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Slngnlar Weather Conditions Pre
Y ;t"; . Talle In TnatMontn." .
tJ. L. Merlon, Aspirant Fef Speaker
Xower House. Marriages. Oae
. . Jadge Lists, His Iaeeme.
1 I"Mr Tw Orl- ,
; Razsion, Dee. 17. Revenue officers
, niiM a raid Uit night In the northern
part ol this county and captured on
l liolt distillery. The operators fled and
The, opinion of Attorney General Gil-
met that salaries of judges art not liable
to Income tax has lb backing of all the
- lawyers, It appears. Only one Judge, to
far aa known, listed his Income for taia-
. jlorf. . .
The date of the marriage of Mr. Wil
liam Johnston ' Andrews of tola olty to
. Mlat Augusta Ford, of Covington, Ken
tacky, li January 7ih, in Trinity Eptsco-
. pal Church . ,
Ak yet the plana for the extension of
the street railway lyitem here are not
realized., , , ; , -yj
Invitations have been received by per-
ins here to the marriage of Mr." Henry
Johnson to Ml Elizabeth Nash, datgh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. & 8. Nash at Tar
bow. .-
' The weather summary for North Caro
"Una Tor November shows that the mean
temperature was 53.9' degrees, which Is
5 4 abore normal. '' It was the warmest
November on rccort The highest abso-
- late temperature "was 88, at Plilaboro;
the lowest 18, at Lluville. The rainfall
was 8.99' Inches, which is .74 of an Inah
above normal.
- George L. Morton of Now llanover is
an aspirant for the speakership of the
lower house of the legislature. -
Post cfflce inspector 'Entemann left
l.ere Sunday for Southern Pint.' He has
suppressed Harry iV McKniht's news
paper there. The qmer name of the
paper was "The Greatest of These."
; Tie tow u of Scotland Neck bos an
ordinance closing ' business houses at a
certain hour during the summer. The
matter has been , before the Supreme
Court, which declares the ordinance In
valid. Justice Clark files a dissecting
opinion Tbe court ' also 'decides' that'
Diion, nsoklllid Godfrey Webber In
Jones county must pay the penaltywlth
his life. Dixon recently broke jail, but
- the sentence stands against, him." :
Assistant labor commissioner Faison
exprecsed his f pleasure today at the
news that the Proximity cotton mill, at
Greensboro, which employ s 1,100 people
had rtduced the hour of a day's work to
10, '
; Fewer gallons; wears longer, Devoe.
Don't pay $1.00 and tl.85 for Eld
Gloves, - but go to J, JT. " Baxter and get
Jhem for 76cand t0''. , -
Market Letter on Cotton.
By private wire, J.JE Latham ft Co.
'''""' I Vs I
; Niw Yobk, Dec. 17. Everything was
January today, not' trade but talk.. All
the Aid January tumors vera taken oat
and rebaiheS. Instead of doing busl-
.' ness trading, or having ideas on the cot
ton situation, broker stood around talk:
lag about , the January pool, what had
been done and what might be done.
There was a general opinion that a set
tlement bad been made on 100,000 bales
of actual aottpn. A prominent spot
- house In the South was short of Janaary
cotton. t If as?eili st sett!ebynot
bringing their cotton here. It it said the
fpjol had tkt) better end as far a ftnoary
goes, lot the shorts will make more on
their aotual cotton. Some . said the setr
ttement meant bighef prices. V There A
just that mncn more cotton for tale bnt
the pool la shorter by that much being
taken Off their "hands. It looks as If ft
'. has worked both ways but it must not
be forgotton that the cotton settled was
not the cotton here in store. This oot-
, ton is owned by the Philadelphia people
' and Is generally known that relations be
t ween the head of the January pool and
the spot house. In question, are not the
most'amteable. We don't see how any
settlement will be made between these
people. Spot interests are short of Jan-
. uary and have the cotton. It is absurd
' to think they will go Into'the market to
cover 101,000 or 203,000 bales of cotton
to preserve their bold on the stock when
they hve already bought March at a dls
coon'.. It would no doubt suit tbem to
' exchange January shorts and March
longs at a premium for March, but this
would not suit the bull pool Bo we mast
look for delivery of a let of cotton be
fore the deal Is ' over. The weather Is
some better but receipts are still light.
As long as this Continues we look for a
steady market, but we believe there is
lot of eotton;held baok and when It
: comes to the tone will not be strong, we
believe In selling for profits on all
J. E. Lit saM ft Co,
For Infants 0"i' ill- x
Eaars the S7- sf
E atea of C, ' t t
Tenezucle, Eollaad Added to the List
Ctttro Hopeless Because of Home
Trouble. Arbitration Uraored.
Dewey's ' Keet
Special to Journal. ,
WAiKUtOToH, Dee. 17. There are
rumors current that Holland will Join
the other powers In presenting lu claims
against Venezuela.' . W..-:-': . 'X'.'
Three more British cruisers , are re
ported u on the way to Yens uela.
President Castro feels the hopeless
neas ofhts position. With the excep
tion of France and Russia, the foreign
powers are all against him. Also the
revolution at home is taking fresh hold,
encouraged by the insecure position of
Castro. ' ,
Secretary Hay's note urging arbilra.
tlon Is still ignored by the Powers.
The Germans and British are in pos
session of the Ovinooo river.
Germany denies that It Is seeking any
territory. ,
In view of the present situation ' the
Navy Department has decided to issue
definite orders to Admiral Dewey, In
stead of allowing the free movement of
the fleet during the hollldays. The fleet
will be kept within easy reach of the
Venezuelan coast.Y " '" 1
The post offices at Coleman Kesl!er
-and Dowdy, Ga., were burned Sunday
La boufriero, ihe volcana U threaten
ing another eruption. " i i
The United Stale Supremo Com t will
take a rccesa for lw, weeks fnm next
Some Sutrgesilons on Road Improvement.
Items of Interest. i
December 18. The winter cabbage are
set In the fields, the pigs are getting fat
and the farmer is about ready forOlnUU
mas except the trouble of going through
the mud to get to town.
We would be glad If the road trustees
would just ride out 4 qr 8 miles toward
Bellali some of these nice mornings just
after a day's drlzzle,and see some chron
ic holes ; In our public highway. We
would not advise coming by the Oaks,
bat come stralgh and they might see
soma holes in pur $609. a mile road.
We hoped our Improved (?) road near
New Bern woald be aa object lesson to
waka apthe people on the subject of
good roads, but now, the money is ex
hausted and the road not good, (very
much) there Is not a sentiment generally
in favor of a heavy clay road thrown up
late In the fall with an Insufficient
amount of sand on the clay. ; ; .
We hope to have a pleasant Christmas.
and wish all a joyous week; ' - -' .
For a few years past, Bellalr has been
able to have at least one wedding a year
near the Christmastime, but-we sea
none for this year in our Immediate vlo
lnlty, hut very near ns at Lima. Miss
Fannie Dixon and Mr Will Pate were
married at 8 p.m. December 17. We
wish the worthy pair a pleasant voyage
along life's Journey.
Mrs D Lane returned home from Spen
car last Monday after a visit of about 8
months. Hat daughter, Ella Holt, son-in-law,
Henry, and Little Gladys, accom
panted her home.;, So It la not quite so
lonely about Bellalr as It was. '
I had forgotten one other visitor from
Bpenoer, Nick came down and his canine
prescribe has put consternation In j the
ranks of the partridge family about here,
and partridge plo la not saoh a rarity as
It "used to was." We caa hardly tell
which likes hunting best, Henry or
Hick, ' , ., , i
The late changes of weather have
eaased some colds In the communlty.but
we hear of no other sickness.
Miss Lena Lane is home from Daven
port College (Lenoir) to take the usual
holiday vacation.
Oar pastor will not be with us this
third Sunday, as he is off visiting.. I
believe we are all plad of his return. . '-,
-'ASKINS. " j ;
" December 17. We are: having pleas
ant weather, but rather cool for base
ball. " . , -
Most everybody has sore 'arms . from
yaceination. '
Mrs Mamie Sprlngle, of New Bern, Is
visiting her parents bnt will return to
her home in i few days.
; There will be a Christmas tree at For
est school house Tuesday night Decem
ber 83. All are Invited to attend and
bring some presents to help dress oar
tree. We are anticipating a grand
thmv: V'V ' Y:.C;Y. 'r-, f X::
Be on your watch children, Santa
Olaus is getting ready to come down the
ehimney. ,
Kattdid. ,
Velvets, Velvets, Velvets.
We still have a nice Hnecf Velvet
and other mlllncry giy's on 1 ! ', all
to be sold for Ices tl act. t-
f -"v. J 3 "
Yeneziela Accepts English and German
tjitlmatsin. tJnlted States to Act
sat Arbitrator For Yen-1
' " ; entela.'
Special to JournaL t '
WisniKOTOR, D C December 18 A
dispatch from Caracas says all war pros
peels are now considered ended. Castro
Will sabmlt to the .demands of England
and Germany. . . v,' . -
A' great -change baa corns oyer the
Venezuelans. They see they can do
nothing by fighting. Castro Is keeping
oat of sight,' and very probably has to
resign. 'Revolutionists are rising. -
The conditions of the' Inglish and
German ultimatums are accepted", Minis
ter Bowen being named 'as "arbitrator
and given fall power by Castro to effect
a settlement. ' 1
Supreme Conrt Oplnlpns.
Special to Journal I . ,
, Raleigh Deo 18 Supreme Court filed
the following opinions.
.. Green v Green, , from Jackson, enor.
Watkini vs Mfg. Co from Jackson, af
firmed.. ;.'), j,.; , ; ' v "
Love vs Atkinson, from Jackson no
Ravenel vs Ingram, from Macon af
firmed. ' 1 - ' " t .
Harris vs. Quarry Co, from Henderson
new trial. . :
Farthing vs . Rochetle from Durham,
affirmed. ' ' '-" !
Elmeere vs So. Ry, from Wayne, peti
tion to rehear allowed, and new trial
awarded. ., i
Harlow e and North Harlowe
" ' . pentogs.; 1
Deo. If. After a long silence we are
again here with our happenings, and are
lad to make known, that we have some.
what aroused 1 from onr lethargy and
hope for greater aotlvlty " for our great
and good naturod people. All seem ad
lively engaged rin their various pursuits
and 4 are evidently considering j that
Christmas will soon be apon them even
before, many are ready for It. 1
Miss Madia Bell hat a fine sohooliin
the Harlowe Academy.
Miss Eliza R. Martin of Goldsboro, Is
teaohing the North Harlowe school and
is getting up an exercise for a Christmas
tree entertainment .for her school on
Christmas eve. We hope for her and all
a pleasant time. V
Miss Rosle Mason retarned from
Louisburg Female College on last Satur
day night. She comes home to spend
the holidays. " . "
Mr. spd Mrs. John 8. Morton and Mr.
and Mrs. E. D. Bangert all went to New-
Bern on, Tuesday. We suppose they
went to lay In their Christmas supplies.
The schooner Martha, which has been
on Morton's railway for the last month
for repairs and painting was launched
last Tuesday and departed with a cargo
of cdlton seed and other products for
New Bern where she will now make her
regular trips. '
Mrs. J. R. Bell has been quite sick for
the last month which Is regretted by her
many friends.
Mrs. J. C. Long and son,' Master Ira
Long drove over to Morehead Cltv Taos
day and returned Wednesday. .. .
Rev F. S. Becton and wife of Bachelor
spent Tuesday night with his sister, Mrs
M. B. Bell. , ..,
Our people were glad to welcome back
bar pastor, who was retimed, to ns ior
anothen year, ; Rev. , J. H, Giles -who
preached for as last Sunday. -
Messrs. W. N. and Jas. R. Bell, Nor
man J. Conner, Wm. F, Taylor and Lon
Lather Taylor all, were la. New Bern for
the day on Thursday, suppose they were
making purchases for their Christmas.
Miss Ada Becton went to New Pern
this 'weekJ'1 ;,'',,."'. '(...:
Mr. Charge Hunter of Havelock ;was
down last week and took one-our ptetty
"Martins" over to Havelock to a basket
party, quite a number of ou? young peo
ple also went over and reported a very
pleasant time. .
; The Roller tray trunk still takes the
lead, a lady should bay no other make.
For sale by , - J.J.BAXTER.
, Ton Mean Charlotte .
Raleigh Times. " C
Charlotte will be in the Boutbeunem
Baseball League. t Wall, It will hat dly
last long. : ; ;
Tenner's Candy at DavisV
A fresh'assortnientof Tenney's Candj.
has just been received at Davis Phar
macy. "M ,,,v . .. v
J. J. Baxter Is agent Jot the V. L.
Dougbis, Lewis Crossett snd W. P. Tay
lor's hhoee for men and E. P. Pieed's
shoes for women. Every pair gu kraa
tesd. .,
Hdlo Tttre! Say, , . ,. ,
Bton a moment. Can vou toll n is the
place 1 want to go to t Well, you 're a
fool. How do I know where you want
to gof Well I'm not so- muck so s is you
take me f ,r. Bnt do slow tnw,-42 KCddle
St. or a ' aci.!!cd
Well, i yf.: -J'vVfl,laUht. I'm
Among Democratic Legislators as to Sen
ator. Burcsa of Public Reads. '
- Elks to Aid Poor. ' , i
Raluqb, December 18. The Bute
commissioner of agriculture has received
a copy of the bill Introduced in Congress
creating a Bureau of Public Roads. It
earrles an appropriation of $30,000,-
000. .
It Is asserted by some persons that
fully a third of the Democrats in the leg
islature have nut yet made choios of the
man they will vote for for United States
Senator. . It will require 71 votes to
elect. It Is claimed that one aspirant has
(0 votes safe, but this is denied by the
friends of others.
The executive committee of the North
a long session fiere and found all the af
fairs of the State Fair, flnaeiaiand
otherwise. In the very beat shape. The
payment of the Interest which falls due
next month was ordered paid. It is the
nlan to make manv Improvements Of
buildings and grounds before the Fafq
next October. The grand stand was
built In 187S, and part of the mala build
ing the same year; other parts of the
main building: 1st 1883 and 1891. This is
one of the most successful State Fairs In
the country. M
Nearly all the cotton crop and most
ef the tobacco crop in this section are
said to have been marketed. Next sea
son there will be ample warehouse and
Storsge room, also a large stemmery,
VRev. Dr. W. O, Tyree, who came here
from Durham, has taken charge of the
First Baptist Church and last evening
presobed bis first sermon there.
The local Elks are arranging for an
extensive plan of aid to the poor daring
the holidays, by a wide distribution of
Christmas gifts.
Secretary of State Grimes left for the
eastern part of the State today, to re
main until after the holidays. He has
completed his report to the Governor
and legislature.
A' Suggestion About .The School Book
Dec 18. Miss Lois A Willis returned
Friday from a week's visit to relatives in
New Bern.
Mrs H 0 Lancaster has been seriously
ill for nearly three weeks but is improv
ing mJm,:' ':?'-
'Misses Eva and Stella Huff and Estella
Plgford, the teacher of the Msple Cy
press School spent Sunday here.
Mrs L V Lancaster returned JFrlday
from a visit to relatives in Pitt coun
ty."". Mr Will Gilbert the clever Journal
man was In our midst Saturday.
: Mr and Mrs S F Hill returned Monday
from a visit to Ktnston and Jones coon-.
Misses Dallas and Cora Dlnklns and
Lilly Smith of Vsnceboro passed through
today on their way home from New
Bern. . -w '
It; seems that while our legislators
were adopting books for use in the public
schools that they wouldhave adopted
some way for the, children to get tbe
books The dealers say It Is impossible
to get books from some of the compan
ies who contracted to famish them, and
the consequence is we are doing with
out them, especially the Harrington
Spellers and Holmes Readers. Ws also
hope our law" makers will take steps to
stop suoh wholesale presenting of mall
clous, frivolous and private indictments
on the part of th State. We know of
several private cases In one section that
would never have . been started if the
prosecutor had been made plaintiff In
stead of the State. .
. Wahdkeiho WlLtll.
Far mm Bum- Wmm Concmnef , the
Thins "Wma Dead Kmmr.
"Did you .witness the controversy
that resulted in the death of the de
ceased?" asked the coroner blandly. .
"Which? Whor responded the wit
ness. "I asked you If you witnessed the
difficulty in which Ike there was laid
out?" - ) -., -v
"There wurn't no difficulty abovft it,
coroner. Yer know I seed it-all. Ike
thar lest came prolectln' around care
less like, with his tank full and the
nana of his holsters lucked back,
a-kmln' against, the landscape blg
ger'n Mose Pearson's bog corral. He
war that fond of himself that he
couldn't enjoy the peace and harmony
that war prevailln' from the i Lost
Chance saloon to Nell Cahty's hurdy
gurdy without chlppln Into the game
When be didn't bold good cards,
"He allowed he war goto' to have a
staff dance and have It then. He al
lowed that Bonora Sam, who war takln'
a pa sear for a cocktail, war the best
dancer tn the camp and began to shoot
at his toes to encourage Sam to be
aelle. Sam war the llmberest man in
ihe territory, coroner, until Ike's guns
war empty, and then-why, coroner,
thar warn't no difficulty about It.! You
aee Ike thar. It's a plumb center shot,
Coroner. Bnt thr wnrn't no difficulty
about it. not that I seed. , It war dead
asy, coroner, dead ensyVSan Fran
isco Examiner.
BILIOUS PILLS are nature's mlMef!
and most effective remedy ior a siuirstsn
liver and disorders of the digestive tract
ri)P'ai:v. Tbpy remove Impurities from
t, e tlood and cli ar up t'-e sallow com
fkti.n ciU'.n s'-rn in ressons BuiTerir-;
!- il.v-.r or r" -l o 's. 1 rice i
t 1 r 1 ' T t - s f r E,
1 .,,. . 3 i ij I, t
ClrMt PMta.
, The conversation turned on big feet,
when one of the company said be be
ttered his pal Smith would take some
beating in that line. .
1 was out walking with Smith one
fay whan he slipped down, with the
Sole of his boots pointing to a grocer's
window. : The grocer rushed out to in
quire who waa putting the abutters
p." - -' '
That's pretty fair," said a soldier
who was present, "bat a fellow in our
company beat it hollow. After a sharp
fight with the enemy we were obliged
to retreat, when, on looking back, we
saw oh of oar men standing upright
on the field. The fact was the poor fel
low had sach feet that be never fell
down when be waa shot"
"Well," said a hone dealer who' eat
la toe earner, that rather taH; but let
me hate s try. . A fellow came down to
our stables the other day in a hurrj to
hire a horse for c Journey he was going
on, I'll have that est,' he said, point
ing to a bosve fa tb yard. Why, there
Isn't a ma tn tbe world can ride that
animal,' I said. 'Hell work in a cart
P'ow, but as one can stay on
back.' 'I'll try him anyway,' said the
stranger aa M. sprang into the saddle.
I expected to see him pitched off, but
the boreav stoked round, saw the man's
feet and trotted quietly off. He thought
be was between a pair of shafts."
Tbe company considered that a feat
of that sort could not be surpassed.
Clark See berel You told me if 1
took a course of Instruction from you
It wouldn't be long before I'd be earn
ing $100 a week.
Professor Skinner Well?
Clark Well, I'm getting $10 a week.
Professor Skinner But, honestly,
aow, don't you feel that you're earning
$100? Every clerk feels he earns ten
times as much as be gets. Philadel
phia Press.
Bead? to Walt on Him.
"Isn't this a lovely domestic picture
of Mr. Lampton's, Clara?"
; "Yes; so true to life. He's sitting
down and she's standing up."
Th Flaarwalker's TJacertaintr,
"Where shall I find something nice In
oil for the dining room?" asked a stout,
smiling woman of the floorwalker in a
western department store.
"On the third," began tbe floorwalk
er." Then he paused and looked doubt
fully at the inquirer. "Did you mean a
painting or something In tbe sardine
line?" he asked. Boston Christian Reg
Aad Thera Are Other.
Bwlggs Somehow I have failed to
meet with any success in my under
Briggs That's easily accounted for.
Swlggs Well, what s the answer?
Briggs Too many bars in your way.
Ohio State Journal.
A Saase at Improprietr.
"Don't you think a great deal of
money is Improperly spent In elec
tions?" "I do," answered Senator Sorghum.
"I've seen many a dollar invested that
didn't bring in a vote." Washington
Star., ; , ,
"As la' ''Mirror."
T see the scoundrel in your face!"
exclaimed the angry man.
'That" replied the other calmly, "is
a personal reflection." ' ' " "
When the angry man had figured this
out, be was even angrier. Chicago
Har Idea of Maalr Way.
Louise He's such h manly man I
Mary What do you mean by that?
Louise why, he dresses well, yon
know, and smokes ' pipe and and
that sort of thing. Detroit Free Press,
Mathaaurtica. ,
All Kathematlo Tompkins knew
When he the world begun
' Waa how to amther what was due ;
, To earnest No. L
r But lattr on he met a lass
; And etartad in to woo.
And that la how It came to pass
They walked out t by L. .
,The girl waa beautiful and good ;
v And atataljr as a quatn.
, Five feet aha lo her stockings stood;
Her ags waa sweet 11
; 'Twas It to 1 they would have wed, ,
For she did not decline.
Har father h did that Instead;
nis snos was no. t.
, But Mathematlo Tompkins he
To prove that did not wait,
' But from that parent's wrath did flee
At a :40 salt, .
' Such conduct as that father showed
Was not at all tent's,
, And Tompkins In that episode
' . Appeared like 80 oents. .
The woeful maiden did allow ;
;' That to fonret she'd strive.
She's Mr. William Smithers now;
Her third is nearly 6.
' ' tm. gp rgiy News.
There la not ary I "...r r . r 'yfor
en.-' r tj- ' 's c - ' r
f ' ' " '. Mil ',(
Cured of Catarrh of Kidneys by
Hon. John T. Sheahan, who has been (or seventeen years manager of Marshall
Field A Co.'s wholesale warehouse, aad Is corporal 2d Regiment Infantry, I. V.
writes the following letter from 8753 Indiana avenue, Flat Six, Chicago, 111. :
Peruaa Medicine Co., Columbia, Ohio 4
Qeutiemea"Last mummer 1 caught a cold which teemed to set
tie la my kidney and affected them badly. I tried a couple ol JreV
ney remedies largely advertised, but they did not help me any. On
ol my foremen told me ol the great help he had received In using
Peruaa In a similar case, and I at once procured some.
"It was Indeed a blessing to me, as I am on my teet a large part ot
the day, and trouble such as 1 bad affected me seriously, but lour
bottles of Peruaa cured me entirely and ! would not be without It for
three months salary." JOHN T. SHBAHAN.
Mr. Jacob Fleig writes from 44 8tun
ner avenue, Brooklyn, N. T.t .
'I mm aow a new mmn at the g of
teventy-flra yean, thanks to your
wonderful remedy Peruaai. "Jacob
Catarrhal inflammation ot the mueous
lining ot the kidneys, also called
"Brlght's disease," may be either acute
or chronic The acute form produces
symptoms of such prominence that the
serious nature ot the disease Is at once
ft flSJf
Under Full Headway.
The Holiday trade of 1903 is now mnder full headway.. Completely
equipped -with the Useful and Ornamental for Gifts. The biggest rol
ume of biainess is yet to come, but youH find ws ready for it. You ca
ill afford to pass this shop when bent on Christmas buying,
Fur Pieces,
Among the many useful things for
Gifts there is none more useful, none
that will be more appreciated than a
nobby, new Fur Piece. We've some
beauties to show you, and they're most
reasonably priced.
Kid Gloves for Presents
: Stylish Dress ' Gloves in white and
black and colors. Lined Suede Gloves,
Ohlldrens Gloves. No better present
can you select.
Silk Waist Patterns.
There is a Christmas showing of these
we can-'.kiy ni;rr
at the other purely Holiday Lines, such as Sterling Silver Heces $.'2,
Ebony Pieces Sterling Silver trimmed 10c; Big Assortment of Hcfer:3
10c; Beautiful Collection of China; Laiies Leather Parses; Ladies, CciT
and Children's Handkerchiefs; Linen Hemstiteked and Draws T7cii
.Pieces.' "
Ul UUUla, aJlUUis
You'll find almost an endless variety to chc::e from.
Give us a few minutes of your time. We will plca:a you.
C ,r
67 I-
suspected, but the ehronio variety may
come on- so gradually and insldioosly
that Its presence is not suspected until
after It has fastened Itself thoroughly
upon Its victim.
At the appearance ot the first symp
torn Peruna should be taken. : This
remedy strikes at once at the very root
A book on catarrh sent free by The
Peruaa Medicine Co. Columbus, O
that Is bound to please you In every way.
Could you get anything more acceptable
for a lady than a Silk Evening Waist f
Fancy linen Baxncr!i
Towels. ;
Buoh a Hne'ot Beautiful Towels to Ss
loot from. . Grand values at 25a, COo and
$1 00, Towels make very useful pret-
enU t
The Doll Convention,
Here you will find Dolls and Dolls,
Small dolls and large. dolls, cheap dolla,
and expensive dolls; dolls to salt all
f - - -
' t f ', 1 1 y ft i ovf
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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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