North Carolina Newspapers

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The Kind You ILtvo Always Eoujlit, and which Las been
In use Tor. over SO years, has
' " and has been made under his per
'ffli. sonal supervision since its infancy."- ,
'"tfcvC45 : AllnviM mill fai Jiuiiilmi th In tTilct-
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are bat
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment '
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare-1 :
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Norcotlo
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fevcrishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind -Colic
It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the -
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. - '
Boars the
The Kind You Have toys Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
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Foy Holland
Pollocksville, Feb. Z At the Bap
tiflt church in this place on Wednesday
at 8.30 p. m., Mr. Reginald E. Foy and
Miss Bessie Holland were united in the
holy bonds of wedlock. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. Mr. Bilbro.
-' At the last tap of the church bell,
the ushers, Mr. A. Street Lee and Mr.
John Ray Whitty marched up the aisles
of the church followed by the bridal
party. The bride and her sister, Miss
Mabel, maid of honor, up the left aisle.
The groom and best man, Mr C. A.
Bell, up the right aisle,.', to the strains
of Mcndlessohn's wedding manh ren
dered by Mrs..nnie Shepard Hart. '
- Tiie bride wore white china ' silk and
carried a bouquet of white carnations.
The maid of honor wore white silk and
carried pink carnations. The church
was tastefully decorated in green and
white. -, The bride and groom standing
under an arcH of evergreens, were
mode man and wife. . They were the
recipients of many pretty and costly
presents. After. the. jgeremony, the
, .bride and groom were entertained at
.. tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bryim
of this place. .- ' .. . -
' ' A Friend.
A Mcnact to Health. ;;j . .
Kidney trouble .is an insidious danger,
and many people are victims of a seri
ous mnludy before the symptoms are
recognized. ' Foley's Kidney Cure cor-
.recta irregularities and strengthens and
. -builds up the kidneys, nd it should be
taken at the first indication of kidney
-trouble, as it is Impossible U) have
' i good health if the. Kidneys are derang'
ed. ' For sale by Davis' Pharmacy. -
Improvement of Bogue Inlet .
'Congressman Thomas has introduced
ia bill in Coigress authorizing the Sec
xetary of War to cause n survey of
, Bogue Inl t to be made with a view to
making the channel deeper. This ia in
ilino with other harbor improvements
nd it Man important point on the
-coast. A harboring place will be af
forded there in cise of storm if this
.uieas&re is successful.'; .
Luckiest Man In Arkansas.
. '"I'm tho luckiest man in Arkansas,
writes II. L. Stanley, of Brono, ''since
the restoration of my wife's health af-
tr couuhing and bleeding from the
'lungs, and I owe my good fortune to
the world's greatest modicine, Dr.
IKing's New Discovery, for Consump
tion, which I know from experience
will euro consumption if taken in time.
iMy wife improved with tho first bottle
and twelve bottles completed the cure."
Cures the worst cough i and colds or
money refunded. At , All Druggists.'
iCOc and fl.OO." "Trial bottle free. '
Studies in Tiio Life f Christ
There will be given a sertesof studies
in the life of Christ at the Christian
Church every Thursday night. The
prayer meeting -7. 30 to 8 o'clock, the
lesson study 8 to 8.30. The studies are
not only for the benefit of the members
of the Christian Church, but for p 11 who
will attend. 'J he first lesson, "Jesus
before He Came Into the World,"
John 1:1-18, Luke f;l-l4 was given
Thursday niht. ' '
Frightfully Burned.
Chan. Moore, a machinist of Ford
City, Ta., had his hard-frightfully
Lurried in nn eleetrieal furnaee. Ho np
I'li. d I:uckl.'n'H Arritea .''ulvewiih the
u-'uul result: "a quiek and l -ifi-ct
fine." Cr. ' t healer OU C;u ;h fir
riirnn, V."ini!ii!(, IVzriha in,.
I " !. f t All lr'- J K
f ll. h 1'
t (T e 1.
' .:,'y
borne the signature of
Signature of
Voluntary Bankruptcy. Statt Charters
' - Granted -a.. - .
(Special Correspondence.)
Raleigh, Feb. 2. The official trans
fer has been made as to the office of
Internal Revenue Collector E. C. Dun
can, by which he succeeds - himself.
Deputy Commissioner J,..C. Wheeler, a
veteran in the , service, for 25 or 30
years, and once locate) in Raleigh,
made. the transfer, assisted by Revenue
Agent R. B. Sams. - .' 5
W. H. Sanderlin of Windsor, a vol
untary petitioner in bankruptcy, in a
merchandizing business, ;.- with , assets
stated at $23,800, and liabilities at $29
0C0, assets consisting of stock.
. The Secretary of State charters the
Dobbin-Ferrall Company at Raleigh
with an authorized capital ; stock of
$100,000, $40,000 of which is subscribed
by T. W. Dobbin, J. F.i Ferrall, J. R.
Young, J, . M. Womble , and A. -H.
Moonehan. .This company is ,one fof
the oldest established concerns in Ral
eigh and has heretofore been known as
Dobbin & Ferrall. ' -
The Charlotte Leather Manufactur
ing Company is chaitered at Charlotte,
N.. C, at the plant occupied by the
Shaw Tannery Company for the man
ufacture of saddles, harness and other
like leather goods. The capital stock
ia $100,000 and the incorporators are
W. W. Shaw, R. B. Pharr, and N. S.
Reed. t
. The Original Laxative Cough Sprup
is Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar.
It expels all cold from the system by
acting as a eathxrtic on the bowels.
Kennedy '8 Laxative Honey and Tar ia
certain, safe and harmless cure for
colda, croup and whooping cough. Sold
byF. S. Duffy. . '
Meaily Llttl Varmint Pokaa His Nose Out
.too Far ind Sea His Shadew.
The weather yesterday was 'clear and
cold and the bright sun was a mockery,
for if tradition and signs mean anything
the old saying that is on Candlemas
day the wood chuck or ground: hog as it
is better known sees its shadow, it goes
back into its hole and remains for six
weeks until the cold weather fe over.
We can not say in this case that we
are to have six more 'cold weeks of
winter as we have not had any yet,
consequently it will be very strange if
we do not have some unusually cold
weather. Forecasts by all the weather
prophets, DeVoe, Hicks and others say
that the month of February will have
a rough time getting through:' ? One
prophet predicts that a very severe
Bpell of weather from February 10 to
14 when not a spot in the whole coun
try will be free from the icy touch of
the Frost King. The prophet declares
that the mercury in Raleigh will got
down to six degrees below zero, while
other places will be visited by the cold
in proportion to their location.
If in a kind of bilious mood,
You wish an aid to digest food, t
No other pill is hulf so good
As DoWitt's Little Early Misers
j vVhen e'er you feel impending ill,
j And need a mngic little pill,
I No other one will fill the bill
Like De Witt's Little Earl
A Mlulnar Fratir.
Cohans; Did you enjoy the ocean
trip? I'kerdek Not mudi. 1 missed
tho train hoy and V little boxes Of
C. -t.-Et. Louis To ;t l,:, piitirU.
Tli Yellow Fevor C n
i :'y l..-..i i" ewe 1. It I rs
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" f C'.a--r-M-V
The Woman's Club
-There was a large and enthusiastic
meeting Of all the departments of the
Woman's Club last Tuesday afternoon
in the Elks Club rooms. - The meeting
was opened with prayer, after which
the secretary called the roll, -and read
the minutes of the last meeting which
were approved. Treasurer's report was
also read and approved. Mrs.- M, M.
Marks read report from Childs Study
Department, which showed good work
done in that department and great in
terest taken in the work by the mem
bers. Mrs. Marks has made a most
able chairman, and much credit is due
her for the advancement of this depart
ment And with the hearty coopera
tion: of the superintendent, "and his
efficient corps of teachers of the Grad
ed School, plans have been effected.
Mrs. R. P. William?, chairman of
the Village Improvement Department
read a mof t carefully prepared report,
and showed that this department of
energetic workers has accomplished a
great deal, regardless of the fact, thtt
they have received no encouragement
whatever from those whose duty it was
and whose pride and pleasure it should
have been to aid this department. ' Bat
with such a public spirited chairman,
and willing, workers, we" hope yet to
make : marked improvements . in , our
city, and that the source of comfoit
reaped from the untiring efforts, of the
Village Improvement Department will
be a monument to the solid and un
doubted truth that the women did the
work.,;; A much enjoyed report from
the L tarary Department was read by
the Under, Miss Mary Hendren. It is
just t say this .department jenjovs a
htra y trea. with Miss Hendren as
tl e"r eader. Sha has a thorough knowl
edge of the best writers, and her abilM
ty to impart this knowledge is too well
Bnd favorably known . throughout the
State for any words from the writer to
add to it. On motion made by Miss
Hendren, the Circulating Library was
taken in tq be a part of the. Woman's
Clubhand Miss Mary G. Oliver was
unanimously elected chairman, of the
Library Extension Department Mrs.
Marks stated she had received a letter
from Mrs. Hollowell Of Goldsboro, ac
cepting the invitation to address the
Club next Wednesday night. Mrs.
Weil will accompany Mrs. : Hollowell,
and give the Club a round table talk On
the Library Wednesday afternoon. A
committee composed of Mrs F.' W.
Hughes, Mrs. R. P, Williams and Miss
Stevenson was appointed to select a
proper place for the address. The Club
will give "a reception in honor of Mrs.
Hollowell and Mrs. WeUWednesday af
ternoon in the Elks Hall. 1
As a club we acknowledge our hearty
thanks to the Journal for the courtesy
extended each department of the Club
and the very prompt fulfillment of all
promises made i s. It is a noted fact
that the Club is growing in interest and
numbers. : , S.'R, S.
Doan's Ointment Cures Eczema and
Itching Piles. ' New Bern Peo
ple Recommend It,
One application of Doan's Ointment
stops any itching. Short treatment
cures eczema, itching pites,salt rheum
any skin eruption or skin itching. -,' It
is the cheapest remedy to use, because
so little of it is required to bring relief
and a cure . Here is New Bern testi
mony to prove it; ' :'-.
- W. FV Aberly, Supt. and part owner
of the Pine Lumber Co. on Griffith St,
residing at 9 Graves street, says;
have used Doan's Ointment in my fami
ly , and found it to be all right I do
not care to allow my name to be pub
lished as recommending any proprie
tary medicine and telling about my ail
ments, but Doan's Oointment is such a
valuable and efficient remedy ' that
will not object to saying so to anyone.
I obtained it at Bradham's Phar
macy. ; '. , ', .
For ale by all dealers. Price 60 cts,
a box. Foster-Milburn Co.,' Buffalo,
N. Y. sole agents for tlie-U. S.
Remember the name Doan's, and
take no other. - :
Fnlrr Stortc.
Mr. Bacon When a woman tolls a
fairy story she always begins like this
"Oneo upon a time.":, Mrs. Bacon Yes,
and n-lieu a mnu tells a fairy story be
always begins like th?s: - "There now.
dear, don't be niigry with me; you see,
It was dlko thia." Youkers Statesman.
A ' A Habit to Be Encouraged.
". The mother who has acquired the
habit of keeping on hand a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, saves
herself a great amount of uneasiness
and anxiety. . Coughs, colds and croup,
to which children are susceptible are
quickly cured by its use. It counteracts
any tendency of a cold to result in
pneumonia, and if given as soon as the
first symptoms of crouo appear, it will
prevent the attack. This remedy con
tain nothing injurious and mothers
give it to little ones with a leeling of
perfect security. Sold by Davis Phar
macy and F. S. Duffy.
" II J I ' 1. ,
If you nro ficqii.'ii it" I v i 'i n
v. ho is troubled with t' d ti
I.;' ft. ; ' i ran do him no rf
V i I i t !l !!!.! to try ( I ' '
', '. I ' i' ' . . t, ) : .
p, 1 " : :
1 !
Ceautiful Displays In Shop Windows,
Airy 8pring Novelties Shown
Beeid Wintor Fur.
The shops of New York have nevei
presented a more fascinating appear
ance than during these last few ..weeks
of midwinter when all the between sea
son fashions are displayed at suelj
amazingly low prices, Early spring
novelties, which look deliclously fresh
after the heavier fabrics of winter, are
shown In airy smartness beside auto
mobile coats and furs.
Apropos of 'furs, the woman who is
thoughtful can now procure the most
beautiful pieces coats, ninff'i, bona, etc.
In such bargains ns to make It a good
Investment for colder weather still to
come or for next winter. : The luxury
of owning a beautiful set of furs la
wonderfully gratifying, They lend an
air of rlchiiessthat: nothing can equal,
and a fur set In three pieces lint, scarf
and muff can be secured most reason
ably. Then, too, fur trimmings are air
ways popular on evening, ft'raps 01
gowns, and, combined with -j these are
some of the, choicest of lncoa which
make a tint or mulf simply adorn hie.
pevotees of fashion spend hours' hi tho
selection of rare old lace, whose filmy
trimmings cost a fabulous sum,, for
lace Is like' wine Its value ,' Increases
with age. -. .
Setm In one of the shops this week
that Is noted for its exquisite lingerie
waists were several , that showed In
stead of medallions tiny lac$ bouquets
off such flowers as snowdrops,, lilies of
the valley, etc., In such wonderful imi
tations that lt would be linvd to dis
tinguish them from real lnee.. .These
have an air of Individuality about them
that was not seen in other models.
Oerman Valenciennes in clear Cut pat
terns is found In underwear which can
be picked up tor a very Inconsiderable
sum. A pretty petticoat was finished
with rows of insertion alternating with
tucks, and the absence of a lace edging
at the hem meant good wear, for con
stant laundering could not harm It.
To bo described with all dainty
things were some stockings whose de
signing showed a great amouut of
thought As smart stockings are worn
at all seasons of the ye'ar; to corre
spond with gowns, one shop was Just
overflowing with every variety of n-o
auction, some of fine silk inset with
real lnee'butterflles. Openwork stock
ings are not so popular as last season,
but the teal thing is a flue mesh with
hang embroidery. The loud culorluga
of a season ago have been relegated to
the background of the out of dates and
are replaced by exquisite pule tints to
match pale shaded gowns. Clockwork
stockings lend a slenderness1 to .the
ankle and are the essence of. smart
ness. A very economical way lu se
lecting fancy silk stockings ' is to get
those having lisle thread feet, as they
are more durable. - : '" j ,;:
pearly every girl, be she rich or por,
has some pet fad in dress that she lu
dulges. One girl with pretty feet shows
her Individuality in hosiery, nnd from
a shopper's standpoint she has a great
variety to choose fromj" another, unv-
ing a -soft,, velvety complexion, "en
hances it by. always appearing lu the
most original and daintiest of stocks
and collars. Her stocks are of tho flit.
est embroidered lineu, anu tlio more
elaborate ones are made of soft chlf
fons and mesnalines. '. . -
One of the prettiest things erer cre
ated to adorn the' neck ot fair woman
was a stock of chiffon mescaline taf
feta In soft folds, with a turn over of
Alice blue embroidered In a miniature
design of , fleur-de-lis. Long ends of
plaited nicssalino were caught at In
tervals with flue lace bauds. "All tho
new gowns show the collars to be qulto
high. Bomo are fastened In the buck
with tiny bows, which take away the
bare appearance and the long line af
the back of the neck. They ulao hide the
fastening that spoils the neatness of kj
ninny gowns. ;
Our readers may have advice on pur-
chofiliiK and nny qui-sUon cn.-ierrnliiK
fashion or fnbrirs answered without
charge by Rone Oovcrnax, tiie f.-iylilna
expert, by nil'lresxtntr Heni? lievcrnux,
P. O. Do adit, Mnillson 8i;iiara, New
York, Inclosing stamp fur reply. -I
racing to Death. ;
A macriihlo invalid suffering from
or I to 1 f malo functions, monthly
nn u fdhtigs, dir.inpsa,
t : tilings, dir.inpsa,
, WAISTS ' , :- '
tic i, 1 i, consiijintion,
v .'1 I 1 n f in wino of Cordui
' i's 1 ii k-l.'nu:;;lit,, two of
t i' I ' ' ', i' 'i;d lr, si icntilic,
vo .1 vn fur the tro:tt-
! ; . - i. Tl!"y are sild at
; : ' 1 1 i! in ev-'-iy
has stood th3 t::t 25 years.
tozues. loc3 r 3 record
" 1 wtth every fcottle Is a Ten Cent, package of Grove's
Ths Heroism of Duty. " .
"Heroism takes many, forms in
the complicated life of the world, but
Undoubtedly the highest exhibit is to be
found in the' quiet; home existence
where present self sacrifice is the prom
ise of future comfort. , The mother de
nies herself for the child and the father
represses his own tendency to outlay
for the sake of the family, while both
forego many an expenditure in order
that they may provide for the future.
This is the clear heroism of duty and
being witnessed by thousands of
homes. Fortunately, it is seldom with
out reward. ' True, these is much of
life's work that is done without return,
and ingratitude is only too common.
Even governments are sometimes un
just to their heroes, and republics are
said to be particularly ungrateful .But
the economy and denial at the end, is
worth all that It costs and repays every
outlay . In that hour of final redemp
tion we have yet to learn of the father
or mother who regretted the past cost
and effort." ' -
Common Colds are The Cause ol Many Serl-
1 oua Diseases.
Physicians who have gained a nation
al reputations as analysts of the cause
of various diseases, claim that if catch
ing cold could be avoided a long list of
dangerous ailments : would never be
heard of.-: Every one knows that pneu
monia and consumption" originate from
a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
and all throat and lung trouble are ag
gravated and rendered more serious by
each fresh attack. Do not risk your
life or takechances when you have a
cold, f Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
will cure it before these diseases de
velop, - This remedy contains no opium
morphine or other harmful drug and
has thirty years of reputation back of
it, gained by its cures under every con
dition. For sale by Davis Pharmacy
and F. S. Duffy.
Revenue Cntter Examination. ',
The United States Civil Service Ex
amination will be held at .' Raleigh,
Charlotte, and Wilmington, February
26, 27 and 23. As the commission has
experienced considerable difficulty in
securing eligible! for this service, qual
ified persons are urged to enter the ex
amination. , .; '- ' -
The examination will be on spelling,
arithmetic, algebra, geometry1, trigo
nometry, physics, history, civil govern
ment, grammar, English literature and
one modern language, either French,
German or Spanish. j
Applicants admitted to this examina
tion not less than 18 years of age nor
more than 25. He must bel not less
than 6 feet 3 inches in height, good
moral character and unmarried.;
Persons who took the examination
last May whether successful or not,
may, by filling out new applications be
eligible to this one. ) ,v
Pirating Foley's Honey and Tar.
Foley- & Co., Chicago,' originated
Honey and Tar as a throat ana bang
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey
and Tar many imitations are offered for
th genuine. Ask for Foley's Honey
ami Tar and refuse any substitute of
ft-red as no other preparation will give
the same satisfaction. ' It is mildly laxa
tive. It contains no opiates and is
safest for children and delicate persons.
For sals by Davis Pharmacy.
Harlowe and N. Harlowe. '
, JanySl.
Mr. Percy Mattocks was in attend
ance at the teacheis . institute at New
Bern last Saturday. : .
Mr." J. R. Mason and sister, Mrs.
Lewis Baxter went to Beaufort yester
day ta visit their grand father, Mr. J.
H. Mason who is still in a feeble con
dition.; :.' ' - -. (- ' . .j
Misses May Adams and Clara Mor
ton is visiting at Thurman to attend
the basket party at that place. t ' ,
Mr. John S. Morton one of our most
enterprising citizens has put in his mill
a feed in place of a corn and cob crush
er. .
Mr. Geo Henderson,, Jr., of New
Bern Bpent Sunday here, the guest of
W. N. BelL esq. $ , ; .
Dr. C. N. Mason is attending a small
child oFlRev. J. R. Jenette at Core
Creek who is very sick with diptheria.
Miss Sudie Webb who has been visit
ing at Mrs HW. Bell's returned to
her home at Morehcad last Monday.
Mr, W F. Becton went to Newport
on business yesterday. 1 ,-: it
' We are. glad to announce that .Har
lowe has been so forturfate aa to obtain
M ins Figette of Virginia to teach our
public school, to commence next Mon
day. ..." .
Quite a party took passage with
Capt. A. L. Becton on his elegant
naptha launch, the Shamrock, among
whom were: Mr. W. R. Becton and
.1 MI.. kAn TT.1nfnM
w ' Ja8 R Bo Morri8 M
paniel of Harlowe, Mr. F. E. Dickin-
son 0f Blades. Miss Bird Small and
I Thomna Morris of Core Cr. k and I.
Fonner Culway of n'ar Ecaufort, hav.
ing a delightful run from the canal to
New Bern in about four lumn.
Z Af ITS' 1
Avcrc-3 Annd Sales over CzicrA a I :
cr merit e-teal to von ? r:
i : mn
Oi IT 1L
Life often seerris too long to the woman who suf
fers from painful, periods. The eternal bearing
down, headache, backache, leucorrhea, nervousness,
dizziness, griping,; cramps and similar tortures are
dreadful. To make life worth living, take
Woman's Relief
It quickly relieves inflammation, purifies and en
riches the blood, strengthens the constitution and
permanently cures all diseased conditions from which
weak 'women suffer.
, ,..It is matchlessi marvelous, reliable.
- At all druggists' in $1.00 bottles. "
freely and "frankly, in strldtest confi
dence, telling us all your symptoms and
troubles. We will tendfreeadvlce (In
plain sealed envelope). Address: La
dles' Advisory Dept. j The Chattanooga
Medicine Co. Chattanooga Tenn. ,,
118 136
Daily. Daily.
r m
1 IE
f 1 30
1 27
! I 40
1 53
7 20
8 McLean
15 Gibsonville...
17 Elon College.....;...
21 Burlington..............
23 Graham......
26 Haw River..
32 Mebane
37 Efland
41 Hillsboro
57 East Durham
61 Brassfield
f 7 23
7 48
7 63
1 47
1 53
2 06
2 11
2 17
2 33
2 45
2 58
3 12
3 40
1 58
2 08
2 13
2 18
8 05
8 10
8 15
8 271
! 2 42
f 8 38
2 51
8 47
9 00
3 03
6 45
6 67
3 25
3 35
.9 20
9 30
3 55
7 15
f 3 43
f 9 37
f 4 10
7 30
7 42
8 05
3 58
4 lOj
4 36,
9 51
4 27
O Morrisvilie
10 02
4 40
73 CARY,...
81 i RALEIGH..........
10 30
5 15
, i 52
4 58
flO 4".
f 5 33
8T,G arner...
flO 51 f 5 40
Auburn. .4... ..... ...
Clayton..... .........
Wilson's Mills
Pine Level
5 11
11 02i 5.54
5 25
5 43
5 50
fll 18 f 6 09
11 30 6 29
11 36 f 6 35
11 48 f 6 46
6 051
6 21
fl2 03
f6 40
12 20
7 15
This condensed schedul a is published as information and is subject to ch a
without notice to the pubi c.
Trains Nos, 112 and 108 connect at 5oldsboro with Atlantic Coast I ;
trains, both Southbound and Northbound; and with Atlantic and North Care
trains for Morehead City and intermediate points. i
Train No. Ill connects at Greensboro with train No. 33 for Charlotte, O-'
bia and Jacksonville.'- No. 37 solid Pullman train, drawing-room sleepers I
York to New Orleans and Memphis, also for Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro, L,
ville and local stations.
Train No. 117 handles through coach between Raleigh, Chase City a
Richmond, where close connection is made with Washington Southern Rail?
for Washington and Eastern cities.
-- Train No. 107 connects at Durham for Oxford, Chase City and Richmo
University Station for Chapel Hill daily except banday; at Greensboro v
train No. 36 for Washington and points North, close connection for r inst
Calem, High Point, Salisbury, Charlotte and intermediate stations.
, Train No. 135 connects at Greensboro with No. 39 for Charlotte, Colurr'
and Jacksonville; No. 35 for Atlanta and all points South and Southwest; i,
34 and 38 for Washington and all prints North; connection is also made at Su
bury for Western North Carolina noints.
' ! Washington. D. C.
R. L. Vernon, T. P. A,
.. -Charlotte, N. C.
, . Livery, Feed, Sale and Exchano
Largest and finest stock of Horses and Mules ever offered for si-Jo i i
. A car load of jeach just in. - Also a complete line of Buggies, , .
Harness, Robes, Whips, Cart Wheels, Etc.
Broad Street. Now Bern, N. C.
Livery, Feed, Sale
Largest and Hm-st ' "' k -f lUr
A car loml of c-n.-h j-ist r-r-iv-.l. ('
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Bhick Root Uver I i
writes Mrs. L. E. Clevenger, of Belle
vlew, N. C, "at my monthly periods,
all my life, but the first bottle of Car
dui gave me wonderful relief, in& now
1 am in better health than I have been
for a long time."
' ' Lv,
T, E. Green, C. T. A.
Raleigh, N. C.
Successor to
M. Hahn & Co.,
107 135 111 117
. Daily. Daily. Daily.
. 11 69 6 35 5 85
, fll40f 6 15f 5 17
. 11 27 6 00 5 05
. 11 22 6 65 5 00
. 11 14 5 46 4 47
. 11 07 5 39 4 40
. 11 01 5 33 4 30
.. 10 60 6 22 4 17
.. flO 38 f 6 10 f 4 02
.. 10 28 6 01 8 47
. 10 16 4 49 3 30
. 10 00 4 30 3 00 9 :
.. 9 44 4 18 2 48 9 1
.. f 9 37 f 4 10 f 2 SQ,f 8
. 9 13 f 8 58 2 15if 8 1
.. 9 05 3 49 2 05 8 1
j 8 45 7T
.. 8 26f 3 IE 1181..
.. 8 20 f 3 06 11 23
.. 8 08 2 55 U 08
.. 7 65 f 2 40 10 60
.. 7 45 2 25 10 381
... 7 36 2 12fl0 251
.1 7 26h 2 01 flO 10 :
.1 7 14 f 1 49 f 9 65
7 00 1 85 9 40
I TrrinrvTTTi imrriinTnn l

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