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28th YEAR
1 i i.i. i i -. . -m..-i-i i
Delivery Boy for Coast Lint Market Has
Narrow Escape. ..
Master Howard bimpson.tne delivery
boy for the Coast Line Market came
near climbing the goldm stairs by
the aid of an A. & N. C. locomotive
last evening. As the mail train ap
proached Broad street, going South,
', the boy went down the street from the
vicinity of the market, the boy sto ped
for an instant on the near side of the
- railraad track, and then crossed the
track right in front of the train. The
'' - cart had not passed quite far enough
along to escape, the . tender, which
pushed it along sideways on the git unl
' sfor three or four inches, but itot dam-
aging it at all.
1 The boy frightened almost to death,
leaped to the ground and ran to the
. mule's head and tried to lead the ani
mal away but is is said that the beast
assumed its prerogative and balked,
' after gome persuation it moved "on,
probably not aware of Its close call. '
.. The incident is one more, instance
- of the great propriety in having gates
at the crossings. Is it necessary for
Borne one to be killed before these safe
guards are instituted ? or may we look
for them in the near future? True, the
boy may have been careless but there
may come a time when carelessness
can not be charged except ,on the part
- of the railroad itself. For the sake of
protecting itself against expensive
litigation the gates ought to be es
. . Misa Carrie Cannon returned from
Beaufort yesterday. .
Mrs. J. L. Rhem returned yesterday
from a visit with friends at Dunn, N. C
Mr. H. W. Horton of North Wilken
boro, N. C, was in the city yesterday.
.. ' Mr. J. W. Biddle returned yesterday
; from Baltimore.
Mr. W. S. Chadwick went to Beau-
fniPt VaxafrrHn w ftT a nroalr'a vSaif
w. j wuvwsw. -- T VV. 1 V1UU y
Mr. Ernest M. Green returned yester
day from Raleigh and other points.
Messrs. Thos. -Williams and Ed
Meadows are horn? for a short vaca
tion. ''..'"V. : ; .''"' ;'., ;
Mr, R. W. Warren returned last
night from a hunting trip up Neuse
river. : .
Mrs. B. B. Davenport and Mrs. W.
G. Lynn have returned from Wilming
ton, N. C, where they were attending
the Yatcfl-Mills wedding. ,
Mr, J, R. B. Carraway spent the day
in Morehcad City yesterday.
Mrs. J. M. Spencer returned last
right from Kins ton whera she had been
- to attend a funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morae and two
daughters of Boonton, N. J., are guests
at the Patterson house.
Alleged Violation of Revenue Laws
Upon complaint of L. - Kilpatrick,
Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue,
C. II. Willi?, white, living at Vance
boro. was on February 15 charged with
selling spirituous liquors without hav
ing paid the ppecial government tax as
required by section 8452 revised stat
utes. Willis was brought to New Bern by
Deputy Marshal Ward and taken be
fore U. S. Commiss oner Hill for pre
liminary examination. After hearing
the evidence he was judged as proba
bly guilty and required to furnish a
justified bond of $200 for appearance
for trial at the next term of the Uni
ted State court, which ho gave.
for Hatching
The finest strain of Buff Langahan
and Black Lnngshan. Great winter
layers. $!.(. per setting of 15. ,
Hiiiimnn, N.
Porch Column;
, lie
Stair i:
ninth a:
h rr
Narth Carolina Congressman Deni?i,,rne General 6ilmer Hal 4 N
Every Charge.
Country, Mud Havt Navy or Leavo Pacific
Democrat! Hopeful Over Carrying Fall
. Elections. Pure Food Bill Carried
. By Large Majority.
Washington, Feby 21. Representa
tive Blackburn tonight authorized a de
ntal in two of the charges contained in
the indictments, returned against him
today at Asheville, ?. C, alleging that
he practiced before the Treasury De
partment and received fees for such
' services in violation of law.' ; Mr Black
I burn declared that he has not commit
ted any offense. He declined to answer
' specifically the charges tonight but will
make a statement tomorrow. '
I Chairman Hull, of the military affairs
committee . in presenting .the army
appropriation bill to the House today,
urged the necessity of complete pre-
j paredness as to our army and navy for
trouble in the Orient He declared that
any nation not prepared to defend its
position in China might as well haul
down its flag and quit the Pacific,
Democrats of the House have not in
yean been so hopeful of carrying the
country as they are now of being able
to return a majority to the House as
the ' result of the elections, this fall
Closest students of the latest available
data have been taking much comfort
out of the figures of the last elections,
to say nothing of the lack of the old-
time clan and cohesion of the majority
in both branches of Congress.
' After IS years of more or less serious
consideration of the subject, the Senate
today passed a pure food bill, by the
decisive vot of 63 to 4. , The vote was
taken after a ' day devoted almost ex
clusively to debate of a desultory char
acter on the measure. Several efforts
were made to amend the bill and the
committee accepted a number of sug
gestions, but only those thus accepted
were incorporated in the bill as passed.
The bill makes it a misdemeanor to
manufacture or sell adulterated or mis-
branded foods, drugs, medicines or liq
uors in the District of Columbia the
Territories and the insular possessions
of the United States, and prohibits the
the shipment of goods from one State
to another or to a foreign country. It
also prohibits the receipt of such goods.
Punishment by a fine $500 or by im
prisonment for one year, or both, is
8. Duffy Guarantees a Cure by Hyomel
WIN Refund the Money.
Until very recent years, it was
thought that catarrh was a disease of
the blood, but now modern science has
proved that catarrh is a germ disease,
and can be cured only by a treatment
that will kill the germ and heal the
mucous membrane of the nose and
throat y.v' -'V ', '
Therefore, when you have catarrh,
you can readily see that if you want to
cure it you should use Hyomei, which
medicates the air you breathe, thus
killing the catarrhal germs and healing
the smarting and raw membrane of the
passage through the nose and throat
The complete Hyomei outfit, consist
ing of an inhaler, a bottle of Hyomei,
and a medicine dropper, costs only $1,
while extra bottles can be obtained for
50 cents.
F. S. Duffy has sold a great many
Hyomei outfits, and the more he sells,
the more convinced he is that he is per
fectly safe in guaranteeing to refund
the money if Hyomei does not cure
' A Small Blaze
A spark, from a passing steamboat
sot fire to a shed at the Broaddus &
Ives mill yesterday morning shortly af
ter nine o'c'ock and started a blaze.
The fire department was called out but
the employees had extinguished It be
fore wagons got there. Had the fire
gained a headway, the strong north
wind blowing at the time would
have caused a terrible destruction by
the flames. It was indeed a fortunate
deliverance. The damage was small,
Wanted to Buy
All Kinds of
Southern Fruits
and Vegetables
for CA0II or will handle on
consignment. Let me know
your prices on what you
have or will have.
Under Consideration.
Governor Greatly Pleased With New Bern
And Wilmington. Negro Shootlst
- Arrested. Judge Womack Must
: Remain In Hospital. Im-
portant ; Marriage
, And Reception.
..." (Special Correspondence. )
Raleigh, Feb. 21. Attorney General
Gilmer has been occupied with the
cases on appeal in the Supreme Court
from the third district notably that of
the State and the city of New Bern
against the Atlantic & North. Carolina
Railroad for the violation of an ordi
nance obtaining in the town of New
Hern, ana basea upon a contract . en
tered into between the town of New
Bern and the railroad as named. The
lessee of the road, with reference to
the shifting of cars upon and about
Hancock street, held that violation had
been committed against the terms of
the agreement and against an ordinance
as .well.. The case was appealed to the
Supreme court, having been tried at
the October term of 1905. Another
case is that of the State versus Davis,
from Pitt county, in the matter of an
assault under the statute by the point
ing of a pistol. There was conviction
in Pitt county Superior court. . -
Governor Glenn is more than enthus
iastic and is deeply appreciative of the
reception accorded him both at New
Bern and Wilmington as well as by the
people he met enroute. The governor
is more and more of the opinion thai
North Carolinians are the real salt of
the earth. The governor is looking
forward with much pleasure to his trip
to Southern Pines where he will on
February 24th deliver the principal ad
dress before the "Blue and the Gray."
He has - requested that his personal
staff will. attend him in full - uniform.
The aldermen of Fayetteville have pe
titioned Governor Glenn asking his good
offices to the end that the National
Government will co-operate with North
Carolina in special work along the
Cape Fear River in order that the fish
may come op the Cape Fear as well as
into the Albomarle waters. Governor
Glenn has Ibid the matter before the
North ?C irolina Board of Geological
Survey and they hope to be able to ef
fect such measures. S, "
Ben Williams, Jr., the , railroad ne
gro who, on Monday afternoon shot
and billed Alex Clark, another negro,
in Raleigh, and who, even while under
the influence of whiskey made his
cape, was this morning arrested at
Hamlet, by chief of police J. H. Spen
cer, oi tnat place, wno wired cmez
Muliln8 of the Raleigh Department for
instructions. The Raleigh chief sent
an officer on an early morning train
over the Seaboard . and Williams was
brought here where he was committed
fn nriann. ; - . . . '.
His friends over the State will regret
to know that the condition of Judge T.
8. Womack is such that he will be de
tained at the hospital for two or three
waeks longer. ,
The Catholic church in Ualeign, was
the scene this morning of the marriage
of Miss Annie M. Dughi, the young
daughter of Mr. A. Dughi, and Mr. J.
D. Maag, a promising young business
man of Baltimore, and son of Mr. and
Mrs. Augustus Maag of that city. A
reception that was markedly brilliant
in all of its appointments as -well as
one of the most largely attended given
in the city of Raleigh was tended by
Mr. Dughi who ia one of the southern
caterers of the distinguished note, to
night at his home on Saunders Street
The ydung bride was the recipient of
almost countless presents, these being
aa expression to her, not only of per
gonal esteem but also an evidence of
the universal popularity of her father
throughout several southern states.
WANTED -Two men in each county to
represent and advertise hardware de
partment, put out samples of our goods,
etc. Traveling position or office mana
ger. Salary $90.00 per month, cash
weekly, with all expenses paid in ad
vance. We furnish everything. The
Columbia House, Chicago, 111. Dept.
610, 234 5th Ave.
::;::::;v' .
Write fur prii-ps and catalogue.
We carry one of the largest and
best stocks of
T- f .
ll I'd Poiilh, and rr
r : ., y on yoi,r pur.-!,,'
i t you 1.- !, l t O!
n iif you
t J i.l f
Granted Criminals by Governor. Charter
dented. Judge ksuee Restraining
Special to Journal
Raleigh. Feb. 21. Joe Hargood. a
fourteen year old negro, was brought
to the penitentiary to serve a ten yean
term for attempted ascault on a white
school teacher of Bertie county.
Governor Glenn .. pardoned Godwin
Peel from Hertford convicted for ten
years for murder in second degree. The
action was -recommended by . judge,
solicitor and jury. The sentence pf
Jesse Mitchell of Bertie county, hang-
ling, for murder of wife, is not stayed.
John Stauba, CHrles Pope, GillesjA
Long end A. J. Arnett, Sampson coun-o
ty, are pardoned conditionally, on good
behavior, recommended
solicitor. -
The Jackson Mercantile Co., at Jack-
eon, is chartered, f. Bi. ttansom, das.
Scull,' J. H. Barrett, . incorporators.
Authorized ten thousand dollars.-.
kludge Thomas R. Purnell issued an,
order restraining the Suffolk and Caro
lina Railway Co. from crossing the
tracks of Norfolk & Southern R. R. Co
at Roper, Judge Purnell lalso over
ruled the motion to remove to Elir.a-''
beth City, the cause of J. H.
Lumber Co. against Roanoke
R'j ei
K. , R.
acd Lumber Co.
Reported As Doing Well Now West of Ihe
Canaries. '
Las Palmas, Feb. 20 The fleet tow-1
ing the drydock Dewey is 480 miles
west ot the Canaries. Everything
is going : : welL . Adverse strong
Aincs . and rougn seas nave neen
met during much of - the trip,
t he dock broke adrift three times and
was picked up with difficulty. The dock
is expected to arrive at Las Palmas
February 28, if the weather favors. .
Mtim Growers Meet at Bayboro .
Pamlico farmers met atBayboro Feb
ruary 21st, C. A Flowers president of
the County Cotton Association presided,
J. Carawan acted as secretary in ab
sence of Secretary W. H. Sawyer.
After the talks made by Mr. C. C
Moore, State President the following
were elected for the county executive
committee: ' J. Aldridge, chairman; W.
J. Swan,secretary; H. S. Carawa,i'n
C. A. Flowers, W. H. Sawyer.
The meeting expressed the wish to
at once organize township clubs, to
elect officers for each, and collect 25c
per quarter from each member and 10c
levy on each bale of cotton of the 1905
crop. W. H. sawyer was named as
county organizer.
The sentiment of farmers present was
to abide by the Southern Cotton Asso
ciation's advice, reduce acreage 25 per
cent from 1904, ; hold cotton until ad
vised to sell, sell no part of 1906 crop
until minimum price is named by the
association. .
. There was good sized crowd of cotton
farmers at the meeting, although the
weather was rainy, and great interest
taken in the proceedings by all present.
Arrangements for the N. C. Bankers
Snecial to Journal.
Raleigh, Feb. 22-The executive com
mittee of the N. C. Bankers Association
held two sessions here planning for the
next regular meeting. They choose
Toxaway as the place and June 19K 20
and 21 as the dates for the meeting.
The committee wrs dined by Raleigh
Clearing House. Two members, F. H.
Fries, of Winston-Salem and W, H.
Wood of Charlotte were absent because
of illness. ' , ,
: Harlowe And N. Harlowe. .
' February 22.
Mr. A. J, Barbour was called to Hyde
county, by the sickness of his wife at
that place on last Sunday.
Mesdames John S. and J. A. Morton
spent a day in Beaufort last week vis
iting Mrs. Mann Morton.
Mr. Walter Malfison of New Bern,
was here to see our merchants Tues
day. ' ;
Mr. Cora L'Hinson of Beaufort, has
been spending a few days in our vil
Mr. Joshua Adams is at Bachelor,
building a residence for Mr. : McDulT
Mr. J. Harry Davis of Beavfort, is
spenuing a few days at his old home,
and ii stopping with Mrs. A. F. Bell.
Mr. wm. f . ecn spent aunaay nx - of ChicBg0 flnancier8 that the re
Bachelor, visiting friends. d $15)0(K)(coo estate of the late
Mr. Jas. B. Hancock is our happiet t
neighbor; suppose his name will be Jus
B. Jr.
Mr. Holton spent a night in our berg
this week; he was on a collecting tour
for Mr. J. A. Jones of New Bern.
Mr. Charles Rico, accompanied by
two of Pamlico's fair daughters, came
ov'r frm An-j-ahoe lat week. We
i ' ' I t' ..t v, !.i u t'.ey ret urno.1
. m c i - ' i i'r !. : i.
Attorney General North Carolina
y Retail Grocers Association.:
Convocation ol Charlotte. College Commit
tse to Definitely Locate Site for Metho
dists. Mental Anguish Cases
Against Western Union Tele-
1 graph. Elks Have Banquet
(Special Correspondence.)
Greensboro, Feby 21, Mr. Norman
Johnson, Attorney General of the North
Carolina Retail Merchants Association
, was here last night, returning to Ral
jeigh from a visit to the Virginia State
I Mercantile Association in session at
TRoanoke. ; Mr. Johnson was verv much
surprised, and pardonably proud of the
honor done him by the Association of
Virginia. Without a thought of such a
thing he was unanimously chosen a
ths Attorney General of the Association
of that State.
. The Convocation of Charlotte, of
which Rev. E. A. Osborn, is Dean
will hold its regular quarterly session
in St Barnabas Episcopal church, Greens
boro, beginning Thursday March 13.
v The College Committee of the Pro
testant Methodist church of North L
Carolina will hold a meeting on Febru
ary 28, - in the Directors room of the
Greensboro Loan & Trust Company
building, for the purpose of definitely
fixing a location for the proposed col
lege for that -denomination. Three
years ago a site in Greensboro was de
cided upon and the property purchased
near Pomona, but when the Railroad
built its new shifting tracks nearby it
was sold at a big advance and another
site purchased in South Greensboro. In
the 'meantime the work of raising an
endowment fund has. been prosecuted
and contributions toward the building
fund secured. : At the recent session of
the annual conference at High' Point
this thriving city took up the question
of locating the college there and made
such liberal offers, the committee wss
appointed to consider the matter of
changing the proposed location from
Greensboro to High Point
All of Monday was taken up in the
Superior court here trying a damage
suit for mental anguish against the
Western Union Telegraph Company for
failure to deliver a telegram announc-
the death of her mother .to Miss
Hannah Bun-ouch of Greensboro. She
sued for $2,000 and the jury gave her
$200. . Yesterday a singular case was
tried for herbrother John Burroughs of
Reidsville, and he got $50. The court
is today trying still another case for a
sister, Miss Rosana Burroughs of High
Point It is remarkable that telegrams
sent to three different people, in three
different places should all have been de
layed in delivery. ' "
The Elks gave their annual banquet
last night from nine to one o'clock and
it a was distinctly swell affair. It was at
the Cleggs Hotel, . Proprietor Clegg
himself one of the most ardent of Elks,
giving it his best attention and skill.
Covers were laid for 150 of whom forty
five were guests. - The committee of
a-rangements consisted cf D. H. Col
lins, Chairman; . J. Kaufman and A.
R. Perkins and to them were accorded
unstinted compliment for their ex
cellent work. The menu card was in
the royal purple colors of the Elks with
an elks head handsomely embossed in
gilt and silver on the front .:
F. 8. Duffy Sells Hyomei Under Guarantee
That It Costs Nothing Unless It
. Cures.
Hyomei cures the worst cases of ca
tarrh simply by breathing the remedy
through the pocket inhaler that comes
with every outfit
Stomach drugging often causes dis
ordered digestion, and never makes a
permanent cure of catarrh. Hyomei
not only kills the germs in the throat
and nose, but penetrates to the min
utest air cells in the lungs and enters
the blood with the oxygen, killing the
catarrhal germs in the blood.
The complete Hyomei outfit, consist
ing of a vest-pocket inhaler and medi
cine dropper, and a bottle of Hyomei,
costs only $1. If this does not effect a
complete cure, extra bottles can be ob
tained for 50 cents
F. S. Duffy knows of many people
who have been cured of catarrh by Hy
omei. He believes in it so thoroughly
himself that he offers to refund the
money in case it does not cure. N '
.-j.- I ,l
Startling reports have reached the
Charles T. Yerkes is fictitious. That
it will not aggregate more than $6,000
000 is a rep irt credited by Chicago bank-
era who have had occasion to make an
investigation of the former traction
promoter's holdings.
Many men give lavishly of gold,
To build bridges and caKtles and towers
Have your cake, muffins, and tea bis
cuit home-made. They will be fresher,
cleaner, more tasty and wholesome.
Royal Baking Powder helps the house
wife to produce at home, quickly and eco
nomically, fine and tasty cake, the raised
hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer
cake, crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and
muffins, with which the ready-made food
found at the bake-shop or grocery does
not compare.
Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps.
the same ratio in increase of business as January did, if
values will attract the trade. Come to see our offerings if
for no other reason than to post yourself as to the .latest
style and lowest prices.
ft 52
Snow White Bed Spreads, the $1,50
kind. Come quick before sold out 98c
Apron Gingham
2,000 yards, the 7c quality this week,
only 5c per yard. . .
Shoes ,
Just received, Spring line of Barry
Slioe. in Vici Kid, Gun Metal, . Calf,
and Patent Leather in different shapes
75 Midde
We have just received a new . line of Colored
Lawns and Organdies and a new lot of White
Lawns, India Linens, etc. Also a big lot of Em
broidered Shirt Waist Patterns, Lace Collars and
Turn-Over Collars. Ladies Patent Leather San
dals, Oxfords and Shoes in the Newest JSpring
Styles. ' -
We invite you to call and see them.
Next Time
be sure to see those nice Fruit Preserves, Jellies
and Jams, also ask about that Cheap Tomato
Ketsup. " 1
""" And- don't forget that twenty cent Coffee,
"Monumental is the brand.
Wholesale and
No. 81 South Front St
Pholo Portraits!
Must Show
and widths at $3.50 and $4.00.
All winter Clothing at half price.
200 pair good Ladies $2.00 Shoes for '
$1.21 a pair. .
1,500 yards Dress Goods of all sorts
in Remnants from 2 to 5 yards to be
sold less than half price. .
Mens and Ladies heavy fleeced lined
Underwear, the 65c quality this week
for 40c each.
You go to
Retail Grocer,
of old;
If you want everlautii-f; fame, a 1
factor 1)0,
j "; I'll ' i r v ' '. ' 7

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