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tn Craven Strwt. ' ' -' :
Two Month,. :. .
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welTe Months
Official Paper of New Bern and Craven
County. .
Advertising; rate rurnwhed upon p
' plication at the office, or upon nquiry
: iv mull .- .
these products to be grossly wasted,
has lead to their possible destruction. 1
And the prodigal waste, the quantities ;
of oysters and fish gathered from the
sounds and rivers, has not been of any
real value to the State, in way of reve
nue. Outsiders have carried away thou
sands of boat loads of oysters, and
these sold in outside markets have been
passed to the consumer under every
name except being from North Caro
lina. .
Uorth Carolina may be noted for its
fine oysters and fish, but where is the
market in which these native products
are rightly labelled, or where the con
sumer calls for North Carolina oysters, j
in preference to others?
It is not laws that are needed for the
Hons to un
In Samuel's Case And Goes to Jury
Next Week.
Mothtr Jones Gal Large audience. Meet
ing ol Superintendent ol State Graded
Schools. Two Wedding ol Promi
nent Greensboro Ladle.
(Special Correspondence.)
When court adjourned last night,
In . Marking Boundaries for
i .. -
!- Carolina Fisheries.
New Beru
MTTh jock." ib on y sen o w- nn,un,Hnn luJ nniUHmr un of the sea
..uri70n hiwi. SubscriDers " wui . . ; nnt.iofi of exniration of their sub-1 tmjx industry of this State, but an in
SSSta iSSSnZ teliigent and non-political handling of
the industry, along practical ana busi
ness lines. And this only will save and
preserve this industry
For the youth of today to reconcile
- Entered i the Viwuirtice,
A. i ". second-class inatuir.
New Bern, N. C, Feb. 13. 1906.
twentieth cen-
et iaK frond, but costinsr ",oney K"1"1 u
U.,-,, n.ifk thnan nrim Inipn which Were
v Weinrwri toa tre-i""J - r
ic, . r .j..: u tl, f
mendous extent, the substitution 0fpon----.wm
kind of article to be worn or eat- PPeMS to much
.v4.v Ko TBnnl und Uhe average
9U Uj tJM? U1MC3 v f 1 r
fila.i th various articles of household
use and decoration.
In manv instances this substitution is
demanded for appearance sake, in wear
' i in iuwoli-ir and household
nwt, The rich neighbor can pay for wc 3 - -
the irenuine article, the man next door,
mind to undertake, for
with the examples of wealth accumu
lations to be seen on every side, the
ImiPHtinn nf nrinciDle Beema to be of
I "1 7 1
Ismail account.
Franklin has said "The way to
depending upon, a salwy, desires to
mou th nntward aDDearance, . and
buys the make up, adulterated article-
just as good,, but cheaper.
However the evil, in its demoralizing
nature, of make believe in appearances,
a those things wl.ieh Jo not vitally af
fect, yet in food and drink, there is a
public demand that if adulterations are
to be madc,let each article so made up,
so adulterated, bear the. stamp of its
maker, the true character of its adul
teration. The poorer classes may have
the colored picture in place of the oil
painting, their walls may be lainly
papered; their furniture painted or
stained pine, clothing of shoddy make;
hW a with DaLer soles, and other out
ward articles of use of materials sub
scituted for the genuine, but in those
things which enter into life, in the way
of food and drink, there should be dras
. tic laws, enforceable laws for the pun
ishment of those who adulterate every
kind Of article which enters the list of
food, for it is the poorer classes that
suffer, they must buy food in package
and can, and the larger the quantity,
the cheaper it must seem, : therefore
unless such packages and canned goods
are honestly marked to show , the true
nature of their contents, the poor
classes are buying and consuming food,
"which however cheap its first cost may
Beem, is going to prove frightfully cost
ly in its effect upon the health of the
men, women and children, who lgnor
antly are forced to consume these
r .j., .ml fliAro Rhould he the
iuui.., I ships which
. severest penalties for wilful food and! f -
' K nrO 1 1" 111 tfP TAP .
drink adulterations, that is for selling
such adulterations without a distil
truiRhinir mark to designate their real
o "
'. composition.
As in every kind of substitution mak
ing, the profits for adulterations and
counterfeits of every kind are so
enormous, that the manufacturers can
" destroy all legislation aimed against
their business, and keep up their profit
earning, through it means the destruc
" tion of human lives. Every Pure Food
law should have the careful attention
of everv legislator, that such laws may
be passed and then rigidly enforced.
ket. It depends chiefly on two words,
Industry and Frugality; that is, waste
neither time or money, but make the
best use of both."
Industry, unfortunately, has a harsh
sound to most of the young. It is
sociated with regular labor, fixed taskk
and an accounting for every minute
and hour, how SDent. Industry, also
has the record of giving wages in stip
ulated amounts, in certain payments,
and in money only, that is fairjy, and
honestly won through toil and personal
effort. ' '
There is no fascination of get-rich-
quick, through Industry. It promises
its followers success, but it is a success
which may be just a plain every day
success. No trumpets to blare the
name, no parade, no music, just suc
cess which may only be the inner con
sciousness of right done, honestly
nineteen witnesses had been examined
during the day in the Samuel caser The
testimony was in support of that given
by witnesses at the opening of the case,
some of it contradicting that of the de
fendant and his witnesses as to .stills
being destroyed, others testified that
the Bill Williams still had been out in
the1 weather for twelve months to all
appearances. ; It is not thought more
than an hour will be consumed in the
examination of witnesses this morning,
when the argument will begin. Six
hours will be allowed each side for ar
gument, and it is understood that eight
lawvers will address the jury. - This
gives each lawyer one hour and a ha1
each. Special Assistant District At
torney J. Britt will make the opening
reument for the government and wil
bo followed by Judge Bynum for the
lef endant" Assistaat District Attorney
Price will follow for the government
then vrill come ex-Governor Ayccck and
Mr. J. W. McNeil for the defendant,
followed by Solicitor General Hayes
Mr. Watson will close for the defend
ant and District Attorney Holton will
close the case for the government. The
jury will probably get the case by Tues
day night, the winding u of the fifth
continuous week of the trial.
Mother Jones,"' spoke to a crowdec"
audience at Labor Union Hall last night
She devoted most of her mcst impres
sive talk to a discussion of child laboi
and some of its abuses. She alsc
touched upon the Socialist doctrinei
predicting that the day was not far die
ant when the Socialist party wouh
dominate the affairs of this countr
imd said the greatest agency of its pro-
jagation was not agitation so much as
the grinding of the sweat aftd honest
physical and mental toil of the million!
to build up millionaire collosuses am
dobauched monied autocrats.
About twenty-five SuperintendenU
of city graded schools have gathere(
here to hold their annual session. ; Th
organization . meeting was held in th
Assembly Hall of the Benbow hotel last
night, but there was so litt'e heat in thi
large room, it was impossible to trans
act any regular business. The mair
sessions of the Association will be helt
today and tonight, the session tbi?
morning being in the library hall at the
State Normal and Industrial College
Quite an additional number of Snperin
Work to b Dont So Fish May Enter Riven
Great Number Corporation Certificate
: tuued In Thi Stat. Col. F. A.
Old Goe To Txa.
(Special Correspondence.)
Raleigh, Feby 9. Governor Glenn is
i Some
in receipt of a letter from George M.
Bowers, Commissioner of fisheries of
the National Government and a supple
mentary letter ; from Prof. J. A.
Holmes, in which the department
promises direct and immediate ;- co
operation in regard to a recent reso
lution at the last meeting or the fctate
Board of Geological surveys, concern
ing the North Carolina fisheries. This
ltter states that the Federal govern-
tnei t will gladly assist the State in
marking the boundaries and open ways
end that the shad, and other fish may
enter the sounds and other? waters
where their spawning grounds are lo
oted. In the absence of the Governor
no immediate action will be taken but
accessary steps will immediately follow
Small Boys Chicken Thieves
Down One Cautjht.
Hen roost depredations have been so
common of late that owners of poultry
have been on tho alert hoping to get up
with tho thief or animal that was de
populating their chickens. Lnst night,
Mr. Will' Brooks was at his liome on
East Front street, ' reading, when he
heard the plaintive squawk of one of
his hens. He grasped his hat and be
took himself to the scene- of- action to
see four small forms hiking away each
with a fat pullet under his arm. He
overtook one Of them and held him good
and fast. The boy , had hold of the
chicken as if it was a bag of gold and
consequently was caught red handed,
as it were. ; The boy is a diminutive
scalawag not over twelve years oldand
his hame is Willie Grady, colored. He
could not run fast with his burden so
that'Mr, Brooks caught him easily and
took him to tho city hall, k; He spent
the night in the municipal caiaDoose. -
K f ' f ',' ''' t ' '
"About a year ago," writes MrsMattia Allen, of
1123 Broadway, Augusta,. Ga., "I suffered with
blind, sick headaches and backaches, and could get
no relief until I tried
m nn
Voman's Relief
It is thought that this is the gang or
" ; .V.... ,u , o.,Ji .I. a'partof it that has done systematic
cniCKen stealing aim mtuiy pcuyie
lost some fine poultry. Posibly by this
capture an important- clue is obtained
and tho others may be arrrested
soon. . "' ,
1 immediately commenced to improve, gnd
now 1 Jeel like a new woman, unu wisi tu
recommend it to all sick women, tor i
WRITE ' : Know 11 WU1 vuie incui, as nuiu my.
IIS varaui is pui e, 1 1 icuiw 1 ku cau a ui .
nmV''''' vegetable herbs, which relieyes
and frankly, describing temaie puma, .-5u.utw
your symptoms.' wo wm , KvnCtlOns.lOlies up ti ieui di is
consider your case and give . , . hrnhpr Stnte of health.
you free advice (in plain seaiea v. wrM-" . . ,
envelope). . Don't hesitate, but Try it for your trouble.
Every drnggtst sells It
wrftetodav. Address: Ladles' Ad
visory Dept., The Chattanooga Medi
cine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
in $1.00 bottles.
A Menace to Health.
the return of the Governor to his offica.
It is hard to figure what the possible Kidney trouble is an insidious danger,
results may be to North Carolina by and many people are victims of a sen-
reason of i such action since it means ous malady before the symptoms are 1
doing away with the nets which are recognized. Foley s Kidney i-ure cor-
usually spread in the coast waters. The rects irregularities and strengthens and
;redit of this work will belong dis
tinctively to the North Carolina Geolo
rical survey and to those, who are to
ictively interested and employed there
The Secretary of State reports that
from. December 1, 1904 to February 0,
935 there- were- i'suod from his office
120 certificates of incorporation?. From
December 1, 1905 to February 9, 190K
rhere were issued 194 certificates. This
builds ud the kidneys, und it should be
taken at tho first indication of kidney
trouble, as it is impossible to have
good health if the kiaiiys are derang
ed. For sale by Davis' Pharmacy.
' We can shin whiskey to any noint in North Carolina that the Railroads or
Steam Boats lines go." We are located in the State of Virginia and the N. C j
An-ti-jug laws do not effect ua at all as we are protected by the Inter-State v
Commerce Laws. We sell corn whiskey at $1.23 per gallon and Bye whiskey
at $1.50 per gallon and up. Write us far our complete Price-list and Express
rate to your office. .
P. B ox Sf8.
Suffolk .Va
But Little Chance For Escape of Miners.
Charleston, W. Va., Feb. 9-Twenty
increase is hardly appreciable to the svn men ar6; 8till entombed in : the
lsual reader and on looker but wnen narreii mint- near Oak Hill, in Fay-
cho total is cast there will be Blown a ette countVl in the Loup Creek field,
jurprising magnitude of business and wher0 tne o plosion occurred yester-
levelopment in North Carolina. jay afternoor. In is known that thir-
Tht ntnrfi nf t.h Youncr Hardware hu-ninf mtsn were in the mine and
Company on Martin street in Raleigh there may have been more, , as the
lad been closed under execution, claims work is done by contract - and no rolls
imounting to nearly $300 having been are kept. Twelve escaped, Tne mi-
thus far presented.. Definite figures arc j0rity of the men are negroes and Hun
iot stated. It is said this morning I KarianB. ' -
And Frugality is less tempting, evenftendents came in on this morning'f
. . ' t : J lU. MnA4-.nw mill Via laWTolv
traillB OIIU HIC UlCCbiMg Will
attended. Last night there was aboul
than Industry, for it means the giving
up of so many comforts, - which are tc-
day set down as necessities, and so be
cause your next door neighbor, your
friend you meet on the street or at the
club, enjoys them. Frugality, in this
age of rapid' weath getting, and its
consequest luxurious living, is too slow
to be followed, with her promises of
wealth in the end. Speculation nevei
is found in the company of Industry
and Frugality, for Speculation says,
"today, wealth and all that it gives, is
yours, industry ana uruganiy may
keep their promises in the distant fu
ture, but think of the denials and hard-
are your portion while
waiting for wealth through following
Industry and Frugality."
These first principles, leading to
financial success, are as true today in
their results, as when the great Frank
lin uttered them. It is the impatience
of the ag3, that has relegated Industry
and Frugality to the rear, as being un-
suited to the temperament of twentieth
century progress, in this age when a
mile a minute is too slow, when news
twelve hours old is out ol date, and
when a wireless -telegraphic system
keeps every steamship on the high seas
in close communication with every
passing event on the land.
It is the idea that wealth, fame, hon
or, may come without - the effort,
that Industry 'can be Eliminated,
that is so fatal Every great in-
At a recent meeting of the State
Geological Board, is reported that Gov- j yention, the very speed of the present
ernor Glenn was asked to see that the I century in every line, Is the product of In
laws enacted by the Legislature be en- dustry and Frugality, which have found
f rced which look to the preservation KTEE
... . T .. I OUIe WJ Miv MLiva v w huwv
of the sea looa inaustry oi iwu, v.- principlM wil, also find ju8t
Li. a. I nerfect reward in the future, as they
It is easy to pass laws, and for Boards I have in the past
u . i c.Avurnfirs to sav that these laws
i.. . w mo. hJ There is more Catarrh in this section
rauw!TOu,-- j-a I 4 ii n ,,- j;nQ
Rvcr resulted in helping the , fish and nnt fnrBt1 nd until the last few
. . ..l-... j I1 ' 7 .
rater wiausiry oi mis owue, u i year8 waB (.uppoged to be incurable.
1. for invest igutions Into causes For a itreat many years doctors pro-
H have led to the destruction of
f,i a products, have resulted in
' nt to solve tho question
' '' ' .1 a'tcni-ii-s, and when
, l" is rohiilt is never hard
v f
no in si
t- t'
s of
nounced it a local disease and pre
scribed local remedies, and by constant
ly failing to cure with local treatment
pronounced it incurable. Science has
proven catarrh to be a constitutional
d!;io;:.e and therefore requires cort.stitu-
1 treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
.r.i-. i t. d by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
i, ( .:.), is t',e Oi!y ccr I
; i t' e i ' ct. It is t '
yi.ii' i f . l 10 ! ,i
!. It j.-ii tll.i-fy "i t
1 1. ,-, i v ,r -i tf t:.
two book agents of representatives of
publishing bouses present for everyone
of the superintendents. Dr. Preston
W. Search will address the body thit
morning, and tonight at Smith Memo
rial Hall he will address the Children
and patrons of the City Schools, the
Superintendents attending, in ,a
y- .
At tne home oi tne oriaes uncte, xur.
A. Odell, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock
occurred one of the most elaborate
weddings witnessed here this season,
Miss Zula Aurora Hinshaw and Mr.
Eugene Thompson Bost of Concord
were united in marriage by Rev. G, T.
Detwiler, in the presence of a large
number of relatives and friends. , The
home was elaborately decorated, and a
reception given, lasting from 5 to 8
o'clock, wt. as attended by large
numbers of friends of the - bride in the
city. The couple left on the night
train for Palm Beach and will be at
home at Boats Mill near Concord after
March 1st The bride has made her
home here with her uncle for the past
seven years, and is an accompusnea
woman, graduating at Greensboro Fe
male College in 1903. i There was a sur
prising display of useful presents in the
library, among them being a chest of
silver from Mr. and Mrs. OdelL
Another of Greensboro's fairest and
most lovable women was married at
noon today, at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. R. G. Lee. when their daugh
ter Misi Pearl Rosa Lee and Dr. John
William McPherson were united in the
bonds of wedlock, Rev. Charles E. Hod
gin of 5 Westminister Presbyterian
church officiating. They left on the
midnight train for Washington and
other northern points. Returning in
two weeks to the home of the groom at
Haw River.
All efforts have failed to find a better
remedy for 'coughs,, colds and lung
troubles than Foley's Honey and Tar.
1 1 stops the cough, heals the lungs and
prevents serious results from a cold.
j. N. Patterson Nashua, Iowa, writes.
"Last winUr i hud a bud ild on my
lungs and tried at least half a dozen ad
vertised cough medicines and had treat
ment from two physicians without get
ting any benefit, A friend recommend
cd Folay's Honey and Tar and two
thirds of a bottle cured me. I consider
it the greatest cough and lung medicine
in tho world.. Dor sale oy Liavis
;hat a receiver will be asked for, W, J
Voung, Sam Young and others of Ral
iigh are stockholders. The company
has done a retail hardware business.
No further particulars have today
oeen received as to the condition of
Douglas Olds of Waco, Texas, a son of
Ool' Fred A. Olds -of Raleigh. The
Colonel is on his way to Texas. ;-
The Farmers Protective ' Association
of North Carolina will meet in Durham
the 12th Of February at noon, pursuant
to a call issued by Col. John S. Cun
ningham, president of that body
stated that at this meeting many matters
of vital imrjortance to the farmers of
the State will be brought up and (its
The North Carolina Anti-Saloon Lea
eue chose the following central execu
tive committee: J. W. Bailey, J. I.
Johnson, Josephus Daniels, N.
Broughton, and Rev.- J. C. Massee.
It is not believed any of the ea-
tombed men are alive. The ventilation were wrecked by the force of the
exolosi in and the circulation of air
through the mine was stopped so that i
no one with any hope of living can ven
ture in until tht fan are repaired and
set to working as?ain.
, Frightfully Burned.
Chas. Moore, a machinist of
City, Pa.,
Express Charges aid By Us.
"A trial wilt convince you that these poods arcs the
very best for medicinal ana omer i uriuv.-. -"
nnrl if nnt. r.Prfoc.1, v satisfactory,
return at our expense and money will be refunded
at once. Ail snipmeuwi mo mouo i"
Remit by Postal or Express Money Order.
Write for price list of other liquors.
a machinist oi forai
had his hat.d frightfully
burned in an electrical furnace. He Bp-
It is plied Bucklen's Arnica Salye with the
usual result: : "a quick and perfect
cure." Greatest healer on earth for
Burns. Wounds. Sores, Eczema and
piles. 25c at All Druggists.
& N. C.
assessed damages $250
Superior Court News
The case of G. E. Hawk vs Rowland
Improvement Co.. and the A.
Co. : they aro
The case of Bottling Co., vs Habicht
. i : mi. a.
was on trial .yesteraay. j,ne action
was for an account During the evi
dence it was developed that an amount
' Gat In the Stomoch.
Belching and that sense of fullne is
so often experienced after eating is
caused by the formation of gas. The
stomach fails to perform its functions approximating ?800 had been paid for
and the food ferments; Chamberlain's j:auor within two months time. The
Stomach and Liver Tablets will correct jury awarded the plaintiff a judgment
the disorder. They aid digestion ana 0f mis. the amount in full of the claim.
strengthen and invigorate the stomach The attorneys in the suit of Hill vs
and bowels. For sale by Davis' Phar- Raiiway Co, , anrued on a motion to re-
macy and F. S. Duffy. - m0ye the case to another county" The
An undenrround telecra ih messatre
to Europe is expected to ba tne next A.& N.C. mio iba control ot tne origmai
in eat triumph of Father Joseph Murgas company. W. W. Uark represents the
whose system of wireless telegraphy me piainun, r . a
At the Head of alt fecco Fttiiliztis.......
Meadows Gold Leaf
Usa it and you will be pi ased.
Meadows OTT0i AM), ALLCROP
Guano, and wpaciil Feniiizera For All
is now in practical operation.
This ailment is usually caused by
u hiMHiier coum-jf. uo , v . a i ..M44- .1
case is to arnuF ho tease and give the fj 1 no J l " y UUI V Vjr .wiw
I 1 US. WO WBO OU'V LUtJ DXiOi tiJtcx w i f
insist ou uuviug . iuh
Daniels and A. D
Ward, are conuaet for the defendant.
Judge Long reserved his decision until
No pill is as pleasant and positive as
rheumatism of the muscles and may be DeWitt'a Little Eariy Risers. These
cured by applying Chamberlain's Pain Famous Little Pills are so mild and ef-
Balra two or three times a day and rub fective that children, delicate ladies
bing the parts vigorously at each appli-1 and weak people enjoy their cleansing
cation. If this does not afford relief, effect, while strong people say they are
bind on a piece of flannel slightly damp the best liver pills sold. Never gripe.
ened with Pain Balm, and quick relief Sold by F. S. Duffy.
is almost sure to follow. For sale
E. H. S J. 4. QO CO., :mkum
Factory Neuse River.
( )
j f A '
Tt Vrf mT W W W- w w Hm '
L. D, Fhone, 6G.
tm. rfr. 0-
w w W Www W 1 I W
t )
Davis Pharmacy and F. S. Duffy.
The body of 'Capt. . James B. Clay,
of Lexington, Ky., grandson of Henry
. The imports into the United States Clay, who died on a train near Battimore
have nracticallv doubled in value in the was taken Dacic to KemucKy.
- i
last seven years, the calendar year 1005
the imports aggregated in value
$1,172,000,000 as against G35,OO0,OO0 in
the caleudar yeai 1898. '
Mr. ' Burr Mcintosh, in a luciure at
Ford,8 Opera House, in Baltimore pre
dieted an outburst and general mas
sacre of foreigners in China in the near
. 'i 1 ! r
to a t i
At RUkmer's shipyard Promerhavcn
tlu'ro w;is Inn-.' hf"l the l;ir,;f" t r; i ii.g
. !,"; in t'.; wmlJ. Tl.o 1-i !.h of llie
i':, t i.i 4 i f- t. In r bn , ' ', m Ct f-i-t,
i .1 !.'!( ii uf K.f H 1 1 ,- !. n.
Common Cold art The.Causa of Many Sari-
out Diseases.
Iliysiciuns Viho have gained a nation
al reputations iu analysts of the cniiKC
of varu us ell . i rises, cluiinthat if cntrh
ing colli cou'd be avoiilud a long list of
diir;'--ii'is &i'.iri.".!s would never be
heard of. Hvi-ry ono ktKiwa th:it )ir..u-
mom-i a
.1 Cd1.!, Si
ar. 1 i. I t
.1 COM'
i, ; ..on on;
',n c .l.irili, liio'ii
1 lur-x troi ! '. ni
! !!. r-! .' .
. ' i ! ' 1
l J I 1
to tr
Tho Ytllow Fever Garm .
has roc ntly been diacovered. It bears
a closo resemblance to the malarial
germ. To free the system from dis
ease germs,, tho most effective remedy
is Dr. King's New Lifo Pills. Guars n
teedto cure all di3ascs due to malaria
poison and constipation, 25. at All
Druggists. :- '' ' " '
Secrotary ' Iloster.s weekly cotton
statement uhows for the nine days of
February an incease over last year of
53,000. -;
A Healing Gospel.
Tho Rev. J. C. Warren, pastor
riwirnm l'..iptiot Church, lial.-ir, C
-.iys of i:iecinc I.itlera. "It's a V.
send to maukiiid. It cured t- - f 1
ll 7
.-till joints,
:e. 1 v:-;
n l ir to v,
. L. V,
I f f
.) 1 I T
i r .
t v ,.1 r t
i i l
' it
1 1 i .
,-1 I!..
ot W.
4 V
If v'i'i r.'c f-
, V.- V.
r II

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