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x, :
t t Recommendations Not Thought Rad-
Penitentiary Financial Exhibit
Used. Governor's Coming Kes
ita. j 8iHer Agricultural
Sckeol JUiey From ; ,
Peabody ' Fund.
sum war-
v.- ters. f :;
,. (. j. Riliioh, December .-rTterwuic
' - (&( morning, bat the oses continue to
'' " bloom;. not, of course,' eohanssomely u
they did week ago.' !
( -lIlo penltentlrydirectorfiaMTetly
''. pleased1! the fine financial showing
of their report for tbla year,, whloh li In.
preparation, will ihowJ They ' say that'
Y " tho profits' of the year's. Work ' are
large. ' . .. '..,-.' V" "
, .Application la made for a new lodge of
.Odd Fellows at Morgan Hill Buncombe
county.. :'-' 7
; Governor Ay cock Is at work collecting
- " facts for bis message to the legislature.
He tld today,-You know the fiscal
, .? -- . year ends November 80,'- Well, It re
quires about a month for some of the
- departments and Institutions to get
up ibflr reports. The result Is
' that, i cannot get some reports "before
January 1. There are eom 40 or 50 re
ports made, and as yet not half a dozen
have come In. Of course it requires
. . . time tor me to digest them. The result
- ,. - Is lam greatly crowded In the few days
A in January before ' IhSi legislature
' ' ' meets.' v "'ft '
' ' The legislative joint committee to In
vestigate the books, etc., of the State
Auditor And Treasurer will meet here
next week for that purpose. Senator
- 8. Y. Webb is the chairman of the cqm-
v A new hcadqnarieis flag for the Qt
''ernbthsi been received from the War
department. - It Is of blue silk; with the
arms exquisitely embroidered. ..1 . S
' Tbe board c.f agiiculture adjourned
; - today. It "has authorized President
-Winston of the . Agricultuial and Me
chsakal College : to hold there during
the vacation months next year a summer
. agricultural and nature study school for
.. tlwbentfli of pubjje school teachers;
j ' v Tbe lite of the doimltorfes will "be free
and the cost of living will be very small
Indeed. President Winaion has for some
months had this plan in vie w and no
doubt tho tchool will be a great fea
ture. ' " ''' ';; ' ;;
Today $ 1200 was received from the
Peabody luod by Btate; Superintendent
Joyntr. .Of thls$800troe8 ,to the Nor
t : " ' mat and Industrial College fot women,
f $300 to the negro normal school at Win
j? - ston and $200 to the public schools.
i A charter is granted the Ureka Trooa-
.. ' er Company of Lexington, capital $10,
000, i. D. Grimes and others stock
. holders. A charter Is also granted the
Spray Woollen Mills, at Spray, Rocktng
, . lam county, capital $103,000, with leave
. . - to Increase to $500,000. Of the stock
2 0 $100 shares are prepared and 1800 of
, ' $50 each common. The preferred stock Is
Y to get an annual dividend of 1 Per cent
and when the earnings exceed this the
excess Is to be divided between the hold
- ers of the preferred and common stock.
The company Is authorized to manufac
ture wool; cotton, silk or other fabrics.
There Is much public Interest in .the
recommendations made as the labor of
children lifaotortes. It Is felt that they
are not radical' recommendations that is
are conservative. Ten hours a day for
children under 14; no night work, for
those under , that age, that., is no work
before 0 p. m. ana o a. m; no employ
ment of chlldien under 11; no child un
. der 14 to work unless it can read and
fi-'f4 waits. This 1s a guard against Igno-
- rsnce. Then the recommendation that
' "H hours be a days work for an adult in
a factory is felt to baa sound one. Snob
are the comments heard regarding the
mailer. .,' ' "
December 4, Mrs. John Simpson of
New Bern is visiting her parents Mr and
Mrs Jno. Taylor of this plsce. .. .J
t Mr J Humphrey and sister,.; Hiss
"s Clara spent Sunday at Bellair. V
We learn that it has been reported to
be a case of small pox at Clarka and we
" are glad to Inform the pnblio that It was
' all false. ,
Mils Clara Humphrey went to Bellair
: Wednesday afternoon. : .
"Daisies Shan't TelL"
To Be, Signed . With .United States Hext
luesaay. ,
Special to Jdurnal.
Wasbihotok, Deo 6-Presldent Palma
of Cuba, sends word that the Cuban
treaty with the, United States will be
t signed next. Tnesdsy. .u , (
That all impediments are removed
That the Cuban Senate is ready to ratify
It The new tariff bill between the coun
tries will then be sdopted. t: ,
r- r: r I ..; , . '. V o c:
lor Infants and CMldren.
R9 rkiYcJi::v3.!;:;:r:";,i
rears the
Cotton Kills
. .;.
Te Kegilat Child Laber. Oyster
Caaaery Baraed. OULan.,,
- mark Bemeved. Fear
Colored Fostmsiters .
Ia'flUtft. ;;. -u....
BjlUUuh, Dee. 8, Last night the rs
maras of Mr. T. Mortimer Fleming ar
rived here from Baltimore, where be died
la a hospital after an operation. For
many years he was an engineer on the
Seaboard Air Line but for qaite a while
had been In charge of the Loulsburg
bransh of that road. . His funeral was
held this morning from the First Bap
tist Church here, the Masons attending.
Judge Purnell havlssoed in qrder au
thorising Auguster HelUer and ,y. C.
Moneely, the xeoelvers of tne Carolina
Northern, railway, to issue receivers certificates,-to
meet operating expenses and
to preserve the property. .
A telephone message last "night to
Secretary of State Qrimes from Wash
ington, N. O. said an oyster cannery and
other property there wu burned and
that one man had lost his life.
Among todays arrivals was S Y Webb
of 8helby, the chairman of the legisla
tive joint committee which will this
week begin the examination of the books
of the State treasurer and auditor. .
The Supreme Court will this week call
the appeal docketfrom the 16th district;
the last in regular order. v '
Oue of the landmarks here Is being
torn down. It Is the residence known
the Kenneth Rsyner place. It was
built by William Polk, a revolutionary
soldier of note in 1803. and was then the
grandest house in this part of the State.
Most of the material is to be taken to
the Pilot cotton mills and used In lining
an assembly room.
It Is said by an ox-offlclal here that
there is colored postmaster st Win ton,
Hertford oonoty. ' If sot makes' only 4
now In this State, the three others being
at Wilson, James City and Method. .
Among today's arrivals re president
James A. Bryan, of the v Atlantic and
North Carolina railway and C. C. Cowan
of Webster. ; . .
Miss Rhetu Daniel, daughter of Rev.
Dr. Eugene Daniel Is to be married in
January to Mr. John Dodge of Jackson
ville, Florida. Her father was for .12
years pastor of M Flraili'resbyterlan
church here, but Is now In charge of a
churoh at Lewlsburgt WVa. i.
Mention has been made of a rumor
that the cotton mill owners are organi
sing to fight the bill to be Introduced in
tbe legislature to regulate thajabor of
enuaren m cotton myis.. smes a rou, l
.LIU . . ... IK . V. 'W V, ' . Mt:
who Is a stockholder, irVhalf a dozen
mills, says he has heard tb tumor but Is
sure It is unfounded, as otherwise he
would have been fnformed., . i '. '
Next Wednesday there will be another
hearing of testimony In the South Dako
ta bond suit case before the special com
missioner. Then there will be a bearing
at Washington, D.C. next Saturday, at
which the testimony of ex-Senator Ma
rlon Butler and the Congressmen from
South Dakota will be taken.
Work la in progress on a monument of
very handsome design to replace tba'
small one now over the grave of Ensign
Worth . Bsgley In Oakwood Cemetery
here. ' ir'-s;r;;;ft;,i;'r I v
Oreat regret Is felt here at the sudden
and untimely death of Rev Dr W O Nor-
man'at Wilmington. Allusions to' him
were made yesterday in several churches
and Banday Schools. . ,
New County Officers Sworn In. Reports
Received. Licenses Granted.
Board met In special session, on Deo.
1st, 1902, at the hour of 10 o'olock a. m.
at the Court House In New Bern.:; Pres-
enti K R Jones, J J. Bsxter, H O Wood,
A E Wadsworth and Silas Fulcher. .
Board ordered, Commissioners J J
Baxter and A Bj. Wadsworth are appoint
ed a committee to audit the books of
Geo H Roberts, commissioner of sinking
fund and report to the Board. M ,
We the committee appointed by the
Board to audit the account of the sink-
lug fund hereby find the same to be cor
rect and recommend It approved.
' J. J. Baxter,
A. E. Wadsworth '
' - Auditing Committee,
Ordered by the Board after hearing
the report of the committee, that the re
port of the Commissioner of the sinking
fund It hereby approved and ordered
led. :;-;w. ;
To The Board of County Commissioners
' of Craven County. ' - -
GeC'men We your undersigned com
salttfe appointed to examine the books
and youshers of the County Treasurer,
beg io report that we bare attended to
that duty and herewith submit our re
port attached, showing the standing of
ths different accounts. We have audited
Ms books ap to Ded. 1st, 190$ and find
.jera correct. -f .' '::
The vouchers we have cancelled and
turned over to the Register of Deeds for
safe keeping.
U Very Respectfully, . .
T. R. JONS3,
i V 'VT'J H.M.GROYE3, "
' ; Auditing Committee,
General Fund, statement Quarter ending
December 1st, 1901. ,
C t 1. Elance, account over
ToeuhfromJ W. Bid: J
dleherllt - ' 1,418 6$
To cash from W II Wat
-on,elerk" .f MM
To eash, from K. R. .
' Jonas, chairman. t lor V ,.
. , money ,, retarned ,
loaned him Oct. 23.
'r for small pox pur- :
--poses - 2QO00
To eash from 33 Bax- i '.
tsr, rent farm, 1901 -OS 103 00
Toeuh from J J Bax-1
' tor, old bridge oover ' 7 60
To cub from K R Jones '
hire of prisoner .
Total receipts. , ; , . . S.87 07
-' Disburssmsnls.
By vouchers paid for Out. and
Nov. 1903
0,779 05
7,418 92
Dee. 1,109. By balance Gen. --JPund
account, overdrawn- - f61 88
The following aoooants show the fol
lowing balances up to Deo, 1, 1902.
Fence, No. 1. credit balance ,82 71
Fence No. 8, do iafl3
Special bridge fund, do , 189 62
Fines and penalties, do 440 99
Interest accountjoverdrawn '' 88 88
Gen. Fund aoeount, " 8,881 85
Ordered by the board that the follow
ing coupons, Nos.. 8, 4, 28, II, 84, 85, 86,
87, 89,50, on Craven County bonds of
corresponding No's, be and are hereby
ordered burned In the presence of K. R.
Jones, chairman, J J Baxter, A S Wads
worth and H O Wood, Commlssloners,D
L Ward, County Attorney and B M Green
Register of Deeds, and thereupon the
said coupons were burned. -
The report of .Ernest M Green, Regis
ter of Deeds on marriage license tax col
lected wss accepted and ordered spread
upon the minutes. .
To the Honorable Board of County Com
mtsslonen of Craven County.
Gentlemen I respectfully beg leave to
report the following marriage licenses
issued for the official year ending Dec.
1st, 1902. . '
fc225 marriage licenses Q $1.80 for State
and County tax
$387 60
Paid sheriff for State
Paid Treasurer for County
$228 00
887 50
Vary Respectfully,
, . t r Reg. of Deeds.
This 1st day of Deo. 1102.
The report of the auditing committee
was read and adopted and ordered spread
upon the minutes. -
On motion. It is ordered that the re-
fort of the County Treasurer, D L Rob
erts Is approved and ordered spread
upon the minutes. " , .
Nor. 1. By balance 1,499 78
Nov. 29. By vouchers 4,800 58
6,800 98
Nov. 8. ToJas W Biddle
500 00
8. To KR Jones J
. 90000
10. To Ju W CiddleJS.Jl.000 00
14. To W M Watson
sl8. To J J Baxter
- do - .
80. To J WBiddle
28. To K R Jones .
29. Tobal. ,
000 26
Dec. 1,
86 88
' Vines and
Peaaltlesr '
Nov; 1.
To F T Patterson
410 74
' 10,
11. To BR Street
14. do
To WM Watson
r - ' '
38 78
Nov. 29. Bybsl
440 M
To bal."
Bridge Fand.
189 62
No. s.
' . V
Dec. L To bat
S6 81
-' -"'Wenoe,1 Mo- 1
Nov. 1. To bat
87 61
87 61
Nov. 22. By voucher
Nov. 29. By bal
4 80
82 71
87 51
. ' d l Roberts; &;
, , , ' i. Trees, Craven
The report of tbe Road Trustees of 8th
Township was presented and a commit
tee consisting of Commissioners Jones
and Baxter was appointed hraudlt same
and report at January meeting. .
On motion the Board adjourned sine
die. : ' t.
The newly elected Board of County
Commissioners, E R Jones, J J Baxter
O Y Richardson, W E Biowa and A E
Wsds worth were sworn In by.W.M
Watson CSC and the former Chairman
S. R Jones, called the meet tig to or
der. ,
Present Commissioners K R Jones, J
J Baxter. G V Klchardson, A E Wads
84 66
100 00
800 00
96 25
K R Jones wu elected chairman for the
insulng two years.
On motion D L Ward wu elected
County Atty. for ensuing tens of two
years, there being no other nominations,
at a salary of $300 per annum, payable
monthly. , .
The Chairman appointed ths following
Commlsioners In charge of the various
County Bridges.
Commissioner W E Brown, all bridges
M North side of Neuse river and Streets
Ferry. . ,
Commissioner 3 3 Baxter, Neuse river
bridge and all bridges on South side of
Treat river except Brice's Creek bridge
also Broad Creek bridge.
Commissioner K R Jones, Trent river
bridge, B rices Creeks bridge and Deep
Gaily bridge. :
Commissioner A S Wadsworth, Batch
elore Creek bridges, Core Creek bridge
on Nuese road and Maple Cypress fer
ry.: . - . ... '
Commissioner Q Y Rlchardson,Mosely
Creek brldgea, Half Moon bridge1 and
Core Creek bridge on Slover road.
On motion of Commissioner Bsxter
the present incumbent B D. Lancaster
wu elected keeper of Neuse river bridge
at a salary of $30 00 per month.
, On motion of Commissioner Jones, N
Arpen the present keeper of wu elected
keeper of Trent river bridge at a salary
of $20 00 per month.. -; .
On motion of Commissioner W E
Brown the present keeper W A Wilcox
wu elected keener of Streets Ferry at a
salary of $25 09 per month
On motion of Commlsskmer Bsxter
Mrs Fsnnie Williams the present incum
bent wu elected keeper of Connty Home
for the ensuing two .years at a salary of
$20 00 per month.
On motion Commissioner J J Baxter
wu appointed Commissioner of the
. On motion Chairman K R Jones was
placed in chrage of Court Houce and
On motion it is ordered that Lafayette
Smith be relieved of Poll tax on account
of error.
Tbe bond of Ju W Blddle sheriff, for
collection of State tax was presented by
him, and after having been examined by
the attorney u to its legal form and by
the Commtssloners u to the sufficiency
of the sureties thereof wu accepted and
ordered recorded and filed. Commis
sioners Jones, Bsxter, Wadsworth,
Brown and Richardson voting to accept
The sheriff Jas W Blddle presented
his process bond of $5000,00 which was
examined by the attorney as to its legal
form and by the Commissioners as to the
sufficiency of the sureties thereof and
accepted and ordered recorded and filed,
Commissioners Jones, Baxter, Wads
worth, Brown and Rlchardsbn voting to
accept the same.
The bond of Ju W Blddle sheriff fo
collection of ICounty land school taxes
wu, after examination by the attorney
to Its legal form and by the Board u
to the sufficiency of the sureties thereof,
acccepted and ordered to be recorded
and filed. Commissioners Jones, Bsxter
Wadsworth, Brown. and Richardson vot
ing to accept same. .'
The bond of Dwlght Styron constable
of No 8lh Township wss after examine
tion by the attorney as to its legal form
and by the Commissioners as to the suf
ficiency of the sureties thereof accepted
and ordered recorded and filed. . Com.
mlssloners Jones, Baxter, Brown, Rich.
ardson and Wadsworth voting to ac
cept same.
The Bond of E C Beard constable of
No 8 Township wu after examination
by the attorney u to Us legal form and
by the Commissioners u to the snffloiecy
of the sureties thereof wu accepted and
ordered recorded and filed. Commis
sioners Jones, Bsxter, Wadsworth,
Brown snd Richardson voting to accept
same. '
Board took recess. ,
Board met at 2:30 o'clock p a Deo 1st
1902. .-. .. "-'i
Present Commissioners Jones, Bsxter,
Brown. Richardson and Wadsworth,
On motion it .is ordered that Dr 3 W
Dnguld coroner be and is hereby given
until the 1st Mondsy in . January 1908
to present his Bond as Coroner-elect.
The Bond of George B Waters Regis
ter of Deeds elec't was after examination
bv the Cbontv attorney D L Ward as to
Its legal form aid by. the Commissioners
u the sufficiency of the surety thereof
accepted and' ordered, recorded and filed
Commissioners Jones,' Bsxter, Richard
son, Brown and Wsdswoilh voting for
same-. :
: The Bond of Wm M Watson C S 0
elect was after examination by the coun
ty attorney D L Ward u to the Its legal
form and by the v .Commissioners u to
the sufficiency of the sureties thereof
and ordered recorded and filed Com
missioners. Jones, Baxter, Richardson.
Brown and Wadsworth voting for the
The Bond for State and County taxes
of Daniel L Roberts Treuurer elect wu
after examination by the County attor
ney D L Ward u . to Its legal form and
by the Commissioners as to the sufficien
cy of the surety thereof accepted and
ordered recorded and filed, Commission
ers Jones, Baxter, Richardson, Brown
and Wadsworth voting for same.
On motion it is ordered by the Board
that D. L. Roberts, treuurer, Is allowed
until the 1st Monday In January 1903 to
present bis school bond.
Ordered by the Board that Eugene
Tucker Is hereby elected standard keeper
of Craven county for the term of two
years, from the 1st Monday In December
1803 until the 1st Monday In December
1504. -
keeper elect, wu after examination by
tbe oonnty attorney D. L. Ward u to
its legal form and by the commissioners
u to'the sufficiency of the sureties there
of. accepted and ordered filed and re-
oorded. Commissioners Jonea, Baxter, I
Richardson, Brown and Wadsworth vot
ing for same,
The bond of B. R. Warren, constable
of No. 1 township wu after examination
by the county attorney D. L. Ward as to
its legal form and by the commissioners
to the sufficiency of the sureties there
of. accepted and ordered filed and re
corded Commissioners Jones, Baxter,
Richardson, Brown and Wadsworth vot
ing for same.
Ordered by the Board that the appli
cation of John F. Williams ft Co. to re
tail liquor In Vanceborobe and Is hereby
denied. Commissioners Jones, Bsxter,
Richardson, Wadsworth and Brown vot
lng to reject same.
Ordered by the Board that the report
of Dr. N. H. Street, Bopt. of health be
received and filed.
xQrdered by tbe Board that the attorney
D. L. Ward and commissioner Baxter
are hereby appointed a committee to ex
amine the report of the clerk of the
court and report to the Board at the
next meeting.
On motion Board adjourned until 10
clock a m Deo. 2nd 1903.
Board met at Court House Dec. 2nd
pursuant to recess.
Present Commissioners Jones, Bsxter
Wadsworth and Richardson.
Ordered by the Board that the person
al property valuation listed to C. L.
Spencer be reduced to $2,768.00 so as to
give him credit for Bona Fide lndepted-
ness owing by him according to his
itemized statement All commissioners
voting for same.
The regular monthly bills were al
lowed, all commissioners voting for
Ordered that V. A. Wetherlngton, of
No. 1 township be relieved of payment
of poll tax on account of being over 60
years old.
The bond of F. A. Fulcher, county
surveyor elect wu after examination by
the county attorney D. L. Ward u to its
legal form and by the commissioners as I
to the sufficiency of the sureties thereof
accepted and ordered recorded and filed.
Commissioners Jones, Baxter, Richard
son, Brown and Wadsworth voting to
receive ssme.
On motion Board took recess until 2:30
p. m.
The Sanitary Board met at 2:30 o'clock
p. m.
Present Commissioners Jones, Baxter
Richardson, Wadsworth and Dr. Chu.
r t . i . n a . i . . . . a
uruereu oy we ouaru mai part oi an
order heretofore passed at a meeting of
tbe Board in May9oi, providing that
ah nti Id not Mftfwwi 9flfi nr mnnth In
case of any eperdemlc by way of extra
worth, Richardson voting for same. Dr
Duffy voting no.
Ordered by the Board that the .alary
of the county - Bupt. of health shall not
exceed $100 u extra compensation dur
ing the small pox eperdemlo er until the
further order of this Board. Commission
en Jones and Wadsworth voting no.
Commissioners Baxter, Richardson and
Dr. Duffv votlnn ave.
On motion Sanitary Board adjobrned.
The Board of Commissioners resumed
U V'!!L,n..?l4:?? Px.
Present Commissioners Jones, Baxter
and Richardson.
On motion Mr. Samuel M. Howard
wueleoted wood inspector for the en
suing term of two years and wu given
until the 1st Monday In January 1903 to
present his bond. Commissioners Jones
Baxter and Richardson voting aye.
Moved by Commissioner Richardson
and seconded by Commissioner, Baxter
that the bill of the Supt. of health for
$810.0? be allowed for $216.67, amended
by the chairman to allow $100 In full of
all compensation for month of Novem
ber,' bill was allowed for $216.67 It ap
pearing that $100 of this bin had been
disallowed at the October meeting and
again presented at this meeting,
On motion It is ordered that the treu
urer place In the bands of J. J. Baxter
tbe sum of $200 to defray the incidental
small pox expenses for the ' month of
The following persons were granted
license to retail liquor at the following
places of buslneu in the city of Hew
Bern upon the payment of the proper
tax to the sheriff and all other taxes duo
he county by them.
Wm. Schenk, S3 Middle st
W. H. Johnson, SO Middle st
Wm. Sultan, 186 Middle st.
C. C. Roach, A 4 Puteur st.
L. J. Taylor, corner Queen and Bern
st. -
Jas. F. Taylor, 18 Middle sU
Noah Powell, South aide Queen st.
Mark Dlsosway, 81 South Front sU
J. P. Rodman, 181 Broad and Queen
T. C. Howard, 64 Middle it.
L. B. Hablcht, corner Hancock and S.
Front st. .
M. L. Jacobs, East side Middle st,
M. Edwards, 130 Middle st. !
' Commissioners Jones and Baxter vot
ing aye, Commissioner Richardson vot
ing no. '
On motion Board adjourned.
, Qao. B. Wstbbb,
Clk. Bd. Co. Coma
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f c ,
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sweet potatoes fresh from our farm.
. E. Land & Go.
Pkone 16!. 69 Bread Et.
A fins lot of
worth and W E Erown.
On rron of Co'-t . :!pner Psxt
(- -a f .5 S7
Tbe bond of T-reT;: ' -r, standard

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