of property i Imperilled
waa greatly In excess of that of any
previous year In the history of the ser-
Ice, owing to (he unusual number of
larger vessels . la velved. ' JSTo lest than
64 vessel of over 1000 Ions burdens,
or wwofij aumber 38 were steamers,
tuHered -disaster. . The loss of pro
perty, however, ai comparatively
Tbe number of disasters to document
I vessels was 833. Oa board these
V elg were were 8i24 persons, of whom
13 Tore lost, Tbe estimated value of
t tv:5.r f-.i r'.ttf
v - l
and $3,87,T90 lost. The Bomber of ves
sels totally lost was 51. .
It la thU great work of the hardy and
brave life saving crews, which so great
ly lease as the dangers of those who
mast gala a livelihood upon the waters
and sayea property from total lees.
It b a service which brings great re
turns for the money spent la keeping It
To legislate npoa aa equitable treat
law is a matter which demaada wisdom
and conservatism oa the part of Con-
Any monopoly or trust. In Its control
upon a special commodity, a consump
tive article, holds the lives of the com
munity la lta power, because it to the
sole possessor of what is necessary te,
and that which enters into the lives of
the cilitens of a community.
Government or legislative doing away
or the destruction of f monopoly or
trust, would work evil to all
eause the legislative action necessary to
destroy, would In Its operation prove
destructive to other Interests, besides
the trust which might be destroyed.
There are remedies which Congress
might In Its legislative capacity enact
which would prove restraining la effect
upon trusts, leading to their being de
prived of that power which now over
rides all, and makes them a danger and
menace to the stability of the coun
One remedy is publicity of the actual
workings of a monoply, and follow Ins;
this a law against over valuation, the
Issuing of Block In excess of tbe actual
property value of the corporation or
Through publicity of a trust's affairs,
its actual profits, and how made, compe
tition by the individual outside of trust,
would be encouraged, and a law for the
suppression of the over valuation and
stock watering by corporations, would
place them on an equalized basis of earn
ing dividends.
Such an equalization would mean that
employes would be protected In their
wage earnings, giving them a share In
the prosperity which might come to the
corporation, because the corporation
would be earning its dividends upon n
honest valuation basis, sud not upon a
basis of over valuation.
Trusts or corporation earnings based
upon this honest valuation, wculd also
help the consumer, as he could buy upon
a basis of profit to the corporation or
trust, at a much lower figure, becase he
would not have to pay the extra sum to
make good the trust's dividend earnings,
based upon its excessive over valuation
in It watered stock.
Legislation by Congress, along such
lines as these could not fall to be pro
ductive of benefit to the consumer and
the wage earner, and aell not work In
jury to trusts.
Beware oi OintmentsforCatarrh
ThatiContalns Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles
should never be used except on prescrip
tlons from reputable physicians, as the
damage they will do Is ten fold to the
good you can possibly derive from them
Ball's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F
J. Cheney & Co, Toledo, O., contains no
mercury, and to taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Ia buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure yon get the genu
ine. It Is taken Internally and made In
Toledo,' Ohio, by F. J. .CheneyJ &;Oo.
Testimonials free.
Soldjby Druggists. Prlce.75c
tle. -
' Ball's Family pillsre '
.An ounce troy of pure gold is worth
120.67. 1
' The estate of a Long Island miter
who died last year to appraised at 4V
000. His household effects are valued
at $10. - -i:.f:-
The submarine boat to not a success,
many declare, because the persona on
board of tbem are in more danger than,
tbe enemy. :C. '. 1 : ;.;. . .--v; f."l
: The average value of a horse In tbe
United States to 140.07, being lowest
in Arizona ($13.61) and highest In
Rhode Island ($80.12). . . ' ;
. Tbe government has withdrawn from
publla entry a tract of 8,400,000 cret
of land in the Blue mountains, la Ore
goo, at a forest reserve. ' j
According to the Motor Car Illus
trated, the omnibus deposed the crino
line, the bicycle tbe bustle, and now
the motor car will lop tbe feminine
train. . .- ;; '
The water of the artesian wells in
the desert regions of southern Califor
nia rises sometimes to the height of
two feet over tbe top of a four Inch
Iron pipe,-- f'-'.-i ; -t. Y'-' ' , t-;
. The ocean travel' along the route
from the Pugct sound country to Bkag
nay averages during the summer tea
ton a boat a day, these vessels being
of 1,000 tons and upward; ; j
startling; But Jnt. !
" ''IfJ every one, knew what a greed
medicine Dr. King's New Life Pills Is,"
writes D. n. Turner, Dempseytown, Pa.,
"you'd sell all you have in a day Two
w'ks' use has made a new man of me."
I "i f r crnflt'pn'Jon, stomach and
rt !. V.o at?a D. . '- 'Lam
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
B rood to your Uad aad row craft .
wUbegood. riaatyef N
to the hrtfllMr aptlls quality
and quantity 1a the har
Write us and rfw
we will
firt, by
tend yon,
swat tuil.
ntuM uu wata.
Hnr itrk.
New fall eoatt will come half way
down the skirt
Black and wblt, all black, pale blue
and green seem to be tbe favorite col
ors for ties.
Large white tulle bows, with polk
dots of green velvet, are worn at the
base of the neckband In front
The monoKrun buckle to tbe latest
style for tbo colonial shoe. It to made
of gun metal, with the monogram of
sterling silver.
Chinese and Russian effects In em
broidery a n1 cross stitch, with coarse
lose, are modish trimmings for early
fall costumes.
The style In shoes has changed great
ly. Heels are- much higher, toes more
pointed and the curve at the Instep
more pronounced.
A smart llttio reefer coat of tan cloth
to doubl breasted and curved In at the
aides. It to an exception to the prevail
ing mode, but Is extremely chic.
Tbe use of white satin, narrow fur
edgings. One untarnisbable gold braid.
costly buttons and guipure laces will
be a feature of cloth and velvet gowns
for two seasons to come. New York
Asleep Amid Flames.
Breaking Into a blaring home, some
firemen lately dragged the sleeping in
mates from death. Fancied security, and
death near. It's that way when you
neglect coughs and colds. Don't do it.
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
tlon gives perfect protection against all
Throat, Chest and Lung Trouble. Keep
It near, and avoid suffering, death, and
doctor's bills. A teaspoonful stops a
late cough, persistent nse the most stub
born. Harmless and nice tasting, It's
guaranteed to satisfy by O. D. Bradham.
Price 50c. and 91.00. Trial bottles free.
She Kirw!
Mrs. Hayfork (In country poetofflee)
Anything for me?
Postmaster I dou't sec uothln.
Mrs. Hayfork I was ei pectin' a let
ter or postcard, from Aunt Spriggs tell
In what day she was comin',.
Bural Postmaster (calling to his wife)
DM you see a postcard from Mrs,
nayfork's Aunt Sally 1
His Wife Yes. She's comln' on
Prickly heat cured in one application
by using of Hancock's Liquid Sulphur.
It will also cure Eczema. Fetter. Pirno-
les, Ringworm, Dandruff, Cuts, Burnt,
Old Sores, and all akin troubles In a
short time, when used at directed. For
sale at F.S-'Duffy's Drag Store,
The Orkae? Ialftnt.
"The member from the Orkneys" Is
the only man In tbe British house of
commons who can say be sits for 200
islands. Only sixty of the Islands are
inhabited, but the constituency em
braces more than 60,000 people. ; .. .
Tbe Orkneys were once given by Nor
way to England as. security for a
queen's dower and never redeemed. In
the Islands tbe voters must go to the
polls by boats, and In some cases the
distance to be traveled to eight miles.
Bam -jmmmmitmdKet
Oraa Hist tt Coaattaia, . -
"Bee aeret" remarked tbe guest to
the new waiter. "There doesn't teem
to be any soup oa this menu eard."
"Oh, aa, sir, wplted . th miter
nervously. "I didn't spin it it this
table; tt was tbe one on tbe other side
of the MonVV-CbKmnatL Commercial
Tribune. . ''
Use Hancock's Liquid ttalphar, for
Eczema, Pimples, Ringworm, Dan draff
and all akin diseases.-. For tale at F. 8.
Dmffy,t,i::t-5,; - ',' :- 'p":.i
.' :-. t A all' risk Tee.'-,' -j1"'-:
Sailors have a very simple and what
to laid to be tv very effective way of
determining : the edible , or nonedlbtt
qualities Of ny tiew varieties of flab
they may happen to tan across. In the
water la which tie. fish to tolled to
placed brlgfct silver coin, : If the coin
retains ltajiatural color daring Vm boil
ing process, tna fish to good to eat, but
if tt turn dark tat txd la redacted,
The test mscr-tian for EalarU. ,
Chills and Fever Is a bottle of Gaova'i Tomo. It Is simply
iroa and quinine in a tasteleat font. No
nura ao pay. Prlee 50c -' ' ' '
v.! , . ii '! '-
- Several detective agencies do a large
business watching tbe movements of
bank clorka after business hours.
By1 ttral la tcnol.
Experiments In German t ohoolt have
thown that In October t;-.-'' can oa
tbe average see loKers of a fclvea sire
a yard farther away Dut at tie end
Of the winter months. :
' s LIquIJSuI
Americaa drar Co. Headquarters
' Established at Darbam.
Iaipertaat V. 8. Cases at Wllailag
: tea. Begretftr Death tfBev. -Wwtta
K. 6alet. A "Day .
. Naraerj" Opeaed. Thlr
teea Ceavicta Seat to
State Farm.
. RaxxiOB, Nov. II. The .American
St I r . a .a . . a . m
vigmr vompaay Bat ooBNauesua seu I
In thla Rtatit vlth nMilnnartiira mt On. !
ham and Frank L. Fuller aa Its repra-
teoUUve. lu capital to 110,000,000 of
which $9,966,000 ia paid ap.
The penaioa warrenta are bow being
rapidly prepared, so that all oaa be tent
oat by State Auditor Dlxoa December
llFirst class 'pensions wDJ thla year
get $80. Sad class $40. trd class $35. and
4th elasa, Includlag widows, $14.50.
Uoited States DUtrlct Attorney, Harry
Skinner kft today for Wilmington,
Where a term of the United Btatea Dis
trict Court begins Monday, Bt says
there are some Important post office
let oa the docket Judge Pnrnell and
United 6tatea Marshal Dockery will leave
her Sunday for Wilmington.
Great regret to expressed here at the
death of Rev. Weston R. Galea, a native
of this city, at Montreal, aooloay of
which he was the founder.' He was aa
Independent evangelist aad conducted
services here during the week of the
Bute Fair la a Bapttot Charon. He had
for a long time been In weak health. Et
wu a son of the lata Maj. .Beaton Galea,
who died In 1879, and great grandson of
lbs noted Joseph Gales, who was known
all over the United States aa on of the
editors of the National IntelUgenoer.
Jndge-elect Charles M. Cooke of
Loalsburg was here today and was a
caller at the executive office. He was
oa his way home from Shelby, where he
spoke at a large re-union of ex-Gonfed-
orate Veterana.
News reaches here that J. L. it. Car
ry, for some time sick at Aahevllle, to
now Improving.
The stockholders of the Oak City to
bacco warehouse and Investment com
pany, met here today and elected officers
and directors This company baa bought
a lot now occupied for city purposes and
next will build a large leaf warehouse, a
stemmery, etc, -
The "day nursery which la for the
special benefit of working mothers, wu
opened here today. It is maintained
by one of tbe circles of King's Daugh
ters. ' "
Thirteen convicts have been sent from
the penitentiary to Join the large force
at the State farm on the Roanoke river,
leaving only about 65 convicts In the
main prison.
This afternoon the ftueral ot Mr. J. K.
Barkley was held here. He was widely
known for years aa a commercial trav
eller. His health Vroke down some
months sgo. He was a Confederate Vet
eraa and the local camp paraded .at the
funeral. He was -a prominent member
of the Baptist Tabernacle. ;
C rt B.oo 1, fcfc-n Troablm, l .near, Bload
Poison. GreattBloo4Pmriar
If your blood Is Impure, thin, diseased
hot or full of humors, if yon have blood
poison, eaaoer, carbuncles, eating sores,
scrotals, eczema, itching, risings aad
lumps, scabby, pimply skin, bone pains,
catarrh, rheumatism, "or amy blood or
skin disease, take Botanic Blood Balm
(B. B. B.) acordtng to directions. Soon
all tores heal, aches and paint atop, the
blood Is mote pure and rich, leaving the
skin free from every eruption, and giv
ing the rich glow ot perfect health to
the skin. - At the ssnts time B. B, B, im
proves the digestion, cures dyspepsia,
strengthens weak kidneys. Just tht medl
cine for old people, as It elves them
new, vigorous Mood. Druggists, $1 per
largo bottle, with directions for home
cute. Sample free and prepaid by writ
ing Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. De
scribe trouble and special fret medical
advice also tent In sealed letter. B. B. B
it especially advised for chronic, deep
seated cases of Impure blood and akin
disease, and cures after ail el falls.
For sale by F. S. Daffy and O. D. Brad
ham. . : ' - - . ....
A Wnaaa'a laveatfea. f!
It was a woman who Invented the
tack puller, which, to now to widely
used In this country. The tsck- puller
to simply a leverlike arrangement by
means of which the tacks holding a
carpet to tbe floor can be easily, and
tpeedily pulled out,.
t : , Luck In Thirteen, j V
' By tending IS miles Wm. 8plrey, of
Walton Furnace, Yt., got a. box of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, that wholly
cared a horrible Fever Sore on hit leg.
Morning else could, positively caret
Bruises, Felons, Ulcers, : Eruptions,
Bolls, Barns, Corns and Piles. Caly
35o. Guaranteed by;. D. Bradham drag-
" " Bum Broedln.-""""'" '
In England and France horse breed
ing pays farmers better than anything
otoe. " ' ....
The scent of an otter to conveyed to
tbe pursuing hound wLT.e undr water
by the "chain" of bubbtes wblch mark
1U devious course, , ;
Permanently cured by the masterly
power of "Sooth Axibtcsk Kehvibi
ToniO." Invalids need s Ijr no lorir,
because this great rcmeJ 1 a csre t' a
all.' It Is a euro for tl d uue wor'Jcf
stomach weaknr s an 1 i. " K.ljn. 1'
eure t-Ins !:'a t'.s C ; C t. 1' l r
f itl)t!r:sl3i ,tv.' . . t . ' ' ;
I i ' i no t ' ' y, i r i
for, "t bo? T y 1 I f
y !i ( si
TXLEGXirniC tETmrs.
Pres. Sootevelt haa returned home
frost his Mississippi hut bearksa.
He was accorded warn and t&Utoalattto
receptions at Mtmphia aadKaoxvlUt
Tht Toloaala traptloa of Saalo Maria,
la Qaataatala, to said to hart ceased the
aeaist at nenuiatt or youpio
Uvettoek la Colorado art periahiag
great auabart oa aeooaat of the drought
there. :
Revaaae officers raided tlx Illicit stills
la South Carolina Tharsday. They had
little trouble la ascaring the moonshine
material f ... . : - - .
Mrs Carrie Halloa of hatchet fame,
made oat of her periodical sensations
by attending tht New York horse show
Wednesday evening aai criticising la a
load itrldaaA oka the wearing apparel
of the ladtot atleadlng tht show. Bht
was taoorted oat of tht room by tht
nolle. .
- Mist Httta Gere, an isttrVaa artist
ttadytog In Parto waa killed Tharsdsy
U the room of a Rasalaa Noblomaa la
tht French CapltoL The affair bat
oaaaed setae tantatiom and there to con
siderable mystery as Us polios authori
ties are aot certala, whether It to murder
Much of the tlnklng, tired and empty
feeling irons which boslneas men who
iwosw. their brains alone so often suffer
la doe to tbe accumulation of toxins tn
tbe system which went "working off."
Two meato a day and active exercise
sir the preventive, and there to no ex
ercise which can be got at any time
and by anybody to the extent that
walking can. But to do good tt must
not be Mastering.- Beally "smart"
avalkiog to sr&at to wanted-BoapttaL
When yoa take Grove's Tasteleat Chill
Tonic, because the formula . to plainly
printed oa every bottle showing that it
It simply Iroa and quinine In a tasteless
4rm. No cure no pay. Price 66a
Bow tkx stMta Cfeaaaroa. .
How does one- generation of men
nccced anotberT Tbe fathers are not
wept away In a body to make room
or the children, bat one by one tbe
old drop off and tbe young come on
until a day to reached when none of
those remain that once were here. How
does some form of human speech be
come extinct? About 100 years ago an
old lady named Doily Dentreath died
In Cornwall. She could speak tbe
Cornish language. After, her death
there waa nobody that could. Thus
quietly did tbe living Corotoh language
become a dead language. And In a like
unobtrusive manner nave been wrought
most of the new becomings which
have changed and are changing the
tearthWobn Ftsk fen Harper'a.
. . Orlando, Fla,, Oct. 9, 1901.
Tht Hancock Liquid Salphar Oo., Balti
more, Md. i ".
. GeaUemesu -I take pleasure ia recom
mending Eanoock'a Liquid Salphar to
any one suffering with Xeaema. I have
had It for ten or fifteen yean, havt tried
many remedies and found no relief until
I was Induced to try your "H. L. 8,"
Have only used It a short while and am
now almost entirely cured. I can truth
fully say that after fifty years as prac
ticing physician that your Liquid Sul
phur to tht most woaderf a! remedy for
icrema I have ever known.
Yours respectfully, '
- DR. W, W. LKAKK.
For tale at F. B. Duffya.
T" 11nolU
tt to stated that walk through the
cellars at the London docks, where
large quantities of spirits art stored,
baa at first a peculiarly stimulating ef
fect followed by depression, headache
and nausea. - -.- .
These can bt quickly cored by drop
ping a little oil on the hinges, or a tiny
bit of vaseline does equally welL Black
lead te another excellent remedy, and
placet that cawwtbt got at with an
prdinary brag can generally bt reach
ed with a black lead pencil.
Cured ot Piles After 40 Tear.
' Mr. Haaey, of Geneva, Ohio, bad tht
piles for forty yean. Doctors and dol
lan ootid da htm no lasting good. - De-
Witt's Witch Hatel Salve oared him per
manently, Invaluabla " for eatt, baras,
bruises, spralna, laoerations, eczema.
totter, salt rheum, aad all otha skia die
easea. , Look, for tht name DeWltt oa
the psckage all others art eheap.worta
lata eomatarfetta. ' F. Bi Daffy.- v ' ' v
StnM BaalMtnt mt m KoM Blacan.
CatalanTa husband,, a ; handsome
Frenchman, waa even, more onlotelleo
tual than bis wife ba was atnpld.
Once, baring foond the pitch of tht
piano too high, tbt-tald after the so-
beareal to ber husbandt "Tbe plane la
itoo hlgb. ; WU1 yon net that tt It made
'lower before the concert)"
. When tbe evening came, Catalan!
prat annoyed to find that tbe. piano bad
not been altered. Her husband tent foe
the carpenter, who declared that he
bad tawed oi two Inches from each
ileg, at he bad been ordered to da
l&urely tt oant be too high now, ry.
dear!" said the stupid husband toot
!ngiy. - - --..-...'---
Ose Klrrt: Ccrl Cat
Is the only harmless eoub curt that
gives quick re!' ?. Cores Coughs, Colds,
Croup, Bronclli'3, WhoorS Cough
Pneai&onSa, AsCifia, LaCdppeand all
Throat, C!.::t and Lcrj troubles. I got
toaktd ly r.'.T aya' Gertrodt S. Feu
ner, !3uc!3, IaL, and coc'.ractcl aae
vereer'lani co":,. 1 tJZS ra;SJ!y;
lo-;t 43 1' . Vj d. ;'st reco
Out L'.:att Cf Can. Tlie first tot-
t i!
" J c : 1 ce. I
i:3Li Cce
j t" i'. ' re
i, d. sTi c..t Ij
. AallJt
' 1) M ' '
. ' - i -
AVcCclalie rrparadoafr At
stmnai'nij ttaerocsJarEegula
bng fhebtoafia aftitUcwcis ot
Promotes DiijesUon.CJrcr lur
rcss and neslConlalna ndBar
Ophjrafarphine norMatrrdl.
Apafecl Remedy forConsOrw
Tlon , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms XxMWulsions .Feverish
ncs9 and LQ89 or SlZEP.
- FacStmilo Signnlure of "i .
law H waa aaatal la laMklac WoabUa, aa4 laaSMtkai
vai mn aDaaaqaeai apoa um mm ai inp aaa
aikliaa. at oaaof aa MaaMlaal wbM laan k
wa laka plaann ! ri.ow mdin- h tooaj fH ft. ta,l.,i
bVailIWKU.ak A I ait,
T? na M aaaa) ts . 4. SjiorpsrtT. O. aT. kOUIa. tSO.
toiKja7t. c w. ai.awa.-iw am minis r aaraM tm Mien i a wtiitum
Ilk our tab who k wm bat tw nu MuL m hiimIw fd aaMm aa4 a wan mJ -
Livery, Feed
Sale ana
- . -wT-
ii hnr i - T rr V" ri-
ever offered for sale in this city,' .A cat luad of each Jul in,'
, . , Also complete lint of Etgfiet, Wagons, Hanaett, Eobet, Wbtps,
CartJWheels, Ac'
1 J A JOIina, Bmi St. Stiwtrt'i OH Stul. '
Dress Goods and Capo Sale!
: We nerer try to make Dig money' on a few tales but a little money
on many salts. Oar store hat jnatly 'earned the title of the birth place
of loir prices. , - " " . ,
4U Inch Dress flannel, worth 76o for 48c gi 50 Jackets. - - . . tl 93
Mn ' '' ' "APES. . I 100 Jacket - -,:""-," -
ITWOapts,'' -....-... ... f4!,.-. -
4 CO Capes, - -. -. 1 08 Ladlet Bed and giay flannel Under-
S CO Capes, ' . ' 171 eklrt goods at lOe, lSe and S5e.
For this week we have 50 dozen Misses and Children- Black Rib
Hose, worth 10c, will sell this week at half price So.
Ladies Underwear 23 doi, value S7io each, this week 22jc. ' .
Just reoeiyed a bi $ line of Menj and Boys Clothing prices too low to"
mention; also a fall line of all kinds of Shots. . ; -
' - Very respectfully,
' . 75 Middle St, neit tq Gaikill
i i u a. i u i -
' .'- i- . '
Just in, a fresh lot of Seeded Raisins, Cleamed Cnrrants,
Fine Crystial Citron; also General Assortment of Dried . Frmit
rranes Co per lb, Peaches lOo p r lb., Apples 8e per lb,and
everything else you want at Tory reasonable prices.
Give vs a part of your basiness and we will give you prices
and quality also quick delivery,
Ilvr;ccl!ully, r,. .-. . .
ToTlnfta ana CHldrcn.
Th3 Ycu Havo
AlsVaya Bought
Boars the
U Knr nunr
.. . I VI . W I Ml
" S
Thirty Yqars
sfcs kwal Treablss et
Ajss Ptjainow. ktfnlatsi
illMlw of aa was I
aW. .
In iffi ilMimtuI ai iafiainil i alii talllaw liaa
taw km kteawi
lianaiiaai aa aaal aa,ialn !! araarar. mm
oi tka aarri4 Mat taal mo aau Danla aa a kaaa I
tMiiaaa? tNaV Taaal mm Wtf II t-Mmiaaw.) .
Ur i
Klw. Co., Kew Bern, If. C. P
J L . J
! f 'Mil''
i n 1 1 i ,
Take a bath In Va,
phur. They are S'T"
most celebrate! E '.
a ft-jirci a"
r 7t--.:
t r , -A: r.
to V.-fe of the
. j r!rji,havlc3
cf t ' i bib 's
' y v,:j core
. 1 t'i i' 'a (?' .-
: f

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