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    "JJTVT I T
To be one of as army of 10,000; to
travel by rallroal 23,000 miles every
year; to stand In a car forming part
f a swaying, rushing train, surround
ed by open-mouthed sacks and pigeon
holes, shuffling letters and papers at
the rate of 2.500 per hour; knowing
, that every error goes against your
record; to work sometimes sixteen to
twenty-foor hours at a stretch, often
sleepy and hungry these are some of
the dally experiences of the railway
mall clerks. Then add to these the
constant possibility of being knocked
into eternity or crippled tor Ufe In a
Yet they are a contented lot, these
railway mail clerks, happy only
when "on the road." But it la not
the environment for a domestic man.
nor for him who has passed the top
of the hill of life and Is jogging down
Into the dark valley beyond. Thus a
maloritv of the clerks are young men;
them are preferred by the Post Office
Department, for they have fewer
cares, are more active, and can work
faster and with greater accuracy.
Uncle Sam Is nroud of the person
nel of this expert force and takes
everr nrecaution for their safety and
comfort. Their hours are fixed, and
overtime la required only in cases of
absolute necessity.
A Traveling Postofflce.
A railway ma- car Is technically an
P. O." or Railway Post Office. It
runs between stated points, receiving
and distributing mail through post
offices alone the line. It Is a govern
ment post office on wheels, and is
United States territory, though owned
by the railroad. It is as well built
arid as completely equipped for its
Duroose as a Pullman. Iron racks foi
mail sacks extend along each side.
Above are tiers of open boxes and pig
nn holes. "Work tables" si ? on
the racks. There is neither plush nor
mahoeany. It is built for work and
la th abode of workers.
Let us Imagine that this car is the
"R. P. O." leaving Pittsburg, Pa., for
Cleveland, Ohio, over the f ennsylva-
nia road. The Pittsburg city post office
delivers to the car man for points east
of Cleveland (called "local mail") and
"through mall" for Cleveland and
points west The train rushes out of
I'ittsburir. The whistle blows for
station. No stop here. A "helper,"
cDem a side door, swings out the mall
"catcher" and pUks up a mall sack
from a crane by the track. Now the
work begins. This sack contains mall
from th station lust nassed. Some of
it is for the next office, some for
Cleveland, some for the tor west
The mail is dumped on a table1 and a
clerk oouncea on it like a wolf on a
Iamb. Be tosses letters in all direc
tions. He throws papers and" pack-
hither and yon. this way and
that, as fast as an expert eard player
can distribute a deck. But every piece
of maft finds Its mark In a particular
aack or box. Tb" ck- ana boxes are
labeled: but the labels are unneces-
mnm him onick ere catchea only the
name of the office, ignoring that of
the addressee. Though U work
oeara mechanical it calls for a' high
degree of training. Note the marvel
lous accuracy less than two per cent
of errors in the work of the whole
force for a given year.
. The whistle blows for another way
station. The door is opened, a sack la
thrown off, and the catcher yanks an
other aack about for distribution. And
so it goes without cessation. The
whole scheme is so arranged fat
there la Just time, working wiu. the
utmost speed and accuracy, to make
Skill Needed to Throw Sacks.
tie wide. The comparatively light
tender and mail car responded instant
ly, while the heavy baggage and
passenger coaches constituted a drag
that broke the coupling. Relieve ot
this burden the engine, ' t naer an
mail car shot ahead ana leapea tne
twenty-foot drew, landing on the eth
er side in safety, tie engine ca eaeei
and side-wiped the iron bridge we-.
tearing Its jacket w wiwra
fcnvv-in the cab Into the riv- The
rest of the train, with brakes set aa-
tomatically, came to a atop wnaaac a
foot to spare.
Bees JSataeal Spendthrifts. -The
New York Times reprinted from
Montreal paper which . doubtless
lifted It from one In London a most
amiable story to the effect that when
beea are taken to Australia they learn
in a single year the uselessness of tor-
ins honey tor a winter mat new-
comes and that they thereafter aban-
Beet SUgar Now Mom Than Half tne
. World's Total rroaucuofw
Of the more than U00 million dol
lar's worth of merchandise brought in
to the United States during the last
year more than 150 million dollar's
worth was sugar, sugar lormea oy
far the largest single Item la this larg
est, importation which the United
States has ever made In any single
The U ited States is - Increasing
steadily and rapidly its consumption
ot sugar. The sugar producers at
home are increasing their output of
both cane and beet sugar, but even
their rapid increase in production is
not keeping pace with the increasing
some demand, and as a consequence
the quantity of sugar brougtre into me
eeantry increases from year to year.
It has doubled In the last twenty years,
while population meantime Increased
test 60 per cent The annual average
Importation during the five-year .-riod
eadiag with 1885 was 1,031,149 tons,
aad drying the five-year period ending
with 1S05 the annual average was 2,106,
043 tons, despite the fact that the sugar
production at home had grown from
178,035 tons in 1885 to approximately
600.000 tons in 1905. .
The United States is the largest
sugar-consuming country In the world,
though the ner capita consumption in
this country is not as great as in the
United Kingdom. The total consume-
"100 1DCH LAW-lIAKUr
Says Selfishness and Ambition Lead
them through a Wilderness of Folly
and Buncomb aad Valuable Time
is Wasted.
I have long criticised and seriously
objected to the making ol so many
laws, and I have long contended that
men are not made good and honest by
statute,, remarked Representative
Justin D. Bowersoek, of Kansas, re
cently. ;V '. :
The comparatively Indiscriminate
enactment of legislation on all subjects
general, special and personal is a
great evil and a greater roily, i nave
insisted that selfishness ana prejudice
are at the basis of too many enact
ments, and that human nature and
the settled Drlnclnles of business and
commerce, honorable competition, and
the results of buddIv and demand can
hardly be changed by law to any ben
eficial extent
rnrtwiie ereed. ennldltv. and cor
ruption can be, ought to be, and will
be modified, curtailed, and brought
within decent limits, to say the least
No man desires this : -ore earneBuy
than I do; no man will go further
along any reasonable lines in any ie
dtlmate and nrsctleable effort to
bring this about, whether it be in con
nection with railroad rates, wanaaru
mi rebates, beef trust unlawful com
bination, watered stocks, or whatever
or whoever may burden the consumer
or producer, unduly or unjustly, for
extortionate gain. .
Equal righto to all, special privil
eges to none' will not come taropgn
iTTinranucabie. non-emoremm uwa
drawn on the theory ma . uv
reached the millennium.
"The ordinary legislator, and his
name is legion, has a legal panacea for
nverv ill. If he had ss mucn nonesiy
" ... . M W t Villa.
assurance, tne una oi aw vuw
would be:
M'Ari act to make men do business
on earth as it is done in heaven,' i
consummation devoutly to be wished
but let us not forget the effect of the
Pnne's bull aaralnat a comet and the
beating of tom-toms by tne aborigines
on an eclipse. - .
A Two-Foot Rat,
'A warehouseman at the Oriental
Throwing off sacks calls for anoth
er kind of skill The expert knows
from the weight of sack, apeed ot
train and pressure ot wtd Just when
and bow to let the aack so. He can
drop it on a mark. It platform be
crowded or littered with baggage he
most pick a clear spot lest his cannon
ball of leather and nail lev up
train at nnmn unsuBDeciiua' traveler. I
have seen a mail clerk drop a sixty
nonnd sack from a train going a mile
a minute, landing it lightly on a track
twenty feet from the track.
. at ranrea there are accidents, and
danger is always present Yet in ten
years past but 86 clerks hare been
killed on the road an average of ten
a year, with a force numbering up to
11 nnn Th lmml representative "f
each clerk so? killed receives $1,000
from tie government Arrangements
are contemplated for payment of an
annuity to every clerk permanently
disabled in line of duty. J
The mall car Is usually next the
tender and runs a greater risk In ac
cidents than a passenger car. But
tha noaitton Is sometimes advanta
geous. An instance is cited of a Pecu
liar wreck near Poughkeepsle, N. Y.
Toe train was crossing a bridge when
don their dear-bought fame as models
of industry and hilariously devote to
sport or idleness all of their time ex
cept just enough in each day to satisfy
that day's hunger.' No doubt this tale
will shock and grieve a large number
of estimable people, but for our own
part, says the Times, it very consider
ably increases such little affection as
we previously had for these tlresomely
virtuous fowl and therofore will we
do our best to believe it There aie
some difficulties in the way of doing
that Bees, despite their reputation for
Intelligence, are evidently about the
stupidest things with wings merely
animated acquisitiveness, indeed work
ing as hard as an American million
aire to pile up wealth far beyond any
possible needs, without a single taient
except to get, get, get
As fighters, while -bees are brave
enoueh. they are unable to strike more
than a single blow against any of their
mora daneeroua toes, dying tnemseives
as a result of it while the foes, after
howling with pain for a bit, cairn down
and hunt more honey. .It is almost
incredible, therefore,- that a creature
Incapable of seeing the futility of work
carried to an absurd extreme only for
the profit of human robbers should be
able so quickly to a raw on uuenun
from the failure of winter to appear
when expected. "Almost" is not
"quite," however, and we, too, can do-
lieve what we want to oeneve. do we
will not question the story from Aus
traliawhere everything is possible,
asvhow and we hope that someooay
will take a few of our ants down there
and Drove that they. also, are indus
trious only Because iney nave u oo
that they are not a bit fonder of indus
try than are the butterflies or any of the
sluggards who have always had the
sense to see that between toll to-day
and hunger to-morrow there Is so little
to choose that differences of opinion
on the subject are entirely permissible.
MTEQ.I0R of a mail cab.
tlon in 1904 aggregated J.767,000 tons,
m&kina- an average consumption tor
each individual for the year ot about
75 pounds. '
During the half century prior tol8B0
beet sugar formed a small proportion,
at the world's sugar production,
the percentage which beets supplied
of the world's sugar product being in
1840 but 4.3 per cent, in loeu 14.8 per
oent in 1890 63.7 Der cent while 1900
showed for beets the highest propor
tion in the world's production ot sugar.
67.7 per cent .. .,
Era Sold Direct Frcm Factory and in l!o (fcr IVay
YCJ SAVE FKO:! $75 13 $2C3
When too bov Wlrif Piano, too birr at whole
You pn the actual cost of makine- It with
Only our wholesale profit added. When you buy
S piano, as many still do at retail you pay the
retail dealer's store rent and other expense.
You Day his profit and the cmnmlaslon nr 'aalanr
Of the scents or salesmen he employs all these
on top of what the dealer himself has to pay to
the manufacturer. The retail profit on plana
U from 7S 10200. Isn't this worth saying?
Vf will phoe Wins Piano In any home fn the
United States on trial, without asking for any ad
vance payment or deposit. We pay the freight
and all Other charges III advance. There Is
nothing to be paid either before the piano Is sent
nr whan ft la received. It the Diano la net eatla.
factory after 20 days' trial In your home, we take
It back
Tr lit
UVhhVft Payments,
enlr "m-oK" J S L?'
thi plwthtn Hyoo wer..emlnlnf it t our TeThi 'rS ,2.
penie ic-yoB. , . . music teachers and musicians. Thousands of these
"2. r5E ?. io'SSii pianos are In your own State, some of them undoubt-
ZZZZIrW I..'A ur catalogue coo-
easiryaswecan in new i w viiy, ana wiio '- " . : "T1 ' . - t-' j
aolutely no trouble or annoyance to you, and -The tonee of any or all of these. Instrument may
arithout anvthlne belne raid In advance be reproduced perfectly by any ordinary player on the
arrival either for freight or any other expense, piano br means of our Instrumental Attachment.
we taceoia pianos ana orana in exenange. ' mhwctiwiii fauvmoa 07 winvaunuin
A guarantee for 1 2 years against any defect In ud. ln,T ot P'ano. WINO ORGANS are mad
tone, action, workrnsnshiB at material la givea wl,n srie care and sold In the same way aaWlng
you need this book
A book not cjat!tffTi3--tfiat gfvtt yon all the
Voa pometvsxl by ex pari, it tolls ..boat the dlffeirtil m&fe
jriais UeKi ui tuurvua tmnm i m uwaoivsre wj im an
sul at ordertwid in uofi la oompiet tHieroIorwllA a A will BaLk 7oa juftK ot too, MrfclM, JTA
VVOrKnumiuaip uim ituuui n vriis jvu ouw sw wm
m piano and bow to ceil gooa mm Daa. it m ac
I lutalytba enly book oftta Kind tvenmbiMwi
JC contains, 100 wnra pajfew idq nurareos o
InitTaUona. all oerotad to plane eontmctioo
IIS Dame w - inn cvuk. oi vumpitws iiiiuruiav
faon ADoui rianna, we wau is iree i
anyone wiemntf to cmyapiano.
nave to uvw w
all vna
euu ua juariuuaea
8t New York
)).,, Featal Te-dav white von Av CH,JM,aMHW
think ot It Junt giving your name VT . ... .,
and addme, er send the attaolied MS fX addrtSS tontttn OeWW,
SSS&SSJVytM Book rfOmtlet, In-
in hi eaui to yuu promptly ff slto pruts titd Itrmt effay
hymaa. , ft4mmtom Wtar JHanci.
308-869 VT. 13th 8t New TorV
1868 38th Year-1906
dock. In Balumore, Had the aistino- - Vr trMtmrat I the only abac
tion tho other day of killing the lare-J rfCO "M"0Jn,"SrS
est rat ever seen along tho local water realm C n T, only on that con
front The rodent weighed nearly Until Will treat any dnur naer
sereu pounds, and from the tip of his Qured &&Jffij$Si
uOM lO lU VUU VL aUaV WUl ai yiwwMw
GbOBtly iBhea.
They had lust moved In the house
and, as Is usually the case, the former
tenants had left much rubbish, behind
them, v"
"Just look," complained the little
woman, "here are three horrid palls
of ashes In the yard."
"Ah," laughed the M husband,
"speak of them with more reTereace."
"Reverence. Why should It
"Why, they are the ashes of the de
parted." - : ' - " " , J -
funooa lot Attittelal Rosea.
The city of Indors Is modern and
ugly and uninteresting. Apart, from
balnc the nroeoerous capital of a rich
native state, Its chief claim to notor
iety rests upon its aoepiuu, wuicu ua
won universal fame by the manufac
ture of artificial noses. That may
seem a very limited Industry on which
to build a name. But in India there
am oftTprul rava of nromotlng this In
dustry. When a woman comes to the
hospital carrying her nose In a napkin
vnii ms.v falrlv assume that her hus
band suspects a breach of the Seventh
Commandment When a man appears
the enf'ner mv that the draw wn
op,rt. 1. a wd whs irarh that ne
onti! u.ot t.;i. T.A lie was a flnlvk
t:,!n!r. Lev"""nsr t' ert"'ne for t
1n the same tUriit von may set h!m
down ss a usurer who has fallen Into
the hands of his cllfuts. and bas had
no Porf'a to plead his carina, Indore
Oiacii te suui,: ucv'u Urotr Is the lwjoca pf these nnlortunatcs.
two feet
It was only after a desperate fight
lasting twenty minutes, that the im
mense rat was killed. For soma time
scraps of paper and wood in the tool
room of the warehouse Indicated that
a swarm ot rodents was at work. Then
one. morning the warehouseman en
countered the blK fellow. Wltn a
hnvim handle he attempted to put an
end to the rodent's lire, cut tne rat
showed light Back and forth he
nnmnarwri. atnrl when cornered fie
rushed at his assailant Once he hid be
hind a coil or rope overneaa, ana wen
h dashed at the man's neaa. ine
latter dodged but the rodent's sharp
teeth crazed his face. At last the rat
wu viiiArl and measurements proved
that he was the biggest ever seen in
port .-'.
The animal Is supposed to he a spe
cies found la South America and It is
believed ha cam hers in a ship, all of
which carry many rodents.
Dr. Waterman, Suhe B. H Lexington, Av.,N.Y
eaii m
trr MHoe SS peaaacat
Itralaa at 10 ea. It'i a
; sawtr. na am I Bopa,
i VVe trwe .
I ftrBlalns.atmkapaeaairia
at Weav end retara s Wf-
Ttwe we end job tbe
.WVaiWnwejw. ,
vna ahnnia tau aavantase ox uu .
irrand chanee, other flmn give only - .
one premium, we give you three.
BIO FUR SCARF, mad ot Baltio Seal, rloh,
dark, durable fur thick and soft, and shape
Tory full ; trimmed at the end with six full tall ;
fa-,tns with hook and chal n.
-J iioin) msa. xo Denoui it on one's nngvt
JLi flneimporteit leathery nlckel-eilverfraina,
ftiTTjlxhwl with Smelling Bottle and Mirror.
UCMEMPFB I W give you all S Promt am
KtllitmDCn for wiling 28 fastselllng artV
clea. You oan earn them In one day. We trust
you. Cost nothing to try. We take baok all
not sold. Send address, and we send yon the
article postpaid I when sold, send ui money
von get, and we w 111 send the For Scarf, Rina;
and Bae; free. Get busy. WrlU to-day. Address
Tme bloc Co.. Dept. 450, BQSTOW, Wone.
r )
Hb Has Tltre wa Away His Bcltlss tM Scslss
ami uses the N.P.CC Phototraphlo
Preparations erdy. We do tna -
Kon-polaonous and will not atain the
fingers. 35 cents for aiatnbct, sufficient
for 14 oances developer for velox, Cyko,
Rotoz and other developing papers, or
60 ounces plate or film developer.
yon add the water
The old standby, ss cents for aix
tubea, making up the same amount of
developer. ' -
Black and white prints on developed
paper may be re-developed at any time
to a perfect sepia. 5 cent for six tube.
Street and Pa. Ave. wasmniton, d.c
Senator Lodge's bill providing tor!
the reorganization ot the eonsular ser
vice has been shorn by the Committee
on Foreign Belatlons of Its most In
cendiary and detestable ieaturea tne
provision (or examining canaiaaus
for appointment, and this still mora
objectionable section:
'That whenever vacancy snail
occur in the offlos ot consul general,
or consul above the sixth ( $4,000) class,
members of the two clause next below
that in which the vacancy occurred
shall be deemed eligible to be selectel
to fill such vacancy. .
This was a paloable attempt to en
graft the merit and promotion system
wiyvti ttie eowmlar service, and uvereoy
to deprive national lar-malcers of their
ancient sacred right to assist ths Presi
dent In selecting consols general ana
Mirhaalarted conanls. A. mMorlty of
the committee rejtard It as the sordid
Injection of eommerclallfrm Into a pnre
Iv political matter, on the fllmey pre
tence that te consular servIrM Is a
bntrlnama InsHtritlrm.
Tf the Committee on Forelsrn Hela.
tlmts had pe-mttted tliis section to
stand. It wonl! have been an abject eap-
Itnietlon to the force that are
rentltlouflly ToMjIrtj Ct.zt of Its
catronaee TtorveTs. Ihe lloa that
vonna ponmila that have made good re
cords should te promoted and tltat
nromlnsnt : elUsena recommended by
lerialatora should aeceot oaltry places
at the foot of the list was intensely
mmiraant to the Senatorial sense. As
statesmen representing watchful ana ex-
iwtant eonirUtnerita. manv OI Wnom ex-
ardae valnable Influence in behalf of
their party, they could not consent 10
closing the door of hope. Every Con
cTeaalonal dl-trlct has Its share of
alderlv and hiehmmded students of the
world's affairs, men who may nave oeen
radelv buffeted by fortune ana wno
cherish the hope of dodging further
cruel strokes by landing In a pleasant
consulate. They are men who nave
jma wAoman serrloe tor tneir party.
and aftan they retain connections that
can not ha ignored. Are these to be'
annaraadad and tJirtlSt aSldS by POO-
iniavat Are the oxen that tread oot
the corn to be tnurzledT Is the swots-
ed thlrrt far rold to eomTrrercrniize ine
honorable of 3ce of eonmil, so long the
havati Mt ndent manners tempeei-
tofwd on cl.rtless political seas, the
asylmn of bi -ecce, t;.e pa-e w ae-
mvA flnt?!:"vf
..e . J ...
Tne Eenat-e uommiiiee tra r-Ua1o-twa
r 1 n"t Y ii -ra SO. That
nmi!iM evTt!..;.ins is bowc!s of
fompaln, iw-rfs t't Ofrws shall
e:r w: "i t i It' " -T.'t t t .'mn
of rewarding i e fLld Jt.--l t-i fcfr
test consular i.ict3, ut."nt'M.lli
The Great Home Magazine o! America
awalue thto eueaqmaleel liar for llaaitad ttaea aaly
a TEVBS raforeln all eer wH erarkmse hvi we baen In a eonlHon te mane a bnok e'er et sneb enep.
N tlonS value. Tlie CoDUn.ntaTl!iicjiiopeHla ttbtn eaittd, Umii rated, nutted aad bound wua
tbe view of flUlng a lulitfeH wans in uie uoue aiiu uuiua
It Is eomprenenave in scope, cumiiitiw m njua, arawi
In arrangement, and eioeedinijlv convenient for nee. 11
eat wetuTis aeerlr elalat pouiriu. te seven and one-tianT .
Inolae liinh, and occiipla a auelr ipaoeof emht fneuea.
Bnovcloiwdlaa aav secoaie aimuac a neoeaaarr at
!uni to Duetneea and nuat euentlal to home auidj.
un to buetiieM and nuat euentlal lo Dome al
QueMlons are eonstanllr coming Bp wllluo,
seauueHeiHHMi ,,
rriWa' 1 III
revjJ'vvrTvia. wui- nmw "ww fouel - i
nb ui uu uia nm pat J I
. ...c ,6 i ij ji p-.
4fM LM OUT 'QUI KM I " f
, 4 l S a W -w- tot I ' I I
I I ' ' v - I
J ft i u r ii i li i I
Onr Price
only .
One Year r-
lxgclcpwdh) far Both
Express Prepaid
DgbtV Js.,5trbngly and Richly Bound to Red Vellndi do Luxe cloth.
' Cdltee by ClUnilts LwovARDJrrevvmax, . "- i
aVJat mat at 0 Snerf Jmmrima, hltruutmtU AtcvclopmM,
V-jn skv ar ym TT j u , , i.u.ltolMru, ale. j
Orl!rty-rlvetnonanJ Imrwrtant tubjects are treated at NJX
work" Inhort, ttere 1 mnrh bter .nd b-ttw lfo.nton in Jlhija t tly
In many a muck Tmor. prrtenti work. J 'hZ'
.1.. - ' - .. aaan. the student. Will all II ml It the KKal f
eashlovtea Snar
ITwnl r tnr
L. .i. K thad on even eubwet WllUOUt WIUkUS words OB .
' .i,.,;;1,-i4Yiii c
w 111 a . .;-K.'xb.n an vna. tlT mf BM. BX- .rrlll. n nni . i i"n lliat II
MMdarn oretaiiii pon rvoli rf yourremittaiue i ot
iiot and if vou re not thomm-hlv r-J-M. w- ,n,'
KriTat our exuens and we Wid reload U aawnuit
aaal yea.
H'i euttU and sen4 in r
e9il90. XMataall
lamnnt e.n.u.dlluMItanUMai
Wliouutowia Hiae,
TUW ttter le limited t Feb

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