North Carolina Newspapers

. 901, VI? AD
i:;-fe:g addresses
saw r:i,i8.
wocs.wcsx.'a lucrrni
MnnrlMn Ainurnu AAnni ul
Delivered Before State Superintend
ents of Graded Schools.
umcer Elected For Entiling Yar. Argu
Jint I Samuel Cm Begun. At
tempt to Provo Politic In
' 8mut' ProMcutlon. :
. (Special Correspondence.)
Ureensboro, N. C.,, Feb. 10. There
was a fine audience at Smith Memorial
Building last night to hear the renowned
lecturer and school specialist, Hon.
rreston Search of California. He
spoke under the auspices of the citv
I Child
Labor Movement and
Its Ob-1 Show Men Indulge In A Scene Not on
secretary Lacy In Texa. State Charter 0,dM' ",no' "'g Slowly Passing Away
Granted. Woman's Club. County Sur
veyor Wake County Dead. Death
of Sherlfl Hodge of Beaufort
. (Special Correspondence.)
Many State Official Indisposed.
Gov. Glenn Busy With ';
. Correspondence,
(Special Correspondence.)
ine Board met at the Court House
m New Bern on Monday, February 5th, I
1SW. at 10 o'clock a. m., in regulai
ession. .. - ..:.:'
Present commissioners Foy, Harvey,
Richardson, Barrington and Wadsworth. i
Ordered that the clerk be instructed
to serve notice on the following named
persons to appear before the Board
Grimes is absent from his office beinir
Raleigh, Feby 10. Friends of State confined to his room by a severe cold.
Treasurer Lacy will be glad to know Hon. S. F. Patterson of the department
that he has been heard from from San of agriculture is able to sit up after a
Antonio, Texas, from which point he confinement to his Led. These two
An Act of Negligence Cause a Collision
In Which Four Live are Lost, r
Greensboro, Feby 12. Sunday morn
ing at 2 o'clock the north bound ex
press No. 34 ran into an open switch at
he western end of the yard and col-
lided with a shifting engine and killed
j outright engineer Will Sellars, fireman and show cause why they have not
v,naries jonnson and engineer Charles listed their taxes, vir,: John Bowden,
Norvel of the passenger train, Simpson Lucas and Lewis, O. D. S. S. Co., Mrs.'
Freeman conductor of the shifting train Emma Powell, F. C. Roberts, Agt
Raleign, Feb. li-Secretayof State v ' nea IW0 " ' w' street- J- w- Stew-
, .'I-":?. Z . . te, hours later. . art, Mary Ann Starkev. D. W R.i
' None of the passengers were injured C. Hughes, Thos. Williams, George
and the. train was quickly provided Eubanlu- v
; with new engine and crew jind it re-1 n mtion the Board took recess un-
Pire uizao o'clock p. m.
ALL M B007
sumed its trip not badlv delayed.
Graded schools tn th ;Z reporto an improvement in health.. Mr. together with treasurer !: maki man .of the PW twin ' ifte 2:30 o'clock p. m.,
. .u t,. o , . "lTomiiiomoi imo h . tk.t th. i n. ... .oi..mX-. i. . was painfully bnl
of the HWiSnWl f,. ..- v. Lacy will remain some time in that three of the State officials1 who Iikuo I . faui-"jr uuw noi senousiy wound-1 r-" x, present commis-
Technlcal Objection Raised by
Face to Far With nf tji- I section of the southwest, principally in yielded to the chances of the winter
- uswau lucain. ... - i . . . .
The city superintendents now in session Ariiona' Governor Glenn is busy in hi i.ffiae lne b,ame fop 016 accident is put up-
here attended in a body. This af ter- The Secretary of State charters the Wlth accumulation of mail for the on lne 8wlhnan Turner Welfare and
noon the association metotthn stt D. J. Bost Company, at Concord for e days of his absence in the weste awrence Malcolm. They have dis-
is $50,-
Normal and Industrial Colleee and af-1 the conduct of a wholesale
ter hearing elevating addrojuM t mm business. The capital stock
Special to Jourpal. , lUty Supenntendent Crowell of High 0(.
Greensboro, N. C, Feb. 10. In thero,nt on the teaching of music in the! The Woman's Club of. Raleigh was
Samuels case this mornins- Judo-e B-llmo"c "ciooi ana rrom superintendent I addressed by Mrs. W. R. Hollowell of
Inf PllhliM Tnof riiUJa- T V T . I rt t i l ! 1 .!
m.. t i ; f . ..vuiowuiunu i. tfuyaer on i oi iioiusuoro conceniiiiif leueraiion.
"""""" Pweriu, iffni pKunio th. 8vgtera of tMpMn n t? I ... f,
Judore Bovd contended that there waslcki n o i. j .. .1 . . ; . . . . .
: """"i owiren maae anotner
fatal variance in the bill of indictment I mirable talk on graduation work.
and the proof was that Samuel was
charged with having committed offen
ces as an officer, a general or special
employee of the government He read
the revised statues and decision of the
SuDreme court ahowinsr that Samuebl1116 Federal court
"was neithf voffiov '
employee and was a simple hireling
part of theState. It is ouile likeiv appeared and the police have not been
that his report concerning the Si ale ab 6 Jocate them. A warrant for
Hospital at Morganton will be if iven to their arrest was sworn out Sunday
the public Tuesday. . -. laiiernoon ior them. The wrecked Ten-
H. C. Brown, secretary Noith (w P1161 wer brought to the depot vard
lina Corporation Commission leav for and large crowds visited the scene of
New Bern tomorrow as witners in tt e e Ieaul accident,
. .. . ; . . . . . case of Hill nt o I
membership witn tnai ooay insteaa or " ; "f""1- "i"" .
by independent movements. ; The ad- Tfa,'roar . Improvements in Tabernacle Church,
C. Railroad.
The officers for tha Dr. B. F. Dixon. State auditor
. . . i " ( " 1 i r I nkA m-lj' . r . . . .
elected were: President: J. T. AlHer-ltvith ninn. nf local nftt.tim nnH m wasnington u. u. today to att-nd a i" ""emacie oapusc church is
man of Henderson; Vice President, W. regard for her State and its women. meeting National ; Association State unaerKng some repairs and improve
S. Snipes of Winston: Secretary and J?h wM out snoken In her desire to Auditors and Comptrollers. ' , ments hi& will be of permanent bene
Treasurer, I. F. Griffin, Salisbury. aid the Children's Confederate vete- Georee. the younger son of Col. Fred " 10 " church. ,'A new carpet has
Inn omnmatil f kA C. I . , m . - . I W1I1H FIRM nAPfl TO Van txr hia f..uA . - I wcu MUlLUOflCU mill enn WB a Bra Tii ha
-"--- omnue, casein rans in advance onne erection oi any i - - -v -i . -.-- - nextreeular meeting to hW Ma
did notboem until more monuments or tokens of a more l1" m wesl iexas on account illuess 1.'' " ui w" win give ine "
wim lungs, at waco, Texas.
A trial
sioners Foy, Barrington, Harvey, Rich-
arason ana wadsworth. :
On motion Board took recess until
8:30 o'clock.
ine aamtary Board met at 3 o'clock
p. m., present commissioners Foy,
Richardson, Harvey, Barrington and
Wadsworth and Drs. Hughes and Prim
On motion the salary of Superintend
ent of Health was made $50.00 per
montn ror the present year. :;
On motion Sanitary Board adjourned.
The Board of Commissioners met at
d.du o clock pursuant to recess. Pres
ent commissioners Foy, JHarvey, Rich
ardson, Barrington and Wadsworth.
Ordered that J. E. Register be no
tified to appear before -the Board at its
i . airent or special I e afternoon session yesterday, ' when perishable esteem,
s'a simole hirelino- of r-J-of Asheville, made the Rev. A. J. McKelway, secretary of . A justice of .the peace
V . lupeniniC SDeecn Of two hmipafny fUl.i . i jlmjt.i a I betWn thtuhonni nf nn anfl rams m
.rt . . yt ... . - - rna ndnrionHi liuiu uiuur AHHOCiauon nu a, m.
revenue agent vapman unaer spec. prt,on - gathered about him in Raleigh the fol- " of the unusual happenings in
statute auinonzing employment oi ae
.: tectives and that he only acted as such
. and could not be: c mvicted under the
bill of indictment. J ddge Boyd said
he was inclined to the same opinion I until Monday.
His effort was pronounced by. every- loww named committee who will fur- tho c,ty of RaleiK after the Saturday
y as a very great presentation of ther the purposes of the Child Labor mnt 8 Performance at the Academy of
'" Kuvenunent s contentions. Judge
movement in this section:
Dr. H, A.
Bynum made two hours argument this RoyBter, chairman, for the temporary Fremont Stock Co., a 10, 20- and 30
morning when court will take a recess 8ervice8; c. L. Coon, secretary, J. W. cent combination playing herehrough-
mtenor a more pleasant aDDeamnra.
Other improvements are being- con
templated, x '
The choir of this church which is
large has secured the services of Mr.
Brown, the professional choir master
Music, as given to the members of the rain aBd lead hem and they expect
mj uave as gooa singing as any church
the valuation of his property should not!
De increased.
in the city.
. and discharged the jury until Monday
, by the request of Solicitor General
Hayes when the district attorney can
be present. He- says he had carefully
examined into all the points raised by
Judge Bynum before drawing the bill
of indictment and was prepared to de
fend it successfully.
To the spectators the document came
as a sensational surprise and the re
lease of Samuels is freely predicted.
Judge Bynum spoke for two hours and
hisi argument was masterful.
i Miss Margaret Smallwood returned
yesterday from a several months visit
. with friends in New York City.
Mr. George Green left for Wilson for
a few days. .
Miss lUizaheth Davis returned yes
terday from a visit at Beaufort and
Moreheadtity wnare she lectured on
missionary work. . -
Master Haywood Guion went to
Washington, N.'C yesterday to visit
Before) tho
Gales Creek.
RaiW C. H. Poe. Dr. T. N. Ivev. uul me wee, colonel fTenlont and
argument beiran vmtm. I r.- i i o rn n n m ir I One of his Bneoinltv mn nnmA.1 Vnrlra
day judge Boyd onrequestof attorneys, Wf u Poteat, Wake Forest College, 8enes of word battles concerning
allowed eight hours to each side instead rir RH win Mills of Durham. Dr. R. F. the matter of salary, the latter com-
six as had been previously aereed PomnVioii a uv,..nia rr M n n.nim plaining he was unpaid, and the nrincioal
UDOIL. . ; , I . K .. I knlHinn. U- V-J V - ...a! . I WCT 1fTPK BFlH traitr,rr tkni. A . I.. I .
There was a very spicy legal aru- rZZ! V " 7 T N iency for his services. The The bad weather has hindered thorn ;7J3:W -nut'
tr.lm.0t SOmVuP: Scales, ex-overnor C B. Aycock, and waxed so warm tMt a newal of moreh
vy.uvU W11Q1CU t A .1 VlPK AlOflV I VIA flTiMltil AtW I vwvlxa iIVUUIO WttS bllC ClUalllif I vivntaii TVa I TIAI!" Of who novf
v -r - - -- - r . . . I : - sv uwaw
February 10.
The farmers are getting busy repair-
The resignation of Mr. Hahnas fence!
commissioner of the 8th township was!
presented on motion was accepted.
1. . n r mi
ju UIU1.1U11 iur. a. u. i nornton was I
appointed fence commissioner of 8th I fill the vacancy caused bv
mr. nann s resignation. : ' j -
Mr. R. A. Nunn appeared before the I
Board in the interest of the Board of I
Education and requested that the Board I
of Commissioners have a map of the!
county made.
un motion commissioners Fnv nn
Eruptions Appeared on Chest, and
Face and Neck Were All Broken
Out Scales and Crusts Formed
Iowa bdy Has Great Faith
In Cuticura Remedies for Skin
D'seases. -
"I had an eruption appear on my
chest and body and extend upwards
and downwards, so that my neck and
face were all broken out; also my arms
and the lower limbs as far as the knees. -I
at first thought it was prickly beat.
But soon scales or crusts formed where)
the breaking out was. Instead of going
to a physician, I purchased a complete
treatment of the Cuticura Remedies, in
which I had great faith, and all wu
satisfactory. A year or two later tho
eruption appeared again, only a little
lower; but before it bad time to spread
I procured another supply of the Cuti
cura Remedies, and continued their us
until the cure was complete. It is now
five years since the last attack, and
have not seen any signs of a return.' I
have taken about three bottles of tha
Cuticura Resolvent, and do not know
how much of the Soap or Ointment, a
I always keep them with me; probably
one half dozen of each.
"I decided to give the Cuticura Rem
dies a trial after I bad seen the results
of their treatment of eczema on an
infant belonging to one of our neigh
bors. The parent took the child to the)
nearest physician, but his treatment did
no good. So they procured the Cutiouroj
Remedies and cured her with them.
When they began using Cuticura Rem
edies her face was terribly disfigured
with sores, but she was entirely eured,
for I saw the same child at the age of
five years, and her mother told me the
eczema had never broken out since. I '
have more faith in Cuticura Remedies
for skin diseases than anything I know
of. I am, respectfully yours, Emma E.
Wilson, Liscomb, Iowa, Oct. 1, 1905."
Complete Extern! and Internal Treatment far Enrf
Ilumor, from Pimple, to Scrofula, from Infancy to Are. "
conililluf of Cuticura Soap, Hoe, Ointment, ., Beaotr
ent, Wc. (In form of Chocolate Coated HI U, ate. per rial
of w), may be had oOall dnuHlete. A eluKleeet often euroa.
Fotler Drug k Chcm. Corp., Sole Prone, Boeton, laaee.
aiuuoOl'rtV'iiow tt-,TinlriiiT' Half,"
returned Sunday
with' relatives in
Mrs. R. Ulrich;
evening from a visit
' 'Suffolk. . '
Capt. Howland, of the revenue cutter
Boutwcll, who has buen on a Board of
Naval Inquiry at Mobile, for the past
m mth, returned to ew Bern on Sun
posedly sensational evidence offered n, a't w,k.i.v. T.T.inh. than word trouble was the closing Misa DilHe
by the prosecution in the Samuel's easel :.., - l ., v.. Vi I Scene in the Academv in tha lireaonre visiting her sister Mrs D B Garner last:
- , , JCVUJ VU DC JJ W1D ULOIUdttaitUU '"a . I'" , - 7 - '
which gave an interesting - glimpse of Bre the prevention of children under 14 of Beveral witnesses who had assembled Saturday and Sunday.
the political phase of it The defense veara from njeht work; prevention of to look at the tawny lion , in caged , Dr Sanders made a professional trip
nas ail a ong Deen intimating that the girh at same age from cotton mill work ecurity, after he had done his turn nf e yesterday to see Mrs J A Taylor,
prosecution was inspired by the oDDon- ,i k. .,- n. n j before the footlights. ' CoIa Fremont who was qukk siclv .
enta of Congressman Blackburn, but writ, T became strenuous with a stick and I Rev T s Dixon has left his charge
successiuiiy resisted the first effort of . ..'. . . . struck Yorke. Later in tha nitrhk. infant uown east and joined the Life Saving
the District Attorney to show other- ; 0I, r: Just as the colonel was going uhn. crew at Bogus Inlet
wiA I trrt. to me uuiixoru Jtiaraware ai., at , . " , ;"' 1 -or- f :-j : tu. -,. ' a-iw, pursuant to recess.
Wise. . - , I ... ... ' I the nlftftipr nnnnrt far AahamU u.h.m . We noticed in the items f mm hare I n x . .
Greensboro, for the conduct oi a whole week befor last that p " . k" "a commvi oners aV.
sale and retail business there, the
thorized capital stock is placed at $50,
Rcmainini in tha Pnnt rm. WJ
" - - VUM Rl. IXL'W
Bern, Craven county, N. C Feb. 5
Ordered by the Board that Sarah
Capps be allowed to pay all back taxes
upon property listed to her which
property has been sold for taxation.
Board took recess until 10:30 o'clock
a. m., February 6th, 1906. .
The Board met at 10:30 o'clock a; m.'
February 6th, 1906, pursuant to recess. January
Statement J.
. 5, 1906.
Feby 1, tobal
H" 30, to taxes collected
" " S. B. Taxes colld.
To bal.
W. Biddle, sheriff, Feby
3,469 65
10,428 69
15 00
138 96
tha onmnanv hna an anrraf ,k: I Week before last that Rfiv waa nnt Ka- I . . ... .
au- 7 , ' "6-6..w. .u -- r- oarnngton and wadsworth.
weeic, ne was arrested Dy a constable 1 W,D uau" m i. w. nan, wonaer
2, by FS Ernul, tr. schools
Pursuant to notices served on themdo a
:izeu cupiuu hlucb. in uutccu at tou,- , . - ... wWtliet moi. M- n it -..u uouwa servcu on mem 1(1 do
.of which amount $9,300 ispaidin, was the ims of justice "HU f-J that byorderofthe Board. The followiug JfJ
retail depa-rtment of the Burwellft ?fwS" be?".E10U83i for. the TJZZ ? m' t Hi Parties appeared before the 26 do
. n. r-u niorv ! tnaL with the result that a fine $5.35 getic and valiant, might been a mis- Board and listd nrnnrtv0a 2" ?
A. E:nsteinpf Kinston is in the
Wo want to fill your!
prescriptions. We
know no can please
you. Let us try.
Warren'a Drug Store
Oak and Pirje Wood.
Dry Oak. and pine wood sawed in
stove lengths at ELLIS COAL AND
OOD YARD. Union Point ' Fhone 4
A-CD Area.-' .
D-C T Dickinson, 821 E Broad St
John Ford. ' . v
u uiiver Uilbert, Mr and Mrs El-
mon Gamer. '
H Mr and Mrs John Alexander Hall.
isain aatcb, Charlie Hill, care'W. J
fayne, Chaa. Hotel .
J L J" Jorman. (D L) Robert JnnAn
n . .
opecivei.) .
K Zeb Kornegay.
M-Calvin McClamb. W A McCov
oo iiuji. . - '
, oo oiiuuie street, u u Menshen.
w M Quince.
S-Wm. Sue, St Peter Baptist church,
ftiuun jseuears.
T Sam'l Thomas, 139 Brags Alley
r. r-ofc viatr vaiinune. ,
W-A F Wiggins, W T Wflliams.
o mrs itoseraner Bryan, 18 West
8 treat. ,
Dunn Drug Co , is also incorporated
under the name of Burwell-Dunn Re
tail Store, With its principal offices at
Charlotte. . " . '. "
The Lawndale Lumber Co., at Lawn-
dale, in Cleveland county, will manu
facture lumbers and furniture, with a
opital stock of $50,000, of which
was imposed, and the colonel waslta,ce
allowed to proceed to his sleeeper. with I Mr- J- A. Adams has made some im-
just margin enough for an uncurtained I Provement to his dwelling lately.
exit. Yorke left the company here, -and I We are glad to note that Mr. C. M.
F. Raiff.
J. W. Stewart.
N. H. Street,
Mrs. Emma P. Powell.
is accompanied by his wife. The .two shark who has been right sick with a I F. C. Roberts Agt
men are Drotncrs in law. i rising on ms root ior two weeks, is Lucas & Lewis
H Tr 7, " 7 L"T . mM! , , Dy a " " ... On motion the clerk
,.,nt K1ftn ha. keen neid In tha a- -- aim
. t - - tives, Willam Clinton Upchurch.the old- breaking a new farm,
$ 20 25
48 08
20 00
22 50
32 60
59 00
will handle all classes of lumber and
will also conduct a plant for the hand
ling of naval stores. . There has been
subscribed $50,000, out of an authorized
capital stock of $100,000. - ' .
GeoW. Atkinson, for many 'terms quietly passing away. Mr Upchurch
will have been 94 years old next Wed.
St Valentine's Day. The venerable
man was born in Morrisville, and was
married to Miss Adaline RoyBter, of
Raleigh, who died here 12 years ago.
Since that time it haa been the wish of
county surveyor of Wake county, and
nearly 75 years old, died at his home in the bereft old gentleman to continue
Swift Creek Township, where he had his residence at the old on Wil
been a sufferer from cancer. ' - mington street where he had aii,
News was received in Raleigh of the ations with his wife, and there he was
death of sheriff R. T. Hodges, cf Heau- watche dover and Cared for in every
fort county, an officer who has been sense that love and devotion could
most prominently connected and asso-1 dictate. For something more than 50
C Julia riarir tr,. n.ii I elated with ueiTiocrauc omce in mat years mr. upenurennas been a most
. -i-, m '.. -" . i5ry" I auction of the State for a numher nf regular mornintr vinltnnt at tha Citv
p"tr j
i f Cil
led to Dny
All Kinds of .
Southern Pmits
and Vegetables
ant street, Mrs M J Cahowe, No 28
graven street.
G Martha Green, Belair R F D No 2.
ii-mary uui, care W J Payne.
J-Mrs Dempsy Jones.
v-ranny Lam, care Miss Louler
,. . " Mflry E Moore.' Mrs Silma
Mchvian, care Rigdon Green; Mrs
myrine Moore, 110 Queen street.
R-K E Ruff.
o am Amanaa Button, R F D No
, Mrs ueia T Sutton, (2) Adiag Scott
53 New So. Front St X
T-Mrs Mary Taylor, 11 Broad St.,
T ..I. r, j
auin AUWIlrienU.
W Mrs Willmingston.
I ersons Calling for the above letters
will please say advertised and give date
Ul 11HL
years, and where he had honored the market scarcely ever having been
post of Bheriff for nearly 26 years. Mr. 1 missed, save on Sundays, and he has
Hodges was a brave and fearless Con- through all this stretch of time carried
federate soldier, ''having seen trying the same market basket, and looked
and continuous service in the defeose personally after the needs of his house-
of his loved Southland. He is survived hold. Some weeks ago he sustained an
by a large family both immediate and injury by a fall, since which time he
by marriage. His wife and children has been steadily failing. ' Mr. Up-
are well known in this part of the church was engaged in active business
W. H. Oliver Senile Unique Remem
branc to The Prosldent't Daughter
As a Wedding 61ft.
in Raleigh until about 10 years ago,
when he retired by reason of advanc
ing age. Mesdames J. C. L. Harris,
W. G. Upchuch, F. O. Moring W. IL
Dodd; S. C. Pool, of Raleigh, and Mrs.
P. A. Carter, of New York, and J. W.
and George Upchurch, of Raleigh, are
children. In additioa to the attend
ants about the seeming bed of death 29
grand children and a number of great
PTillonrlncr tha ammnla out kit nttimu I ..... .....
The iTjrulationa now , , J i "''"'"' """"" grand children are assembled about the
iTJKuiULiuils nOW.reaUire that til I in mnmr nnrta tt ta nnnnf-.. rv.1 ir . . . . ....
cent shall be .lwtJi ,uJ2" . 'r "" ..r"v ' home ol the earth-wearied old citi
of each MAmrA iZ. "" ". "ver.naa A"C6 KOOSO- len, ,iji, Vl t I HIM inir nn .l n
-. l " vu.l.lltHlllt
the souvenir book of Now Bern recent
was instructed
to communicate with the corporation
commission in refejenca tn tha n n s
Mr. Jack Adams and crew caught S. Co. and Norfolk & Sontham R p'
over $50 worth of nice trout one day to the end that the valuatinn a..aH
this week. Zoo Loo. hv tha
Co. at $7,142.86 and the absence of val
uation Which should haaaaonaad aorninat
It arouses energy, develops and stim the Norfolk & South, R R ahnnM
uiates tne nervous lire, arouses the becomwtMl it
26, by F S Ernul, treaar.
26, by F S Ernul, treaar.
genl. fund
31, by FS Ernul, treaar.
31, by F S Ernul, treasr.
genl fund
31, Commission on $10,-
443.57 6 per cent
14,052 18
1,000 00
2,000 00
3,500 00
2,000 00
2,000 00
1,000 00
. 50000
1,00. 00
600 00
'552 13
14,052 18
courage of youth. It makes you young
again. That's what Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will do. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets, For sale by F, S. Duffy.
Miss Jennie Cox, who has been the
EUat of her aunt, Mrs. J. C. Rigdon,
If ft for her home in Oriental hint night
If IT n hat
for (1111 orwm Ur,1. , "".""cr went to Richmond
IOr O.wal Of Will handle On last Light to arrange the Onslow bond
yc-;r prices
iy compuea ny ivirs. ts. u. 1'owell along Tuesday the 13th. big sale on all
With It he sent a Card with the follow- kinds of crvstaland froUhnntt tylnaawara
Let mo know caso-
" cr will
on what
yOU I , f,!r;(Jattl(, H. Tou, of Rail-
:h waH in
nig sentiment
'May Joy and Gladness Greet Thee."
Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Longwonh
May peace within thy walls
A constant guout be found.
With plenty and pro: it;rty,
Thy palaces be crowned.
also vases and lamps.
et Store.
The New Rack-
A Sock Social
Tho Ladies A id Society of tho Chris-
I H Lliry I;
t 1,' ' t.
l.tun went to f.!
i V
turn c:
h wi
i i v
' i
1. II.
:;ir ". v
' 'it)
Sock Social,
.liinpr at 7."!)
C:e Ii'iim', 01
1 he f ,rn;;J ,1
it ti n v
Hold High Carnival In the Section and Not
Muck El Wat Doing.
What is confidently asserted to be
one of the worst storms that has hap
pened for years visited this section
yesterday. The wind blew furiously
and the ram (fell incessantly, some
times it came down gently but most
of the day it descended in torrents and
when the wind was strongest walking
on the street was almost impossible,
It was useless to seek the protection of
an umbrella for the wjnd made a mere
top of it The tide rose about four
feet and the river was in a state of
tumult and crafts had a hard time bat
tling with the waves.
Capt. Harker, maater of Mr. George
N. Ives gasolene boat Sappho made
a trip on the boat to the light house at
the mouth of the river and returned to
the city covering a distance of ninety
miles. The captain reports tho rough-
Jest weather that he ever encountered
and ho thinks that there never was
such a bad Btorm. When the weather
is considered its a wonder that any
boat that sails on local waters could
pass through such a storm and not Buf
fer by it The boat has established a
fine record which will be hard
The forecast for today is continued
rain and high northeast winds.
appears to the board
that there is an error in valuation of
0. D. S. S. Co. at the above amount
and that the Norfolk & Southern R. R.
should be valued at that amount in
stead and that the a D. S. S. Co..
which owns no steamers should give in I county,
Respectfully submitted,
Sworn to and subscribed before mo
Feb. 5, 1906.
Ordered that the county attorney be
and is hereby ordered to look into the
matter of all corporations of Craven
the real and personal property as do I
individuals. ; -
Ordered that the valuation of the
property of C. S. Hollieter on Graves
street be corrected by adding $1,800
On motion it is ordered that R. O.
Lancaster be notified to open the old
road . from the Washington road to
Neuse road until Ihe new road is se
cured according to law.
The report of Dr. J. F. Rhem, supt
of health, was presented and on motion
was accepted and ordered filed and
' Ail regular bills were allowed.
On motion board adjourned.
Clk. of Bd. Comrs.
February 9, 1906.
Ladies, read this catalogue of charms,
smootn skin without a blemish, in
short, perfect health. For sale with
every package Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain tea. 35 centa. For sale by F. S.
TflA WAlaAI4- 1 IP o r 1 .
tcuuiit ui o. .biiiui,, treasurer. n . . . .
was received and ordered filer! ami i "-" a ukm,m
Report of F. S. Ernul, treasurer of
Craven county for month of Janu
ary 1906. v..:-.--
To Bal on hand .
To Interest Fund
Bal due treasurer '
Fence No. 1
Bal on hand
Fence No. 3.
Bal due treasurer
Respectfully submitted,
F. 3.
$1,359 60
26 83
Tuneful Merry Melange ,
The Lyman Twins who appear at tho
31 71 opera house next Saturday night havo
a company or pretty girls, fina singer
175 11 mirtt provoking comedians and i-
otherA features that go to make vn a
ttltmiv s' tiny appear this sr
, . - - Treas. m 8 miflcal comedy The Ituhl !
Sworn to before me this 2nd day of briKht slid tuneful sketch of v '
Feb. 1906. , . , . Twins play to a good a.lvai.i . '
W. B- FLANNER, J. P. are supported by a LriMi
comedians and a fma c',.
J. W. Biddle, sheriff, presented his of beautiful youri ' v
report which was accented anrl nr,i..r.n,i among whom wilt Le I .
t i filed and recorded. i will remembered v, : h '
pretty and fa a ! -
when '
t t-
us c
i the com
Ask any "JAP" that you may see,
"Why the Czar, with ISear behind, "had
to climb a tree. '
The Yanks, Cod lie. tho Ya.'.s f pave us Koi ky in ' , ,
The com;
mid pi, ;
v 'i a i
1 1

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