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28th YEAR
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J- E Latham & Company' Weekly
- -. Cotton Letter. s j
Special to Journal. s
, Greensboro, Feb. 8. Since our letter
of Jany 27th cotton has made a further
decline of J cent per pound, but' there
is Bome recovery and the market closes
steady, 25 points up from ( the lowest.
The census .department estimates that
there is yet to gin 254,000 bales. If
this estimate should prove correct, and
the amount reported ginned . is not un
der stated, it would mean a growth
estimating 'inters and samples as 250,
000, or 10,600,0CO bales. We can see
no "reason to abandon our estimates of
Jl, 000,000 bales commercial crop, but
while trade continues good we are not
inclined to be too bearish on the decline
This lowering of prices will have some
tendency to reduce the contemplated
acreage, and perhaps cause less ex
travagance in the use of commercial
fertilizers.- . Receipts continue free,
and mofe' than sufficient to supply the
demand. It is thought however, thatt
this supply is coming largely from
hedged dealers, and discouraged mer
chants, as the farmers are holding
rather firmly. In tho natural order of
things we should have some further
improvement from this depression."
Bwratb : Tha Kind Yob Haw Always Bag j
' By The People, bays tilenn JIS
Special to Journal.
Raleigh, Feb, 3. Governor Glenn
received a telegram from the Cleveland
Pre&i, asking him as to the'election of
United . States senators , ' whether he
preferred it should be by the people or
legislature. He replied the North
Carolina legislature had instructed its
senators and representatives to vote
for such am tndment of the constitution
as will provi I for the election of sena
tors by the people.. Ho heartily ap
proves this action. X
Write for prices and catalogue.
We carry one of the largest and
best stocks of .
Farm Implements
in the South, and can lave you
money on your purchases. What
ever you need, get our prices, be
fore purchasing. , w ,
Special bargains in Farm Wafont
and Buggies. Best makes.
Low Prices, ,
Th3 Implement C0.7
t::2 c.: si., .itd, uy
7mited to'Buy
All Kinds of
Southern Fruits
rr ! Vegetables
for CASH or will handle on
c: ' 'r.mcnt. Let me know
r yAccz cn v. hat you
3 . 1 '!
Mclver tehvers
G. F. C.
First Before
Samuel Ttitlmony Ended.
Worthy of Piymcnt for
Mental Anguish
Delayed Train.-
Schtdul. Pastor
. Mothtr Jones,
May Return.
Socialistic -
.Speaker." .- ""'"'
(Special Correspondence.)-
Greensboro, Feby 3. The testimony
of G. W. Samuel. - the .revenue officer
on trial in the Federal court here was
i . . .1 a i : ta..:-.
cross examination District Attorney
showed that stills which had been run
ning for months while Samuel was in
charge were easily found when new '
officers arrived in 1905 and that eleven
were destroyed irt two days," among
them being three steam distilleries
operated by Jim Combes and his two
brothers. : Solicitor General Hayes,
who has been present during the whole
of the trial, aiding in the prosecution,
was called to Washington last night,
to consult with AttorneyGeneral Moody
over some important briefs in prepara
tion for the Supreme Court. He will
return Monday. - 4 .
.: In saying the mental anguish claim
in the W. I. Young case, here, was
new in this State, " this correspondent
was advertant to the numerous decis
ions and recoveries against; telegraph
companies for failure to deliver tele
grams announcing serious illness or
death of relatives. Rut in tho case
of W. , I. Young's suit against the
Southern Railway, the mental- anguish
arose from faulty performance of a
contract and the peculiar agony of de
layed schedules while trying to reach a
desperately sick wife - and child, was
the principle in the case, which also
contained a claim for recovery of $720
already paid out for a special , train.
The point is a new one in North Caro
lina. The verdict for the $72i) and ths
additional sura of $500 damages for the
mental anguish caused will bring the
matter squarely up to the Supreme
Court for decision. If somebody could
get a verdict for mental anguish caused
by lying bulletin boards as to the ar
rival and departure of trains it would
bring about a speedy reform' in this
aggravating nuisance, and serious bad
example to the rising generation by in
culcating disrespect for telling the
truth. . : v.' . ;
There are well defined rumors here
that an effort is being made to induce
Rev. W. W Moore, President of the
Union Theological Seminary of Rich
mond, to return to his native State and
become pastor of the. First 'Presbyteri
an Church here,, to fill the ; vacancy
caused by the transfer of Rev. Dr. E.
W. Smith to Louisville, v Dr. Moore
will preach -in the church here next
The small but active band of Social
ists in Greensboro have arranged to
have another one of . their celebrities
speak in Greensboro. It is Mother
Jones this time. She will speak in the
court house next Thursday night Her
discourse will be along the same line
as was that of Eugene V. Debs last
Saturday. '
Greensboro Female College has inau
gurated a series of lectures by well
known men, open to the people of the
city at large as well as to the students.
The first lecture of the series was de
livered last.nightby.lDr. C. D. Mclver,
president of the State Normal and In
dustrial College. He was introduced
by Mrs. Lucy Robertson, president" of
the College. Dr.. Mclver's address was
a discussion of the relations of culti-
vated and educated young women to
present day problems in North Caro -
Una. '
He outlined the great work done by
MDO,...ff. Twm., n:
nninrin o.,t th hnanir! fnr thn in.
sane in this and twenty-two other
Stot. and even ahmad mnnnmonr
tn hr faith, heurt nrt lovn. H niH
she saw something that needed to be
done and did it He pleaded with his
yqung hearers to do something. It
made no difference, he said whether
it was done directly or indirectly. The
girl in the home can put power in the
arm of the father or brother can hold
up the ideals of those who strive, can
encourage and cheer. Then 'the ppt-ak
told the young ladies what they might
do in emulation of the 2,000 young wo
men -who had bnnded themselves to
gether in the work of improving the
country school houses. It was tho wo
men he said who beautified our churches
and to them we must look for the
be;mt'."cation of the
Nut to tho men, the
m.;:i!mrU to their
e ' t.
1 1 ;";'"'.f! C "' ' ' :., '
If .M ,"
school houses,
"tiurlhouses are
masculinity and
lr. :
t ' '1
uuiiciuuuu yeaiwrvmy muruiiiB. xuihib " ' -- - -
t ie day deputy collectsrs J. W, Per- as it now stands today, largely of wo
kins, Starky, Hare, J. T.;:Shepard,en work, for said l-c yiiat for wo
eorge W, Sheet and T. L; Green, all mn. tt rmW wtcrc.,.,; Prof. W.
of whom had done service in Wilkes, t C II. Hammel will make the next pub
testified to Samuel's good character as He" address at the College on "wireless
a man and officer and corroborated his telegraphy." . -evidence
in many particulars.; On 1 - "
one when an individual makes up his
i his mind on agroup of individuals make
up their collective mind. The' speaker
described the work that has been done
since 9 improving Guilford county
rural schools,: In . 1897 every schoo
j district in the county voted against the
1 special tax. Now 35 have voted, taxes
on themselves. In 1902 when the agita
tion for local tax was launched, the ap
propriations for schools in these dis
tricts was $G,0C0, this year.itis $20,000.
The school houses in those districts in
1902 r, were valued at $1,770; in 1890
at $41,875.- -Try to be master in what
ever you do," .the speaker -counseled.
Be the best seamstress, make the best
hat In urging" the possibilities for
usefulness which lie before women the
.speaker evoked hearty applause by re-
f rrinp-r.n I rroonfihoro pottiap fjfHmrp
t-nis d News IntcrestlFrom
' Center
Value of Childien't Home Society. District
. ; Attorney Hoiion. , Federal Court. .?
' Return of Jamas Combes a - .
sensa!ionalFeaturo. '
" (Special Correspondence.)
- Greensboro, Feb. 5.. The little baby-
waif left here by a .strange woman six
weeks.ago to be cared for by Nancy
Holt, a negress living a mile beyond
the city limits, was taken in possession
Saturday night by officers of the law
under a writ of habeas corpus, and
proceedings for guardianship instituted
by W, B, Streeter, superintendent of
the Children's Home Society. The of
ficer found the child in a small room in
which four negro women slept and
lived, and ha says "the baby slept at
night between two of the women, It
was possession of Mr Streeter
who will take care of it until the hear
ing by the judge on the return day of
the written das from service. ' . J-."-
The news here that District Attorney
Holton had been given assurance that
he would be re-appointed district attor
ney was not surprising here, where
his great work in prosecuting frauds
against the'1' government ; has been
known perhaps better than anywhere
else, as most of the big revenue trials
for the past three years have been in
the Federal court at Greensboro. Hoi-
ton's great ability and zeal in ferreting
out as well as prosecuting the violators
of the revenue laws, has been recog
nized for some time,' and rumors that
the whiskey .ring inside the republican
organization would be able to turn him
out was always discounted.
, There was the usual short Saturday
morning session.of j Federal court, and
none but character witnesses were ex
amined in the Samuel case. Deputy
collector T. L. Green, who -was under
going cross examination by the district
attorney when court adjourned Friday
did not get a chance to complete his
testimony and was on the stand again
this morning. The character witnesses
were made, a -cross-examination l y Mr.
Holton, to take up so much time, it
was Saturday noon recess hour before
they were disposed of. .' Aside from
character witnesses the defence so far
has had only witness to testify who
was not a revenue officer, or who had
been a revenue officer ' - " ' .
' There was a mild sensation here
when thelWilkesboro train arrived after
Federal court had adjourned Saturday
and there Btcpped frim the train the
much discussed and ' long ; looked for
James Combes, whose name and ex
ploits as a blockader and ostensible in-
t former hive figures so largely in the
t trial ofthe revenue officers, especially
in connection with officer Samuel now
on trial for alleged filing of false in-
' formers checks in the name of Jim
Combes and conspiracy with Combes to
1 defraud the government Combes was
indicted at tho special term of the
Knd'JUiy last September With the of-
ficera for al,ced conspiracy to defraud
V government, and one'of the counts
against Samuel in his trial now is col-
lusion with Combes, a distiller to tl'ow
him to run contrary to law. " ;
A . woman worries until she gets
wrinkles, then worries because she has
them. If she takes Uollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea she would have neither,
Bright, smiling face follows its use.
33 cents, Tea or Tablets. For sale by
F. S. Duffy.
. - - -" .Died
On February 1st, at her home in New
York City, Mrs. Hugh L. Colo, in the
52nd year of htir hve. : ;
- ' Notice
On account of the
death of a neigh-
bor, tho ba.sket party
at Stapleford's'
School House will Lo postponed until
Saturday nitfht. Feb. 10th.
For Rent or Calc
A limi mc ami let :
T. A.
t Ti
mini, N. C.
' ,,..; t..:.: 4
I HUlllda iiauii luau him iicniviii ui
Arguments Heard Before Judge ' Purnell.
Applicants For Attorney Lfvenscs.
. Capital Club Fire Damage. In
surance Underwriters As-,,
soclation To Meet at , .
' Plnohurst. . i
(Special Co Tespondence.)
Raleieh, Feb. 5 The Supreme Court
met this morning to examine applicants
for attorneys' license.- Of thei.e there
are 37, of whom 10 are from 'the State
University and nine from Wqke Forest
College Law .School. All jcil,w
were present. Attorney General Gil
mer arrived Saturday evening : from
Waynes ville. ; . -i j , : '.
The Life Insurance "Underwriters
Association of North Caroling is called
to meet in annual" session at Finehurst
on the 20th inst. Mr. Wilcox of the
Mutual Life is the President and Mr.
P. D. Gold.of Greensboro Is the Secre-
tary. ' ' -: .
Insurance adjusters are here to set
tle the loss by the fire in the Capital
Club the damage being mainly, from
smoke. A member of the club said he
thought $3000 would cover the dam
ages, though another member pur, the
figure very much higher.
. It seems to be expected by 4he Uni
ted States officials here that Mr Claude
Dackery will become Marshal by Feb
ruary 15th, though his nomination has
not yet gone into the Senate. - 7
Today there was argument before
Judge Purnell in the United. States
Court in the quite interesting' case of
Thomas Dixon,' the play-wright of
New York, against Thaddous tirecton,
to make permanent the injunction to
prevent Brecton and hia . company,
which is well known as . tho Corinne
Runkle Company from playing' -'In Re
construction Days"' which Mr! Dixon
claims is an infringement upon - his
rights in his play of the Clansman.
Judge Purnell made tho injunction
perpetual, Brecton having failed to
answer the rule to ; show causs why it
should not be granted.
The Supreme Court at the -present
term will hear the very notable! case of.
Bob Lilliston, Convicted of murdering
Charles G. Smith in the depot here the
last day of the State Fair. The evi
dence of Mrs. Hicharuson, who was
formerly a Miss Allen -.cfhi4,,Xvhtt&
developed since the conviction and the
question is bow to get this before the
courts. Mrs. Richardson was formerly
connected with a newspaper.
Judge Purnell Restraining Suffolk And Caro
lina From Trespassing on N-& S.
. . ....
Railway. .-.
Special to Journal.
Raleigh, Feb. 5.i Juigo Purnell is'
sued a.temporary injunction, restrain
ing the Suffolk and Carolina railway
from trespassing on the rihht or way
of the Norfolk and Southern, at Itoper,
the suit being brought by the trustoo's
order of the Norfolk and Southern, the
Metropolitan Trust Company of New
York. The Suffolk and Carolina sought
to condemn the right of way through
the yard of the Norfolk and Southern,
It is a contest to ' prevent the Suffolk
and Carolina from entering " Mackey's
Ferry, an important point on Albo-
marle sound. " The Norfolk and South
ern is now under the same control a:
the Atlantic and North Carolina,, the
New Bern, Oriental and Western, and
perhaps the Raleigh and Pamlico,
though some assert the Suffolk and
Cwolina controls the latter. ; Tho in
junction matter will be heard here
March 5th. ..' . ' ; v- ".' ; '
Special sale on gold decorated glass
ware today 10c, 15c, 20c and 25c goods,
for 5 and 10c at the new 5c and 10c
Store, 90 Middle St, old Journal oflieo.
A Urge Docket of Civ I Case t ) be Tried.
: J. Term of Two Woekt.
'. Superior Court f or the trial of civil
cases began yesterday with Judge Long
of Statesville presiding., Tho term
will last two weeks unless it is found
necessary 10 conunuu Home oi me
cases thus shortening the term.
' Fur cases were continued yesterday
for various reasons mostly for sickness
The caseon trial was that of Godctte
vs Bowen from North Harlowe, and
alleged slander is the cause. Tho case
will be given to tho jury today.
. 1
Oak and Pine Wood.
Dry Oak and pine wool pawed in
Kl.-vo 1. . . " . at n.I.l.i COM, AXI.)
W Willi
Eruption Broke Out in Spots All
Over Body Caused a Continual
1 Itching for Two Years Doctor's
Medicine Did no Good Cured at
Expense of only $1,25 and Now
' "Some time ago I wrote you for a
book on the Cuticura Remedies and:
received it O. K. and went and bought
the Soap, Ointment, and Pills.- They did
me more good than any medicine I ever
used. They cured me of my skin disease,
and I am very thankful to you. Mv
trouble was eruption of the akin, which
broke out in spots all over my body,
and caused a continual itching which
nearly drove me wild at times. I got
medicine of a doctor, but it did not cure
me, and when I saw in a paper your
ad.. I sent to you for the Cuticura book
and I studied my case in it. I then
went to the drug store and bought one
cake of Cuticura Soap, one box of Cu
ticura Ointment, and one vial of Cuti
cura Pills. From the first application
I received relief. I used the first set
and two extra cakes of Cuticura Soap,
and was completely cured. I had
Buffered for two years, and I again
thank Cuticura for my cure. If you
wish, you may : publish this. Your
friend forever, Claude N.Johnson, Maple
Grove Farm , R. F. D. 2, Walnut Kan,
June 15, 1905."
Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! This
is the condition of thousands of skin-tortured
men, women, and children, who
may be instantly relieved and speedily
cured by warm baths with Cuticura Soap
and gentle applications of Cuticura Oint
ment, the great Skin Cure, and mild
doses of Cuticura Resolvent Pills, when
physicians and all else fail. ;.i
Sold throughout th world. CuHcnra Botn, 2flc., Olnt-
neut. fiUc- KMOlTOnt, Wo. (In form of Chocolite Coftted
I'll!., xou. pur tut ui wit ui7 ue iiru 01 ail unilKMK. A
ftfiitlB aft ones curat. Kuw Urug k Cham. Corp., Sol
fmpf., HotoD, Mail.
j-MUrr"MAJttt (ho Bkte, Scalp, anilUalr.'
Mr. W. R. Hawkins, representing II
E. Bucklen- & Co., of Chicago, was
here yesterday. y
Mr. J. H. Hunter of Havelock, wa
here yesterday. '
Judge Bryan returned Sunday even
ing from Concord, where Jie has been
holding court.
Mrs. Roes and daughter, Miss Ethel,
who have been guests of relatives and
friends here, have returned to heir
homein Baltimore.
Miss Fannie Green left yesterday to
visit her sister, Mrs. Plummcr, at
Petersburg, Va.
MisstJertrude Baxter, of New York
City, is visiting Mrs. Mary McK. Nash
Mr John Rice of Portsmouth, Va.,
left last night after visiting his parents
for a few days.
Mr. Harris Lane left yesterday for a
visit at his home at Hickory Grove. .
Miss Mary Rogers of Kinston is in
the city.
Attorneys L. B. Varser and E. M.
Wooten of Kinston, arrived in the city
' Mr. J. E. Hudson spent the day in
Kinston Sunday.
Mr. Arthur Van Buren of Fayette
ville, representing the Southern Life
Insurance Co., returned from Wilming
ton last night and will remain in the
city during the week.
Mr. F. H. Busbee of Kaleigh is in
the city attending Superior court
Miss Annie Hardison, head trimmei
in the millinery department of J.J.
Baxter's store went to New York'Iast
night in the interest of her depart
ment. " - ' - ' : ' -
Miss Lena Sanford is visiting friends
in Goldsboro. '. . ' ''
Mrs. Geonre Green is visiting rela
tives in Durham.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B." Blades went to
Washington, D. C. last night. They
will also visit friends in Philadelphia
Wood's Seeds.
Second Crop
Seed Potatoes
go further in plrfntlng than other
Seed Potatoes, yield better and
more nniform crops, and are in
high favor with truckers ana
potato growers wherever planted.
Our stocks are of superior
quality, nniform in size, and
sent out in full-size barrels.
Write for prices, and Wood'a
1503 Seed Cook, giving till and
Inte-restinfc information about
Seed Potatoes.
T ' ' V
..3. ::.
iMa curry t)a Ihm'--' b
lu tha S-mtli. I .'i
k of TottltocS
t t orn.
grown an 1 f i I I.
V ; ' 1 t ) I,
i 4
Cook Stoves, Cook Stoves.
We carry a full line of heavy weight Stoves. None
better on the market. We guarantee them. - -
Full line General Hardware and Building Mate)
Qaskill Hdw. &
Furniture, Stoves, Mattings, Etc.
Largest stock of Mattings in the city. Royall and
Borden Felt Mattresses.
New line of po-Carts. "
We are still offering some
to call on us.
Phone 257
93 Middle Str-et
Photo Portraits
.AjAAlji A A A. A A
Wootten's Stadio,
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks
Our greatest of all sales is ended and I take
this method to thank the trading public for their
patronage. While ' we have sold so . many goods
we still have on hand a great many winter: goods
that we are determined to close out and for the re-.
mamder of the winter season we , will sell for cash
all Clothing, Overcoats,Heavy Shoes,Dress Goods,
Ladies Cloaks, Skirts, Blankets, Underwear, and
hundreds of odds and ends, etc.i at cost and less.
We guarantee to save you money on anything you
may want in regular stock.
It Pays to Trade at Ervin's
The Goods Ate all
- The prices are reasonable, because we buy in
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fit. The service at our store is polite and prompt.
All goods sold are strictly guaranteed to be as
represented or money refunded.
We carry a full line of heavy and Fancy Gro
ceries. Provisions for the farm or delicacies for the
Epicure. ' .'
We handle country produce and solicit con
signments of same and guarantee to get the high
est price that can be had in the market for it.
No. PI South Front St.
Mill Supply Uo.
Phone Ui
bargains and it will pay you
latest Styles at
92 East .
Ffont St.
A A A A A A A A A A A M. A
New And Fr
and Retail Grocer,

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