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tmered at (be eimluiriee, New Beru
ti. . second-clasn matter, .
New Bern, N. C Feb. 16. 1906.
The impending coal strike, set for
April first, is an event, which if it
takes place, means disaster in some de
gree to every commercial interest of
this country. Few people outside of
those directly concerned, really appre
ciate what a coal strike, . like the im
pending one, means in the magnitude
of money losses, while the sufferings
of the families of the miners who strike,
C-innot be measured in dollars and
cents. .' I '
In the miners coal strike of 1902, the
losses were placed at $150,000,000 re
presented as follows: loss in wages,
by miners, $29,000,000; loss to other
workers, not miners, $6,500,000; coal
operators lost, $52,250,000, railroads,
$26,000,000; business losses connected
with coal operations, $20,000,000; mines
damaged; $7,200,000, -l
The strike in 1902 was in the anthra
cite mines, but the impending strike of
nil!! 0 141 Y VI V I) WJXJ kli HUUUliaVtKV
bituminous coal minersi, about 85,000
man in Pennsylvania, 38,000 in Ohio.
17,000 in Indiana, 60,000 in Illinois, 16,
000 in Iowa, 30,000 in West Virginia,
&,000 in Michigan,' and in Kansas, Mis
souri, Texas, Indian Territory and Ar
kansas, about 60,000.
If the strike takes place this spring,
636,000 men will be idle, and taking in
to consideration those dependent upon
these men for their living, it means
some three millions who must receive
support, yet be no wage producers. .
, In anticipation of this strike the
Mine Workers Union by assessment
now going on, and with money already
in the treasury of tin Union, the stri
kers expect to start in their fight with
At the same time the coal operators
have mined industriously this winter,
and now have millions of tons of coal
on hand, and this coal means money, for
the consumers must buy it at constant
ly advancing prices as the strike con
tinues, so that while, the miners and
their families must suffer, the coal
operators will likely be able to ait
quietly down, and let the strikers ex
haust their substance, while the con
turners will support the coal operators,
in paying for their losses during the
strike. '. '.
If this strike takes place, the one or
two hundred million dollars losses
which will follow, affecting directly
those engaged in the coal trade, does
not by any means represent the dis
astrous effects which this strike will
produce throughout this country. It
means fallen values in every kind of
commodity, and will also be productive
of distrust in every line of mercantile
trade.. ... '.; ,';"" "' .-
. ' , (Pueblo Chieftain.)
The growing entiment in favor of na
turalization by federal courts alone is
due to two causes. The steadily in
creasing volume of immigration and
the steady deterioration of the class of
immigrants, in spite of all the restric
tive measures that have been adopted,
Lis created widespread alarm. It is
il sirly evident that the danger of this
i i of unaanimilated people, who are
is to our customs and our na
' : ': u! ions is greatly increased
f 1. 1 th.'it large mm.!,. m of them
. "y r-;f m .!'. ri I y ' 1 court a
: j 8:0 t-U"y unfit f -r rltlr-i-r.-i
f y 1 ivh j, . i ' ':n in-
r i t I - ; 7 si
. . i r
l t i :
lnnra imnnff th A fvtst"q and 1ft Yap nw. t
tices that are frequently in direct vioa
lation of those laws.
The same subject may be considered,
and practically the same conclusion
reached, from a different side.' The
corruption of politics and of public
service in the large American cities is
greatly assisted by the presence of
large numbers of easily naturalized, or
fraudulently naturalized, .voters. It
frequently happens that men are
brought to the naturalization offices in
herds, and they are made into Ameri
can citizens, not as a result of ineir
own will and intelligence, but, solely in
order that they may cast their votes
for a certain party or a certain candi
date, influenced by the most unworthy
motives and without any sufficient
knowledge of the principles of the party
or the character of the candidate.
The inconsistencies of the naturaliza
tion laws of the various States, the
frequency with which those law? are
violated, the ease with which natura
Hzed citizens are made without any re
gard for the welfare of the American
nation, have reached the proportions of
a national disgrace and a national dan
ger. It is high time that these methods
and practices should be reformed and
unquestionably the best method of se
curing this reform would be to turn the
entire matter over to the federal gov
ernment At the same time a law
should be enacted requiring a much
longer residence in this country before
naturalization than is now necessary,
and prescribing stricter qualifications
for citizenship. ,
The most valuable right and the
greatest privilege that can be conferred
upon foreigners resident in this coun
try is citizenship in the American re
public, This should always be held at
its full dignity and value and should be
conferred only upon those that have
shown themselves worthy of .it, and
who have the purpose as well as the
ability to become American citizens in
all that the term implies. : v '.
There are merchants, men who indi
vidually style themselves as mercants,
who boast to never having paid a dol
lar for advertising in their local news
paper. ' There are are also persons who
think it smart to say that they nevei
read a newspaper. f '
But take each and both of these
classes, and what force 'are, they to
their communities, and what city could
be a city, if the majority of its people
neither advertised iff their local news
paper, nor subscribed and read it? The
c '.
truth is, that there is no city where
these classes predominate, for such
people would never have given the
place an opportunity to develop and
grow into a city. V , ; , ;,
The non-users of newspapers, for ad
vertising or reading, can boast There
are persons who boast of success in
life who never went to school or col
lege. But what had been the loss in
the greater success, if there had been
instead, an intelligent use of the daily
newspaper, and the enjoyment of school
education, no one can estimate.
But the intelligent, practical busi
ness world knows the value of newspa
pers, be it in ad space or the perusal
of the columns of reading matter. Ad
space has won success through every
kind of trade obstacle and competition.
It has brought the small store business,
and forced it by an increased trade, to
go into larger quarters.
Ad space is to be most feared thing
in the retail trade of every city, for it
is the liberal and intelligent use of such
space which places the seemingly insig
nificant merchant on a parity with the
large merchant nnless the big mer
chant displays an equal force and dis
cretion in the use of the local newspa
per. Ad space is indicative ol enter
prise. It shows that the merchant has
goods, and well proves that he wants
the public to know the fact , The
greater the mercantile enterprise the
greater the size the ad space is likely
to be, for trade enterprise finds a fas
cinating and profitable outlet in an
ever increasing ad space. It is busi
ness desire which prompts this use of
ad fcpace, and the result is found in the
increase of trade. The two go together.
ad space and business.
Common Colds art TheJCaute of Many Seri
ous Dlseaue.
Physicians who have gained a nation
al reputations as analysts of the cause
of viiricus diseases, claim that if catch-'
in2 cold could be avoided a long list of
(ianf rous ailments would never be
In i 1 of. Every one knows that pneu-
't.'.i O'1 1 conmnrption originate from
a c ' ', ! -.A dirr.i,ic cnNnh, l.rom litis,
if Xt' t an ! In t ( r,i;li are p '
! ; S r ' ' r, r..-re si-rious l y
I i nut i '. k your
' i ' 4 v -a yr.ii have a
, ( ,' '.. si's Co( ,.'l KeiiH'i'y
;'!"!' ," -m ,! -I
ekieiio uv;s
Meeting of National Importance to be
Held in Washington, D. C.
Death of As Old Time Ntgrtu. Succm of
A North Carolina Boy. A Farm
That WlirBrlng a Fortune
To Its Ownor.
. (Special Correspondence.)
Raleigh, Feb. 13 In the incorpora
tion of Hunter Broe. & Brewer Com
pany at Raleigh for the conduct ol a
dry goods, shoe and department store,
the. fifteen thousand dollars subscribed
out of an authorized capital stock of
$50,000 is by G. E., W.'R., and J. P.
Hunter, G. W. Brewer, and J. L. Hill
all of Raleigh The store has hereto
fore been conducted distinctively for
the sale of shoes. "' - ; ' ,
The H. E. Moseley Hardware Com
pany at Kins ton u chartered for the
conduct of a Wholesale and retail busi
n?ss. H. E., W, O. and S. O. Mosely,
all if Kinston are incorporators, $12,00(1
is paid in out of a total capitalization of
$50,000. ' .
The many friends of Mr. Albert W.
Latta, a son of the late C. G. Latta of
Raleigh, who are interested in the suc
cess ana advancement oi inat young
man will be glad to learn that af tet
having proved his apprenticeship with
the General Electric-Company at
Schenectady, N. Y., he has found favor
by reason of his ability , among th
southern mill friends, and has just
placed a large outfit for one of the big
mills in North Carolina. The compam
desiring the machinery Btated to tlu
General Electric Company their wishes
as to supplies and requested that young
Mr. Latta. a North Carolinian in then sent for the purposeof figur
ing the details. He came and won out
over three competitors, who were men
of many more yearstuid of far mow
varied experience.
, Governor Glenn who always findf
time for special work outside of his ex
ecutive office, will tonight . at the Tab
ernacle Baptist church deliver an ad-V
lress to the "B. B." class of that Sun
Jay school on the subject "Is a young
man safe.'"
Another one of the old-time type ne
gro mammies has died at her home f
few miles from Raleigh. She has lorg
borne the name of Aunt Betsey Holmet
and both photographs and caricature?
of the negroes have been painted. He?
real personality - was best : depicted
when seated in an ancient top buggy
a two wheel contrivance and drawn by
o en nearly as ancient Vegetables,
roots and herbs, together with an in
domitable will have been her stock in
trade, counted with a kindliness not
usual. Along with her happy manner
there was a conjoined a real spirit of
business, as was evidenced not long
ago by her comment to a prominent
Raleigh citizen, this comment being to
this effect "When asked why shedid
not drive a mule instead of the aged
ox she replied; "Master its this way.
When de mule dio he's dead, when the
ox dies I'll sell him at the market." '
, There were received today by the
State Auditor two large boxes of books
returned by Gen. Ainsworth, of the Mil
itary Secretary's office at Washington,
O. C., and which had been used by the
National government in the compila
tion of the Confederate war records. .
' A congress for the specific investiga
tion of methods to be more universally
adopted by all the States in the Union
will be held in Washington City Feb
ruary 19. Gov, Glenn has appointed
the following . named delegates, from
North Carolina to partii ipate in the de
liberations of the body: A. B. Andrews,
Jr., and F H Busbee, of Raleigh, J.
Crawford Briggs, Durham, J. C Bux
ton, Winston, D. B. Winborn, Mur
freesboro, and George Rountree, of
Wilmington. This congress has been
instigated by Governor PennypaCer,
of Pennsylvania, and the most vital
matters to be considered will uniformity
in divorce laws, and certain changes
regarding extraditions by State on
State. The Governor in speaking of
the matter said: "North Carolina is
already one of the States that exacts
no charge for extradition, but at the
same time, there are many States in
which a cost is fixed on all matters of
extradition of prisoners. That is, this
State does not charge States which ex
empt ua. We hope to be able at this
congress to set straight and make uni
form all these points together with the
benefit of a more active co-operation."
J. H. Cutler, Boston, and Washing
ton, the enthusiastic propagandist and
well-wisher of the forestry question has
again been in close conferences with
Governor Glenn, concerning the meet
ing to be held in Charlotte March 3, at
which time there will be convened one
of the moet representative and dis
tinguished bodies ever called together
in the south, for the discussion of facts
appertaining to rra't' r ' of forestry in
terest with social rei nnce to a two
folJ object; that of the establishment
of the Appalachian Park,- by influenc
ing the National Congress, and with
the aim in view that nu'-h landu shall
not be condemned but shall be pur
chased by the government; and second
ly that the states may be induced to
take action in the entablirhment of pri
vate preserves in lands to
them for ediicntionat purposes. Mr.
Cutler announces that there will be
prenent the governors from f.'i.rth Car
olina, South Carolina, Cw Ala
1...,'! 'i, T'im .:-ee, Floii.U ! 1 Ken
tu ky, an.l there is every imi,, ali.m of
the nl tomhinee of some of the ni. "t
I !':. ioi'tit men in a n'i'.,hcr of r.'.h-T
and down the commercial roads of the
entire country, and whose good fortur e
it has been to discover that he has a 1
about his farm, of something more than
400 acre?, earth that is teemiug with
untouched gold and in the branches
about the place unknown quantities of
a high quality of black lead. Then in
addition thereto is a mineral spring of
lithia water, 'with a copious flow and
the promise f fine results from sales
of this water. Hard by his own lands
on the farm of a kinsman, Mr. Alston
states there are Buch deposits of yellow
ochre that a train of 20 cars moving
dailyfor a year could not remove the
supply. This ' gentleman also states
that there are six gold mines which
literally surround his properties, all of
which are being worked while as yet
all the rich find of gold within his do
mains have ome forth undelved for,
since the cyclone passed through War
ren county about two years ogo. " AH
of the metal is in the rough, and his
expectations are hardly to be stated
yet in figures. . Owners of adjacent
property are at work with dredges one
of which was constructed at a cost of
$14Q,000, and the other at $80,000. Mr.
Alston js quietly making his way on
the road and is not "yet worried over
the possibilities at his feet which in a
way recalf the story of "Acres ofdia-
monc 8. Though the property : has
been in the family for more than 100
years its richness ' was discovered by
the cyclone, and not by a more human
investigator. ,
Tlit Yellow Fever Germ '
has recently been discovered. - It bears
close resemblance to the malarial
rerm.l To free the system from dis
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R pari Commands Hospital Manage
ment, Special to Journal.
Raleigh, Feb. 13. Governor Glenn's
report concerning the State, hospitals
for the white insane has been given
out It. relates facts concerning his
personal observation, as well as the
matters brought to his attention re
garding acts and management by of
ficial boards. , There is recounted good
management, dereliction online pa' t of
the State t) properly provide for its
indigent insane, and a comparison of
cost as between the State institutions
and these privately conducted, f The
board of directors is commended and
those who would detract from .their
worth and the assailants of their of
ficial action is deplored in strong terms
: There is considered the - number of
applictnU and the truth that a great
many would be forced into the jails of
the State, without such discretionary as
well as discreet action had been ob
served by that body." In the end the
governor calls on all who have criticism
to make such to him, and where reflec
tion is indulged in by citizens and news
papers, he requests that all such shall
be placed before him, ..with names of
chose who are either friendless or are
strong with the power of a puli.
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Samuel's Trial to Proceed
Special to Journal.
Greensboro, Feb. 13. Judge Boyd
after hearing argument all day on ques
tion of dismissing Samuel's case for
alleged defective indictment, overruled
the motion and ordered that argument
to jury proceed on Wednesday.
There is more Catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable,
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and pre
scribed local remedies, and by constant
ly failing to cure with local treatment
pronounced it incurable. Science has
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Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional
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F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
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President Jordan, of the Southern
Cotton AsH'x-ialion.ui int. -rested with an
Eastern pyti.T ata to tke C:K),(KiO bales
of cotton atatoiiiiiniiMi price of 13 cents
.!. I
Chns. r , a i ' ' -Cily,
I . , I 1 l.'i ! ,.1
t of rvi
horm-li, ,:.! ' If .. '
pi." 1 1 : s j , : :, ,n . t ; 'via
i! I r " : "a ' ' ' ; ! s
. " ( ' "
L.LFCaD mtkJ Cul
Some Citizens ot Greensboro f- ot Sat
isfied With the Procedure.
Oetth of Attorney Holton't Brother Temporar
ily Stays The Proceedings Against
Him. A House Varminj at the
Enlarged and Improved
McAdoo House. Forty
. Year a Telegraph ,
.-... Opirator. : r
" (Special Correspondence.) v
Greensboro, Feb. 13. Mr. S. A;
Howard, who has been manager of the
Western Union Telegraph office here
for forty years without a break has
been rewarded for his faithful atten
tion"1 to duty, being relieved of the
heavy work of active manager, though
retained as manager at the same, sal
ary. Mr. H. T, Boggs, of Richmond,
arrived here Saturday and assumed the
duties as assistant manager. -
Cono Atheletic Park is to be moved
further out on Summit ' street and im
proved. The new site : will be beyond
Mr.. Caesar Cone's, residence, One
thousand dollars : will be expended in
putting the new park in shape.
Judge Ferguson is presi"ng over the
present two weeks terra of civil court
which began Monday morning.- As hf
become the custom '. there was practi
cally no work done yesterday, the law
yers not wanting to have cases tried
having no difficulty in getting a continu
ance, and it-was but a short while be
fore the days calendar was , exhausted
and court adjourned." Before the pre;
ent move gave Guilford county, made
into one judicial district so as to pro
vide another lawyer with a judgeship,
is successful, the members of the bar
will have to satisfy the taxpayers and
litigants of this county that the present
almost continuous session of court here
with nothing done is not their fault.
If not their fault something must le
the matter with the judges. If thii le
so, it Would seem that the fewer there
are of these the better.
There was a house warming given
last night at the AcAdoo Hotel a large
number of citizens being ' entertained
and shown over the newly renovated
and enlarged building, by Jts new les
see and manager. ' M. W. Sterne, f
West Virginia. The travelling pubi c
has felt the need of the McAdoo ac
commodations since it was closed for
repairs and enlargement nearly a year
ago. ' For the past three weeks e -cry
one of the four hotels here have irn
at times over crowded, two nights l.tst
week at least fifty applicants for rut rr.s
being denied. .'-'jj. - .
When Federal Court was called in
session at ten o'clock yesterday morn
ing to continue the trial of. the Samuel
case which has been in progress 2 days
Solicitor General Hayes, announced to
the court, that District; Attorney Hil
ton, who had been absent on account o
the critical illness of his brother Hon
John Q. Holton, was in the city but
that his brother died yesterday and the
remains would arnve here at one
o'clock to be taken to High Point for
interment, and ho would request that
Court adjourn until Tuesday so that he
could be present aud present the argu
ment of the Government in reply to the
argument made by Judge Bynum Sat
urday in the law affecting the sufficien-
y of the bill of indictment 'Governor
Aycock of counsel for defense said the
suggestion was eminently ' proper and
they joined in the motion. Judge Boyd
adjourned the court, saying that not
only out of sympathy for the' district
attorney one of its honored officials, but
that John Q. Holton, being a practicing
attorney before the court, and one of
the State's m worthy citizens,should
himself be eni.itied to this mark of re
spect He expressed the greatest sym
pathy for the bereavement of the Dis
trict Attorney and paid a touching
tribute to the worth and ability of the
deceased lawyer. "
f Lame Back
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