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Cotton Farmers Meeting
Raleigh, N. C, Feb. 14, 1906. ;
, Craven county is not one of the big
cotton counties, however her crop of
about ten thousand bales yearly when
sold at about 10 to 12 cents per pound
floats a large sum of money into the
business channels and gives to her
farmers the means of providing com
forts for home and family not heard of
when the price is five to seven cents
per pound. f ,
The Southern Cotton Association this
season sold the Craven county cotton
for about two hundred thousand dollar
. more than the 1904 crop sold for.
The Association will sell your 1906
crop for a good price if you will stand
by it to a man and help it in the fight
we have with Wall Street
' You must reduce your acreage for
1906 25 per ccent from that of 1904.
You must not sell your 1906 crop at any
price for future delivery. You must
contribute to the expense fund which i
is necessary to conduct the work of the
.Association. !
i nope to meet every tenant and
every farmer of Craven county at the
court house on Tuesday February 20th.
. r urmera nut, eiiKugeu ill growing col-
.ton, business men, everybody interest
ed in the upbuilding of the South, come
-,ti this meiting.
- Pres. N. C. Div. S. C. A.
A Cood Time Coming .
'The preparations that are being made
'in producing the "Deestrict Skule" are
all in accord with the. method of that
important institution and .there Is no
attempt to exaggerate the cpjration as
it was fifty years ago. A large num -
.ber of citizens have volunteered to be-
come dudiIs of the school once more
.and it will be intertaining to see how
our grandparents got tneir nrst noid on defendant lost a brother by death last
ucation. j weeic; ft js thought now that the case
Members of the Ladies Club are sell-, will be in the jury's possession by Fri
ing tickets which are good in any part 1 day night.
of the house at 50 cents The tickets J RoWt T co,ored ecja, de.
are selling rapdly. Seata for the en- meMenger for tbe Green.ooro
.tertamment may be reserved at Waters died ye8terdaJL 6fternoon at
, .btore. . 5 o'clock at his home on East Mfrket
s Oranges j street , He was an ebtimable man.
When thpy come with thegreen leaves master Glenn says that durlt g the
attached ti a sure sign that they ate 8 years that Price held the positiin of
fresh and have lost none of their de- special delivery messenger never had a
lightfulqualhies-justfrom the trees complaint been made against him. '-He
in that delicious state of perfection, waa Mr- Glenn, "as faithful,
so soothing to thenerveaand appeasing Prompt and efficient as any man would
tJ the appetite. The trees have been be in his place." Price died of pneu
- given the Tast shake of the season, monia, which developed rapidly as it
and has bid adieu to its beautiful gol- was only a day or so before his death
; .den fruif, but white with bloom of ex- that he quit work.
quiuite aroma. It ia none the loser for Messrs. J. R. and E. M. Oettinger, of
ihe change. i Kinaton have decided to locate a buggy
. C. E. WH1TCOMB. factory in Greensboro on Mr. Benbow's
3 George street. ' property on the eastern edge of the
New York Cotton Market.
- The following wero the opening and
. . v , . . ;
clotting prices on tha New York Cotton'
Al . - .
n . ni.......'..', .'I
Kxcnango, r eny ia .
10 12
10 2
11 41
10 60
.10 81
, 10.95
10 GO
10 98
Receipts 15,42-1
List year, 1.1,197.
Mnnv men eive luvinhly of srold. i
To build bridges and castles and towers
of Oil; . -;
If you want everlasting fame, a bene
factor be. , . .
Give the poor needy Rocky Mountain
Tea. j
For sale'by F. S . Duffy. I
"M"""" t
Wanted to Buy
J ty f'I'f'A I YtiT
All Kinds of
Southern Fruits -
and Vegetables
or will handle on
'for a
nmcnt. Let me know'
Effort to
Prove Him Gover-
nor's Agent
Filth Weak of Hit Trial. Worthy Colored
U. ' 8. Monongor Doad. OettllTgert of
. Kinston to Locals In Gronsboro.
. Chambar of Commtrco Asks .
for Continuance Fart Mall r; .
(Special Correspondence.) - .
Greensboro, N. C, Feby 14. After,
an nnrnmnr. Jntinir all Aav vpatprdni, '
in the Federal court in thetrial of G W i
Samuel indicted for frauds against the
government on a motion by defendant mK- Assistant District Attorney rnoe
to be discharged because of an alleged followed him in an hours argument for
fatal variance between the allegations the prosecution and Ex-governor Ay
of the bill of indictment and the proof. ck consumed the whole of the after
Judge Boyd disallowed the motion. He ! noon in hia argument for the defendant
ruled that defendant was an agent of Governor Aycock 's argument was 8
the government and as such was crmi-jlT8 effort and he made manv 001(1 and
nally liable "for malfeasance or non- .utrking utterances' in the course of his
feasance, and ordered that the argu- jsPeecn of more than two hours, which
ment before the jury be re-commenced attracted the closest attention of the
this morning. During' the morning'
session Solicitor General Hayes, pre-1
sented the governments position with
great force and power, and was follow
ed by Assistant District Attorney's
Price Tand Britt. In the afternoon
Judge Bynum for defendant replied
taking substantially the same grounds
he did Saturday, District Attorney HoV
ton closed the argument for the prose
cution, Judge ' Bynum closing with
another appeal to the court for the dii -charge
of defendant.' In his exhaus
tive argument of the morning Mr.
Hayea contended Samuel was an agent
nf f Vt A ffAVaromant 4-Vq f Via na na
f f itl. tya , tV,
statute under which the bill of mdict-
mmt h,m
was drawn, but also
t . . ,... ..
g(Jch. Further Ws gctB werethoBe '
, of an agent and in consequence of said
reports made by him the government
of the United States paid out various
sums of money for ..infoimers, feef,
etc., he being recognized by the govern
ment as its agent notwithstanding his
title, whether deputy collector, special 8na11 not he enforced, it cannot be en
employe, detective or what over it j forced.
might be. 'v..1 . j S x.uel, 1 believe in my heart. is an
The fifth week ef the trail beirins to-' hot and faithful an officer and citi-
'day Two defendants AttorneyF,
, Watson and Aycock are absent, Watson
gick at home: ex-Governor Aycock at-
: tending a dying brother at Goldsboro. f
District Attorney Holton has just r. -
t.A m k.!i o v,; v..tu.
i uiucu win vtio uuiiai ui sua uiuiiicf
and Judge Adams leading counsel for
town. The young gentlemen belong to
the Oettinger family in Kinston who
have done 80 much for tho commercial
and industrial upbuilding of that town
... . . . , ., .
and thev are certain io be decided ac-
quisitions to the business and industrial
life of Greensboro. The Btyle of the
firm will be Oettinger Buggy Com
pany. ' ' .
At a meeting of the Chamber of Com
merce last night, Dr. Charles D. Mclver
acting president, the following resolu
tion requesting the continuance of the
ft mail service to the south was
adopted: Be it resolved by the Chamber
of Commerce of Greenboro, N. C, that
ine norm caronna representatives in
the Congress of the. United States, tie
and they are hereby respectfully asked,
to earnestly support all means looking
to the continuance of the present sys-
tpm ff foaf mail atriita anil trt rlnxmtc
8Ucn an aPProPr'at'on as may be nec
essary to maintain the same.
I Be it further resolved that the secre
tary of this Chamber, be and ia hereby
instructed to can this matter to the at-
tmtionofall similar organizations ort
the south, and that he f rward a (o y
of these resolutions to cachtf Nr r
. Carolina's Senators and Representativ B
Mr. C. C. Moore, treasurer of the N.
C. Diymion of the Southern Cotton . sj
ruit",n.uI aiek New i,em rues-
d 'y i
h at the court house at 11
k a.
in. V.'o 1' ."is nil who fi'i'l '
' 1 in
1 1 1
I Bum'; 8 W iil
Samuel's Case Finds Notable Utter
ances His Behalf.
Ex-Govrnor Aycock And Ex-ludgs Bynum
Spaak. . Government No Better
Than PoopU Behind It. Stats
V of Conditions In Wilkes -
. County. . ' -"
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, Feb. 15. Yesterday was
j another day ofyargument and oratory
m the Federal court, there being three
notable speeches to the jury in the
Samuel case. "-Judge W. P. Bynum
made two hours speech In the mom;
court, the jury and a large audience
present to hear him. He began by
referring to conditions in Wilkes coun
ty and declared that Samuel had pur.-
ned them, as there had been but one
still cut since he resigned; Explaining
the state of affairs he said that Wilkes
people had for generations .been bred
to feel that they had the right to turn
their corn into whiskey, their fruit into
brandy, and when the Watts law even
denied them the right of government
stills they simply moved back into the
woods and with 95 per cent of the pop
ulation, determined to resist the law,
and the domaant party there declar
ing it a hideous infamy it created an
atmosphere of opposition to officers
that was not surprising. So great wi
this you find one of the chief blockaders
a deputy sheriff, and what the prosecu-
tion here calls the King bee of them all
Lawson Davis, . made last yeaf chair
man of the county commissioners. Gov
ernment is never better than the peo
ple who are behind it, and when people
who are behind the officers say a law
Zt "aganyof these representatives of
t:i DePB,-tment of Justice who are
1,08ecut,ng him Holton h& BUch a
,ulona reputation as a prosecuUng
mcet he 18 heard of eveB doWI, in m
country and is even there a terror to
innocent men. And yet he has been a
month trying to make a case against
this one brave courageous officer.
In his powerful argument at the morn
ing session, Ex Judge W. P. Bynum
whose celebrated "greed; grab and
graft" proclamation issued, at the time
of the holding of the Republican State
convention here, is remembered took
occasion to throw a few more hot shot
at his republican brethren. He-j began
this fusilade at the beginning of his
speech, after the following manner:
The whole prosecution of my client
Samuel is the outc me of an infernal
republican political row.' in Wilkes
county, something which Been s to act
uate many republicans in this State,
vho in their infernal lurt for office
turn demons in - their efforts to damn
and blacken, better men's characters.
Here in Wilkes county the evidence
shows, In March 1904 the hottest kind
of political contest in every township
in the primaries over the selection of
Linney or Blackburn men for the Con
gressional ' ' nomination. Blackburn
triumphed in the convention and in the
election Samuel was a strong and hon
est supporter of Blackburn. Immediate
ly following that nominating conven
tion, was began an unparalleled system
of vituperation and espionage, which
never stopped even after reaching the
portals of this court. . Mixed up with
this row was the fight by the ex-ievanue
officers out, against those who like
Samuel were in. Following the exam
ple of higher officials of their party,
these outs depended on break intr back
jnt0 0fHce by slander and disgrace to
those who were in. So it has been in
this Stato, so it is today.- Look at it
Here is United States District Attor
ney Holton. His name has just been
sent in to the Senate by the President
for re-appointment, and that nomina
tion is being held up in order that
charges against hi character may b)
lodged, bo that he may be blackened
and befouled. It ia an infamous state
0f affairs. It is the most relentless,
nian .damnabl e state of affairs that
ever existed or was ever permitted to
j caibu ill ntiy i;iviueu vuiiiiuuiiibjr vii
top of God's earth. Just let a man have
the temerity or the capacity or credit to
seek or to properly fill an official position
and here flops down upon him a black
brood of scavenger harpies who pro-
I punA fn frnni h'tn lin-f nnf uni hnh Kwrli
! . h
jg Samuu) Tho ecution fl(,.
miu ho wa9 a m;in of im,.)roachul),e
character aa an of
two yt'Jil'ti 11; to. T.
leer ami citizen, prior
rve, f fjl il.inpjt,
I he cut up twice as many stills and har-
raased;more blockaders than any officer
who ever dashed over the mjuntanisof
Wilkes county. Since' tli Linney and
Blackburn row started every means
known to modern detective ingenuity
have been used to show that this man
with a long record of right living and
honorable conduct became suddenly cor-
rupt.and ex-revenue officers trying to
get.and ex-blockaders trying get even
are the instruments of his torture an
periL . . ' .;, ,
Cove ' . '
' . ' Ifebruaay 15.
- Mr. Roland S. Tilden formerly of
this place who was dppojitetj operator
atTuscarora made us a ,vir Wednes
day and relieved Ur. M. II. ' Hill who
who attended tle-'opera at Goldsboro
that evening.1 V .
Mrs. George L. Taylor, who has been
visiting her daughter MrsJ. W J. broth
ers, has returned to her home at La
Grange. I
: Sv me of our local wise weather prop
hets who have been predictm snow
for the last few weeks have changed
their tune and have now promised us a
hot time during July and August.
Mr. J. S. Robertson Bpont the day in
New Bern today. , .
Mr. Tom McKoy has purchased from
Mrs Augusta Liebman t lot. on Ave.
A., who will remodel the old residence
and put on an addition, and build up on
the south end a house with all u.odern
Quite a number of our young people
attended the opera, the O ant of Monte
Christo at Goldsboro Wednesday right
The following couples attended: Mr.
K. M. Harris, with- iiiss Margartt
Tucker; Mr. Michael A. Hill, with Miss
Eva Pittman, and Mr. S. C. Lane with
Miss Ida Filanne of Appalachcola, Fla. ,
chaperoned by Mrs. W. J. Brothers.
Mr. W. E. Jones went to Goldsboro
Wednesday morning to purchase dogs
and while there attended the opera in
the evening. . ', ;-., :
Our R. R. Agent - here is indeed a
trong man judging from tha number
of mail sacks he carries at one time. '
Mr. T. B. Ipoch, one of the most suc
cessful farmers who recently accepted
a position as claim agent with the A.
&N. C. Co., at Goldsboro paid us a visit
yesterday. Come again Mr. Ipoch we
are always glad to see you.
Mr. K. M. Hariis has vild his black
smith an i general repair shop to M. D.
Lane of Ft. Barnwell.
sy Governor' Investigation of Charge
. Mid Agalnit State Institution.
Raleigh, Feby 14. Gov. Glenn issues
a lengthy address to the people .jof the
State as a resnlt of his investigation
into the charges that if the State hos
pitals for the insane at Raleigh and
Morgan ton were cleared of patients
abl to pay in private hospitals thus
room made for all indignent
msane confined in the jails elsewhere.
He says he had every case examined as
to the financial ability . and found that
in Raleigh only two able to pay in a
private hospital and two in the Mor
ganton hospital able to pay for keep in ( less hammering. The affair is a dis
private hospital, and three at Morgan- grace to the State and does not at all
ton, whose parents are amply able to
take care of them. These will be re-
moved at once. There were thirteen in
the Raleigh hospital able end did pay a
part of the expense, and J 2 in the Mor-
ganton hospital under the s;.me con
dition. He says if we wilt lemember
that during 1905, 1,543 pttirnts were
treated and only four wera atle tcpa y
for treatment elsewhere and 45 others
partially paid all they were able, it
shiws how unjust and unkind has been
the charire and clamor that t!:03e ri. h
and influential, or who had a pull, were ' for August was also discussed and corn
taken in preference to the poor and I mended by President Winston, of the
friendless. He says there are one thou J Agricultural & Mechanical College,
sand men and women in the State who There is also some indication that act
sh'culd be in the State hospitals and at ion will he taken toward securing some
the proper time he will recommend to more "diamondjplay" for Raleigh with
the legislature that a provision be made J the on coming summer. President
for all. He contemplates recommend-. Moore, of the Cotton Association spoke
jng to the legislature a bond nsue am
pie to provide room for all insane and
an enlargement of the ca. ital iccor Jing
to the plans prepared.
Congressman Thomas Lstds r'orcss and Ds
fttts Paynt's Bill AgainstNortti Car
ollna Customs Ports.
Special to Journal.
Washington.D.C, Feb. 15,-The bill
of Mr. Payno Republican floor leader,
to abolish customs parts of Wilming
ton, New Bern, Beaufort and Elizabeth
City, or of placing the power in the
Presidents hand3 to discontinue, or
make sub ports of these places was 'de
feated on motion for consideration,'. to
day by a vote of 87 to 103 against the
bil', under the load of Represen
tative C. R. Thomas the Domocrata and
i:,-jHiblii nns vot ' ' v. ith him.
Of Cotton By Those Who Had
. chased Lower Price.
So 8iy State President Moor. Treasurer
Licy Sends Valentines. Bird of Temp
. tatlon. Supreme Court Building -Repilrs.
Summer School.
(Special Correspondence.)
Raleiarh. N. C. . February 15th.
Your correspondent talked with C. C.
Moore, president of theNorth Carolina '
division of the Southern Cotton Ass(
ciation as to the frequent queries he is
called upon to answer concerning the
source ' of the present cotton sales.
President Moore said he had been look
ing closely and carefully into the mat
ter and from all available sources he
found out that the only sales were
made by those who ha j bought cotton
when the prices were lower, who had
held on to the staple by warehousing or
mortgaging the same and were even
now able to sell at a profit of something
in . the neighborhood of ten or eleven
dollars a bale, This officer of the
State organization is strong in his be
lief of and with the cotton farmers of
the south. ' Mr. Moore will le'ave Ral
eigh nex't week, and will make the fol
lowing itinerary, visiting and talking
with the farmers in person at these
respective places: for the remainder of
February 20, New Bern; 21, Bayboro;
22, Kinston; 23, Snow Hill; 24, Green
ville; 26, Washington; 27, Plymouth;
28, Williamston,; for March; 1, Tar
boro; 2, Eden ton; 3, Hertford; 5, Eliza
beth City; 6, GatesviUe; 7, Winston;
8, Jackson; 9, Halifax. 10, Nashvill;
and 12, Wilson.
. State Treasurer Lacy remembered
St. Valentine's Day in a kindly way to
his friends in the State departments,
having sent to them from)ElPasc,Tex.,
fitting cards and tokens to mark the ob
servance of the occasion. He also
writes to his family here that his asth
ma is steadily improving already.
A rather unique trial, even though it
smacks, in one sense, of the ordinary,
will be tried tonight befors a justice of
the peace, the subject being a Raleigh
negro who has an extremely apt hard at
catching, defeathering and marketing
chickens, while his wife, a party to the
trial also, has been a most literal help
meet. '. It is stated, and on good author
ity, that he "is alleged" to have stolen
more than 2,000 of these "birds if
temptation'' within the last 12 months,
and all of them from Raleigh house
keepers. In some instances the chick-,
ens were identified .. ', " : :
J A tight new bit of work about the Su
preme court building, although only
about 48 hours old, has already become
an eye-sore to all visitors to that build
ing and a menace to women's skirts
and thin Bhoes. It is the unsightly ar
rangement covering the steps of tho
stairway leading up to the offices of
State which are situated on the second
and third floors of the building. Scraps
1 of carpet were first laid on the steps,
, then lineoleum, and the edges of the
j steps are capped with ordinary tin,
which are fastened down with nails,
and in some places battered with care-
I reflect credit to anybody remotely con-
nected with the conception of such an
idea. -
I The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
and Industry at a brimful meeting tock
steps looking to the Immediate per
fecting of all plans for the success of
the Summer School, which will beheld
in Raleigh. Hon. J. Y. Joyner, State
Superintendent of Instruction, heartily
approves the selection of this city as
the place for such an assembly. The
subject of a rousing farmers meeting
0n a resolution by invitation which the
Chamber endorsed as to the reduction
of acreage 25 per cent from the 1904
crop, me matter oi cnanges ana en
largement of the State capital were al
so brought up but no action was taken
regarding this.
if you have lost your boyhood spirits,
courage and confidence of youth, We
offer you new I'fe, fresh courage and
freedom from ill health in Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea.' 35 cents, Tea or
Tablets. F. S. Duffy,
Exchanges vs. Bucketshops
New Orleans, Feb 15: Out of the
agitation created by Boddie anti-future;
bill,the Mississippi legislature ha3 been
able to boil down a mea-sure which j
will subserve public interest and at
the same time not impose a prohibitive
tax on legitimate exchange.hmce the
Foster bill bids fair to become a law.
Tho-EodJio bill made no dUliuetion na
.between IhicU-Uh'; 9 1 ;:t (
pxc.hiimre nnd wliile l !.., ui; . .r buel-.d-
Does your baking povclcj
contain alum ? Look upon
the label. Use only a poweb:
whose label shows it to L
made with cream of tartar.
NOTE Safety lies in buying
only the Royal Baking Powder,
which is the best cream of tartar
baking powder that can be had.
At '
If you trade you will
be pleased.
TryIf Not as we say
-then quit.
Next Time You go to
be sure to see those nice Fruit Preserves, Jellies
and Jams, also ask about that Cheap Tomato
, Ketsup.
And don't forget that twenty cent Coffee,
Monumental is the brand.
L 3E3E EhrsrjLzr.-:
Wholesale and Retail Grocer,
81 South Front St,
We have just received a new line of Color:
Lawns and. Organdies and a new lot of WLU
Lawns, India Linens, etc. Also a big lot of Er
broidered Shirt Waist Patterns, Lace Collars
Turn-Over Collars. ''..Ladies Patent Leather V
dais, Oxfords and Shoas in the Newest lZt .'.
We invite you to call and see them.
I f i.
AT -
rhone 1C3
j j c.i
-or v, i 1 1 1 :v.
t'.o f
r 'r
r f
t i
! nho;
Id, of
s ruiiilmi ft,
a !:.
t to
F:7, for Hatching
- !' t f ''iff I'liT I.!
re;;u,ar cxch.'tojtt
the bi-.-.o of too city
1 ,. - I i ' , ' t( n '
1 v
! i
J '1 f r
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